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by Matt Brogan

No, it’s not the name of a high-class stripper, it’s actually America’s cheapest electric vehicle. Introducing the Kandi Coco.

In a bid to meet more stringent upcoming emissions regulations and growing environmental concerns, most automakers are turning to electric vehicles. But battery technology is proving to be prohibitively expensive, pricing EVs well out of reach of the average buyer. However, for those residing in the state Oklahoma, federal and state tax credits can put an EV in your driveway for a mere $865.

The “neighborhood electric vehicle” (for use in gated communities) is basically a glorified golf cart, but does qualify for federal and state tax credits due to its electric drivetrain.


The Kando Coco retails for $10,599, but is eligible for a federal tax credit of $4,435. Throw in a 50 per cent state tax credit for electric vehicles – worth $5,299 in this case – and Oklahoma residents can purchase a brand new Kandi Coco for just $865 (AUD$975).

The Kandi Coco features four-wheel disc brakes, independent suspension, single CD tuner and a fully automatic transmission with reverse. Top speed? 40km/h.

  • riceboy

    Tiger Woods needs one, bit hard to crash when top speed is only 40km/h… although with no doors… he’d be easy target for swinging golf clubs…

    • Tom R

      Ahahaha high five to that mate!

  • The Real Car Fanatic

    Good call Riceboy, ,but if I were Tiger, my next Escalade would be one of those armoured ones.

  • lazybones

    Hmmm useful for driving you from your bed to the kitchen, then from the kitchen to garage. Where your Hummer awaits.

    • Shak

      so its perfect for Americans

  • Simon

    Its Oklahoma, the home of the tornado.
    I reakon people will be losing these things at the first hint of a storm.

  • MJ

    It has Air Con vents…but not proper doors…that doesnt make sense!

  • Andrew M

    If you cant register this on a road, how come the Gov will still fork out a subsidy to you???

    • Emily Yost

      It is a street legal vehicle. You do register the vehicle.

  • American, I am not

    Pfft its just an American Gee-Whiz (ie. wider seats and larger cupholders)