• Shak

    These cars have completely tainted the M badge. This would be like Merc making a A-Class AMG version.

    • Marc

      Um, no, it would be like Merc making an AMG powered M-Class.

      Hold on, they do!

    • The Realist

      No they haven’t… and based upon demand buyers don’t agree with you.

      • ChopstaR87

        Yes there is a AMG powered M class – 2009 MERCEDES ML63 AMG with a 6.2Litre V8 fitted, with 375Kw and 630Nm

        • Shak

          Yeah Mercedes already sold out their soul, but BMW was meant to keep true to their roots.

          • Sillyshak

            They have kept true to their roots – you’re being silly

  • The Realist

    Mmmm… X6 M…

    I read an upgraded version of this engine will be in the new M5… potentially sub 4 second 0-100 time?

  • Xeno

    Blah blah how do dare the M division diverse and make M badged 4wd vehicles!
    Porsche has been doing it for years and no one complains. Why? Because it brings the company much more money as they are highly desired!
    All the M division is doing is broadening their brand and it’s a wise business move.

    • F1 Addict

      Couldn’t agree more. The 911 didn’t falter when the Cayenne was introduced, the car is still the most popular sportscar >$200k in Australia by a country mile. Too many people allow themselves to forget that cars are made by companies.

  • milobob

    what is a the point of a performane 4×4 :\

    • Martin

      High driving position and the fact people won’t expect you to be as fast as an Aston Martin. haha.

    • Valet Dabess

      there is not purpose, they just make it cause they can. why am i the only one that swerves in and out of cones when there’s road works… because i can, and it’s fun

  • Alex

    I too think that these cars taint the M badge, but it’s not because they’re SUVs (I don’t think any car should be judged on body style), it’s because they’re apparently not particularly good.
    If they had actually managed to make these cars handle as well as an M3 let alone go as fast as one, I’d be impressed. However, go and read some reviews for them – all the ones I’ve read state the same thing – these cars are no more than faster versions of already impressive vehicles except for the addition of an intolerable ride. Not to mention a tacky body kit.
    The X5 and the X6 are brilliant cars. They seem to take their weight and height in their stride to leave you with two SUVs that handle as well as the 3 Series, but once you add that M badge you start something completely new. The expectation goes from a car that handles really well to a car that handle like a sports car. And I don’t think BMW have quite gotten their technology to that point yet.
    So, once again, I too think that these cars taint the M badge. But it’s because they aren’t what an M car should be. An M car should have Porsche like reflexes and be easy to live with. Body roll and what has been described as “an intolerable ride” by at least two reviews I’ve read does not equal Porsche like reflexes and ease of living. After all, you’re probably not taking your X5 to a track, so you will have to put up with that ride.
    Besides, the new Cayenne is just around the corner and I somehow doubt that Porsche will let BMW have the better car.

    • Jazrod

      Very well said, Alex. You’re exactly right!

    • MrQuick

      Hear, hear

      This monstrosity spits in the face of M-car tradition, it is nothing more than brand dilution and BMW is selling the soul of the great M badge.

      Does BMW simply not understand that the M badge is one of the last remaning badges that actually means something to people? Its got such a massive reputation that its built up since the e30 M3, and now it culminates in this horrid mass of metal and leather and plastic.

      Just look at that 2nd last photo, it looks as though it simply wallows over the pavement without a contemplation of being nothing more than a oversprung barge with this false sense, and may I also say utterly pathetic attempt, of sportiness and excitement.

      What ticks me off is that I’m afraid that in 15-20 years time, its going to become a bit of a cult car, kind of like the Rambo Lambo (The awesome LM002).

  • Jake02

    I like them, but they scream vulgarity (but less so than an ML63 AMG…). These will be very popular in the Middle East…

  • RK

    Completely fail to get the point of these. If you can afford this monstrosity, you can afford a better performance car for road and/or track AND an SUV for your trophy wife (or your trophy toyboy, equal opportunity after all). Who want to drive this anywhere, for that kind of money?

  • Ratan
  • FrugalOne

    As quick as this is, it would not touch and it would be thrased by the fastest/quickest SUV on the planet, the mighty Italian Fornasari [goggle] it.

    Fornasari MORE power, QUICKER times, HIGHER top speed.

    win x win x win

    Powered by the mighty and simple Chev V8 [sure its tuned up a bit, but no stress donk]

    “Luxury runs fast” nice motto!



  • GetOverItLosers

    haha the pompous, indignant, stuck-up replies are hilarious

    BMW M GmbH decide what M means, not you – get over yourselves. These vehicles are brilliant – a mere second slower around philip island than an M3 after only a couple of laps in the hands of brabham despite their weight and centre of gravity.

    • FrugalOne


      Yeap, and the Forsari would lap it if they had a race…

      “Luxury Runs Fast”



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