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by Matt Brogan

A leaked brochure of Honda’s CR-Z hybrid sports coupe has spoiled the manufacturer’s plans of keeping the car a secret until next year’s Detroit International Motor Show.

The brochure, which also details the CR-Z’s technical specs, shows a production version of the car near identical to that of the concept first seen earlier this year at the Tokyo Motor Show, albeit without the concept’s futuristic headlamps.

Honda says CR-Z stands for ‘Compact Renaissance Zero’, an obvious throwback to the popular CRX hatch of the 1980s.


As a hybrid vehicle, the CR-Z features a 1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine mated to Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist hybrid technology. The brochure states this combination develops 84kW of power at 6,000rpm and 145Nm of torque from 4,800rpm, the electric motor adding a further 10kW and 78Nm.

Unlike Honda’s existing hybrid offerings, the CR-Z will cater to enthusiasts by offering a six-speed manual transmission. A six-speed automatic will also be available. The CR-Z will manage 0-100km/h times of just 9.7 seconds.


The CR-Z’s interior follows the design theme of “Hi-tech and Sporty,” achieved by a very futuristic instrument panel with a gauge cluster that can also be set to glow in three different colors, depending on which driving mode is activated (Economy, Normal or Sport).

Honda designed the interior to seem very airy and spacious by using mesh material on a simple framework.

Due for sale in late 2010, we expect to see the full production version of the Honda CR-Z at the Detroit International Motor Show next year.

Pics courtesy Temple of VTEC

  • PaulS

    It’s painful when a car totally looks the part, but doesn’t really play it well. This isn’t advanced sports, as they are touting it to be! This is a dressed up insight with the same heart condition…

    Totally disappointed, unless they prove me wrong by bringing out the real ‘sports’ version….

  • Jamison

    Now it makes sense why Honda was criticising Toyota with the LF-A, and in a lesser extent the FT-86.

    Because Honda’s next mass produced sports car is packing 84kW and 148nM of torque. All looks no go.

    Although they do have a point, but I think Toyota KNOWS that the market is not ready to buy a sports cars that is all green no go.

    Maybe when 148kW 500nM torque electric/fuel engines are “cheap” to produce. But thats in 5-10 years.

  • Jazrod

    Aesthetically that car is beautiful… I love the look of it! But those engine specs… Pfft.

  • doh

    I wonder what the fuel figures are like?

    as for the engine output… hmm very disappointing … but maybe the trick with this car is to be a fuel efficient in a nicer looking car than the insight…

    wonder what premium Honda will charge for this coupe? also whether they release this in Aus?

    Maybe Toyota should make a Prius coupe – would probably be a lot better!

  • PaulS

    I really do think Honda thinks too much sometimes… They could have wedged 2 IMAs together to give it more boost, couldn’t they?

    If they want to excite the market, they should make a truly exciting product and let their head go just a bit.

    • doh

      Agreed completely re letting their head go just a bit…

      why would i want to buy an overpriced product, when i can get the same quality from a Korean company?! Honda used to b cutting edge and sporty, now they are just a bit blah…

      In their Australian line up of cars, there is not one exciting car at this stage… even the Type R is a bit of a misfit…

      • PaulS

        Yeap… though thankfully they’ve dropped their price recently due to Government import tax savings….

        The 1.8 Litre engine from the current Civic would have been a better choice for this Insight I reckon.

  • foucault

    So this thing is about as powerful as my 5 year old Jazz? That sux.

  • Sharka

    It looks fantastic, and the LED day time running lights do look pretty cool. But I agree… the power!!! wtf Honda!!!???

    Its basically the insight with 2 doors chopped off!!!! and im assuming we will have to pay more for it to?

    It will no doubt have the same CVT tranny as the Insight too, the only difference being the 6 speed manual.

    Im going to reserve judgement until some car reviewers can get their hands on it and see what its like to drive.

    Maybe, just maybe, with the Electric motor, off the line performance will be quite quick. Which is what you need afterall in city streets.

    But driving this car across vast distances (like we all do in Australia), but be abit crap…

    Gotta love that glass roof however!!!!

  • QwkEddie

    It looks quite good but it’s performance specs leave very little to be desired.
    They should have had the 1.5L engine with a small turbo.

  • Captain Mainwaring

    Honda blows it again. No power, no torque. Hybrid or not, why make it look like a sports car if it can’t go like one?

  • Altezza

    Honda’s motto is to produce economical cars and it has been proven for decades. I just cannot believe you guys ranting about lack of power and torque. It is clearly a HYBRID car with sport theme aimed for car buyers who got bored with other hybrid cars that continually carries family car image but wanting to get something sporty without sacrificing fuel economy. I am no Honda fan anyway but Honda does have a plan and valid reasons of producing CR-Z. Love the styling inside out.

  • Hayzel

    I don’t know why people are soo fussy about cars which are not even out yet. The figures may or may not stay the same, who knows. Besides if you don’t like it don’t buy it, if the sales are down then Honda may start to take notice.

  • Alan

    May be just me, but i kept thinking about VW’s scirocco when seeing the CR-Z. Obviously the details are different, but the general proportion really reminds me of the scirocco