I recently had the pleasure of attending the Suzuki SX4 2WD Sedan and Hatch launch here in Brisbane. Having recently reviewed the Suzuki SX4 (AWD), I was keen to see what Suzuki had come up with for the new 2WD hatch, and of course, the new Sedan.

I previously said the AWD SX4 hatch was a bargain at $24,390 ($21,990 for GLX model in QLD), so you should have seen my face when I read the starting price for the 2WD range, $19,990! (for the manual sedan/hatch).

Suzuki SX4 2WD Sedan

A Japanese car with dual airbags, an eight-speaker MP3 compatible audio system, air-conditioning and most importantly, excellent driving dynamics, for less than 20g? I can only imagine what the other manufacturers must be thinking right now!

Suzuki SX4 2WD Sedan

I can’t help but to mention this, again, Suzuki still hasn’t given buyers an auxiliary input for the stereo system (no iPod), this should be at the top of the priority list now! I can’t imagine not being able to plug in an MP3 player into a modern car.

Suzuki SX4 2WD Sedan

There are two variants of the 2WD, the standard SX4 and the SX4S (or S series in QLD), for the extra $2,000 you get climate control air conditioning, cruise control and alloy wheels.

Suzuki SX4 2WD Sedan and Hatch

Suzuki believes the SX4 is a hidden secret in its lineup, and I agree. No longer do buyers have to look to Korea for a cheap family sedan to get around, the SX4 does it all, but with the reliability and class of a Japanese car (plus its cheaper!).

Prices are as follows:

  • SX4 hatch / sedan 5-speed manual $19,990
  • SX4 hatch / sedan 4-speed automatic $21,990
  • SX4S hatch / sedan 5-speed manual $22,990
  • SX4S hatch / sedan 4-speed automatic $24,990
  • SX4 AWD 5-speed manual $24,390
  • SX4 AWD 4-speed automatic $26,390

Expect a road test of the SX4 2WD sedan soon.
Alborz Fallah

  • troy

    How much nicer is that, than the HIDEOUS LIANA!!!

    it also look much much smarter than the sx4 wagony thing too.

    its quite a good looking little car, the sedan!

  • 280zx


  • Baz

    “A Japanese car with dual airbags, an eight-speaker MP3 compatible audio system, air-conditioning and most importantly, excellent driving dynamics, for less than 20g? I can only imagine what the other manufacturers must be thinking right now!”

    The Tiida does this for $17,990, and Nissan has a better reputation than Suzuki.

    More pictures of the SX4 Sedan –

  • Reckless1

    The Tiida doesn’t have a 2 litre engine, it’s a 1.8, so technically they are not competitors. As far as I know the only Japanese car in this class that has a 2.0 litre is the Lancer, and it’s actually 2.4 and costs more.

    Nissan does not actually have a better reputation than Suzuki either. Just ask owners of the 3.0 diesel Patrol, and you’ll find it is probably the other way around.

    If you are trying to say Australians are less aware of the quality of Suzuki, I’d agree with you.

    You will remember that the Tiida sold nothing when launched and the price was $19990, they had to drop the price $2000 and add some fruit before anyone looked at them.

  • http://www.sx4club.com Rowan

    Bought a Manual SX4 AWD Hatch about three months ago? 12,000 k’s on the clock now (yes, i drive a lot) I love this car, no issues so far, plenty of power, out-handles all other similarly priced cars i tried, and get this… they quote 8.7 litres to 100k’s, well I drive it pretty hard, and i’m averaging 8.1 litres to 100, with the air con on! Better than manufacturers figures! That’s never happened to me before, ever, with any car. And this is AWD (which i use, light duty off road dirt stuff/mud/sand… kangaroo island… :) I put an SX4 dirt offroad test on youtube i made. showing the benefits of AWD lock mode over 2WD.
    I love the keyless entry/start, never have to fumble for a remote control again, i just forget about it. good ground clearance, all the weird draiins and ditches around the place where the council haven’t maintaned the roads don’t bottom out.

  • keentoo

    Just going back to the Tiida issue. The base model Tiida (ST) does not even offer power windows in the front. That was a major turn off for me. The They also carry drum brakes throughout the range. For my money the Suzuki represents better value and versatility – just check out the back seats !

  • SX4a

    I bought one Brand New last August and Love it.
    One of the best cars i have bought and i have had many over the years.
    This is a car for keeps. Safety. Power. Everything.

    Also. I bought its Drive Away for less than 19 Grand.

    Very Impressive. Value For Money and Great Drive.

  • Wal Herring

    2009 SX4 2wd Hatch (company car)
    4 months and 8000k kms later…….thoughts,
    Fuel economy very poor,
    driving position/comfort average.
    Huge blind spot caused by the layout of the front pillar/window (2 near misses and a hit on a cyclist.)

    I thought it went ok for a 1.6l…..its a 2.0L

    would I buy one for personel use…..never,I would avoid it and select any other choices,maybe even a hyundi or a kia,and I never thought i would say that!!!!!!

    is it a bad vechile….not bad just not good.

    • ABMPSV

      I am not surprised that your fuel economy is so bad. Before you buy a new car you should check greenvehicleguide for fuel economy.

  • Sree

    Bought a demo 2008 model mid last year.An excellent car! I was thinking of buying a korean hatch, Good I looked around and this came as surprise! I have the Sport version thats top spec. Value for money. Just go for it. 5 stars..