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Update – Subaru has confirmed numbers and further details relating to this recall. See bottom of article for details.

Subaru has issued a recall for 37,492 of its 2010 to 2014 model-year Liberty and Outback vehicles over concerns the bottom of the front windscreen wiper motor could melt.

The manufacturer reports the fault could pose a fire risk.

A VIN list for the affected Liberty and Outback vehicles can be viewed here.


Owners of the recalled vehicles will be contacted by Subaru via mail, and are encouraged to contact their local dealership to arrange to have the recall work carried out.

For more information, customers can contact Subaru customer service centre on 1300 550 994.

Update: Subaru Australia has released a statement regarding the recall, confirming the numbers mentioned above and further details about the fault.

In its release, the company said: “The recall is due to the possibility that the front windscreen wiper motor bottom cover may melt, under a particular condition. In a worst case scenario, this may pose a fire risk”.

“In particular, if there is an obstruction, such as snow or ice, in the area where the front wiper arms normally “park” (cowl area), when the wipers are switched off, the wiper arms will be forced to park at a higher than normal position on the windscreen. As the wipers are self-parking, the arms will continuously attempt to return to the normal park position. Over time this condition may cause the wiper motor to overheat and melt the bottom cover.”

No incidents have been reported so far in Australia.

All recall work will be completed at no charge to the customer, with the repairs expected to take “0.4 of an hour”.

The number of recalled Liberty and Outback vehicles for each model year are listed below:

Model Year (MY) Liberty Outback
2010 7302 6843
2011 4671 5739
2012 3958 4359
2013 1908 2706
2014 0 6
TOTAL 17,839 19,653


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