by George Skentzos

Holden have released the official specs and images of their long anticipated VE Ute range.

Further Feature Highlights

  • All-new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system – 20 fan speeds
  • High quality instrument clusters with larger dials and displays, night mode dash illumination, 16 personalisation options, multifunction driver display
  • All models satellite navigation and telematics capable
  • Blaupunkt audio systems
  • Six disc CD player (SS and SS V)
  • Sports-contoured seats (SS and SS V)
  • Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity
  • Euro-style flat blade wipers
  • Locking fuel filler door
  • One touch lane change indicator
  • LED high-mounted stop lamp (SS and SS V)
  • Dual zone electronic climate control (SS V)
  • Projector headlamps (SS V)
  • Alloy faced pedals (SS V)


Accessories include:

  • Super Box
  • Hard tonneau cover
  • Cargo tie-down rails
  • Sports bar
  • Ladder and roof rack
  • Sports decal kit
  • Interior luggage organiser

Colour selection

A varied and expressive colour palette emphasises ute’s sports persona. Three exciting new colours – Atomic, Crunch and K-Pow – are included in a total of nine exterior colour choices.

Available on all models

  • Heron White – solid white
  • Phantom – metallic black with silver highlights
  • Redhot – highly chromatic solid red metallic
  • Nickel – mechanical dark silver with coarse metallic highlight
  • *K-Pow – highly chromatic metallic blue with purple undertones

Additional colours available on SV6, SS and SSV

  • Ignition – chromatic red orange metallic with fine mica gold highlight
  • *Atomic – metallic green, bright and packed with chroma
  • *Crunch – a green-biased metallic yellow
  • Morpheous – purple metallic

* denotes new colours


Holden VE Ute Range:

  • Omega (new) – 3.6L V6, peak power 180kW, peak torque 330Nm, four-speed automatic and 3.6L V6 195kW peak torque 340Nm six-speed manual;
  • SV6 – 3.6L V6 195kW peak torque 340Nm five-speed automatic and six-speed manual;
  • SS – 6.0L V8 270kW, peak torque 530Nm six-speed automatic and six-speed manual;
  • SS V (new) – 6.0L V8 270kW, peak torque 530Nm six-speed automatic and six-speed manual;

Fuel Economy (based on ADR 81/01)

NB – Figures based on pre-production vehicles

Omega (auto) 11.3 L/km
Omega (manual) 11.4 L/km
SV6 (auto) 11.6 L/km
SV6 (manual) 11.4 L/km
SS & SS V (auto) 14.0 L/km
SS & SS V (manual) 14.5 L/km

Recommended Retail Pricing

(Excluding delivery and government charges)

Omega (6-speed manual) V6 $30,990 with air conditioning
Omega (4-speed automatic) V6 $30,990 with air conditioning
SV6 (6-speed manual) V6 $35,990
SV6 (5-speed automatic) V6 $36,990
SS (6-speed manual) V8 $39,990
SS (6-speed automatic) V8 $41,990
SS V (6-speed manual) V8 $44,990
SS V (6-speed automatic) V8 $46,990
Leather smart pack (SV6 and SS) $1,250

On Sale:

October 2007

Omega Ute


SS Ute


SV6 Ute




  • max

    The qustion to be asked is ‘will an old canopy fit?’ Be it a holden, Flexiglass, ARB, etc.

  • Martin

    Same question as Max and will Holden have a factory canopy available at release time (sick of the others leaking)

  • Kyle

    8 out of 10.
    As a proud VE sedan owner this is very appealing.
    Slight design problem, the ute side on looks not sleek where the cabin meets the ute, it needs rethinking. The yellow looks horrid but looks great with the sports bar and beer can holders on the tray door. Really brings out the aussie!!!!!
    It needs a tray back variation and a crewman and avalanche version

  • George

    I’m not a fan of the wrap around rear lights, but everything else seems fine.

  • troy

    Not too bad at all, front looks better on ute than on sedan!

    platic tray and cup holders are BORROWED from falcon ute.

  • tony

    Best looking ute yet from Holden – the four pipes on the SS & SSV are gold. The US will be screaming for it. Can’t wait for the Maloo.

  • http://. ROBERTO

    Wrap around tailights on ute look bit odd. Centre console should be decent like in the Falcon so can plant elbow on it as does really appear too low and does NOT rise up to meet elbow height. Yeah the poly tray is from Ford but who cares as looks good. Disagree with Kyle about side on look where cabin meets tray, the look is just right and whole package aside from sedan tailights on car look OK. Should sell well and look is just right. And Iam a Ford Fan too!!! Does anybody know whether Holden will do LPG only motor or just dual fuel???

  • tony

    why are Holden charging $2,000 for an auto over a manual. The majority of SS and SSV cars sold will be autos and its about time that we are not punished for wanting an auto.

  • Danny

    It seems that this new Ute will suffer both the problems I currently have. My new VE with its wide ‘A’ pillars and my BA Ute with its wide and hopeless to see past ‘B’ pillars. So you will understand when you see a VE Ute driver bobbing back and forth in the cabin what he’s doing while travelling down the road.

  • jbot

    Was anyone else suprised to see dual exhausts on the Omega?

  • Andrew. M

    does the tray liner finally come standard like the falcon now?? actually the falcon tailgate cup holders are 2 different sizes 1 to take the thermos and the other the cup (well thats what they said when they designed it we all know its for the beer)

    danny i know what you mean, i also have the falcon ute and from what i see the ve will prob suffer a bit worse from the blind spot issue you described. the “b” pillar seems to slant quite a bit rearwards meaning you would have to turn even further.
    one interesting thing i noticed when you look at the falcon ute spyshots is that they have covered up those pillars perhaps suggesting they have done something to hide the alterations to improve visibility.

    but back to the commy now……
    wow surprised to see duel pipes even on the omega. it was the first thing i noticed.
    yeah the rear end doesnt sell me at all. maybe that rear end would suit the wagon but on the ute it is a bit much. also they should reserve the number plate in the middle of the tailgate for the maloo only. for one it is the easiest way to sort the maloo look a likes from the real things.
    also i dont like the plate that high and in your face anyway. but on a positive i suppose it will hide all the dings from when the tailgate hits the trailer hitch he he

  • http://. ROBERTO

    Danny I agree with you! I got those round concave mirrors you stick on from Supercheap Autos as without them it is easy to get the shits to keep turning around as a precaution to check traffic and being blocked by big bold curvy B pillar. I actually think the tray where it meets the back of the cabin was made more appealing (bigger more curved B pillar) over previous model Holden Ute. Style ahead of practicality which will exacberate the problem of blocking or restricting driver rear viewing in this Ute??? It will be interesting to see how canopy will look butting up near this eye candy curvy metal finish!

  • http://. ROBERTO

    Will the canopy finish on this curved section on the B pillar which means the inside (from rear glass in cabin to actually canopy when installed will have a huuuge void between which will be tad bizarre and UNPRACTICAL waste of space. Agree that the rear tailights will suit wagon ahead of ute as looks odd; but dare say it they still will grow on you.

  • SRTargets

    I like it. wrap around would take a while to get used to but overall it is a great package.

    Though duel tail pipes are great, but why omega!

    Ford are u whatching, we want more than one tail pipe.

  • Fart Blaster

    looks great!

  • leeds

    i like that they’ve brought back the green as well, always thought it looked cool and didnt date like some of the other edgy colours

  • Drac

    Dual exhausts AND manual on the omega!

  • troy

    The new green is sooooo much nicer than the colour of yesterday…. S#@thouse green!

  • Daniel

    Stuff the ute. Where’s the wagon?

  • Matt

    I’ve been waiting AGES to see the end product and I really like it, with the exception of the position of the fuel filler, but I guess this will make tooling the wagon easier.

    The tail lights will grow on me, but overall – nice work Holden, it’s smart, and very well presented. Can’t wait for a drive with the linear control suspension too!

  • Frugal One








  • Richo

    I like it, alot actually, i think the SV6 manual would be a really good package.

    But the thing that surprised me like others is the dual exhaust on the omega! Actually the Omega model looks great generally! Grab a black Omega and put some 18’s on it and you’d have a really slick lookin ute and at a fantastic price.


    the auto costs alot more to make than a manual because its a new gearbox which was only realeased about 16 months ago worldwide same as the new 6 speed auto that will match up to the v6 engines in commodores inthe near future I WANT A GREEN SSV WAGON 6 SPEED MANUAL

  • 280zx


  • Snerd

    Are front bench seats even legal these days? I’ve had few more uncomfortable trips in a falcon ute than being jammed in the middle ‘seat’.

    I’d wait for the crew-cab personally.

  • 280zx


  • http://http:/ Saturn cargo liner
  • BOB

    is the ford falcon inline 6 got heaps of torque or is it that ever other engine has none??

  • adam

    WOW! Dis thing looks cool, the pimpd guards, big wheels look mean! the omega ute was a suprise due to the 6spd manual it offers, i wonder if Holden will put it into the sedan modle, hope that happens when the new facelift comes version aolng. The rear tail lights look cool, i think, the storage better be better than the old commodore ute, and it will be able to hold more in its tail, and i hope it one day has a bench seat, which will please Frugal One. If they bring out a One Tonner, and Crewman, that will be the iceing on top of the Holden cake, this is gonna be a hit, well done Holden, now about that darn 4spd auto……..

  • Q MAN

    Number plate in tailgate is no good if you have the tailgate down for long loads. Its fine in the Maloo when you cant put a load in anyway.

  • Christoph

    The Maloo does look good, I know it’s not shown here but I already have a picture of it and one of the Coupe and the wagon and the HSV GTSR and the HSV GTS wagon. The pictures are of actual cars and not computer mock ups. Don’t have a picture of the Crewman, but a Crewman will be released.

  • http://nil VT Man

    Now that you can get a manual in every model ute when can we order a 6 cylinder sedan (not Sv6 only) with a real gearbox, I mean some of us like to be in proper control of our vehicles. I drive a VT 5 speed and we have a VE auto in the family. Nice car but spoilt by an ordinary transmission.

  • TOM

    Well holden you have done it again excellent work on the new ute cant not see why it will not kick arse with sales ford wake up its not to late yet.Putting my deposit down on a SV6 ute very shortly see u all out there some day cheers

  • http://Toyota Blue Blood

    Just read there will be no Crewman or One tonner/Cab chassis variants in he new VE ute range.

    “…. the all new VE Commodore-based Ute a ‘lifestyle’ choice rather than a ‘commercial’ vehicle…”

    This is a gift for Ford.

  • BOB

    what a heap off shit the dual pipes are just one pipe split into two. cant beat the bf mk2 falcon ute it shits all over the omega more power more torque better fuel economy better 6 speed auto better all over package. when the 08 falcon comes out it will make the ve look and feel like shit.

  • 280zx

    The way things are going at Ford today i dont think they will be releasing anything BOB ! Apart from 1200 workers!

  • Andrew. M

    what the hell are you on about 280zx??????? or what the hell are you on??????? what are you trying to say that you only offer biased and silly comments???

  • Corey

    Great work HOLDEN!! This thing looks amazing! I will be buying one of your Green SS utes, it looks shit hot!

    Now to BOB…. For one they have a dual system on the utes not one pipe split into two, My mate has an Xr6 ute and his fuel economy is just shocking compared to my Vz S ute, so ford have a long way to go!! Ford will always be 5 steps behind Holden’s

    Once again great work holden, they have once again built another fantastic ute, i cant wait to take the SS for a drive, they will drive fantastic!!


  • TOM

    Corey must agree with what you said holden is just that little bit better having owned to falcon utes in the past i would not go back for a third but anyway FORD goodluck

  • Azza

    What, Corey your full of crap! The Falcon is by far the more economical vehicle, oh and more powerful as well. Eg) 1994 XR6 Ford Falcon does 13L/100 vs. 2000 Holden Commodore Olympic which does 14.5L/100. And that was way back then!
    The fuel economy of the Commy is just terrible compared to Ford…
    Oh, Holden took 5 steps forward and 10 back… The 10 backwards steps was when they started importing Daewoos and putting stickers on windshields stating that they were made in Korea…

  • troy

    probably not Great as a commercial vehicle BUT a POSERS delight for sure.


    Very nice design, not to sure about the rear-end, eg: tail-lights and number plate in the tailgate. Like to see what HSV is going to come up with they might remove the plate from the tailgate, where is the hardcover gone. Overall nice car, with good body lines. Hope to see one soon.

  • Stef

    love the whole thing.. granted tail lights different but hey it makes it stand out from the rest… if i could id be buying 1

  • 280zx

    QUOTE= “what the hell are you on about 280zx??????? or what the hell are you on??????? what are you trying to say that you only offer biased and silly comments??? Take a chill pill d*&^ head

  • COOL65AU

    Looks like a jumbo jumbuck

  • Paul

    Talk about hit with the ugly stick… I thought the rear of the regular VE couldnt get much worse. I was wrong.

  • ….

    paul do u crank this site every day? because its fukin sad how u left every article about holden a negative comment, and hav pathetic arguments with people fed up with ur shit. u never hav any poitive opinions and u hav left a comment on them all… fuk u need 2 get out, no one givs a fuk about ur biased opinions so stop makin ur self look like the fukwit u are

  • Azza

    Ok, at first I thought this ute was a butt ugly accident that Holden gave birth to… That was because in pictures the ute doesn’t look all that great. However, I saw two of the VE Utes (SV6 Red and SS-V Purple) parked outside of the Local Pub (I do not know why they were there, they just were), and I must admit with the exception of the rear tail lights they are decent looking utes.

    But the Falcon utes still kick it’s ass.

  • Danny

    Owning a VE Omega V and BA ute I’m not biased either way in this continuing Ford/Holden debate. I do like the VE Ute but will not come to any conclusions until Ford release their new range. I see now that Holden have left some room behind the seats to stow away rubbish, something that put me off the VZ Ute. I know Ford will also have a trayback version, will Holden bring one out also??. I’m sure Ford will also have a 3 seater for those who want them, I had a 3 seater in my previous Courier and only used it maybe half a dozen times in 2 years, most times you just use it as second car for going to and from work and the odd dump trip. The new VE I’m sure would be more a poser ute than a practical one. Ford style sides would be similar. Most wouldn’t care what they threw in the back of an alloy tray.

  • john

    God it looks as wide as it does long, not a very balanced looking vehicle at all, but it will appeal I guess to all the tools in their utes driving around with their fog lights on

  • ford lover

    As a ford freak, i actualy have to say this isnt a bad looking ute, but i think the VY-VZ utes look better.

  • Astra guy

    I have just read the comments about the ute and many of them are just simply from Holden bashing morons.

    The Ford owners here should be ashamed of the Falcon in all its forms, XR6, XR6 Turbo and XR8. I only driva an Astra, I admit its not quite stock now but I can and do show Falcon drivers how to drive.

    I run my 1.8L Astra sedan with cold air induction, iridium plugs and 98 octane fuel and have beaten numerous XR6 Turbo sedans and utes and can hold my own with the XR8. And I don’t mean beat it across the intersection, I mean 400 – 500 metres or more at high speed. And while I’m at it, I have beaten the odd WRX and Commodore 6’s. I haven’t beaten Commodore 8’s but give them a good run.

    My Astra shakes a bit as it idles and sounds louder than most production V8’s yet it still didn’t stop a guy driving and FPV GT from getting his arse kicked last week. When will they learn. If I was him I would be taking it back to the dealer complaining it was defective and I would be most pissed off that I got beaten by a 4 cyclinder car at half the price.

    And if you don’t like the ute just say it and piss off cos no one wants to read all your bullshit.

    And maybe keep an eye open for my car, it’s blue.


    Not My Thing Really.Give me a A Renault or Nissan for similar or less money that can do the same job without it costing me heaps in fuel bills.Drive something like this equals a drive into Debt.Any of the Japanese Utes can do the same job and they are so much better.

  • Andrew. M

    astra guy, get over yourself,
    mate do you realise that if you do beat falcon turbos and v8’s you will also beat what ever holden has to offer!!!! i know people who have xr6 turbos and beat hsv’s (thats the last series of hsv’s the ve is a bit quicker) did you also know that for $5k an xr6 turbo can easily pump out 300kw?

    i also suppose you find it funny that a typhoon runs the same times as a top of the range GTS.

    ill look out for your car alright just to laugh at someone in a girl car. so why dont you get a commy and do a bit of work to it aswell and then i might recognise what u drive.

    people can comment as they like and there is nothing wrong with stating facts. here is all they are saying (pretty much)

    FACT….. the falcon is a much better work ute whereas the holden is just a show pony
    FACT….. the falcon ute delivers no worse fuel consumption than the commy and official testing actually puts the falcon as the more economical one

  • arden hutchby

    after a bad experience with a vz ss crewman ( 15 holden s owned mainly v8 ) i turned to ba falcon utes 3x xr6 xr8 xr6turbo all heaps of fuel guzzling heaps of shit cant wait to get a red ssv ute holdens been to dark side and cant wait to back

  • Azza

    Astra “Guy”
    You are full of crap! As if your tiny little Astra of 90Kw could beat an XR6 of 190Kw let alone an XR6T (245Kw), an XR8 (260Kw) and an FPV GT (290Kw), yet somehow struggles with a V6 Commodore that has 195Kw or less… You are clearly lying because regardless of how much your Astra is done up, it would still struggle with beating an XR6. ie, it would probably have to have Twin Turbo…

    You are clearly a biased sack of crap that has nothing better to do with their time then “racing” people who are driving at their usual pace. People who are full of themselves and lie constantly like you don’t deserve to have a car even if it is a tiny little powerless 5 speed Blue TS Classic Astra…

    Stick with trying to beat cars that you can actually say that you have beaten, like a Daewoo Barina.

  • Astra Guy

    To both Azza and Andrew M… you can both think what you like… I would not have believed it myself if I wasn’t the one driving the car… My Astra was just recently been on a dyno and shown to be producing 120Kw and the fact it is lighter than the Falcons or others gives me an advantage…. uh duh… Clearly you guys now stuff all about power to weight ratios and reaction time etc and if you class having a falcon rev its effing head off before the turbo kicks in at 3000rpm and me selecting third and driving away from it “usual” pace then you’re a tosser.

    I guess its not so much a matter of what you drive as a matter of how you drive it…

    And I imagine the XR6 turbo’s I have beaten are not 300 Kw and have shit for brains drivers behind the wheel like yourself…. But I have been there and done it so I am happy with that… I don’t beat all and clearly some drivers are a bit better…

    And really I couldn’t give a crap about fuel economy figures… I probably get fuel economy close to a Falcon or Commodore anyway… I really couldn’t be stuffed going up against a car like a Barina… no contest.. I will win… When I get my hands on a Commodore there will be very few that can match me once my mechanic is finished with it… Oh did I forget to mention I have my own personal mechanic… And really, twin turbos on my Astra, you have to be kidding… there would be no stopping me…

    And what is Azza short for…. Mary… Rachel… I just don’t get it…

  • wheelnut

    AndrewM – the numberplate will hide dents from the towball hitch.
    It’s a ute.. the only reason you would ever use a trailer with a ute is when you have alot of gear to carry and the tray is full.
    Therefore; the tailgate would be up; because if the tailgate was down it would restrict the axis [the turning circle] of the trailer.
    Most dents in the rear of a utes/cars [tailgates, bumpers, indicators]aren’t caused by tow balls they’re caused by reversing into poles etc

    QMan – The numberplate is located in the centre of the tailgate similar to the Maloo Therefore; when the tailgate is down the numberplate will probably fold out so that its still visible as on the Maloo.

    Christoph – At the moment Holden don’t have any firm plans to release a VE Crewman as they’d have to stretch the platform to allow for the extended cabin without eating into tray space. However; a one tonner is likely [If you want a crew-cab buy a Hilux]

  • Andrew. M

    astra guy,
    im sure we have all heard of power to weight that is still why we dont believe you. the astra only weighs like 20% less than the falcon yet it still has less than half the power of the XR6T.(and less than half the torque too im guessing)
    also still waiting to hear how it is you can beat a 290kw ford but not a 195kw holden

    also i think it would be your astra revving its head off. i take off behind tossers like yourself at the lights and astras etc rev off like anything and have to change gears a lot sooner. i nearly run up their backside as my stock 6cyl falcon is only halfway up the tacho, when their rice burner dives at the front during changing gears

  • Andrew. M

    have you owned a styleside ute before?
    have you ever towed a trailer with a styleside ute?

    mate stop pretending you have. most dings ARE caused by trailer hitches. you see what it is is not driving with the tailgate down, it is opening the tailgate to get something out while the trailer is still attached.

    also reasons to tow a trailer with a styleside UTE……

    tradies with work trailers

    trailer load of gravel or sand or whatever so it doesnt sit in your ute till you spread it all and it is also easier to shovel out of a trailer and your precious styleside ute wont get scratched

    camping trailer

    trail bike trailer (i see a lot of those getting around)

    i can think of heaps of other reasons but if you think having a ute means you will never have to tow a trailer you are wrong

  • jbot

    Astra Guy,
    So what you’re saying is you beat these Falcons and Commodores because their drivers can’t drive as well as you. Fact of the matter is, your car is still an Astra…. Put the same driver in your Astra (with a MASSIVE 120kW) and in a Falcon and the Falcon will be much faster.

    “Oh did I forget to mention I have my own personal mechanic”
    LOL!! If you mean you go to the same person each time, most people do that. If you’re saying that he only looks after your Astra, he must be a regular at Centrelink, because you won’t make money from racing an done-up Astra (doing up an Astra still cracks me up!).

  • Astra Guy


    Centrelink that cracks me up… And yeah I guess you’re right… If I drove a Falcon or anything else it would go faster than the owner drives it.

    Andrew M… if you were behind me at the lights.. behind me is where you would stay, I don’t take on cars I am already ahead of. And I probably wasn’t in the mood when I lost to the Commodore. It’s not like I race every damn car on the road. I’m sure the cars I have beaten the drivers didn’t think it would happen, but I was there and it did.. you don’t have to agree, you don’t have to believe it but it has been done and will happen again.

    And if doing up an Astra is so funny, why did DTM Racing in Germany put three Astra Coupes in to the one of the European race championships and win all races in that year (think was 2002) as well as setting consistant lap times… Its no funnier than racing a Ford Focus in England or Corollas in Rally… If it works it works. There are thousands of Astra owners in England and Europe doing a whole lot more to their Astra and getting much higher Kw out of them.

  • Azza

    Actually there is a massive difference! For one, Toyota and Ford actually know how to create a racing/rally car that doesn’t sit on 3000rpm doing 100km/h like your Astra…

    Fact is, your full of shit. Mate if I ever see you on the road, I’ll show you the full potential of an XR6. And if I or any other person that drives a 6cyl+ car were sitting behind you, they’d probably wanna move into a different lane, so that the ridiculously large exhaust you have doesn’t fall off and damage their car.

    Tell me, the people you were racing were they 70 years old or more?

  • Azza

    @ Astra Guy here are some specs for ya

    Holden Astra:
    Front 4 Cylinders
    90Kw Power (yours 120Kw) @ 5600rpm
    165Nm Torque @ 3600rpm
    5 Speed Manual or 4 Speed Auto

    Ford Falcon XR6:
    Rear 6 Cylinders (OH! Thats a whole 2 more cylinders then your Astra!)
    190Kw Power (thats 70Kw more then your Astra) @ 5250rpm
    383Nw Torque @ 2500rpm
    6 Speed Manual or Auto

    Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo:
    Rear 6 Cylinders Turbocharged
    245Kw Power @ 5250rpm
    480Nm Torque @ 2000rpm
    6 Speed Manual or Auto

    Ford Falcon XR8:
    Rear 8 Cylinders (Thats double the amount of cylinders of your Astra)
    260Kw Power @ 5250rpm
    500Nm Torque @ 5000rpm
    6 Speed Manual or Auto

    FPV GT:
    Rear 8 Cylinders
    290Kw Power @ 5500rpm
    520Nm Torque @ 4500rpm
    6 Speed Manual or Auto

    Holden Commodore SV6 (VE):
    Rear 6 Cylinders
    195Kw Power @ 6500rpm
    340Nm Torque @ 2600rpm
    6 Speed Manual or 5 Speed Auto

    Holden Commodore SS-V (VE):
    270Kw Power @ 5700rpm
    530Nm Torque @ 4400rpm
    6 Speed Manual or Auto

    But hey you seem to think you’re top shit, so why don’t you try going up against one of these;

    FPV F6 Typhoon/Tornado:
    Rear 6 Cylinders Turbocharged
    270Kw Power @ 5250rpm
    550Nm Torque @ 2000rpm
    6 Speed Manual or Auto

  • Andrew. M

    ah ive got it astra guy runs red lights thats why he wins

  • Steve

    VE SSV looks great but can’t wait to experience the things that really count, new rear and improved front suspension not to mention the extra torgue of the 6 litre.

  • fpv force

    my god this rear end looks SHIT!!!

    those lights look like there straight off a ford f-150

    another car that holden has stole bits from

    this car looks sooooo miss matched its funny

    when ever im driving in my 2007 force 8 and see 1 of these jokes from holden ill just cracp up and laugh

  • wheelnut

    Andrew M: Sorry for the misunderstanding.. although
    I never said that by owning a ute you’ll never have to tow a trailer. I have owned a couple of utes in the past – some with towbars.

    However; if ute owners were more careful opening and lowering the tailgate whilst the trailer was attached.. instead of just dropping it they wouldn’t get a dent in the tailgate. Afterall $40-50K is alot to spend on what is/was intended to be a work vehicle.. you think they’d look after it a bit better.

    When they disconnect the trailer they should also remove the towbar [where possible] to avoid damage to other cars or property as well as injury to other people.

  • Danny

    Come on guys, stop tippin’ shit on each other and get back to the real story, what we think of the VE ute. If Astra guy wants to drive a girls car, that up to him!!. Real men drive utes.
    The VE ute does look good and has alot of potential, very little cost to dress it. I will still wait for Ford to release there new ute before coming to any conclusions.

  • EseriesSenator

    That would look good next to the senator in the shed. I quite like it. The rear lights arent to bad i guess i also like seeing that 6 speed box in the omega. I may seriously consider buying one. and to that tosser john who commented on the “tools driving around with there fog lights on” its clearly not a work ute mate. grow up.

  • Old Truckie

    I like it and think some of the colors look great. ( even the white Omega lookes smart)
    Still think Holden should reconcider the position on the number plate back to the rear bumper.
    I’m ready to go!

  • Danny

    Why are people so concerned about where the rear number plate is positioned?. Think about how many times you would drive with the tailgate down, even when driving around, how many tailgates do you see down on utes?, I know I don’t remember ever seeing one down.
    I think the Ute would look so much better with cleaner lines on the tailgate by not having the number plate there. Ford have the right idea by keeping it below the tailgate.

  • Ben

    Holden. You have made a bad car a piece of shit on wheels. GOOD WORK HOLDEN completly fucked things up now. more down hill road to go, while ford is going up hill and have made a better engine so we can get up there fatser.

  • Azza

    WHOA!!! What’s the deal!? I just realised when I was looking at the pictures that they all have roof antena’s. I thought that there was such thing as inbuilt antena’s now? Yet another area of the many areas that Ford outdoes Holden in…

  • K-Dog

    On the Holden website I read somewhere that there is 245 litre storage behind the seats. Can anyone confirm this?
    Azza, so what if Holden has a roof antenna, it doesn’t make any difference to the car, does it!

  • Azza

    Not really, but after spending $1 billion… You’d sorta think that an inbuilt antenna would be included…

  • Briggzy

    It looks pretty sweet at the front till u see it from the side, kinda looks like a proton jumbuck…..The atomic green looks mad and the interior is a bit of an improvement. I’d wait for the series II

  • K-Dog

    Hmm, Azza, Holden would’ve used te $1 billion to make the VE way better than the VZ and the Falcon. Duh.

  • wheelnut

    Azza – There are a number of cars with antennas built into the rear windscreen. However; if your driving along the motorway and an adolescent decides to throw/drop rocks from a bridge which smashes your windscreen you’ll lose radio reception Yet you won’t with a roof mounted aerial as it will simply flex a little bit.

  • K-Dog

    The only thing I dont like is the dual exhausts on the Omega, I dont reckon it deserves ’em. I love the Atomic Green and the yellow colour though.

  • Joh

    It looks good – hopefully will Holden decide to build other varieties which the VY/VZ came with, notably the double cab Crewman and the one-tonner variants. A panelvan VE would look good too.

    AND – Are Holden going to do AWD on the VE?

  • Andrew. M

    if your front screen breaks from hitting rocks thrown from kids why will you lose reception from the rear screen?

    k-dog, the storage space beind the seats would be about the same as the falcon ute offers one would reckon. oh yeah the money spent didnt make it heaps better than the falcon, it prob just put it on par to be honest. as in the ute form there are many areas the commy would never be better than the falcon ute form.
    but i do agree that the omega doesnt deserve the twin exhausts. gee you’d be pissed to fork out $50K for the ss ute and find out even the “pov” version got them aswell. i see a lot of done up omega versions hitting the roads purely because people will save a lot of money by putting their own wheels on it and then hey presto….. it looks the same as the “s pac” and well it prob would be the same too

  • wheelnut

    Andrew M – I didn’t mention the front windscreen; yet I realise that maybe I should have said “rear windscreen”.. because sometimes these idiots mis-judge the speed, timing and distance etc resulting in your rear window being smashed. Which happened to a mate of mine in his Impreza which has the antenna in the rear windscreen and cost $tack$ to replace.

  • Paul

    QUOTE = paul do u crank this site every day? because its fukin sad how u left every article about holden a negative comment, and hav pathetic arguments with people fed up with ur shit. u never hav any poitive opinions and u hav left a comment on them all… fuk u need 2 get out, no one givs a fuk about ur biased opinions so stop makin ur self look like the fukwit u are

    Hahah I wander who this alias is for, to scared to post under their real name. Take a cold shower mate, your going to bust a blood vessel at this rate. But my previous point remains, this is an ugly ute.

  • wheelnut

    Joh A VE Crewman is very unlikely as Holden exces have said even though the Crewman was fairly popular it was a relatively expensive exercise. I too would like to see a Sandman panelvan instead of the poxy canopy.

    An AWD is possible due to the flexibility of the Zeta platform. However; I doubt it will be a VE – maybe the next model due out in 2010.. the same time as the
    Next-Gen Monaro and Torana.

  • Reece Doggy dog

    these new holdens are awesome and they are alot better looking and also engine wise co0mpared to the ford utes

  • holden ss v ute

    this site is awsome

  • Me.

    Reece Doggy dog, funny how you can be a fool by making posts that don’t mean anything! A one post wonder! :)

  • lindsay hocking

    The roof got stuck halfway between on and off. Stuck at a shopping centre with every other bstard staring. Got that problem fixed, then discovered the indicator only goes on for 3 sec if you press it lightly and indefinately if you press it hard. When correcting it from left to neutral it always goes to the right This leads to all sorts of problems, many people beeping and accidents almost caused as a result.

    There are some niggling vibrations in the back seat. I can’t even be bothered getting it checked again… gonna sell this piece of sh*t and tell everyone not to buy it.

  • bill

    I have waited a checked out the new ve ute looks ok but here is a list of things that could be improved number plate position, tail lights, get battery out from under seat,dod is a must on v8, more rim protection from tyres,also i hate the plastic tray due to possibility of rust and every thing sliding this was one reason i didnt buy the falcon

  • Andrew M

    well its either rust from all the scratches you get with out the liner, or rust from it sweating under the liner.

    you will find though that because the falcon tub isnt a full metal tub under the plastic that it might actually breathe quite alright.
    i havent checked out the VE ute to see how they do it has anyone? is it a full metal tub underneath?

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