by Matt Brogan

Renderings of a sedan variant of Volkswagen’s new Polo have today been shot across the CarAdvice news desk.

The VW Polo sedan will share a more ‘family’ look, in line with Mark VI Golf and Tiuguan, and will be offered with the usual spread of diesel and petrol engines.


No test mules have yet been caught by our snapper’s lens, but when we do, you’ll see them here first.

  • Alex

    Well, it looks better than the 2 sedan.

  • Wingman77

    Ummmm…. perhaps some disclosure about whether these are genuine VW pics or ‘artist’s impressions’ would be nice….

    • Mazdaman

      with links to dealers and brochure downloads maybe disclosure about paid advertising is needed too

      • jojo

        Good point Mazdaman, wasnt John Laws fined for something similar…”cash for comments” if I recall. I thought the industry had to declare any advertorials etc.

  • D

    Give me the hatch ANY DAY over this thing.

  • f1worldchamp

    Front actually looks pretty good. Back looks like 90’s Kia.

  • Shak

    They dont need a sedan in this segment. Focus on the new GTI and dont waste your time on this VW

  • spellbound

    Good one for those boot lovers in the US , yes hatch wins over this .

  • Baddass

    Replace the C pillar and you’ve got a winner on your hands.

  • Ezz

    I guess every car maker that strives to be the largest in the world needs their fair share of whitegood-type cars. VW has that in spades – very uninspiring for the most part unless you are talking the GTi and R series cars. Polo, Tiguan, Golf, Jetta…very ordinary looking cars, imo.


  • Neo Utopia

    I don’t like most small sedans, even Volkswagen’s and definately Mazda’s. They just don’t look as streamlined as a hatch, plus they aren’t as practical to load big stuff into. But most Asians like them for some reason, so that’s why VW is doing it, mostly for the Chinese Market.

  • David Drift

    Has Volkswagen released a luxury or luxematic car already, never seen one that actually can compare with audis and bmws.

  • iwens

    can you tell me the specication of this car, thanks