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by Matt Brogan

In a positive move for Australian car sales,  motorists bought more cars and trucks in October than for the same month last year – the first time in 16 months the industry has seen a year-on-year increase in monthly sales.

Toyota Australia senior executive director sales and marketing, Mr David Buttner, welcomed the October-on-October increase for the industry, saying it pointed to a strong end-of-year selling season.

In October, the industry sold 80,813 new motor vehicles – an increase of 2.2 per cent over the same month last year.

Not since June 2008 have a month’s sales been higher than for the corresponding month of the previous year.

“Over the past six months, confidence has grown among fleet and private customers, enabling them to return to the market,” Mr Buttner said.

“This has been supported by the Federal Government’s stimulus package, including specific support for business owners requiring vehicles.

“The general uplift in consumer sentiment plus the investment allowance that takes us through to December 31 should result in a strong end to 2009.

“The full-year result of around 920,000 sales will be appreciably stronger than most observers were predicting just a few months’ ago.”

In October, Toyota’s Corolla was again the country’s most popular vehicle with 3,724 sales, narrowly beating HiLux into second with 3,707 sales.

Corolla has topped the sales charts for three of the past four months and is Australia’s best-selling vehicle in the financial year.

Other segment leaders for Toyota were Camry, LandCruiser 200 Series, HiAce van, HiAce bus and Tarago.

Toyota remained market leader with sales of almost 17,900 vehicles in October – more than 7,000 ahead of its nearest rival.

After 10 months’ sales this year, Toyota dealers have sold more than 160,000 vehicles; no other company has reached 100,000.

With Toyota Australia

  • Mitch

    imagine if they had something exciting to sell

    • John S

      hahaha! yeah more whitegoods boring cars on the road…

      when will aussies ever learn?

      • figjam

        Aussis have learnt and that is why toyota is number 1 and holden is a struggling 2nd! we aussis want quality and value so we buy toyota!well done toyota.

  • Lansing

    Should of kept building the Corolla here in Altona

  • Camelot

    I tell you one of the most stupidest things ever was Ford cancelling the Falcon RTV ute. Lifestyle utes are in at the moment and a normal ground clearance falcon doesnt cut it nowadays, plus fleets were starting to warm to the RTV as its excellent reputation spread.
    At our work we have 230 Hilux 4×4 utes nationwide (which rarely have 4×4 ever used), we had two LPG Falcon RTVs on trial and they were unbelivebly better than the Hilux to drive, plus a lot more cheaper to run than the diesel. After the great feedback our fleet team were close to changing the fleet over, but Ford cancelled it! Look at the sale of the Hilu, there are a lot of buyers for something a bit more practical on a job site.

  • Matt

    HiLux sales are up because of the 50% investment allowance thing. My parents looked at buying one under the scheme but there was a wait of several months and the dealer was going to do his best to screw them over due to the demand for them.

    • JEKYL & HYDE


      but don’t stop at hilux.every manufacturer is selling heaps.and not just utes,high end creamy stuff too.with the investment allowance finishing in dec,a couple of interest rate rises,talk of petrol,insurance,well,just about everything going up but electricals ands cars,and the big dry continuing,look for a very flat economy in 2010…

    • Dealer

      Other sources state that the private market was very flat and only the company and hire car fleet queens saw big increases. Hence Hilux & Corolla.

    • Car Fanatic

      This is why October’s figures are so high, it is the back log of orders from July, August and September.

  • Tony

    It beats me why people buy those hilux’s that ride like a billy cart, got drum brakes on the back and rear leaf springs, not to mention the 4 speed auto in the diesel. For the $55K you could get a top notch sedan with a lot of gear on it.

    • Mitch

      There is this really big open space on the back on these called a tray. i’d say thats the main reason.

      • Dealer

        Just further highlights the poor value of the Thailand made Hilux.

        • figjam

          The thailand made hilux is by far the best in its class AND THAT IS WHY IT SELLS SO WELL! well done toyota the hilux is great value!

          • LOL

            Funny how all of the motoring journalist experts dissagree with you.
            Hilux hasn’t placed well in a comparo for years.
            Hilux is mid in class at best and worst value in class by a long way.

  • Goodfa

    I cannot believe that so many people buy Corolla’s.
    The Commodore with the new SIDI engines is down to third.I cannot remember the last time the Commodore was lower than second.
    It looks like the lack of exterior and interior differentation of the VEMY10 is coming back to bite Holden.The Cruze on the other hand is going great guns.

    • Dealer

      The Cruze success is the main reason behind the Commodore failure. And Fleets don’t trust the 3.0 V6 Commy to deliver in real world terms.

      • Golfschwein

        Do fleets trust the Camry to deliver anything better than 6 cylinder economy?

        • Dealer

          Camry sales DOWN 7%……dunno Golfy

      • Shak

        Thats so true, but generally when Holden start their add campaign as they have done with the SIDI commodore, they outsell everything else in the country by a mile. And people should be buying the commodore and not the Cruze. Although i agree the Cruze is goog value and has heaps of kit it just doesnt feel the smae. My uncle just bought a SV6 and i drove it over the weekend. he told me to give it a caning and it is just magnificent. While it may buck under brakes everything else is beautiful. while i admit the interior is horrific it still out drives the falcon by quite a bit, oh and the engine sounds so much nicer now.

        • blah


          • Golfschwein

            He means ‘not very good’.

        • Phil C.

          Outdrives the Falcon? Not a chance. EVERY review, except Josh Dowling puts the Falcon as the better drivers car.

          I will give you, that the engine sounds so much better now. You at least don’t need ear plugs to drown out the noise of rusty nails. The Alloytech didn’t get the name rattletech for nothing. Adding DI to it, still makes it a SUB-OPTIMAL design, but now with better technology.

      • Safety Frist

        Don’t forget that the largest purchaser for October was the rental group and then various Govco organisations. Yes the Investment allowance is helping but I would expect it to really have effect this month and Dec when the last minute panic buys come in.. for those of you sitting around waiting, word has it that the current period is the good ol days, cause it ain’t going to get any better to buy a car..