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by Matt Brogan

These spy-shots of the 2009 BMW 5 Series represent the clearest look yet at the future design direction of this class-leading luxury sedan. It is the first sight of the latest interpretation of the twin-kidney grille.

Sources in Europe claim this BMW will move away from the polarising design of the current model. Already under development with the internal codename “F10,” the next-generation BMW 5 Series will soften the harder lines of the current E60 with more conventional-looking headlights and a cleaner front-end design. New European pedestrian safety standards are expected to drastically alter the design of many European cars for the worse, but BMW will not only maintain its classic twin-kidney grille design, it will reduce the length of the front overhang.


As is typical of most recent BMW redesigns, this 5 Series will add some space between the wheels by extending the wheelbase nearly 100mm and widening the track. The overall length will grow by less than 20mm, while its height will be reduced slightly and its width increased by a fraction. A set of 17-inch wheels will be the smallest available with 18- and 19-inch wheels optional.


Under the bonnet, this 5 Series is expected to use variations of existing engines in BMW’s line-up. Base power will likely come from a 2.5-litre straight-six while top-range models will use the current 4.8-litre V8. A wild card could be thrown into the mix if BMW attempts to combine its latest turbo technology with a V8 of slightly smaller displacement. Also in the works is a more powerful version of the M5’s 5.0-litre V10.

  • Jazrod

    Best looking saloon in its class?! I think so!

  • PN

    Shes looking good – the front looks much better than the outgoing model

  • Tim

    I love the current 5 series. Seems like im the only one.

    • Jazrod

      No, you’re not – I love it also… When it was released in ’04, it became one of my favourite cars! Especially the 540i. But then the 550i came out, hehe.

    • spellbound

      Yes still looks good , park next to an M5 everyday ,man its still a crisp machine .

      Can we say from these pics its evolutionary

  • http://Mini Ben Larden

    Im a big fan of the current shape. The rear end looks brilliant.

  • Deco

    Nearly looks better then the E-class, and it still has camo on xD!

  • matt

    the M5 is going to look great on this model!

  • Shakeel

    Its good looking but the best looking title goes to the XF currently, but maybe when the camo comes off things will change.

  • Steve-Poyza

    I think it looks brilliant. I love the current model but I will be honest and admit it has aged a little too much for me. This will add a fresh look the 5-series has been needing and also will make it more mainstream thanks to the less polarising design. A good or bad thing?
    This will probably age better anyway, and quite frankly it looks a lot better than the E-class to me.
    I will always love Mercs but BMW are doing a great job to take the lead in my opinion.

  • Baddass

    Looks really long and low, incredibley low. I don’t know how this will pass safety regs.

    • Steve-Poyza

      Also, I find it odd how big the thing looks. Its like a 7-series.

      • Baddass

        I agree. That’s what I thought when I saw it.

  • The Realist

    LED corona rings – fantastic!


    I have to disagree with most of you here.
    I reckon BMW are making things uglier on purpose to prove to the world that you CAN fool all the people…………………..