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  • blah

    Damn, that’s a strong diesel.
    Toss up between this and a Kia Sorento for a nice AWD. tho i’d prob go for the Kia.

  • sammo

    Santa Fe vs. Sorento would make a great CA comparison test

    • Gav

      Lol… While I’d love to see this, how hard would it be for the reviewers to find the subtle differences!

      Kia vs Hyundai… Engine – same. Gearbox – same. Interior – almost the same. blah blah blah..

      • Jesse

        I guess it will all come down to which one looks better to you…I’d choose Kia personally, being a brand new model rather than an upgrade.

        • Trenton

          Although the Kia is a brand new model, the Santa Fe is a proven platform. The only reason Kia is deemed brand new is because the previous model was of no comparison to the Hyundai and it sat on old architecture. Thanks to Hyundai, it know boasts a brand new product. I have had the pleasure of time behind the wheel of the Santa Fe and personally, via brand perception and the ability to retain some value … put your trust behind the brand that gives you Kia … own a Hyundai.

  • Jo

    I’d go the Kia, but nice suv nonetheless

  • TomR

    Its still ugly…
    Bloody good car though, those Koreans have gone a longggggg way!

    I’d buy the Sorento in a heartbeat. The old model was good, the new one is BRILLIANT.

  • Richo

    It’s incredible how so many people think the new Sorento is “brilliant” despite never having driven one, yet are quite happy to chop other cars they have also never driven..

    • blah

      So please enlighten us, how does the new Sorento drive?

    • Hung Low

      Thats because half the comments are from KIA marketing/sales reps posing as bloggers!
      Anyone who spends 50k for a top shelf KIA/Hyundai AWD over the Japanese competition is crazy.
      They are probably decent value at base spec but $50k is getting close CX7, CX9, Murano, Tribeca money and exactly where is the KIAUNDAI vastly superior to these other vehicles?

      • Ozzie Cars

        So how’s life in 1997 treating you, Hung Low?

        • Hung Low

          A bit like your clapped out VN commodore! Ozz

          • Henry

            At least there better QUALITY than ur Chinese SH!T

      • jlkj

        Hung Low, I know you work for some Japanese auto maker.

        1. This car is a Misd SUV. It is a Toyota Highlander(Toyota Kluger) class.

        2. Hyundai Santafe is well known vehicle as quality, reliable, safety, fuel economy. maybe vastly superior.

        • Hung Low

          “Hung Low, I know you work for some Japanese auto maker!”

          Spare me the laughs as I think that the Territory is a better all-rounder than all of them.

          “Hyundai Santafe is well known vehicle as quality, reliable, safety, fuel economy. maybe vastly superior.”

          Maybe?? not very confident are you?

          • Tomas79

            Shut up and do not post until I say you can.

    • G

      Hung Low is a troll.
      ignore him.

      • Hung Low

        Your mama is a Troll! ‘G’ who ran out of brainpower to complete your name!

        Still like to know how and where are these Kiaundai’s are superior to the Jap competition?

        • Tomas79

          You both eat poo. I am the best. Bow down to me and agree with all my posts.

          • Darls

            How funny.. I’ve been looking at moving on from my Ford Escape and looking at the Santa Fe or the Sorento, went searching for some info and found this little “biffo blog” gave me my first laugh in the office today.. thanks guys! I’m still not sure which one I prefer.. but like a good girl I’ll do the researcha and go drive them both!

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  • Felix

    When you get around to the “proper” review, can we please, please, please get some actual idea of off road ability/limitations, like with the Tiguan off road test?

  • eecchhoo

    It’s December now … No news or update on hyundai website yet on the new model? ….

    • WIN


  • lazybones

    Well with rave reviews CA have given the Santa Fe on the various long term updates, I booked it for a test drive. Firstly the outgoing model and just today the 2010 model. Coming from a Toyota RAV4 the 09 model had the usual dodgy lifeless Hyundai steering, and the auto appeared to be unsure of what gear to be in. This gave the car a funny unresponsive feel on the accelerator. Nasty walnut trim and a noisey engine.

    However the 2010 was a totally different beast. Totally blown away with the engine performance, steering is now precise and has a solid feel. The walnut effect dashboard trim is replaced with a nicer carbon fibre effect, greatly reduced engine noise and a decent 6 speed transmission. The trip computer revealed a 8.0l/100km average. I can only say they have come of age.

  • Mic

    Any idea where to get the BEST price for the standard SLX. All these dealers seem to be flogging off the RRP and not wanting to negotiate – i am guessing it is too early to haggle with them.

    Any one got any suggestions

    • app_master

      Pretty close to RRP driveway.

  • Russell

    Got my highlander for $49.100 drive away with a towbar. Some were quoting $52,000 for the same.

    • Silver Streak

      Good price there Russell, did you have to work hard for that??

    • lazybones

      I got a Manual SLX OTR $41K (inc Towbar, Met Paint), so about 4K off RRP.

    • Gerry

      Hi Russell, may i know where did you buy your santa fe? i am in WA, i undstand that the stamp duty is higher that other. your information may help me get the best deal, thanks!


  • Byron

    I’ve alwsy liked the look of the Santa Fe. Great diesel engine. Love the interior even if it is Korean & Exterior has hardly aged. hopefully, some more sales will come out of this update. go Hyundai!

    • lazybones

      The engine is a massive jump from the previous. The only problem is the torque steer can send you off road if you floor it in 2nd. But lets face it, thats not the way to drive this kind of car anyway.

  • Peter H

    Had a look at a new Highlander today. I will not be buying one – why? The bloody stupid 7 seats. I have a previous model (07) 5 seater manual diesel that I love. The space under the rear floor is amazing to keep those really useful things like raincoats, air pump, wheel brace, tie down ropes for trailer etc that you don’t want floating around the inside of the car. This was the biggest selling point when I bought that car over Commander, Captiva etc. I have older teenage children who I would never put in 6&7 seats even if I had them (they complained bitterly when put in those seats on our old Pajero).

    I would love the new engine and 6 speed manual, I don’t need or want all the cost extra stuff, just want a base model. Therefore if I want to change I will have to look elsewhere, which is a pity as my Santa Fe is one of the best cars I have ever had, very practical for the mix of towing and general driving I do.

    I really believe the Hyundai marketing / model people have shot themselves in the foot with this change – I suspect a fair number of their customers are older people (Ok I’m 50) who either have older kids or are without kids, who like a bit of space to be able to go camping, boating etc and will never use a 6th and 7th seat. I really hope they see the foolishness of their decision and re-instate the 5 seater when the first model “update” comes along.

    Rant over …..

  • CrustyTheClown

    $50k for this Korean job? Now THAT is funny

    [Paging P.T Barnum!]

    • Mark

      Hey can i suggest you do your homework a bit better the motor is designed in Germany; look it up its an impressive piece of engineering great job hyundai

  • Bill Morris

    I am interested in knowing what the new Santa Fe would be like for towing a caravan.

    • Santa Fe Fan

      I own a 2007 Auto Diesel Santa FE (it’s done 65k and I love it), I tow a 16ft Avan, which it does with ease and I get an average of 600ks per tank. I upgraded the rear springs which ups the ball weight capacity by at least 30kg (and doing that is cheaper than Hyundais trek and tow pack and does the same job). If I upgrade I’ll get the manual Sorento as it tows 2500 and I dont want 6/7 seats. You’ll love the Santa Fe. I’m retired and dont/haven’t worked for Hyundai or Kia.

  • Genuine

    It may be a very good car, unfortunately, hyundai have let themselves down by very poor delivery times. In some cases the Santa Fe 2010 is months behind its orders. My advice is that if you need a new vehicle in a reasonable amount of time, order something else. If you can afford the luxury of time for Hyundai to work through their problems with production time, then expect your Santa Fe sometime around May .

    • flabbergasted

      I can only concur with the previous comments. Hyundai Aust, are reporting long delays in actual deliveries.Perhaps they would have been better served to hold their extensive marketing campaign about the santa fe 2010, until customers could get the vehicle in reasonable time.
      I hear rumblings in the Hyundai camp, that all is not well in their organisation, and that many employees are very annoyed at the way they treated by their employer.
      This may be the reason why , ultimately their ability to get cars to customers, is being negatively impacted.

  • Cant Deliver

    I’m reading a steady stream of more than positive reviews of the Santa Fe 2010, but what is Hyundai’s problem with delivery of this car? My research from Hyundai Aust.is that it will be some time before any private purchases will achieve any delivery,
    There is some futility in marketing and getting the vehicle reviewed, if you can’t actually get your hands on one!!

    Can anyone explain this delay???

    • Suzy

      The delays were for the same reason dealers had no stock of Pathfinders, Pajeros, Prados, Captivas etc. All the manufacturers scaled back production in 2009 due to the GFC but then the government introduced the stimulus package for small business to buy a new vehicle with a 50% tax rebate then 100% depreciation. Hence dealers would not even talk to a private buyer looking for a discount.

  • Family Guy

    Boiled down a lengthy quest for a mid size SUV to 2 cars after several weeks of test driving. The Santa Fe and Kluger. Ended up buying a Toyota because we got a great deal on a fully specced demo with hardly any km on the clock.

    Having said that – I’d happily own either. The Kluger has a smoother drive I think. That V6 and auto combo is a cut price Lexus for sure. More space and I feel a more quality finish – feels special

    We had a Santa Fe for a weekend a few weeks back and took it for some lengthy runs. The diesel is a gem. Pulls like a train. At cruising speed it is very quiet but under acceleration my wife said it sounded a bit like a truck. Harsh criticism. The engine and auto combo is very good, very smooth. The finish is excellent and all models are very well kitted. My kids preferred the Santa Fe, I liked the lounge room feel of the Kluger. Personal choice.

    Looked at everything from Forester, Captiva, Sorento, Outlander VRX, Tiguan, Territory. Some were too small for my needs. The Ford is good value but looks its age and drinks like a fish.

    Very happy with my choice. Having said that I do like the look of the new Sportage as a second car……

    • http://caradvic.com.au Geoff

      If you are going to tow anything half heavy like a boat/van you will be disappointed with the power at highway speeds and the fuel consumption of the toyota. If you dont tow the V6 is excellent….I had a Mazda Tribute with a V6 and it was a sports car for a SUV and returned about 10-11 ltrs per 100 k on the open road. With my 5.5 meter boat on the back at a cruise of 90 to 100 it used 15 to 18 ltrs per 100 km and never had any guts at the 2200rpm it was turning at whereas the Hyundai at 2000 rpm has almost double the torque….


    I’ve ben waiting months post order for Santa Fe.Its extremely hard to get any credible reason for delay from dealer or Hyundai Aust. Any suggestions??

  • Regreting

    I’ve also been waiting Months for my Santa Fe. I am beginning to regret ordering this car from Hyundai. Perhaps in the future, people who review cars, should include in their report some idea of ‘authetic’ delivery time of vehicle from order to customer. Waiting five months for a vehicle from Sth Korea reflects badly on Hyundai, and tarnishes any positve expectations of driving the new vehicle.

  • http://caradvice Mick

    Very impressed with vehicle but like last few people what’s with the delay (no stock). I was told there would be deliveries after 19/3/10. Now have been told the boat has not even docked. I have also been inquiring about roof racks for the SLX and they are not even on the market yet?? Even after a Nov 09 release. What’s the go HYUNDIA? All this money been spent on Research and development and none on looking after the little thinks and customer.

    • http://caradvic.com.au Geoff

      Rola Roof Racks have the cross bars tailored to the Santa Fe and would no doubt be cheaper thatn Hyundai.

  • http://caradvic.com.au Geoff

    Hello readers. I just finished my first week with my new Hyundai Santa Fe Elite MY10. So far I have got 710km’s on the first(70 ltr)tank with the performance computer telling me that I have 124km’s to empty this is with a fair bit of city driving and some modest speed open road regional trips at a sedate double demerit point weekend. For a fairly powerful vehicle weighing just under 2 tonnes I am pleased with that. The drive is good and really I can’t think of anything bad to say about it. Just make sure you select park before you shut down the engine or you will have to start it again to unlock the auto lever to allow park to be selected. The engine is smooth, quiet and responsive. The gearbox is remarkablely smooth and I can never guess what gear it is in, the smoothest changes I have ever felt. Unusual park brake is good, seat are a little firm but a longer trips will prove whether they are good/bad. Aircon excellent. Brakes excellent. Steering good but my Mazda Tribute was better. Audio very good.

  • http://caradvic.com.au Geoff

    Hi Readers,
    I bought my car through Private Fleet..its on the internet. Was easy and I saved over $3000. they were attentive and apart from a couple of F%^& ups at the end I was well pleased. No cost to you to ask or buy with them.
    Tow bar is here I believe so I can now join the queue to pay around $1000 for one but will shop elsewhere also….Parkside towbars in
    Perth about ????? to release one.

  • inquisitive

    Hyundai Aust. customer service dept are still quoting three month delay on delivery.
    Most Blogs I’ve read in relation to Santa Fe, are scathing of Hyundai’s delivery times.
    Whats going on? How about information on delays of supply of santa fe on the Hyundai website. This is far better than letting sales people quote ‘weeks’, when the reality is something completly different.
    Respective car reviewers may do well to perhaps include in their reviews of vehicles, accurate time lines for delivery.

  • eecchhoo

    I just been told by a WA dealer where i have ordered my car last month that the next shipment to Fremantle port by Mid April and delivered to customers by End of April or early May.

    Not sure if that’s only for customers that have been waiting since the last few months.

    If they run out of this shipment, the new orders will need to wait for the next shipment? … Let see how accurate is this.

  • Calvin

    Its a different experience with the Santa Fe 2.2 CRDi after having driven a Honda MPV for many years … good green engine, mileage extra, great pickup and comfortable control down-hill turning ,,etc…great value for money..try it!!!

  • http://caradvic.com.au Geoff

    Hi Readers,
    Another week in the Hyundia Santa Fe Elite and I like it even more. The quote for a towbar from Hyundai was around $1100 and from Parkside towbars $625. I have a sneaky suspision that Parkside are actually the supplier to Hyundai. I have no evidence of this but both towbars have been “under developement” for months. Both have hit the market at the same time. Just the price difference!!

  • Elwyn

    I would be most grateful if someone could tell me what the towing specs are eg towing capacity and ball weight. Thanks Elwyn

  • http://caradvice.com.au Graham

    I recently had a genuine towbar fitted to a new MY10 Santa Fe Highlander.
    It turns out that you cannot fit load levellers to the new bar. The towbar tongue cannot be reversed either.
    My enquiries to Hyundai Australia confirmed that the towbar has been specifically designed that way.
    Now I have a towing set-up that is not level and cannot do anything about it.
    Both Jayco and Haymen Reese distributors are at a loss as to why they have created such a bar.
    Great car, shame about the towing set-up.

  • http://yahoo rodiii

    Sorento is like a big box!

  • http://koenigsegg Geoff

    A trip last week over a distance of 320km returned 7.8 ltrs/100km at a cruise speed of 115kph and the 320km return leg at a cruise speed of 110kph returned 7.0 ltrs/100km. both speeds are gps speeds. 7.0 ltrs /100km is 40 mpg and that with 4 adults,a dog and the boot area full of tools and cloths. the entire trip including town and city kms gave 770km for 57.5 ltrs, I’m happy with that……and a pleasant drive as well.

  • EMAA

    I bought in 26 – 5- 2101 hyundiy Sant fe 2010 2.4 L and the car still new
    I have problem in the automatic gearbox when I drive the car it fine but when the car in the P and I try to but the gearbox in the R I hear to sound like( bom) and the same thing when it is in D to R
    Could you please help me what can I do

  • brian

    hyundai 2.2 diesel sante fe crdi towing 1600kg caravan fuel cons. gone to 12.9 lts per 100 and transmission jumps at 90kms. per hr.back into 1st. gear plus other irregular changes. vehicle milage 56000kms. Is anybody having similar problems.

  • Rob

    I use a base model Santa Fe for work. Overall very pleased with it. The third row has been removed as we use the entire boot space for equipment. Engine very good but I’ve had some problems with the auto transmission. Occasionally I get a “clunking”, usually when braking and auto changing down through the gears – mainly from 4th the 3rd I think. It’s been back to Hyandai a few times to try and sort it out but because it’s an intermittent fault, they simply say there’s nothign wrong with it. I was considering purchasing one for domestic use but this gearbox glitch is putting me off, especially if Hyandai aren’t interested in resolving the problem. Another thing I’ve noticed is that iphones don’t work in the ipod dock – ipods only. Bit annoying!!

    • charlie tawhai

      at 35,000 ks transmission blew up…i tow 1.5 tonne – specis say I can tow 2000kg braked???? …of the 35000 only 8000 ks were with the trailer on…..great to have warranty??…they supposedly fixed it so i did another 1600 ks and it blew up again???
      they r worried now…this weekend i’m doing 700ks friday, 800ks saturday, and returning home 1500ks sunday….advice was could i please monitor it over the wkend??
      HYUNDAIS policy is that they fix it….
      does that mean they don’t know how to repair the vehicle…warranty means warranty?? i think-hope……i think they need to recall the vehicle and change the transmission or reduce their claims that it can handle 2000kg braked because clearly the transmission can’t handle it… hyundai needs to back it’s product….when a customer buys a product ($42,000)they expect the product to perform to the specifications advertised….and not receive the banter from the service personnel about that i am driving it wrong…towing incorrectly…towing too far – hahaha what a joke?
      this is australia 5hrs, 8hrs,3hrs, 12hrs driving is normal for a lot of people.
      also in order for me to keep my warranty i had to put a transmission cooler on it at my expense – yet that is not hyundai warranty policy… i am dealing with that issue at the moment…this is the only complaint i have regarding the santa fe…everything else is good, warranty is a neccessity and appreciated however the vehicle should perform to specifications….THATS WHY I BOUGHT IT…

  • Darren

    Have just bought new Sante Fe SLX Auto, not even used first tank yet, and cant start the bloody thing. Back to dealer who replaced something to do with engine computer. Got car back last week, hey presto, cant start the bloody thing. Anyone with similar issue???

    • Cher

      Hi Darren

      I had the same problem. If you also can not change gear and the brake lights do not come on while it is not switched on then it is highly likely it is a faulty brake switch.

  • BBB

    Having driven the mondeo, Captiva and Suburu am now considering a Sante Fe SLX or Elite, not interested in the Highlanders leather seats and sunroof. Any recommendations? Bummer about the IPhone compatability and cost of tow bar, now wondering if there is anything else to be scared about not working?

  • hanna

    We have just bought the new 2010 r series elite and love it
    we too have teenage kids and they dont mind sitting in seats 6 and 7 when its necessary which is rare.Usually only to accomodate their extra frends.Besides when your spending that much money its not all about the kids,we like what we like after all we are the ones slogging it out to pay for it.Go the Santa Fe luv it. Now if i can just work out how to fit the damn towbar all will be great.

  • WIN


    • Perriot

      So happy (well not) to see I am not the only one with this headlight issue. It’s driving me crazy. I live in a rural area, and it makes it very hard to see. It’s as if there is this horizon line and the light does fade into the line, it’s a sharp difference. I also brought it back to the dealer and got the same story. I am surprised I can’t find more complaints about this?

  • andy

    hi reading all the blogs is quite interesting we purchased 04/2010 SLX Santa fa manual but having trouble with the cruise control not setting about 60% of the time taken back to local dealer no bloody idea taken up with hyundi aust. belive problem in ecu now waiting for korea to fix the problem to get results just keep hounding hyundi aust. as it is their legal option to repair the problems under warranty.we purchased ours on the 03/2010 the problem started on 04/2010.other than that the car drives well and fuel economy is @7.9/100 around to 6.9/100 on highway and about 10.9/100 towing our 2006 jayco hawk around wear we want to take it.

    • phil

      Have heard that the problem is in manual vehicle only and is related to the clutch pedal not fully returning to the uppermost position. Try putting your foot under the pedal and pulling up, then try your cruise control. If this fixes the problem take it back to the dealer and get them to fix the pedal, there may be a solenoid or something that needs replacing.

  • OK for Santa Fe

    I purchased a 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe in December of 2010 and love it so far. I went from owning two Lexus RX’s to the Santa Fe and I think the drive is better—I don’t know what the complaint is on the headlights, I haven’t had an issue with my Santa Fe’s headlights giving me any visibility problems at night.

    The few problems I’ve come across with it are the tether strap connected to the gas nozzle broke and the low tire pressure seems to come on often, although the tire pressure in all tires is fine. However, no detrimental errors. You can’t beat the warranty! 10 year/100,000 mile!

  • Rickoshay

    I own a Santa Fe R Series – and can say absolutely brillianmt. Better than my previous Pajero(which I then thought was great)The difference between Santa Fa and Sorrento is appearance and price (Sorrento is a little dearer) compared to Toyota offerings, Kluger is a patheticly expensive tow vehicle maligned by Kluger owners and Prado (a Pajero ‘copy’) is far too expensive for 1990’s technology. Have just read some of the bullsh written by obviously employer biased bloggers. Get real you people, go for a drive in a real SUV with more torque than Prado and far better fuel economy. Santa Fe handles almost like a car and will tow your mid size caravan @ 12-13 litres per 100K.

  • Rickoshay

    Comment on 1. Headlights on low – check out most new model cars of every persuasion if they have these ‘little’ style lights, they also have a marked cut-off – that is to avoid dazzling oncoming cars, the lights show on the road, but not up along the road – that is the province of Hi beam. This is not a fault of Santa Fe – but of modern lighting science.
    2. Cruise Control – absolutely no problem with this in Auto gearbox Santa Fe. My guess is that it is made not to set at low speeds in manual gb vehicles to avoid engine stress.
    3. The only two weaknesses I have with my Santa Fe are
    a. Speedo 10% optimistic – might be legal but annoying and
    b. Dash display lights up like Christmas tree and needs greater control – yes, do need full brilliance during day, but far less brilliance (particularly A/C & radio) during night as I live in country area.
    I would not hesitate to buy another Santa Fe – except this one will see me out as will keep it well past 300,000 KM – about 15 years from now.
    After my Pajero, I just love the frugal fuel use of Santa Fe

  • Rob Walker

    I’ve owned a Santa Fe for 3 years. No complaints about fuel economy, handling, comfort – except that the air-con’s been playing up for 6 months and no one can find the source of the problem. It’s been back more than 6X (lost count.) It’s still under warranty. The entire dash climate-control computer-connected unit has been replaced. The TX valve replaced, wiring harness checked/ replaced. All connections supposedly replaced or checked. As soon as the ambient temp climbs above 30, the air con cuts out intermittently. Fortunately it hasn’t cost me money, but a lot of inconvenience returning to the service centre, organising loaners etc. For this reason alone I probably wouldn’t buy another Hyundai.

    • charlie tawhai

      we had that ac problem with the terrecan…not good out at longreach in 40 degrees…on a 6 hr trip.

  • http://hyundaisantafe.net/ Hyundai Fe Fan

    I own a 2001 Santa Fe for past 5 years and now there is a problem with its engine.I am planning to sell this car and buy a 2011 Santa Fe which is elegant in its looks and fuel efficient.

  • charlie tawhai

    2008 hyundai transmission problems…at 35,000 ks transmission blew up…i tow 1500kg braked – specis say I can tow 2000kg braked???? …of the 35000 only 8000 ks were with the trailer on…..great to have warranty??…they supposedly fixed it so i did another 1600 ks and it blew up again???
    they r worried now…this weekend i’m doing 700ks friday, 800ks saturday, and returning home 1500ks sunday….advice was could i please monitor it over the wkend??
    HYUNDAIS policy is that they fix it….
    does that mean they don’t know how to repair the vehicle…warranty means warranty?? i think-hope……i think they need to recall the vehicle and change the transmission or reduce their claims that it can handle 2000kg braked because clearly the transmission can’t handle it… hyundai needs to back it’s product….when a customer buys a product ($42,000)they expect the product to perform to the specifications advertised….and not receive the banter from the service personnel about that i am driving it wrong…towing incorrectly…towing too far – hahaha what a joke?
    this is australia 5hrs, 8hrs,3hrs, 12hrs driving is normal for a lot of people.
    also in order for me to keep my warranty i had to put a transmission cooler on it at my expense – yet that is not hyundai warranty policy… i am dealing with that issue at the moment…this is the only complaint i have regarding the santa fe…everything else is good, warranty is a neccessity and appreciated however the vehicle should perform to specifications….THATS WHY I BOUGHT IT…

    • Rick Patterson

      Hyundais warranty is a joke and their dealer network is an absolute farce the only problem we’ve had was a battery that was leaking acid up through the post it took us five times going back to woodleys in tamworth before they actually fixed it . However it has been a great car otherwise and towed our car trailer with car better than a mates new prado did on the same trip .but given our after sales experiences I can’t recommend the Hyundai

  • Mark

    I bought the Santa Fe based on an “expert” who claims this was the new technology ahead of the new Prado. I have always owned Toyotas and going from a Grande Prado to a Highlander Santa Fe, I thought that it might be step forward. Until i could see that the build quality is nowhere near the Toyota’s everyday quality. The SantaFe is poor in it’s body and paint strength and every time I wash the car it seems to increase in scratches and dents. My toyota took some punishment over the years from my driving and kids riding their bikes in to it. I will never purchase another vehicle other than Toyota again form here on in. My Santa Fe is worth very little as a trade in on another Toyota, so take my advice-don’t buy a Santa Fe or any Hyunddai for that matter as they are all the same build quality.

    • Rick Patterson

      I don’t agree with the comments we have used a Toyota prado at work for about a month and it’s already been to the workshop twice once for no power and once for a rear bearing the 2 hyundai’s we have haven’t missed a beat in over 100,000 km . In my experience we have had nothing but problems with the toyotas we’ve had and this is the last Toyota our company will ever buy. Don’t forget your Hyundai cost about $40000 less than the prado

  • smapa

    with your cruise control try checking 1 or more of the brake light globes as most cars c/c will not work if they are faulty, also if the c/c is in active mode when you shut down the car you may have to apply the brakes after restarting to reset the c/c system, hope this helps

  • http://Dave David Smythe

    I had a Santa fe 2.0 litre manual diesel,good fuel preformance,night driving great lights etc,power with manual a fast mover,cabin and storage room good,driving 300 to 400 klms easy non stop,cruise control did hold as well down hill but was O/k,seat comfort no probems,towing small caravan good,cleaning inside and out easy,auto locking.Manual was easy to drive.Out of the cars had I have would buy another.Sold only due to health[brain tumour] and no great loss off money.Cars I have had or driven high klms, 2005 Toyota Prado 3 Litre 9/10,2005 Nissan 3 litre 7/10, 2001 mercedes 320 6/10,2008 Honda CRV 8/10. The Honda would the car I am compere with Santa fe and I prefer the Santa Fe because feul and towing and money for value ,the Honda was the Top of the range about $47000 pending on extras.But the sante fe for value for money did it for me for how I was using the car plus 7 L to 100 klms manual.But in say this I did have the Prado we live on Moreton Island for 3 years and yes 9/10 did all they say,great.The Santa Fe was the bottom of the range but had many extras for the money,it second hand I did 11000 kls 2008/9 model current shape for a total of 32000 klms.This how I found over small amount of klms.

  • Gazza D.

    Enjoy the comments on the Santa Fe. I’ve had a newie for 8 months and am pleased with it although as someone previously mentioned Hyundai have put a ban on using WD Hitches for towing. I am awaiting a reply from them regarding using anti sway bars instead. I was filling up with dieso the other day and noticed that bio diesel was also available.Anyone use it in their vehicle or know of its suitability for Santa Fe’s?

  • James

    Exactly like the Hyundai Tuscon, But only a bit smaller

  • Mel

    I bought a brand new santa fe plate rated July 2011. The first time I needed the aircon there was a rush of water on the passenger side and the aircon stopped working. I spent two hours with the mechanics who discovered that the aircon had not been installed correctly at the factory and this had blown out the fan motor. I now need to wait at least 3 weeks for another fan motor to arrive from Korea. This means that in the pouring rain I am unable to demist any of the windows in my car. This is an obvious safety issue. So despite buying brand new and trying to keep my family safe with the latest technology i am left with a vehicle that has serious visibility hazards in the wet. So, unless i want to take my children out in an unsafe vehicle I am restricted to places we can cycle or walk to. With three small children in the pouring rain this is definitely proving challenging. While I have contacted Hyundai about this issue, they have failed to provide a satisfactory response.

  • Harikrishnan

    any one want santa fe in kerala(india) call me 9495325572

Hyundai Santa Fe Specs

Car Details
ELITE CRDi (4x4)
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$18,150 - $20,630
Dealer Retail
$19,330 - $22,990
Dealer Trade
$14,300 - $16,500
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
436Nm @  1800rpm
Max. Power
145kW @  3800rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
7.5L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:2000  Unbrake:750
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
235/65 R17
Rear Tyres
235/65 R17
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
MacPherson strut, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Rear Suspension
6 links, Upper WishBone, Coil Spring, Gas damper
Standard Features
Automatic Air Con / Climate Control, Rear Air Conditioning, Power front seat Driver
Control & Handling
17 Inch Alloy Wheels, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Electronic Stability Program, Traction Control System
Cruise Control, Leather Steering Wheel, Power Steering, Trip Computer
Radio CD with 6 Speakers
Fog Lights - Front, Power Mirrors, Roof Racks, Rear Spoiler
Cloth Trim, Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats, Side Front Air Bags
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Metallic Paint
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
60 months /  999,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Driver Side Eng Scuttle
Country of Origin