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  • Robin Graves

    Nice. Dont see integrated bluetooth on the specs tho? And this line – “Hyundai says the Santa Fe’’s computers will detect when the driver has suddenly applied lots of pressure to the brakes in an emergency situation and automatically apply maximum brake pressure” Isnt that EBD and emergency brake assist ? Hardly new and exciting features these days.

    • eecchhoo

      Yeah i notice that also it doesn\’t have bluetooth…
      Isnt it going backward as the old model got it but not the newer model.

      • eecchhoo

        And no HID light according to the Spec? …. We are missing a lot of features compared to the Korean Model …

      • Tinman

        I agree, it should have bluetooth. Especially since it is standard on the $12990 Getz.
        BTW, the old Santa Fe didn’t have bluetooth either.
        Come on where’s the Bluetooth. Us older people have mobiles too!

        • eecchhoo

          The last time i checked, 2009 SantaFe got Bluetooth included.

          • Hung Low

            Who cares about standard bluetooth! just buy a clip on version for $100 unless the logic is to spend another 4k for the upspec model because blue tooth and some other unnecessary techno gadget like heated mirrors come standard.

    • Hung Low

      Robin, no this is something new again and I know of the new Murano having this as well. EBD distributes brake pressure where it can benefit the most thats the common one these days.

  • maximark

    The Sorento looks way better. The santa fe taillight look cheap, interior also look cheap compare to Sorento too. But prices are more reasonable than the Sorento.

    • Martin

      The prices are practically the same as the Sorento though.

      • app_master

        No, I disagree- 2 grand difference, is not practically the same. SLX Sante Fe already has more features than base model Sorrento! and you are already ahead on the bargaining table- really depends on how flexible Kia’s new pricing is. I believe the Sorrento is overpriced – no matter how good it’s quality, drive etc is…I am disappointed as it was on top of my list for a value SUV. Sante Fe is now back in that spot. BTW like the Sante Fe’s new carbon look interior features.

    • Matt

      Yeh I think the Kia looks better too.

      Is it just me or does the back of this looks a lot like a VW?

  • blue

    Sante Fe doesn’t seem to have a sun roof or a panaromic glass/sun roof unlike Sorento… that would affect my choice….

  • John

    FYI:- I think Bluetooth and Sat Nav is available 1st Q 2010 – the next question is will it change the price?

  • Chris F

    You would think that satnav would be a standard inclusion along with roof mounted dvd player. But no these will be extra…. C’mon you are so close, but yet so far.

  • Tim O

    The Sorento is great .. except it just doesn’t hold its value as well .. an important decision when salary sacrificing.

    How dissapointing that the bluetooth is still not integrated in the vehicle at all nor reverse camera included in the Elite (Elite suggests something folks!) The loss of leather seats in the Elite is also dissapointing.

    Why you would not include rear vents to the 3rd row seats when 7 seaters are now the only option, is beyond me. This is a fantastic vehicle but if Captiva had a 5 star ancap I would have to be thinking twice given the features of reverse camera and sat nav in a similarly priced vehicle. Sure the Sante Fe engine is better but still …

    Come on Hyundai, where is the common sense in relation to bluetooth where the Getz has had it for about 18 months from memory.

    • Dan

      The Santa Fe R does have A/c fan controls and vents for the 6th/7th seats.
      It has reverse sensors and you can buy a Tom Tom for under 200 bucks that you can regularly update over the web so that was no biggy when we decided to buy one.
      The Bluetooth wasn’t an issue for me either but I do like the USB port for the stereo. I can keep my music on a memory stick and just plug it in.
      We asked about the DVD system and the salesman said it was way cheaper to buy a dual headrest one from Auto Pro. Also means the kids get a screen each instead of all trying to look at one. That cost us under $300.
      Also like the way the Rear door swings upwards and it has a full size spare wheel underneath. Take one for a drive. You might be impressed. The power / torque is awesome.

    • app_master

      Added an aftermarket reverse camera/gps/bluetooth mirror unit to our SLX. It replaced the original rearview mirror. Reverse Camera comes on when in reverse. Bluetooth obviously does not auto mute – but steering wheel controls help. For less than $400 fitted myslelf and looks “factory”. Similar dealer fitted item was about $1200. It’s worth considering if those are the options you really want.

      • BrindiCruiser

        don’t suppose it was the unit from Brashs imports. Kinda like the Azentek unit. I would love to see some pictures or hear some feedback.

  • Tim O

    I agree Chris F … so damn close it is frustrating!!

  • Darren S

    What’s the deal with iPod cable. Do I have to buy Hyunda’s ($75) cable, or will standard iPod USB cables work?

    Also, anyone know if the suspension is self leveling (UK one seems to be)?


  • Dan

    I bought a new Santa Fe R Elite a few weeks ago. Awesome performance.Christ does it go.Great for overtaking and merging. It replaced our Nissan 4wd wagon. We live on a farm on dirt roads so we wanted a 4wd / AWD but were sick of driving a 4wd that felt like a truck. Also safety was priority as it’s a family car. The Hyundai was best value for money. Cheaper than the Kia but basically the same. Must say I’m very impressed with it. Just have to watch the speed because it goes like a rocket.
    Just waiting on the Towbar and Nudge bar now. They are still not available but Hyundai tell me they should be available by June.I always thought the Japanese made the best vehicles , but this thing has converted me.I’m very happy with it and highly recommend it.

    • Tony

      We are looking at buying a Santa Fe Elite, noticed you mentioned towbar. What do you intend to pull with it? We have a caravan very close to the 2000kg limit (under) and would like to hear comments from anyone who has used the Santa Fe for that purpose.

  • Andrew

    Yes, Santafe looks way batter. However when I drive the car, I got tired eyes easier than other cars. I found out Santafe has loq quality front galss. It has many distortion area. My friend bought a Santafe for my recomandation. Also his car has same distortion.
    Check you guys glass.
    Anyway, comparing with price, Santafe is not bad.

  • Kat

    We are in the market for a smaller SUV and the Santa Fe is topping my list so far as we need a 7 seater.
    What I don’t understand is all these people complaining that it doesn’t have this or that when these little features are really not that important!
    Bluetooth – buy a bloody bluetooth kit. More importantly, why do you have to be on the phone all the time when you are driving anyway?
    Leather and Sunroofs – maybe it’s because I live in north QLD but WAY too hot for that crap here. I would never use the sunroof and would have to put seat covers over leather, too hot and sticky!
    Reversing cameras – the Elite has sensors which is just fine, you should be using your bloody mirrors!
    In my opinion, people should be more worried about how a car performs and it’s safety rather then all the useless little gadgets it has (or doesn’t have!)

  • http://hyundaisantafe.net/ highlanderSON

    The first generation Santa Fe relates to the Hyundai Sonata, Hyundai Azera and Kia Optima models.But definitely santa fe had an edge over the other models, specially in terms of fuel economy.