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Update: Read our Hyundai ix35 review.

Hyundai Australia has officially announced the Tucson replacement, now called the ix35, will be available in Australia in the second quarter of 2010.

A new diesel engine based on the recently released 2.2-litre turbodiesel (in Santa Fe and Kia Sorento) will highlight the new ix35 range.

Just like the i20, the ix35 was designed in the Korean company’s Russelsheim design studio in Germany. The design language change is rather obvious with a much more European look to the whole package that is being called “fluidic sculpture”.


Although we can’t confirm Australian specifications, we believe a 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine will be offered alongside a 2.0-litre R diesel engine (same family as the 2.2-litre R engine).

Petrol variants will deliver 123kW and 196Nm of torque whilst the R diesel will be available in two variants (in Europe – we suspect Australia will only get the top-spec diesel). The base diesel will develop 102kW and 313Nm or torque whilst the top of the range model achieves a very impressive 136kW and 391Nm of torque (using around 6.5L/100km of fuel).


Eventually there is the possibility of a 1.7-litre turbodiesel to join the lineup. The ix35 will be available in both front and four-wheel drive.

Much like the Santa Fe, the ix35 will come with a choice of either a six-speed manual transmissions or the new Kia/Hyundai jointly developed and fully sealed six-speed automatic transmission.


Features include a rear-view camera available on the higher-spec variants (similar to the one found in the Kia Soul, Sorento and Hyundai Santa Fe) and start-stop engine technology.

On the more technical side of things, the ix35 has a wheel base of 2640mm which is 10mm longer than the current Tucson. It measures up at 4410mm in length and 1820mm in width, making it 85mm longer and 20mm wider than before.

It is unlikely that Hyundai will offer a V6 variant to replace the current mode (which is not very popular with buyers). Australian pricing is still undetermined.

  • Jazrod

    *Like* This is a good, lower price Soft-Roader… The front is rather ‘polarising’ though….

  • Hagar

    I am visiting Korea now and have seen this in person and jumped in it too, it looks and feels great pics here http://wadiver.com/ca prices from AU$19K to AU$29K with todays exchange rate. web site http://www.hyundai.com/ShowRoom/tucson/SR2_2_1_1.html and http://www.hyundai.com/kr/

    • Tinman

      Hagar, you say $19K to $29K.
      That’s with the steering wheel on the right,Right?

  • Steven

    Ok so between March and June 2010! I assume this is because they want to build up stocks of the turbo diesel auto.

    I do hate it when they force you to buy the top spec if you want a diesel particularly because diesel commands a premium anyway. Poor move Hyundai if it\’s true.

    One thing I notice is the front bumper fog light housing is different in Korean and European models. The latter gets a nice chrome surround and round lights. The Koreans get a flush fog light.

  • trippyfoo

    Yes..nice nice…
    I agree, the direct frontal shots do look slightly polarising…Though the front 3/4 angle shots all look good to my eyes.
    Lol..so much for all the talk earlier this year for this car launching towards the end of 2009-
    This should be a pretty big player in the market…looks good…specs sounds good..
    Price it nice … watch it sell.

  • Hung Low

    Looks the goods but I think the Grubby buggers here in Aus will price it at least 10% above the last model to bring in line with the competition.

    • Tinman

      From that statement, you must have knocked back every pay increase since you started working.

      • Hung Low

        Idiot, what does that have to do with an individuals pay packet?
        I am talking about the distributors getting greedy, fattening their margins.

    • dan

      You cant expect new technology/ features to be free can you?

  • Tony C

    Looks very similar to the Ford Kuga also due for release in OZ in 2010.

    • Hung Low

      True, you can see where they have got the design from!
      The Kuga has been around since 2008 so I have no idea why we have to wait an extra 2 years!

  • Tinman

    My guess is 2L petrol will be FD and 2L CRDi will be AWD.
    Pricing from $30K.
    With 5* safety and Hyundai’s usual excellent equipment, backed by the 5 Yr warranty = Bargain.

  • Andrew

    Surely the pricing of this will have to be cheaper than a 30k start.. Considering the Dualis is around 26-27k I think the base model will have to start around here.. Top end diesel Id expect to be around 35k, as Santa fe base model starts around 37k, and tiguan pricing starts in the mid 30’s.

    might put this one on my short list.

  • danilo cubelo

    when are you going to release tucson iX35
    i hope this december2010

  • danilo cubelo

    we hope this December 2009 you will release the tucson iX35. WAITING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jake02

    I saw a camouflaged ix35 in the streets of nothern-Sydney suburb Killara today. Looks pretty darn nice I must say! 😀 didn’t get any pics though :(

  • David

    Rear window opening still

  • David

    Rear window, still opening? Very handy this but eliminated in many brands.

  • bob

    I think pricing will be a key factor. I like it, and i’m looking to buy soon. But I reckon I’ll only look at it if I can get into an Auto Diesel of some sort for no more than $33,000 driveaway.

    I know that Hyundai has said that it will use this vehicle to start accessing more “affluent buyers in the SUV market”, and will use a “wide pricing strategy”.

    Sounds like a move away from Hyundai’s usual “value proposition” strategy. This could be read as saying that there will be significant pricing hikes over the previous generation of vehicles. I hope not, because its the value proposition which makes Hyundai’s attractive, not so much the outright quality.

    • sharelle

      im also very excited about the release i think they are going to be priced between 30,000 and 40,000 and they should be realesed in the next few weeks. should start seeing them in your local dealer very soon!!!

  • Joe Scharf

    I own the MY06 Tucson and am looking to update. Unlike the thirsty 2.7-litre petrol V6-powered Tucson AWD, the AWD ix35 is supposed to come with a 2.4-litre Theta II petrol four from the Sonata (and Kia’s new Sorento), plus a 135kW/329Nm 2.0-litre version of the Santa Fe’s (and Sorento’s) new 145kW/436Nm 2.2-litre R-series turbo-diesel. Should be very unstressed if they use the same crank and rods but taller pistons.

    +ves for me are
    – fuel efficiency (MY06 was avg.)
    – retaining ground clearance but is 20mm lower at the turret (kayak loading)
    – reversing camera (wasn’t a OEM option before)
    – better leg room front and rear (MY06 was great and we’re a tall lot)
    – seat squab design(especially on the 1000km trips) MY06 was always comfortable
    – Hill Start Assist and Descent control if it copes with 1000 kg trailer towing on dirt roads.

    Will query the double ‘moon’ roof, the servo driven steering, and price points.

    Price point will be the killer question for me as I’m interested in the iX35 auto, diesel, AWD variant. I understand that HMCA wants to avoid overlap with the MY10 Santa Fe which (?) will remain an AWD-only model powered exclusively by diesel, which comprised 85 per cent of previous Santa Fe sales.

  • RC

    Will it have a 7 seater option?


  • TK31

    =S I saw a middle aged asian lady driving one of these in around the first week of january, here in australia, right hand drive. It wasnt camouflaged and she seemed to be having a family outing…. So not too sure, but isnt it already out?

  • bob

    I spoke to a Sydney dealer today. He said that the pricing is $31,990 driveaway for the base model petrol manual 2wd. The cheapest diesel auto will be AWD only and $38,990 driveaway. There will also be a high end model priced at $42,000 driveaway.

    The official release is on St Valentine’s day.

    • mr.trith

      That my friend is SILLY money, what happened to the Hyn. Tucson $22,990 driveaway price?

      The CRV has come down $3k just yesterday, the best of the lot is the X Trail, RAV and Forester [in that order] all are around this coin.

      Rather alarmed your now paying MORE than Japanese prices for Korean…WTF?

      Korean cars are NOT as well engineered as Japanese, maybe a decade/generation behind, and they where buying market share with low low prices [still can with the baser Getz.Ed] but now they are on drugs for mine.

      Still have poor resale and reputation.

      For mine hyundai should be priced the same [or a bit LESS] than GreatWall vehicles!

      • vid_ghost

        the prices are just stupid! …i know i’ll be one of those people who will be waiting a few years for them to get back to earth!… I just checked out the car last weekend and even though its a great car its still not to the QTY of a Jap so it should be priced less! Cheap HARD Plastic’s everywhere! ” base Model”
        for $32k .. get a clue Hyundai this is not a Mazda or Toyota its a step up from a Tucson that could be had for $22,900 drive away!

        • ss

          “The CRV has come down $3k just yesterday”

          The current CR-V is already outdated, old vehicle.
          However, Tucson is still cheaper than CR-V.

      • ss

        Korean cars are NOT as well engineered as Japanese, maybe a decade/generation behind????

        Typical 1980s fashion.

        They already outperforms Japanese.
        Check, Their r-engine techonogy, chassis, safety, design.
        Best in its class.
        They ALREADY surpass them.

        I don’t know how much price in aus.
        Just ask your goverment’s stupid import tax policy.

        • vid_ghost

          Most of our cars are imported and they are still cheaper then the ix35 :) what’s your point… we are not talking about the car being bad we are talking about it costing too much! .. its an Awesome car.. engine alone wins it the best in class.. but the fit and finish especially interior is just poor! .. go sit inside a CX7 then an ix35… its like buying a $10,000 lounge from a high priced furniture store compared $900 one from Fantastic Furniture lol and that’s a fact!

          • MichFisch53

            Judging by your comments I bet that you have never sat in an ix35. I am 190 cm tall and have plenty of head- and legroom in this car. Try the highlander model for size and fitout….you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

        • James Cortez

          Folks, Folks, folks,

          It is not just the government import duty but also the manufacturer’s and dealer’s ego. Do you want an example? BMW’s 335i & Nissan 370 Z in the US cost more or less the same with the Nissan being approx 10 or so percent cheaper. In OZ?? the bimmer is roughly 30 – 40 grand more expensive? Why??

          BMW’s arrogance and snobs for pricing their cars way above their Asian rivals and the same applies to Audi, Merc and soem European brands.

          Yes I can afford to buy the E63 AMG or BMW M5 but decide to boycott their products. Screw you Bimmer, merc, Audi

  • CarlMc

    What happens after traveling 100,000klms,would the sealed gearbox need fresh oil.

    How long does synthetic oil last?

    What does “for the life of the vehicle mean?”

    Fitting an outside oil cooler is a must for towing and extended life, but what is life to a sealed unit?

  • James

    Its a good family car but i always thought Hyundai only made slow cars like the Getz,I30,120 etc. But it suprised me when i found out about this.