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  • trippyfoo

    LOL.. Brilliant review..

    In a nutshell…it’s mind bendingly fast. ..and mind bendingly awesome.

  • OzeWander

    This is the first time I have read a review by Mark Hacking. I must say his writing style is brilliant, engaging and flows very well. The photography isn’t half bad either! Great review!!!

  • Dynamite

    He did 135 on a 60 road? Is this legal?

    • Lansing

      Im sure it would have been perfectly safe at the time. Its funny how in Australia, a motoring journalist who admits to speeding would lose his job in a flash, but you dont see that in other parts of the world. I remember reading a car review last year in an american magazine, of the new Ford Taurus feeling really stable at 100mph (160kmh) on roads speed rated at 130kmh, the first thing I thought is that they could never publish the same thing here in a Aussie magazine or the magazine would be shut down. Ahh Australia the land of the nanny.

      • MrQuick

        Couldn’t agree with you more, seriously, Australia is really becoming the land of the nanny, where everyone thinks their moral compass is stronger than anyone elses.

        The amount of whinging because a tester broke the speed limit, happens absolutely no where else in the world.

        Yeah he broke the limit, probably illegal, need a tissue dynatmite?

        That was a pretty good review though, haha, Mark couldn’t have conveyed the joys and frustations of driving a Veyron around in traffic any better.

        • Dynamite

          Don’t get me wrong, I was simply in shock a journo could admit to speeding and not face repercussions. If this happened in Australia the journo would most definitely lose his job(think Rod Easdown and the California incident).

          I’m in the same boat as you and would love Australia to become more ‘relaxed’ on speeding, similar to Germany and the Autobahn.

          Instead of focusing on revenue rising and installing new speed cameras on every street and corner you could think of, we should focus on driver training/education. Perhaps this will turn the ‘hoon’ car culture of young kids today into a healthy and passionate one.

          • MrQuick

            You’re spot on about how if this happened in Australia, the journo would most definitely be chased down and would lose his licence and get a massive fine.

            That is nothing but revenue raising, taking the licence away someone like that sure as hell doesn’t make roads safer.

            The word ‘hoon’ just reflects attitudes here compared to everywhere else. It originiated here in Australia, and has such negative connotations attached to it, compared to almost anywhere overseas, where it is almost positive.

            As for the young kids of today, all kids of all generations that had any motoring blood in them drove like fools when they were young. I don’t care if anyone says otherwise, they’re just straight up lying. I just got off my P plates, and I can tell you car culture in my generation is dying, its made up of a significant number of people who either modify cars just for looks/sound, or just think that cars aren’t generally cool, percieve driving as a chore. There are a very few number of people who are my age, that aren’t mechanics and actaully can wrench on a car.

            Frankly, if it were up to me, everyone would drive around in Caterhams and Westfields, and to a lesser extent if you want luxury, Lotuses (Loti?).

            /End rant

            Soooo, Veyron article aye?

  • http://carz.com/ Carz

    OMG! What a great and super fast car! It looks absolutely peachy!

  • vid_ghost

    Love this car.. I think for a sports car its almost too fast! if there is such a thing and even with limitations…nice review…of a super “ nice car “! ^_^ sd s

  • AAA

    Another car for the smallbois and fanbois :)

    • Martin

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Tom

    Why would they lend it too you for such a short period of time?

  • dylanmg

    This is the best review I’ve read in a long time.

  • TDo

    LOL that was a brilliantly written review, the honesty and the spirit of this piece brings something that is lacking in todays age.
    Really connects to the reader.

    Words with a soul

    • QBert

      Haha, are you kidding?!

  • Raymond

    a slightly tweaked F310 FPV Ford Falcon with 310kW, boosted to 450 rear wheel kW will beat this …. plus give it a run for its $$$$

    that is 4.0Liter I6 Turboed BOOOOOSSTED!!!!! with just $50000 invested will destroy this for the $$$$$ 😉

    • Mac

      Ray… are you having a laugh?
      If not then you should get out more often.

    • Jag

      Of course it would!!! I fully agree, especially considering FPVs aerodynamic design is built to achieve immense speeds…oh… I mean, it would fall apart at around 150kms/h…if it doesn’t take off in flight at that speed…literally!!