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by Matt Brogan

The final Japanese manufacturer on our list at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show – but by no means the least – is, of course, Subaru.

The Subaru stage was busy with a range of cars from the sporty to the surreal including the new Hybrid Tourer Concept, Plug-in Stella, Impreza WRX STI Carbon, STI tuned Exiga and stunning Legacy (Liberty) B4 GT300.


Subaru’s showroom vehicles we also proudly on display including as a prominent feature the all-new Legacy (Liberty) and Outback models.

For a brief walk through of the Subaru stand, see gallery below:

  • macca

    subaru australia need to do a couple of things;

    – liberty GT with the bodykit shown from the B4 (tuned by STi) as a regular model,

    – provide a dual-clutch gearbox in their turbo models (with direct injection).

    • Bucks

      How about
      -Also Sack the Designers of the Epica they borrowed from Holden?

      • DE

        Sorry Bucks but they came from Daewoo not Holden. (They also did Captiva and Cruze). Busy little souls weren’t they.

        Actually it’s not as far fetched as your intended pun might suggest. GM did have a big share in Subaru when these designs would have been signed off on.

        • Bucks

          Hi DE :)

          Yep, Holden, Daewoo; all GM :)
          Interesting that they had a hand in the Subaru design!

          Either way, I think the majority is unanimous in suggesting Subaru’s new styling direction is a far cry from their older designs. The first and second releases of the previous Liberty shape were right on the money. Sleek, sophisticated and understated. My highlight was the Blitzen & STI’s :) This new shape is bloated, like its been on a diet of Creatine supplements.
          One only has to look at the current commercials to figure out that Subaru Australia don’t want you looking at the new shape for too long. Uber quick and shakey camera passes, not showing the whole car in one taker until the end of the commercial where it’s wearing a dark shape concealing colour.
          The tech underneath may be great (even if I hate CVT) but Subaru, please put it in a nicer shell!

  • Adorn4stars

    To think that Subaru had the Hybrid Tourer in their back pockets all along when it should have been the look of the successor to the 4th gen Liberty, I mean that concept’s front-end screams Liberty – the resemblance is definitely there.