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The all new Mitsubishi Triton Utility (Ute) will go on sale later in the month as Mitsubishi battles out the slow sales of its Australian made sedan, the 380. The most important update to the Triton line up is the introduction of the newly developed Euro 4 compliant 3.2 litre Common Rail diesel engine that produces 118kW of power at 4000rpm, and 347Nm of torque at a very low 2000rpm. While the 3.5 Litre SOHC 24-valve electronically injected petrol engine delivers 135kW of power at 4750 rpm, and 309NM of torque at 3500rpm.

Powered by either engine mentioned above, the new Mitsubishi Triton 4WD is available in either Single Cab or Double Cab, and in three different price lines – Triton GLX, Triton GLX-R and the range topping Triton GLS. The Single Cab is available with either a tray or pick-up bed, while the Double Cab comes standard with a pick-up bed.

The new ‘Easy Select’ four-wheel drive system developed by Mitsubishi, allows for easy changeover of 2WD/4WD without the need to stop the car (but only available at speeds below 100km/h) a Rear Diff Lock is optional to allow for more traction for those who need it.

The ML Triton 4WD range will be available from Mitsubishi dealers this month, while the 3.5 litre petrol 2WD range will be available from October. The four-cylinder 2WD range becomes available early 2007. Mitsubishi’s 5 year /100,000 kms warranty (and 10 year / 160,000 non-transferable drive-train warranty) applies to all models and variants and the 5 years Roadside Assistance is standard across all models, while the GLS gets the Premium Roadside Assistance package. The GLX-R and GLS also come with MP3 capable cd player and a trip computer.

Prices for the current model (MK) start at

  1. $23,490 for the GLX
  2. $37,990 for the GLX-R
  3. $41,990 for the GLS

Prices for the new model line were not immediately released by Mitsubishi Australia.

Click for Full specifications for Mitsubishi ML MY06 Triton Utility

Full press release below:

Mitsubishi Motors has released its all-new Triton four-wheel utility onto the Australian market with the promise that it retains all the attributes that the brand has been known for over the last 27 years – toughness, reliability, and the ability to ‘get the job done’.

The new utility is longer, wider, higher and built on a longer wheelbase with a stronger chassis than its predecessor, and has standout styling that sets it apart from the everyday ute. But, the underpinnings of the vehicle remain true to it origins – a reliable workhorse that keeps fulfilling the demands made of it by its owners.

The frontal appearance of the new Triton picks up Mitsubishi’s global styling theme, while also taking some of its styling elements from the Dakar-winning Pajero Evolution. The result is a vehicle with striking, sporty and futuristic styling, the most spacious cabin in its class, car-like ride and handling with the best turning circle in the class, high quality fit and finish, and a host of desirable convenience and safety features as standard.

Powered by either a petrol or diesel engine, Triton 4WD is available in either Single Cab or Double Cab, and in three different price lines – GLX, GLX-R and GLS. The Single Cab is available with either a tray or pick-up bed, while the Double Cab comes standard with a stylish pick-up bed that follows the curved lines of the cabin (although it is possible to also get the Double Cab with a tray if desired) .

The big news for the new Triton, apart from its obvious style and features, is the newly developed 3.2 litre Common Rail diesel engine that produces 118kW of power at 4000rpm, and 347Nm of torque at a very low 2000rpm. This extremely flexible engine is ideal for rural or towing applications, has great fuel economy and is Euro 4 compliant.

The petrol engine is a 3.5 litre SOHC 24-valve electronically injected unit that delivers 135kW of power at 4750 rpm, and 309NM of torque at 3500rpm.

Power is put to the ground through either a five-speed manual transmission, while a four-speed automatic transmission is available on some models.

Triton comes with a part-time ‘Easy Select’ four-wheel drive system, which is ideally suited to a ute like Triton, and was adopted to enable changeover of 2WD/4WD without stopping the car even on varying road surfaces.

This changeover of driving mode is done by a manual transfer lever that is situated on the centre console, alongside the gearshifter, and is possible on the fly at speeds below 100km/h.

To cater for owners that require additional traction a Rear Diff Lock is optional across all 4WD models, and it is engaged with a button on the dash, to the right of the steering wheel.

However, the thing that most drivers will notice is how car-like the new Triton is to drive. This is due to the power-assisted rack and pinion steering (that gives class-leading 5.9 metres turning radius on 4WD models and 5.7 metres on 2WD variants), and the double wishbone with coil springs front suspension (instead of single wishbone and torsion bar). This set-up gives improved stability on un-even surfaces, stability under hard braking, rigidity, maintenance and a 12kg weight saving. The front stabiliser is a ball joint type. The new Triton has greater wheel articulation, which is achieved through the over-axle design. This improves the 4WD ability of the vehicle.

The rear axle with its live elliptic leaf suspension is surface mounted (instead of base mounted) to improve comfort and road clearance on rough terrain. A wider track and other specification changes lead to improved stability (due to increased roll resistance), better handling balance between loaded and un-loaded conditions, as well as better durability and lower driving noise.

ML Triton now boasts the best braking package in its class, due to larger front ventilated disc brakes and rear drum brakes (the accepted, and in fact, preferred standard in commercial vehicle applications). Triton’s ABS system features four channels and Electronic Brake-force Distribution, which is superior to competitor offerings.

ML Triton GLX Single Cab comes with 16′ X 6’steel rims fitted with 205/80R16C 8PR 110/108R tyres, while the Double Cab has the same 16′ X 6′ steel rims, but they are fitted with 205/80R16 104S RF tyres.

The more prestigious and sporty models – the GLS and GLX-R – come with 16′ X 7′ six-spoke alloy rims fitted with 245/70R1611S RF tyres. All spare tyres are full-size.

Ensuring that safety and security has not been forgotten, Triton’s body construction features Mitsubishi’s acclaimed RISE body structure that ensures the vehicle deforms as it should in the event of an accident while keeping the occupants safely cocooned in a rigid cell. Apart from the in-built inherent features Triton also includes driver and passenger air bags as standard, three-point seat belts – with pre-tensioners and force limiters for the driver and passenger belts, side impact bars, the front end (bonnet) designed to optimise pedestrian protection, pedal setback-inhibitive structure to reduce driverLs lower limb injury at the time of collision, dual-stage collapsible steering column and the fuel tank mounted ahead of the rear axle.

The result of this safety focus gives a 4-star rating, according to internal testing.

Security is assured because of Mitsubishi’s proven remote keyless central locking and engine immobiliser.

However, Triton is not only a safe and reliable work ute, as it has many comfort and convenience items as standard features.

Although the dashboard features a modern ‘wave’ design, its hard-wearing and easy-to-clean materials remain faithful with the pick-up spirit, and very much have the driver in mind.

The instrument cluster features chrome-ringed overlapping blue-faced easy-to-read dials, while the ring circling the gear & transfer case levers or the funky air conditioning controls add a touch of class to the cabin. At night the gauges, interior control knobs and switches are illuminated with striking blue LED lamps that also help to create a sophisticated interior ambience.

As suggested by its exterior design, the new Triton moves away from the bargain-basement features which have normally been found in pick-ups, while keeping its no-nonsense work capacity. In that regard it has the largest, most roomy cabin in its class, a fact that will be appreciated by people using it as their work office.

ML Triton has the best-in-class interior total leg space (1,725 mm), within a 5.0 metre exterior length, while the 810mm rear leg space, and the design, padding and rake angle of the rear seat does makes a considerable difference to rear seat passengers. They will appreciate the proper and comfortable 25 degree backrest angle, as well as the rear foldable armrest with integrated cup holders.

There are numerous convenience items which have been included in Triton, such as power windows front and rear (GLX, GLX-R, GLS), central locking with keyless entry (all models), map lamps (GLX-R, GLS) and the useful ignition key reminder. Eight-way adjustable leather power front seats are standard on GLS model

Another innovative feature is the rear retractable power window on GLX-R and GLS models (a first in the segment) that is operated by a one-touch switch on the centre console. The switch can activate 3 different positions:

  • Closed
  • Ventilation mode (partly opened)
  • Opened

As with other power windows fitted to ML Triton, it includes an anti-trapping function.

The audio system fitted to the Triton models is an electronic tune AM/FM unit with a CD player that has MP3 capability. The system plays through four speakers on the GLX, and six in GLX-R and GLS for best sound quality and performance.

Air conditioning is standard fitment, and its performance improved for the new ML Triton. It is manually operated on the GLX and GLX-R models, while the GLS model features automatic air conditioning as standard, and this is a key differentiator for this premium model.

A high tech multi function display (MFD) unit is available in the GLX-R and GLS models. It covers audio information (radio, CD, MP3), air conditioning and heater functions as well as trip computer functions and environmental conditions. The MFD includes the following features:

  • Average speed
  • Average fuel consumption
  • Total fuel used
  • Range to empty
  • Total distance travelled
  • Outside temperature
  • Digital Clock including date
  • Radio, MP3 and CD player display
  • Barometer
  • Compass
  • Altimeter

Hands free mobile phone system with Bluetooth connectivity will be available across the entire Triton range. Fitted as standard equipment on GLX-R and GLS models and as a dealer fitted accessory on GLX models, this feature allows hands-free operation of mobile phones, and is ideal for the tradesperson on the move. There are a host of other options and accessories available that allow owners to personalise the vehicle to their taste.

Consumers can choose from a range of seven attractive colours – White, Cool Silver (M), Cyber Blue (P), Platoon (P), Red Planet (M), Gunmetal (M) and Black Mica (P). Three of these colours are new to the Mitsubishi range.

The new ML Triton 4WD range will be available from Mitsubishi dealers this month, while the high-ride 3.5 litre petrol 2WD range will be available from October. The four-cylinder 2WD range becomes available early next year.

When the style, specification, towing ability, and all-round ruggedness and reliability of Triton is added to Mitsubishi’s industry-leading 5 year /100,000 kms bumper-to-bumper warranty (and 10 year / 160,000 non-transferable drive-train warranty) it can be seen that Triton represents unbeatable value for money. But, Mitsubishi has also added 5 year’s Roadside Assistance as standard across all models, with the GLS getting the Premium Roadside Assistance package. This makes Triton an even more compelling proposition for somebody who needs to know their ute will get the job done.

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Anne Wills

    As owners of our sixth Mitsubishi Triton we would like to know where and whom we can contact or send feedback to at Mitsubishi. Thankyou.

  • Paul O’Dwyer

    This is our second Triton and now or family has grown to 3 kids the room in the new Triton is definatly second to none. We love it the kids love it and now we are getting out to those hard to reach areas in the Pilbara W.A. with great ease and comfort with no troubles with our new triton. Thank You Mitsubishi and a Very big Thank You to Paceway Mitsubishi in Perth W.A. for recomending the new Triton….

  • Dave Cooper

    Hi All,

    I Have an 07 Triton Diesel manual with just 6k on the clock. Ever since the first day i drove it out of the yard, the car has what can only be described as a surging/jerking motion at 100klm/hr in 5th gear. The same happens if i’m doing 60/70 in 4th gear.

    The service techs tell me that mitsubishi is aware of the problem and thet it is the result of the engine mapping system. Has anyone else experienced the same problem.?

    • Michael Robinson

      yes the same happened to me with my ml and had to have the intake and exhaust manifolds replaced it was a fault in their design

  • bob smith

    hello all

    I too have had problems with surging in the triton diesel also at the same speeds, around 100klm/hr in 5th gear when coasting/maintaining speed on level ground.
    have reported it 4 times and still awaiting reply/remedy from dealers techs, very annoying.

  • Jason smith

    Had the same issue on a july 07 build DID took it back to the dealer 2 times and they got a fix from Mitsu.
    Fuel suction valve has been the main cause replaced it under warranty and surging has been greatly reduced.
    Thier is a flat spot at 1900rpm on the DID Turbo as well which is a mapping problem.

    hope that helps.

  • Dave Cooper

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the relpys. To give you an update, I now have 9k on the clock and have recently returned from the 7500 service, the techs drove the car and agreed the vehicle has a problem. However i was told “you will be notified when there is a software upgrade to remedy the issue”.
    I’m far from happy now! – i have paid 44+K for this car and its driving like a 70’s Torana!, whats more, my wife and i are expecting our first child, and i’ll be damned if i’ll take a newborn down the highway with this surging taking place. I have explained to my local dealer that i have infact nearly crashed into cars taking off at the lights due to the hesitation the car has down low. I’m thinking very seriously of taking this further cause i dont see the issue being resolved any time soon.

    Will keep you all posted

  • Paul Brockwell

    Recently purchased a Triton diesel. Same problem jerking and surging at revs and speeds already indicated by Dave Jason and Bob. I believe the quality of the diesel may have some bearing on this. Changed to BP diesel and problem went away. Have done some serching on internet. Check what people have said on web.

    • Ian

      So true.
      BP Ultimate diesel is the only one I use now. Engine is alot quieter and runs a whole lot smoother.
      Needs a couple or tanks thru it, and the difference isn’t noticed until you put another brand of diesel back in.
      And for a dollar or two extra, its worth it.

  • David Parker

    Hi i have a glx did dcab . The ute has 6500k now and have only had bp diesel . And ever 300K it hs had a jurking surging, been back to my dealer countless times had centre tailshaft bearing replaced ,new ecu, had the state service manager come up and look at it . Have been told its just a carristik of the car and there is nothing they can do and if i want to take it further i have to write a letter to Mitsubishi Australia. VERY ANOYING

  • Dave Cooper

    Hi again guys,

    Bring on the lemon laws i say. David, don’t stand for that crap!, my local dealer is trying the same trick on me, forgive me for side tracking, but i’m in the plumbing and engineering game, if i did 50K worth of plumbing to the dealers house and his toilets wouldnt flush, how would they react!. I’m going to take this as far as i can, i’m just researching the lemon laws soon to be intoduced and am seriously considering taking action. In my opinion you donot pay that much for a brand new car for it to preform like this, as stated above, i now have a 5 week old baby & this surging motion is not good with the child on board!.

    Thanks for letting me vent!

  • Paul House

    Yes, I am getting the same lame duck excuses from my dealer about the surging in my GLX-R. Their initial fix was for me to dive it hard through the gears. This works but its not good for the pocket has I have already been pulled up for exceeding 60 KPH. They now tell me that mine is better than others which doesn’t help, and that Mitsubishi Japan are trying to develop a chip to fix it. I hope it’s not a stale old lemon flavoured Samboy.

  • Jason smith

    Problem has gotten worse with mine and the dealer has gone back to “we are waiting for a fix from mitsubishi”. One thing we have to remember is the dealer is also at the mercy of Mitsubishi with issues like this. My dealer has been very supportive.
    Paul can you post your results on your lemon law research i for one wouldt mind seeing if i can get what i paid for and not a second class engine.


  • Andrea Stone

    I’m so happy that I found this site. My husband bought a single cab 2007 petrol manuel Triton in April. It has now spent more time at Australian motors than what we have had it! It is doing everything that has been described above by other people. It revs at 2000 and higher in idel, we’ve had to replace the clutch at 900k’s. They told us it was due to owner abuse, we don’t believe so. This car is used for a buisness that my husband owns and we depend on this car to earn money. After another trip to Australian motors and another week without the car it was given back to use last friday and we were told that the senors in the computer we faultly and they have replaced them again….yesterday my husband came home and said that its DOING it AGAIN! So back to Mitsi again. They have replaced so much in this car under warranty but what does it take to consider this car a lemon? We are making payments a vehicle that we can’t drive and we are sick of it. While this car is crap, I have to admit that the people at our dealership have been outstanding, they have most time provided us with a replacement car free of charge and been nothing but understanding and I’m sure they are tired of see it as well. I just want this solved and or fixed so that the only time we have to go there is for a service.

    • Marty

      Without ‘defaming’ a certain automotive manufacturer, I purchased my ML GLX-R dual cab diesel manual brand new in 2007, its been serviced every 10k (sometimes 5k) and its been the single WORST CAR I’ve ever had the misfortune of owning.
      To date its only done 69k (I average 40k-50k per year) its only done 69k because most of the time its either been at the dealership or on a tow truck (or on fire), its my work vehicle and has been treated with kitten gloves since day dot.
      to date its had:
      -upper inlet manifold replaced
      -lower inlet manifold replaced
      -boost solenoid replaced
      -idle control valve replaced
      -fuel rail replaced
      -injectors replaced
      -glow plugs replaced
      -starter motor replaced (after it caught fire)
      -front rotors & pads replaced (worn out by 20k)
      -immobiliser module replaced
      -steering wheel replaced
      -gear shifter assembly replaced
      -immobiliser chip in key replaced
      -slip ring replaced
      -power steering pump replaced
      -fuel lines replaced
      -suction control valve replaced
      -rear leaf springs replaced

      and currently its at my mechanic about to have the clutch and flywheel replaced as they have burnt out ( never done any heavy towing)

      To sum up im FED UP with this car constantly ‘crapping out’ on me and leaving me stranded, even after the fire the manufacturer were so blasé about the entire debacle and just insisted on reminding me of the Thousands and thousands of dollars my car has had spent on it under warranty. To have the repair work done to it thus far has taken escilated complaints with their customer service team, as well as complaints lodged with consumer affairs.

      Im aware that other people have had none of the problems that I have had, but by the same token i know of numerous others that have had some of the issues that have effected my vehicle.

      My advice to anyone looking to purchase one is first and foremost … don’t… but if you do decide to buy one make sure it has been comprehensively serviced and has a warranty.

      • luca

        mine has not been quite as bad as yours but have had
        airbag light on constantly
        4WD light flashing that they tried to blame on me with a epir bill of $700 (not paid) and after bringing it back 3 times found it to be a faulty switch and solenoid
        recall for faulty moulding of some u shackle
        upper and lower manifold changed
        told i need to do timing belt change costing $500 (my car does not have timing belt)
        engine oil gets very low between servicing
        told i have engine oil leaking into power steering after complaining that my steering gets very very heavy under exceleration
        just picked car up and timing belt guide was replaced
        car still has no power!
        thank you mitsu for selling me a lemon

        • luca

          sorry timing chain guide

  • Dave Cooper

    OK Guys,

    Stay tuned,

    my dual cab has now 15000 bunny hopping business klm’s on it now and is going in for its 15k service next week.
    If the fault is not fixed this time – i’m leaving the car in the yard and will not retrieve it untill the issue is rectified.
    I, like others here use this car for business and rely on it heavily, & could of had any dual cab i wished, at the moment i’m wishing i paid the extra for something else.

  • bubba ganush

    Ranger or BT50 is a good truck to go for. ive heard nothing but bad news apart from Paul O’Dwyer regarding the tritons even the model before wasnt that great

  • Joel

    Hi all, I have a glx-r diesel manual… have experienced something similar but assumed it was just the way the vehicle was. I am however struggling with a power stering fault that is causing the power steering to fail when changing direction.. you can test it when parked turn wheel left then quckly to right and power steering locks then frees.. worse at hihger revs. I have almost had 2 seperate accidents on roundabouts due to this problem.. but mitsubishi say its a charecteristic of the vehicle.. which it may be but that doesnt make it acceptable!! They will accept no responsibility.. Whatch this space as further action is pending!!

  • Joel

    Well the regional manager is coming to drive my vehicle in february next year… Nothing like good service!! Absolutley useless.. will never ever buy a mitsubishi again!!! 6 months worth of problems then 2 months of inaction waiting for some mitsubishi rep to drive the thing and say… oh that… thats a characteristic of the vehicle!! Can I have that in writing… No.

  • Jason Smith

    Well, thier must be some recourse if this many people are having the same issues.

    It may well be worth some sort of legal action Against Mistubishi Austrlaia in order to get a refund or a replacement.

    Anyone know a good lawyer that could comment

  • Joel

    Was advised by mitsubishi that a new power steering pump was in development to correct the problem … then advised 2 months later that the new pump which they said was still being developed and could give me no eta on had already been installed in my vehicle!!! I am over it!!

  • Andrea Stone

    Well here we are in the new year and nothing has changed, while it isn’t reving as badly the CD player is now not working and the spot lights are now not working. It has gotten to the point where we went to our dealership on Tuesday and they are now trying to find if Mitsi will fund another vehicle for us….stay tunned

  • Joel

    Woohooo.. had a new steering column fitted today thanks to clunking that had developed..apparently a known issue!! no progress on power steering though. Dealer agrees there is a problem but will not do anything unless directed by mitsubishi… And the circle goes around and around and around and ar….

  • Alan D

    I have an 02 triton space cab 3.0 V6 and have had no dramas with it 180000ks. BUT have just ordered an 07/08 GLX ML 3.5 lt V6 2WD, and after reading the previous comments i am a bit worried, has any one any feed back on this model. Thanks

  • Joel

    For you information

    GLX-R 4×4 Dual Cab
    35000 Klm’s on vehicle, have had the following parts replaced…

    Power Steering pump x 2
    Steering Rack x 2
    Tailgate Seal x 3
    Steering column x 1 (So Far)

    Current issues with vehicle

    Power steering goes heavy

  • Dean S

    Hi all, I’ve recently been in contact with Mitsubishi Australia regarding the surge/jerking motion experienced whilst cruising at around 100Km. The response I received is pretty much the same as what everyone has said above “Mitsubishi is aware of the problem and it is being looked at”. The represetative also advised that I should also put my problem in writing to Mitsubishi Australia and that the more people that do this the more likely there will be a fix sooner rather than later. Not sure I really hold much faith in this advice as this problem has been around for a substantial period of time now.

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  • Clayton

    I stumbled across this forum while I was searching for a safety rating on the Triton, thank god I did! Now I don’t care what the rating is, by the sounds of it they’ve got to many problems. I think I’ll go and check out the Ranger. A few more $$$ but hopefully I won’t find a forum full of problems like this. I really do feel sorry for all you guys, good luck trying to get the issues resolved!

  • Nik

    60,000 Kms in a Triton GLX-R DID 5 speed Manual.

    All has been going well, until the Orange light appeared.
    Now the Engine Management System has taken control and can only be checked by Zupps Mt. Gravatt. (Purchased Cleveland)

    I have not experienced the fuel surging issue until today.
    Was I shocked to see so many complaints about this 4×4 UTE!Will keep you posted, so far it’s just a minor build up of carbon in the manifold, apparently, and it’s been so good.

  • paul

    I just signed up for an 07 Triton GLS Diesel.Wish i seen this sight. Only thing i hope is it may be okay regarding the surging problem because its auto,any one had same problem in auto?

  • jack


  • jack

    I am the owner of a triton which I took delivery of 04.07.07. After approximately 3,000km it had to have a new motor fitted, a broken lifter I was informed. As
    you can imagine the motor was running really bad with lots of knocking and lots of smoke coming out the back. Now when it is driven at between 80-100km and that speed needs to be maintained in fifth gear, the motor seems to be missing, causing a surging effect, I think the original was the same, before it broke.
    I have mentioned this to the Mandurah and Rockingham dealerships, they say they can’t find anything wrong. Surely this isn’t how the vehicle is supposed to run. It has now done 20,000km, so all you fellow disappointed Triton owners I think we should find a way of holding them bastards to account.

  • Dave Cooper

    OK then – lets get serious.

    I will draft a letter and send (PM) it to everyone who sends me their email address to:


    Lets get this underway – whats the worst that can happen – zero response, which is what we’re getting now!.

    So send me your email addresses and i’ll send you a draft letter to comment on – how we bombard mitsubishi australia with it we will need to discuss further.

    Time to make a stand!


  • Frugal One

    TRITON, cheapest new vehicle with 100kW that can be supplied with a automatic-transmission!

    Bet your all glad to know that!!! :-)



  • 2006 Diesel 4 x 4 GLX-R

    Now i am worried. I have owned my triton for near on 2 years and have not had a problem with it until yesterday. We have just moved over from Perth to Brisbane and to change the plates over, had to have a Road Worthy Certificate done. On ringing the mechanic where we dropped it off, he informed me that we had failed the test. To my amazement i asked what was wrong and he said that the centre bearing on the tailshaft needed to be replaced. On asking a few more questions, he suggested that it was a warranty issue and that Mitsubishi had vitually squashed the bearing on installment. This car has got 40000km on the clock and has had 3 minor services and 1 major all my Mitsubishi and NO-ONE has ever picked it up. After phoning Mitsubishi Australia they put me through to a dealer in Brisbane. My trama’s have already started as that particular dealer and 2 others really want nothing to do with it.
    After reading all your comments i am really starting to worry. I feel for you all with all your faults as i too bought the first 6 litre Holden ute in Perth and after 12 months of faults, replacements and the good old excuse of “we are aware of the fault and someone is looking at it”, i gave up and SOLD the car. It just worth all the trama’s, the inconvience and the loss of time of trying to get it sorted. i wish you all luck.

  • John D

    Hi folks, Stumbled across this site a couple of weeks before I am due to buy a 2WD Double cab GLX (2.4l petrol).
    Am somewhat concerned about the surging and power steering issues mentioned above.
    I would expect the power steering issue to be common across the line, however has anyone experienced the surge probelms in the petrol engine models (particularly the 2.4l). Would be keen to hear comments or recommendations

  • Nick

    Looking at 07 GLX-R 3.5L petrol 5speed manual.Wondering if surging is a problem in this model?Sorry to hear about all the problems with diesel model,hope something can be done. Would like to hear back about this.

  • http://eastbeach14hotmail.com jack
  • greg

    theres nothing wrong with my car 07 glxr triton turbo desiel i think its the way yours drive it , remeber its only a four wheel drive not a malloo

  • John

    Like others have ‘stumbled’ across this forum & can’t say I’m tickled reading everyone’s troubles & am concerned as I signed 28/3 on a GLX-R Auto Diesel – likewise interested if anyone has noted the ‘surging’& power steering problems with this model.Apparently my vehicle not avail for 4 wks – sounds like it’ll be a nervous wait

  • Moe

    Im looking at getting a v6 cab chassis 2dr 2wd triton. All these comments are scaring me to bits. Does anybody have any experience with the v6 petrol motor or are all these problems confined to the diesel model. I am in the transport game and do a stack of kilometres and need something relaible. Any info would be great.

  • Tony

    Hi All,
    My 07 petrol GLX-R has been fine apart from the motor a bit noisy, done just over 10k.Well yesterday the clutch pedal stayed stuck to floor after trying to take off from the lights, eventually return very slowly. Managed to get it off the raod and called road side assist. Took it to the dealer in Midland W.A and they say it’s a 50/50 chance it’s covered under warranty. They will let me know by the end of the week. So much for the piece of mind bumber to bumber warranty as advertised by Mitusubishi Australia’s CEO.
    Anyone else had the same problem
    Keep you posted on the outcome

  • Ross

    I to am glad i found this site; i was keem to get a di-d triton now i am leaning towards a v6 model but…with all the other troubles and poor mitsubishi record to fix them i am thinking of sticking with my 1994 nissan Patrol with 352000ks and going strong for a little while longer

  • http://www.epicvideo.com.au Shane Larsen

    Bought a new shape, 06 TD dual cab, with 21,000 on the clock in Sept 07, its now April 08, with 34,000 on the clock, last service 3800kms ago.

    Awoke 3 days ago to 2 litres of oil all over my carport and a radiator full of oil after a 60km round trip to fremantle & back to maylands.

    Lets hope the warranty is as good as they promise… and to think i sold my bullet-proof 80 series cruiser for this drama…

    • John


      What caused the radiator full of oil?

      Mine has just done the same thing.
      3.2 diesel 130K

      • Blake Wurst

        my 3.2 diesel has done the same thing what was the cause ?

  • http://eastbeach14hotmail.com jack

    greg march 30 08 should read comment by paul house nov 16 07 my bunny hopping is worse driving super economically

  • http://911GT4 ARTIE

    Hi to all again, Greg, March 30 08, please note that this is not affecting every single vehicle of this model however it is becoming very common and there is no solution from Mitsubishi as yet. My Sept o7 GLXR DiD MANUAL is still driving like a piece of crap and getting noisier by the day. By the way we own a mixed fleet of Hilux and Rodeo diesels and some are ten year old vehicles which perform and drive much better than the Triton at the moment. And yes we do know how to drive a manual vehicle.

  • Steve

    I have a ’07 triton turbo diesel that had the same problem.
    If you wish to have the dealership who repaired the fault please contact me on: cashfan1@bigpond.net.au

  • jack


  • wulf

    hi. im from the philippines. got a 3.2 GLS Sports Triton. my problem is EXCESSIVE vibration on the steering wheel at even mild rough roads. the truck also unstable over uneven asphalt roads. anyone experienced this?

  • Ben P

    Hi, I’m glad I found this site to confirm to myself that the problems with my Triton aren’t just in my head. I’ve experienced every problem that people have written about on this site.
    I bought my Triton in Dec ’06. It worked perfectly for one month, then the power steering completely failed. In the last 14 months and 40000km since then I’ve had 3 replacement power steering pumps, 2 steering racks, a new column and I’ve still got rack rattle! I’ve dealt with 3 dealers and it’s a shame they are at the mercy of such incompetence from HQ. In one instance they sent the wrong pwr steering pump 8 times! One day about 20000km ago, it’s like the engine became possessed, and ever since I’ve had all the surging/hesitation/flat-spots/rough running with the engine and jerkiness in the throttle that you guys have. On top of that the clutch shudders, is too sudden and the gearbox feels like a bag of spanners. I am so over this crap!
    So many times they have handed it back to me telling me it’s fixed and it quite plainly isn’t, like they never even bothered to check. This is even after one time where I left it at the dealer for 5 weeks while they lost parts and paid for a hire car for me.
    Now after all this time, I had the QLD State Service Manager drive the car, quite obviously feeling all of the problems (not even he could change gears and accelerate smoothly), turn around and insult my intelligence by informing me that these problems are just ‘characteristics’. I asked him if he would buy a car that drove like mine, and he said that surely people in the market for this type of vehicle would understand that they had certain characteristics! All while he was bunny hopping with the clutch and clunking the gearbox!
    This is the worst vehicle, from the worst company I have ever experienced. Their ‘Diamond Advantage’ warranty might as well be written on toilet paper, the whole experience has been farcical from the beginning and the car is an absolute lemon. They only keep cementing my desire to never be a Mitsubishi customer ever again, and I too cry into my pillow at night wishing that the bullet proof ’94 GQ Nissan Patrol I sold would magically materialize in my driveway again and the problems would all go away! I dearly wish that the government would legislate some sort of protection for new car buyers in our situation, for the time being however all I can do is complain.

    If you were thinking of buying a Mitsubishi – Don’t!

  • Joel

    Well I have taken the problem as far as i can go!!! I have spoken to the gentleman who takes the car companys to court when they breach australian design and road regulations. Only to be told by him to sell the car. He advised that he could not help as there are no laws in place to govern standards in power steering and engine performance. he advised that someone would have to die as a result of these problems before anybody could do anything. I have also heard that mitsubishi…not in aus but elswhere are having to buy back a lot of cars for similar issues we are all experiencing…

  • Ben P

    Joel, that’s an interesting point about Mitsu having to buy back vehicles overseas, where did you hear it? have you come across something online? I heard in the news a while ago that Victoria had introduced ‘lemon laws’, I think it was based on something like the amount of warranty work done to your vehicle or break-downs determined if the car was a lemon and the company had to offer you a replacement or your money back. Not sure if it is in force in Vic yet, although it would be good if there was a federal law for something like that. Fingers crossed, as i’m not ready to die to get my money back! I’ll just keep bombarding the ‘contact us’ section of the Mitsubishi website I guess. What department did the gentleman you spoke to who takes the car companies to court work for?

  • http://isuzu david


  • Joel

    I think it was the australian transport authourity…
    Also can now add to this list of parts replaced

    1 x Steering wheel cover
    1 x Sports Bar

    Cannot expand on the other info at the moment. I heard it through mechanical channels and there is no way the people involved would ever admit they told me!! Very cloak and dagger I know but I value my friends.

    I have all but given up I’m afraid, I couldnt have the car out of action anymore with them constantly chasing the problem..

  • Ben P

    Latest story today from the dealer:
    Apparently there are engineers from Japan who were recently in Australia (Tasmania) and then New Zealand to ‘fine tune’ the ECU and fix problems such as harshness in the electronic throttle, excess noise, hesitation around 60-70km/h and improve economy. I don’t think that the service manager at the dealership is any wiser than me, and I bet Mitsu HQ feeds the dealers just as much shit as they do to us.
    Either way, this software upgrade should be here in the next month or to, I doubt it’s a silver bullet, and it won’t fix the other prolems, but fingers crossed anyway. Still not sure how I will tackle the gearbox and steering prolems, need to make some more phone calls, but will let you all know if I make any headway. Not giving up just yet.
    Cheers, Ben.

  • Ben P

    By the way, Joel, why did the steering wheel cover get replaced? I think part of the noise / rattle in my steering is coming from the cover or where the wheel mounts to the column, wondering if you were having the same probs.

    And just out of interest, does anyone else on here live in Toowoomba?

  • http://isuzu david


  • Joel

    Yep dead right rattle in the steering… just an annoyance thet happened after they changed the column. Had my sports bar replaced it cracked off. only to find they replaced it wih a second hand one or so it seems.. dealer has ordered me another.. hoooorayyy more downtime without the vehicle!!

  • jack

    just got ute back from dealer engine light kept coming on had to have a new exhaust gas recycle tube fitted ,the dealer seemed quite pleased and relieved they could find something wrong ,foolish of me i suppose i thought it might have fixed the surging rattling bunnyhopping no such luck if anything it seems worse when i picked ute up the young service lad said you seem to spend more time driving the colt than the triton ,as i purchased the triton specially to tow my caravan next time i will ask for a colt with tow bar i first contributed to this site on 10 3 08 and after first lodging an official complaint with dealer i did write to mitsu as suggested by dean s 14 2 08 and the response was very civil from a lady called julie heycox both as a phone call and letter so i think anyone who hasnt yet written should if only to let them know the amount of people involved,and also i think the idea of getting tv involved is very good i feel so let down by mitsu after owning a v6 pajero for 6 years with 3.5 motor vitualy unbreakable and now to get lumberd with 3.2 diesel heap of junk i just say i agree with every one who seeks recmpence

  • D.T

    Hey from NZ
    Currently driving a 07GLS 3.2 auto with surging problem. We added it to our fleet of utes-the rest being navaras. It seems all the latest common rail stuff from all makes is having “teething problems” Anyway, Ive only done 5000kms with mine & Im right up them about it. I got a mate who works in a dealership in the central nth island who says the upgraded 3.2CR engines dont surge. And hes right cause I test drove 1. So I approached my dealer who offers the software upgrade to boost output from 120Kw to 140 odd Kw for***$2000NZ***(thieves) but no 1 wants to pay. So like everyone else, Im waitng for the bandaid software. Middle of June I was told….I found a site in UK for piggyback upgrade better than mitsi 1 for 380 pounds including frieght to NZ. Just plug in to your loom and yeehaa. Can easily remove for service time so you dont screw with your warranty. http://www.torqtec.com…by the way D40 navara back to dealer also, cuts out when you boot it. Commonrail relief valve problem hahaha

  • D.T

    By the way, we hire earthmoving equipment. Im qualified heavy diesel and sport 2 guys on the shop floor. We only bought the triton cause it was cheap. Prices have dropped over here on new triton(wonder why???) We paid 30K+ORC for gls workhorse auto. And ive ended up with it?? Apart from the surging, So far so good. It tows-alot. We have 5 1.8T diggers on trailers that get dropped off & picked up all over Auckland. which isnt exactly a flat city. And it tows my boat-20FT fiberglass. We have heavy gear on long term hire so it goes offroad -alot. Good 4WD capabilities and difflock is way better than lsd. ground clearance is better than rivals also. Ill see how the band aid fix from mitsi works then I will order a torqtec upgrade as we will be keeping the vehicle for 3 yrs before trading in and sure enough, ill get bored with 120Kw-in an auto.Oh, standard issue tyres are rubbish

  • jack

    just got aright load of crap in the mail from mitsubishi telling me how lucky iam to be driving he best diesel powered ute with the best customer service and built by the biggest best company in the world really rubs salt in the wounds jack

  • Jason

    Does anyone know if the bandaid software has been released yet.

  • Dave Cooper

    Hey ben P

    One of your posts a while back says the the Mitsu engineers were in Tassie & NZ – well the tassie bit is true cos my car got called in as on of the problem children for them to view. Anyways they got absolutely nowhere with it and put the bunny hopping issue doe to atmospheric conditions – which is why they supposedly flew to NZ,

    Sounds to me they just wanted to head off on a junket.

    My car is a novated lease work car – so everytime i spit the goo with my dealer at service time and say i’m not picking this piece of S%^T up till its fixed – i’m being disadvantaged cos i then cant get around because the dealer sure as hell will not give me a hire car!
    my 4 years of lease cannot end soon enough!

    I’m venting again i know – cant be helped!


  • Tony

    Hi all, just letting you know that the dealer in Midland WA replaced my clutch at there cost ( so they should) Bit of a battle a few dozen phone calls. They had it for 5 weeks mind you. Motor rattles a bit when warm, tappet noise I think. due for 15k service now so see what they say.
    Apart from that it’s going fine no steering probs or rattles from the steering wheel. Tows good and not too bad on the fuel drops to 11.8lt per 100 when towing around 110k.Enclosed trailer with 2 mx bikes in it and all the other gear. Noticed 1st gear is a little low so take of in 2nd everywhere even with the trailer on.Anyone know if there is a flash tuner etc to boost the power up for the petrol models? Let me know if you do.
    CYA Tony

  • D.T

    Hi all,
    Have been told by local dealer that bandaid software should arrive by the end of july. They took my vehicle for an hour to reload some software and the shuddering around 2000rpm has stopped-for now. They say the problem is fixed but still want the vehicle back when the software arrives? Anyway TONY-that rattly noise which might sound like tappets is actually the calibration of the pilot & main injectors. When this happens, it creates “uncontrolled fuel burning” which makes the engine sound noisey on a neutral or cruise throttle situation. They sorted that out on mine as soon as I had them on about it but never goes away entirely. Just the nature of this design of engine as other makes of common rail engines do it also i.e toyota, nissan, etc. And there are many crowds evn in aussie that do plug in or chip upgrades for ecu’s. Just google chip tuning australia and youre bound to find someone that will help you.
    Regards, D.T

  • D.T

    Oh crap, just read you post properly! Yours is petrol! Mines diesel as you can gather. Im sure those engines have hydraulic lifters? Good luck anyway.

  • josh

    HI, i’ve just purchased a triton last week, happy so far. Just happened to come across this site and had a little read. have i purchased a lemon?

  • Dave Cooper

    I’m just informed by me dealer that the software has been deployed in NZ, and is 4 weeks away from arriving here. Had mine in because the engine warning light was on and all “basic” things checked out ok – turns out the engine map sensor port was blocked with carbon. The car goes a lot better now as far as power and economy are concerened – BUT STILL BUNNY HOPS @ 100KLM/HR!!!!

  • http://mitsubishitritonutility2006 jack

    hi all
    i have owned diesel triton a year now and was hoping have it on l.p.g. by now but dont like the idea of mitsubishi being able to use it as an exuse to opt out warranty with all the motor issues that we are all having has anyone had any reports perhaps D.T in N.Z.might know something about.
    cheers jack

  • Travis

    So its now August 10, Dave, you say that your dealer told you the fix was 4 weeks away in July…well if thats true I AM HANGING OUT FOR IT BIG TIME! Can you please let us all know if that comes about and if so how effective the fix is?


  • D.T

    Hey guys,
    I called my dealer last week and still no sign of the software. Since my last post, I have had 2 large side mount toolboxes and marine ply screwed to the deck. (mines a drop side, not wellside.) With all my tools, gas bottles, oil drums & other gear its now loaded fulltime. Performance is still reasonably good and 100km/hr shudder is gone but engine still gets rattly on cruise. Turn up the stereo! Still towing machines on trailers quite alot also, so all in all works pretty hard but now im used to it, Im content with it. Only 11500km so far so early days but would be fair to say its handling it. Will keep all posted to see if a triton can hack it as a heavy equipoment field service vehicle. By the way we are still having problems with our navaras.hahaha

  • Gavin

    Hi Guys,

    Glad to hear I am not the only one with problems with my Triton.
    I have had it 12mths now, It surged when I picked it up as I drove it out of the carpark of the dealer, took it back and they fixed it, no problems till now, its back surging again, and the powerstearing is making noises. The altimeter always says 0m elevation even when I am at several hundred.

    Anyone had problems of fuses blowing ?

    Also my local Fire Station has a Triton, and they are having surging problems, the local dealer told them they had got bad diesel, not good when they are using it as an emergency vehicle !!

  • Ian

    my 2007 triton 3.2 common rail and has just over 20 thou on the clock. The injector ping or what ever it is annoys me and fuel consumption 13ltr per 100km at 100kph long running is too excessive. I have not noticed the surging at 100k. I have spoken to a few and one had his fuel injector pressure cut back and that stopped the ping. He is towing a caravan and is very happy with power and consumption. Has anyone heard of this. I am not technically minded but the ping is annoying me. Only use BP Fuel.

  • Laura

    Hi All

    I have a 07 turbo diesel Triton. It’s just over a year old with 31 000km on the clock. I drove it from WA to QLD recently and the surging began. I hit a kangaroo right at the time it began and believed (until I found this site) that it must have something to do with hitting the roo. I recently took it in for it’s 30 000km service and asked them to look out for anything that is making it ‘blow excessive black smoke and jerking/surging, especially around 100km/hr). They found nothing.

    I have asked a few local mechanics about it and no one seems to have any idea where to start. Is there something specific I can request from them that might help or is it a matter of sitting tight and waiting for something to come from Mitsubishi?

    Mine is particularly bad, randomly surging at all speeds in all gears. I find I have to almost constantly be accelerating to minimise the surging.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. laura_burrows3@hotmail.com


  • Dave Cooper

    Laura & others,

    Your symptoms are identical to mine (minus the roo). Mines now got 40k on the clock and no word from the dealer on the software fix. I havd the suction valve replaced as others seemed to think that this remedied the issue – didnt work for mine.
    Every moring i pull out of the my drive there is a speed hump about 20m away – i pull my foot off ever so gently to slow down (only doing 20klm anyway) and the car nearly stops dead and puts me through the windscreen!, just cuts out completely!.
    If any of you hear of someone driving their Triton into the river and claiming insurance…………please dont dob me in!!


  • Ian

    Just received a call from Mitsubishi about my motor noise. They tell me there is a fix and to take it to the dealer for a re-program. Still no fix about the surging thou. Am I glad I have not got that problem yet. Am keeping my eye on this site. Asked the person from Mitsubishi about the reduction in deisel pump and injector pressure = no idea. I would like to compare a good motor with the setting’s on mine, Seems like they brought out the Common Rail motor before fixing all the problems.


  • Laura

    Hi All

    I saw the Mackay Mitsubishi dealership this week and the service guy there said he attended the conference on the surging problem and within a month the fix will definitely be out. I have put my name down to be contacted as soon as it is released (it has been developed but not yet released in Aus).

    Also, apparently a fix that someone has tried that isn’t software-related is replacing all the relays. The relays from the bunny-hopping triton were then put in another car and that car then had the same problem while the tritons problems were gone!

    I will be booking mine in a requesting all the relays to be replaced asap until this software fix arrives.

    I’m waiting for more info to come through regarding exactly what the relay problem was (I was told but it went straight over my head…) – something about dodgy relays delaying things to the ECU? I will update once I get the email.

    *crosses fingers*


  • D.T

    Hi again,
    Funny Ian you should metion about the fuel economy. For a 75 ltr fuel capacity, Im lucky to get 520-540kms before the light comes on which means theres 11 ltrs left(pretty accurate)So 64 ltrs -520kms=12.3ltrs-100kms. Suppose thats not too bad considering the weight I cart around. Gets worse when towing. As Ive mentioned before in previous posts, The surging is a mapping problem with the ecu software and the pinging is injector calibration. If you read you owners manual, there is a provision in there saying that from time to time the injection system goes through a learning process and the noise of the engine changes.”This is normal and does not indicate a problem.” Yeah right, Sounds like we gotta lemon but sell it anyway so we dont get sacked! HERES ANOTHER BUG IVE GOT-and its previously mentioned, if youre turning near full lock into a road from a standstill,move off then for some reason having to turn hard the opposite way the steering goes dead. I bloody near hit a bus because of it. Ring the dealer tomorrow. Im sure they hate me….

  • Joel

    Hi DT I have the same problem with the power steering.. Please let me know if they find a fix.. I battled for 6 months to no avail.. now at 60,000km…

  • Dave Cooper

    Hi again,

    Got a call monday 01/09 from the dealer – the software upgrade for the ecu to stop surging has arrived!! – My car is in there right now having it installed.

    Will report back tomorrow on my findings.


  • Dave Cooper

    Ok – Picture me sitting here with a huge slice of Humble pie crammed into my gob!
    Well not really – its still taken the bastards 13 months to fix it.

    BUT – can i say, the engine is now an entirely different piece of gear, i would go as far to say it behaves “beautiful” very smooth from first turn of the key – not surging whatsoever. I seriously noticed the difference before i’d left the dealers yard.

    Still didnt get any response or “give us a call and tell us what you think” type service.

    What has been a drawn out sage is now over for me (untill the next thing).

    I’ll keep an eye out on how everyone else pans out – if anyone needs any info or my dealers info i’d be glad to help anywhere i can.

    BTW – it’l still be my first & last Mitsibishi

    Cheers and goodluck all!


  • Ben P

    D.T and Joel – August 31st
    I have the same problem with my steering hardening suddenly. I bought it up with the Toowoomba regional service manager (higher up than the dealer service manager) when I met him to discuss engine surging/hesitation, rattling steering, crap gearchanges and clutch action among other things.

    Aside from all the B.S and wank he fed me (nothing is wrong with my car apparently, but he clunked the gears every time for the entire hour he drove it), he said that the steering is a known issue, Mitsu Aus have reported it to Japan and they have pretty much said they aren’t going to fix it. He refused to admit it was a fault and said with a smirk that it was an ‘undesirable characteristic’ and didn’t affect the performance of the vehicle (except that i’ve almost had an accident because of it). Its something that may or may not be fixed in subsequent new model upgrades.

    I was told that Mitsubish would contact me by mail and phone as soon as the software was available, but surprise surprise the first i’ve heard of it being available is on here. I’m still trying to get my steering fixed after 1.5 years and 50000k (3 pumps, 2 racks and 2 columns). I’ve never come across a company of any sort with worse customer service than this one – it stinks. Thankfully we have our ‘Diamond Advantage and Aus best customer service’ to console ourselves. If Mitsubishi went broke tomorrow i would be overjoyed, but unfortunately us idiots keep getting ripped off with their overpriced unreliable pieces of sh*t.
    Sorry for the vent, but thanks for everyones input so far here, been more help than Mitsu ever has.

  • http://mitsubishitritonutility2006 jack

    hi everybody
    had my vehicle at dealers for three days last week after a couple false starts eventualy got the fix,wich incedently only consisted of reprograming the computer so it beggars belief that it has taken eighteen months or more to come up with but since last friday like dave cooper says it is driving like a new ute albeit 1.5 years too late and like dave i hope this is the end of our problems fingers crossed

  • in_denile

    Has anyone had, or heard of problems with the 2.5L diesel engine variant?

  • http://mitsubishitritonutility2006 jack

    oh fdear here we go again

  • Ian

    Further to my post about 6 above, Mitsubishi advise me there is a fix for the Injector knock which comes in about 1900 revs and goes out about 2200. Their reference number is MN 13001. Booked it in for next friday so will see what happens. Only problem is that the local bloke (dealer )wont touch it. (didn’t buy it from him) Now getting it done in Karratha 250km away. Mitsubishi complaints line have been very good and they had the manager ring the dealer and put a bit of pressure on. The local dealer rang today all appologetic but I made my mind up to take it to Karratha. I am actually frightened that the local dealer won’t do the job properly and only promissing to do it because of the pressure from Head Office.

    Will let you know how it goes.

  • John D

    G’day folks,
    It’s good to hear that there has finally been some successs for some of you diesel owners on getting the software issues ironed out – LONG overdue!
    I have the 2.4l petrol 2WD dual cab and it has been really pretty good for the first 5000km (touch wood). I am thinkin of putting an LPG conversion in but was wondering if anyone has had this done yet.
    I am particularly interested in whether they managed to fit the gas tank under the tray without having to either fit the spare tyre to the back window or on a gate-style wheel mount off the back of the tray. There looks to be a fair bit of room to move the spare around under the tray..

  • Joel

    Have Just had the fix software done in as well as the manifold removed and de-gunked appently all but blocked and is another known issue from mitsubishi to do with the pollution control return… The mechanic who worked on the vehicle told me that there was a whole new intake manifold on the horizon but as always he said… i didnt tell you that!!! The car now runs like it did when I drove it off the lot but without the surging, though it seems a loss of power at lower revs.. 2 days it took and the dealer was reluctant to do it.. But a worthwhile fix for 1 of the many problems it seems.

  • rhona

    help can anyone tell me what the knocking in the steering is?? i have had it back 3 times and they tell me theres nothing wrong.. i maybe blonde but im not a fool..

  • Joel

    I Had a steering column replaced under warrranty for a steering knock

    • http://tritontwincabgls2007petrol david c

      Me too, but they fixed it under warranty no problem. Reading all the above I’m glad I got the petrol – no probs with it,

  • rhona

    hi joel, the dealer here said that the steering coloum isue was not with the 5/07 build( but its got a knock anyway )so nothing has been done i will try to get it looked at again.

  • D.T

    Had the computer reprogrammed & same results as D Cooper. Goes heaps better & fuel economy has even increased. long time coming but very satesfied. They say they will replace my p/s pump to fix the steering prob but I know it wont work. See what happens at service time when they put it in.
    Its funny, I dont want to get rid of this ute but I would never EVER get another!

  • http://mitsubishitritonutility2006 jack

    yes d.t its like having the runt of the litter and now it is healthy your frightened to let the wind blow on it
    so you just keep flogging it

  • richard

    ML triton 2.4 petrol owners relax.This motor has been around for ever and is generally bullet proof.Thats why I bought the triton over anything else.The rest of the vehicle is yet to be proven but my old triton did 235000ks without a fault with thje same engine.

  • ian

    Had the computer upgrade done last Friday. Great. Fuel consumption @ 110-115kph for 200km I got average 10.2 ltr per 100.
    Has never been below 11 before.
    Around town it is below 10ltr per 100km.
    The rumbles have stopped. Only took them 1 hour to fix a heap of complaints.

  • Steve

    Hi All. I ‘Googled’ “Triton ML Surging” and came aross this site for I too have a similar surging issue with my 3.2 Diesel. I e-mailed my local dealer explaining the issue and that I had come across others with a similar problem. I also mentioned that it appeared this problem ‘could’ be fixed with reprogramming the ‘ecu’? They advised that there were no outstanding recalls for this vehicle. Is there any more information anyone can give me before I go back to my dealer and not look like a total idiot? I brought the vehical a few months ago with 15500km’s on the clock, it now has 18550km’s.

  • ian


    There is no actual recall

    Quote ML 13001 and tell them to look it up. When I took mine last week they had already downloaded a how to do it sheet.

    The ML 13001 fix for a series of motors & not all the 3.2 DDI engines, Yours may be a different problem but someone above had this done and it fixed theirs too. My local dealer also told me there was no recall and I even had a look on his computer so you need to quote the above. It looks like Mitsubishi have not been telling their dealers. They told me they had but it seems different doesn’t it

    Mine has 21,000 on the clock now.


  • Joel

    Everyone is reporting fuel saving from this ECU upgrade.. mine seems to have gone the opposite direction several tanks later and I am using 1.5L/100 more than I was before anyone experiencing this?

  • D.T

    Hey Joel,
    Before I got my wagon fixed properly, they jimmied some other patchup programme in to my ecu to stop the shuddering & injector rattle….apparently my wagon was only 1 of 2 vehicles in NZ to need it…..so they reckon…(load of BS) anyway boy was it thirsty. They might have boogied yours up. Crooks. Make sure youre not getting the patchup & getting the proper fix. With all the strife mitsi are going through with these wagons, they’ll do or say anything just so you’ll piss off!

  • Ben P

    Hi all,

    I had the software ‘fix’ done in my vehicle about a month ago, I didn’t notice any difference when I drove it out of the dealer, but thought I would give it time to prove itself thinking I was scrutinising it too much. But a month later, still no different. It is still jerky with the throttle, still has a flat spot between 2000-2400 rpm and is still as noisy and clattery as ever. I had mine surge on a few times before the fix, but it hasn’t done it ever since. I was led to believe this software fix was supposed to correct a number of problems, including the jerky throttle and the surging.

    I’m still waiting for them to complete the repairs to the steering (2 years later…) and now I’m told that the manifold gets a build up of gasses and could be causing a problem – huh?

    Amongst those problems, I still have shuddering clutch and clunking gearbox. I can’t believe how much bad luck I’ve had with this stupid car.

    Has anyone else had the same problems even after this magical software ‘fix’?

  • http://isuzu DAVID .P


  • Dave Cooper

    Hi all,

    I dropped my ute in for a service thismorning and was asked if i was happy with the “Sortware fix” blah blah – anyway during conversation i was told that the software fix is not having the same result on every vehicle & that there are a few still down here that are having troubles with the surging etc.

    I guess i was one of the lucky ones….

  • Ben P

    Hi all,
    After having no success with the first ‘fix’ for the ECU, I took it back to the dealer for the millionth time (they must hate me by now), and this time they did a ‘complete ECU upgrade’, which seems to have fixed the problem. It’s still a noisy motor, and doesn’t smooth out until it’s properly warmed up, but at least the throttle is less jerky (still not perfect) and there is no more flat spot between 2000-2400 rpm. The motor behaves the same everytime I drive it now, which is much better than it was.

    Also had the airbag module replaced to try and stop the rattling in the steering, but surprisingly it hasn’t worked and it’s exactly the same noise. Now I just have to wait while they consult with Mitsubishi HQ again – haven’t I been doing that for two years now? Can anyone else suggest what the steering rattle is? I’ve had 3 pumps, 2 racks, 2 columns, 1 airbag module and it’s still rattling.

    What a heap of sh*t, I hate this car.

  • Ben P

    Oh, and my Bluetooth is now on the blink – is there ever a time when these cars just work?

  • http://mitsubishitritonutility2006 jack

    hi all
    the last 2 times i have filled up with fuel i have taken note and worked out for myself the consumpsion ,not relying on the screen,and i am quite impressed to find the 3.2 d.i.d is now doing over 12 klms to the litre or less than 8 litres per 100 klms has anyone else got results like these ?

  • Ben P

    Hi Jack,

    I certainly haven’t had such good economy with mine. I used to be able to get down to 8.9 l/100km on the highway, but since the software ‘fix’ I rarely get below 10, most of the time it’s around 11 l/100km. But then again, I don’t spare the horses either. But at least it’s working better now than it was, so I’m prepared to put up with the extra couple of litres per 100km that it takes to run.

    Another call to the dealer who was ‘definitely’ going to get back to me 2 days ago about the steering rattle, been going on since before May this year and still nothing. Mitsu customer relations in Adelaide don’t even answer my complaints these days – what a shit company.

  • Joel

    Well back into the dealership this week to see why the fuel is being sucked into this thing at such a rapid rate… and why there are clouds of black smoke following me around… apparently it should be “all better now”…. Now even the service staff at the dealership wont look me in the eye and couldnt tell me what they had done to fix the problem.. I need a holiday from my car!

  • Chris

    I have a GLX/r DID triton with 48000kms and it is sweet. Engine is smooth, steering is good and everything works. touch wood. Fuel consumption around town is low 10’s on the trip computer.

  • Joel

    Well back to the dealership for me… they told me all would be well and now fuel consumption is at a very nice 14L per 100…. dealer does not want to know me anymore..

  • Joel

    Had to ring the dealership today as they had not called me… Was told”we have escalated to mitsubishi technical”… and around and around we go again!

  • wulf

    i have the same problem with my unit, 3.2 GLS.
    – throttle sticking or revving up
    – unpredictable and sudden engine braking
    – jolts and jerks/ sometimes bunny-hopping
    – surges forward even accelerator is released
    – inconsistent throtle response
    – rough engine

    now 18,000KM on the odometer. first reported the problem way back 5,000km.

    I was relieved after seeing this forum and confirmed i am not along and my case is not isloated. I used to think or they might be thinking that im just making up my complaints. reported to our local Mitsu service several times.

    what a piece of crap

  • D.T

    Its a shame to see that people are still having major problems with this model vehicle. Touch wood, mine has behaved itself and is working well. Gets worked hard running around loaded fulltime and ALOT of towing. I mean 2.5-3 Tonnes. The lightest is my boat at 1975kgs. And cause its xmas and fishing & diving is going off over here,the old trucks kept very busy. I give credit when due- pretty good auto transmissions in them. Just clicked over 24K now so very early days.

  • paul

    Was worried with surging stories but my 2007 gls is awesome,no problems whatsoever, love it.

  • Chris

    Hi all, glad I found this before I signed on the dotted line. Have nearly purchased a 08 GLX-R DID Auto with 7000 km on the clock. Drove it today, but as not much fuel in it couldn’t take it on the h’way. The dealer span me a line on why it was traded. Don’t know if I beleive him now. What exactly should I be looking for? Thanks.

  • Ben P

    Chris Dec 30.

    DON’T BUY IT! Save yourself the drama, it might be ok now, but everyone else I know who has one including on here has had problems. Yes they are nicer inside and look sharper when compared to the other utes, but that will fade very quickly when a myriad of things start to go wrong and Mitsubishi can’t (or won’t) fix them. I went for the looks/features instead of quality, reliability and resale and I sorely regret it now. Go for a Nissan or Toyota.

  • Ben P

    Look for: (There has been a whole heap of problems with the ECU and electronic throttle software…)
    – surging and strange tappety noises when accelerating
    – flat spots in the engine when accelerating, esp when cold
    – rough really noisy running engine
    – jerky/sticking throttle, esp at town/crawling speeds
    – sudden engine braking when taking foot off accelerator
    – feeling of engine hesitating when pressing accelerator after coasting down hill
    – rattling steering column around rough or bumpy corners or on dirt road corrugations – they ALL do it to some degree, my dealer tested three of them.
    – steering going hard suddenly esp when swerving or turning quickly one way then quickly the other (ie small roundabouts or offroad manoevering, or emergency swerving and lane changing) – again they ALL do it.

    I’ve got 62000km on mine and other annoyances include:
    – crap clutch / gearchange (although one you looking at is auto so disregard)
    – clunking in the driveline esp after being in 4wd.
    – incessantly squeaky rear leaf springs no matter how much they are greased!
    – dodgy bluetooth only connects when it wants to

    The dealer would take you for a little drive around some smooth roads where there aren’t many stops/starts etc, but if you plan to use it off road it’s not a very stable vehicle especially on corrugated dirt roads, the front is too soft on straight ahead bumps, too stiff on diagonal ones (mismatched springs, dampers and roll bar) and the rear leaves are very bouncy unlike the Navara. The tray is too small and not practical for carrying things with hardly anywhere to tie down large items like furniture. Mountain bikes have to be pulled apart to fit and the hard toneau and roll bar rattle and rub and take paint of the outside panels if you use it on rough roads alot.

    Sorry for rant, but honestly don’t want to see any more people sucked in – the car is crap, the company is even worse.

  • wulf

    Sir Ben P, how dis they solved this problem with your unit?
    What’s the cause?

    – jerky/sticking throttle, esp at town/crawling speeds
    – sudden engine braking when taking foot off accelerator

    can i ask for your email add?

    Others with similar symptoms above, any explanation/answer from your Mitsubishi dealer why so?

    please help me on this, i am so frustrated with my unit.


  • mad 992

    got my glx-r pick-up truck 31-12-08 all good no problems so love that car

  • Ben P


    There was a revised software distributed amongst the dealers for the ECU a few months ago. I was led to believe that it should fix the diesel surging, improve economy and problems with the throttle. However it didn’t completely fix the problem the first time. So they did a ‘complete ECU upgrade’ the next time (which I think was basically just a re-boot) and it drove a lot better, but still not completely fixed. The throttle is sometimes still sticky/jerky, I still get the sudden engine braking when I lift off and every now and then I still have a flat spot at 2000rpm when I accelerate gently. I heard rumours that the software fix that everyone waited 2 years for is not having the same effect on each vehicle. Dealer tried to justify it by explaining all the variables that can affect engine performance, such as different fuel supplies, from different places etc, but there are plenty of other cars with engines that work just fine, so I can’t understand why they can’t make this one work properly too.

    My dealer told me that there is also a problem with one of the pipes between the throttle body and the exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR), it apparently gets clogged with carbon deposits. A revised pipe is supposedly on its way and when it is fitted they also have to do another ECU ‘re-learn’, but there is no ETA for the new pipe yet. The dealer can clean the current pipe out, which is supposed to make it drive better in the mean time, but I didn’t notice a difference. My throttle is still weird.

    The dealer has been led to believe that this new pipe design should make quite a bit of difference, but I don’t think they honestly know themselves.

    I hope this helps, I know it’s frustrating mate, I have battled for 2 years now with heaps of different problems. Even though there are probably fixes for some of this stuff, they won’t notify you about it unless you complain about it first. Like I keep saying – shit car, even shitter company.

  • Ken

    2007 TRITON GLX-R 35,000kms on clock, 3.6litre 5 speed petrol, car seems fine apart from hard to change gears and klonking though drive train. Dealer taking out gearbox tomorrow to inspect, keep fingers crossed.

  • jack

    a pat on the back
    i was recently at knox mitsubishi in melbourne to get airconditioner fixed in my 3.2 diesel triton,turned out to be a fuse probably my fault,had interim service done while there $160 which ithought was quite reasonable and the vehicle felt like it had been serviced,brakes etc which unfotunately is not always the case.
    i got talking to CHRIS BURUMA the dealer principle about all the problems i and many others have had with diesel tritons,he seemed quite suprised to hear so i recomended this site he says his dealership sell more tritons than anyother in AUSTRALIA which is believable when you see the hive of activity every morning,but he still remembers your name and why you are there which i found quite refreshing after dealingwith 2 dealers in W A MANDURAH MITSUBISHI was alright but ROCKINGHAM MITSUBISHI have alot to learn in their service department about customer relations
    so it is fair to say that CHRIS BURUMA HAS restored my faith in the MITSUBISHI brand so for that i say thank you

  • D.T

    Its hard to really explain how much work Im doing with my triton. 4Lo & Hi frequently on rough jobsites, constant towing….sh*t I had a long weekend off recently, by the way I explained in an earlier message that with toolboxes and all my gear she weighs in at a fraction under 2700kgs-that how it runs around full time-double cab. Anyway, loaded whatever space I had left with our gear and supplies, then hooked up a 1.7T excavator on a tandem trailer with buckets & 2 quad bikes & headed north of Auckland for just over 300KMS to an old family home my inlaws are renovating. If any of you are familiar with the route between West Akl & Dargaville- heaps of hills, some of them brutal. The ute- what a champion.At a GCM being the best part of 6 tonnes….I was impressed. Basically, my ute gets hammered & handles the jandal. Still early days…..If it sh*ts itself you will ll be the 1st to know after the dealer…hahaha

  • Chris

    Ben P Jan 4

    Thanks for the tips. Now looking @ D40 Navara as my brother has had one now for 2 years without a hiccup. I just like the look of the Mitsy though. I have spoken to numerous owners (in carparks etc) and the split is 70/30 favouring those with problems. Not a good look. I hope all you guys out there with faults get some resolution soon. Good luck.

  • D.T

    Hey Chris…buyer beware-D40.
    They have their fair share of problems. I dunno what the V6 petrol ones are like but the YD25 has a few refinements left to go through. If your brother has a diesel. Ask him what happens if at a standstill he deliberately tries to give it the herbs to take off. Ours is a 6 speed manual, and will relieve fuel pressure through the common rail relief valve which causes the engine to lose 90% power instantly or just stall altogether under hi load take off. Thats bloody dangerous if youre in someones way at an intersection! It has been back to the dealer 3 times, has a new fuel rail fitted but still does it. And smokes too. Also you cant help but think that a 2500cc diesel producing that sort of torque has gotta sh*t something sooner or later??? Theyve got a terrible turning radius and are prone to clutch shudder or prematurely sh*tting the clutch altogether. Being dual mass they are expensive unless its under warranty. At the local dealership, they have a large scrap steel bin at the back of the workshop full of D40 axles…..You buy a D40 from them, they whip the axles out of the rear assembly & bang new ones in.Anyway Im not dissing, they drive & look superb and for a 2.5 pull awesome.And i like the interior. Just saying that no matter what you look at, theyre all having teething probs.

  • mark

    im just about to get engine number 3 in my 06 ml triton because of gudgeon rattle ‘being stuffed around by mitsubishi been waiting 5 weeks for answer on how they will fix it this time.the first time they used a secondhand engine to fix it under warrenty. has anyone else had this problem

  • DB

    Apparently the problems in the 09 model have been fixed.

    Can anyone comment on this?

  • Ben P

    I’ve just had the first stage of the intake manifold and the exhaust gas recirculation (valve?) replaced on my vehicle (see post by me Jan 17). This time I’m actually surprised to say that it drives a hell of a lot better. And no wonder… the dealer showed me the old pipe and EGR inlet, and it was seriously constricted by about 1/3 because of the carbon build up. New pipe is in, the throttle control is now much better, sudden engine braking when lifting off seems to have reduced and the engine revs much cleaner, with no flat spot. Unbelieveable.

    However, in typical Mitsubishi fashion, instead of fixing it completely, the second stage of the inlet manifold and all the intake valves are probably coated in carbon deposits too, as a result of the dodgy design of the original pipe. Miraculously, Mitsubishi has a new way to ‘decarbonise’ the engine, for an introductory offer of only $105 – considering the thousands they have already forked out fixing my stupid car, you would have thought they could have just cleaned it out as a gesture of their good will…

    So next service, I will reluctantly fork out the $105 if that is what it takes to get it properly fixed, and have it driving 100%.

    Still no word back on the report sent off about the rattling steering column though.

  • jack

    hi dt in nz
    do you know anything about d.p chip i remember you mentioned something similar a few months ago did you ever get one and do they work cheers jack

  • D.T

    Hey Jack,
    I have not made purchase of anything yet. That crowd I was talking about are in the UK. (Google Torquetech chip tuning) See’n If I can find something a bit closer to home or artound home for that matter. That way if it doesnt work I can throw it at someone without a trip half way round the world. Pretty happy with it as it is for now. Mind you, you can never have enough for towing. Mitsi were selling limited upgrades over here but I think thier licence was up as even 1 of the Mitsi NZ bigwigs couldnt get 1. And that was 120-141kW & 400+Nm of torque. If anyone decides to mail order 1 from UK, LET THE RESULTS BE KNOWN!!!

  • M.P

    Hello All
    After watching these posts for the last 6 months my 07 TD Triton(13000kms) finally spat the dummy on the way to work. I’ve only ever experienced minor problems with throttle overrun/surging at low rpm when the engine has been cold, and until now the car has given good performance with economy of 8.3L/100km around town and 9.3-10L/100km on the highway. I was just about to overtake a slow moving tractor when the engine warning light came on and the motor lost all power. Wouldn’t rev over 1500rpm, but managed to get it to the dealers. When I went to pick it up they were rather coy and said it was the throttle position sensor. I managed to steal a look and the paperwork while the girl was away and there was a big red stamp on the paperwork with ‘RECALL CAMPAIGN COMPLETE’ and some ECU diagnostic printouts attached. I usually speak to their head mechanic, however he wasn’t available.Mitsu certainly have a strange concept of ‘RECALL’. I’m waiting with baited breath over the next few weeks to see how their fix works.

  • D.T

    RECALL_Rear suspension U bolts. Crack & break.Ring your local dealer to see if it applies to your vehicle.

  • D.T
  • Cameron

    My DL ML “07 has 65,000 now and been to Geelong dealer 7 times for : ECU, a new in manifold, tube for manifold as Mitsu sent wrong one, new rear springs as they squeek like hell and are replacing them, have to go back as wrong U bolts sent on safety re-call, still blowing heaps of black smoke so it is going back again anyway. No steering issues noticed-knock on wood. This ute has had runs on beaches in nth NSW and in SA, towes my ski boat, quad bikes in and out of the bush up the Murray, with the diff lock has never been bogged-standard tyres are crap and easily hole on sticks through the side walls. So I give it 9/10 for an overall score

  • wulf

    my truck now has 25,000km. the surging/jerking and sudden engine braking problem is worst than ever. Mitsu phil offered no solution yet. At least in aus and newzealand, the problem is being acknowledged. The problem is so worst that only an incompetent fool would not notice. i guess they are all imcompetent.

    or , they\’re all playing deaf and completely ignoring the problem. what;s the use of a 3-year warranty when it\’s not even respected. I do faithfully follow the PMS to keep my ute in good condition but the fu***ng dealer and mitsu ignores a quality defect in the performance. I believe that intermittent, unpredictable performance/problem is a sign of a factory defect. and they are still ignoring it. I will go public if they will not respond to my last appeal.

  • Ben P

    Hi all,

    Pleased to report that engine is still working well, with only minor jerkiness in the throttle and occaisional throttle over-run, but certainly much much better than it has run for the past two years. De-carbonising seems to have done it good, although I get the impression that there is still a bit of carbon build up in there as it is blowing more smoke than I remember it used to.

    Anyone else having problems with knocks and looseness in the steering? I’ve had 2 steering columns and 2 steering racks and now the knocks are starting to creep back, joining the terrible rack rattle around corners, after only 20000km. No word back on dealers report about steering to Mitsubishi HQ. Has anyone had any luck with any other dealers or heard anything on the grape vine?

    Mitsubishi customer assistance centre in Adelaide stopped returning my calls long ago – what a shit company.

  • Dushy

    Hi all,
    I have been reading every ones delemers from the beginning of this segment to the end – very depressing!
    I own 3.2 DID D/Cab 4×4 Auto with 22,000km and so far only have a couple minor concerns. I purchased it from new 12/07, and my proplems started after the 1st service when they down loaded the latest software to reduce engine rattle.
    My fuel consumption increased : 8.5L/100Km H/way driving & 10L/100Km city.
    Now getting 10L/100Km H/way & 11.5L/100Km city, but even more annoying LOSS OF POWER DOWN LOW. Mitsu. dealer in Ipswich (Queensland) have replaced the intake manifold and relocated the map sensor pick and down loaded new software for the 5th time and still no improvement to fuel consumption or remedy for the power loss. Going back to Mitsu next week again to have squeaking rear springs fixed (hopefully)for the 4th time and to replace tapping L/F seat belt slide adjuster.
    D.T, you mensioned a U bolt recall, I wonder if that’s what they are replacing?
    You also mensioned the Power Box, have you had this installed?


  • D.T

    No Dushy, nothing of yet. Im holding off the power box I hear we might be doing a deal for a new lot of hilux’s. I just had mine serviced today and mentioned to them about the intake manifold. They have it on order from japan. I didnt know about the u bolt thing, they sent me a letter.
    There should be a provision on this site to upload pictures.

  • Ben P


    Squeaking rear springs and U-bolts are different problems. Squeaking springs are fixed by putting plastic sleeves between the springs and the smaller shackles that locate the springs along their length. I’ve had this done to mine by the dealer, they have a fix for it, and they haven’t made a noise since.
    The U-Bolts is an official recall, you should have got a letter if yours was affected. Micro-cracks could have been introduced in the manufacturing process, and if the vehicle is exposed to high corrosion environments it could lead to the U-bolts rusting and failing unexpectedly. See http://www.recalls.gov.au for info on it.

  • Dushy

    Thanks for that link Ben,

    It doesn’t look as if it applies to my vehicle. As for the plastic insulators between the leafs, it has already been installed.
    The female service advisor told me they had ordered complete spring assemblies – after speaking to the service manager, he advised they will be replacing the front shackle bushes. I just hope they fix it this time as i’m over taking it to them. The dealers must cringe when they see a Triton pull up in their drive way!

    Had my front discs machined today to rectify brake shudder. Mitsu will on only cover this under warranty if you have not exceeded 15,000km.
    I used to owner a Mazda Tribute – two thumbs up to Mazda for their commitment for excellence when it comes to warranty related issues.
    They replaced my front discs and brake pads under warranty @ 22,000km for the same issue.

    Grin and bare it with Mitsu :-)


    i drive a 3.2 turbo diesel 07 triton..nothing but problems with the thing..first up was the surging *still not fixed by mitsubishi*..then came the steering wheel squeaking *still not fixed by mitsubishi*..then came the air con problems *and still having problems..mind u that the car has been to mitsubishi 3 times already to fix it*..also had the ubolt fix..ohh and fuel consumption is at an average of 12L per 100ks and thats drivin it like a granny..turbo is about to go with 60,000ks on the clock..ive emptyd the intercooler 4 times till now *everytime i empty the oil out of it its atleast 300ml in there..not to mention the carbon build up in the intake plenum *atleast 2m thick*..ohh and the engine light has turned on a couple of times for no reason *turns of next day*..ive even had the throttle stop working when i was passin a t intersection,car wouldnt move,the throttle just stoped working,pushed it down the road and waited half n hour and then it started working..radiatior fluid emptyd every 1week,had no idea why until i found out the radiator hose was leaking..i regret not buyin the hilux or navara,the triton is all for show..CONGRATS TO MITSUBISHI MOTORS FOR CREATING AN ULTIMATE S**T BOX CAR!!..

  • http://isuzu DAVID .P


  • D.T

    Well, afraid to say, but my miss or shudder at 90KM/H(just under 2000rpm) is on its way back. Bastard thing. I have an inlet manifold on the way but Im not convinced its gonna fix this reoccurring problem. Iv’e had the software upgrade but it seems that it was just another band aid. Ive just clocked over 34000kms now so it hasn’t lasted 8 months. I’m a bit pissed to be honest as I thought I was 1 of the lucky ones that might have ended up with a good 1 but it’s apparent that it’s not the case. Overall, still been a reliable workhorse thus fair but the small problems let this vehicle down. Trust me, the mechanic at my dealership nearly spat his lunch out of his mouth when I told him. Frustrating for them too. And they can’t argue cause they do all the maintenance. Contrary to the initial agreement that we would look after servicing inhouse provided we used genuine parts. Thank F**k I didnt follow that through. Keep you posted but it looks like the miricale fix is all sh*t

  • cammo

    hi all,any reports on 3.5lt petrol motor problems?we have one that has built up to much oil pressure (pressumed)and blown the oil filter seal and then dumping the oil all down the hyway at 100kms/hr.now the engine is very noisy and in the shop.with only 40k on the clock mitzy do not want to talk warranty as there was a RYCO oil filter fitted.this was fitted by a reppitable service shop who states dealer book serviceing.can you see where we are going with this?mitzy blame ryco…ryco blames mitzy.
    thats enough for now.thanks for reading.well be back

  • Dushy

    Hi Cammo,
    I bumped into an old friend who works at a Ultra Tune outlet in brisbane and was only telling me a few weeks ago about a few vehicles that had to have Ryco oil filters replaced for oil leaking problems. This particular store is now using WC? brand oil filters for that very reason. I say you should ask around a few non dealer repair shops, gather some info. and give it to Ryco because I know Mitzu will wipe their hands of this one!(sorry mate,hate to say it, it some times pays to use genuine parts incase the unexpected happens).
    on another cheery note. my visit to the lovely dealer once again did not rectify my bloody squeaking rear springs or the power loss, but are now ordering complete spring assemblies from Jap Land. I think for the power loss, I willhave to sort it out my self. I’m going to install a new fuel filter to start with – failing that a 3″ exhaust and see what happens ’cause Mitsu don’t give a sh*t.

  • Bret

    … except those springs will come from Thailand, like the rest of the ute does.

  • Dushy

    sadly, but true. I think all the show ponies of today are build in Thailand and are build cheaply

  • Bob

    once again, sadly true.

    But I guess it is the consumers fault. Supply and demand. and the shareholders.

    Hasn’t anyone tried contacting a current affairs program or something?

  • chris

    want a fix for the spring sqeek? spray them with lanolin. sweet now…..car is sweet otherwise.

  • chris

    oh, and if you ever want to sell your triton don’t go to a current affair program. it will f*#k the rest of us up as well.

  • D.T

    Same as Ben P, had intake manold done. Shudder is gone & slightly better performance. Not entirely convinced. Had my triton absolutely engulfed in mud yesterday and it ploughed through. Heaps of fun. Except the full underbody waterblast I gave it when I got back to my workshop was not fun at all. Im going to fabricate bellypans for my ute as factory ones are rubbish.

  • brendan

    I have an 7/07 v6 triton with an engine that sounds like a 500,000klm falcon engine,its only done 24,000klm,has been to many dealers and was told “they all sound like that,its normal”normal my arse

  • Tony

    The rattle is aparently the gudgon pins, mine is booked into mitsubshi to get new rods and pistons. Mine is also an 07 v6. had the noise from about 1800kms now at 30,000km. Hopefully this will work as they have had the go ahead from Japan to fix under warranty.(So I have been told). I’ll let you know the out come as it will be about 3 weeks until I get it back. So go and talk to yout mitsu dealer about the noise.


  • Jeff

    Just a question for the diesel owners….do you ever use bio diesel??? I have just bought a glxr did 09 and was told in no uncertain terms to not use bio diesel in it as it will cause expensive problems not covered by warranty (to do with the fuel side rather than the carbon build up side I believe??) Only done 2000k yet but its awesome compared to the mj 96 2.5td its replacing (may just hang on to it for awhile longer in case by the sound of things;-)) cheers Jeff

  • mark

    ***********PROBLEMS TRITON*****************

    father in-law has a 08 triton glx-r model and s many problems
    1. accelerator sensor stuffed up = new sensor + wiring
    2. knock in motor = replaced motor
    3. oil leak X3 gearbox = new gaskets
    4. oil leak gearbox 4th time = new gearbox after making sounds over 80km/h
    5. very little ground clearance 205mm therefor drive shaft some how bent = replaced
    6.turbo shut off motor wont start =still in mitsubishi service

    i will not get a triton iam getting a Isuzu D-MAX LS-M for $38,000 have a look for your self its worth it just type dmax in google

  • Adam

    I have a 2008 GLX-R Auto Diesel and thought I was going crazy as the car would seem to be sluggish and then surge. I had assumed dirty fuel, yet it did it over a few weeks, however, after finding this site it would seem I am not alone. I have just booked it in for a check by Mitsubishi Penrith on Monday.
    I will let all know what they claim it to be come Monday afternoon.

    I have had 4 of the Triton’s since 2004. 2 GLS Auto 4*4 Petrol’s, 1 GLS Manual Diesel 4*4 (Which blew the power Steering pump, replaced under warranty). All have been great up until now. Only reason I got the Triton GLX-R was that I needed a ute for work and also needed the better non bench like seating in the rear for the kids on the weekend. Else I would have got the Toyota Hilux, which may be the case next year after seeing all these issues.
    Let’s see what the service department says Monday!

  • Barry Despard

    07 tryton diesel flat spot on take off 38000 klm no response from throttle nearly cleaned up .Going to the dealer tomorrow they said carbon build up and computer reset required hope is fixed under warranty

  • Adam

    Went to Mitsubishi on Monday.
    Told that the car needs new intake manifold and boost hose. THey tried to scrape out the carbon to get me by.
    Has carbon build up and parts won’t be avaiable for 3 weeks. Told can drive the ute. Very surginging / jerky ride. They reackon that it is safe to drive. Beg to differ, feels like its going to die at any moment.
    Bring on the new Hilux. This ute is getting handed back at the end of the lease……..

  • Barry Despard


  • Bruce Fletcher

    I have had a 2006 GLXR 3.2 Turbo Diesel since new and now have about 85000km on it with normal logbook servicing. The jerking and hesitation started about 3 months ago and was getting worse by the day. Mostly evident around 105km/hr but really evident when trying to coast along at constant speed. Local Mitsubishi dealer they said they were aware of the problem and they would look at reprogramming etc. Now it gets interesting…. my brother is a very experienced diesel mechanic and he suggested to look for the simple things first!…said sounded like the engine was starving for air…so…changed the air filter to a Unifilter unit (about $100) and… ALL FIXED !… power is back, no jerking / hesitation and economy is back to well under 10.0. Seems like a new car. Love the car and very pleased. Thought others might be interested. Cheers…

  • Phil Stephenson

    I bought a new GLX twin cab with the 2.4 litre petrol engine in August 2007, and I am honestly astonished by what I have been reading on this site. My ute has only been to the dealer for warranty work twice, on both occasions due to the clips on the dealer-fitted soft tonneau cover failing, requiring replacement of the entire cover. The second cover they fitted under warranty had a new design of clip, which is more robust. Apart from that, it has not missed a beat. My only grumble is the aircon is not up to the hot summers we have in Australia, but the dealer checked it and found it is working within specs.
    Maybe I was just lucky, but I am pretty happy with mine, even though it is the ugliest ute this side of a Ssangyong. I don’t mind the looks, because it was the best-equipped ute for the money.

  • Steve Chaz

    I too WAS having the same problems with my 2007 triton, having flat spot just over 2000RPM and surging. So I followed 3 suggestions I found on this site and the problem is gone. This is what I did:

    1/ Started using ONLY BP fuel. I noticed a difference straight away in more power, smoother running and my engine didnt “rattle” anywhere near as much as it used to.
    At this stage I still had a very slight flat spot, but it was barely noticeable.
    2/ Put some Diesel Power from Chemtech in the fuel. This again gave me slightly more power and completely eliminated the flat spot / surging problem altogether.
    3/ I’ve now also installed a Uni Filter, air filter and this has also given me a bit more grunt. I ordered it online & it was delivered within 2 days.

    With all of the above, economy has improved greatly. I live in semi-rural, very hilly area & am getting 9.7 per 100k average.

    Thanks to all the guys who have commented on this site – that’s where I got the info to make these improvements & they really worked. Much better than going back & forth to the useless dealers who dont know a thing about their own cars, and couldnt care less.

    I’ve fallen back in love with my Triton again!

    Long live the internet!!!!!

  • Adam

    Following up on my Post, 28th July.
    You wouldn’t believe it after calling them Tuesday last week and being told parts still haven’t arrived, (after 3 wks or so), I received an SMS from the dealer Wednesday asking how I found my service last month. Well, I told them I wasn’t happy at waiting for over 3 weeks for parts, A few minutes later I received 3 calls from the service department wanting to book the car in ASAP. The parts suddenly arrived!!!!!
    Friday came, the car was repaired. New inlet manifold and boost hose installed.

    I was told by the service department that there is an issue in the design of the inlet manifold and that the surging is caused by carbon deposit build up and that this in turn blocks the turbo boost valve?? Well that’s what he said. Given that they redesigned the manifold, and also needed computer reprogramming, WHY HAVEN’T THEY RECALLED THE VEHICLES!!! They are just hoping that not all utes will have the problem. Beware, take your ute back and get it checked, else complain about even slight surging, and get it fixed under warranty

  • Mark

    I’ve purchased a used 2008 GLXR TD, 50,000 kms. The surging problem was there on my first test drive, I originally suspected the turbo. It is happening from 3rd to 4th to 5th gear, anywhere above 2000-4500 rpm, especially after I had been sitting at traffic lights for a few minutes. It went to Mitsubishi whom said they cleaned all the pipework on the turbo. Problem still there. I put a new K&N Air filter in, Problem still there.It went back to Mitsubishi and they replaced the Inlet manifold, and altered the the positioning of one of the pressure hoses to the turbo ??. Drove the car out of the dealer, next day problem still there. The service manager gave me the “carbon build up version” also. I contacted the dealer AGAIN, told him its coming in AGAIN next week and gave him opportunity to pre-plan what he will do next and pre-order any parts so they will be there on the day. The service manager said he has heard of something similar, but mine is unusual as it is only when the engine is hot, and the surging happens after the vehicle has been idling for a few minutes (ie traffic lights). It’s all well and good to have the best warranty on your vehicles, but whats the point in a great warranty if you can’t fix the vehicles. As Adam said, surely there’s got to be a recall on this.

  • Mick

    I have had a 2006 GLX-R for 2 years now and all of a sudden i’m starting to get a flat spot then surge betwwen 2,000 & 3,000 rpm. Had it serviced by my local mechanic and he replaced my air filter which was putride (hadn’t been changed by mitsubishi at previous service) but problem still exists.

  • mark

    hi guys if you got a new model triton sell it 2 much stuff ups i would sell it if i have 1 but lucky me i got a Dmax. in the triton seating at the back when we went for a drive sore backs only who has found that out ????

    • Carl

      Triton is 1000% better than Navara and 50% better than a Hilux. The new MN model will kill both of them in the 4WD of the Year awards. For the odd minor issues that arise get them fixed under the 5 year warranty and unmatched 10 year drivetrain warranty. Lot of whinges on here but there’s plenty of happy triton owners – check out http://www.newtriton.net

  • Gary E

    I have just bought the new MN GLX-R 4X4 in diesel auto and have to report that there is still very minor surging but my bigest complaint is the turbo lag at all speeds but it is most noticeable in city driving
    i have noticed that whenever i lift off the throtal the engine quickly returnes to idle and the auto trany disengages giving zero engine brakeing
    so when you need to accelerate again there is a 3 second hesertation befor power is supplied
    all i can say is that there is no need for the traction controle and i may be the first to report on the side air bag opperation if i continue useing roundabouts

  • Darren

    I have a ML 4×4 3.2 turbo diesel, 2007. Had the surging problem at about 20000km. They told me the fuel suction valve was replaced, and gave me a new ECU update. It Seemed OK. Now at 38000km I have the same problem. Surging occasionaly, but also complete lack of throttle. even when the foot is to the floor it feels like the engine isn’t responding, then suddenly a surge and it picks up, similar to a blocked fuel filter. The first time was worse. It wouldn’t pass 60km on the freeway with the foot to the floor or accelerate at the lights. I go about 1000km out of perth prospecting for gold regularly, and can’t be dealing with this crap in the middle of bum fuck nowhere. I’m very dissapointed.

  • David

    Hi, Well thanks for all of that information, I was in the process of buying 6 of the tritons GLX for my business as they seemed a lot cheaper that the HIlux which was what all of the boys wanted, but I can now see why they are cheaper, you can understand vehicles having problems it happens to me everyday, but what I cannot swallow is them blowing you all off, so sincerely thank you all for writing these comments, Looks like I will spend a bit more and get the Hilux.Just feel sorry for the poor sales guy that has done a good job, but because of the dealerships failers will not get the order for the vehicles. Good luck getting thigs sorted. Just a tip of you can get 4 or more people with the same hassles to park up outside the dealerships with some signs made & give the paper & TV a call, even if you stop 1 person from bying one of there vehicles (I think you would stop everyone) maybe when there pockets start hurting they will feel your pain.

  • Bruce Fletcher

    Hi everyone, I posted back in August last year. My 2006 Triton GLXR turbo diesel with 107000 km has been going quite ok till about a month ago when started running rough. Also sounded like missing on a cylinder and power loss. Tried a few additives which only made it worse!. Two separate mechanics suggested trying premium diesel fuel (which was nearly impossible to find but finally filled a tankfull). Made a bit of difference but best result after another mechanic from a well known franchise operation were we get all our company cars serviced suggested 1. Nulon Diesel Injector Cleaner additive and 2. Take the vehicle out on the highway and sit on high revs (about 3800 rpm) constantly for 10 minutes. Problem solved! the engine runs very smoothly now and power and economy restored. Recently drove back from Sydney and got about 8.0l/100. Suspect the engines are designed to rev and not idle around town at low rpm (typical driving in diesels!)??
    I also have a Unifilter which I clean religiously every 5000km and appears to be fine. It is worrying to hear about the problems others are having with their Tritons but here is one owner who, excepting a few very minor problems

  • Bruce Fletcher

    Hi all,
    Just a followup from my previous posting a few weeks ago. My 06 GLXR Triton is running as sweet as ever. The following actions seemed to make a significant difference to the performance of the Triton: 1. Change/clean the air filter. 2. Fuel with premium diesel (hard to find but worth the effort) + Nulon Diesel Fuel additive. 3. Take the vehicle out on the highway and hold at high rpm for 5-10 minutes. After doing the above and high rpm for a few runs the truck is running like new. It is smoother and fuel economy has also improved. Anyway, for what it’s worth the above sorted my issues and I thought the info might help others. I am one owner who is very pleased with the Triton and would buy another one in a second.

    • Geoff Smith

      Hi All,
      I have recently bought a July 2006 Ml Triton 3.2 DID Manual. It was cheap for what the motor mags would have us believe is a very good vehicle. I immediately noticed severe turbo lag especially changing into second gear and have had the problem with the motor not responding to the throttle, ie; extremely sluggish throttle response and will only rev to about 3000 rpm at full throttle with no load!! This problem has only happened a couple of times and disappears when I turn it off and restart the motor.
      Last week it started to surge at around 100 km/h, as many of you have reported and I took it to the local Mitsubishi dealer Baker Motors Albury They spent a couple of hours on it for which they did not charge me, they were very helpful and prescribed about $1000 worth of parts not including labour. They said de-coking the intake manifold and installing these parts would fix it completely. I spoke to the mechanic who said the intake manifold would need de-coking and a new manifold section with the new vacuum line position.The carbon in the manifold is easy to fix. After pulling it down and cleaning out about 2 litres of carbon,I simply made up a blank plate and blocked the EGR pipe where it comes out of the Exhaust manifold and another plate at the entry to the intake manifold. So- NO CARBON. This also means it does not need the modified intake manifold section which simply relocates the vacuum line back before the EGR inlet position to avoid being blocked by carbon.I also removed the turbo to clean but no carbon here. I noticed that oil appears to be going into the inter-cooler coming from the PCV hose. I will fit a simple oil catch can if this is so. Went for a drive and it was awesome – no flat spot and double the power it had before de-coking. It did go into no throttle mode for a while but I stopped and checked it and when I re-started it was OK again. The only thing left to do is to replace the Suction valve which is about $400.Price sounds ludicrous to me, for a very small,simple valve. Does anyone know if I can get one cheaper,and more importantly will this fix the “Throttle no response” problem? I hope the fixes I have done are helpful to all.

      • Geoff Smith

        Forgot to mention the other problem I am having with my ML
        Triton 2006, is the Air Bag Light is on. Have replaced the Clock Spring twice but is now on again. Mitsubishi replaced the second one under warranty and fitted it for free. A few days later the light came on again so I just ignored it for a couple of months. I asked them to check this the other day and now they are saying the air bag light is on because of a fault caused by my other accessories- I have bluetooth device, driving lights and a trailer brake unit. Does anyone have a similar problem or a fix for this?

  • Chris

    Go to newtriton.net and join the forum. There is a huge thread on carbon build up and installing blanking plates which cause limp modes as you have experienced.

  • Frank Rudat

    I recently purchased a Mitsubishi Triton GLX 3.0 liter petrol fuel injected engine 1998 with engine e mobilizer within a few weeks it had developed a problem where intermittently the the engine would stumble and the yellow engine warning light would come on at the same time the relay under the passenger dashboard would instantly make a click. Can any one help me to resolve this problem I have spent my life savings on this Ute and the dealer will not warranty this fault, I have an electronics background all I require is the data and procedure.

    • Mal Donaldson

      Our 12/06 base model 3.2 triton has 141K and has only just started developing the carbon coking/choking symptoms.We have hardly had to go near a dealer in this time except to get a clock spring in the airbags and a steering column replaced(incorrect steel compound in the collapsable junction did not cope wit the vibration on rough roads). Our vehicle would have done at least 20% of its K’s on the gravel mostly at 80-100kph, and springs stopped squeaking after about 20K without any mucking around with them …probably got polished with a bit of gravel/grit. Handling improved with the 245×16 tyres.Its hit 3 or 4 roos with only a nudge bar and sustained minimal damage. Suspension is much more comfortable than our current mod hilux d/cab. (Triton lands really well when airborne and copes pretty well with washouts). The hilux has plenty of chimes to drive you NUTS whenever you get out of it, and they also have their issues(springs/crappy genuine roobars/suckflat fuel tanks) all of which can apparently be replaced at the arb shop or simmilar…ex triton owners will miss the delay on the power windows and auto lights off when they switch to a hilux.
      The ML triton is not perfect, its the first of the series/model, and just like the old HQ v/s the HZ, or the XA v/s the XC, the later models were generally better than the earlier mods. Its disappointing to learn that our experiences are not universal. Hopefully some dealers attitudes/performances will improve and maybe our tolerance of a few idiosyncracies needs to be higher, but the safety issues with steering and erratic throttle control are a real worry. Thanks to all who have posted useful solutions to our problems and thanks to Len patti, Namoi Valley motors, and Commonwealth motors C’berra, all of whom so far have provided positive experiences.

  • Joe

    All, just to add to this forum. I bought a new ML 3.2 VR. Built quality, ok. Happy with most aspects of the car, but so far, a never ending list of problems.
    1. At about 40000km, it started surging and lack of power between about 2000RPM and 4000RPM. 3 different dealers could not solve the problem “there is no issue mate, that’s just how diesel feels”, it was my first diesel car.
    2. Finally got someone to replace something. They replaced a sensor in the EGR.
    3. Surged the moment i drive it home from this EGR sensor replacement. Took it back the next 3 days in a row, then was told there is a recall on the inlet manifold and had to wait for a part. 3 months later, no phone call, i called them up asking what was going on “of, we forgot to call”… Part replaced after all this at about 70000km, no problem until 100000km.
    4. Air bag light has come on about 4 times. Have had to take it back to them each time to have it reset. Not the switch where the key is, but the light near the engine light.
    5. 100000km, surging, but not at low revs, this time at high revs and could not maintain smooth 110km on the freeway without surging. Took it back twice, and they found the “lower manifold” was almost blocked. Could not fix it then, so have to take it back next week.
    6. A couple of weeks before i took it back for the Point 5 issue above, I got a call about a recall on the ball joints. In the letter it said “it could save your life” if you bring it back to be fixed”. it had been clicking for a couple of years, but all mechanics at Mitsubishi said it is no problem, just “one of those things that click”.
    7. When i took it back for the point 5 issue, the mechanic called me and said i needed , the lower manifold needs to be basically rebuilt (apparently a large job, im not a mechanic), new spring thingy which sits in the steering wheel which will make the airbag work again, and the light go off. To top it off, he also said I need a new power steering pump…
    I can’t beleive it. I have bought a lot of new cars, and I have never had any problems like this before. Certainly nothing saying “it could save your life”. I would be a lot more happy if the mechanics had actually listened when I was telling them the problems. Instead, they wait for the recall, then I have to take it in when THEY want. So annoying. The service from Mitsubishi is disgusting and I certainly will not be buying another. I am a bit sour about it, sorry to the guys who like theirs. I wish i had never bought mine. There is always a light, a clunk in the steering, surging, another light, all sorts of stuff.

    • Marty

      @ Joel,

      You Have had the same problems that I have had with my Triton! It took me Months and Months and several dealerships to finally get some of these problems resolved.

      -The Surging is caused by excessive carbon build up in the engine, caused by poorly designed EGR parts and also the location of the Boost control sensor.

      Mitsubishi Have released a Hotline Fix for this carbon problem and basically they have to replace the manifold and remove the entire EGR system and clean it out.

      -The Airbag light is a fault in the ‘Slip Ring’ assembly and again is covered by a Mitsubishi Hotline Fix.

      There is also a hotline fix available to fix the problems with the power steering, being: upon slow maneuvers or rapid change of direction you will momentarily lose power assistance, Under this hotline fix they replace the power steering pump with the new revised part.
      This is something i had complained to my dealer about from the day i took delivery of the car, only took 3 years for them to finally fix it, its a Very dangerous fault as I nearly slammed into a power pole when the power steering system ‘ momentarily lost assistance’ going around a round-a-bout *rapid change of direction*

      If anyone wants the details of the Hotline Fix pls contact me.

      I really hope that your car and its repairs were covered by warranty as these things that have happened are covered by the warranty.

      • Tim Bradley

        Hi Marty, not sure if you are still contactable but I am chasing Mitsubishi about the EGR problem now. do you are you able to let me know how to get the rectified though the dealer? My local one is being reluctant to fix the problem under recall.

  • Colin

    2008 Diesel AUTO Triton – overtaking a truck, sudden loss of power – I thought my foot had slipped off the accelerator.

    So dangerous to be on the wrong side of the road with no power, luckily the brakes are good and I managed to get back in behind the truck before hitting oncoming traffic.

    Mitsubishi, uploaded new software with no test drive, still no power. Then they replaced exhaust manifold with no test drive, still no power. The theory was that carbon blocks the MAP sensor. “Did you replace the MAP sensor?” I ask. “No” sais Mits. MAP sensor is on order.

    This is a dangerous fault and the cars should be recalled… beware.

  • Rusty

    Hi to All

    The Saga of purchasing a 2007 GLX-R Triton Petrol Model

    I have only come across this site, and list of other owners’ problems this week, and would like to share the following experiences to date with our Triton.

    Triton was purchased on the 29/1/2008 supposedly fitted with Mitsubishi Product Accessories ($43,000-00). More about this later.

    – Cruise Control Arm fell off the steering column in the first week.
    – Sports Chrome Rack fell off on our first trip away after owning the vehicle only three months.
    – Plastic Bluetooth speaker microphone breaks off bracket at four months.
    – At six months we noticed a ticking sound in the motor. Local Dealer notified. We were told to wait and see if the problem gets worse.
    – Vehicle was recalled for rear “U” Bolts. Local Dealer ordered wrong “U” bolts.
    – At eight months the rear springs developed major squeaking. To resolve this, the local Dealer is told by Mitsubishi to spray chain lube onto the springs to fix the squeak.
    – At 17,500kms, the vehicle developed a severe brake shudder coming down hills at 60-80 kph. Rotors were honed to fix the problem. Pads not replaced. Vehicle was not under heavy load.
    – Two weeks later, shudder re-appears. Purple tinges on the rotors is evident. Shudder was that bad, the vehicle moved from one lane to the next. Vehicle not under load (Ie:- Trailer).
    – At 22,500kms, the towing system failed. Product failure of the “R” Clip allowed the main draw bar tongue pin to come out. Trailer crashed into rear of vehicle. Independent Non Destructive Testing was carried on failed pin and tongue bar insert. DOTARS and RTA notified of incident. Not operator error, I religiously check all towing attachments prior to trip.
    – Mitsubishi informs us that the engine now needs to modified to fix the ticking sound. Apparently the piston heat treatment affected the “Gudgeon Pin” area.
    – At 25,000 kms the engine is re-conditioned. We were told by the Department of Fair Trading that a new engine is out of the question. The new engines (2007-2008 models) coming out of the Mitsubishi Plant have the same problem.
    – Brakes were done again with new pads to try and fix the problem.
    – Water leaks were found and supposedly repaired.
    – Through the DFT, we took Mitsubishi to Tribunal. The Tribunal Member is only empowered to direct Mitsubishi to honour their warranty. To direct Mitsubishi to buy the vehicle back would be at “Red Book” price ($26,000-00). For us, this meant in 14 months losing $17,00-00.
    – At Tribunal we were informed that the fitted accessories were non genuine parts, and that if we wished to pursue the issue, we would have to now to take all the Suppliers of these accessories, and the original Dealer, not Mitsubishi, back to Court to get our money back.
    – Mitsubishi is represented in Court by the After Sales Manager for NSW, Mr Shane Cosgrove.
    – After the Tribunal, we held a conciliation meeting with Mr Cosgrove for a way forward. For four and half hours, we tried to negotiate some form of recompense. No New Vehicle is ever likely to come out of Mitsubishi.
    – The NSW Manager recalls the vehicle to fix the brakes. New rotors, new pads, and some form of modification to the brake callipers.
    – Recall of vehicle again for the Ball Joints.
    – Local Dealer requests vehicle again to replace the rear springs. Three months after the fitting, squeaking has returned.
    – Since the engine repairs, oil is being used on long trips. About 2 litres for every 1,500 to 2,000 kms travelled. We have also developed an intermittent electrical engine light fault.
    – NSW Manager takes vehicle for two months in 2009, to try and emulate the oil usage through an oil consumption test. Also finds more water leaks from hoses and fittings. Fixes the squeaks by spraying, you guessed it, chain lube again.
    – 19,000 kms have been travelled since the major brake issue previously mentioned. We now have brake shudder back again. Not happy Jan. Resolution for this now is another let’s wait and see by those at Mitsubishi.

    In an eighteen month period we were without the vehicle for 14% of the time. This equates to one day in every seven.

    Letters and emails to the CEO and Customer Service Department in South Australia go unanswered.

    We sought legal advise as of December 2010.

    Representation to Japan is now being made. We are not holding our breath for any quick resolution or response. The Japanese are not known for quick action.

    My advise to friends, work colleagues, and those who intend to buy Mitsubishi Product, is the facts as stated above. I don’t have to anything else other than to tell the truth about this vehicle.

    Additionally, I have since found out that there is no one entity in Australia that is empowered to enforce the Mitsubishi Warranties. Tribunal can only direct.

    For those interested, the Trade Practices Act, 1974, Section 52 has been replaced by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, Section 18. The “ACCC” oversee this act.

    At the end of this month we go into our fourth year of problems.

    I think Mitsubishi are trying to get to the 5 year mark so one of their advertised warranties (new car) runs out on the vehicle. :):):)

    We are only too pleased for any one to discuss the above faults with this Triton.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Deano

    Hey Guys

    Thank god for this site!!

    was just about to purchase a 2006 Diesal, 3.2 (new shape)
    but i’m out of that like a robbers Dog!

    Had a 1999 Triton sport V6 Petrol 6 years ago in NZ, Great truck great motor.

    its a shame…. but can’t be stuffed with the possible hassles, and don’t have a 2.7 ton excuvator to keep it honest, (as per DT’s Posting earlier)

    where to from here?……Maybe the Toyota……..are they much better??

    Mitsubishi (Japan and Australia) want rooting for this, the ute is the cornerstone of alot of business, and they are peddling this unsafe crap into the marker place without being accountable.

    I agree the laws on protection for the consumer are completely draconian.


  • lezanne

    my fiancee has a DIESEL triton clubcab 2009 model. we are constantly having problems with the vehicle.we have been battling with a jerking/sluggish feeling . we have been to the dealership on numerous occassions, but it seems they do not what is going on….the y said there was water in the diesel and fixed it. BUT IT IS STILL JERKING AND SLUGGISH. wE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME BECAUSE IN 2000KM TIME THE WARRANTY IS OVER. I DONT KNOW IF ANYONE KNOWS WHAT CAUSES IT, BECAUSE WE LIVE IN SA,maybe the dealers here, dont know alot?

    • Graeme

      My 08 Triton diesel twin cab on occassion wouldn’t rev out on take off – Now the engine management light has come on as the vehicle is surging at 80 + klm’s – Spoke to the dealer who has informed me it requires the fitting of an updated inlet manifold due to build up of “soot”and was advised not to drive it as it will probably stop running. Aparently is a common fault – wait for it though, – vehicle has now been off road for a week – the manifolds are on “back order” with no delivery date available.

  • Mathew VanderWal

    My07 Ml 3.2 did diesel has just clocked over 100k and has not had any problems at all and i tow a heavy trailer with it for work every day till yesterday it started surging and stalled and then went into safe mod I
    was able to get it to my mechanic and he run a diagnostics it had lots of different error in the end he cleaned the air follow sensor and all the error went and the car feels like it has more power then before so if Ur Ute are surging try a quick squirt of carby cleaner on the air flow sensor it seems to have worked for mine

    • Joe

      HI mate, can you describe where the sensor is? Just so I can clean it myself? Sick of taking it back to Mits only for them to do the same thing. Is it something I can do without a mechanic?

    • allan

      Fitted a spt chip,has made a big differenece to performance,tow a 19.5ft caravan no prob.

  • Happy

    hello all,
    i have owned a pajee and now i own my brand new triton glxr love how they handle but having to take the thing back to a dealership for them to tell me that the transfer switch/solenoid is another FAULT faulty one and when i took it for its 60thou service they told me that it is two weeks out of warranty,great to know that we have a vehicle with faulty things that only last for so long not knowing that it could of been from the very start that this occured, but i will motor on till i bury it.

  • Philpy

    Thanks to all who have contributed to scaring the sh.. out of me and bringing me to my senses. We spent the day looking for a 2nd hand triton to purchase and found a great deal on an 07 4X2 v6. I have given up typing the things to check it for and decided to stay well clear. Who knows if it is the right thing to do…? I dont have the money, patience or time to take that risk.
    You aren’t getting anywhere with your dealers but you sure as hell got somewhere with me. Its an NO to mitsubishi and NO to triton (It looked great 2). Where to now though with my $15k and a need for a town dcab that can do the occasional fishing camping trip up the Bruce Hway to Cntrl Qld?
    Thanks again.

  • Declan

    I have MN triton 10′ glxr dual cab 2.5TD done just over 10 000kms and are now experiencing Wots only described as jerking/surging problems. After reading all the above misfortune I hav realized I’ve bought a lemon :( . This problem looks evident in both the 3.2 diesel and now 2.5 diesel as well. How could they both experience the same trouble??

  • Jay

    I was so relieved yet saddened by finding all these threads.
    I bought a brand new 2011 GLXR Triton. At 3000 km and I started to feel the surge or splutter between the 1500 to 2500 rpm range. Dirty fuel I thought? Took it to the dealer and they said that they have never had this problem before on such new kms. They remapped the computer and all should be good, they said.
    From bad to bluddy ridiculous. Next morning after having left my house it started to jerk and bounce.Woa woa woa the motor grinds. Put my foot down and it goes away. The problem at 1500 to 2500 rpm is now even worse. It splutters and jerks. Again having to put my foot down to stop the jerking. And man is the engine LOUD!!!!
    The first few hundred km were great even with the tight feeling engine. Just great.
    What the Hell………..?
    Carbon build up on such low mileage? I run mostly open road driving.
    Before finding this thread I felt seriously down after spending all this money on my first 4×4.
    I have a feeling the guys at Mitsubishi are hiding something from me. I am booking it in tomorrow but want to be prepared and ready.
    Any advice on opening statements so that it sounds like I know what the hell I am talking about would be very much appreciated. I want to let them know what to look for and what to replace.

    Any and all advice will be appreciated. I was thinking of just taking a few notes from the past threads to build my case.

  • Airwalker

    Thank god for you guys,

    Not even going to bother looking at a used 2007 2.4 Petrol with 50 000kms on it for $11000.

    You think I should try and drop her down to $5000.

  • Sharon Greenway

    Hi Everyone

    I have a Triton 2005 GLX-R and its battling to start, Mech has changed parts but still battles to start.

    Has anyone had the same problem?


  • Sandra

    OMG I cannot believe these Mitsu Triton surging issues have been around for so long and is unfortunately, extremely common!! I bought a 2011 Mitsi Triton GLS 4wd in Feb for a delivery business (based in NZ) and have this surging problem – which I’m sure affects the fuel ecomony of the ute – it took 2 goes for local dealer to diagnose problem which they tell me, is a faulty fuel pressure valve. I would hate to think what damage is being done to the engine with all the surging!!! Guess what – numerous other utes same problem – no parts in NZ!!! and none for godness knows how long because of the disaster in Japan!!! I have had to resort to using my old ute for work until I can get this problem sorted – not happy!!!

    • Darren

      As the owner of a ML Triton 3.2L diesel and ex Mits Technician i believe the majority of the surge issues on the 2.5l comes down to the blockage of map/boost sensor nipple on the top half of the inlet manifold.These manifolds have been replaced on a lot of 2.5’s,but the problem lies with the EGR valve,which is opened and closed by the engine ECU.The last i heard Mits Australia were working on new ECU software to hopefully solve the carbon build up and surge issue.As for the 3.2l,i have seen this same problem only worse as they are now 5-6 years old.Top and bottom inlet manifold replacements were very common due to excessive carbon build up,causing the swirl control valve to stick fully closed in some cases,creating problems ranging from missing,excessive smoke,no power and badly surging.Suction control valve replacements were also very common as these regulate fuel pressure and also cause faults ranging from surge/lack of power to engine not being able to be started.The carbon build up in the manifolds on the ML and MN tritons is going to be a huge concern in the future if Mits do not come up with a fix.

      • allan

        try running a full synthetic diesel oil

  • arebos

    Its the sort of club I would prefer not to have joined. Yep, I purchased my 2.5 turbo diesel GLXR Triton in early 2010. Almost staight away I thought I noticed minor “surging” when driving (literally) at a crawling pace in built up traffic.I notified the Dealer however it was dismissed. When travelling on the F3 highway back to Sydney the Triton suddenly dropped speed ( I thought I might have knocked it out of “cruise control”)and lost power. I was able to drive it home however now I get the constant surging at lower revs but it clears with some heavy foot to accelerator.

  • ashley

    have had problems with our 07 triton ,have had all manifold replaced, problems seem to be restcicted air flow to engine by carbon build up.our trion was surging in first and second gear and at 100ks all fixed now unto next time ‘ hate that car’

  • Hugh

    Have just bought a 2007 Triton GLXR dual cab (manual) with 83,000ks on the clock. I discovered it surges/bunny hops at 2500 revs in 1st and 2nd gear but seems fine at higher revs and when cruising on the highway. Got 8.5 l per 100 k on a trip from Newcastle to Ballina but the surging appeared after that. I have had the car less than 2 weeks. I havent contacted the service department yet but will be doing so tomorrow. I wish I had done my research a little more thoroughly before buying this car. Hope it wont be a lemon.

  • Pete

    I have an MY07 ML GLXR 3.2 DiD dual cab that I have owned since new. Its been running well with good fuel economy until recently. The engine now has about 150000klms on it and it has developed a misfire at around 2400rpm to 2500rpm. To me it seems like its starving for fuel. The engine appears to be ok below and above these figures although I have notice a decrease in power. Does anyone know how to eliminate this problem? I hear some talk of an air sensor problem. Can I just replace this and problem solved?

  • ashley

    hi pete, have your manifolds claened out , they will have carbon build up, due to bad diesgn, we had a lot of problems with our triton, the service guys pretend to know nothing about it, bull , most tritons have the same problems. good luck. big ash

  • allan

    I have one of first Ml tritons,2006 3.2 diesel,cannot fault it,has done 92000km now and am a mechanic and is serviced only with full synthetic diesel oil,has just had the upper manifold replaced under warranty and was there when the dealer pulled it off.Top half was blocked,bottom half was clean.Asked me what oil i was using,have fitted a SPT chip and now has really exception power as i tow a 19.5ft caravan and am doing a trip around aussie soon.

  • Micko

    I have a 2008 ML 3.2DiD with 90,000 kays which is now up for replacement. I stumbled on to this site looking for info on the MN. I was certain that Mr Bitchy would have taken the opportunity of a new model with a new donk to fix all of the problems. It doesn’t look like they know how.

    I’ve had steering rack and ball joints replaced under warranty at Knox Mitsubishi. To date I’ve been happy with their service guys. I’ve had the last 3 services done by Repco, but they’ve not solved the problem…

    I fell out of love with the ML at about 60,000km when it developed a jerky throttle tip in. This is particularly annoying & even dangerous when driving on wet & winding roads as the throttle transition from off to feathered to on gives a big burp then a surge of power. Enough to unsettle the vehicle (and passengers who think your driving sux).

    Performance is down, fuel consumption is up from 8-9 l/100 to 11ish l/100. I’ll insist that after the 90,000 service it gets taken for a test drive.

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  • Quintin

    people only go on the internet to complain so take all this garbage with a grain of salt.  this car is not shit, a lot of cars have similar issues weather you know about them or not.  its our crappy diesel.  the problem is easily fixed if you have half a brain.  check out the forum at new triton.net and look for the thread about the EGR blank

    • Gt1962

      I agree, I have a 2007 3.2 diesel that has 110ks on the clock and has never missed a beat. I think a lot of you guys are driving them like you stole it. Great car all round

  • Johnc

    Well i have an 07 3.2diesel with 160k on the clock and it started having problems at 140k, been serviced every 10k which in my job comes every 2 months.
    Now its started to stall on me when sitting at the lights, am taking it in to get manifolds replaced, hopefully fixes this

  • Shane

    I got the surge every 80,000kms in my 2006 3.2L Turbo Diesel, the ONLY crew who could fix it was Busselton Mitsubishi (WA). They recon its a build up of sludge in the intake manifold due to its poor design. Apparently Mitsubishi are aware of the problem and re-designed the manifold. Obviously they wont recall 8 million of them to replace it.

  • taylor

    can you put a 17inch by 9 wide on a trition 2014 ?

  • Ryan

    Hi all,just bought a 07 dual cab did,got the surge thing at 100kmh in 5th,and has really bad timming chain rattle from what i can find on the net its a 3k job,front axel out sump off,will see how it goes,sort of thinking i should have just bought a mk turbo,my old mk non turbo never had a problem

  • Has

    I am currently having problems with the gear. As I reverse a loud noise is made and was wondering if anyone knows the solution to this problem.

    Thank You