Lexus have given the press a first look at its exciting LFA model at the Tokyo Motor Show this afternoon.

The LFA was officially launched to the news that only 500 examples of the two-seat coupe will be sold when production commences next year.


The pinnacle of Lexus’ “F” range of premium sports cars (that includes models such as the IS-F), LFA combines a high-output 4.8-litre V10 matched to meticulous aerodynamic and chassis design characteristics.


LFA’s body consists of CFRB (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic) making it 100kg lighter than a comparable aluminium body.


A low centre of gravity has been achieved via the use of a dry sump lubrication system while weight distribution is bettered by locating peripheral engine components – such as the oil and water pumps – behind the engine.


Optimal placement of the transmission and fuel tank have also helped centralise weight distribution to a more optimal range to give LFA a 48:52 front-to-rear weight distribution ratio. The driver’s seat is positioned near the LFA’s centre of gravity for improved communication.

Lexus expect a price tag of US$375,000 (approx.) when customer selection begins in the second-quarter of 2010. Sales will be limited to 500 examples with pre-sales expressions of interest accepted from today.


  • Engine: 4805cc DOHC V10 (40 valve)
  • Power: 412kW @ 8700rpm (max. 9000rpm)
  • Torque: 480Nm @ 6800rpm
  • Transmission: Six-speed automatic (sequential)
  • Suspension: Double Wishbone (F) / Multi-link (R)
  • Brakes: Carbon Ceramic Discs
  • 0-100km/h: 3.7 seconds
  • Maximum Speed: 325km/h


  • Length: 4505mm
  • Width: 1895mm
  • Height: 1220mm
  • Wheelbase: 2605mm
  • Track: 1580mm (F) / 1570mm (R)
  • Weight: 1480kg (Tare)

  • Golfschwein


    • lexus supercar!

      You have to kidding right!! What planet are you from, this the best looking car to EVER come out of japan! And the latest is the final power output will be closer to 430-440kw@9000rpm and 0-100 in under 3.7sec, i just want one, this will be a true collectable supercar.

      • Adorn4stars

        No this thing is indeed Ghastly. $375k for that front end? are you kidding me?

        Priced like an Aston, the smooth line designs of the concepts should have been realised on the production model, but sadly, translation from concept to production has been a huge disappointment to me. Now it looks nothing more than a glorified aftermarket Supra.

        And to anyone who compares this to Godzilla – please the GTR costs a third of this yet still looks more exotic with comparable performance.

      • Safety Frist

        I’m sorry but to my eyes (and to others obviously) this car is not a looker!! At least not in photo’s! 0-100 in 3.7sec?? That car you love to hate G6E Turbo just did it in under 5, for $60k…. But back to the car and manufacturer, they should have revisited the 2000gt and done a modernised version of that! Style Speed & “”History””
        It is the last part of the puzzle that the Japanese lack and that is what makes it hard for them “Overpriced, over engineered and overstyled Lexus version of the Acura NSX anyone??”

  • Lukaas

    And then there’s the Supercar that a lot have doubted!

    I’ll say technically… Toyota’s next marquee sports car since Supra… Lexus nevertheless

    412kW at 9000rpm…. 3.7sec 0-100… not shabby at all.

  • RdS

    argh.. just give me the motor! 9,000rpm v10.. its beautiful. :$

    as for the car, im definetley suprised by the weight. 1500kg absolutley dry??? feels like they couldve done better on that…

  • Baddass

    Headlights are a bit of a disappointment, considering what the com-gens were estimating. Also, it sounds cool, but max power at 9000rpm is a bit extreme isn’t it? When will buyers ever be able to utilise it?

  • Steve-Poyza

    Front-on its a bit of a disappointment but the rear is brilliant. I think this will give Lexus the attention they need because I think they make great cars but aren’t considered sporty. IS-F now this. If only the headlights closer resembled the concept’s.

  • rym

    I would be convinced if this is the next Gen Supra or Celica, but as the flagship model for their Luxury arm… this is too Boy Racer and underdone, or is that overdone…? It’s FUZZY


  • Fasthonda

    It looked better when it was in disguise!
    Although Toyota had A LOT of help from Yamaha with the development of the engine, it produces less Kw and less nm than the slightly smaller capacity V8 engine of the 459 Italia.

    • Yanzo

      so in other words toyota got outdone by ferrari?

    • Trump

      Its always going to be a toss up between KW, Nm, longevity and Co2/Km. The comparison to Ferrari is only against 2 of those.

      I’d be confident in saying Toyota are better than Ferrari at considering the longevity, cost of servicing and Co2/Km also.

  • Falcodore

    So Toyota are still letting 12 year olds design their cars i see.

  • Dude

    For $375,000 id want someting that at least looks good.
    This is hedious

    • Trump

      If Nissan are the measuring stick with the GT-R, then $375k US for this will equal about $700k AUD

  • Dude

    If its front engined, whats with the air scoops above the rear hip line?? all show no go?

  • Jamison

    The air scoops above the hip line is for the intercooler which is placed near the rear to help equalize the weight ratio.

    Also someone mentioned its too “boy racer”.

    Well white cars with big “wings” will do that for ya.
    But to me it looks very race track type of car.

    Its as “rice” as an Audi R8 with a bolt on spoiler… but the LF-A spoiler with it fully extended obviously is for track purposes, it can be “hidden”.

    It looks like a typical japanese supercar, GTR has a comp.
    Now we wait for Honda and Mazda to revitalize the Japanese super sports car scene.

    Looks good in white and red me think.

    • Trump

      So that intercooler is to cool what?

      Cause i dont see any turbo or supercharger mentioned!

      • Jamison

        For the radiator…

        I read somewhere they had to design a unique system that has the cool air entering from the front, side scoops for the radiator.
        But I didnt do much reading on it.

        Google is a friend.

  • Alan

    Not sure about the exterior styling, but the interior looks fantastic, very futuristic and well designed.

    But the real standout item is that engine, sounds amazing when revved

  • Yanzo

    why is the torque so high in the rev range? don’t most people want more torque at lower rpm…

    • S

      90% of available torque is useable from 3700 – 9000 rpm.

  • 1ill

    From the front is looks like a GTR. From behind it is horrible.

    • lexus supercar!

      Nothing at all like the GTR! The nissan is just butt ugly next to this!

  • Gilly

    The price is a bit over the top for a Toyota!!! Looks hot and has the goods on paper but the silly pricing and limited offerings are just another Toyo marketing exercise!
    Reality is they could produce this in a larger scale like the GTR at a more realistic price but they are more interested in showboating the Lexus brand for the rest of the bland range.
    Wished Mazda produced the Furai to go head to head with this!

  • mark

    it looks great exept for the cheap mesh below the rear tail lights

  • The Realist

    I like it! The specs read very well.

    It is a great first effort. Can’t wait to read the road tests…

  • Carz

    Great job Lexus! This car is simply awesome! I absolutely love the look and design of this car.

  • Italian_Hero

    That thing LOOKS hideous, well except for the tail light, their the only nice to average looking thing on the car. Everything else is pure TOYOTA rubbish.

    And whats with the $375K price tag, thats way too much to pay for a RICER.

    lol and its pointless having all that power, with them ugly looks.

    Its like having someone thats good in bed, but ugly as hell to look at, with a ugly face and ghastly body.

    Sorry Toyota, but thats a EPIC FAIL!!!

    (I think i just started World War 4 with the toyota fans)

  • Adorn4stars

    The price tag is a result of 5 years of R&D, and Lexus ludicrously trying to market the brand exclusive by selling only 500. Ah what difference does it make right? They’d probably only find 500 buyers anyhow with that front end.

    • Safety Frist

      Not denying their claim of R&D for the price, but I’d rather pay similar money for somehting with 50 years of R&D (and real Street Cred….) that goes just as well if not better!
      Biggest fear? That the vehicle has been made to perfect! Like the Mitsubishi 300GT or the Honda NSX (won’t comment on GTR as I haven’t driven one yet). Drive either of those two (most advanced Japanese sports cars of their time) and they are so perfect in what they do they are sterile!! No feeling no substance! Drive a Lotus Esprit back to back with the NSX and you will understand…..

  • SteveF

    I think the car looks great. If we all take a moment to think back to some of the great cars of all time, they started with out-of-the-box thinking, and public reaction similar to what I’ve read here.

    But the reality is that Lexus is a business, and this particular car is catering to a target audience. An audience with lots of cash, lots of spirit, and lots of interest in high-speed toys. This care comes almost as close to putting a Formula 1 racer on the road legally as the recent McLaren. And like it or not, there are people out there, way more than 500, who wouldn’t think twice about putting down half a million dollars for this “toy”.

    Also, this departure from Lexus’ normal array of vehicles is typical of other companies trying to branch out into new markets. How dare GM put their label on both the Corvette AND the Geo? How dare Ford put their label on both the GT AND the Escort? How dare Toyota put their label on both the Supra AND the Starlet? And the list goes on. Except in this case, the lowest end Lexus is still far superior to most of the vehicles we all drive. Yes, I drive a “lowly” Honda Accord.

    I think the car looks great. And knowing it is a Lexus ensures that the ride will be nothing short of awesome. And knowing it is a Lexus, the car will last for many, many high-quality years of driving pleasure.

  • B718IL

    Front end looks ZZT231 Celica-ish methinks.. Nevertheless, can’t wait for the LF-A’s Nurburgring laptime :)

  • Cheap used cars

    Thats crazy. a Ferrari would be much cheaper and higher social status