Update: BBC worldwide spokeswoman says the report regarding Clarkson and Warne hosting Top Gear Australia is “Utter nonsense”.

Update: SBS Australia says “we are negotiating with BBC Worldwide who own the rights”.

Original Report:

Australia cricket legend Shane Warne is rumored to be the new co-host of a new series of Top Gear Australia. The show which currently airs on SBS will also move over to Channel Nine.

Shane Warne is a well known car fanatic, owning such cars as a black Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, but his rumored co-host is what has caused the biggest surprise, it’s Top Gear original Jeremy Clarkson.

Reports say the duo will host six episodes together, however no formal agreement has yet been signed. Nine says an agreement is more than likely in the next few days.

The car-show role would be the first TV presenting gig for Shane Warne, apart from his Lamborghini, Warne also owns or has ownedĀ a Ferrari 355 Spider a Ferrari 360 Spider, two Mercedes four-wheel-drives, two BMWs, and a Holden VK Commodore.

Of course we can’t forget Warne’s rather interesting accident last year when he crashed one of his Mercedes into a tram.

If the deal goes ahead, it will mean the end of the current Top Gear Australia hosted on SBS by Steve Pizzati, Warren Brown and this year joined by James Morrison.

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  • Brett

    I love the fact that Shane is a ‘well known car fanatic’ without any mention of how tasteless his actual choice of vehicles is. Clarkson wouldn’t waste a minute in branding Warne a ‘cock’ on inspecting his garage! Two Mercedes 4WDs, two (unspecified, probably 4WD) BMWs and a VK Commodore just screams bogan with cash to me!

    • demonaz

      Shane Warne, do not want.

    • RdS

      totally agree. he may well be a car fanatic, but ive never heard anything about it.. and that selection of cars is rather meaningless and sterile. really just the sort of cars (non-car)people buy when they run into money…

      • toxic_horse

        VK’s rule , last of the true aussie v8’s

        • RdS

          for sure.. some of those cars are great for their reason’s.. but things like lambo’s, ferrari’s, and GT falcons etc are unfortunatley also cars for rich tool’s who dont really understand the cars at all.. :(

          and VK the last of the real aussie v8?? what? the VK is barely aussie, and the motor lived on until the VT…

          • toxic_horse

            Sorry i should say last of the true aussie muscle cars.
            in my opinion everything since has gone soft lol

    • The Realist

      I’ve seen photos with Warne getting into a BMW X5…

    • Devil’s Advocate

      Warney also had an E46 BMW M3.

  • Jon Leong

    The rumor of TopGear Aus moving to Nine & Shane Warne being the Host is quite believable…

    But rumor Jeremy Clarkson being the Co-host for TGA??? I mean come on… I don’t think Channel Nine have enough Big Guns to temp Jeremy into presenting the SH!T version of the Show he reinvented.

  • falcon

    Warne must of some taste he was a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera.

    • 4:20 All Day

      Why, because he walked into Lamborghini Melbourne and said “I want the black one”?

  • Toyos

    ” he was a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. ” LOL What the? What like in a former life incarnation or something?

    • http://aussieexotics.com/photos/ashsimmonds Ash Simmonds

      Maybe he’s a Decepticon…

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Krystal

    Australia says no… …to Shane Warne!

  • Richard

    Clarkson is a grand idea, Shane Warne is BOLLOCKS!
    Warren Brown and James Morrison smirking away didn’t help TGA… Pizzati had some hope but over played it…

  • Bucks

    I say give the guy a chance,
    At best hope, Channel 9 will have a bigger budget, pick a different test track and stay true to the original TG formula. Interesting time’s ahead for TG:AU

  • Robert

    Just show us the UK – Top Gear!
    We don’t want to watch Crap Gear Australia!

  • Sonu

    I think having Warne would be a great idea. Mush better then the Di*kheads they have on the current aussie top gear. Man they are the biggest tools i have ever seen. They actually dont know anything about cars. You need people with brians and personality to conduct such programs. Warne will bring that.

    • Evora

      ‘You need people with brians and personality to conduct such programs.’

      Yes… A ‘brain’ would be ever so handy… Especially when writing comments.

      • Sonu

        A slight typo Evora, dont get a hard on.

        • Evora

          Such a classy and well considered reply Sonu, top notch mate šŸ˜‰

    • Dion

      Wtf??? I don’t think “brains” and “Shane Warne” should ever be said together unless you’re saying he doesn’t have one

      • sonu

        Yes i agree Warne is a weird selection for the program, but I am a red blooded indian cricket fan, so i support anything that has a cricket influence. A huge fan of Steve Waugh as well.

        But one thing is for sure the current aussie top gear guys are pure tools. The young guy looks like he has a line of coke or speed before he does a car review. Total nob jockey. All the aussie top gear guys do is burnouts when they get the test cars. Such tools. I would like to think us Aussie drivers are smarter than that. We make some of the best cars in the world eg; Ford g6et and the HSV’s.

        I would love to see Jeremy test the G6E turbo. He would love it.

        • Devil’s Advocate

          We do have some of the best ‘sports sedans’ in the world, but all I see is people doing burnouts. That seems to be the limit of Australian driving talent so realistically, the Aussie Top Gear guys are doing all the testing that is needed for the average Bogan. Who cares how fast it can go around a corner or how well it can drift etc etc, as long as it can do a burnout!!! šŸ˜‰

  • Falcodore

    Well,knowing channel 9, we’ll probably only see one ep, say at 7.30 monday. Then they’ll move it to 8.30 tuesday, then 9.30 wednesday, then sometime after midnight on thursday, all without telling the viewing public.This show is stuffed from the start!
    At least on SBS you knew what time it was on.

    • Richard

      LOL – exactly – gotta be careful or 9 will turn it into their next Two and a Half Men… even if they only film 6 shows!

  • Simon

    Wow I love Clarkson but how sad that we can’t put together two/three people out of 20 million to host a car show that are likeable, somewhat amusing and yes know something about cars (cred)

    Still I’ve give it go could not be worse than the last two attempts at TG AU

    BTW Channel 9 having TG UK is a worry, hope they don’t try and hold the latest UK versions over with lot of repeats. Afterall it took SBS years to figure out fans wanted to see the latest ep’s right after the UK or we simply hit the net.

  • Ben

    I reckon its great that there gonna have warney on there, why not have him on there? N clarkson loves Australian cars, why wouldnt he come to Australia for it? Its only 6 shows, not 3 or 4 years. N moving it to channel 9 will be way better, I always forget when top gears on cause its on sbs n sbs is well……..you know what im thinkin lol.

  • Kirium

    Let this be a lesson to you on believing anything written by News Ltd.


    • Bucks

      LOL…Love it! šŸ˜‰

    • Astonalicious

      haha, this story is getting pulled in 3… 2… 1…

  • Doug4500

    Top Gear Australia is, and always has been, a disaster. I have no idea why anyone would think that taking a successful show and changing all the principals involved would ensure it is equally successful in a different country. Adding Warne to the mix will drive away even more of the already dwindling viewership.

  • zahmad

    Two words => EPIC FAIL!

  • stretch

    TOP GEAR, is a car show for car people not a place for wanna be presenters, or ex cricket stars, yeah yeah, how much did you pay them Mr Warne. we lost the first top gear because the right people were not sorted out now we get ? well what can i say, Warney stick with your hair commercial, over 10 million people in Australia and we get Mr Warne, i give you two shows mate, next time get a real job, and they wish to bring top gear from sbs to channel 9 more commercials less show, that makes sense.

  • stretch

    Mr Warne will be the perfect person, if they only talk about buses, as a crickter he would have travelled on quite a few, well we will have a new cmedy show to watch

  • stretch

    i own about 385 cars, yeah they are die cast models 1.18 size, and they dont run into trams, this make me so angry that there are so many up and coming tv presenters and they pick Mr Warne, it seems these days all ex sports people go into working on tv as presenters,

  • toxic_horse

    Top gear UK is starting to get a bit tired imo.
    i think they need to change somthing.

  • Doug4500

    SONU, I agree with you re the local comperes. But as to Warne having brains AND personality??? You jest, of course! I’ve encountered more scintillating and intelligent suet puddings. If he couldn’t chuck a ball, this guy would be sweeping streets for a living!

  • chas

    What a joke – channel 9 will hash the whole thing as they do with other programs such as sport and British shows. They don’t know how to handle anything else other than American rubbish. I’m surprised that Jeremy Clarkson would even agree to this thing; I thought he had a bit more integrity???
    Doesn’t Australia have any other talent available – why Warne of all people. Another disaster waiting to happen. Maybe bring the British Top Gear team to Australia.

  • Fasthonda

    Oh boy!. A dill like Warne fronting a car show?.. what a disaster !Just because he owns a number of sport cars doesn’t mean he knows anything about them.
    I remember when Jason Plato (Fifth Gear program) took Warny for a track driving lesson.I think my elderly mother could’ve achieved a faster lap time….hopeless!
    Warny,just stick to throwing balls around.

  • Anthrax

    What a perfectly fantastic way to stuff up a great show… get Warne in to host it and give it to Channel nine… when are they going to show it? At 11pm on a Sunday night after their Prime time shows have finished… a-la Formula 1.

    • http://www.australasiancamcorder.info vbthedog

      Except F1 is on 10……and in real time on One HD. Such great research eh?

      • SAM

        Anthrax is right you should do your own research this was exactly what channel 9 did before the F1 went to Chnnel 10 and One HD. They are showing Channel 9 how it should be screened. Lets face it 9 did an ok job with AFL in the AFL states but wouldnt show it in real time in the northern states, same as the garbage they threw at us with the F1.

  • Technofreak

    That was funny….NOT!

  • mikckt

    Warney to co-host Aussie TopGear, the man doesn’t have an ounce of wit. Would make pizziati look like Parkonson as a presenter. Still the best spin bowler ever.

  • BrixtonSaint

    Wow, just heard this news on the radio here in the UK & decided to log on to see what you guys thought of Clarkson. I never realized there would be so much vitriol towards one if your sporting heroes. I also can’t believe your current TGA. You must have some of the most amazing scenery in which to film, anywhere in the world. I’m not sure if you agree but it’s the quality the director brings as well as the background and of course the metal, that makes the UK show. But TgUk is a very expensive programme to make which the BBC knows it can recoup from worldwide sales. SBS’s problem is that it can’t generate sales so the quality suffers. Personally I would love to see a series of the UK version filmed out in Oz

  • Frank

    I think if Shane get’s this gig, first people on his show should be Kath & Kim comediennes Gina Riley and Jane Turner… only appropriate as they hosted him on their show. Clarkson is an opinionated wanker, but he just goes to show you don’t need to know anything to be successful these days.

  • J

    Nine had better not cock it up. Like other’s have said – keep the program on a constant time slot – monday 7:30. No Warne. He is the definition of cashed-up bogan. Let’s get Clarkson out here – he can try out co-host. I liked Charlie Cox, should bring him back. Grant Denyer should be on it, but that would require network hatching. Who direct’s this is going to make or brake this. Mind coming over Andy (Wilman) – I don’t trust any of our guys – look at TGA series 2. TGA series 1 was good with Charlie and What I can only guess was a UK camera team. The ratings actually stablilised S1. Come S2 Warren interviewed and it got a bit slow, etc.

  • Zachary Clarkson

    I am 12 years old and an absolute car freak – know all of the makes and just can’t wait for your program. I guess because we have the same name I can brag a bit and it’s great to have you here again. My dad’s backgound of Clarkson started in Denmark. I don’t think that it is you but I am proud of my name and you.
    I guess it is the Porche I love best but all of them I watch you drive are such fun.

  • Andy King

    I am an Aussie, but I just can’t stand that “Cashed up Bogon” Warne. To think that people actually payed money to see him play that rigged game, and keep paying him a fortune to flog stuff. I hope he has the same fate as Hookes

  • Pete Tza

    The jury is still out on whether he was/is “the best spin bowler ever”. When I was young I used to believe that Mario Milano was the greatest wrestler ever.. I have my doubts about cricket. I reckon it migght be 95% entertainment and 5% talent.. Sorry Suckers..

  • Goth

    J Clarkson and all those who allow him to present his “programm”-are crooks and killers!
    Young boys wotch his stunts and they are copying them then killing themselfs on our roads!
    His programm shold be banned for the sake of our children!