• KM

    The new Sorento XM kills this car…

    2.2 dsl with only 127kw…

    Sorento 2.2 dsl 145kw and 436nm!

    • Alex

      Not on looks, drive or desirability stakes it doesn’t. I’d take the Mazda any day.

    • Alan

      I agree with Alex, I\’ll take the Mazda as well. Unless of course, the Kia can significantly undercut the Mazda and I\’m on a tight budget, but then again, there\’s always the FWD CX7 Classic. It\’s good to see Mazda finally matching the competition with a non turbo engine for a cheaper price, and there is no need of 4WD in compact SUV anyway.

      • Reckless1

        What’s compact about a CX7 ???

        • Alan

          How do you define compact SUV then? If CX7 is not compact SUV, then what about RAV4, CRV…?

          I’d say CX7 is a compact SUV, not a compact ‘car’

          • Reckless1

            CX7 is not compact. It’s large.

        • G

          What’s SUV about it?!

      • Mazdaman

        dont forget the extra resale on the mazda.
        the kia deos well at 61%, the mazda does better at 68%
        on a $40k model thats and extra $2800 at trade in time

    • Rob

      I had a look at both the Diesel CX7 & Diesel Sorento today, think the mazda has the edge in the looks department, the back end looks sharp, the sorento is fairly bulky back there, my question is what has better resale A $54000.00 Kia or a $47000.00 Mazda, maybe Kia needs to revise the price as Mazda has the better name & resale. Salesman says only colour interior is black for both, bit hot for me in summer so will wait for forrester diesel or look at 2nd hand X5 BMW with a light colour interior.

      • Falcodore

        The X5 has a problem with cracking alloy wheels and BMW aren’t acknowledging the prolem, blaming drivers for hitting kerbs etc, so be wary.

    • Rob

      To KM …are you crazy ? You are comparing a KIA to a Mazda…I wouldnt buy the KIA if it was half the price of Mazda…Power is not everything…

  • Kev

    Any info on the new Sorento?

  • Km


    I’ve driven the new sorento & let me tell you it is a very very impressive car to drive. The top spec model has alot more features then the cx7..


    it’s going to be released very soon

    • Alex

      Well I’ll admit that I haven’t personally driven the new Sorento, but it isn’t exactly getting excellent reviews and although it looks better than it’s predecessor, it’s still a pretty blocky and ungainly looking thing. I’ve read three reviews, two of which gave it three stars and one which gave it two and a half. Good, but not great.

      Speaking of reviews, for anybody who’s interested, Autocar have a review for the diesel CX-7 on their homepage right now.

  • Alex

    Of course, another manufacturer that puts the Diesel variant as one of the most expensive in the range.

    In Europe, the Diesel models are CHEAPER than the petrol models. And they should be here too. If they’re serious about promoting greener cars and better fuel economy, they should be making it affordable.

    • Andrew M

      I agree the diesels can be a better drive, but they certainly arent greener

  • UK

    Correct the article: This is just a facelift version, not new generation.

    • jono

      it is new generation
      take one look @ the engine for any of the models

  • greenmatt

    Any details on the specification of the diesel sports? Does it come in manual? Also I thought I would never like a Kia but that Sorrento with a bunch of options looks like a good thing, saw a white one on the road the other day. Would love to see a review on both.

  • quiet1

    Is sat nav available in the entry level model of CX 7???

  • diego

    hi i live in brazi, ask my question please, in australia the line for divise is white egual europe or yellow egual united stete and brazil ?????? thanks,guys

    • Shak

      its white in the middle divider

    • Romero

      Umm, huh……?

    • Keepleft


      Australia uses WHITE* line markings for roads and parking spaces inline with UNECE’s Road Traffic, Road Signs and Signals Convention.

      The United States is moving to a more internationalised system (signs, markings etc) as well.

      * – Australia still uses YELLOW line markings on designated alpine (snow) roads. Edge of road markings – that sort of thing.

  • crouchy

    When i was last in a cx-7 I found the interior to be ALL plastic. I was disappointed in that and also disappointed with the ‘in car entertainment’. I mean in this day and age those tiny little screens just don’t cut it. People have a crack at Ford but Mazda could learn a bit about generosity from them when it comes to their interiors.

    I mean where do you spend most of your time????

    • Devil’s Advocate

      If you think the Mazda interior is ‘plasticy’, I would love to know what you think of the new Subarus!

    • jono

      ford owns mazda
      literally thais is
      not figuratively

      • Raser

        Ford no longer *owns* Mazda [hooray] just a small %

        Still working together on projects though.

        Volvo about gone too [6 billion into 2 billion, well done Fart]

  • Josh

    Looks pretty good, will have to go check out when it arrives. On a side note, I’dbe interested to see how it will compare to say the Subaru Forester. Does anyone know when the facelift Forester will be out? Went and checked the current one out the other day…..that 4 speed auto is rather dated, along with the interior from the 06 liberty. I’m waiting for the CVT Auto from the new Liberty/Outback or the 6 speed manual. Interior will make it darn sight better too.

    • davie

      Apparently Subaru have already released the MY10 so dont expect an update for at least 12 momths. I dont think anything has really changed. The awful 4 speeder remains, so does the 5 speed manual.

      Aside from seat fold down buttons in the boot, I don’t thing anything really changed in MY10.

      • Josh

        Bummer, I was fearing as much. I dare say with the new CX7, new Rav, updated Territory (though minor changes), new Xtrail, the forester will struggle to sell with its outdated specs.

  • Jo

    I wonder what the fuel consumption will be like coz they’ve said they’ve improved it. Hope its better than the previous one coz that was eating alot of fuel.

  • ManualsOnly

    When are car importers going to stop overpricing their diesel offerings compared to Europe ? Why do they always have to option the diesel version at a premium level. I don’t need leather ($3000) I don’t need power seats and I don’t need heated seats (is there a more useless option for Australia ??) Stop listening to the marketing wankers and just bring in a base model and a premium model. If I want any extra’s on the base model you can just option them, and overcharge me !

  • Kris

    On another aussie car site, despite the diesel offering good mid-range performance, they also reported the diesel was averaging 10 litres per 100km through the mountain range test loop the updated CX-7 was driven through. I quite like the look of the car and it’s certainly practical but the diesel weighs close to 2 tonnes and is 372kg heavier than the FWD base model, so real world fuel economy may well prove higher than the factory claimed 7.6 litres.

    I’d stay away from the turbo petrol models unless you like crying at the petrol bowser everytime you fill up because your wallet will go empty very quick.

  • Azhari

    First its the Europeans, then the Koreans and now the Japanese. All are offering a diesel in their range. Ford Territory should be afraid, very afraid.

    • crouchy

      Its coming… just be patient….

  • QLD

    I just go mazda dealership this afternoon for update version of cx-7. Dealer say the price has not change which is 45k and 52k. Opps. No cheap at all and even no 5% tax cut. Maybe need try another dealership for some luck.

    • Josh

      Prices I saw on another review website were 45k for the sport premo, and 43 for the diesel. Were these before government tax / dealer delivery?

      • QLD

        New cx-7 price can be check on mazda website now.

  • Falcodore

    Australia is the only market to get ALL 3 engine options in the CX-7. I think Mazda Oz must be commended for being able to offer this variety for what is such a small market, in the grand scheme of things.

  • cjrooker

    New cx-7 fwd models is the goods. Drives well around town enough power from the the 120kw engine, cruises well at 110kmh but lacks the ability for strong over taking performance. Strains a bit when fully loaded, so far averaging about 10.9 ltrs per 100kms over a range of driving situations.

  • Raser

    Full tote odds on the N/A fwd is $36,990 driveaway

    You would pay less than $35k depending on your negotiation skills

  • Steve Connor

    It amazes me when I read comments about the fuel economy of the CX7 for a four cylinder motor car. You pay for what you get it has more get up and go than most of the V6 cars available I have just had one for 3 years and am just about to replace it with the same car 90,000 Km of some of the most enjoyable driving I have ever had.

  • http://www.belmont.wa.gov.au Tony Fairhurst

    Can you tell me whether the CX-7 FWD Classic has blue tooth please.

  • Keepleft

    Love the CX7, and young wifie is on her NSW Greens (6 months done), so being turbo charged (Luxury Sport) is on the ‘prohibited vehicle list’.

    Its all wheel drive and has all the primary safety gear, however this collective nanny state we live in means she cant drive it, unless exempted. So, It’ll go in my name from new, even though she’s paying the 50K or so for it, and she can drive it on that basis.

    Damn those RWD Aussie built pottages and idiots.

    Oiler version is an alternative, but lacks the quality technology features girls love.

    Other option is a Titanium Mondeo!

    • Andrew M

      I would have thought she would be in trouble if she was caught driving a prohibited vehicle whether or not her name was on the ownership papers

    • LessQQ

      You can write a letter to the RTA explaining that its the only car you have and its a family car and they’ll exempt you for it. The RTA will probably take into consideration the car, your wife’s driving record and age.

      Not all turbo’s are prohibited, only petrol turbo’s.

  • gzxun

    Has anyone bought a CX-7 FWD recenlty? How much have you paid?

    • Spacebar

      Just bought the Luxury variant with a few extras. Paid $45000 on road.

      • wongai

        A lux cx7 for 45k on road? where? im in the market for 1

      • Jeremy

        +1 for how much you ppl are paying for the luxury on road. Share the love people!

  • jess

    just bought a 2010 mazda cx 7 luxury sports, could not be happier with my purchase!!! for the price they really are all wonderful car that is very nice to drive, looks great and has everything you need in a car inside!

    • maximark

      Good luck with the petrol consumption jess.

  • http://findsydneyrestaurant.com.au andy

    Hi Jess,
    how much is deals?

  • Marcus

    Hi all – I am looking to buy a CX7 classic. What price should u be paying for it? Can someone tell me what price they have paid recently?


  • Booger

    Just test drived a CX-7 Diesel Sports $43,640 and then directly afterwards a Hyundai ix35 Turbo diesel Highlander $37,990. The Highlander was definitely more responsive and punchy with power. However, it did not feel as solid on the road. The Highlander you could feel a slight vibration from the engine when sitting at the lights, the CX-7 was a lot quieter and smooth. The Highlander more bang for your buck, but no bluetooth!!! The CX-7 you would image would have a much better resale value.
    Absolutely confused on what to get. Anyone else driven both?

  • Trina

    Does anyone have a recommendation for choosing the CX-7 over the X-trail?? I’m in the market, have loved my x-trail but wonder if I should be looking at others?

  • Nick

    I’ve driven both ix35 highlander and cx7 diesel. Both nice cars. Mazda just oozes quality inside and out (and I still own an old Tuscon so I don’t mind Hyundai). The ix35 is a big leap forward but not that great a drive, no bluetooth and no GPS built in which I need. The Mazda pulls like a train, handles like a car and feels great! We got it for $43500 on the road brand new and will contemplate an aftermarket sunroof as that’s the only thing I miss. We are moving to the country and think it’ll be a good drive for those conditions.

  • KB

    We’re looking at getting a car for a young family, but can’t decide between the Mazda CX7, Toyota Kluger or Nissan Murano. I’m trying to find which has better fuel consumption and resale value, but its hard to find all the specs and compare them. Any suggestions??

  • GA

    Guys, what’s the best price and inclusions for the diesel sports model in Melbourne?

  • Jeff

    Replaced my 2007 CX7 Luxury with a 2010 CX7 classic. In my opinion, drive is a lot quieter and I clocked 650 kms on a full tank. With my previous CX7 Luxury I can only travel for at least 450 to 500 kms. Big difference with the fuel savings.
    I know that I lost a turbocharged engine but after 3 years had enough with it. I definitely enjoyed the ride and its luxuries like sunroof, bum warmers.
    I reckon the price for 2010 CX7 is pretty good value as they included things like reverse cam, climate control and iPhone player. I believe that i had a good deal as they chucked in mats, Bumper protector and reverse sensor as well. Love the black colour and I’m lucky that I don’t have to wait for 2 weeks as stock is available at the moment. It appears that there is a waiting list for sparkling Black colour.
    I’m satisfied with the engine especially for daily drive to the City during the week and out of town trips on the weekend.

  • Charles

    Hi guys here,

    Just don’t understand why people don’t disclose how much then spent on their purchase when other people ask, saw so many comments saying they just bought their car and love it blah blah blah, but how much, can you tell??

    I checked all the comments, only one guys told that he spent 45k for a luxury, that is the only brave guy.

  • David

    just got a quote 42,000 on the road diesel white in SA

  • http://www.mazdacx7.org/ Mazda Cx7

    What!? New years resolution: buy the Mazda Cx7.

  • Megan Turner

    Just a word of warning regarding the Diesel…every 20,000km you will have to have 7 bottles ($25-$30 ea) of AdBlue put into the vehicle. We were not advised of AdBlu when we purchased the vehicle and only found out when the warning light came on. If the car runs out the car will not go! The Mazda CX-7 Diesel is currently the only car of its kind in Oz that requires AdBlu.

    • Boyd

      if you don’t have the smarts to listen to your dealer or resaech the vehichle before purchase,surely you could see the guage going down rihgt under your nose.As far exclusive user ,try Puegot,Citron,Mercs,BMW,SAAB,the list goes on

  • danny

    hi everyone ,what do you think of the cx7 fwd 2011 ? please reply