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by George Skentzos

Mitsubishi Australia has today announced the arrival of its 2010 Triton utility line-up.

The 2010 Triton range offers a new engine, generous safety features included as standard, a greater towing capacity and an extended tray.

The most important inclusion is the availability of a new high-powered turbo-diesel engine on four-wheel-drive variants which deliver the highest output and performance in this segment.


This 2.5-litre powerplant generates peak power of 131kW at 4000rpm and 400Nm at 2000rpm – an 11 per cent and 17 per cent improvement respectively over the previous 3.2-litre engine.

Combined fuel economy stands at just 8.3 litres per 100km when mated to the manual transmission – a 9 per cent improvement – although automatic variants are slightly disadvantaged with only 350Nm and economy of 9.3 litres per 100km.


These improved figures have been achieved through changes to the combustion chamber shape, optimized injector specifications, adding a variable geometry turbo charger and increasing turbo charging pressure.

The two-wheel-drive Triton range keeps the 2.4-litre petrol and 2.5-litre diesel engines from the current line-up, generating 94kW/194Nm and 100kW/314Nm respectively.


A new automatic electronically controlled five-speed automatic with sports-mode has also been added for the GLX-R model which provides operational improvement, performance improvement, and CO2 emission reduction.

Mitsubishi’s All Terrain Technology (MATT) is standard on all GLX-R models, and features the acclaimed Super Select four-wheel drive system, which includes Active Stability & Traction Control, Multi Mode ABS, Electronic Brake Force Distribution and an optional Diff Lock.


All 2010 Tritons have standard driver and front passenger SRS airbags, front and rear door impact bars, ABS brakes with electronic brakeforce distribution, front seatbelt pretensioners and child restraint points.

Towing capacities have also been increased, with the maximum towing capacity of the 2010 Triton four-wheel drive range up from 2500kg to 2700kg on dual-cab 4x4s with long bed and 3000kg on all other four-wheel drives.


Exterior features have also been upgraded with new front bumpers, grille and side-turning lamps, while inside there is a new seat fabric and seat pads, optional sports seats and new instrument cluster, floor console treatments and a new sound system.

  • arlester

    I can’t believe these don’t come with a toenou cover. (don’t know how it is spelt)
    But how ridiculous is that?

    • speedy_G

      not many 4×4’s do come with tonneau covers as standard anymore, its a optional extra nowdays.

  • Andrew

    Bugger all utes do have tonneau covers these days, even back in 2005 the RA Rodeo had them as an option. They’re even optional on Commodore and Falcon utes!

    • Andrew M

      Its only the base model Falcon and Commodore utes that dont get the tonneau cover standard.
      In the Falcon range, R6 (previously XLS) and up models get the cover for free

      In the Commodore range SV6 and up get the cover free

      • app_master

        Nothing is “Free” – you meant included!

  • arlester

    Yeah I knew the RA utes had them as an option but as far as i am aware they aren’t even an option on these new Tritons

    • Tom

      Mitsubishi have a few different tonneau covers that you can get, but they are all optional accessories, talking to the dealer they said the hard tonneau cover was dropped from the GLX-R because most buyers were removing them anyway, but I suspect its more to do with price.

      • arlester

        well I was in the market for a GLXR but now because i can’t have a cover on it I will not buy one

        • Tom

          What? You can have a cover for it, you just have to pay more, there is a soft and hard tonneau, and 3 different canopies you can chose from. And why would you deny yourself a good 4WD ute (if indeed you were considering it) when you can get a tonneau after market if you aren’t happy with the Mitsubishi offerings?

          • arlester

            oh sorry my bad. So there is an option for a cover on the GLXR?

  • Jake02

    I have an MY09 Triton GLS Fastback (the now-discontinued top of the range model) and I hated the Fastback tonneau cover so much I ordered the car with a normal tonneau cover. That was standard on the GLX-R yes but I see many GLX-Rs with them taken off so that reason is valid. But it’s annoying that it isn’t standard anymore (especially as it was the only 4×4 ute with it standard).

    Arlester – you can get the cover for around $2k and I’d say get the sat-nav and extra airbags and ESP too!

  • Reckless1

    The Japanese are still way behind the Euros and even behind the Koreans with diesels.

    2.5l and only 400nm, that’s 2.0l bread and butter.

    And what’s going on with torque limiting to 350nm for the auto – must be a weak gearbox there.

    • Howie-R31

      2.5l and “only” 400nm….

      Read the article it says..

      “The most important inclusion is the availability of a new high-powered turbo-diesel engine on four-wheel-drive variants which deliver the highest output and performance in this segment.”

      • Reckless1

        So what if it claims the highest power in its segment – means nothing really. And it has a weak auto……

        If such stuff does mean something to you, I’ll point out that when I bought my 3.5l V6 petrol Jackaroo in 1998, it had the highest power in its segment at 148kw. The 3.0l diesel Jackaroo also had the first CR diesel and the highest power in its segment.

        So you will be mighty impressed with that too, except it means diddly squat 11 years later.

    • Tom

      I certainly know which engine will last me longer, and with a 10 yr powertrain warranty you’ve got peace of mind.

      • Reckless1

        You can’t possibly know which engine will last longer, the engine is all new. Read the powertrain warranty fine print, you might be in for a shock.

    • LessQQ

      Euros and Koreans made utes now? since when?


  • Karen

    You’ve got to be kidding Reckless….400mn…..do you know that this engine is a 4cylinder not a v6 diesel. Big Difference there. You say lacking behind euro’s….

    What other car do you think is a 2.0 diesel with over 400mn…..please name me a few?

    This is a lot of power. And Now makes Mitsubishi Triton the Most powerful Diesel Ute on the Market…..PERIOD

    • Reckless1

      Do your own research. Plenty of lazy 2.0l diesels producing 350nm, plenty of others producing more.

      Too lazy to gain your own knowledge? OK. the VW 2.0l CR Diesel makes 147kw and 400nm. There are others, look for the Hyundau R series engines, they thump the Mitsubishi with the smaller 2.0 litre engine developing 184ps and 392nm of torque, and the 2.2 Litre engine develops 200ps and 436nm.

      Pity the auto is so weak they have to torque limit it to 350nm.

      • Evolution

        Reckless 1, I agree the Euro’s lead with diesel technology, but please tell me where do I get a Euro dual cab 4X4? Even when the VW arrives (if it does) it won’t have anywhere near the equipment the Triton does for the price. The Triton is easily the best dual cab 4X4 ute on the market at ANY price, and it’s engine outputs are now right up with the Euro’s. It’s brilliant value for money.

      • LessQQ

        Some excellent engines you pointed out I must say.

        So excellent you almost look forward to getting them repaired every weekend.

      • matt

        its the same as petrols dude…….. they are always down on power and usually bigger capacity so they have a better torque band,much more usuable for towing and 4x4ing, also i woudlnt go throwing to much torque in a 4×4 with leaf springs. ur comments about 4×4 diesels compared to korean and euro passenger diesels is stupid, please leave

  • mark

    ***********PROBLEMS TRITON*****************

    father in-law has a 08 triton glx-r model and s many problems
    1. accelerator sensor stuffed up = new sensor + wiring
    2. knock in motor = replaced motor
    3. oil leak X3 gearbox = new gaskets
    4. oil leak gearbox 4th time = new gearbox after making sounds over 80km/h
    5. very little ground clearance 205mm therefor drive shaft some how bent = replaced
    6.turbo shut off motor wont start =still in mitsubishi service

    i will not get a triton iam getting a Isuzu D-MAX LS-M for $38,000 have a look for your self its worth it just type dmax in google

    • Evolution

      This is a fact, Mark sells Isuzu, I know him! Shame on you Mark!!

  • Manda

    I have just purchased a new 2010 GLX-R Triton. I am wanting to put some mags on it. Can anyone tell me what size I should be looking at?

    • john

      put 26 inc fully sick brah wheels

  • dave

    got a chance to test drive the glr manual 4×4 t/d dual/cab hmmmm torbo lag down the bottem under 1500rpm end but once it got up too speed (100kph) no probs drove nicely brakes i thought are bit soft but mayby thats the nature of the beast:-p
    engine a little raspy at hi revs did not notice any xtra power (131kw. toyota 126kw is what i drive now)but inside was nice the ride is good if not a little soft but i liked it so i bought one HA!!!!!

  • joseph

    Just got a diesel twin cab tray model in the family last week. Rides good, not to noisey in the cab ,plenty of back seat room but the gearing is real passenger vehicle stuff. I can see a great trade in clutch replacement happening in the future.It does 100 at 2000rpm. Is there a low speed final drive ratio available?(I had nothing to do with the purchasing). P.S. RECKLESS1 is wrong with the Jackaroo 3.0 diesel,it,s a HEUI fuel system not common rail.

  • http://caradvice.com.au matthew

    I just brought the new glxr triton after 3 months of research into all the models avaliable. The triton GLXR is easilly the best top of the range ute on the market to date. The new motor outclasses all of its competitors with the way that mitsubishi has set it up. After testing it with a three ton boat behind, and flat out speed as well, it leaves the others behind in its dust! It is also tunned below abouut 1800 rpm for brilliant fuel economy and steady driving, and then takes off like a rocket up to 4500 rpm, as well as only doing 2100 rpm in 5th at 100kmph! I have had the fuel economy down below 8ltrs/100km on the open road, and averageing 10.5 around town, plus i drive pretty much with a flat foot!! Comparing to the only other comparable vechile in its market, the hilux: It has a much bigger cab especially when fitting baby seats in the rear, 17inch mags on the triton, simular empty load speed but much better under load ( the hilux is gutless with a big load or heavy trailer), diff lockers are optional on the triton only, and a much better set out interior and comfort features such as luxary seats, nice stereo,plus plus plus! and with the waranty the triton offers, why wouldn’t you buy the triton. PLUS! the price difference between the hilux and the triton for the same features i brought, was close to 10,000 dollars difference, allowing me to go and get the aftermarket extras i want. You must be a idiot to buy elsewhere!!!

  • chemcg

    Interesting reading guys, thinking about buying the triton dual cab GLR, good price, plenty of extras, no knockers? Must be good so think i will get one as the shape is growing on me, glad they fixed that sloping tray shape. Some things on the GLXR would be nice but maybe not worth it, glad its got baby harness points, the new navara ST has none and you have to get them drilled in and certified etc – pain, so lost me there.

  • Voyer1

    I have 1998 Triton V6. It has done 408,000 Klm,s flat out!

    I have only ever changed the oil every 15,000 klms. Did plugs & leads a couple of times. It has never been to a mechanic for a service?

    Mitsubishi Triton’s are very tough.

  • rosco

    thinking bout buying a GLR ,new one 4×2 ,what should i be paying ……..2.5d

  • Greg

    I am no very knowlegable in relation to diesel engines however would it be right to say if you drop the size of the engine and increase the power that there would be more stress on the engine which would have to work harder to achieve the same as a larger engine.

    • Matt

      Lets not forget about the power delivery and when this peak power come into the rev range! Bigger motors, like the older 3.2 or the current 3.0L’s from other manufacturers (Toyota, Isuzu, Holden)have it easy, more grunt earlier in the rev range and carried all the way through to redline. Is this not why Nissan are looking at the Renault 3.0L V6 to put into the Navara (2011-2012)? The 6 speed manual couldn’t get the right amount of power out of their 2.5L.

  • Ange

    Picking up new GLXR dualcab this week finally convised husband good idea. Taken me a while, loved them when they were first released! He’s worried about the smaller engine more power like Greg. More stress on the engine… does this mean it’s going to wear out quicker? Someone put me out of my misery!

    • Matt

      Ange, I would think that the newer motor would have to be running higher boost pressure from the turbo, higher compression ratio or even both to get more power out of a smaller engine. This may not be a bad thing because the engine “could” be made out of better metals and therefore can cope with the added stress. Lets not forget the newer motor was in fact due to the euro 4 emissions legislation, this is why lots of car manufacturers have downsized their engines…..

  • Gwen

    Looking at a new Triton for towing caravan approx 2100kg. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience on Triton as a tow vehicle???

  • john

    Hi out there i have the new 2010 triton2.5 i did have a 2995 liter V6 1991 petrol which i just sold and loved.I like the new car (it drives like one)i get 8.99 lit per 100. Old one 11.75 lit per 100km. But what is with the turbo lag has any one come across any thing that gets rid of it? or is that a no go? What about the after market chips or anything!! I have been left in some spots where a quicker responce would have been better.

  • john

    Hi there i had a 2001 V6 triton and great 2 up. But as for towing it is a no go. I had a box trailer and it did not like the hills at all.

  • patrick

    does anyone know the part number of the new VGT turbo and whether i can be fitted to the older 2.5 ML Tritons?

  • David

    John, the turbo lag is due to euro emissions requiring no diesel smoke on take off and low revs so the manufactures have turned down the fuel which gives a bigger turbo lag down low, a chip will recify this and a few other problems as well as giving more power overall.

  • derek

    looked at the competition and all had problems mazda and ford had no passenger legroom .isuzu is a stock mining truck very basic inside and the hilux was too expensive and have gearbox problems so it was between the colorado and the triton. triton won.game over

  • kerri

    I have 07 gls 3.2 turbo diesel,5sp man, we pull a jayco eagle camping trailer, always going up Toowoomba range and out to Warwick, leaves the hilux’s way behind, has heaps of power even pull jayco on the beach behind triton, as long as let air out of tyres, and put decent tyres on, we do not get stuck!

  • Rana