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by George Skentzos

The latest iteration of Honda’s sporty CR-Z hybrid concept is set to be revealed at the Tokyo motor show in near-production trim as the spiritual successor to the original Honda CRX.

The 2009 CR-Z Concept will arrive in the UK by 2010 as the world’s first sports hybrid car, and the first ever petrol-electric vehicle to use a six-speed manual transmission.

Boasting the largest stand of the Tokyo motor show, Honda also plans to showcase two more new concept cars that aim to broaden the appeal of cleaner vehicle technology.


The first is the EV-N, a small, four-seater electric vehicle intended purely as a design study, inspired by the N360 – Honda’s 360cc micro car launched in the 1960s.

The show will also play host to the Skydeck concept from Honda, a six-seater hybrid MPV similarly developed as an example of how Honda’s IMA technology can be placed in a range of different cars for different needs.


The Skydeck offers the efficiency of a hybrid powertrain while maintaining the practicality of a family MPV by storing many of the hybrid system components – including the high power battery – in the car’s centre tunnel rather than behind the rear seats or under the floor, as with previous production hybrids.

  • Alex

    Although there’s bound to be a ton of hype over the CR-Z, I have to say, I don’t like it. It looks heavy and a bit mumsy. It looks a bit horse like at the front and generally, for me, undesirable. Honda is probably my favourite Japanese car brand (though that’s changing all the time) but I really can’t believe that anybody would buy one of these over the most excellent Scirocco.

    • s5driver

      too bad the Scirocco isn’t sold in Australia or North America.

    • Fasthonda

      “Mumsy”???.That adjective would be mostly reserved for VW cars.
      Although the sports wheels on the CR-Z are not to my liking it is quite a daring design,the Skydeck is quite stylish.
      The EV-N looks retro modern,dating from the Sixties and yet,it still manages to look more modern than the current Polo/Golf!

      I don’t know this fascination with the Scirocco?I’m sure it’s a fine car but it actually looks a bit dated in design,almost frumpy?

    • Alan

      I too can’t see the fascination of Scirocco, it is a nice looking car, but like all VW product not exactly exciting. I wouldn’t mind one, but don’t particular desire one.

      Not too sure about CR-Z concept, looks bit tall and fat, i think the wheel base is a bit short, but the roof is too tall

  • Flying High

    Honda would do well to distinguish themselves by making this RWD, however that is unlikely. At any rate looks far better than anything VW has produced of late, including the Scirocco.

  • Nicholas

    I love you HONDA!

  • mark

    i used to own a 93 crx and although it was not high powered it handled really well and was great on fuel. if this car is anything like its predesessor then it is 1 car i will consider in the future. it would never be a rwd as of the extra weight of the running gear as why there is no rwd hybrids to date.

  • Mazdaman

    i didn’t think Hondas could get uglier than the CR-V – I was wrong.

    • Shak

      C’mon its not ugly just confused. I currently prefer Honda’s to other Jap makes and the MPV and that boxy thing look ok but they need to fix the bum-high stature of the CRZ and make it into a proper coupe.

      • Alan

        I agree with you Shak, i prefer Honda’s styling to other Jap makes. Most Asian car companies are quite constrained and ordinary in their styling, it’s good that Honda can step outside the boundary and try something more daring like this and on Civic.

        Any photo of interior of CR-Z? From what i’ve seen elsewhere, it looks very production ready, and is definitely a development of the style started by the current civic

        • Mazdaman

          I’ll agree the Civic is a nice looking car, shame it is so badly let down by it’s poor 4 star safety rating, not good enough in 2009. But come on the CR-V looks like its already been rammed in the back of a bus and should be waiting in a panel beater yard to be fixed.

        • ques
  • Pauly

    I personally love the looks of this. Im just hoping Honda dont offer the car with ONLY a Manual Transmission and give the option of both a Manual and Automatic.

    Heres hoping when Honda Release it here (apparently late 2010/2011) that they dont price it well out of the market, like they have with the Honda Civic Si Hatch and Honda City.

    • Flying High

      Automatic? You really are looking at the wrong car. You want a Civic….and a blow dryer

  • Yanzo

    the front half actually looks ok, but go fix the rear half

  • Jimmy James

    If this is the future of motoring, I’d rather walk.

  • http://Caradvice.com.au Baddass

    When is the Insight arriving here?

  • vti07

    This car should sell well if it is not too expensive. Hopefully it is similar in price to the civic type r.