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BMW Australia has announced the official pricing and specifications for its new X6 M, which is due to arrive in showrooms this December.

This latest addition to the M division line-up will be priced from $179,900 and will represent the pinnacle of the X6 Sports Activity Coupé range.

As the answer to a question supposedly no one was asking, the X6 has proved to be a surprise niche sales hit with 734 customer deliveries in its first year.


“The X6 delivered exactly what a select group of Australian luxury buyers were crying out for,” says Stavros Yallouridis, the Australian head of BMW Group Australia.

“Now with the arrival of the X6 M, we’re able to offer an M version which will tempt performance-oriented buyers considering an ML 63 AMG or Cayenne Turbo with benefits such as faster acceleration, less weight and better fuel consumption.

On the other hand, for those seeking maximum practicality as well as performance, the X5 M is due to arrive in Australian showrooms by January 2010, priced from $172,900.

  • Martin

    Love them! So mad.

  • Mk II

    I love the idea of them, but I really think the new front bumper design makes them look very dated.

    Maybe it is just the colours, who knows, but I love the X6 as a standard car, but these just don’t quite look right to me…

  • Baddass

    The rear of the X5 looks clean, but a little tame. Power figures next time please.

  • Matty B

    The new V8 is putting out a little over 400kw to the best of my knowledge. Awesome Cars, and they’re priced pretty well in the market too I think.

  • The Realist

    The standard X6 cornering ability is amazing. The X6 M will be a beast.

    • Bavarian Missile

      yep, would be my choice Realist as well .

  • fxh555

    Great – a faster version of an irrelevant car/4wd (or whatever they’re supposed to be).

  • Wheelnut

    For those of you who don’t like the look of the X6…. may I suggest that you have a look at the Honda/Acura ZDX.. which could possibly make its way to Oz to replace the MDX [flop]