Despite the tough times in August over 400 Australian took home a Mitsubishi Pajero, giving the Japanese medium sized SUV a 7.3% share of the market. Currently the Pajero sits behind the Ford Territory, Holden Captiva, Toyota Kluger and Prado. To give buyers more reason to pick a Pajero, Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited (MMAL) has today announced the release of a special action Pajero; the Pajero Platinum Edition.

At a glance the upgraded Pajero comes with better safety features, sat-nav and exterior updates.

The limited edition Pajero is based on the GLX model and is limited to just 550 units. Buyers can match the car to either a 3.8-litre petrol or 3.2-litre diesel power unit. Both engines are available with automatic or manual transmission.

The standard Pajero already includes ABS braking system (Brake Assist & EBD), electronic stability control and driver and passenger SRS airbags, the Platinum Edition adds a feature which should have already been standard on a car as large as the Pajero, a reversing camera. Front fog lamps are also added.

A sporty rear deflector, much needed coloured door mirrors, integrated side steps with front mudguards plus Platinum Edition badging and carpet mats showcase the exterior and interior upgrades.

As part of the Platinum package, Mitsubishi’s Multi Communication System (MMCS) with satellite navigation and Bluetooth mobile phone synchronization ability is included.

As with all Mitsubishi’s, the limited edition Pajero Platinum is covered by a 10 year / 160,000 km non-transferrable drive-train warranty in addition to a five year / 130,000 km new vehicle warranty.

The platinum edition variant goes on sale in October.

  • Cameron

    Mitsu MD: “take that Toyota”.
    Toyota MD “did you hear something??? 2 months till the all new Prado release – get busy!”.
    Consumer A “Mr Mitsu, toyota will be releasing the new Prado with better efficiency and off road ability, you gotta sell this cheaper”
    Consumer B “Mr Toyota, Mitsu have a big warranty – can you match it?”

    • 4:20 All Day

      Consumer C: Toyota and Mitsubishi, I would like a full size 4X4 but don’t actualy want to go near any dirt with it. My main aim is to show people how much money I have and how impractical I am willing to make life for myself and others. Do you have a Rang-Rover equivalent?

      • Josh

        Lexus LX450?

        • mad max

          Consumer D (as in dopey) bugga ya all! I just bought a Hummer so I can look real tough during the school run!
          The scarey thing is, people do think like that as well…

          • Aussieprime

            Consumer E-Z….yes Mr Toyota, can we bend over any further so you can screw us $5-$10 grand more for the badge on you vehicle. Huh? test drive anything else on the market, of course we didn’t…we are like Holden and Ford drivers.

  • Ben

    how much is this version?
    And its already got options you have to pay extra on an territory like sat nav, blue tooth, 4×4 , and transmision 5 or 6 speed (you have to get the all wheel drive territtory to get tthe 6 speed).
    Why dont they sell more of these?

  • Andrew

    The original Pajero Platinum seemed better value and it’s looks were (slightly) more differentiated from what it was based on.

  • Wheelnut®™

    I reckon Mitsubishi should have released a Pajero like the “EVO concept Pajero that was at the Sydney Motor Show a coupe of years ago.. It had curves flared guards and a tapered roof [similar to the LR-X] Recaro seats; Show-car ICE System; and an awesome Dakar bodykit

  • ChrisR

    The wife and I currently own a 08 Freelander 2 V6, after looking at a friends 09 prado GXL (old model), we went to local toyota dealer to upgrade. No manual GXL diesel models available, a couple of GX models with a few extras which they wanted $58-59K for. A GXL was $65K on special. Drove over to the Mitsu dealership, test drove an Exceed diesel, out of our price range. Interested in GLS model, salesman told us about the Platinum model, bought one that day, also they gave us $2000 more for trade in then toyota was offering. If you live in Perth, pop into Rockinhgam Mitsubishi for a good deal and ask for Reece, they wont jump on you like a rabid dog.

  • niftienev

    Got a Hyundai Santa Fe TD. Service is expensive and bad support does not exist, time to look at one of these!