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  • Jake02

    Me not like until diesel/Titanium comes out! Or an XR5 Turbo would be nice…:D

    • ZX10

      Agreed. It ticks all the right boxes except in the engine department. I guess that’s the secret to the competitive price tag given the standard inclusions. Would love to see this with the much-hyped 4 pot turbo they want to put in the Falcon.

      • Reckless1

        And just how will the longitudinal engine going in the Falcon fit in the transverse Mondeo?

        Feel free to think.

        • Cameron

          So the same engineers couldn’t mount it east-west? You don’t have monopoly of engineering constraints. Feel free to keep narrow minded comments to yourself.

        • Safety Frist

          Sorry Reckless, but for the info, the big thing with Ford Aust doing EcoBoost 4 is it will be converting that FWD motor into RWD configuration. Essentially that motor is a probability to fit Mondeo.

          • mad max

            A lot of engines designed for FWD are used RWD and vise versa. Just look at the Commodore V6. That was designed in the USA for FWD applications and Holden use it as RWD. It can be done.

        • ZX10

          Well well well, Reckless1 by name and reckless by nature.
          It seems you thought, and were wrong.

          • CROUCHY

            Everyone: Feel free to get off your high horsies

  • TonyB

    Good review. Its certainly food for thought. But like Jake, until a high-end diesel version (hopefully with the 2.2l diesel) becomes available, I’d be giving it a miss.

  • Stu

    Can anyone explain what the go is with isofix child seat anchors? I have been told that they cannot be used? This might seem awfully dumb but what is the point of them? Is this simply a euro feature that we cannot use?

    • t39

      Correct, can not use them here. Even if you were to import an ISOFIX child seat privately, it would be illegal for you to use it as it does not have the label of AU standard compliance. So, we are stuck with having to use inferior seats that have no rigid connections to the car structure.

      • Frenchie

        There is a review under taken at this moment to include isofix child restraints to the Australian standard. Hopefully it will be complete and ready for use next year.

  • Tony

    for $32k i’d be wanting alloys?

    and where did they find inspiration for the wheel covers? the cutting disc out of a food processor?

    i’ve never been impressed with the finishing and design of the centre console of the Euro Fords and this one is no exception.

    • ZX10

      So what would you forego to have said alloys? Cruise control? 6 stack CD player? More likely both?

      • Tony

        and yet the competition delivers alloys… I’m sorry but cheap $16k cars get steel wheels… on $32k+ cars I expect alloys… and electric windows… but apparently a lot of people don’t mind 1988 style window winders

        I would think if the Japanese and Koreans pulled this off they’d get blasted… but if it’s Ford or Holden… I drive a Ford btw.

        • Safety Frist

          Tony, what you are missing, in your appraisel of all things shiny is that the Mondeo whilst missing out on Alloys and Rear power windows, does include the full compliment off safety equipment that the opposition lists as extra cost / model upgrade options.

          BTW the LX only has a Single in dash 8 speaker sound system, the 6 stack premium unit is Zetec upwards. Also the diesel version has been left out because of lack of availability. All diesel wagon production has already been allocated this year.

          • Tony

            i would also disagree on the ‘safety’ aspect

            all cars in this class should have multiple airbags, ABS, DSC, EBD etc. etc.

            having the standard safety requirements is nothing to brag about or if the competition doesn’t have it they should…

          • thenameless

            Tony not all cars in that price bracket have the same level of safety features. Compare apples with apples.

    • Frenchie

      Not a good look for a Euro!

  • Carl

    I want one but will not buy one until Ford OZ gets it’s finger out and brings the diesel in the Titanium spec!!!!! So Ford OZ what the hell are you waiting for??????

  • 5294

    ZX10, I hope you’re right and there is always a demand for large RWD cars. We have a Territory AWD we use for towing and a LPG Futura for around town. I know you lose a little bit of power but I don’t understand why more people aren’t buying the E-Gas option. I do approxiamtely 500km’s a week for about $37 – $40 of LPG, fantastic for a large comfortable car. Will be upgrading the Territory once the diesel is here.

  • DipStiK

    No instrument dimmer! This is a must when driving at night in the country, you could say it is a basic passive safety feature. To my knowledge even bottom end cars have dimmers. What The ?

  • Tony

    no instrument dimmer is a funny one as all Japanese import cars need to have this one fitted. You’ll find they wire in a 20c potentiometer into the dash lights.

    To me it’s the usual ‘one law for them, one law for us’… we won’t let imports get away with it but as usual Ford and Holden get a free pass.

    • Shak

      not Holden just Fords. The Falcon doesnt even have illuminated controls on the wheel, and missing alloys is really not up to class standards. If you need to brag about passive safety which the whole class has as standard. and the fact that Korean rivals have rear power windows and this supposed ueor doesnt is stupid.Wouldnt buy one.

      • Andrew M

        What do you mean missing alloys on Falcon??

        Sure the wheel controls arent illuminated, but they are easier to use, and the buttens are where you expect them to be.

        Ive never complained about the buttons in my falcons not being illuminated as they are easy to use.
        No reaching into the centre of the wheel, No buttons beside buttons or up and down stick thingys, just easy to use and navigate buttons that you can feel and know

    • Frenchie

      What are those Europeans trying to pass onto us? Next they\’ll be selling us beer in 250ml bottles!

  • johnh

    It would be nice to know just how accurate and effective the voice recognition feature is in real world testing I wonder if it works exactly the same way as shown in the TV Commercial!

    • Shak

      It doesnt because in the ad the dog barks and the unit recognises it as “track4″. A bark doesnt sound like track four to me.

      • Wheelnut®™

        If you think that it would work the same way as it does in the TV Commercial [with the dog saying Track Phwoar..] then you obviously think that Pussies drive Corollas… but you could be right on that one.

        Having said that – the Voice Recognition System in the Top of the range S Class Merc-Benz system isn’t that accurate – on Top Gear JC spent several hours trying to contact Top Gears producer on the in built bluetooth phone which also uses voice recognition

        I’d say its a lot like the various Talk-Type programs you can get for your computer you have to train it to get used to your speech patterns etc

        • mad max

          I have blutooth voice recognition in my VE and its not that acurate either. If their is any background noice it just won’t work. Same if you have a cold or somebody uses it and has a strong accent. I’ve ended up disconecting it so I think these systems have a way to go yet.

          • Safety Frist

            Obviuosly none of you have tried it yet feel free to comment. The system works extremely well. It is a system that is available on most Euro Fords and is very easy to use. The Dog in the comercila doesn’t actually say “TRACK” it simple answers the car when asked “TRACK NUMBER PLEASE!!” THe dog then barks Fwoar. How do I know how well the system works? I have been using it for over 12 months.

    • RIchard

      Voice recognition actually works really well. It does however have its fall backs when you try to ask it to call a phone number (eg ’88881234′) Often confuses the numbers. This is easliy fixed if you store the names for all your commonly called numbers, so you can simply say ‘dial name’ then ‘home’ etc.

      The dog is a joke, it would never work. Lucky the Chaser boys arent around to prove this advert in real life! lol

      • Safety Frist

        The only drama I have with the Number recognition is when I give a radio station like say 104.5, you can’t be an Aussie and say one oh four point five, it has to be one hundred four point five….. :-(

  • Will

    Will be interesting to see if this machine or the Taurus succeeds the Falcon in 2011. My money would be with this machine.

    • Will Knot

      Go away with your aussie car hating ways,Be-gone.

  • Ravith

    For this price, the new Camry is teh way to go.
    I see a lot of Mondeo ad here — like voice activated controls etc, but they have to get one thing right for the car: driveability, and Camry leaves this thing behind by a long shot.

    • Wheelnut®™

      A Cmary better than a Mondeo; Don’t make me laugh.. A Mondeo is better looking than a Camry; has more features than a Camry and handles better than a Camry…. not to mention that you can’t get a Camry wagon can you?

      • mad max

        Or a Camry hatch. You want a Camry wagon the point you in the direction of the Kluga and not everybody wants a car that big.

        • ZX10

          Or thirsty OR cumbersome. Strange comparison really.

          • mad max

            Yep very strange comparison. But its what Toyota dealers do. You want a Camry wagon sir (or maam) then we have one here, its called a Kluger. But its big and cumbersome and heavy. But sir its what we offer as a wagon. Crazy but unless they release the Vienta here, its what we get. A V6 Rav would be ok except for the stupid rear cargo door with the heavy wheel bolted to it. Oh that and the look of the thing.

    • Golfschwein

      Joking, yeah?

    • Minnow

      If you have no heart, soul, life, and are just waiting to die and have no enthusiasm for life really.. Then a Camry in beige is for you.

    • cczmark

      >driveability, and Camry leaves this thing behind by a long shot.

      From this comment I can only conclude you have never driven either vehicle. I have and the Mondeo is vastly superior to drive with a better ride. And the Ford interior quality is a lot better as well.

  • Peter

    I might be in the minority here, but gee I would love a new Falcon wagon to come out. I dont want to buy a SUV just to tow something. I think a Holden Sportwagon would be a good bet, the 6 cylinder uses less fuel than this 2.3L Mondeo, plus the Holden is rear wheel drive – although it is more expensive.

    • Cameron

      Makes sense when you put it that way but the Mondeo with a bigger boot seems more practical and the driving dynamics are meant to be better.

      • Shak

        Yeah but thesse boots are always measured in litres, and i dont think you transport water in the back. You have to look at thea shape and the length and width. You also gotta see if it offers hooks and all that stuff. In reality the Falcon wagon is more practical but the Commodore is better looking and more economical than both Mondeo and Falcon.

  • auto

    Go Skoda

    • Wheelnut®™

      Thats a joke right…. Have you seen the look of the [Oz Only] Skoda RS Wagon? it looks like they raided Holdens spare parts bin.. as there are traces of the Old Vectra wagon; old Astra taillights; Epica headlights even the front bumper looks like the one on the HSV VE-2.

      • Jake02

        The HSV E2 was finished months after the facelifted RS revealed, let alone released here – surely not Skoda’s fault? Old Astra tailights? Whatever you’re smoking give me some! :P

        • Frenchie

          Wheelnut is right. Skoda RS wagon=Vectaspica.

      • mad max

        Skoda Octavia RS Wagon is not OZ only. You see them all the time here in Europe.

  • Mark

    Love the black door handles – it just yells company car to me. C’mon, how long have painted handles been around for – over 20 years now?

    • thenameless

      Is that why Commodores still have black door handles?
      Check the Zetec Mondeo wagon for better door handles!

      • Peter

        Na the Commodore is fully colour coded and even has alloys on the base model, you must be thinking of an older version

  • Shak

    if and when Commodore and Falcon release their respective diesel versions than the large car will once again rise from the ashes. I will go and record saying that if they can use a euro diesel then the A6, E-Class, and 5 Series will be cowering in their boots.

    • Wheelnut®™

      At this stage both Holden and Ford are expected to add Diesels to the Commodore and Falcon range next year.. Holden as part of the new VF [which is expected to be released around June].. Ford a couple of months after that.

      • Clueless

        Wheelnut you are fool. Ther eis no Falcon diesel, only Territory. There is also no commodore diesel. Know your facts and stop making up stories.

        • Wheelnut®™

          Clueless: read what I said again – I didn’t say that there is a Diesel Falcon or Diesel Commodore I said that there is expected to be a Diesel Commodore and Diesel Falcon within the next year.

          • Frenchie

            I think you expectation maybe too high Wheelnut. Although I not a fan of diesel I think there is a good domestic market and an even better export market for one. I think Holden are trying to develop a whole new type of diesel engine but the numbers just don’t add up.

            Me thinks a 3.0l or 2.8l turbo diesel similar to Toyota’s D-4D

          • mad max

            Certainly Ford have mentioned Diesel Territory but GM USA and Oz keep saying they don’t support diesel for the Zeta platform (Commodore). Holden is on record as supporting factory fitted direct injected liquid LPG. I can see their point that if they can do it and keep the price to a reasonable level then it becomes a lot more attractive than re-engineering the car for diesel. The big benefit with liquid injection is the tiny loss of torque and fuel economy compared to vapour injection. Only time will tell though.

          • SoldAtGoodGuys

            Toyota’s D-4D is rubbish compared to Euro diesels. It seems to be something T just can’t get right, this is why they have petrol hybrids instead of diesel (and KRudd threw $$ at them). I think you are correct in that Ford and Holden will probably have something on par with the D-4D.
            T reakon they have improved the Prado diesel in the new model but won’t release anything yet except to say it does better than 9L/100Km.

            Clueless ease up on Wheelnut, it’s no secret that Ford and Holden are looking hard into diesel tech.

          • Clueless

            Wheel Nut, just stop dreaming, there is NO and I repeat NO Diesel Falcon. The Diesel Territory will be released around Q1 2011. As massive amount of reenginnering needs to be done to house the diesel engine.
            When the V6 petrol was canned last year so was Diesel in Falcon.

        • Captain Nemo

          Another website says Holden is working on a diesel Commodore with Italian company VM Motori supposed to be a 2.9L V6 with 185kw & 550mn.

          • mad max

            Certainly if Holden are looking at diesel power then it would be with VM Motori. They designed the current range of diesels in the Captiva, Cruze and Epica.

  • Baddass

    Many are getting technical about the styling, so I’ll have a go too. For me the hubcaps are fine, the C-pillar is too thin, and the dash has too much silver.
    I might get ridiculed for this, but I am a strong believer that some cars look like certain people. And the Mondeo front end (good example is first picture), to me, looks like Cameron Diaz.

  • Mazdaman

    Seriously, does anyone like the current ford styling???
    Their poor sales suggest I’m not the only one who thinks the styling sucks.
    The falcon looks ok, but the mondeo and focus – yuk. The festiva looks like a squashed bug.
    Before the ford fan boys start slamming me (there’s been enough bitchy comment on this article) – I AM NOT A HOLDEN FAN.

    • Golfschwein

      Could a smile be what’s needed? Only joking. Golf driver here and, yes, I love the styling of the Fords.

    • RIchard

      Its all about progression and finding something new to stand out on the road.

      When you look at the front of a Mondeo and the Falcon G Series, theres not much difference so I’m not sure what you’re on about with you dislike for the Mondeo.

      I think the Fiesta looks striking and 21st Century compaired to the safe and standard looking Toyota’s and the smaller Holdens.

      • mad max

        I like the styling and I drive a Commodore

  • Al Juraj

    Acceleration figures are just poor, and cars like this should easily reach 200 km/h. Six gears are useless with an anaemic engine hauling a heavy car.

  • RIchard

    I’m sick of all the new Mondeo wagon review’s only being the base model LX, it gives a great car a bad name! I bought the Zetec wagon last month for only $5000 more you get 17 inch alloys, crome grill and window lining, body colour handels, better looking 6 stack CD console, with ipod control and more voice control options, nice LCD display in the dash with full colour HMI, auto everything, better seat trim, rear and front sensors, etc etc.

    Please before you bag out this car for its base model, have a look at the Zetec first! The only thing that will top this is the diesel model that will come out next year, and perhaps if the sales go well, the titanium too!

  • Martin

    That centre console is horrible.

  • Andrew M

    The Voice recognition in my Falcon works really well.

    Its surprising how accurate it is. Firstly I used to talk slow and pronounce clearly, but I soon learned if you speak naturally it has no dramas.

    Sure the early talk and type computer software was a joke and as Wheelnut said it had to be trained, but the voice recognition in cars today is impressively accurate.

    I store names with occupations or addresses beside them in my phone so I know exactlly which person it is if they ring. it even picks up on that!!!!

    Those dissing it earlier havennt tried it

  • Unknown

    I’d do the chick in the ad, shes hot :)

    • RIchard

      Damn straight. Much better ad than the last one!

  • Jack

    This car is pretty ugly. t loos like a fleet car n white and those hub caps? Grose! Same with the interior. Wind-down windows? I dont know what all the hype and fuss was about for this wagon. It looks like a retarded version of the mondeo with a hunchback. It might have a few safety features which are mandatory now but for 32k and thats all you get? You can find something for about 20k be it a year or two old, but you get alloys, FULL elecs and what-not.

    Another dud Ford…

    (no im not a camry driver or whatever, i drive a Holden, but that dont mean im biased, just a fair opinion which many will agree with)

    • RIchard

      Please check out the Zetec version not this one, much better looking. Shame on Ford for offering a white LX model for review!

  • tekkyy

    the missing equipment and underpowered engine has been a joke
    it remains in MB Mondeo LX

    can’t see sales improving at all

  • billy@cheap used cars brisbane

    When will Ford give up on this car? Sure, it is a great car by any measure but clearly no-one here wants it. It should tell Ford everything they need to know about their chances of successfully replacing Falcon with a FWD, or even AWD, car from the US.

  • mad max

    Good car though. I have driven a few hatch versions and they seem like a well built car. It kind of makes you wonder if this type of vehicle might be the future of Ford Oz once they move away from rear wheel drive. It would certainly be a cheaper alternative design and tooling wise and probably better than a re-hashed American design. There not a huge difference in size to the Falcon and I also think that there will be a shift towards slightly smaller cars in the near future.

  • ZX10

    There will always be a demand for large RWD cars. They are ideal for towing and carting loads be they people, cargo or both. This is why a diesel Falcon is overdue. Lots of Torque and little fuel use in a large car that can haul.
    In addition, there will always be the overweight people that just won’t fit in anything less.

  • car

    the intervals are 12 month 15k
    cost is around the 250 mark

  • Andrew M

    So are you saying the Falcon doesnt already have plenty of torque??

Ford Mondeo Specs

Car Details
Body Type
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
208Nm @  4200rpm
Max. Power
118kW @  6500rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
9.5L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:1200  Unbrake:750
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
215/55 R16
Rear Tyres
215/55 R16
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Standard Features
Air Conditioning
Control & Handling
Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Traction Control System
Power Steering, Trip Computer
Radio CD with 8 Speakers
Power Mirrors
Cloth Trim, Power Windows Front
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats, Side Front Air Bags
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Voice Recognition System
Metallic Paint
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Country of Origin