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BMW has introduced a raft of new performance features as well as an improved fuel consumption figure for its revised 6 Series Sport Coupé and Convertible.

Due to arrive on Australian shores in November, the revised 6 Series gains Brake Energy Regeneration technology as standard equipment which improves consumption by up to 6.8 per cent without sacrificing performance.

The 650i Sport Coupé is now rated at 10.5 litres per 100km representing a 5.4 per cent improvement while the 650i Sport Convertible improves by 6.8 per cent, for a new combined cycle rating of 10.9 litres per 100km.


The technology forms part of BMW’s EfficientDynamics repertoire and reduces fuel consumption by generating electric power from energy otherwise wasted as lost heat in the brake system.

“The new BMW 650i Sport further shapes the top end of the BMW product portfolio and signals yet another example of BMW’s uncompromised BMW EfficientDynamics strategy,” said BMW Group Australia managing director Stavros Yallouridis.

Both models also feature a new contoured engine compartment lid with arrow-shaped character lines, new 19-inch light allow wheels with low profile tyres, BMW Individual high-gloss shadow line, tailpipes in dark chrome and an exhaust system with a distinctive sound character.


The latest generation iDrive control system has also been added featuring a high resolution 8.8” monitor with professional navigation, high definition TV and fixed 80GB hard drive.

Sport seats in four choices of leather trim, an M leather steering wheel, interior strips in brushed aluminium, an anthracite-coloured BMW Individual roof liner and a lighting package define the sporty character of the interior.


Two new exterior colours are also available, Imola Red and Carbon Black, with exclusive Pearl leather upholstery inside which can be replaced with Saddle Brown light, Chateau, Cream Beige or Black at no extra cost.

Pricing for the new BMW 650i Sport Coupé is $227,300 and $245,100 for the BMW 650i Sport Convertible.

  • Shak

    When will they unbangle this car???

  • Alex

    Hmm, let’s not start a design argument. I’ve come to quite like the 6 Series personally, but why haven’t they brought the 630i or 635d to Australia? Don’t they realise that if they want to actually sell some they need to cost about $80,000 less than that? I don’t mean that they should make the 650i cheaper, it’s worth the money, but they need a smaller but as impressive engine. In other words, the 630i.

  • Al Juraj

    It’s anything but sporty. The chassis is 5-Series based and results to a big coupe that is no 911 rival. This, like the X6 and 5-Series GT, is among the useless BMW models. The soft-top convertible is also a class down over the 3-Series which has a folding metal roof. What they should build is a smaller 2-door that sits above the Z4 available in all the brilliant turbo engines up until the 5-litre V10 in the M5. They could also come up with a 7-seater that rides lower than the X5 and can be had with 4WD for better all-round ability for the family.

    The 6-Series’ controversial styling and being less practical are hard to justify over a 5-Series, which costs significantly less and pretty much does the same thing.

    • s5driver

      how about the M6?

    • Alex

      So this is a class down over the 3 Series because it doesn’t have a stupid metal roof? You obviously have no idea. A folding metal roof doesn’t make a car better. Going by that logic a Megane CC is a better car than a DB9 Volante.
      Of course this is no 911 competitor; it’s a GT, not a super car. And it is very sporty. It handles brilliantly for such a large car and it’s really quite nimble once you get going. And when you write that they should come up with a low riding seven seater with four wheel drive, don’t you just mean a BMW R Class? The Mercedes R Class has done absolutely terribly in sales. Even the Americans don’t want it, so why would BMW make one?
      Do you have any idea at all?

      BMWs are about the drive, not the practicality and despite you calling the 5 Series GT and the X6 useless, they still offer excellent drives. I can say that with experience when it comes to the X6 and the 5 Series GT is getting excellent reviews.

      • 4:20 All Day

        You took the words right out of my mouth. Like the styling or not, the 6 series is still an excellent drive.


    do i see a manual transmission????????