There would have to be something seriously wrong with any human being, if they didn’t visit the Ferrari stand at the Frankfurt Motor Show.


That’s especially true this year, where you will see on display one of the best shapes to come out of Maranello in years.


The 458 Italia is a drop dead gorgeous machine, with super smooth lines not seen in a Ferrari since the 246 GT.

While the F430 was a far more advanced car than the F360 it replaced, the same goes for the 458 Italia.


It’s a much quicker car than the F430, with the eight-cylinder engine developing 425kW and 540Nm of torque, of which 80-per cent is available from 3250rpm.

The 0-100km/h-sprint time comes up in less than 3.4 seconds and top speed is a jet like 326km/h.


Shift times for the seven-speed F1 dual clutch gearbox have been reduced even further, while the weight of the car is just 1380 kilograms, which should make the car a spectacular track day weapon.


There’s also a more direct steering ratio for greater control ,while up to 360 kilograms of down force is developed at top speed.


It’s hard to believe, but the 458 Italia has 15 per cent more torsional rigidity than the F430.

Moreover CO2 emissions have been reigned in to a commendable 307 grams per kilometre, with fuel consumption now at 13.7 litre per 100 kilometre on the combined cycle.


Ferrari’s 458 Italia is surely one of this year’s highlights at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

  • Tael

    best Ferrari shape in over a decade

    • Lukaas


      Best shape since the F355. Scaglietti/599 GTB also up there.

      The F360 was very good but didnt have that “timeless” look that the F355 had..

      this one, the 458 Italia has that “shape” and “look” that is simple yet timeless in a modern way.

  • rental

    Incredible car. I would like to drive it.

  • Alan

    Tael, couldn’t agree more, this is by far the best looking shape since 456/355. I also love how the low waist look is being brought back, instead of the high and chunky wasit of lambo.

    The look, the performance, the relatively low weight, this will be a cracker of a car. I love how they’ve kept the weight below 1400kg, i think modern super/sports cars are getting too heavy with 911 turbo, R8, SLS, Lambo, AM all tipping the scale at over 1500kg.

  • Cupid Stunt

    Ferrari just seem to go from good to better. The style and shape of this thing is out of this world and out of my financial limit of course. Well lush!!!

  • Dude

    The front lights look spoil it! the rest is dead right.

  • Yanzo

    i effing love this car. i want one in black

  • alex

    Looks fantastic except the lights. But Im sure they look good in the metal.
    Could somebody please explain why supercars are less ”slipery” than some production cars? (Merc E-Class for example)

  • Dan

    I rekon that looks bloody awful. What happened to cohesive automotive designs? Are they trying to imitate Lamborghini with those lights?

    Why have manufacturers seemed to decide to just throw a bunch of random design “cues” together lately in the hope people will like whatever mess results? This and the HSV E2 are the worst car designs to appear since Ssanyong hit the scene…

  • Marcoz

    sex on wheels…pure ferrari this is……..the only thing i dont like about it is the side door mirrors…they’ve gone back to the 360look…similar anyhow..the look crap…the should have revamped the 430 mirros..they looked the bit…
    i dont agree though with most here saying the 355 was the last best looking…i love the 430, 599 and 612…and just they always always always have shyte stock wheels…put big mothers on them and bam……
    but then again am a ferrari nut and i love em…..except the california…which pains me to say it…..
    cant wait to see this thing on the streets….but not likely for a while in qld…sigh…. unless i win lotto……lol

  • crouchy

    WOW it looks stunning in yellow!!!!

  • Lewis

    I love it its Amazing!

  • Lewis simply amazing

    My uncle bought this yellow