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Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Photo Gallery & Specifications

If there was ever a car everyone at CarAdvice simply agreed on, it’s the new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG that is scheduled for its world premiere at the Frankfurt International Motor Show (which CarAdvice will be attending) next Monday.

Although we’ve criticised Mercedes-Benz for making some less than inspiring cars in recent times, it’s the German company’s ability to release a car like the SLS AMG that really defines the brand’s capability. Mercedes and AMG have gone all out with this one, producing a reincarnation of a model that will undoubtedly became an icon in due course.


According to Mercedes-Benz, it has done the high everyday utility and exemplary safety work while AMG focused on lightweight engineering and superior handling dynamics. Either way, the engineers behind the car and specifically the engine need to be congratulated.


Moving the aluminium space frame body, complete with gullwing doors, is an AMG 6.3-litre (M159), front-mid V8 engine that produces a staggering 420kW and 650Nm.

All that power is handled through Mercede’s seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission and forced to the rear axle through a lightweight driveshaft made of carbon-fibre – similar to the DTM C-Class touring car. Despite weighing in at a heft 1620 kilograms the SLS AMG can go from 0-100km/h in just 3.8 seconds.


Front and rear weight distribution comes in at a near perfect 47 to 53 percent and the SLS AMG is capable of reaching an electronically limited top speed of 317 km/h.

Now if one of the Australian performance manufacturers had built a car like this, we’d expect fuel consumption figures nearing the 16-17 litres per 100 kilometre mark, but not so for AMG.


German engineers are well respected for their ability to extract extreme amounts of power out of an engine whilst managing a more than respectable fuel rating, in this instance the rating comes in at 13.2L/100km.

“With the new SLS AMG, Mercedes-Benz is presenting a fascinating super sports car that will quicken the pulse of any car fan, said Dr Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars.

“The SLS AMG bolsters both the Mercedes-Benz and AMG brands equally, and will surely become one of the most alluring sports cars of our time.”

Taking some bits from history, the fins on the bonnet are reminiscent of styling elements found on the 300SL. The front rides on 19-inch AMG wheels while 20-inch rear light alloy wheels handle the enormous power. AMG will offer three different types of wheels

“In the SLS AMG, our customers benefit first-hand from the expertise gleaned by Mercedes-AMG from more than 40 years of motor sports experience, said Volker Mornhinweg, Chairman of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

“The unparalleled technology package provides for extraordinary handling dynamics with moderate fuel consumption—another hallmark of AMG today.”

Mercedes-Benz Australia says local pricing will be announced later and the car should be available here in mid next year.

Tune in next week as our own Anthony Crawford reports from Frankfurt. Check out the gallery below.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

No. of cylinders/arrangement 8/V, 4 valves per cylinder
Displacement cc 6208
Bore x stroke mm 102.2 x 94.6
Rated power output kW 420 at 6800 rpm
Rated torque Nm 650 at 4750 rpm
Compression ratio 11.3 : 1
Mixture preparation Microprocessor-controlled fuel injection, HFM

Power transmission

Drive Standard drive
Transmissions AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT seven-speed sports transmission
Ratios Final drive
1st gear
2nd gear
3rd gear
4th gear
5th gear
6th gear
7th gear

Chassis and suspension

Front axle Aluminium double wishbone suspension, anti-dive, coil springs, gas-filled shock absorbers, stabiliser
Rear axle Aluminium double wishbone suspension, anti-squat and anti-dive systems, coil springs, gas-filled shock absorbers, stabiliser
Braking system Composite disc brakes, internally ventilated and perforated at the front; disc brakes, internally ventilated and perforated at the rear; electric rear parking brake; ABS; Brake Assist; 3-stage ESP®
Steering Rack-and-pinion power steering with parameter function, steering damper
Wheels Front: 9.5 J x 19; rear: 11 J x 20
Tyres Front: 265/35 R 19; rear: 295/30 R 20

Dimensions and weights*

Wheelbase mm 2680
Tread front/rear mm 1682/1653
Overall length mm 4638
Overall width mm 1939
Overall height mm 1262
Turning circle m 11.9
Boot capacity** l 176
Kerb weight acc. to DIN kg 1620
Payload (basis ready-to-drive according to EC) kg 240
Perm. gross vehicle weight kg 1935
Tank capacity/inc. reserve l 85/14

Performance and fuel consumption

Acceleration 0-100 km/h s 3.8
Top speed km/h 317***
Fuel consumption NEDC comb. l/100 km 13.2
CO2 emissions g/km 314

  • J

    Not a massive merc fan, but looks tuff as *$%#

  • http://Caradvice.com.au Baddass

    Very pretty, but will they all be called AMG? And will there be a hotter model?

  • Mitch1

    Very very nice, i was expecting a more aggressive rear end, but i wouldn’t be lying when i said this is probably the most desirable car in the world right now.

  • Alex

    I’d like to see a lower model in the range. I know it would cheapen it slightly, but I’d really like to see an SLS350 or something. It’s just that I look at this car and see class more than blistering performance figures, so a slightly more sedate model would be great.

    • Shak

      Too right you are mate. This car doesnt scream performance(leave that to the CLS) but if they gave a bse model skewed towards comfort and pace then it would be much more appealing.

  • Astonalicious

    From the article:

    “Either way, the engineers behind the car and specifically the engine need to be congratulated.”

    “it’s the German company’s ability to release a car like the SLS AMG that really defines the brand’s capability.”

    “producing a reincarnation of a model that will undoubtedly became an icon in due course.”

    It sounds like you guys have already driven the thing, or do I detect some blatant M-B arse-kissing?

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      Just love the car mate :)

  • http://www.motorshout.com Adam Spencer

    I have to completely disagree on this one guys. The original 300 Gullwing has stunning shape, almost ‘bubbly’ lines. This one totally has missed the mark.

    Unfortunately for mercedes their current design cues are square’ish headlights, while the original 300 gullwing has round headlights. I fear that because mercedes has had to bring the old skool look and feel into the modern (and their current designs), they were forced to square up the headlights…which in my opinion totally ruins this cars appearance. Round headlights would have made a big difference, but unfortunatley for mercedes, rounded headlights was in their previous generation cars.

    The rear is very weak as well, nothing to add, but it’s just a let down. Take a look at the original 300 Gullwing, and you’ll also notice that is a big mistake trying to ‘muscularise’ the SLS, when the older shape was so classic, and so rounded.

    I’m as big a mercedes fan as you can get…I wanted to love this car like i drooled over the Vision 722, but i think it’s just not a great looking car.

    The One-77 on the other hand….now THAT’s a well designed car…but that’s for another thread :)


  • QwkEddie

    The side profile looks quite good.I can’t say the same for the front and rear.Congratulations to AMG for not going stupid(like Brabus do) with their engine,like fitting twin turbos,supercharges with Nitrous etc..etc.
    The torque and power figures are commendable however,it’s engine is still not as impressive in churning out power and torque figures as the 4.7 V8 in the upcoming Italia Ferrari.

    • Camski

      *Cough* M275 *Cough* haha

      Actually it’s probably more impressive than the 458 “in churning our power and torque”. All you’ve got to do is start the M156 derived engine (now M159) and from go, power delivery is absolutely amazing. I’ll give you this though, the 420KW’s isn’t all that inspiring, a chipped C63 [Detuned M156] can easily put this out (while not compromising reliabilty and enhancing fuel economy, in fact I believe that only the ML63’s revision of the M156 is the only fuel drinker that sits about the C63).

      Granted the Ferrari does very well at putting down some 400Nm’s from go [3K RPM odd] (think of it this way, thats the entire BMW M3’s engine). But then you’ve gotta rev the hell out of it to get a measly 140 extra Nm’s.

      The M159 on the other hand puts down 650 total, and that’s all from 4800RPM or so. So while the Ferrari is sweating it’s sweet small capactity 8 cylinder out, the SLS will simply cruise along at 130km/h in 6th while still rotating the earth under it’s tires.

      Sound is also up for scrutiny too, personal taste says the M159 will be beefier, more manly. No “lawn mower”, whining, drone for me, i’ll take the M159’s deep capacity burble allowing you to listen to each piston fire away (there goes 10 cents, oh another 10 cents, hmm and another 10 cents….).

      • QwkEddie

        I made a mistake,the engine capacity of the new Ferrari is 4499cc.So I am right about the Ferrari being more impressive in churning out power and torque compared to the Merc.Clearly,the 1.7L “advantage” of the SLS is also negated by the Ferrari’s approx. 200kg less weight advantage.
        The Ferrari has 540Nm @ 6,000 rpm,the SLS at those rpm has ran out of torque and is about to run out of kW.The 425kW @ 9,000rpm may make the Ferrari more “fun ” to drive.
        Apart from the styling why would anybody buy the SLS over some other large capacity Merc if they simply wanted low down torque?
        The 6.0L+ engines in the Mercs are all basically the same and only the shape/model of the car is different?

  • Jon Leong

    Is that a spoiler on top of the boot like a TT or is it like a air break SLR style? or is it just nothing?

  • Aussie Cars

    I like the styling. Wouldnt mind seeing one in black.
    The bonnet is huge! Look at the space from the engines front to the actual front of the car you could almost fit 2 engines in there(If it wasnt for the slanting front).
    Nice car!

  • Nightshifter

    The shape of this car screams american muscle car and doesn’t look like the normally graceful looking merc. DO NOT WANT!

  • s15NZ

    Agree with Adam – should have stayed true to the original and gone with the circular headlights like in this unofficial ‘pre-production’ pick (although it does make it look some what like a porsche): http://www.mymotorshow.com/all-new-2009-mercedes-benz-300sl-gullwing/

  • http://www.motorshout.com Adam Spencer

    ARRRGHHHHHH….I wish you would never have shown me those pics s15NZ.

    THAT’S a Stunning car. Rounded headlights make such a difference. This boxy, muscle look really turns me off for this merc (the new C-Class on the other hand IMHO is the one of the best of the current range, esp the C63), but the pics you showed are stunning.

    I’m even more disappointed in the current SLS now that I have seen what it should have looked like.

  • davie

    The original 300SL is simply a classic

    IT has a nice horizontal line over the wheels.

    I dont think anything will ever live up to the original but I commend Merc on releasing this modern interpretation. I think its stunning.. but in a different way to the original

  • Tom

    Ive been excited about this all year and its…. its HORRIBLE.

    1620kg? Who are they kidding? Its supposed to be SUPER LIGHT, if they paid special attention to keeping weight down… it must have the capacity to weigh as much as an X5 or something…

    It’s so UGLY. The front is entirely unharmonious and the rear is bland. The side profile is decent, but you cant just entirely from the side. What did they DO.

    P.S. Does anyone else see SLR/GTR/911 in it?

  • http://vaz-parts.ru shock absorber Kayaba

    Excellent car. How much it will cost in Russia?

  • L0u15