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Update: 2010 Nissan Tiida

Update: Nissan Tiida Review

The Nissan Tiida is not doing that well. Lets face it, its called Tiida! And it has the chick from Sex & The City doing the ads, this alone rules out any single male who values their dignity from buying it, AND, did I mention its called Tiida? Nissan Australia has only sold 1463 Tiidas in the first three months of this year compared with the 4566 Pulsar sales in the same period last year and only now have Nissan realised that perhaps Tiida’s advertising campaign wasn’t the smartest. I can understand that Nissan are trying to target the Tiida at the late 20 early 30 year old females, but maybe they forgot that males also buy cars? It might have been this continuous industry perception that women are now the new driving force behind car purchases. Yes, this is shown to be true in most cases.

Statistics say women buy more than 50 per cent of new cars and 85 per cent of buying decisions are made or influenced by women.

85%? I guess that should explain the alarming number of 4WDs being driven around in suburbia these days. Nevertheless, when you aim a car directly at a specific gender, perhaps the males in the household will have alarm bells going off when the name Tiida comes into question. Tiida? Imagine if the guys saw me in that! Might as well drive a Rio, that sounds manlier.

Tiida hasn’t quite got the traction we thought it would have at this stage. Awareness is still the main issue. We’re looking at plans on how we improve that awareness. Our creative executions are getting the cut-through: research indicates the word is getting out. We have a steady, gradual incline with Tiida. We’d like to see it sharper, but it is moving.” Ross Booth, Nissan Australia’s new general manager of marketing and public relations.

Hasn’t quite got the traction? That’s a nice way of saying it. I remember a few weeks back they had the Tiida cars driving in and around Brisbane with massive Tiida marks all over them in case you thought they were something a little more manly. Is it the name? Its hard to say, but I think it has a bit to do with it. Nissan doesn’t seem to think so:

“We have no issues with the name `Tiida’. No one is rejecting that,”

You know what Ross? I am rejecting it. No one? What a big claim. Not one single person is rejecting the name! I am happy to say I want to be the first one to reject it. Yes, I am rejecting Tiida as a car name. If they wanted a car name that was sexy and maybe a little feminine maybe they should have thought a little harder about the name.

  • Franz chong

    Just get used to it.I am old enough to remember when Volkswagen went from Beetle to Golf and there were no problems there back in those days..People will get used to it with time.I have no issues with the name.Sure lots of people would have preferred Nissan stick with the Pulsar name but It is time to move on.

  • Lynn

    I own a black with blue glitter, Nissan Tiida with beige interior. Yes i am a female and i am 21yrs old. I think it is a great car. It beats any Hyundai’s. Yes I admit it is not a Holden or Ford but it is cheap on petrol and nice to drive. It is the same shape as a peugeot 307. I have seen men driving Tiida’s. I think personally it is a girls car, men should drive holdens or fords.

    • Christie

      I agree, I am 20 years old and the Nissan Tiida is the second car Ive owned, and I have no problem with it. Like you said, its cheap on petrol and nice to drive. Definately a girls car, but most of these types are.

  • Phillip Bulmer

    I’ve driven one and it’s a good car that missed by a mile. No sash centre rear seatbelt and drum brakes on the back ? The front styling is hideous although the rest does look good – though the sedan has to be the worst looking car I’ve ever seen this side of an Echo sedan. Tiida ? What kind of a name is that ! I think Nissan’s marketing research division needs some serious help on this one.

  • susan

    I purchased a Tiida in December 2006 I was happy with it initially however as the first service became due I noticed the auto up on the driver window stalled. When was in for service they reset it without investigation, two more trips back with no answers I had been resetting it myself on average every day. The fourth attempt to have it rectified the dealership replaced the part without giving me a conclusion to what was causing it.. I have had to reset it since so seems problem not rectifited as yet. Curious if anyone else out there with same problem, ???

  • Danny

    Hi my girlfriend owns a nissan tiida and is quite happy with it but has noticed 2 rattles coming from the passenger seat and rear seat only when they’re not being sat on…..has any1 else noticed this and is it a common fault that could be fixed?

    • Christie

      yes! ive heard the same rattling, especially the front passenger seat! not sure as to what it is though…

  • fred roberts

    i have a tiida ‘q’ it also rattles in the passenger seat. lots of rattles on not so good roads.

  • Danny

    Thanks for the reply Fred have u taken it back to be replaced or repaired?

  • amanda

    I too own a Nissan Tiida Q, I bought it in October 2006, so far I’ve had trouble with the automatic up on the drivers window, after it’s first service I noticed the carpet clip on the passenger side door is broken as is one of the dashboard clips. This is still not fixed after it’s 2nd service. I enjoy driving it however I’m starting to feel like this purchase was one of the worst.
    The dealer will not give me a straight answer and makes me feel like it is all my fault that these things are wrong.


    I wish I had known that about that chick from Sex and The City Doing The Commercials at the time before I bought Mine to replace a 2002 Mazda Astina.This is a Sex and the City Car with a Sex and the City Name.Men Do Yourself a Favour and don’t make the same mistake I did due to the size of my garage.

  • susan

    In regards to the auto up function not working I have changed dealerships I am going through and they have informed me that Nissan have the same problem across the board. I have written to Nissan Australia with no reply and as have the dealership I am using for servicing. No answer to the problem as yet…

  • Bavarian Missile

    Well yes it really is a girls car but not the car you want if you need satisfaction …………..apparently!!!!!! No yes… yes…. yes ….here !

  • Dave

    My girlfriend has a 06 Tiida & its a great car to drive..heaps of power on tap, a 1.8 with a 6 speed (double overdrive) manual box..it flies. Very comfortable & enjoyable car to drive. Who gives a toss about the tv ads..this is a great vehicle

  • merv

    In response to the auto up susan I too have a nov 06 model and just noticed the stalling on this feature. I’m off to the dealer as well.

  • Dave

    The only downside on the ST model for anyone that wants to fit factory fog lights, there is no wiring on this model for them. It can be done tho for anyone who knows anything about auto electrics..Nissan put the rest of the system & mountings in place just forgot about the wiring! Apparently its on all other models for anyone interested.

  • matthew r

    hi i bought a 2007 tiida hatch on Australia Day and have just put my first 10,000 in the clock. i have had NO problems. my only complaint is 1st is too low and the sep to second is too high. so it wont take off in second even when i go slow over speed humps. and 1st is so low that i have to change gears before the next hump…

    as for the name and remarks about it being a girls car. i have lowered it with pedders heavy springs installed some chrome 18′ mags at et40 offset. and run 215-18-40 tyres and there are no rubs or problems. and it looks HOT. soon it will get an impul body kit and two wide racing stripes down the centre..

    a spots exhust and a pod filter are waiting to go on. these are cheep mods to make this a sss tiida seeing how the sss pulsar is history..

    • Melinda

      We have the same model of Tiida, and love it!
      I have an auto, and it gets up and goes, I can only imagine what a Manual would be like!
      I am wondering where you are sourcing the body kit for it from, as I have asked around and have been told that there is not one available.. could you please help?
      I too am looking to get racing stripes..
      What colour is yours, and where are you located?

  • Krausz

    I have a 06 tiida and so far i love it. It’s a great little car with lots of room for the back seat drivers. It is going to get a full exhaust change. 18″ mags are next with lo prof tyres. Cheap to run. No complain as yet.
    No rattle no annoying noise. Ads?. .never seen them before buying it and happy with car:)

  • Nasim N

    Hi Im 25 yrs old female I brought a Tiida and its a fantastic car the only car with lots of room. I did my homework before buying the Tiida and it was love at first sight =D

    I even upgraded mine to look sporty it cost more but it was worth it, so much that I even get the men liking it.

    Mine has never had a problem if you do your homework you will see that the Tiida is a very good car.


    • Melinda

      yes, we think the same – I like mine too, we have two children and the space is amazing!!!

  • James

    I own an 06 Tiida Q and will admit I was given a fair serving of “you brought a girlie car, You drive a girls car, its marketed for women” and the list goes on. But I’m happy with it. I have however noticed my auto up has stopped working and will be fixed when it goes in for its service.
    I have added 18’s but have not lowered it yet. I will eventually put on a bodykit exhaust and suspension mods and an aftermarket sound system (not that there is anything wrong with the stock unit).
    I’m happy with the car

  • Travis

    Im planning to get a nissan tiida. How fuel efficient is nissan tiida? oh average how much would it cost me for a one fill one full tank? thanks

  • Ted

    Just bought my wife a TIIDA STL. After looking around for a car that has space, good economy and safety rating, this is perhaps a very good value for money. The rear passenger space is as good as a Honda CRV or a Toyota Camry. So basically I saved more than $10K for not buying a family sedan instead. Overall the car is ordinary. You need to brush it up with accessories, its cheap anyway.

  • http://skoda julia

    hi which is safer for an 18 year old driver a four year old nissan xtrail or a newish tiida? can anyone help?

  • http://DB9 wael jassar

    Hi, i’m confused between the nissan tiida and the toyota yaris (both sedan type), if anyone can give me a guide to a any website for comparison?

  • wesley

    Well, i just bought a tiida st-l sedan 2008, after my 1999 pulsar sss was wiped out by a F***king truck, well that’s another story. The cars are not the same. Heeps of room inside and plenty under the bonnet with the 1.8lt. 6th gear is the best. Very solid car. NO problems with windows sorry.

  • Joce

    Hi, just bought the Tiida Q 2008, cosmic black- added tinted windows, mats…..so far so good.
    I like that it is roomy for the rear passengers.
    My last car was a ’00 Subaru Outback – also written off by a semi-trailer truck…(this cars fuel economical….smooth, light and fun to drive….happy buyer !).

  • Juraj

    The problem with the Tiida is that it sits on a no man’s land. It’s too big to fight Mazda 2 and company, yet not worthy enough to challenge Corolla and the like. Upon replacing the Pulsar, it was a hit or miss thing, and it looks like they missed. It’s a tall, dorky looking car.

  • Shane

    My wife and I bought a tiida in August ’07. Wondering if anyone else has had similar problems? We took the car for a weekend away about four hours drive each way. We both were a little worried about a quite annoying whining sound resonating through the car when we were just cruising (Worst at 70KM/H). When we took it for the 1000km service we were advised that this was indeed a fault with the gearbox and that a replacement would be sent from Japan and fitted. 6 weeks later that happened, drove the car home, no change, if anything the noise was louder. After numerous phone calls to our dealer, we have been told that this is a common problem, and Nissan can not reapair the gearbox. It is now 9 months later and we still can not get Nissan to fix this problem. We have been told that Nissan are aware of the problem and it effects 1 in 2 of the tiida model and most people don’t report it as a problem. Maybe our’s is louder than most, still, I believe that this is EXTREMELY dishonest and I am more than dissapointed in the way Nissan believes they can wash there hands of the problem. We will be taking it further, but in my experience and from what I hear from independant mechanics I would highly reccomend that you absolutely DO NOT BUY A NISSAN TIIDA!

    • http://msn Rosemay

      I to have a Tid 2006. I had to replace the controller assembly which I had to pay for the labour. Now the car is back in the work shop for the past 2days to fix the airconditioner. The Nissan repair shop has no idea what the problem is I have to pay for it. Once it’s out of warranty they don’t care. My car has only done 42,000 kms.

    • Ashley

      My ’07 has done 50,000kms and has that annoying whine too, most noticeable between 60 and 85 km/hour. My mechanic said not to worry.

  • John Fake

    LOL at Shane u got wtfbbq pwned

  • http://www.thekennel.com.au LN

    As a salesman for Nissan Dealership in Sydney. I urge you guys do not buy an 06 and 07 model Tiida.

    Mechanical wise they are the worse, central locking problems, rear wheel bearing problems, gearbox and clutch problesm and power window problems.

    for every 3 customers that buys a tiida off us, 1 of them complains about the car.

    the tiidas havent been selling well since they are missing quite a lot compared to a corolla, astra and mazda 2 but the only reason why you owuld buy a tiida is because of the space inside and the way how the car drives as well.

    • Melinda

      We have a Tiida October 2007. brought it new and couldnt be happier, never had a problem with any componant to the car at all.

    • allan

      i have a 2007 tiida.had since new.i have had a lot of cars overe the years[iam 54]i drive it hard and all dirt roads,and i would say it is the best small car i have ever had.it has do 140,000km now.and no troble at all.i would like to update to a new one but no resale and the dealers just wont to rip you off.dont take it to them for services,take to someone else half the price.very good car.dealers no good

  • Fred Grochowina

    Could someone please advise me!!!! My Tiida has 19000km on it………it squeaks and rattles like crazy over bad road surfaces…….can this be fixed???? will the dealership fix this at no charge?? I’ve tried forcing some sponge in certain areas, which has helped but not removed the noises.

    Can someone please give me some advise on how I go about this!


  • Gavin

    I rented a tiida sedan and drove it around tasmania.
    I have to say i thought it was great! Ugly and boring as all hell but a great car all the same.
    i like the 6 speed manual and the roomy interior.
    I also found it to be a lot more fuel efficient than i expected for a 1.8 .
    Maybe thats just because i normally drive a holden kingswood.

  • Pumper

    I was contemplating about getting a Tiida Q Hatch. But after reading many posts I am not too sure now. If I put front and rear skirts do you think it will look less of a feminine car? Also, does the stock stereo system play MP3s? The price list on the Nissan website for accessories is also completely missing!

  • ray

    I to own a 2008 tiida and also have problems with the
    transmission noise noted at the 1000 klm service.
    The noise has gotten that bad that i am considering taking
    the car off the road it only has 4300 klm on it.
    If nissan continue to service there customers this way
    its no wonder their sales are falling, I could not with good manners buy or recommend anyone that i know buy a nissan.

  • Izelda

    I just bought a Tiida 1.8 STL sedan. It has 560km on the clock and is back at the dealer today. It makes this singing, if you can call it that, noise when you slow down and the noise is just getting louder. I am sure Nissan will say nothing is wrong. I am starting to think I just bought myself a whole heap of trouble as I read some of your comments.

  • Izelda

    Just as I thought. Nissan can’t/won’t give me an answer about the noise in my car and on top of that the guy helping us were so rude and let it sound like we were the ones with the problem. I told him about other people having the same problem with their Tiida’s and even offered him a printout of some of these comments but he just said that you cannot believe everything on the internet and that to his knowledge there is no problem with the Tiida and transmission noises. He gave me back my car and said to wait for an answer. Surely there is something I can do? Is this how Nissan do business?

  • beta50

    Im on a verge of picking TIIDA 2008 against yaris, lancer and the like…though many postings here seems to be of negative to TIIDA and im wondering weather nissan in australia have rectified the problem.. im in the middle east (dubai) and dont know weather these problems occurs also with tiidas uae. ive search the net to get a favorable ideas for about a month with this car and so far, this is the only site ive got that shares bad sides… nissan australia? but if i will consider the efficiency, roomy, better apholstery, 1.6 engine, price and the looks.. i think id still go for it… dont have problems with the tag “fem car” cause when u do improvements on it does look handsome anyway and ive seen many yuppies guys and gals under the wheel.. that tag for tiida is just an ego tripping only…

  • Bavarian Missile ( . ) ( . )

    Every time I see a TIIDA, I think of a female climaxing in the front seat ! I some how doubt that’s going to happen driving over a speed hump in this Nissan!Maybe a GT-R !

    My pick would be the Lancer,yaris ewwwwwwwwwwww!

  • Izelda

    Just thought you should know that after a big argument with Nissan they finally admitted to the fact that there is a problem with the transmission on the Nissan Tiida. I am currently waiting to have my gearbox replaced on a brand new car. If ever I have to hear the word Nissan again I will surely have a heart attack. I will NEVER EVER in my life do business with Nissan ever again.

  • Janet Milbourn

    Hi I bought a Nissan Tiida STL Plus Special Edition on the 24th October 2009 and it has been nothing but a pain in the rear end, with a WHINE in Gear Box from day 1,( IT NEEDS A NEW GEAR BOX BUT WAITING ON NISSAN JAPAN TO OK IT, told me tyre noise or road noise,then drivers window,having to be reset every 2-4 days you put window up and as you turn off key to get out it decides to go down on it’s own, also the rubber trims on roof are lifting, door molding trims inside are twisting in all doors, boot liner coming away from rubber, rattle in the dash, radio when you start car it is on 15 then when start to drive at 60km turn to 25 and at 100km 30-40, then the bluetooth didn’t work, It is a Silver colour but should have been a LEMON colour to match the Car.Nissan have actually sent a car back to Japan to find out how to fix. I have gone to Fair Trading as I am not Happy with the responses from Nissan Dandernong, as it is now 3months old and the things going wrong is incredible also today found rust on the Badges on the BOOT(jmilbourne3@optusnet.com.au)

  • http://BMWM3 Janet Milbourn

    Hi Everyone with Nissan Tiida’s, I have finally had enough, with my Nissan Tiida car(LEMON) I have traded it in and bought a Holden Viva 08 sedan. I am sick of being fobbed off each time. I Get a letter to say all parts are there for the Tiida, and when I ring to book the car in told oh sorry we don’t have all the parts just some clips(for what I ask) lady replies I don’t know it just says the clips have arrived. Still No word from Nissan Japan as to what or when the problem with the GEARBOX will be fixed, as for Fair trading, they have said use the 3yr warranty you got with the car so much for the fair trading in Qld. I will NEVER EVER in my life do business with Nissan ever again. Nissan Japan, huh I buy a Nissan in Australia, and Nissan Japan still control the cars over here. Australia should stand up for itself and get behind there sales persons, and get the job done instead of hiding behind NISSAN JAPAN.

  • Eddie

    I am planning on buying a 2008 Model. I noticed the Nissan car dealer who posted earlier said that the 2006 & 2007 models were the worst years. I don’t know whether to buy the manual or auto. Does anyone have an Tiida with auto trans and is happy with it? The automatic comes with cruise control, whereas the manual doesn’t. Also, does anyone have good stories about the 2008 model?

  • Izelda

    I finally had my gearbox replaced on my Tiida. Got it back two days ago but the noise is still the same. Nissan actually had the nerve to ask me that we have to agree on an acceptable level of noise for the car to make that we both feel comfortable with. Good heavens. NO LEVEL OF NOISE IS ACCEPTABLE !!!!!!!!!!! Now they say to sort the problem out with Nissan Australia. I did not buy my car from Nissan Australia. I bought it from the dealership in Perth. I actually think my next step is “A Current Affair” because I know that Nissan Australia is not going to solve this problem. Please people stay away from a Nissan Tiida.

  • http://www.hotmail.com.au Nato

    Hi Everybody!

    Previous owner of 2003 ST_L Nissan Pulsar S2 N16 Sedan
    (185,000Kms Nothing has needed replacing, not even the clutch) Beautiful Car

    I have a 2008/09 NIssan Tiida Sedan ST_L
    To be honest, this car is the best value for money car for this class for power, comfort and economy. As was the pulsar.

    Put a side the girly marketing and notorious name, Nissan have once again delivered, just as they have for many years with pulsar, a economical, powerful and comfortable way to get from A-B in style.

    Every make has its flaws. If you look up other makes like the corolla or yaris you will also find posts about how good/bad the cars are.

    Given the brilliant track record Nissan have provided me with my pulsar, I strongly believe the tiida will also provide me with numerous kilometres of driving pleasure.

    Gratitude is hard to come by, critisism is easily found.
    Thankyou Nissan

    • http://msn Rosemay

      I to have a Nissan pulsar 2002 and had never replace anthing on this car, yet I have a 2007 Tida and it’s a lemon. Nothing but trouble

    • Charlotte

      I drive a 2010 Nissan Tiida manual and absolutely love it.
      People are quick to judge before actually driving one. Powerful, yet economical, and very spacious.
      Sick of people labelling the car as girly. Get over it. Stop whining.
      I am very happy with my purchase.

      Thankyou for what you wrote :)

  • Izelda

    Nato you sound like one of the “lucky” ones with your purchases from Nissan Please do not make people with genuine problems with their Tiida’s off as just being critisising as I am sure if you had my car and the fact that you walk into a wall time and time again when trying to sort out the problems you will not be flowing over with all your “gratitude”

  • http://www.hotmail.com.au Nato

    Hi Izelda,:)

    I did mean to rub off the wrong way, it was just a bad coincidence my comments would come straight after yours.

    I only added my part in this just to show other prospective tiida buyers that, with every make/model of car you have “lemons”.

    I wish to educate everyone here that a similar issue has arisen about a certain make of landrover freelander.

    One of their 1.8L Engines had serious flaws and was causing all sorts or issues. These land rover customers did not get anything done about there issue until they approached landrover and the ACCC in mass numbers. Just a bit of food for thought.

    Once again, sorry if my comments have angered anyone.

  • Roger

    We purchased a base model Tiida in Oct 2006.
    We have absolutely no complaints about the car.
    Interestingly we have noticed a slight gearbox whine at about 2500 rpm but nothing to worry about, We find it a roomy, comfortable, very economical car, Good sound system , Air con is fine and a great boot (sedan) It is a great unit for my wife as a kids taxi but capable of 2-3 hour country trips, fully loaded with 4 on board. A bonus is the 5 x 15″ wheels, not wheel barrow size things.
    Fantastic value for money.

  • Sara

    I don’t mean to be offensive or anything but did allot of you guys test drive your cars before buying them?!

    Before I even considering getting a car I test drive it on a rough road n go up to 100km, play with all the buttons and other features of the car and also get it checked over by my mechanic.

    Reading this is doing my home work. At least I know what to listen for a check on before purchasing my car.

  • Eddie

    Went ahead and got the Tiida manual. Nice to drive but the gears are a bit clunky when you change. I am assuming this is because it is brand new, and once it settles in will be OK. The Air Con is no way as powerful as my previous car which I find odd. My previous car was 17 years old and the air con was so cool and worked quickly. The Tiida on the other hand is a poor air con unit, it just isn’t as cold in comparison. Anyone else notice this? Perhaps todays Air Con units are not up to scratch.

  • M.Doron

    I agree with the whine problem, my 2008 Tiida is affected -the Nissan dealership said a lot of Nissan Tiidas were affected ,but they were waiting on instructions from Japan.
    I am not sure it is from the gearbox. It is still present, though less- if I take the car out of gear. The noise started at about 500km, and is very intrusive now at 5000km, getting louder, it is really a joke from a brand new car. Like others I am getting fobbed off.

  • Victor

    To anyone who is looking to purchase the Tiida, STAY AWAY DO NOT BUY IT. I should’ve check this forum before buying mine. I bought a new 07 Tiida ST Automatic, from Dandy Nissan, not long after, i noticed the fuel gauge reading is inaccurate, i pumped it full, after driving for about 15kms, it would drop. But now nearly 2 years later, it is worse then before, I pumped it full to the max, until the petrol spewed back out, the needle doesn’t go to full, it shows on the second line from full, and after driving for 50-60 kms, the needle would be at half way. I’ve search on the internet regarding this, and others have this problem too. It is just a terrible car, I have rattle noises coming from the dashboard, the car revs high, engine sounds like its working its hardest just to go up a little slope and the rear still uses drum brakes. I regret getting this car. Stay away from Nissan and Tiida

  • Micah

    You’re right about the clunky gears Eddie.
    Nearly 8,000km on my manual Tiida now, and the gearbox whine is just getting louder – and to listen to the gears as you engage you would think its just put a bunch of spanners rattling about in there – shocking on a new car.
    Sure cars do have problems, but its the apparent complete indifference being showed about what is clearly a design problem – which should result in a RECALL.
    Things like that tend to cripple reputations.
    Its not that the Tiida seems to have a lot of problems – problems can be fixed – its that nobody really seems to care.
    The gearbox whine on my car (if it is actually the gearbox producing the howling sound from 60km upwards), is worse than ever, and I have still not heard back from Nissan Australia customer service who informed me I would probably hear back about the problem in ‘a couple of weeks’. That was February…..Good one Nissan.

  • Victor

    Just wondering does anybody with an Automatic Tiida have this fuel reading problem as mine? Lucky i didn’t get manual transmission then.

  • Izelda

    I know exactly how you all feel. Total Nissan told me months ago that they would get me an answer from Nissan Japan about the whining sound in my car. My gearbox was allready been replaced so I do not know what the problem is then. We should all go to A Currant Affair and bring this in the open. It looks like the only way Nissan may listen because at this point in time I am sure that I will have to drive this lemon till I can get rid of it.

  • LN

    As a Nissan New Car sales consultant. I urge customers to not buy them. When I have customers asking me about the Tiida… I make sure they buy something else like a Dualis, Micra or even a Maxima and they end up going home happy.

    Those who I have sold Tiidas too end up coming back complaining and its like a never ending story.

    I had a Nissan Tiida as a company car for a painful 3 months and im always complaining to my manager about the problems i have been getting. Im not the only one a couple of others that had Tiidas as company cars have been complaining about them too.

    Someone said that Nissan Japan controls what comes into the Australian market is not true. It is upto Nissan Australia to bring what into the Australian Market and since the new management in 2004, things have gone downhill since then. And Nissan Australia has to wait upto 3 years to have the new models being released in Australia.

    • Tony

      I don’t know what you’re complaining about to be honest. I have a Tiida 1.8 Sedan, Manual Transmission, and I’ve had my car for 3.5 years without not 1 single problem. Keep in mind, I live in the Middle East and I don’t know if you’ve heard how rash the driving is here but just to give you a small view of what I mean, DAILY on my way to my university I reach 195 KM/H and this is regardless on the insane driving I do later on. I have had minimum maintainance on the car, the only upgrades I have are 18″ ZR Tires to increase my traction. Now what really is funny is that you’re compairing it to a Pulsar I mean honest to god man that thing is a piece of TRASH! I consider the pulsar a disgrace to Nissan. It’s so slow, a bicycle can accelerate faster! And just to let you know the Nissan Tiida has nearly the same acceleration as the Maxima that you were talking about. And I know you’re going to throw at me the statistics of the cars blah blah well I’ve personally tried it. I have stayed head-to-head with the Maxima and overtook the Altima in a 0 stand drag (Multiple Times!).

  • Ramesh Singh

    I am in the process of purchasing a 08 1.8 hatch. It has 20000km , I did not notice any of these complaints during the test drive. Does anyone think I should go ahead and do the deal. South Africa

  • Izelda

    Dear LN

    As a Nissan sales consultant do you know what I can do? I’ve tried everything. I’m just getting fobbed off and they just delay everything all the time. I work hard for my money every week. It is not something that falls in my lap. I just feel that I bought a brand new car, that is after I was lied to by the salesman not to buy a Dualis, surely I have to enjoy my new car? Please help !


  • Victor

    Did you buy the Tiida? Manual or Auto?

  • Izelda

    Hi Victor

    I bought a manual one, a 1.8 STL sedan to be specific. Believe me the biggest mistake of my life. And to top it off as I was driving this afternoon the trimming around my front window was flapping in the wind and the trimming in the boot was coming off too.I think this car is coming apart.

  • Mike

    I have had the Nissan for 8,00km now.
    I was saying earlier that the gearbox is getting crunchier by the km and the whine is getting more intrusive (not to mention the air con which is now making odd rumbling sounds when it is first turned on).
    A friend’s opinion on this was that it was the actual internal gear profile causing a resonance as the gears meshed with the drive, hence the noise (Oooooo!).
    However, since the whine occurs to a lesser degree even when the car is OUT of gear (listen carefully, you will still hear the high pitched sound – no, its not the engine) it occurs to me it may not be the gearbox causing the noise – so replacing the gearbox wouldn’t fix this problem. Having said that, I shake my head at the atrocious crunch each time I engage gear – even if I just use one finger to put in in, it sounds like someone’s bones are breaking…CRUNCH !
    Still waiting to hear from Nissan, by the way…I hear Pontiac are going bankrupt, they won’t be the only ones.

  • Mike

    Hi again.
    A little more insight into the gearbox(?) whine possibly.
    I heard it could be the Differential causing the whine problem – the thrust bearing…. Not that I should be having to figure this out, of course!
    3 year Warranty? Ha, don’t make me laugh!

  • LN

    Dear Izelda,

    I just want to know who was the dealership that sold you the new car since a lot of dealerships have different policys in terms of warranties and also, take it upto the Department of Fair Trading. this to me sounds like a bad case of dealerships not following the laws that has been put down since 2003.

    You should have never bought the tiida in the first place… with the Dualis, you would never had any problems with it plus it is much more safer and more enjoyable then the tiida.

    What did the salesman say to you about the Dualis?

  • Izelda

    Dear LN

    Thankyou very much for replying. I bought my car at Total Nissan in WA. When I first went to buy a car I was looking at a Tiida when someone approached me. This guy was quite the smooth talker. After a long discussion I asked him about the Dualis and that I would rather look at that, he said to me that they started at $36 000 and to me that was way too expensive so I settled for the cheaper car. Afterwards I found out that the cars were actually selling starting at around $26 000. I bought my car in October and the Dualis was at that stage new to the market so I did not have alot of information on the car and went along with what the dealer said. When I confronted the manager with this afterwards he just smiled and said there were a bigger incentive to sell a Tiida than a Dualis.

    I was very upset. And to top it all of I phoned Nissan Australia on Thursday last week and they told me that Nissan Japan said to them that if anybody phones up about the Tiida to tell them that the car comes with the noise. So I just have to accept that. I have never heard anything like that in my life. I am very disgusted.

  • LN

    Dear Izelda,

    Here is the thing about Tiida, it is manufactured in Thailand whereas the Dualis is manufactured in the UK.

    And that was the reason why they sold you the Tiida so they can make an profit from it and the Dualis is not really that profitable for most dealerships.

    The $36k + Plus on roads is the 6 Speed CVT Ti (Top of the range) Dualis but you would have paid around $28k for 6 Speed manual ST Option Dualis and an extra $4-5k for on roads.

    Or even better, a City collection Micra which is cheaper then the ST-L Tiida and has more safety options would have been another preferred option.

    As for Total Nissan, they are the top performing dealership in the country and they are known as the Platinum Nissan Dealership which means they have to provide their customers with an outstanding ownership experience and apparently after reading that they have failed and failed to meet up the ethical standards for them and the Nissan company.

    If your local dealership/Nissan Australia cant help, try and call the ACCC. They should at least help you out.

  • http://icoetzee@bigpond.net.au Izelda

    Dear LN

    I can remember that a week after I signed the papers for my Tiida that the Dualis was on some kind of introduction special. I feel that they could have told me that. It is just not fair. Now because they want to make a profit I have to be the one on the short end. I have allready contacted the Consumers here in WA. I feel that I cannot leave it here. I do not know if I would get anywhere with Nissan seeing that I am just a consumer and not “GREAT BIG” Nissan but I will try. Thanks for your advice. I appreciate it and no offence but I know I will never deal with Nissan again or refer family or friends.

  • LN

    this link below shows why Nissan Australia will not do anything with the tiida


  • Izelda

    LN do you think they will recall Tiida’s in Australia?

  • Mike

    When is a WARRANTY not a warranty?
    Trick question? No, just a sad fact it seems, when your dealership starts making lame excuses and deferring any action, you know you are in trouble (probably until the ‘warranty’ expires, hoping all those poor Tiida customers just get sick of the problems, give up and put ear plugs in to stop hearing that horrendous howl from the transmission, followed by a sickening CRUNCH as each gear is delicately engaged….
    * Department of Fair Trading?
    You will find there is a lot of consumer protection in ‘appearance’ but scratch beneath the surface and you may discover these are pretty toothless when it comes to effectively advocating your rights.
    * Being made in Thailand?
    I was aware of this fact, but thought that since the Honda Jazz (one of the most reliable cars on the market) was also made there, Nissan – also being a Japanese manufacturer – would have implemented some king of quality control there; after all, there is long term, SERIOUS damage done to a car maker’s reputation when they betray their customers like this. The longer they fudge around pretending they don’t know what the problem is (Nissan Tiidas have had problems for a couple of years now – time enough to find the solution) the more exponential the fallout will be from this.
    So,there’s the question, when is a warranty not a warranty?

  • LN

    Nissan will be releasing a 4×2 Dualis from late July or early August.

    So if you have a Tiida… trade that in for the 4×2 dualis and im sure you guys will be going home happy after that.

    • http://dodge franz chong

      I had a Tiida from July 2006 to July 2010 and due to needing a far more suitable work vehicle that would not cost the earth to own and run I traded it down for A Micra and much happier now.

      My new one is cheaper in all operating costs except for servicing.

  • L.

    Hey everyone,
    I’ve bought a black Nissan tiida st 07, and its got 50,000kms on the clock. I bought it a couple of months ago and have had no problems at all, don’t have any whining noises whilst driving, it is an automatic so no gear crunching, no electric windows so don’t have the auto up problem, and the model is so cute! I’m 18 and this is my first car, and don’t think my family and I didn’t do our homework, trust me we did. We test drove it everywhere, and it was fine then and is still fine now.
    It has so much room and the boot (sedan) is so huge! So much space in the back seats and head room is so good and was not expected. The car drives so smoothly and has good power.
    I really sympathize with all of you who have encountered problems, as that is the last thing I would want to worry about with a first car. I really think the Nissan Tiida is such a cute car, i do think it is girly, as it reminds me of the Micra a bit, which comes across as a London-ish sort of city look. I like to think of it as a sort of ‘bubble’ car. Rounded and small, with so much interior room.

    I am sorry to those who had a bad experience with the Tiida but personally I love the car. Maybe I am a lucky one? The car is used and when we bought it it was on 48,000ks. The last 2,000 have been absolutely beautiful. We have all of the service history and not one single problem.
    I hope not everyone is turned off by the negative reports on the Tiida, because I think if you do a lot of homework, decent test driving, and perhaps buy a second hand one as opposed to brand new, you will then know the history of how the car has gone so far.

    Hope this helps any potential buyers a little. And I hope those seeking answers from Nissan recieve adequate help! Because you guys deserve it!!


    • nadin

      Hey u r right. I’m from sri lanka and recently bought a tiida latio (made in japan) and the meter reading was already 118,000km! I bought it second hand and the history revealed it had run 96,000km in sri lanka in 2 years!So far the only problem i’m having is a slight noise during steering and the agents told me that the steering yoke is worn and must be replaced.Besides that it still has the original shock absorbers and cv joints.The only maintanance i’v done was do a engine tuneup and change spark plugs.And not to mention the replacing of A/C evaporator.the car performs well and gives a fuel economy of 9.5km/liter in the city and 13km/liter outstations.

  • BethH

    Hello all… I bought myself a new Tiida STL plus special edition in Sep 08…and I arrived at this decision because for health reasons I need a car that I can easily get into and not have to heave myself out of. This car suited my purpose to a tee. I love my car and the convenience of it..but for the fact that there has been dealer issues from the day I picked it up. eg the hatch light didn’t work…it took 3 dealers to find the fault..which were cut wires behind the molding in the boot. Apparently one of the dealers broke the molding trying to find the issue…of course no one owned up to it..this being but one of the problems. Now we are trying to find the source of what sounds like something loose in/under the dash. In spite of the entire dash being removed, and all put back together…which I might add was very loose and wobbly in places before..it now sits firm and sounds rather more solid. The last effort at finding this loose something or other, was yesterday. I picked my car up with no noise at all…but yep you guessed it..by the time I got down the road a few klms…it was back with a vengeance. The dealer has been so good to me..mind you he’s not the one I bought the car from, but I am wondering how far can I expect him to go with trying to get to the source of it all. I hate this loud and annoying rattle…and wondering if anyone has any ideas on what there could be under the bonnet but close to the front passenger that may cause this. I cannot find anything loose that is obvious. At this point I know I have bought a brand new car…but have not yet felt like it is a new one with so many glitches. This rattle is the last straw.

  • FrugalOne


    Typical of Thailand *quailty*, i want MadeInJapan, proven quality time and time again.

    Is it to much to ask a manufacturer that when you buy a new car you can expect NO problems? [LandRover excepted]

    You have a warranty and any Nissan dealer must attend to it.

    Gut feeling [& as per the market sales] if you did more reaserch you most likely would NOT have purchased a Tiida, bit nowhere really after the excellant history and respect of the Pulsar model, good that they where NOT allowed to keep the name as it would have been ruined by now..A blessing if one ever existed!

    The Tiida is the cheapest “compact” you can buy, but in this case its very much “you get what you pay for”, i hated it withing 10 mins. of pulling it to pieces.

    I believe they are replacing it next year with a model that will be called Pulsar once again.

    Good luck, keep hounding Nissan till they fit this and the future problems



  • Jason

    I am going to trade in my old car and go with this TIIDA…first time I drove was a rental car, I was superised of it’s cab quiet, especially when waiting signal you won’t notice engine running.

    I had a test drive this week, same feeling of it’s inside noisy level….maybe my old car too noisy(Daewoo Nubira, realiable car never make me down…..10 years old…..).

    I travel a lot hired Astra, Focus, Camy Altise, in Aus and Pontiac, Ford escape, Focus in US……so far, Pontiac (forgot model but remember it’s sport)and TIIDA gave me good impression in terms of in cab smooth and quiet.

  • Joey

    I have decided to check reviews on the Tiida being the owner of a 2007 Tiida which is now giving me problems that are annoying considering that I thought I brought a new car. Initially I had a singing sound coming to a stop which according to my dealership was due to the hubcaps. All caps were changed so one problem was solved. I then had a problem with the car not starting, that according to the dealership was a problem with the ignition system, the entire part system was changed, problem solved. I do have the noise under the dash which is absolutely annoying. Even after having had the dash taken down the noise is still there, I have given up on this one because apparently no on else at the dealership can hear the noise. Now I have a noise in the engine which my dealership is attributing to a belt in the engine, well that belt was changed in Nov 08 and here I am again having to change it, not to happy and after reading these reviews I am about to have a few words with the service people at the dealership. I love my car, it is roomy and it drives well, better than the Yarius, but now I do not want to have to be back and forth from the service department but as I live in the Caribbean solutions to my problems are looking to be slim.

  • Marion

    I bought a ST Nissan Tiida, 6 speed manual 2008 model – liked everything about except it had an annoying whine from the gearbox which kicked in around 70km per hour. I didnt notice this when I took it for a test drive in the suburbs 50km per hour speed zones. Took it to a Nissan dealership and was told the same as I have since read about – It is a fault and Nissan are looking for a solution. I took the car back to the caryard I bought it from and swaped it for another which did exactly the same thing, took that one back and swapped it for a Toyota Yaris. Just greatful I didnt buy it new and the used car dealership I bought if from did the right thing.
    I wouldnt recommend anyone buy a Nissan Tiida – if you must then give it a really good test drive and make sure you cannot hear any whining sounds.

  • Stephanie

    I purchased a late 2007 STL automatic sedan new in October, 2007. Initially I was very happy with it as it ran beautifully. I had previously owned a 2000 Pulsar and had it 4 years without as much as a hiccup. Which was the reason I went back to Nissan.

    I had the problem with the fuel gauge not being accurate and it was replaced under warranty. It was faulty from the day I drove out of the dealer.

    I do ALOT of driving and I estimate I do probably in the vicinity of 900k’s a week. 99% of my driving is on a freeway.

    I had the upper spring mounts (bearings in the front shock absorbers) replaced after they both seized. Apparently a common fault according to the service guys. They were replaced (after much waiting for the parts to come in) under warranty.

    At 35,000k’s I had to have the front discs/rotors machined at a nice expensive cost of $165 after it started shuddering badly on braking. I did at the time wonder why I needed my brakes done so early in the piece especially since I don’t do the stop/start driving as city folk.

    Well it’s just clicked over 65,000k’s and the shuddering has started again so I sent the car back for them to look at it.

    I took it back last week and they’ve told me that the brakes need doing again only this time, the discs/rotors on the front can’t be machined again as they are too thin. They also told me that the rear pads are at 10% and need to be replaced. Grand total of $670!!

    They’re trying to tell me that replacing the brakes every 30,000k’s is not unusual. If you take off my freeway driving, my car would have only 25,000k’s on the clock in nearly 2 years.

    There is something seriously wrong with the brakes in my car!!!!! I have always owned new cars and I have never had problems like this before.

    Other problems I’ve had with this car is the directional knob for the heater/cooler fan. It’s come off inside the dash 3 times now and now they say I need a new one. I’m still waiting for it to be replaced under warranty which was ordered in April.

    The little ashtray in the back of the console just fell to pieces in my hand one day. They wouldn’t replace this under warranty and the cost of a new one is $85 which I promptly told them where to stick it – I’m not even a smoker!

    It also needs all new tyres after 65,000k’s and other vehicles I’ve owned have had a far better tyre life.

    I’m well and truly OVER THIS CAR!!! I’m trading it in this week on a totally different car not made by Nissan. I’ll never buy another Nissan ever.

    • Jemma

      I have the same problem with Brake Rotors will be looking for warrenty to cover but it may have been caused by changing of the front tyres and then I will try and get the tyre guys to pay for it. Our car has only done 50,000 kms- as soon as possible we will sell it. A second hand Subaru would be more reliable.

  • Stephanie

    Oh and I took the car to Tyrepower for a second opinion on the brakes. Rear brakes just need adjusting apparently. They had a good look over the car and told me that the brake fluid and automatic transmission fluid hadn’t been replaced in a long time. Geez, it had it’s last service in April. Makes me wonder if they actually carry out the services as the book says.

  • Izelda

    I have my STL 6 speed manual for a year now. The whining noise from the gearbox is just getting louder. Yesterday my car slipped out of gear by itself with my daughter and baby son in the car. I do not know what to do anymore. I have phoned Nissan Australia and all I get is that they are still looking into the problem or that the noise is part of the car.

  • H.S

    My parents got me a tiida ST early this year, im 21 btw. The car seems ok, engine is all good and i like the look (sedan). The problem is inside the cabin. I have 2 very annoying rattle sounds coming from the back seat and also from the front passenger dash. Always rattling and its gotten worser. Is anyone else having these issues? The car sounds like its done 200,000kms but its only at 38,000km.

    Feels like a big waste of money, especially on my parents.

  • Mitchell

    I bought a demo Nissan Tiida – STL 2007 automatic hatchback. We’ve had just one problem with the ‘housing’ over the automatic gear which had come undone somehow, and which the service guys had charged me for, instead of it being covered by the warranty.
    Apart from that, we love the car. It has given us no problems, it’s quiet on the roads, economical on fuel, roomy and spacious interiors. We just love it. I have had it for 2 years now and will probably keep it for a year longer before deciding whether to trade up for the Dualis or something else.

  • H.S

    Ye thats good to hear, if i can get the interior issues sorted out id be very happy, cause the car runs great and looks real nice.

  • franz chong

    Mine was bought brand new back in July 2006 so just over three years old now and I am still on warranty till July 2011 as I bought the extension.Quiet and Pretty Good on Fuel except when having to do hill climbs and having to deal with some of the worse traffic ever given the natures of my job.It is my workcar too which may explain a thing or two.The Interior is rather spacious for what it is.It gives me all the Space of a B Class Mercedes but for close to half the price and without the embarrassment driving such a car brings.Looking at another one of these when the warranty expires in 2011 even though it is now made in Thailand It still has that Japanese Quality Present and Reliability.Now where to find me a demo.

  • franz chong

    till trade out of the tiida as soon as possible with help from my mum COME LATE 2010 EARLY PART 2011.now contemplatimng with help from mum a return to Mazda and one of those new generation 3’s.THE tIIDAS are not that bad.we have a family friend who drives an a170 Mercedes Benz which are rubbish by comparison.Those Hong Kong Chinese and their badges.If I was in the market for such a car but have to buy European with good resale It would be straight to a Ford Dealer for a Focus pr maybe a Golf from a VW DEALERSHIP.

  • Veronica

    Hi There

    I am new to this site. Can anyone help me? I bought a Nissan Tiida in May 2009. Within the first 100kms I had problems with the whining sound as I accelerated, the boot lining came apart, the shock absorber covers came off and I get zapped everytime I touch the car! I have taken the car back to the dealers only to be told that none of these things are real – except for the boot liner which they eventually “fixed”. I am so scared to actually drive the car because of the static. You can hear it accross the car. I have getting out of the car down to an acrobatic act of wiggling and contorting so that I don’t touch anything. The windows are covered in finger marks and sometimes I actually make it out without getting zapped. Then you have to touch the button to open the car boot!!!! Even when I filled up with petrol I got booted and was genuinely frightened that I could start a fire. I have contacted the Department of Commerce but they are already saying that the zapping is “normal”.

    On the bright side, my health is improving because I am walking instead of driving.

    Seriously, does anyone else have this problem and if so – can you please advise me how to contain the problem?


    • Ed

      To stop getting shocks when getting out of the car, hold onto the door until you ground your feet….that way the charge dissipates :)

  • Dan Sun

    Most of that negative people up above are Morons . They should read what experts in Europe, America not compting Asia have to sayabout Nissan Tiida (Yes they should have called it something else) look it up 4 stars are given this Nissan by tru automotive experts. The French influence is part of the best features,large interior for it size,very confo.. seats not run of mill styling.etc…etc>..

    • Yonny

      It’s just possible that you are the moron. Those people are entitled to their opinion.

      The Tiida may be alright in isolation, or possibly even when considered alongside smaller cars like the Getz or the Yaris. But it just isn’t competetive in today’s market, and has some baffling safety-related omissions that need to be rectified.

  • P.Sul

    Dear Veronica.
    I always get zapped while driving my Tiida. Very weird, specially in a humid place like Brazil.

  • HyundaiSmoke

    1.8 Versa/Tida revs at 4000 RPMs at 80MPH or 130 k/h, which is horrible for any car even a small car. The Hyundai Accent for example revs at 3100 RPMs at that speed.

    • Jemma

      I agree when you are in first gear the exceleration cuts out…especially when you have air con on ( which is needed in west NSW Aust.) and then the ratio is horrible as you said the revs when you sit on 100 kms per hr are very high around 3000 Rpms which very is uneconomical. Why bother having 6 gears???? when it does the job of 5?

  • Andrew

    Herz have provided a Tiida for the week whilst my real car is being services. This Tiida is a complete load of rubbish. It is even embarrasing to be seen in it.

  • franz chong

    For those of you in the market for a Tiida.I suggest you all look elsewhere.I went today out of curiousity to check out a Ford Fiesta.Similar Size and Very Sporty looking It has got that really sleek styling I miss.Definetly headed that way considering my Tiida has got a lot of mileage and If I don’t get out by 2011 I will have problems getting rid of it even though it needs a lot of work.

  • MUEY

    I AM AT 46,000+ KLM AND ALL IS GOOD.

    • Yonny

      I think you have a bigger problem – the caps lock on your computer appears to be broken.

  • Anzac Jay

    I bought a 2009 Tiida on 25th June 2009. If I had the money to get rid of it I would. It has just had it’s first service for 10,000klms NOT six months as Nissan insisted I have. The floor mats are lifting there are noises I’ve never heard a car make before, and the lack of power is remarkable. I agree with Muey, there is no way we will ever get a speeding fine, because the car is so under powered. Once my seven yrs are up, I’ll get rid of it and NEVER buy another Nissan.

  • Cat

    Hired a Tiida for a trip around Tassie last month. Also experienced trouble with the fuel gauge being completely inaccurate and the rattling dash on the passenger side. Called the hire company to complain about the gauge and the guy said – ‘let me guess, you have a Tiida’. Just got a call from a relative who hired a Tiida in Vic – same problem, shonky fuel guage. What a shocking excuse for a car!

    • john

      mechanic fixed rattling dashboard by using foam rubber strips pushed in beside the dashboard and the car body on both sides and along the front under the wwindscreen

      • pp312

        This dashboard rattle (actually more like a creak)is such a problem that Nissan has fitted draft exluder all around the dashboard to stop it rubbing on the windscreen; even so wedging a piece of rubber in the very centre of the dashboard still helps brace it and make it less rattle-prone. However in my car I found the problem comes from the light coloured material covering the side pillars contacting the windscreen. As soon as I jammed rubber strips up the side of the pillars so there could be no contact with the glass, the rattle/creak disappeared. If you’re wondering if this is the cause of your rattle, give one of the pillars a hard squeeze. If it creaks at all it needs the rubber treatment. (Incidentally, for the rubber strips I cut up a $1.75 mouse mat). Good luck.

  • marlon

    Looked at most of the comments and the tiida is not a bad car, except for the ratteling dashboard, power lost, front ends, but its space is excellent, excellent gas milage, no engine problems and the power window auto up needs to be reprogram when you take out the battery terminals or when the car is back from being service. to reset, hold down the power window button to lower the window halfway then pulling up the window button to close it. Do this for the power window switches for both front doors.

  • Pauline

    Does anyone have a problem winding up their non-electric windows in the Tida? The mechanism is questionable because of the size of the front driver and passenger windows! Any comments if you have had trouble winding them especially back up

  • Ian Pipe

    Same problem with the fuel gauge. My wife doesn’t believe that when the light is on and we refill with only 38 litres that we still have another 14 litres to use. Hence, she concludes that the fuel efficiency is terrible on the car. I doubt that she is the only one with this perception.

    The dealer’s response was that this was a safety feature that stopped us from running out of petrol.

    We bought back in 2007, only to then have Nissan discount the price later to move more volumes. Resale price, as a result, has taken a hit. Not the kind of thing that leaves me feeling I will be seeking a Nissan next time around.

  • http://bonesmiller@hotmail.com Tony

    For the people looking for a major rattle cause in the front dash you may want to check if it is actually the bonnet protector banging against the bonnet in the wind. I was frustrated for 6 months until I happened to drive with the front window down and noticed the “dash rattle” was actually external – I then tracked it down to loose bonnet protector mountings. May help someone.

  • AAA

    Renaults or cars with Renault parts are not known for reliability ~

  • BBB

    I’ve been driving a Renault since 2001 and its been totally reliable.

  • Anonymous1

    Nissan SUCKS
    Their company are useless & stupid
    Nissan are scum
    They are a bunch of morons & idiots(& dumbass)

    • GT-R

      Yeah, what would NISSAN know, they make the GT-R and Infiniti range….

    • BlueBerry

      I think this has to be one of the funniest comments ever. I didn’t know 5 year olds wrote comments on CA as well !

  • rb26dett

    Izelda, what you need to realise is nissan are not 100% sure of what the problem is, (i am a senior nissan tech and im liasing with nissan’s technical group on a daily basis). so if the problems not known, how is nissan meant to fix it? Its not like nissan are going to keep giving you FREE gearbox’s until the noise stops. These gearbox’s have gone through countless strip downs and studys to see if anything is wrong with them, which nothing can be found. Nissan are now saying this may be a characteristic of the nissan tida gear box!

    • Blitzkrieg

      Just like the characteristic of your 3Ltr Patrol motors to blow up.
      Nissan used to have a good reputation,not any more.

  • http://msn Rosemay

    I have a nissan tida 2007 and have problems with the airconditioner it wont stay on. Does any one have this problem. I also had to replace the control assembly

  • James

    Er yuck. The Nissian micra is hot but not the Tida.

  • Ashley

    Hi all
    My partner has been driving an 2007 tiida since new, although it has been a great car thats quiet, roomy and economical, a few problems have arose. so far all covered under warranty, replacement of rear shocks due to leaking fluid and replacement of front suspension struts due to knocking noises over bumps.
    on odd ocassions the vehicle will not start whether hot or cold seems to do it on intermittant occasions usually when we are in a hurry. engine cranks over but seems to be not sparking, turn the key off wait a couple of seconds and will start ever time. nissan have already replaced the body control module but problem still persists. nissan have no answers and say they can not fix it.has any body heard of this happening before? ignition system, fuel pump relay? any information kindly appreciated.

  • Jemma

    My Husband brought a Brand new Tiida almost 3 years ago. We have noticed that when you put the breakes on the whole stearing wheel shakes and moves (very dangerous when driving).- It has been diagnosed with warped break discs.
    I have rung Nissan and they may or may not replace them under warranty. This seems to be a common occurance….WHY DON”T THEY MAKE THE BRAKE DISCS STRONGER ??????????? The Tidda has only done 50,000 kms!!!

    I Have a 1994 Toyota Camery just clocking over to 400,000 Kms and I have NOT HAD TO REPLACE THE BRAKES!!!!! (I did buy it when it had 300,00 kms on it but only paid $750 Au whereas the Tiida cost $20,000)
    On the Tiida the window winder-downer has also broken.

    In My opinion it would be better to buy an older more reliable car e.g a toyota or Subaru
    Nissan should go back to making cars like the Patrol- they would fall apart with rust rather then a “manufacturing problem” like the Tiida

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/4/nissan-tiida-not-so-sexy/ Ganga

      I bought a 1 year old Tiida ST, from a dealership 2 years ago. i noticed the same problem with this car. Braking at an emergency would not stop the car. It will still move forward with a huge rattling noice in the brakes. Although I am happy with everything else with the car, this is a big worry.

      I have been taking it for servicing at the dealership every 6 months to keep the warranty. They say it is due to sensitive ABS brakes. I do not know much about the mechanics of the cars.

      I also have 1991 Toyota Sica, solid and still running well.

      Any advice?

  • john

    i have an October 2008 Tiida auto sedan.( 40000 k.)Very pleased especially as my 190 cm frame can comfortably fit in. I have a brake problem with the front discs in that they will ‘grab’ at odd times.
    Have had checked out pads,discs,brake lines but no luck with own mechanic who has also talked to dealer about it but they have no advice except to use softer pads when they need renewing.
    Has anyone had this problem?

  • nader

    i am nader….this is the sexiest car…..great car…i love nissan

    • Yonny

      Good on you nader. Is your carer around?

  • Lee

    I have a 2006/2007 plated Tiida (auto). from the outset, it has been a disspointment, and it is my 6th new car and this is the first time I have felt this way. I have the gearbox whine, the unfixable rattles, the shaking steering wheel (no I do not need a wheel alignment) and a left pull when I brake; yes, I can go on and on! Never a Nissan (becasue of the Tiida and the very poor Warranty service and support) is my catch phrase to all that ask me!

  • Donald

    I just bought a 4 year old Tiida and have a couple of gripes.
    The brakes grab, as John has pointed out.
    It failed to turn over once and then was OK after a couple of seconds, as Ashley pointed out.
    The most annoying thing is that locking the drivers door with the key does not lock all of the passenger doors. Apparently this is a feature. No central locking! You have to carry the remote locking device. My pockets are only so big and I don’t want to carry around a man purse. Definitely a girls car.

  • Izelda

    Dear rb26dett

    No offense but what Nissan can and cannot find out about the gearbox is not my problem. I am a consumer. I went and paid my very hard earned money for a complete piece of rubbish. If Nissan knows, which I am now because of your comment 100% sure off, that the gearbox have problems they should not sell the car or when someone did buy one because of their dodgy salesman at least come to an agreement with the consumer like maybe take the piece of rubbish back. Now that is fair in my eyes. Are you saying that I have to pay the price now for the technical department not being able to find the problem?


  • Max

    Hi Ashley,
    The problem with cranking over and not starting is very common and I am surprised you are the only one who has mentioned it on this string! If you Google ‘Nissan Tiida starting problems’ you will find a number of responses there. My 2006 Tiida auto has had this problem since near new and Nissan have – supposedly – replaced all the computer do-dads, but it still does it every fourth or fifth start. I pull out the key, lock and unlock using the key tab, and then it usually goes. Sometimes opening and shutting the door will fix it. My car has just come out of warranty and Magic Nissan aren’t going to do any more warranty work on it. Other than this I have had a very good run with the car – done 95,000km now.

  • http://caradvice.com.au christine donnellan

    i bought my nissan tiida in 2009, this is the worse car i have ever bought, i have always had problems starting this car, i took it back to the car yard, they put a new battery in the vehicle, then they said it was the keys, i purchased new keys,i will take the key out wait a few seconds, i will continue with this for 4 times amd it eventually starts, very embassarassing while you are in town, now my car won’t start, there is a whiring sound, i think it is the starter motor, the agent told me i am up for $1500 for a new one, how long does a warranty lasts for, if i knew this was going to happen i would never have bought this car, i am 61 years old and thought this is a car just for me to run around in, how wrong was i.

  • keiron

    hi i am keiron i have a tiida sedan 2007 and the r gear is not going in has any one get that problem

  • Kumarkama

    nissan tida gcc  2011 is some time off engine  and showing PS . what is PS ?

  • Fwmack1

    My wife drives a TIIDA and demands we use it when we go on holiday instead of my Magna for Peace of mind I agree, but I am pleasantly surprised by the Tiida on a long trip no problem keeping up with or overtaking other traffic, of course every 4wd, commodore and falcon has to pass us. The seats are comfortable, not like her previous pulsar after 2 hours needed to see the chiropractor. two niggles 1. the accuracy of the fuel gauge( u fill her up go 20k its sitting on 3/4, go 100k its sitting on half) so 550k out of a tank and still had quarter left, 2. Sunvisors if you need to use them on the side to block out sun not long enough.
    Overall damn good little car, ok its ugly so am I   

  • Trini

    I am really scared after reading the comments. I already made a down payment on a  2007 used tiida sedan from Japan. I read reviews from other sites and they weren’t as bad as these. It is affordable, spacious and I hope I am one of the lucky few to have no problems.

  • vaxx

    Ahh, the Tiida, Renault design made in Mexico. Interesting mix for a Japanese company.

    Our 2007 model has been fairly reliable for 170k

    Just changed coils, interesting job to do, you can tell the engine is a Renault design when you get the covers and intake off.

    Burning a bit of oil now, about 1 liter a week, needs new lh cv joint and center driveshaft bearing, a few chassis mounts are about due to be changed, and its developed a small oil leak somewhere, noticed a few drops on the garage floor.
    Changed the brake lights to led to stop them blowing, must be a vibration issue in the light fitting

    Apart from that, the clutch and brake pads are factory, on it’s forth set of tyres.

    Nothing bad to say about it really, just never liked the shape, wifes car :)