by George Skentzos

Honda Motor Co’s President and CEO, Takeo Fukui, has announced a raft of new factories and a boost in production to meet Honda’s booming global demand.

The expansion will include:

  • Five new factories
  • Two new engine plants
  • Two new R&D facilities
  • Production increased by over 300,000 vehicles by 2010

Honda is building a second car plant in Thailand to meet demand around the Asia-Oceania region – including Australia – by doubling production in the country. The 6.2 billion baht (approx AUD$227 million) factory will be completed by the end of next year with an annual production capacity of 120,000 vehicles.

In April this year an engine parts plant opened and in late 2007 a Honda subsidiary producing stamped body panel service parts will begin operation.

Honda’s Japanese production facilities will be strengthened with a new R&D centre in Tochigi to be completed by 2009, along with a new car production plant in Yorii set to open in 2010. A new engine plant opening in Ogawa in 2009 will build advanced, fuel-efficient engines to meet increasing consumer demand.

This announcement is most definitely not comforting for local industry, with Ford only yesterday announcing the closure of their Geelong plant. Honda, a predominantly small car, small engine manufacturer is experiencing flourishing success due to its global vehicle platforms, with local manufacturers seemingly only just realising these strategies with Holden’s new global VE based chassis and Ford’s recent discontinuation of the iconic inline-6.

  • Myke

    I hope Honda don’t mass produce to much and become exactly like Toyota, that would be scary.

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Dingo

    Why Myke – because Toyota is screwing GM and Ford to the wall and your pride is taking a battering. Toyota manufactuers quality, reliable, dependable and durable vehicles unlike alot of the garbage that comes from GM.

    Honda is a very renouned and respected automotive company and because they take pride in thier engineering and quality control, they rightly deserve to expand unlike that trashy American company… GM !!

  • Heinz

    AMEN to that

  • alborz

    damn dingo! I could feel your anger from across the screen!

  • Stu

    Yeah good on em i reckon, their engines like to rev

  • Sam™

    this just makes me worry about the local industry. who cares about holden, theyve made shit cars from day 1 so they can fail miserably for all i care, but its poor aussie ford that has now copped a battering

    yes, it is goodbye to the iconic I6 and ford australia
    *wipes tear*

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Dingo

    Sorry Alborz – as you probably already understand i don’t have much respect for GM/Holden although i do have a weak spot for Ford and hope they recoup thier lost fortunes over the next couple of years as to maintain thier viability in Australia. If Holden was in a hole however then i truely wouldn’t care.

    However, the growth of such excellant companies like Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Subaru, VW is very much understandable and i would certainly understand if Hyundai grew at a greater pace aswell.

    There was no anger just me have a chuckle to myself as i enjoy a nice cold beer after a hard slog at work.


  • Myke

    Honda already has quality, reliablity, dependablity and durablity, but Honda expanding their production, I’m sure (hopefully) they won’t compromise the driving appeal of their cars.

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Dingo

    Myke – unlike Holden with thier new found love of Daewoo vehicles like the 2 star crash rated Barina, Viva and the Epica that is actually considerably slower then a Camry 4 potter. And lets not forget the renouned reputation that HSV has for premature brake fade and over-heating fluids when pushed hard. Lets not forget also the GEN3 with it’s awful reputation of drinking oil like beer, slapping pistons and in some occurances complete engine failure.

    You may recall ‘MOTOR’ January 2007 performance car shot-out edition of 20 vehciles were HSV dropped out at a pathetic 18th because of premature brake fade after just 1 single lap… JUST 1 LAP. The only passion that ignites is the will to stay alive !!

    And, name me a Holden that can actually age with GRACE and DIGNITY beyond a couple of years from new. Holden’s are nothing more then just rattly, squeeky, oil leaking, unreliable vehicles that literally fall apart.

    What about that recent leaked Australian Quality Survey were Holden scored ‘BELOW AVERAGE’ in every single segment and in some areas dead set last.
    Somehow… that just does not ignite any passion for me.

    Honda however knows how to engineer a damn good vehicle just like Toyota that isn’t dependant on the local garage.