• Škoda Freak

    I reckon the GTI version of this new Polo is going to be a cracker when it becomes available. Hopefully it’ll be a couple of seconds quicker to 100 than the outgoing model.

  • absi

    i wonder which of these engines would make it to Australia…

    any indication of the price for the 1.2L Turbo Petrol?

  • RdS

    definetley keen to see the specs and pricing for the new gti when it gets here. hopefully it hasnt gained much weight over the current model… (?)

  • Reckless1

    My prediction on the engines for Aus

    1.4-litre four-cylinder (62kW) petrol
    1.6-litre four-cylinder (66kW) turbo-diesel
    1.2-litre four cylinder (77kW) turbo-petrol

    Will be a cracker of a car, especially now with the 7 speed DSG available.

  • Frank

    The new Polo is virtually the same size as the Mk III Golf. This car has certainly grown up. I would bet the manual version of the 1.2 turbo will be the power to weight ratio winner.

    The diesel engines are touted to get some scary high numbers per tank. If they Aussie dollar stays strong, we could see some good pricing on these models and certainly far safer and better to drive than anything in its class.

  • Alex

    I love the new Polo; it’s exactly what it should be which is a classier alternative to a Fiesta. Apparently the new 1.2 TSI is excellent and the pick of the bunch. Sounds good.
    I only wish the styling had been a bit more adventurous. After all, it is a direct cross between the new Golf and the current Polo.

  • Tom

    I thought this would end up looking like a Golf that went through a hot wash, but its got a bit more styling than the Golf. I like it, the Golf I find just a little too understated. Good engine selection as well, I’d agree with Reckless on what ones we’ll get.

  • DipStiK

    Excellent car this one. Good to see VW declaring country of manufacturer in marketing material. A lesson for Holden Cruze, Captiva which never get a mention that they are built in Korea.

  • riceboy

    complete new model and it’s only 4 airbags???? is it a typo?

  • Yanzo

    44 kw. this thing better be light. well at last you won’t have to worry about speeding, because it can’t go fast enough

  • http://internode.on.net Pete

    RdS – From an earlier story CarAdvice has on the new Polo… “Despite being marginally wider and longer than its predecessor, the new Polo weighs 7.5 per cent less than the vehicle it replaces – promising greater refinement and efficiency.”

    Hopefully this goes for the 3 door as well.

  • Reckless1

    Yanzo, there are plenty of cars in the European market with super low KW ratings. People over there pay huge bucks for fuel, where ours is still relatively cheap, and their buyers don’t need/want tyre shredding performance. If they do, they can buy a V10 Audi……

    But none of the Euro manufacturers bring out their smallest engines to Aus, as they are traditionally not good sellers. But I can remember the 1275cc Mini Cooper S, it had a huge engine for a Mini, and 57 blazing KW :) We had lots of small engined cars in Aus back then.

  • Boney Maroney

    Will the 1.2L be twin charged like the Golf I wonder? If so, buyer beware. Once the solenoids start to build up in the water pump (which is attached to the same pulley system as the supercharger) you will hear an irritating squeak on acceleration everytime. VW are aware of this in their Golfs, and have a tech Bulletin that says there is no fix (and yet they still sell them as is with this known issue) and that such a noise is deemed a charatoristic of the car. I was a fan of VW’s Golf VI, not so much now after experiencing this with my Golf!

  • Pogo

    RE: Boney Maroney comment

    The Polo 1.2 TSI is already out for a few months in places in europe, and is only turbo charged.

    Fears allayed?

  • Boney Maroney

    Just trying to be helpful Pogo. thanks for the info

  • RdS

    thanks for that, thats great to hear. the old polo seemed a tad heavy for its size. overengineered im sure, but theres always lighter materials..!

  • http://Caradvice.com.au Baddass

    So good looking….drool.

  • Reckless1

    The 1.4 twincharged engine might be held back for the Polo GTI. Will probably be the 118TSI version engine.

    Not sure which other current engine would be used – I doubt that the 2.0T engine would go in, 155Kw would eat into the Golf GTI’s performance too much.

    But if that one was used, the Polo GTI would become an instant Classic Super-hot Hatch. I’m drooling at the thought, especially with a chip……

    But back to reality, the 118 engine can go pretty hard with a chip as well, and should be plenty for the Polo’s size.

  • fasthonda

    A chipped GTI Polo with the 7sp DSG could be asking for trouble.
    The Polo looks good,although not as stylish as the Fiesta.
    I’m sure that VW(& fans) will tell the world to ad nauseam, how good the interior is. :)

  • Pogo

    It’s highly likely the Polo Gti will get the 1.4 TSI (supercharged/turbo). The SEAT Ibiza FR (from the VW group subsidurary) was released a month or two ago with this engine and it’s based on the same platform as the polo, and had the same engine as the polo in the previous generation GTI/Cupra.

    I beleive it will be tuned to 132 kW like the Cupra and the Mk5 Golf GT Sport. Of course you can get ECU tweaked already to 150kw , so it should be a lil pocket rocket.

  • Tom

    Why does it need so many engine choices? Throw in the GTi for even more confusion.

    Doesn’t seem very cost efficient.

  • pm

    This model needs to be a vast improvement over the current one. 2 years ago I had a brand new 1.4 Polo for 5 months as a company car and it was dreadful to drive – gutless as hell (even though it was a manual) and handled like a bus. A colleague at the time had an older Fiesta which was light-years ahead in terms of driver dynamics.

  • Mazdaman

    Does anyone else see some hints of BMW 1 series lines in this?