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Chevrolet Camaro fans need not be disappointed at GM’s decision to not import the iconic sports coupe into Australia, as the car will be available for sale here from around October.

Queensland based company Performax International will be the first importer and right-hand drive converter for the hero car in Australia.


CarAdvice paid a visit to the Performax workshop last week and spotted the transformers car in the midst of its conversion.


Performax boss Nick Vandenberg says the converted, ADR approved and road registrable Camaro will go on sale from around $130-150,000. Numerous orders have already been placed so if you’re interested, best to act now.


More news on the Camaro will be available soon as CarAdvice will be attending the Performax track day.


Additionally, Alborz Fallah has spent the past three days behind the wheel of a Shelby 500GT Mustang. Expect a review on that soon.


Performax International.

  • Vid_Ghost

    nice looking car but $150k can get you a Jap or Euro luxury sports car

  • D

    I have made an amendment to the start of your article:

    Camaro fans need be disappointed at GM’s decision to not import the Chevrolet Camaro as the car will be available for sale in Australia around October. Unfortunately it will cost about twice the price it would have been if GM decided to import the car themselves.

    I think you will find that this is much more accurate

  • AMV

    Presumably they’ll give that front seat a good dust off once they drag it off the concrete floor…

  • Rick

    Nice looking car for sure – but is it any better than a $66K HSV clubbie?

  • WVB

    nice one AMV, my thoughts too.
    Place appears to have all the hallmarks of a crash shop.

  • Damian

    Instead of giving us desirable cars like the Camaro, Holden is slowly replacing its lineup with Korean cars. So much for “Holden means a great deal to Australia”…

  • Tomcat173

    That price does sound like a ripoff given the cost of the car in US dollars.

    Technically it might be a really expensive HSV Clubbie, but its got as much character and good looks as a $270k Aston Martin V8 Vantage.. so in some respects its pretty cheap!

  • Lukaas

    these convertions arent even worth it…


    these cars sell for 25-30K USD…..

    • Mark

      I agree with Lukass. The conversion is a ripoff. Was in US a couple of weeks ago & they are everywhere. Saw a 2nd hand SS for 22k & wasnt even looking for it. Love the new camaros & started to look at getting one into Australia, NOT POSSIBLE unless I buy one in the US & live there & own it for 12 months.Probably be worth it rather than paying this kind of money to companies that want 130k for a 30k car, come on.

  • Howie-R31

    Would be good to see a comparison review with this car and something like the current Clubsport..?

  • Toxic_Horse

    May be a ripoff but thats why people will buy it.
    they won’t be 1000’s of them on the road.

  • Joe

    Same thing happened with the Dodge Viper… sell them here for 4 times the original price after being converted by some backyard hack workshop.

  • The Realist

    That workshop sure inspires confidence in quality and workmanship!

  • Yanzo

    ooooh yay! i can’t wait to see one!

  • Vid_Ghost

    A BRAN NEW CHOP SHOPED CAR! from the pics anyways!

  • 4:20 All Day

    So how, exactly, did you guys think these things were converted to RHD if not in a workshop like this? Maybe with a bunch of scientist-like people with serious looks on their faces and clipboards in a state-of-the-art robot equiped factory? Gimme a break. These guys are doing a specialist job with no factory help for a very small amount of vehicles. Too many keyboard cowboys around these parts…

  • Damian

    “…but its got as much character and good looks as a $270k Aston Martin V8 Vantage..”

    What?! What are you smoking in that crack pipe?! The Camaro looks like a car designed by a three year old, compared to the Aston Martin.

  • MisterTwo

    It’s a shame the Australian nanny state doesn’t allow left hand drive vehicles to be driven on the road (without certain dispensation). There are many LHD cars on the road in the UK and ther arn’t too many problems and Australia doesn’t get the exotics like the Veyron/Enzo/SLR etc. Maybe it’s because many Australians have trouble driving RHD cars properly?

  • Tomcat173

    “The Camaro looks like a car designed by a three year old, compared to the Aston Martin”

    erm… are trying to say that anyone with even a vague interest in cars won’t turn their heads if they see a Camaro in traffic?? Just because its relatively cheap doesnt mean its not a head turner.

  • http://Caradvice.com.au Baddass

    This car is one of the coolest on the road at the mo’, but 150K is M3 money. I’ll take driving purity over teenager respect any day.

  • KM

    BMW M3 for that price anyone???

  • Shak

    KM you have a point but people seeking a hi-po euro cars will go the overpriced euro route,whereas loyal fans and enthusiasts will go for the drop dead gorgeous Camaro

  • Shak

    And joe this isnt some backyard hack shop as you so vaguely put it. They’ve been converting American muscle for years and have a good rep for quality conversions in QLD.

  • Shadow Boxer

    TomCat173, the Ssang Yong Rexton is also a head-turner, but that’s just because it’s so damned arse-ugly. Mind you, I’d gawk at a Camaro in traffic too, but simply to check if the moron who spent $150,000 on an American Commodore is wearing their clown suit or not.

  • Captain Mainwaring

    What kind of a nut-job would pay that kind of coin to get a bodgied-up RHD converted version of a two-door Americanised HSV GTS with a famous badge from the past?
    The HSV will be a much better drive, and a RHD Camaro is going to be worth Proton-money on the world market in years to come as North America will be swimming in LHD versions.

  • zahmad

    On their website, they mention its the SS…For this much money, you can have C63, HSV W427…etc…

    Must be a pretty big fan….

  • greenroom

    $150k…? Tell em they’re dreaming….

  • Fernando

    As far as know. 2010 Camaro starts at USD 22,995 MSRP for the V-6-powered LS model, and USD 30,995 for the V-8-powered Camaro SS. Why it is so pricey here?

  • Paul

    The reason its so expensive is they need to purchase the car, have it shipped over, then have all the labour involoved in basically ripping the car apart, changing everything from LHD to RHD, put it all back together again, and also make it ADR compliant.

    Not a easy job.

    Plus these cars are not going to be bought in bulk over to Australia, so the price they buy them for, wont be what Holden would have got for them if they imported them in bulk direct from GM.

    You are going to have to wonder about Warranty with this thing, sure its a commadore underneath, but will Holden service it for you?

    And what is the resale going to be like.

    Besides all that, its a great car to look at.

    Ive seen a few driving and parked around the streets in Melbourne, these were test cars, they looked great!

    but for $150,000!!! hmm Nissan GT-R anyone?

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au George

    Such a shame that we will never see these sold on local shores, I would buy one in a heartbeat.

  • http://Caradvice.com.au Baddass

    George, they are being sold here, so you can buy one in a heartbeat. Just as long as your ticker can handle the stress of paying $150 000 for a US$30 000 car.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au George

    Baddass, its appauling isnt it? Such a shame.

  • SamR

    Nice car but $150K is GT-R money

  • Insomniac

    …If anyone has imported a car they realise that by the time our government gets their grubby mits on the various “taxes” that they feel they need to unload from cars, it almost doubles the price. I imported a mint condition 98 180sx type x several years ago… $3500 purchase, and by the time i got it on the road here it came to a total of $11k. Its not just conversion cost… everyone has a finger in the import pie.

    Just think, you can buy an evo 10 for about 40k new in japan.

  • observer

    For that kind of money you could buy a Nissan Godzilla that would polverise it on performance….but the Comaro does look good though.

  • zero

    Lukaas Says:
    August 25th, 2009 at 12:26 pm

    these convertions arent even worth it…


    these cars sell for 25-30K USD……
    seriously those guys gotta get REAL.

  • Nikos888

    mmm…godzilla or transformers?

  • Mal


  • The Realist

    Shak Says:
    August 25th, 2009 at 4:37 pm
    “KM you have a point but people seeking a hi-po euro cars will go the overpriced euro route,whereas loyal fans and enthusiasts will go for the drop dead gorgeous Camaro”

    Overpriced Euro route? And what do you think a US$30K car being sold for $150K is??

    Yeah, the M3 or RS4 isn’t for enthusiasts…

    Obviously you’re one of those blind faithful who purchase cars from Government Motors.

  • Jay

    Its obvious some of you don’t know what you are talking about with pricing. These guys are definetly not backyarders! I contracted Performax to import and convert my Z06 Corvette. The finish was faultless and 100%professional and after going through the process I understand the costs. To correct you, here are some cost facts: You cant buy a 2SS Camaro for 25k, get real!! MSRP is 40k us plus tax and title etc.. On top of that you have AUD conversion, sea freight, insurance, import duty, GST, Luxury Car Tax and the conversion to pay. The story quotes 130-150k, perhaps some of you who are so quick to judge should investigate the facts first.

  • http://www.supercarnews.com Michael

    I hope you guys don’t look at the prices of a C63, or M3 over in the states, list price at a dealer is only US$55k quite the difference from the AUS$160k+ we have to pay here.

    As MisterTwo said, whats wrong with driving LHD cars here, I drive around in my LHD Mustang every week, why are you allowed to have a LHD car OVER 35 years, but anything newer, no chance.

    Its all about the government giving Holden and Ford their golden monopolistic handshakes to protect their industry from being invaded by cheap (and relatively well built) European cars, and cheap (and average built) American cars.

  • Frank

    This is exactly the reason why the likes of GM and the other Yankee companies are going under. Why in the hell do they not make right hand drive cars for the right hand drive market?

    Hello, have the damn world drives on the ‘other side of the road’. This is and always has been a serious opportunity lost by the damn yanks. I can say that out loud, because I am one of them!! $150K for that?! Stooopid!!

  • Amy

    Ummm guys. Do your homework! Imort duty is 10% then you also have GST which is also 10% and as long as you keep the cost of the car in AUS$ below $50,000 you should not have to pay the LCT (luxury car tax) which is you do over the $50,000 is 33%.
    Import yourself & purchase yourself shouldnt cost $150,000.

    I would not pay %150,000 for the Camaro because I have had quotes for just the conversion which would bring the whole cost to just over $70,000.
    Do your research anyone who is seriously thinking of buying from thesae guys & lettign them do all the work for you.

  • http://www.badmedicine.com.au George

    Hi, Does anyone know how much exactly the conversion alone costs? On ebay right now, you can buy an ex demo 2010 Camaro 2SS for $36,505usd with only 240 miles on it. Converted to Aud right now it’s $39,303.
    Shipping will be under 10k, plus the cost of import duties and gst is roughly $7860 combined.
    Budgeting 10k for the shipping, the total cost comes to $47173.

    If the conversion and ADR compliance comes in at under 40k, That means it’s HSV money for a car that won’t be seen everywhere. I know which one I’d buy.

    Also, due to the power train being the same as the ones currently in Holden/HSV product, servicing won’t be an issue.

    $150k is way too much for a GM product that isn’t the Corvette ZR1. Who in their right mind would take a Camaro over an R35 GT-R? If the car looked identical to the concept version, that would be a different story..

  • T.

    150k … WHAT , i had 3 camaros back home the most expansive one was 2004 $20,000 AUD am not paying 150K even though i love the car..

  • http://www.adsglobe.co.uk post free ads in uk

    Same thing happened with the Dodge Viper… sell them here for 4 times the original price after being converted by some backyard hack workshop.

  • http://www.adsglobe.co.uk posting free ads in uk

    Same thing happened with the Dodge Viper… sell them here for 4 times the original price

  • scottsmad1

    If you brought one from the states had it shipped over and converted to right hand drive,It would still be cheaper than buying one from holden,if thats what the sale price will be.

  • FrugalOne