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  • Deco

    Lol, I bet no-one will ever see a supercar used this way ever again!

    Wonder if it is designed to hold a surf board….

  • The Realist

    GORGEOUS car.

    If only cars were as cheap here as the USA – then I’d have one of these in a heartbeat.

    I can’t believe there are people on these blogs who think any Maserati looks better than this…

    • Martin

      Agree 100%

  • nobody

    Simply put, the most beautiful class in it’s class. I don’t think it will be outdone until the next DBS arrives. You seem like a really nice guy, coz I don’t think I’d let random strangers in my car for a photo heh.

  • Bucks


    I’m pretty sure it was you who asked me last time about the Aston Martin DBS I spotted on the F3 freeway when I was over from Perth last time (the same weekend as the Aston Martin Club day in the Hunter Valley). Well, thats the one! The plates I remember very clearly :). I think I still have the photo of it shooting off into the distance somewhere on my computer too :) *sigh* I would give my left nut to have one of those.

  • zero

    The Realise

    cars prices in Australia are not too bad already
    take a look at cars in our neighbouring countries such as Singapore n Malaysia..where tax are around 300% import duty + 10% sales tax

    and guess what?they have more supercars than Australia

  • Mr Brooksy

    I wish more people would use their exotics (preferably Astons) as their daily drives. That way those of us who can only dream, can at the very least admire one for a few seconds as it sits at lights, as it drives away from the lights, or even as it sits in the car park of the local shopping district.

    What a car, what an exquisite design, just mind bending. Oh and that 911 looks like a VW beetle in comparison to the DBS, it had to be said…

    Anthony your one lucky man!

  • Jimmy James

    STEP ONE – Get my 6’4 out of its cover and chop four inches off the nose.

    STEP TWO – find $500,000.

    STEP THREE – Go surfing!

    Love your work Anthony!

  • jbot

    learn to use commas properly please Anthony (or at least let me edit it for you). you’re a journalist, so your articles shouldn’t be FULL of punctuation errors.

    amazing car though. even when i see the standard DB9 while driving i try to get closer to it for a better look.

  • Anthony

    Many thanks for the advice Jbot, God knows I do try and will continue to improve my grammar before it is checked by our sub editor.

  • The General


    8.5 out of 10! [ONLY a Ferrari can get 10/10]

    We are not here for the spelling-bee comp., just to test and photo the said vehicles in a professional way.

    Job {well} done A!


  • The General

    @ PS/ refer…

    Can you please take a photo of the key, that will freak them out!


    Take a piture of a normal 100% humanoid sitting in the back seat to check for leg and head room.

    Many thanks,


  • Yanzo

    aston has rear seats! i did not know that!. i’d be scared to drive it because i don’t want anybody hitting me, you drive a cheap car and hit a few rubbish bins and it’s all good but if i was in that thing i’d want all cars and anything sharp to always keep 2 meters away from it

  • http://Caradvice.com.au Baddass

    Any tips on becoming an automotive journalist Anthony?

  • Riviera

    Great article! Next week can’t come soon enough.

  • John

    I am in heaven. Astons are up there with the best. The Baby Aston in 4.7 guise is my favourite, but now I am not so sure. In this colour the DBS looks the dogs bollocks. It is sad that supercars are not used as daily drives. If any supercar could qualify as a daily drive, this one must. Looks comfortable, I assume it does not have back breaking suspension a truck like gearshift/clutch (if it does’nt have one of those ridiculous flappy paddle gearboxes) and awkward seating postition (all the pre-requisites for a supercar with character).
    Now onto the reasons for a supercar not too be used as a daily driver IMO! People do not use these cars everyday because they are:

    a) Unliveable on a daily basis because of some of the points above.
    b) Fear of some jealous mongrel keying their car/other vandalism or stealing their car.
    c) Some person who does not care hitting the car with their door or other part of their car while exiting a parking bay.
    d) Some numbskull not watching where they are going involving your car in an accident. I assume the supercar driver would not be driving recklessly, because everytime I have seen a DBS or a 599 fiorano (not very often by the way) they were driven so slowly that the line of corolla’s behind were itching too get past.
    A minor accident in a car like this is anything but minor. A customer at the place I work has a current model green XKR jag and it was involved in a low speed rear end crash in a car park. He was rear ended. Damage ended up costing 30k dollars through insurance. I dread too think what the DBS would cost!

  • Camski

    John, add fuel to that list.

    It’s not the price (half a mil for the car remember) but it’s the fact that every 300km’s you’ve gotta stop to fill it up. If you sit in traffic long enough, yes, you will see the needle drop, it’s a daunting feeling, especially when the fuel warning light pops up when you still have 1/8th of a tank left!

  • http://www.tuning.com.au Tuner ®

    Just WOW..

  • Martin

    Oh the things I would do for one of these…

  • Brendon

    Queenwood School, my daughter goes there you must be a local guy, Anthony. :)

  • brent

    Great article – this is the exact car I aim to trade in my CLK Black for in a few years time!

    Where’s the wrap up “next week” ??