by Matt Brogan

Volkswagen has today released the first details on its new Transporter range of vans, kombi, chassis cabs and window vans, revealing a new refined exterior design plus significant advances in comfort, safety and refinement.

Lower running costs are also guaranteed thanks to a new range of common rail TDI (turbo-diesel) engines offering lower emissions and improved economy by an average of 10 per cent across the range.

The current generation Transporter, which has been on sale since 2003, has sold over one million units worldwide and a staggering 10 million units since the range was first launched in March 1950.

A new exterior, sharing Tiguan and Golf styling cues, sports more aerodynamic door mirrors, revised front grille and new headlamps.

Under the bonnet Transporter vans will be available with a range of 2.0-litre, four-cylinder, common-rail TDI engines, with power outputs ranging from 61kW/220Nm through to 132kW/400Nm.

Volkswagen says all engines in the range are also quieter, more economical, and more efficient with lower emissions that now comply with the latest Euro Five standards.  To further aid fuel economy, there is also a gear recommendation display.


Internal changes see a new three-spoke steering wheel, stylish new instrument lay out as well as the latest RNS series audio and satellite navigation units.

Options include Volkswagen’s new seven-speed DSG gearbox (available late 2010 on 4MOTION models); lane change assist; reversing camera; and tyre pressure monitoring.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) with hill start assist and an emergency braking system, which automatically puts on the hazard warning lights, will all be standard across the range.

Prices and specifications of the new Transporter range will be released closer to launch.

Transporter goes on sale in the northern hemisphere in January 2010. Australian sales will commence soon after.

  • Simon

    No DSG option for RWD models?
    They need to have an auto option (DSG) accross the range.

  • Matt

    Simon I dare say the six-speed DSG will remain available.

  • Dlr1

    Simon I dare say they will remain Front Wheel Drive not RWD. Also is this going to be referred to as the T6? To me it looks just like the T5 with a new grille/headlight/bumper arrangement.

  • Kombi

    Once again due to the computer designing the front gear lever cover removes any leg-remove for the middle seat passenger when fitted with a bench seat.

    What drugs are these designers on?Why dont they get out in the real world and see what us courier drivers REALLY want and need!

  • D

    The grill and headlight treatment looks a lot like the Golf- looks good.

  • Reckless1

    I suspect the 7 speed DSG will be the Audi unit, not the VW unit. They are quite different in strength and size – the VW one is for FWD small vehicles with “low” torque (not that a current VW engine could be described as low torque) and the Audi variant is for AWD vehicles with high torque.

    The 6 speed VW DSG could also be used on FWD/AWD variants as well, as it is a “medium” torque unit that sits between the other two.

  • Baddass

    While I was in France, we hired a Transporter and it was excellent. The rear seat space was cavernous, and there was 9 seats. I was still a pup then so I had to sit in the middle of the front bench. There was no legroom there and my then short knee was poked by the cigarette lighter, and I had to stare at a foul strip of fake wood. The rear seats were heavy, and the overall look was boring, to be polite. Other than that, I miss it! Jokes!

  • Carl

    These things are brilliant!!! A bit pricey for my blood but I’m sure they are worth every penny!

  • observer

    “Lower running costs are also guaranteed thanks to a new range of common rail TDI (turbo-diesel) engines offering lower emissions and improved economy by an average of 10 per cent across the range”

    Fiat Group (Iveco Commercial vehicles) the original developers and designers of Common Rail diesel technology have been using this for over 10 years and is selling their technology under license to others.

    They are now onto 3rd generation technology (MultiAir)which is so far ahead of the compition that they will have to wait until Fiat is ready to release design patent licenses…again for them to play one generation behind catch up.

  • Harley Stone

    It is overprized and failed the crashtest in comparison to the RENAULT Van.
    I wont comment about it’s looks, but “beautiful” is something else

  • Alex

    Harley Stone, you’ve written your comment like you’re saying it should be beautiful. You do realise it’s a van don’t you? Practicality is the key, not looks. It’s handsome and that’s all one should ever expect of a van.
    And you seem to emphasize “Renault” like it’s surprising that they beat Volkswagen in a crash test. Renault make some of the safest cars in the world and were the first to ever get a five star crash safety rating so it’s hardly strange that Renault would beat Volkswagen in a segment where safety doesn’t seem to have taken much priority until recently.

  • marblebar

    Are they really only going to put 2litre t/d ‘s in it?

    I wanted the 4motion, but it looks like i’ll be getting a mecedes 120 (3 litre t/d)

  • Pete

    Harley Stone – I can’t find any crash test results for Renault vans, but then again, the VW van results ion ANCAP seem to have disappeared. As for the rest of your comments I agree with Alex – it’s a van.

    Alex – as above for Harley Stone – where are the crash test results for the Renault Trafic?

    I am assuming that with the update to the Transporter it will (should) attain a 5 star rating.

    Dir1 – “… like the T5 with a new grille/headlight/bumper arrangement” How about the new interior, new engines and new gearboxes.

    IMO, the Transporter is the best van on sale in Australia and this new model only makes it better. Although I wish they had included the sweet 3litre V6 TDI in the line-up.

  • mark Smith

    I feel these vehicles are a little over- priced, on the commerical vans I think you should have twin sliding side doors as standard, it’s very handy.

    Air-con, built in arm rests in the chair, electric windows -(very hand when you you pull over to speak to someome on your N/S),electric folding-in heated door mirrors ( handy in narrow gaps),Central locking, tinted windows, built in Sat-nav, ply-lined; should be standard items on all basic vehicles, this will help the second-hand market.

    • bluevdub

      Mark, I had a T5 absolutely brilliant van, I agree that it seemed overpriced, but was honestly the best van I have had, as for twin doors, I agree that they may be handy to some, but not all, I tend to rack my van to carry pattern books and goods, with ladders stored under the rack, twin slide doors would be a pain, plus the fact one more door would obviosly increase the price.
      Unfortuneatly, my old trusty steed was written off in November 2010 and I didnt think I cud justify £24k on another van.
      I tried to order a Renault traffic 6 weeks ago and they have just got back to mme to inform me that they have discontinued the Dark Blue metallic , plus before that they could supply as the Bluetooth suppliers had gone bust, so now they can stick their Renaults !
      I am now seriously looking again at the costs of a new T6.