The Lotus Exige in any spec is an extremely quick car in a straight line, but hit anything that resembles a corner and unless you’re in an identical car, you best be driving a fully prepared race car, if you want any hope of keeping up.

Take the Exige S 240 we tested here at CarAdvice last year, 0-100km/h in around 4.1 seconds, with a top speed of close to 240km/h.


I know what you’re thinking; top speed is not quite the stuff of supercars, but it’s plenty fast enough for most track work in standard guise.


That’s where experienced tuners like Texas based Hennessey come into the play.


What this company has achieved with their Lotus Exige based VENOM GT concept car, is astounding. Try 0-100km/h in a Veyron-like 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 440km/h, which literally destroys the Bugatti’s 407km/h maximum speed.

Fitted with Hennessey’s own V8 engine, up to 894kW is available, which when you factor in the car’s weight at 1088 kilograms, this should be an extreme supercar at worst.

If you want one, you’ll need a very large bank account, the projected price will be A$750,000 and yes, it will be available in right-hand-drive.

Pic3 The car is set to debut at the 2010 Geneva Motor show.

  • GTR

    Whoa this looks mad!

  • Skoda Freak

    Make the most of it – cars like this won’t be around in a decade’s time. If anyone saw the epic clip at the end of the last episode (season just finished) of Top Gear UK with JC in the Vantage V12, you’ll know what I mean.

  • 4:20 All Day

    What a monster. I’d sell my soul for one of those.

  • Baddass

    Top Gear website said this would be 2.4 seconds to 100, thus beating the Veyron. I would like to see if anyone would buy this over the Veyron because it can go 40km/h faster! It’s not like you will ever use it!



    “Hennessey Performance Engineering (HPE) will be unveiling its VENOM GT supercar to the public for the first time at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. The VENOM GT will be powered by Hennessey’s specially-tuned version of the Corvette ZR1’s LS9 engine, which will be both supercharged and twin-turbocharged. With over 1,000 bhp of power on tap, and a curb weight under 2,500 lbs, the mid-engine VENOM GT will boast an astounding power-to-weight ratio of less than 2.5 to 1.”

  • Baddass

    David, are you serious? I can’t tell if you are taking the mickey out of that (copy and pasted) segment you just posted.

  • Devil666

    Will this RWD really be able to put down 1400nm+ through just two wheels? I imagine getting a 2.4 to 100 would require an extremely good start…
    Can’t imagine what specialist rubber has been developed for this…
    405’s anyone?

  • Sam, the original

    Holy Crapoly, 440 Kph! All that is missing is wings! I would kill myself in a car like that for sure.

  • Deco

    Too bad only kids can fit into it.

    lol, but still awesome.

  • KM

    All day,

    Are you talking about KIA Soul?


  • Yanzo

    they need a warning sign on the car that says dont’ drive on a windy day, may get blow away. damn! that’s light for a super car!

  • Shak

    Hows about i give the compnay my house and i take the car. Win win. I should have enough left over to buy a tent.


    @ Baddass

    a quick google will show that the info i quoted is for real.

  • RdS

    ARGH.. Want!
    id be happy with that isotope green exige… but damn, who could say no to ~800kw/tonne?!

  • xa-mont

    Just noticed that one of the pictures has a viper V10 in it, yet the article states a V8 will be used? whats the deal?

    Either way it looks like one mad car and i cant wait to see someone use it on a track (im assuming top gear would be the first)