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by Matt Brogan

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann has said in a recent interview with German magazine Automobilewoche, that he tips the brand will launch its hybrid model by 2015.

Rather than being an all out green warrior however the Lamborghini hybrid will utilise a small electric motor in slow moving urban traffic but will allow full use of either a 10 or 12 cylinder engine (yet to be decided) when in full flight.

Mr Winkelmann also said during the interview that Lamborghini isn’t interested in following Audi or Mercedes-Benz’s footsteps into the all-electric arena anytime soon, though did hint that the Gallardo would be used as a test-bed model for the technology prior to any attempt on the Murcielago.

As coincidence would have it 2015 is the same date Ferrari has set to release its hybrid model. CarAdvice will keep you posted on any developments.

  • Toxic_Horse

    This is the most pointless idea i have ever heard.

  • Alex

    So they want people to wait six years to get an extra 15 MPG? I don’t think so. Especialy with the premium they’ll charge. Toxic_Horse got it in one – one of the most pointless things ever.
    Will oil even still be available then? It probably will be, but what if it isn’t? It seems they’re putting all their eggs in a very outdated basket that may just fall through.
    It’s cars like Lamborghinis that make me think that hydrogen is the answer. This is most certainly a waste of time and money.

  • lazybones

    “Lamborghini hybrid will utilise a small electric motor in slow moving urban traffic”

    Isn’t all traffic slow moving when your in a Lamborghini? What a waste of effort. Sounds like a hopeless political move.

  • http://Caradvice.com.au Baddass

    With respect Alex, car makers don’t build hydrogen cars yet because it is too expensive, not because they prefer the alternative: extracting the most fuel efficiency out of an engine.

  • Shane

    You know the motoring world is really changing when Lamborghini decides to do a hybrid…

  • DipStiK

    Today Toyota announced a Prius with a top speed of 350km/h by 2015.

  • Andrew

    I am usually a critic of Hybrids but I think if the right brands grab hold, they will wrestle it until it gives them what they want. Not all these brands surely are after just to make boring, no-noise roboboxes. No doubt a Lambo could have say a high-revving V8 with the electric motor perhaps just doing the low-down work and running the electronic gadgets.

  • DGS


    With the extra wieght of the electric motor, drivetrain components and battery, with no subtractions from the rest of the car this thing could weigh 100kg or more than a standard model. With super cars that is alot of unnessasary weight.

  • Shak

    This will just destroy the experience of driving a Lamborghini. I really dont think potential Lambo owners will be a bragging to their mates that their Lambo has an electric motor. They’d rather say my lambo has 12 thumping cylinders that can rip your nipples off.

  • Wheelnut®™

    Introducing the all new:
    Lambor-greenie Gallar-diesel and the
    Lambor-greenie See-how-far-you-go

  • TomR

    LOL Wheelnut, good shot!!! Well called for!

    Why in gods name is Lamborghini making a freakin hybrid car? Even if they used the E-motor to provide some low down torque (totally pointless, who would drive it low down???), its ridiculous.

    And Shak, your comment hit the nail on the nipple.

    PORSCHE can do that crap, but Ferrari and Lamborghini cannot. Maybe a luxury tourer Fezza, but not the rest.

  • Marcoz

    and here it starts The end of beautiful cars. Al Gore u lieing POS. By 2015-20 it will be illegal to have a car like a lambo or ferrari or maserati……So thanks alot. Ask richard attenborough whats what about the earth, he says the earth produces far worse deadly gases into the atmosphere far worse than any human can contribute. Billions of years old, and still will be once we humans have all gone…..
    dont take our cars away, develop a clean fuel, not hybrid electric soundless bs cars.
    it just makes me mad….

  • Bali_Gecko

    People don’t buy Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, or Porsche’s because they care about gas mileage. This is a marketing gimmick, nothing more. This “small electric motor” is not going to make a bit of gas mileage difference in a car with a V-10 or V-12, yet they will almost definitely charge an extra $20,000+ to make you THINK it is good for the environment.

    • http://www.seattle-town-car-limo-service.com/ www.seattle-town-car-limo-service.com

      I agree. gibrid car is good for the environment. If New York, Chicago, Seattle towncar will be gibrid, we can do our environment clean.

  • http://sebo-technology.blogspot.com/ sebo

    You know the motoring world is really changing when Lamborghini decides to do a hybrid…

  • http://newmodelcars.net/ harry

    You know the motoring world is really changing when Lamborghini decides to do a hybrid