• Bavarian Missile /

    Thank god its not going to look any thing like that.

    If this link is any thing to go by,its much improved


  • jdm102

    what exactly is the point of these X series … I still don’t get it :P

  • Bavarian Missile /

    The same point as all luxury FWD, pose value.

    Oh and it gives the Mums of elite schools something to block the school car park in.

    Fair dinkum ,when I shoot of from work to pick up kids in a rush, there they are HOUSE WIVES in FWDs!Blocking ALL entry and exit points of drive through sections.
    I have been reversed into once by one of them already. I counted 5 BMW X5s and 7 Prados one day.Cant they drive Corollas anymore,or is the husband relegated to them now.

  • jdm102

    yes in your world, everything should be rwd isn’t it?

    oh and wtf can’t you drive a Corolla? what makes you stand out that you can only drive rwd aye? I wouldn’t be surprised that you were reversed into one of them , tail gating or being up someones’ arse will get u that :P..

  • Bavarian Missile /

    What the????????

    Stop being a knob!FWD “FOUR WHEEL DRIVE not

    “Front Wheel Drive”

    The point is Mums in FWDs {FOUR WHEEL DRIVES} cant bloody drive them in car parks, there dangerous.

    Mate I was parked and she didnt look just reversed straight in the front of a BLOOD ORANGE BA GT,if you cant see that behind you ,get off the road !

    Mate I have owned Landcruisers,real FWDs ,great for towing and real off road work!!! But they have no place in a car park full of kids with mothers that cant bloody drive them.

  • Bavarian Missile /

    Oh and thanks for ALL the info and thoughts you have provided on this post,it was VERY informative !!