• riceboy

    learn to drive a manual, save fuel, money and 2sec faster to 100km/h! Why can’t they put an auto that can handle the extra power??? Unless Auto is a “no cost” option, it makes no sense to pay more and get a weaker engine!

    • Jon

      Agreed with you! Caradvice should take a manual car instead of this crap auto little car. About 90% of small cars in the UK are manual. Manual is good for economy, auto is bad but only a large car or SUV is fine.

      • zahmad

        This isn’t the UK…we like our automatics!

  • BrisVegas

    I test drove one of these last week as we’re looking for a second car for town duties. I’m 6’2″ and 100+ kgs and was quite comfortable in it. It’s a very capable car and surprising sporty. Of all the small cars around, it’s the one I’d be most comfortable driving and be seen driving. We compared it to Jazz/2/Swift etc.

    Just today we ordered a 5 door Zetec manual. They’re very popular, especially the Zetecs, so be prepared for a wait for delivery.

    • Matt

      Those greedy Europeans wanting the good ones for themselves lol. I know what you mean, I’ve hear stories of people offering overs to the salesman to take Zetecs (that have already been sold) off the showroom floor .

  • G

    “There’s nothing basic about this entry level Fiesta”

    Lets see… how about rear power windows? A leather wrapped steering wheel? More speakers maybe? VVT? All this is standard in the Swift, with also better fuel economy and more power. And cheaper. Not to mention better looking.

    How about the rear visibility in the Fiesta?

    I’ll pass.

    • AB

      We have a Swift in our family. Great car, besides all the rattles.. and teh gutless auto combo.
      It would have been the car I recommended in this bracket UNTIL the Fiesta was realeased

  • Sam300TD

    Same car as a Mazda 2 right?

    • Sammy

      Not quite, they both have different bodies but are made on the same platform. The Fiesta is a lot more fun, more chuckable. Whereas the Mazda 2 is more of a grocery-getter, still a fine car though.

  • Martin

    Fix the gaping hole in the front of it, and I won’t have a problem with the Fiesta.

  • MrQuick

    Wonder what the braking is like considering it still runs rear drums.

    This car in auto doesn’t make any economic sense, its simply underpowered and overpriced, it’s sister car the Mazda2 or the Swift is much better value if you want to buy an auto.

    Manual test anytime soon?

    • Mitch

      Braking is fine in the swift with drums in the rear.

  • Robin Graves

    “If you haven’t graduated to iPod status, a single CD player is also included!” Well there are a lot better options for music on the go, unless you are a sheep that has to fit in with the pack.

    Is the econetic diesel on sale yet?

    • Matt

      Since 1st December I think. The Ford dealership I go past on the way to work has had one parked out the front the last few days.

  • Nightshifter

    Look is a rather subjective topic. I reckon fiesta is so much better than swift in so many areas as well as look.

    The auto in fiesta is pretty bad tho IMO. Very slow shifting compared to what the reviewers say from my experience.

  • t

    i have a honda jazz with rear drums, abs, ebd

    i can put ur head thru the windscreen with ease!! the brakes are SUPERB, AND with 120 thousand kms on the clock, i changed my first set of front disc pads, and checked the rear linings which are like new.

    It has no need for discs.

    what i HATE about the fiesta, is that they couldnt even put carpet on the backs of the back seats POVVO!!!

    if the seats folded into the floor like jazz or updated swift, it would get my vote.

    i have had an 8kg washing machine in the back of my jazz IN THE BOX, no other car in its class would come close!

    i do however like the funky styling, and handling of the fiesta!

    • Seo

      How often do you carry a washing machine?

      I believe the FIAT Punto can match you, and a vastly superior Euro to boot.

  • Callous Aussie

    12.2 Seconds to 100kph. That is hardly 4 star performance. Unless the vehicle in question is a skateboard. Those sort of acceleration times start to become dangerous for overtaking.

    At least the styling is a move in the right direction.

  • Captain Mainwaring

    Check out the bits you can’t normally see which don’t have proper paint on them, not to mention the shocking lack of carpet on the rear seatbacks, then worry about how little investment there is in all the other bits that aren’t visible. Nice steering and handling do not compensate for shortcuts in the cost department.

  • mmmmmmm

    Purely a personal opinion
    but omg they are an ugly car
    i know styling is subjective
    but every time i see one on the road i cant get over
    how badly styled they are

  • Fords-r-Fast

    Purely a personal opinion
    but omg they are an awesome car
    i know styling is personal
    but every time i see one on the road i cant get over
    how beautifully styled they are

    mmmmmmm says,,,,, thats better,,,

    • Golfschwein

      Goodness! Have you thought about writing poetry for a living?

    • mmmmmmm


      fords never are original


      just teasing…

  • Shak

    This car has been over hyped by Journos who seem to put the drive above everything else. It fall short in the equipment category when compared to competitors, and also price and power. I And i dont think this could better the japs when it comes to reliablility. Oh and as for that person who compared it to a punto, that car is a size to big.

    • Joker

      Shak, The car isn’t over hyped, it’s well kitted for a CL (base model.)
      Remember, there’s also the LX and Zetec spec as well.
      I went and test drove an LX Auto with a friend the other day and was incredibly impressed with the amount of Kit it came with not to mention the voice activation Bluetooth stereo. No matter what size the car is, how the thing drives is important after all, it’s where you spend a lot of your time.
      Reliability wise, why wouldnt it be as reliable as the Previous model Fiesta? (I seldom remember a recall or any complaint about it). Japanese + reliabilty used to be ring true but they have been dropping the ball in the last few years.
      The Fiesta and Mazda do share some common bits not to mention core development too. I can’t see it being doomed to be labeled unreliable.
      PS. it won Small car of the year. Unless all journo’s were voting with emphasis on how it drives, then the Aurion wouldn’t have won Large car of the year.

  • Craig

    Well guys, Ive got a silver zetec auto. Loving it. Done 1000k’s already mainly freeway hilly driving Melb to Ballarat, feels like a much bigger car to drive. Fuel consumption combined currently around 7.7 l so happy with that I will imagine it will get better as its run in.

    Ipod, Voice control, Bluetooth awesome. Gutless, maybe a little if starting on a steep hill but I anticipated that. The way some people talk, including mates and various web forums because its a small engine its like the car was going to roll back on a steep hill, I can assure you, it doesnt, it cruises happily around town and seems to love the freeways.

    Overtaking not a problem. Love the cruise control Everyone who has seen it says it looks fantastic very modern. A fun car to drive too handles bends and twists easily, comfy seats.

    And no I didnt go the manual, cant be bothered driving one. Oh and Ive driven the econetic, good on fuel, but once again Im not one of these people that equate fun and driving a manual in the same sentence.

    My partner has a Golf TDI DSG and thats a fantastic car but for under 24 grand for a top of the range Fiesta with all the kit, I think its very reasonably priced. Im having as much fun driving this car as I do the Golf and its a lot cheaper to buy and insure.
    Just my two cents.

  • Nick K

    The Festiva as specified for Australia is an opportunity lost for Ford.

    After the initial flurry of sales, it will become another small Ford that will not do the volume required of it. Why? The 1.6 manual version is excellent, however if you need an auto Ford can only give you a weedy 1.4 behind an old school 4 speed. In Australia if you can’t offer a good small auto you simply will not do mainstream sales volumes.

    Ford is a global company, is this the best they can do? Look at VW with the upcoming Polo, 1.2 turbo, and 7 speed DSG will be available. Whoever is doing product planning at Ford needs to find another job, this is simply is not good enough. The Fiesta is a worthy car let down by an inappropriate spec for Australia and a lack of stability control… what a shame.

    • imugli

      The FESTIVA was a cheap and tinny light hatchback made by Kia for Ford and sold back in the 90s against the likes of the Hyundai Excel. The sooner it is forgotten the better.

      The FIESTA is (currently) built in Europe and has no place being mistaken for the former…

    • thenameless

      Ahh the drones are out in force again…
      Flurry of sales?? Festiva?? Paying attention much? Obviously not. The Fiesta is selling better now than it did at launch. And throw the turbo 1.2l turbo Polo at it, while it probably will be a good car, it will not be affordable for those who are looking at a small car and therefore will sell poorly.
      Not good enough?! I don’t suppose you prefer a Barina would you?

  • Pacific

    Its ugly. I will take the Mazda 2 or Honda Jazz over it

  • Reckless1

    If the tinny clang when you close the doors doesn’t make you puke, the purple dash sure will.

    The styling is subjective, but I find it unappealing, and the dash presentation is gay.

    4 out of 5 ? Don’t think so. it’s a 3.5 at best and it’s value for money is poor, being much more expensive than the Swift.

    Ford is trying Honda’s trick (City) – build a small car and price it like a medium car, and see how many get sucked in.

    • Joker

      That’s all fine & you’re opinion Reckless.
      The Fiesta I drove didn’t have clangy doors, it felt solid and handled like a dream. The 1.4 Auto is adequate, while a 1.6 combo would be better.
      Er..If you sit indside a City it’s just so…plain and comes in a what…1.5 only?
      Thats 20,490 PLUS onroads (22.5-23K Drive Away). While you can pick up a mid range Fiesta LX 1.6L for 19490 Drive Away and a top of the line Fiesta Zetec with features the City could only dream of for the same price as a City, drive away. The City is Overpriced, yes. The Fiesta, no, not when a Base model Focus sits in at 20,490 Plus on roads, overlapping the Zetec. Thats about right in terms of pricing placement.

  • LL

    The Mazda2 is still the king of the small car mountain followed by the Honda Jazz for space. The Fiesta…wow…I can’t believe motoring journalist actually wrote such good things about the car. Go test drive one and you will be quite shock at the NVH levels and you’ll ask yourself where the hell is the 88KW???? Did you ever wonder why Ford never put the kerb weight of the Fiesta in its brochure. Probably because each of the Fiesta’s door weights about 40kg thereby causing the lag acceleration you would experience.

  • LL

    I did not really get a chance to test the handling though as I was so turned off by the other performance aspect of the car. It could very well be a good handler.

    • The Real Car Fanatic

      It’s a great handler which makes it a better choice than the Mazda 2 which shares it’s platform and far better than the Jazz. Oh and I’m by no means a Ford fan by the way, just telling it like it is.

  • NC

    I visited a Ford dealership just after Christmas and took delivery of an LX manual Fiesta three days later. I am very happy with the car and exceptionally happy at the fuel economy (averaged 6.7L/100k and did 685ks on the last tank (80% highway driving). I have two grizzles: the aircon is absoulte rubbish; and the bluetooth won’t recognise my mobile, although the dealer said this can be tricky, and, as the dealer I bought it from is not as close as one I work near, he put me in touch with a chap at the dealership near the office and he told me that he would sort it out. Otheriwse, a really good little car, nice sporty performance, surprisingly solid on the road (feels like you’re driving a larger car).

  • franz chong

    definetly something I am looking into for the next car in 2011.I have yet to drive a Fiesta and indeed any of the light cars before making a decision to what to drive my 2006 Nissan Tiida With.I have a 22k Budget to Play with including Trade In.Any other positive feedback on this car would be welcome.
    The Upcoming Volkswagen Polo is not on the list due to the fact for servicing where I come from You have to take it to the Same Place as a person who has a 100 grand or more Jaguar or Range Rover for servicing

  • Gms

    Should I get a new 5 door manual Zetec now and get a German made car or wait for the Thai model with the possibility of extra kit and/or lower prices?

    • http://dodge franz chong

      Get One Now for the real deal German Made Car.Don’t Waste Your Time waiting for the Thai Model.

      Off the topic a little I have been to look at a Series 3 Nissan Tiida out of curiosity to see what has changed since I bought My Series 1 Back in 2006.The Thai Quality is nowhere near as good as what my Japanese One is and all the extra equipment plus significant upgrades can’t convince you all to even consider one as a Fiesta Alternative.For what they are charging for a base ST You can buy a Mid Spec Fiesta LX for that kind of money.

  • Dyarn Gray

    Does this car come with a stair tyre ?