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by Matt Brogan

Japanese newspaper Asahi has reported today that Toyota could build a Yaris-based hybrid car in France for sale in the European market.

According to the report Toyota plans to launch a hybrid compact for about 1.5 million yen (A$19,300) in Japan in late 2011, broadening its hybrid lineup.
The new hybrid-only model will use the platform and engine of the Toyota Yaris, which will be fully remodelled to suit the Yaris’ size.

The new hybrid will also feature a more cost-competitive and fuel-efficient hybrid system than that of the Prius and once built is expected to compete with the hybrid version of Honda’s Jazz, which will debut in Japan next year.

Toyota has a goal of selling at least one million hybrid vehicles a year by 2012.

Source: Reuters

  • Jake02

    Most pointless hybrid ever – the Yaris is already fuel-efficient enough, the hybrid would only save around 2L/100km. Why don’t they do a Hybrid LandCruiser? That’d reduce fuel consumption by alot! On a car that needs it’s consumption reduced alot.

  • Casey

    Jake think of that 2.0 litres as a percentage of the car’s total use and it makes more sense.

    Besides, environmental types want to be seen in small well branded cars, not SUVs. It goes against their grain.

  • Alex

    I agree with Jake. If they really have to keep making hybrids, they might as well do it to cars that need it more. I really doubt that a hybrid Yaris could beat a diesel supermini. Plus it will probably cost more than a Mini Cooper D in Europe.

  • Alan

    This is the right step, provided the price premium isn’t too big and the extra initial outlay can be recouped in say less than 50k km. Prius was a showcase vehicle for Toyota, but for hybrid to really take off, they need to build hybrid version of existing car without a big premium. I think Corolla hybrid will be a nice addition, especially if the price is right, although it will make Prius somewhat redundant.

  • http://Caradvice.com.au Baddass

    With a hybrid Yaris and Corolla coming, the Prius is looking less and less attractive.

  • SamR

    Baddass, the Prius is almost Corolla anyway, it’s built on the same platform.

    A hybrid Yaris should be great, it should really stick it to the European Diesels.

    • ABMPSV

      You should say European and Japanese diesel. There is a lot of Japanese diesel cars in Europe. Yaris, Corolla, Verso, Avensis, Urban Cruiser, RAV4, Land Cruiser and Hilux. Same with Honda from Civic to Accord all diesel. European are already working on all electric cars.

  • fridge on wheels

    Why are we focusing on hybrids and not electronics… its like focusing on horses while we had the ability to build cars already. Electronics are the way to do, bring them in now, give them a few years and prices will drop. All Toyota is doing is price skimming, introduce a hybrid at a preimium, then slowly its price will come down. Then introduce an electronic at a premium, slowly bring its price down. Its all about profit.

  • Doug

    As a long time Toyota fan (5 Toyotas since 1972) and now a 2004 Echo owner, I can’t wait to see the Yaris Hybrid.
    It should be a car to be had, providing that the cost is not to high.
    As for economy, why shouldn’t we go back to the days of economy, not that the Echo/Yaris is on the wrong track.
    We need smaller cars, not the heavy, undelated vehicles that we drive now in the form of SUV’s.