by George Skentzos

Toyota Australia has introduced a new special edition version of its popular Yaris hatch, which offers more than $1000 of added specification for just $500.

Based on the YR three-door and five-door hatch versions, the Yaris Edge models will start from $16,190 for the three-door model coupled with a manual transmission.

Added equipment includes 15-inch alloy wheels and foglamps as standard from the more expensive YRX model, along with a six-stack CD player with audio streaming capabilities and USB connection.

Toyota launches special edition Yaris Edge

The unique Edge treatment adds branded floor mats with brushed aluminium badging and a special-edition “Edge” soft-metal badge on the tailgate.

The Yaris Edge is powered by a VVT-i equipped 1.3-litre, four-cylinder engine that is capable of returning 700km on regular unleaded from its 42-litre tank, based on the official combined fuel economy of 6.0L/100km for the manual.

Standard safety features include twin front airbags, anti-skid brakes with brake assist and electronic brake distribution and seatbelt pre-tensioners and force limiters for the front seats.

Customers can also opt for the enhanced safety pack at $750 that incorporates side and curtain airbags.

  • Toxic_Horse

    Wow, Special floormats, soft metal badge, thats awesome!!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Just behind Fiesta is this car in terms of look and style……..I always have liked the look as design and contours flow well and with value added here it will sell more.

  • Bavarian Missile ®™

    quote ” Added equipment includes 15-inch alloy wheels and foglamps as standard from the more expensive YRX model, along with a six-stack CD player with audio streaming capabilities and USB connection.” plus “SPECIAL” mats and a badge for the back.

    And “ALL” this would normally cost you only $1000 but knocked down to $500 ………..amazing,HOW DO THEY DO IT !

  • D

    I know Bavarian Missile a $500 savings is simply amazing! Toyota is so generous!

  • jon

    Why did they even bother

  • Toxic_Horse

    The fiesta blows this out of the water

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Toyota enhanced the saleability of the car with these add ons when compared to what else is out there. Iam sure if you were CEO you would adopt same philosophy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Hey I agree Fiesta is light years ahead and is clear winner on svelte looks and style – but Yaris is better in terms of look and style then others following in pecking order in my opinion!

  • Bavarian Missile ®™

    Fiesta nails this and doesnt look like a red SMEG fridge.

  • PaulS

    Did I sense sarcasm that other didn’t?

    Oh, what a feeling!

  • Yanzo

    lol toxic horse

    i agree

  • Jake02

    I thought Toyota was trying to change their boring image? This surely doesn’t work!

    It may be a YR engine/YRX bodykit edition – something value-focused buyers would like. But if they want value I spose they wouldn’t buy a Yaris…- but why the hell couldn’t Toyota actually give it an edge!? Where is the Yaris SR model that’s sold overseas (including NZ – where they sell diesel Toyotas) that they promised when it was launched in 2005?

    Sorry, but the under-20k champ is still the Fiesta in terms of EVERYTHING!!!

  • Jake

    When I had life threatening accident 8 month ago (I did hit tree head on…should have break) in one of those 2 door Yaris Yrs ….no single airbag (of 6) deployed (the car was a write off) so yes the car is highly recommended …but not by me.

  • Baddass

    Jake, that’s terrible mate. Toyota has a lot of explaining to do. By the way, I like the idea of a low blow turbo Yaris with 114KW, like the Vitz in Japan.

  • nobody

    They forgot to add in a rear spoiler, about the only thing that would make this deal a bigger joke. Come on Toyota, anyone else can throw up a special edition with better value than this.

  • Alex

    BM, don’t insult Smeg fridges by saying this looks like one :)
    Wasn’t there a Yaris Rush about a year ago? Is there really much difference? I would have a Fiesta, it really is so far ahead of this car in every way. The Fiesta is safer, better quality, has much better performance and dynamics, looks better and is much better value too. The Fiesta doesn’t have to sink to having pointless “special editions”. What’s the betting the added price of those additions comes to about $80 for Toyota?

  • Bavarian Missile ®™

    hahahaha,so true Alex .

  • realcars

    That badge would be worth quite a bit!LOL.

  • SamR

    Everyone recommending the Fiesta should get a grip.

    The Fiesta is a brand new model the Yaris is more then 4 years old. A new larger more fuel efficient Yaris will appear next year.

    You will also find that the Yaris (even the 1.5litre) will be much cheaper to buy then the Fiesta.

    Then there is the reliability card. It is still in the hunt for value buyers.

  • Ross R

    Yeah Im sure the next Yaris will match the Euro styling of the Fiesta and as far as reliability,lets hope no 1.4 million recalls for the next Yaris .

  • Tim

    SamR, that doesn’t make any sense. Today, this very instant, we have the Fiesta, which in every single review has been heralded as best in class. So what if the Yaris is 4 years old, thats Toyota’s fault not the Fiesta’s. And you have no idea what the next Yaris will be like, so why should a potential consumer wait an extra year to check out a car that might still be worse. If you used that attitude you’d never buy a car because there is always a new model released by someone next year. Fiesta is more expensive because it can be, it still sells as fast as they can import them in (especially Zetec models). Toyota wish they had that problem. No sane person will buy a worse car out of sympathy for its age. Otherwise Lada Riva’s would still be selling gangbusters in Oz.

  • http://Lagonda SamR

    Tim, all I am saying is the Yaris will probably be cheaper to buy. If you want to buy a car now you decide on what is available now.

    The Yaris is still very good transport, That’s all.

    In my opinion the Fiesta styling is a bit “out there” and may not appeal to everyone.

    Also the Fiesta is a great drive, sure, everyone agrees with that. Whether it is a good long term ownership proposition (like the Yaris) is in dispute.

  • Gilly

    The Yaris has always been a tinny P.O.S from its release almost 4 years ago. The Swift, Mazda2 and Fiesta are so much better cars for similar money. The only reason the Yaris sells is because of the big-T badge. This is a souless, uninspiring car that should be classed alongside the Holden Barina.
    As for people who are still harping on about Toyota reliability, get a grip as they are below par in comparison to the rest of the Japanese brands. Infact most of the Toyota passenger range is below par compared to the other Japanese brands!

  • crouchy

    Hey does anyone know where i can buy one of these badges??????? ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SamR

    Gilly I respected your opinion up until the Barina comparison.

    The Yaris at the time of release was very competitive.

  • Alex

    Sam R, the Yaris may be three years older than the Fiesta, but going by previous Toyotas, it’s quite likely that the next Yaris won’t be as good as the Fiesta either. It makes sense. The Avensis doesn’t beat the Mondeo and the Corolla/Auris doesn’t beat the Focus. There are more examples, but you get my point.

  • Andrew M

    Just to add further….
    I saw plastered on the glass at the local toyota dealer that the “edge” pack is also available in the Corolla and Rav4 aswell, but judging by the comments so far noone probably cares anyway ha ha ha ha ha

  • Wheelnut®™

    I thought Toyota were charging you a $12K premium for the Toyota badge and $4190 for all the other creature features – which are below par when compared to its rivals

  • ..

    1.3 litre Engine? No thanks…

  • PaulS

    Watch out… the next time Toyota spare parts department needs to cash in some unwanted pile, ya’ll gonna hear about Corolla EDGE!

  • Jake02

    i just saw the price…HOLY CRAP!!! 16k for that is abit steep, although I suppose because its a Toyota thats a given…:S

    Alex yeah there was another Rush but I think it was in the very final stages of the Echo’s life – just a way of getting rid of them I suppose. Hopefully the Yaris might go soon too…

  • Carz

    Yaris sounds good. New features are added bonus in this cute car.

  • My Cars Called T-Rex

    Soft metal badge,soft enough for kidds to dent with there fingers,Cool.

  • Captain Nemo

    Lets hope they lose that stupid ugly mineshaft instrument cluster with the new model. BTW Alex your right all Toyotas are class trailing but when the blind sheep that look at nothing else but a cr@ppy Toyota for their next car there won’t be any improvment. Class trailing is what Toyota do best.

  • Anthony

    I agree Captain Nemo – the re are those who like us to believe [as they do] that Toyota leads every category that it competes in – Yet in the majority of cases they are trailing particularly in terms of performance features not to mention value for money.

    I compare it to a runner who is running a round a track; he can’t see anyone in front of him; which makes him think he’s leading – when in actual fact he is coming last and is unaware that he is about to be lapped [again].

  • Tomas79

    Anthony Says: “the re are those who like us to believe [as they do] that Toyota leads every category that it competes in”

    Anthony, who exactly is that?

    Overlander 2009 Best Large Petrol 4wd (Landcruiser 200)
    Overlander 2009 Best Medium Petrol 4wd (Prado Petrol)Many years running…
    Overlander 2009 Best Medium Diesel 4wd (Prado Diesel)Few years running…

    ^^^ That doesn’t exactly sound like a class trailer to me!!

  • Russ Scoffell

    My ride on mower has a disc brake on the rear. So to does my push bike and motor bike. Drum brakes on cars became redundant 55 years ago when disc brake equipped D Type Jags slaughtered the field at Le Mans. Lets not hear the tired old argument that light cars don’t need them. What about brake fade, squealing drums due to brake dust, ease of inspection/replacement of pads, drying out instantly in heavy rain, miniscule price differential between drums/discs etc etc. Come on Toyota and Motoring Mags., and get up these lazy manufacturers toying with our lives.