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Ford Australia has officially announced major engine developments for its Falcon and Territory vehicles, including diesel and four-cylinder engines, in a press conference at its corporate headquarters at Broadmeadows, Victoria.

By Paul Maric and David Twomey

The historic changes for the Australian manufacturer will cost $230-million, $42-million of which comes from the Federal Government’s Green Car Innovation Fund.

Today’s announcement is also supported by an assistance package, for an undisclosed amount of money, from the Victorian State Government.

In addition to Ford’s previous investment to engineer the company’s locally manufactured in-line six-cylinder engine to comply with Euro Four emission standards, it will now fit the all-new EcoBoost four-cylinder engine across the Falcon range.

Ford Territory

The EcoBoost engines have only recently been announced by Ford in the US and the four-cylinder engine is reported to produce 205kW and 379Nm, more than enough to propel the Falcon.

After announcing the axing of the locally produced Focus program, the Australian manufacturer went one step further announcing the future plans for Falcon and Territory, to be in place by 2010 and 2011.

  • As exclusively exposed by CarAdvice on Tuesday, Ford will use the 2.7-litre turbo-diesel engine shared by Land Rover, Peugeot and Citroen in the Territory – ditching initial plans to use a Volvo sourced five-cylinder turbo-diesel engine.
  • The 140kW/450Nm V6 diesel will be mated to Ford’s six-speed ZF Sachs transmission at first, but will almost certainly move over to the six-speed Powershift gearbox currently used in the Focus, in a bid to reduce the Territory’s rather thirsty need for fuel. The vehicle will hit the local market from early 2011.
  • Clean diesel variants, in other words those with a particulate filter, of a new 2.7-litre V6 engine will reduce CO2 by up to 25 per cent from six-cylinder petrol engines.

Ford Territory Diesel Busted

  • In addition to plans for a V6 diesel, Ford will adopt the 2.0-litre ‘EcoBoost’ petrol engine in the Falcon which is Ford Motor Company’s new high-volume affordable engine technology, slated for a range of global vehicles ranging from small cars, through to large trucks. It will be the first rear-wheel-drive application of the EcoBoost engine technology.
  • EcoBoost utilises direct injection petrol and turbocharged technology for up to 20 per cent better fuel economy and 15 per cent fewer CO2 emissions.
  • Ford claims the new engine will deliver four-cylinder fuel economy with six-cylinder performance.
  • The EcoBoost engine will be mated to Ford’s six-speed Powershift gearbox, which uses dual-clutch technology for remarkably fast gearshifts. The EcoBoost engine will be in the Falcon from 2011. The vehicle will remain rear-wheel-drive, the first application of this arrangement in the world.
  • The key to the EcoBoost system is the harmony between the turbochargers and direct-injection fuel system. The turbochargers recover energy from the exhaust that otherwise would have been wasted and put it back in the engine to gain efficiency. Simply, the turbocharging system puts more air into the engine for more power. A compressor increases or “boosts” the pressure of the air entering the engine. An intercooler reduces the air temperature before it enters the engine.

Ford Falcon Body

  • The final announcement was the introduction of a liquid-injection LPG in-line six-cylinder engine from 2010. Ford claims the engine will be promoted as the most advanced LPG system in Australia, polar opposites to its current arrangement for Falcon and Territory.  The liquid-injected LPG will be used in the Falcon and Territory from 2010.
  • Initial analysis indicates liquid injection LPG technology can reduce CO2 levels 12 per cent or more compared to current LPG technology.

Ford Falcon Drivetrain

In addition to the news of new engines, Ford told the large media gathering that by 2012, 98 per cent of Ford’s vehicles will be equipped with it’s dual-clutch Powershift transmission.

“Today’s announcements put Ford Australia in a strong position for profitable growth in today’s auto industry,” said Marin Burela, President & CEO of Ford Australia.

“We are ensuring our core Falcon and Territory vehicles will have the most advanced, high-tech and cleanest engines possible.  At the same time, this represents the biggest environmental transformation in the 50-year history of Ford Falcon by giving buyers the newest engine in the Ford Motor Company stable.

“Falcon customers will now have the choice of either the continually popular I6 engine, which will be Euro Four compliant, or one of the first global applications of Ford’s EcoBoost, 2.0-litre, four-cylinder engines, while in a similar time frame Territory customers will be able to access Ford’s world-class clean diesel engine technology,” Mr Burela continued.

Ford Falcon Range

These significant projects add to a continued program of ongoing investment by Ford in the Australian market, including:

* More than $500 million investment in the current FG Falcon range of vehicles.
* Leading design and engineering work on Ford’s next generation compact pick-up truck, which will eventually be sold in more than 100 countries.
* More than $80 million invested at the Lara Proving Ground, including building the largest environmental wind tunnel in the Southern Hemisphere.
* $21 million investment in ongoing production of the company’s iconic in-line six-cylinder  engine, which will become Euro IV compliant in mid-2010.

Ford Territory
“Ford is the only local manufacturer to increase market share in Australia over the past year.  Last month, we reinstated two non-production days back into the production schedule as a result of rising demands.

“In June, Falcon Ute sales were their best since June 2006, the Falcon XR had its best monthly sales on record, and demand for the new-look Territory has exceeded our expectations” said Mr Burela.

Performance variants of the Falcon and Territory will remain, but the focus on fuel efficiency and green motoring is sure to appease the portion of the population which has shunned the brand for non-green models such as the Falcon and Territory.

“Today’s announcements put Ford Australia in a strong position for profitable growth in today’s auto industry,” said Marin Burela, President & CEO of Ford Australia. “We are ensuring our core Falcon and Territory vehicles will have the most advanced, high-tech and cleanest engines possible.  At the same time, this represents the biggest environmental transformation in the fifty-year history of Ford Falcon by giving buyers the newest engine in the Ford Motor Company stable.

“Falcon customers will now have the choice of either the continually popular I6 engine, which will be Euro IV compliant, or one of the first global applications of Ford’s EcoBoost, 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engines, while in a similar timeframe Territory customers will be able to access Ford’s world-class clean diesel engine technology,” Burela continued.

  • Jimmy

    Well, the inevitable progression of car manufacturing has arrived. Seems like a good plan, the environment is finally getting the consideration it should’ve got 15 years ago. And smaller engines aren’t necessarily a bad thing, look at the success of VW’s TSI engines.

    So is this the end of the ‘traditional’ large family car in Australia? If I had the money I’d buy an F6 or two and lock them away in an air-tight garage for 30 years.

  • smokin’r32

    As long as ford kicks its usually half-arsed marketing department into gear this should work well for the range, time will tell.

  • The Associate

    They have said the perfomance models will remain, along with the I6 which is good. Still question a large car like the Falcon with a 2.0L, 4 cyl just ruins my mental image of ‘Falcon’! Hope it works for them though!

  • Big Oil

    The Ford/PSA 2.7L turbodiesel engine is well regarded, and in a big car like the Falcon will reduce consumption while still providing loads of low-down torque that fans of Ford’s I6 already appreciate. Interesting times for the local Falcodore market.

  • Ross R

    Round of applause for Ford Australia.

    Now where are those idiots that said Ford Australia has gone and the next Falcon will be FWD ? mmmmmmmm

  • DesignEng©™

    Sorry CA but youve got part of the story wrong. The Liquid inj LPG is for the current I6 not the new 4cyl.
    I also think that you may have missinterpreted that the ecoboost 4cyl was be intended for Territory as well as Falcon.

  • Jimbo

    I really like the idea of the VW style 2L Turbo 4 cylinder. A really smart move! So long as the price is right that is.
    The diesel makes a lot of sense and I am still surprised it has taken Aussie cars this long to add oil burners to their range (i.e. everything is huge distances apart).
    I would definitely consider a T2L or a diesel Falcon, in the future when I am in need of a family car. Depending on which one I can afford of course.
    The big question is, will this spell the end of the big 6 and the 8 for that matter?

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Paul Maric


    Yes, you’re right.

    Sorry, we published an earlier revision of the article.

    It has been amended now.


  • Andrew

    I think that it also might have been misinterpreted that the Falcon will get the V6TD. See Marin Burela’s statement “Falcon customers will now have the choice of…one of the first global applications of Ford’s EcoBoost, 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engines, while in a similar timeframe Territory customers will be able to access…diesel engine technology”

  • GFC

    CA you have said “The liquid-injected LPG will be used in the Falcon and Territory from 2010, soon after the Territory diesel’s release.”

    But then you say the diesel is available in 2011 – which is correct?

  • GFC

    Edit – duplicate post

  • Westy

    Best news I have heard in ages. I agree with some sentiments that the advertising of this will be critical to sales success.

  • KJ

    Well done Ford, world class!

  • Insider

    Burela – You beauty!!!!! Someone at Ford finally gets it!

  • BK

    i love the diesel idea by ford. Its gonna keep on kicking holdens arse like it has been for decades. Smart move by Ford.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Finally Ford pull out of the cupboard what should have happened years ago.

    Now if only marketting nail it proper and smart, then it will improve as Ford taking step in right direction!

    With smart models and updates happening it finally augers well for Ford to re-establish itself as a major player!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Still think Ford needs a better wagon other then newly released Mondeo….like the Holden Sportswagon looks unreal light years ahead of Ford for true class, euro style and slick looking!

  • Bavarian Missile ®™

    GFC, there will be no gas Territory,the diesel version will be coming out in 2011.

    Afternoon NM………..its been a while my dear.

  • WVB

    a 4 cyl falcon…….a 4 cyl falcon……..a 4 cyl falcon
    nope no matter how many times………………

    didnt holdens try 4 cyl VC commodores in 1981? yep
    didnt mitsubishi walk away from astron powered TE magnas too.
    granted, both sh*t engines but i guess according to Bob D…..oh the times, they are a changing.

  • Golfschwein

    This real news, and very exciting stuff.

  • Bavarian Missile ®™

    hahaha WVB,Holden are bringing out a 4 cylinder in the VF I hear .

  • Falcodore

    Now that local Focus production and exports are off the table, and the introduction of the ‘global’ engines into Falcon and Territory, does that mean there’s an export program on the agenda for these vehicles?

    Afterall local Focus production and exports were going to be a major thing at Ford so somethings gotta fill that void, right?

  • Squirrel

    I have a 2L Focus TDCI and its awesome.

    Loads of grunt and economical about 950 ks out of a tank.

  • Tom

    WVB, what was the price of fuel back in 1981? F-all, thats what it was. This is a new day and age, fuel prices will go up, and people care about the green factor, whereas back in 1981 no-one other than a few scientists were even looking at climate change. Now everyone knows about it (not necessary believes it).

    BM, I also heard the VF was going to run on pixie dust and the only emissions would be little kittens wearing top hats. From most rumours of Holden engines, the smallest was a 2.8L V6 or the 3L DI V6, but whether Holden can afford the DI engines not sure.

  • FrugalOne

    VERY VERY excited about this next new-generation LPG injection system!

    Love how Ford are getting glory for this [LPG], the simple fact is THEY had to do it, they had no choice, the current fumigation LPG system will not meet 2010 emission EuroIV levels, the only system that can is injection.

    Where Ford can beat the current aftermarket injection system is the price, 25% of all Falcons are LPG, they are going to be able to get great prices on the kits.

    I can currently get ~ 750km out of 105L of LPG, if Ford made the current twin-tanks [Ute] just another 15L larger, and with this new injection system, i can finally reach the 1000km range in city cycle with ease.

    Should be around 5c/km, NOT DIEsel, NOT Hybrid can do this.

    Bench seat, LPG injection….=….F-0 Heaven!




  • The Realist

    Do the tax payer handouts stop now?

  • BrisVegas

    With 170kwatt and 320Nm, the 2.0T is more than enough for the Falcon, especially as it will have a lighter engine up the front. Great that it’s RWD too.

    IMHO, they should put the diesel in the Falcon too. And also make the LI LPG engine an option for the Territory.

  • ChopstaR87

    A very positive move by Ford Australia… with the globle engines been fitted to the falcon ford may be preparing to finally do what everyone has been hoping.. export the falcon! but again time will tell.. i think Ford with hold this close to the chest until it needs to release this info…

    Eco boost Falcon would be pretty good, and its also positive thing that the ford marketing team are finalling doing some good marketing with the new adds of late.

    this makes a lot of business sense thats for shore!!

  • GFC

    the VW Passat (1500kg kerb weight) with the petrol 147kw tsi engine does 0-100km in 7.8sec and fuel economy 8.7l/100km.

    If the 6cyl falcon weighs 1700kg, wonder what sort of figures they will get..?

  • Andrew

    WVB, Mitsubishi never made the TE Magna available with an Astron II engine. The TE/TF series were available with a 2.4L 16V Sirius engine.

  • Supply & Demand

    Congratulations to Ford on joining us in the 21st Century!

  • Phill

    So i gather these engines will be released with the reskin of the car???Is there even a date set for next model release??

  • MeestaNob!

    First post here, be gentle. 😀

    If the I6 is being updated to Euro 4 and is getting new tech LPG, does this mean that perhaps the petrol I6 will also get direct injection or stay as it is now? Or, interestingly, does this mean the I6 will become an LPG only engine in the future?

    Furthermore, any change of either a) the Territory diesel coming to Falcon, or b) The I6 being ‘converted’ to also having a diesel alternative.

    Disappointing news the Focus wont be made here, I was really hoping for an RWD XR5…

  • Andrew

    GFC, I6 is an iron block design. Assuming the new EcoBoost engine is alloy there is certain to be a significant weight reduction

  • ChopstaR87

    see what happens when a Aussie is running a Aussie company… lol!

  • ChopstaR87

    Maybe the RS will now be heading to Australia as FPV wouldnt be making their own now….

  • Tony M

    Will the I6 be iron block or alloy block? As I understand it will meet the new Euro emission levels for next year(?) and the only way it can do that is to go alloy.

  • I6orNothing

    Inevitable news really…with the turbo’s bolted on it’s quite possible to see the 4’s giving 6 like performance, just as the XR6 turbo kicks the v8’s. Can’t wait to see this new LPG I6…..will it be available with a turbo? Does anyone know? Shouldn’t be any technical reason why this can’t be done….I’d reckon an LPG XR6 turbo would be a nice addition to the fold.

  • Stu

    Great news for Ford.

    I’ve spend a bit of time with the 2.7 TD in a Jag XJ in the UK and in that application it was great…

    I was seriously looking at a TD Freelander 2, but if the Territory is coming with the 2.7TD I’m wondering if I should wait… naaa knowing Ford they will change their mind again!

    The eco-boost in the falcon should do wonders for fleet sales. According to wikipedia the Ford 2L ecoboost has 205 kW and 380 Nm torque. If they can cut an extra 100 kg out of the falcon it should have plenty of performance and economy for fleet purposes. Some of the 4 cyl fleet vehicles I’ve been in recently are truely horrible.

  • http://Caradvice.com.au Baddass

    Good move Ford, just a couple of questions:
    1. Will the diesel be available in the Falcon?
    2. Will FPV do a version of the 4cyl or the diesel?
    3. Since when does ford have an alliance with PSA and Land Rover. When does their partnership with LR end?
    4. How much power is expected for the 4cyl?
    5. does all this make the V8 redundant?

  • http://navelcontemplation.blogspot.com Supercujo

    Good news for Ford. Glad to see the Barra is not dead yet.

    I love how the author of the article assumed we don’t know how turbos and intercoolers work :)

  • DesignEng©™

    Badass, Ford co-developed the engine in question, they are part owners of the design.

    SC, the turbo explanation comes from the press release, and no quite a few dimwitts here wouldnt know it anyway.

  • WVB

    cheers Andrew I stand corrected but maybe get out some more…….

  • MeestaNob!

    @ Supercujo
    I’ve lurked here for many months, and I’m convinced most posters here don’t know how their left and right feet work.

  • Rick

    I suspect that most of what we have been told today by the FoMoCo was always on the cards anyway – they just announced it all to smokescreen the fact that they canned building the Focus in OZ. The tactic has worked a treat to – everyone commenting on the new engines not so much on the Focus backflip.

    Wonder what FPV will work on – a Turbo 4 cylinder Falcon (just doesn’t sound right) or LPG Falcon, is the Coyote V8 still in Ford Australia’s future?

  • Andrew

    WVB, it’s not a matter of getting out, my cousin owns one. Only a couple of thousand clicks away from 400,000km.

  • http://caradvice onepoppa

    S0 many of you are kidding yourselves. The Australian public doesn’t care which set of wheels drive the car, and they don’t need large heavy cars which have very little more room than the cars that they have actually been buying for the last several years. They are happy to buy diesels, provided they are autos (Peugeot VW and Hyundai are proving that) so canning the Focus and preserving the Falcon, albeit in 4 cylinder form, might turn out to be about as useful as rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.

    For everyone cheering on the large car ther have been about three others putting their hard earned down on “C” size cars.

  • ford man

    dont forget the coyote v8 coming too cant wait a force to be reckoned with GO FORD

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au David Twomey

    FYI for all those wondering about the ability of a four-cylinder to move the Falcon the EcoBoost four-cylinder produces 205kW and 379Nm, based on Ford US figures, which is 10 more kW and 12 less Nm!

  • swampdawg

    Good work Ford, but About 20 yrs too late = a Diesel engine option would be well received by farmers, transport operators and businesses.

  • Simonsez

    Good news all round I’d say. Now we just need them to put the EcoBoost motor into a Focus and we’d have something to give a WRX some serious grief.

  • Shak

    Ive despised Ford for many years, but seeing as they’re the first Aussies to adopt new tech i may have to jump ship from Holden. Still this will only motivate Holden further, and if it doesnt well their digging their own graves.

  • t


    anyone from FORD reading this??

    SACK your current marketing team.

    Hire Apes, and youll get a better result.

    seriously, ford has muffed up so many times, making a great car, and then not telling anyone about it!!! MORONS!


  • Andrew M

    I know the ecoboost motors sound great, but I’d give them a real work out before I labeled the I6 Redundant.

    The thing that has to be looked at a little harder is where the torque comes online. Sure its only 12nm down, but when does it arrive…..
    In saying that, I reckon make the XT’s (fleet bangers, and those that dont care) the ecoboost only, and on XR’s and up give a choice.

    Im really waiting to hear the gritty stuff on the LPG motor. Sounds like the motor they’ve been trying to release for the last 4 years is finally here.
    Is an Ecoboost LPG motor on the cards???
    Ive been told the LPG motor takes to the boost nicely.
    Ive also been told that you dont have to detune the LPG motor before you boost it like you have to with petrol (or something along those lines)

    The bit I like about how this release was conducted is that they didnt speak bits of fluff here and there about what was upcoming, they waited until the whole model was completed, and released it all with a well guided direction

  • http://Caradvice Alex II

    Did Ford mention they are building a new small car in this country………..sorry that’s right , no they’re not. I believe there will be a 4 cylinder Falcon as much as I believe Ford were going to build the Focus here. It’s a load of cr*p.


    any word if the ecoboost is L and P Plate friendly?

  • jon

    This is a last ditch attempt at keeping the Falcon alive, but I can tell you now we will be importing the Taurus as the next Falcon.

  • Hagar

    This is all fantastic news. I want the Diesel Terry 4×4 with decent ground clearance. Will be lining up on the release date.

    But if I look at my crystal ball….. I c … I c … A change in mind for Ford, scrapping most of these ideas, importing instead or watering these ideas down so far that things stay the same. Hope I am wrong. Will know in a year or two.

  • Chris

    4 cyl Falcon, epic fail. Diesel Falcon, winner.

  • Captain Mainwaring

    This is the right thing to be doing, but it’s going to require a huge mental adjustment for Ford customers. One has to wish them a great deal of luck.

  • http://aca Leone

    David Twomey – and it works how much harder to achieve those results considering Ford fans currently boost about the effortless power of the L6 !!

    Yesterday some people critised 4-cyl medium cars so i look forward to them justifying a 4-cyl large car.

    Truth be told, Ford don’t really know what to do with on-gain, off-again projects becoming an almost daily affair.

    Furthermore, i see Holden has replaced the top man already .. again !!

  • Wheelnut ®™

    Tom – According to the latest issue of Wheels magazine The VE-2 Commodore which is due to be released in September will feature a 3.0L and a 3.6L Direct Injection V6 engine..- the same ones that has been in the Cadillac Sedan for the last couple of years.

    Based on its performance in the Caddie; Holden are expecting 200kw and fuel figures of 9.4L/100Km from the entry level 3.0 Litre version. [Better than the Camry]
    Then there’s the 3.6 litre V6 which is expected to produce 225Kw [The DITTO V6 engine can produce over 300Kw]

    Holden are also planning to introduce a 4 Cylinder [Omega] Commodore when the VF is released this time next year

  • Devil’s Advocate

    Good to see Ford is finally moving ahead with diesel power for the Territory etc. They would have sold WAY more of them to country people etc if they released them earlier.

  • Clueless

    LPi – Cast Iron I6 on Falcon Sedan and Ute – release H2 2010
    I6 Euro 4 – Falcon Ute, Sedan and Territory – release H2 2010
    EcoBoost 4 – Falcon Ute and Sedan – release H1 2011
    2.7 V6 Diesel – Territory, – Release H1 201
    All will use ZF 6 speed auto at first before shifting to Powershift
    V8 for FPV only – release H2 2010

    I6 will not be direct injection, not turbo for LPi. LPi to have same power and torque figures as Petrol, similar economy and performace with Gas less than 50% of Petrol.

    Ecoboost 4 cylinder to have better economy than competition

  • RD

    The new LPG systems sounds great, too bad the Koreans will beat Ford to the market with it, for a lots less + reliability to boot.

  • http://aca Leone

    Wheelnut – why do you always compare to the Camry, what about the petrol Mondeo with lustre output and performance not to mention is bigger then the Camry in every dimension and heavier.

    The facelifted Camry is expected to return an ADR of 8.8 which is competitive in the medium car segment.

    The hybrid Camry on the otherhand will be interesting at the very least.

  • http://aca Leone

    Wheelnut – the DI version of the Toyota 3.5 v6 (2GR-FE) known as the 2GR-FSE produces slightly higher output then the DI alloytech not to mention is a more refined unit.

    I imagine a vastly detuned unit to the eqivalent output as the regular 2GR-FE would returned promising fuel efficency and more so if mated to a hybrid system.

    Personally, i believe Ford should forget about the 4-cyl and introduce a detuned DI 3.7 v6 it has avaliable in the North American market in such brands as Lincoln and Mercury.

  • Tomas79

    True Leone, the 2GR-FSE has been on the Ward’s 10 Best Engines list for last 4 years!!

  • Ross R

    Tomas79 Says:July 24th, 2009 at 9:17 pm

    “….the 2GR-FSE has been on the Ward’s 10 Best Engines list for last 4 years!!”

    So what My cousins been on the NSW Hospital waiting list for the last 5 years

  • Tomas79

    careFactor = 0;

  • http://aca Leone

    Ross – and …

  • Ross R

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^D!ingo what ?

  • Andrew

    I just hope the tow capacity of Falcon won’t drop below 2300kg with the 4 cyl, but can’t see it staying that high if the turbo is always on big boost with 2 tonne on the back (imagine the heat build up after a few hours of towing a 2 tonne boat for a few hours.
    – The early turbo 6’s suffered from excess heat on boost while towing and were limited by Ford to 1600kg, luckily now, you can tow 2300kg and take advantage of a big flat torque curve).

    Perhaps they should make the current L6 from alloy (helps pass euro 4),and de-stroke it to 2.8 L with turbo (LPG too?) as base model, and keep 4 litre turbo for performance .

    And just before everyone jumps in, no, I don’t want or need to drive a 4×4 tractor during the week just to tow my boat now and then.

    I reckon most people who have the parking space would prefer to drive a larger car with small running cost vs a cramped car with a small running cost, so let’s see how it goes…

  • RWD

    Wheelnut…….9.4l\100k ……..really? That is pathetic for a so called small capacity modern Di engine. And just imagine how much you will have to screw its neck to get any performance out of it! The EcoBoost 4turbo in the Falcon will cream it for performance AND economy, and it will have a lovely flat torque curve.

  • SamR

    All you guys happy about the slightly improved economy in the Falcon and Territory will be spewing when petrol goes back to $1.75 a litre and beyond.

    Sure it is good to make a Falcon with the fuel economy of a big fat four cylinder but isn’t it better to make a Focus sized car with the fuel economy of a mini car of 3 or 4l/100km?

    They are doomed next fuel price rise.

  • RWD

    SamR…….well if petrol goes up that high then just buy a gas injection Falcon instead…….easy!

    Holden have just said that their 3.0 V6 will get 9.4l\100…….how pathetic! Fords I6 with a 6 speed auto gets close to that already with heaps more power and torque and without direct Injection!! Shows how much better the I6 is that a V6…..

  • crouchy

    Watching the telly it sure seems Ford have done a good job in covering up the ‘focus pull-out’ with this.

    All about this, nothing on the focus.

  • Tomas79

    Although I wish Ford luck, this news seems a bit more like a smoke screen over the the ford focus cancelation.
    Come on, 2011 delivery for an already existing diesel motor in an already existing vehicle.
    That sounds a little uncommitted since it is like 2 years away….

    I’m planning to get myself a mclaren SLR by then 😉

  • LPG

    Does anybody know the difference between the current sequential injection LPG aftermarket kits for the Territory differ from Ford’s liquid injection LPG?

  • Direct Injection

    Tomas79….. you dont know anything about vehicle development do you? You dont just grab an engine, grab a car and then just put it in and expect it to all be good!!! lol There is alot of time and money involved to get it right. 2011 isnt 2 years away either…..what month are you living in?

  • http://www.sutcliffe.com/blog Michael Sutcliffe

    SamR: All you guys happy about the slightly improved economy in the Falcon and Territory will be spewing when petrol goes back to $1.75 a litre and beyond.

    Not on LPG you won’t. But just wait ’till you see what happens to the price of diesel!

    I6orNothing: Can’t wait to see this new LPG I6…..will it be available with a turbo?

    I don’t think it will be, at least not in the first instance. But Turbo LPG is such a great combination – awesome performance in a big family car that’s cheap as chips to run. I don’t understand why more people haven’t cottoned on to this.

    TheRealist: Do the tax payer handouts stop now?

    Not in this country, mate. We love our government handouts here – just have a look at the responses on this site from time to time. Despite being a modern first-world economy Aussies suffer from the same disease as most of the world – they think they’re getting something for nothing if they government outlays the initial cost then imposes extra taxes to pay for it.

  • Tomas79

    Direct Injection,
    By the sounds of things, I know a little bit more about about Vehicle Development then yourself!!

    Sure, there is a bit of development involved placing a engine, to a new platform. But 2 years is far too long, when it is an already existing vehicle, and an already existing engine!! After all, in the 4×4 community engine swaps is a fairly common backyard affair…

    As for 2011 not being 2 years away.
    They never give us the exact month, so given it is mid 2009, 2 year approximation is better then 1 or 3 years….

    But mostly likely come 2011, the new management in place at Ford Australia, will find a reason why to can this project also!!

  • jamesh

    maybe they should give in and call it the F-oyota F-amry wide body and the top of the range can be the F-urion.

    Seriously ford – you are a joke nowadays

    This company can make good cars, they just can’t run a car company, the management must be as bad as their pathetic marketing

  • Falcodore

    Actually Tomas, the ecoboost is a brand new engine just released in the U.S. And the Falcon is the first application of this engine in a RWD platform, so it will take quite a bit of time to engineer it for the Falcon.

  • Direct Injection

    Tomas79….with your last comments its plainly obvious you dont. you obviously havent heard of ADR’s, emmision and performance testing, engine dyno testing, vehicle and engine durability testing, production line changes……..etc….etc…. millions of dollars and alot of hours. I cant believe you didnt realise these things? lol

  • Tomas79

    Falcodore, I was actually talking about the Peugeot’s 2.7 v6 turbo Diesel as used on the Discovery, and other PSA vehicles…

  • Tomas79

    Direct Injection, don’t be stupid!! 2 years is too long, fullstop!!

  • Jake02

    Great news I reckon. Finally they’re changing the perception that Aussies need a 6+ cylinder car as their everyday car. Although, I don’t like how the fact VW did it like 4 years ago (but they only do it on smaller engines) and it’s taken Ford this long to catch up. I want a diesel XR6 please…

    While they’re fixing the Falcon, re-do the outside please. Do something that looks unlike Falcons for a change…give it non-halogen headlamps too (especially in top-spec models – the point of upgrading is to get more!). And a Falcon Wagon too (a Mondeo wagon is NOT a genuine competitor to the Comm Sportwagon – it’s mid-size to compete with 6, Octavia, Liberty etc wagons) with XR versions available please.

    This future of Ford isn’t a bad thing at all. The Aus Focus was never gonna happen, and it’s because when Aussies think of Ford they think Falcon, not Focus. The 4-cyl EcoBoost sounds to be a fantastic engine and replacing the Barra I6 doesn’t matter in the base models as they’re only fleet cars! For people who don’t care about what they drive, as long as it gets them from a to b.

    They better do a Falcon diesel, not just the Territory…

  • Daniel

    Good move by ford I think

    As long as I can still buy my I6 Falcon I don’t mind what they do!

    Probably would also set them up well to take the Falcon or Territory into overseas markets.

  • Sonu

    Its amazing the interest us aussie’s show in our humble yet incredible Ford Falcon. Any Falcon news is usually greeted with extensive discussions.

    Ford are definately making the right move here. About time they gave the consumers a choice. The FG falcon is by far the greatest car produced in Aussie land. Ford also need to desperately setup a export market for this car. I would definatley like to test out the 2.0T model.

  • luke

    i don’t see how a 4 banger is gonna give better fuel econamy as it is the weight and wind resistance that has the biggest effect on fuel consumption.
    not the size of the motor.

    but if it takes a 4 bannger opption to convince the trendys to buy them i suppose its a good idea.
    But i reckon a 3.0 litter or smaller inline 6 opption would be better (eg a de strocked 4.0)

  • jansjetta

    So Ford is playing catch-up … not ahead. The 21st centuary is 9.5% gone. Euro 4 began in January 2005. Euro 5 commences in Sept 2009 and Euro 6 is set for Sept 2014. My Jetta has had 320nm since 2006, a much bigger boot than the Falcon since 2006 and I’ve been getting 5.7l/100 klm since 2006.
    But Ford people too will soon be able to enjoy the fun of the extra torque, the extra cost of diesel at the pump and the extra klm per tank.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Lets hope weight is genuinely trimmed off car and aerodynamics is truly improved as these play a vital part in making fuel economy simply worse!

  • Roddy

    I’m just grateful to Ford for giving us the viewing pleasure of watching the Ford fanboys in here trying to put positive spin on a 2 litre Falcon ROFLMAO

  • Davo

    Ford will probably develop a hybrid sometime with the
    2 litre.
    That will suddenly be all OK as well after all the years of red neck bagging.

  • Luv Local Industry

    Great news, even though I’m a Holden fan.

    Any further development in local manufacturing is welcomed news to me. Well done Ford.

  • http://skyline The Salesman

    Will this mean a diesel supercar series?

  • Direct Injection

    Roddy….yes a Falcon, with yet again, a better engine than Holden!! lol WHats even funnier Roddy is you Holden airheads trying to understand how a 2l engine can have more power, torque and better fuel economy than a 3.or 3.6l VibraTech Holden engine! Now go off and buy a rebadged Daewoo so you can donate money to the U.S. Government!!
    I heard Holden are rebadging another Daewoo and have been told to call it the Obama!! lol G(ov) M(otors)….a joke!

  • Phill

    SM what about an econo supercar series with turbo 2litres against DI 3litre V6,nah.

  • DesignEng©™

    TS, this year they’ve made the switch to E85, and the future of the series will still revolve around a “formula” so probably not, but never say never.

    (Sales slow this morning hey? Or just sneaking some ‘net time between flooding the roads with Kias?)

  • BK

    Finally a 4 cylinder VD commodore will be here with some sort of injection.Maybe the local GP knows what injection it needs if its a VD.

  • Ross R

    Nice bit of back-pedalling there Tomas… it seems that you’re getting really good at it.

    If you were talking about the Peugeot V6 then why didn’t you mention it in your initial comment.. regardless of that why would you mention it on a discussion topic that has nothing to do with a Peugeot?

    I mean its reasonable and understandable to mention what Holden are doing with the Commodore – given that its the Falcons most direct rival.. Not only that but Holden are also expected to be releasing a Diesel and a 4cyl Commodore as part of the VF series…. but a Peugeot?

    And you claim that your comments are consistently if not always on topic

  • Wheelnut®™

    Tomas79 says: “Come on, 2011 delivery for an already existing diesel motor in an already existing vehicle.”

    Okay then Tomas…. Why has it taken Toyota so long to drop a Hybrid motor into a Camry given that the Prius has been available for almost a Decade?

  • DesignEng©™

    Haven’t they actually been building the hybric camry elswhere already? All Toyota Aus need to do is tool up, and it’s taking them how long?

  • Big Oil

    Salesman, there is already a Jetta TDI race series in the US:


    Don’t know how well a diesel race series would do with spectators in Australia, as a diesel-soaked toilet roll wouldn’t burn quite as well as a petrol-soaked one.

  • http://carz.com/ Carz

    That’s interesting! Sounds like a great plan. It’s very impressive design from Ford.

  • fh555

    It’ll be interesting to the addition of the Falcon XR4 range (as opposed to the Fiesta XR4)!

  • Andrew M

    The falcon has had more then 320nm since like 1990!!

    When did you say your diesel Jetta got 320nm again???

    One thing you cant knock is the Falcons Torque

  • Tomas79

    Ross R, how am I back paddling you tool??

    Hehehe what a dumn arse, so you mean you still haven’t realized that the PSA’s 2.7 v6 diesel that is in the discovery 3 and is planned to be placed into falcon/territory is the Peugeot developed?? ROFL!!

  • DesignEng©™

    Tomarse, you mean the JOINTLY developed engine. Or didn’t you know that Ford has equal rights to it?
    Who’s the dumb arse now? (BTW you’d have to be dumb no to be able to spell it)

  • Tomas79

    DesignEng Says, My sources tell me it is a Peugeot developed engine which was developed in PSA design studio. Maybe Ford has thrown some money at the development but thats not the point!! Even if the motor was fully ford developed, that wouldn’t change the original point!!

    As for being dumb, you must be really clutching at straws, to be picking up typos… Haven’t

    Anyway, it’s obvious my early speculation has touched you ford fairies in a sensitive spot… I know you guys wanna believe….

  • Andrew M

    Those commenting on fuel economy have no sense of reality

    Small cars dont achieve 6L/100k unless they are a diesel, and very few mini cars hybrid or not can claim a figure of around 3-4L/100k

    Small cars use bugger all less fuel than a Falcon.
    I just dont know why peole think they do.

    A small car will only cost a few hundred bucks less a year to fuel.
    For me thats nothing. The motoring experience lost far outweighs the few hundred dollar saving

    Also I would swear some people think that fuel prices only go up if you drive a large car.
    Last time I checked the console attendant doesnt descriminate depending on what vehicle you drive.

    The only way to beat the fuel hikes is to jump onto the LPG train. If its your bottom line you want to change, LPG is the only currently available fuel that offers REAL savings without compromise.

    Lets hope ford do a proper job on this new E-Gas. If so, I might consider it

  • DesignEng©™

    AndrewM, agreed.
    The LIQUID INJECTION LPG will be class leading. This is the best LPG technology anywhere in the world.

    BTW Fiesta ECOnetic will be very fuel efficient:

    “Ford is fully committed to working towards fuel economy leadership in every segment in which we compete, across local and imported vehicles. In fact, later this year we will introduce the most fuel-efficient vehicle in Australia when we launch the Fiesta ECOnetic, which will be more economical than hybrids at only 3.7L/100km,” said Burela.

  • Michael Sutcliffe

    Every word the truth, Andrew, well said.

  • Flying High

    Good move by Ford for the most part.

    However, the idea of putting a 4Cyl anything into something the size of a falcon or territory sounds ludicrous to me. It will drink as much or more than the 6 cyl variant not to mention the insurance hike. Apart from an initial spark of interest, I can’t see the 4cyl selling well to the intended market.

  • Direct Injection

    Flying High..why would there be an insurance hike? If anything it would be less because its a smaller engine wouldnt it?

  • Direct Injection

    To all you doubters please read the following……If you don’t believe a direct-injected turbo four can power a car the size and mass of Falcon and provide a modern, energetic and mainstream drive experience, then you are simply out of step with the current state of play in auto engineering.

    Depending on who you believe, Ford’s EcoBoost turbo four can produce as much as 205kW/380Nm. While we’d guess that Ford Australia will be looking to offer an engine/drivetrain package that errs on the side of high torque and parsimonious fuel habits — both in terms of fuel consumption and octane rating — we’ve got little doubt the Falcon Four will be able to match the performance of its chief competitors.

    Look at the numbers for a minute.

    Recently downgraded to help with fuel consumption, the Commodore’s most frugal offering is a 175kW/325Nm V6. That’ll change when the General’s new direct-injected engines arrive, but customers’ performance expectation of Aussie large cars won’t — at least not quickly.

    A four-cylinder powertrain has the potential to easily trim 50-70kg from the mass of the current Falcon, without any major weight-saving initiatives. If the EcoBoost four can punch out numbers around 150kW/350Nm, combined with a modern six-speed auto the end result would be a car with performance that’s at least a match of the current crop of medium car and large car mainstreamers… With a dose of large car amenity and space thrown in for good measure, it sounds like just the car for many Aussie families… [As long as the Blue Oval’s marketing burghers and top to bottom sales infrastructure — ad agencies and dealers alike — can sell it.]

    And let’s make the point, these power and torque figures are far from extreme — indeed, they are indicative of most ‘healthy’ turbo fours currently installed in front-wheel drive small and medium cars around the globe. And not so far away from the V8 stats of Falcon and Commodore of 15 years ago.

  • Roddy

    Nice cut’n’paste job Direct Injection…how much is Ford paying you to do promotion…seriously

    It’s all about perception, and given that any 4cyl Falcon or Commodore will be aimed at fleets, would any user-choose fleet buyer plunk for an oversize 4cyl when there is a capable and smooth 6cyl option? I wouldn’t. If the 4cyl was a decent diesel, fair enough, but a 4cyl Falcon or Commodore, that’s just humourous.
    But not as humourous as this forum.

  • Flying High

    Direct Injection – you obviously haven’t insured a high pressure Turbo anytime recently…Petrol Turbo anything is anaemia to an insurance company – much less a high powered turbo pumping out these sorts of numbers.

    High Powered Turbo 4’s are bought by enthusiasts in small cars. If someone wanted a high powered large car like a Falcon, they would opt for a Turbo 6 or a 8cyl variant. There just is no market for a Falcon with a Turbo 4.

  • http://caradvice fpv1985

    and holden thought thy had the upper hand on ford with their 3.6 litre direct injection engine

  • Tim

    FH, for me to insure a Golf 118TSI its cheaper than if I try and insure a Falcon XR6, despite the Golf having a forced induction engine. Insurance is based on likelihood of them having to cover your arse, whether your car is stolen or you run into the back of someone. A slower, less powerful 2L Turbo Falcon would therefore be cheaper to insure than a XR6.

  • http://www.littlepixiegifts.com.au Gift-Ed

    Holden is only a couple of months away from their 3.0L direct injection engine being introduced according to Wheels. It’ll be interesting to see how a small DI V6 compares with a turbocharged 4 cylinder. They’ll probably work out quite evenly, with the turbo probably being tuned for more torque and less power.

    It’s nice to see both local manufacturers drawing on the best parts from their global bins and giving us some great local product. Competition like this might even steal some sales back from the fully imported vehicles that are so in favour at the moment.

  • My Cars Called T-Rex

    I’d much rather drive a turbo 4cyl rwd Falcon then a Camry Lametivo or a petrol electic Hoaxbrid.

  • realcars

    Just stick with your Camry derivatives Thomas69!lol.

    Diesel Falcon/Territory…..Winner

    Improved LPG I6 Falcon/Territory…….won’t be able to keep up with demand.

    Ecoboost Four cylinder Falcon……..orphan. Don’t waste our/your money as it won’t sell!!!!!!!

    Now Burella give your dealer network and advertising departments a kick up the arse in readiness!!!!

  • Direct Injection

    Roddy….wow you are so smart to realise it was copy\paste…lol

    anyway like the writer said If you don’t believe a direct-injected turbo four can power a car the size and mass of Falcon and provide a modern, energetic and mainstream drive experience, then you are simply out of step with the current state of play in auto engineering.

    Roddy .you are out of step with current auto engineering. I bet you drive a GM pushrod V8….ROFLMAO

  • Roddy

    Never said it wouldn’t power a Falcon, I said likely IMO bugger-all Australians would take a 4cyl petrol Falcon or Commodore seriously enough to purchase one. Maybe a 4cyl hi-torque TD might do well, but IMO not a petrol.
    This is Australia, and big cars with small engines that do well in Europe, have traditionally tanked here.

    Sorry, I don’t currently drive a Holden or a Ford, but have previously owned both.

  • Andrew M

    you must keep in mind that we arent talking the traditional 4cyl like in the camry which makes a whisker over 100kw and not much more than 200nm aswell.

    If thats the donk they were throwing in, then yes you may have a point, but this isnt your typical 4cyl set up.

    It deserves a chance, and surely since Ford is one who normally breaks many engineering moulds, they should be given a chance first

  • Andrew M

    And what are these big European cars with small motors that have tanked here you speak of???

  • Wheelut©™

    The large Euros with small engines that have Tanked:

    Every Friday Night Audi and his friend Saab go out on the town visiting all the popular bars and night clubs.. the night starts off fairly well but come midnight.. after spending a night on the high octane stuff

    Audi often ends up getting in to a fight because people accuse him of being nothing more than a stuck up Volkswagen
    Whilst Saab is left at the bar wanting someone to take him home poor guy starts slurring his words he can’t even say Koenigiegsieggegg

    The next morning Audi is found in bed with a note from a girl called Porsche who had slept with him but took off when she realised what a mistake she was making.
    As for poor old Saab well he was last seen at the bar talking to another Euro Opel who had also been screwed over by their former friend from the USA GM..

    That’s what happens when Euro cars get tanked in Australia

  • Mr Happy

    Thats really funny Wheelnut. (ahh good satire!)

    It’s really amazing how far technology has come, just in 2002 the standard AUIII XR8 had 200kw and the Rebel special edition had 220kw, now you can get 205kw from a four cylinder! Thats brilliant.

    At first I didn’t like the idea of having the V6 put into the Falcon, let alone a four cylinder, but that four cylinder has so much power and torque like a good 6 (plus its an inline motor), does anyone know if it’s chain driven?

    I like the Falcon wagon as it is, people who want a family car should get a Territory. The Territory is often cheaper with all the discounts and sale offers than a Falcon wagon, although I do miss the Fairmont Ghia wagon from the EB, XR6 Wagons from the ED and EF models, The Fairmont from the AUII and the Futura BF MKII.

  • Devil’s Advocate

    I have another perspective for you Roddy WRT a 4cyl Falcon/Commodore. Don’t forget fleets and the like purchase quite a large number of Falcons/Commodores. Do you really think a hire car company/Governement Department etc are going to care if it is a 4 Cyl? They are driven by the bottom line and if the 4Cyl is the cheapest/lower end version, then that is what they will buy. Not to mention private buyers who don’t care about performance, don’t have a lot of money to spend, but want a cheap, new large car. Sure there will be a group who would have nothing else but a 6/8, but I would hardly call it a vast majority.

    Going by your line of thinking, Toyota should be selling heaps more Aurions than Camrys.

  • Simon

    Agree with the common sentiment. A good move for Ford.
    If they keep down this path – providing the consumer what they want, they have every opportunity to harm Toyota in a big way.
    Diesel and LPG options/advances are well overdue. The diesel 2.7L is a superb unit, already proven with Jag.

    With regard to a petrol 2.0L T, I know ford has experience here, but can’t understand why they wouldn’t take the same path as the likes of Subaru. Increase capacity to around 2.5L and keep turbo. The increase in capacity creates a whole lot more torque and consequently drive-ability. Particularly useful in a large car without much compromise on fuel consumption.

  • Roddy

    Camry is a mid-size car (being passed off as a large car) that has always been marketed as a 4cyl. Falcon is a big car that the public associates with big sixes and eights. Perception is the difference.

    Time will tell if Ford or Holden actually follow through on any hot air about 4 cyl big cars. And really what’s the point…Ford has the Mondeo and Holden has the Epica (or whatever will replace it), both bugger-all smaller than the traditional large cars, and already with the option of smaller engines…
    It makes no business sense for Ford or Holden to market their large cars with petrol 4’s that put out equivalent power and torque to their 6’s…why keep the 6’s in that case? It would make more sense for Ford to make the I6 exclusively a turbo engine for the XR models and have this 4cyl as the bread and butter powertrain.
    Wait and see if these cars first make it to market, and then how many units they can shift…

  • Andrew M

    well this time I agree with half of what you said.

    I even commented earlier that I reckon the base models should be 4cyl and have an option on the XR’s and up.

    The thing is though that this 4cyl motor with all the tech and blower on it wont exactlly equate to a cheap motor. If the truth be told the I6 will probably end up being the cheaper motor even after they up the emissions standard on it.

    The ecoboost is being introduced to try and lower emissions.
    Also with the ecoboost, because it sounds like such a cracking motor, it shouldnt lessen the performance compared to the I6

    It really is quite impressive performance from such a small motor.
    There arent too many 4cyl motors with over 200kw let alone a 2.0L version.
    It would have to be the highest powered and torqued 2.0L in the world wouldnt it???
    Not many 2.5L versions even crack 200kw

  • Big Oil

    Simon, not sure Subaru’s engines are the best example to pick here. The Forester XT (with the 4-cylinder, 2.5L turbocharged engine, producing 169kW/320Nm) returns 10.5L/100km. So in a vehicle which weighs 200 kg less than a Falcon XT, you’re getting less power, less torque, and worse fuel consumption.

  • Tim

    One thing that’ll help with the cost of the 2L Turbo ecoboost engine is that its one of Fords global engines, which’ll be produced in their millions. So though the component cost may be higher, I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up cheaper per unit than the I6, once you factor in the cost of Ford developing and producing the I6 in its current low numbers, versus an engine developed and produced in the millions.

  • Andrew M

    Also to note is that the 4cyl ecoboost is said to deliver 10-20% better in the economy stakes over a larger 6cyl, whilst maintaining the performance

    They have obviously done their homework to ensure this isnt just another 4cyl.

    I also agree on the marketing side of things, but this isnt to get people out of the performance falcons. You wont drag those customers from their I6’s and V8’s, This is to also attract new customers who actually believe the 4cyl camry type of vehicle uses heaps less fuel.
    Its not intended to be a replacement for the I6T’s or Boss motors, and as long as they dont expect this to change those sort of customers overnight, then they have their sights in the right direction.
    This is about attracting new customers and changing the fuel guzzling stereo types associated with the Falcon

  • Andrew M

    Still waiting for that list of Large Euros that have tanked in the Aussie market too Roddy……

  • SteveH

    Anrew M, I think the Mitsubishi Evo motor would have more power, but not 100% sure about the torque figure.

    The diesel engines sound like a great idea and will really be a great match to the Falcon and Territory. As a few have said, while the 2 litre engine will also be a good match, the only problem could be convincing people that an engine of this size is suitable in a Falcon or Territory.

  • Andrew M

    The EVO just gets it on power, but loses in the torque race.
    I was also trying to find at what revs the ecoboost makes its power. Also to keep in mind the EVO doesnt reach its full power till 6500RPM!!!!

  • Andrew M

    20% better economy from the ecoboost is just as good as what you would get better economy from a diesel, thing is though, diesel is a dirtier fuel L for L

    Still hoping for the LPG to be a cracker though over either option.
    LPG with same performance and economy as petrol, and being a much cleaner fuel = a winner
    LPG has something like 90% less rubbish entering the air than Diesel. Also a cleaner and safer refuelling procedure

  • Radster

    I’m genuinely pleased to see our local car makers embracing current drivetrain technologies; however, if the 4 cylinder turbocharged engine destined for the Falcon requires 98 RON, how much of a fuel saving will there be? On average 98 RON is 14cents more per litre over 91 RON. Also, over on Drive’s website there’s a video of the Skoda Superb and the road tester notes that the 1.8 turbocharged engine can struggle with the 1600kg mass of the car. Regardless, interesting times ahead.

  • Big Oil

    Radster, the Skoda Superb is using a 1.8L turbo engine producing only 118kW / 250Nm. Little wonder it results in uninspiring performance when mated with a 1600kg vehicle. If the specifications from Ford are to be believed, the 2.0L EcoBoost (205 kW / 379Nm) would be an entirely different proposition.

  • Radster

    Good point Big Oil and that should allay any fears of lacklustre performance; however the expected reliance on 98 RON (I’m going by VW/AUDI/SKODA Turbos) could still be a drawback for the average consumer. I’m also wondering if the Falcon in 2011 will be the current one or a new one based on the overseas FWD Ford Taurus model? For maximum performance/economy/efficieny the chassis would also need to improve in terms of weight (I’m thinking high tensile steel) and the gearbox would also have to be improved too (I’m thinking 6 speed as standard or even DSG). All speculation at this point though.

  • LSD

    Radster…..are you serious? The FG is only a year old so they arent gonna ditch it for the Taurus!! You were joking right? ROFLMAO.

  • Radster

    Actually, I wasn’t joking LSD. By 2011, the FG Falcon will be 3 years old. Although heavily revised, isn’t it based on the BF which came out in 2005? Which was already based on the BA which came out in 2002. Don’t get me wrong – I love the Falcon (and Commodore), but the Falcon is the most refined version of an aging platform. Exports are a possibility, but doesn’t Ford HQ in the USA want to standardise on global architectures? Where this will leave the Falcon is anyone’s guess.

  • Andrew (not Andrew M)

    Some good points raised so far.
    I don’t know if the Mazda CX7 uses DI or not, but it is a 2.3L turbo 4 with about 180kw and 380 or so Nm, pushing a body about the same weight as Falcon, but has a higher fuel figure, using premium if I recall correctly.
    Hope the 2L won’t be working hard (using more fuel) to keep the 1700 odd kg Falcon moving easily.

    I know it’s all about globalisation and one size fits all, but a Falcon is much heavier than U.S. fusion etc, perhaps if they are going to fit this 4cyl T, they should make it a tad bigger, or forget it and de-stroke the I6 as a base model and make them all turbo.
    ($$$ ???)

  • Andrew (not Andrew M)

    Sorry about errors on last post,
    should read, CX7 has 175kW and 350Nm, with DI.

    Fuel consumption for CX7 = 11.5L/100km (premium)
    ” ” ” Falcon XT = 10.5L /100km (regular ULP)


  • The Realist

    I had the pleasure of getting a ride in a BF sorry FG Falcon cab on the weekend – and I noticed it doesn’t have back lit steering wheel controls. Are we back in 1993?

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    LMAO MASSIVELY……..hop in a Commie cab and tell me if you think the boot release in console under console lid is a cracker or finger pinching hand brake is great? What year is that in 1901???

  • DesignEng©™

    Not sure whether the ecoboost engine needs 98 octane fuel. I think it actually runs fine on anything 90+, someone know for sure?

  • Falcodore

    In the future i could possibly see a Falcon with a 4 engine lineup: Ecoboost4, diesel V6, Coyote V8 and, i know this would be expensive, a DI all alloy version of the current I6 engine which would make it emissions compliant worldwide!

    That way Ford EU would have a large RWD platform of which they are currently lacking and Ford U.S would get a great replacement of the Mustang/Panther (Crown Victoria)platform.

    I know its a pipedream cause Mullaly and co in Dearborn would never go for it, but if Mr Burela wants to pitch the idea, i’ll let him claim it as his own 😉

  • Falcodore

    Actually, make that 5 engines, i forgot the LPG option.

  • ian

    Well its one thing changing to a more fuel efficient engine, but what about weight and packaging. The car simply doesn’t have to weigh 1700kg to do what it does. There must be at least 200kg of “low lying fruit” that can be removed with a bit of R&D and a bit of investment. Its not rocket science, and its been done before. Which brings me to packaging – its a very long car for what it does. Once again there are a bunch of simple tricks that can be pulled (see the Toyota iQ) to reduce car length without sacrificing passenger or boot space. And this has a double benefit of further reducing weight. Come’on Ford – its not all about the engine!

  • Rick


    Get your facts right sport – the boot release is in the glovebox of the Commodore – it’s a safety item as the driver cannot accidently open the boot!

    As for the hand brake – should get a design award for that, when driving it just looks like part of the centre console and is totally unobstrusive and when it is on most of the time you’re not in the car so who cares what it looks like!

    Better than the dopey foot handbrakes on Benz’s and Toyota’s.

    • Ash

      I don’t know how you can say “the boot release in the glove box is for safety”
      I have an ’01 falcon and as soon as you engage a gear the boot release is inoperable
      so I’m guessing if ford Aus did this back in 01 or maybe even earlier, I’m sure most cars these days would have a similar set up

  • Andrew M (not Andrew without the “M”)

    are you for real???
    You obviously got wrapped up in the salesman spin if you believe the handbrake deserves a design award and the boot release is a safety issue.

    Ive never heard of a boot accidently opening in my life, and even if you did trigger it accidently, where is the safety cncern??

    Also the handbrake is also terribly flimsy as well as the pinching issue NM noted.

  • Andrew M (not Andrew without the “M”)

    Yes I admitt that the fuel gains for a large car with a small motor seems far fetched, but keep in mind that there are some critical specs for these motors that arent disclosed as yet which may shed some light on it.

    To date all we can do is believe it when they claim a 20% reduction in fuel usage compared to a larger 6cyl.
    I think they deserve credit until its proven otherwise. This 4cyl ecoboost is also to appear in the Explorer so its not a case of this motor not being designed for large Falcon sort of cars.

    Ford has proven many times that they can turn the stereotypiclly bad engineering into good stuff.

    Who can put big power thrugh the Front wheels and make it handle……?
    Who can make a car handle of leaf springs……?
    Who can provide great headlights equivalent to Xenons using conventional bulbs……?
    Who can actually make an SUV handle……?

    These are a lot of attempts that are laughed at when tried, Yet Ford against the odds seems to be able to re-write the laws some how
    Who can make a small engine economiclly power a large car……?
    Dejavu anyone???

  • OMG

    dude that’s just scary blind worship holy crap rofl

  • Rick

    Andrew M

    Hate to state the obvious but have you seen a car with it’s boot ajar ? Now just imagine what would happen if he has to brake quickly – haven’t seen it myself but I have certainly seen one in a panel shop with the rear window smashed due to that very instance.

    No spin the handbrake looks great (copied from the SAAB)and as for pinching the hand – you only do it once unless you are a little S L O W

  • God Bless Ford

    Yes, hallelujah it’s Ford the omnipotent company that can do no wrong

    Who can give us beutiful designs like the AU Falcon…?
    Who can give us sweet handling vehicles like the Cortina 6cyl…?
    Who can supply their valued customers with brakes that oops fail…?
    Who can make an SUV handle but give it rusty seams…?

    Ford, the omnipotent car company, against the odds, deliver these things to us, rewriting the laws of physics, time and time again

    Get out more Andrew M, please

    • Mikey

      God Bless Ford, so ur saying that the VE is better looking than the AU?? In my mind they are both disgustingly ugly cars, but hey, every manufacturer make san error when trying new things.

      As for the Cortina….. every car handled that way in the 70’s

      I’ve owned 14 Fords and not one has suffered brake failure, so I’m not sure where that comes from

      and the rusty SUV, well I can’t comment on that, so lets just compare it to the VE having a leaky fuel line in the engine bay which (quote) may or may not cause an under bonnet fire….. which would you prefer, a little bit of rust or an underbonnet fire?

  • Dog Man

    Oh Boy!!! i cant wait for a four cylinder Falcon.
    Why? because it means exports to Trinidad! We are taxed by engine size. if falcons sell here, then parts will be made available, and then i can but an XR8 instead of a left hand drive Mustang!

  • pearnie

    All I want for Xmas is a LIQUID INJECTION gas 6 speed auto Falcon or Commodore. Come on guys who wants my money?

  • Old CarAdvice Reader

    As long as the 4-cylinder Falcon is not a FWD, I’ll be happy…

  • jack

    it will be interesting to see how long a 4cyl turbo falcon lasts in rural australia which after all has been the mainstay of Ford sales for decades.I think the mileage and dust conditions on rural roads might see it to an early grave.
    I will be happy to go with the 3.5 V6 and if they wanted to throw in awd that would be like being a pig in mud.
    but do i trust Ford? no way!i think it more likely that Ford will cease any build in Australia and probably import all vehicles within the next 10 years.the 4cyl Falcon will more than likely be a falcon badged mondeo which australians are still resisting even though it is a good car, just underpowered.
    gotta go i think my new robin reliant has just arrived.