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    The Age is saying the falcons will recieve the 4 cyl 2L eco boost engines.

  • Alex

    What a stupid decision, but I do see where they are coming from. It’s not as if Australian build quality was going to be any better than South African and it would cost more. Still, it doesn’t seem right.

  • Mitch

    whats a liquid injected four-cylinder petrol engine?

  • Bavarian Missile®™

    Yeah David coming the same time the turbo diesel Territory is arriving, 2011. They are saying most likely to export too,so maybe that’s the best news.

    Dumb move for the Focus,dropping the ECO 4 into the Falcon will just give you a Camry rival not a Cruze threat.

    They say to make the Focus here wasn’t viable………

    Lets see what else is said at the press conference that starts soon.

  • Flow

    So long as they call the engine Starfire, then I’ll be happy. That ended well last time for Holden right?

  • The Realist

    Makes sense – why would Ford want to manufacture in a country like Australia with high wages but low productivity?

  • Tom

    It is a valid point, the profit margins on small cars are significantly less than larger cars, meaning the volume required to produce them profitably is much larger. Even with an export program, if its cheaper to produce in SA for RHD markets (which is only 25% of the total automotive market) then thats a decision Ford has to make. Holden will face the same problem, however Holden have already received money from the government to build Cruze here, so if they backpedal then they’ll have to pay that money back.

    It does mean though that Falcon/Territory have to get some sort of export program going, beyond limited sales to NZ. Ford Aus as a manufacturer I can’t see surviving going forward on its current output.

  • Tom

    Mitch, its liquid injected LPG, which is more efficient than the current Ford LPG engines. Looking forward to all the anti-Oz manufacturer crazies to come out of the woodwork and announce Ford dead.

  • max

    Yet Holden still intend to build the Cruze here, am I missing something?

  • Tom

    Max you’re missing the fact Holden received money from the Government to build Cruze here, Ford didn’t receive anything. It’ll be interesting to see if Holden stick to their plans now that Ford have canned Oz-built Focus.

  • nananana

    Lets face it, Ford Aus is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. I wonder how many new home sites can be put on the land where the factory sits….one word..over!

  • Dude

    Ahh bummer

  • Direct Injection

    Lets all wait until we have all the facts ……all of you paid Holden bloggers just be quiet for a change. Good on Ford for making this decision. Good for Ford and good for Australia. I would say they have done alot of homework on this and we should wait until its all clear before the stupid irrevelant comments start.

  • AB

    If Ford can export to Asia where big sedans all get around with small 4 cylinder engines, I think there is great opportunity for a 2.0 Falcon.

    Thailand loves CNG fuel, A liquid injected CNG Falcon could be a real winner!

  • Direct Injection

    Nananana……..what a stupid comment, totally irrelevant.

  • Dude

    Ah bummer, aussie built focus wound have been a ripper & good for aussie jobs and “buy aussie” n all that

  • DesignEng©™

    Whilst the Focus news is a dissapointment, in general this is a good news story:
    $230 MILLION extra in sustainability investment means Ford Australia are here to stay for the long term.

  • Luke

    Four cylinder petrol in a falcon? if they are naturally aspirated Front Wheel Drive would be the only option

  • max

    Tom, whats the point of building cars here if Taxpayer funding is a “must have”. If you cant build the car at a profit to start with, dont build it.

  • Andrew

    Ford better give back that Government money it was given for a LHD Falcon and then transferred to Focus…

    There’s a reason Toyota stopped making Corolla here, and why Mitsubishi didn’t replace 380 production with Lancer – there is little profit in building a small car that is already being built elsewhere.

  • Tony M

    I believe this is a good move by Ford Australia. I can see us exporting turbo 4′s; Falcon/Territory to Asia AND America. Why? because where does the 4 cylinder motor come from? America. This plan appears to be a long term plan to save Ford in Australia. Currently the Aussie dollar is at 81c which is pretty high. Good for importing bad for exporting unless you use components/parts from over seas, 4 cylinder turbo 4′s. Smart move.
    I have been told by a mate of mine who is into LPG and I’m not talking about the current technology used in petrol/LPG conversions in Australia. He told me engines built for LPG which run at higher compression than is currently used have better performance and use less fuel than petrol; and guess what, when you turbo charge them they really do “hammer”.
    The next 12 months is going to be very exciting in Australia in the motor industry.

  • DesignEng©™

    Luke it is Ford’s global 2.0l 4 cyl ecoboost engine, and will be the first RWD application worldwide.

    Andrew that money was long ago tranferred to the EuroIV compliance of the I6

  • Victoryi30

    The “cheaper to build overseas” argument sounds like a bit of a cop out to me. How have the comparison in labour costs between Asia/South Africa and Australia changed over the last year or so? Sounds like they taken Rudd’s millions in handouts for a small car (giving Ford and Rudd good publicity), then said it is all too hard and just given up.

    It is about time the locals have moved the direct injection LPG and diesel engines, we have been waiting long enough for these. I’m also interested to see how Ford go with the 4 cylinder turbo petrols, especially with VWs latest turbo offerings showing you can get amazing economy and performance out of these small engines.


    does that mean we may see the focus RS imported very soon?
    Since FPV wont have a small localy built car to modify.

  • Love GT-R

    People will buy the focus based on price and not because its built in Australia. Would you pay extra for a car if it was built here?? Of course not, so stop complaining.

  • Ezz

    Just speculating here, but it appeared at the time that Holden were reacting to the ‘Focus’ plan and hastily announced they would also build a small car here, hence the Cruze. It grew legs very quickly to the point that they can no longer back out of that.

    Did ford know all along that they would never build the Focus here? Will Holden now regret building a small car with even smaller profit margins just to try and trump Ford? Is there still time for them to back out?

    Conspiracy theories maybe, but it will certainly be interesting over the next few months to see what comes out of the Holden marketing machine.


  • Frosty

    Tom Tom Tom, how dare you say that Holden recieved money from the Government to build their small car here and Ford recieved nothing. You seem to forget that Ford transferred money given to them by the Australian Government to build Left Hand drive Falcons to the Ford Focus with the Governments blessing despite not following the Governments original purpose for GIVING them money. Now Ford again have backflipped on car production here so by rights they should give the money back to the Taxpayers. Building a motor will not require as many workers as the full production of a car and as such I can see job losses. I think this is the beginning of the end of Ford as a vehicle maker in Australia focusing (parden the pun) on building motors for export. its already known that its most likely that the next Falcon will be most likely be based on a U.S Ford of equivalent size so that would also mean that Territory will follow for the obvious reason being its based on the Falcon. This is a real blow for the Australian motor industry as how can survive building cars in Australia without a second model being built here considering the fact large cars are on the nose at the moment. Commodore is safe with exports already in place and more to come to combat the axing of Pontiac. Ford do not have that luxury and Ford U.S have already said the exporting of the Falcon wont happen so that will mean Territory wont as well. BAD MOVE FORD OZ.

  • Andrew

    DesignEng, I don’t remember that money being transferred to the I6 program. Why would they take it away from the local Focus project if they only just now announced it is no longer continuing?

  • Phil C.

    Frosty, nicely anti-Ford there. Read the other story for the real picture. Ford are investing $230M to make advanced engine additions to Falcon and Territory.

    They aren’t spending that kind of money to build RWD specific turbocharged, direct injected 4cyl, Liquid LPG 6cyl and 2.7V6 TD just so in 3 years they go to a FWD Falcon.

    Further refutement to your theory is that the upcoming Euro4 compliance of the I6 was announced in that release too.

    This is about strengthening Ford’s Astralian manufacturing just as Ford Worldwide has booked a half billion dollar profit.

    Great work Ford! Great for Australia.

  • Phil C.

    The Focus program was already announced before the ‘Green Car Fund’ was announced. So it didn’t qualify for a handout.

    Updating the Falcon to class leading 9.9L economy did. The money transferred from the delayed LHD program to that.

  • Frosty

    Phil, the money Ford Oz got from the Government was nothing to do with the Green Fund, it was to do with Ford increasing car production at Broadmeadows initially by building a Left hand drive Falcon and then to build the Focus. They have not followed the directions of the Australian Government on behalf of us.

    Phil I am not convinced that the Falcon is safe here beyond 2012 regardless of what Ford say in their press conference. looking at their recent past record I would not trust them (first the LHD Falcon and then the Focus). They will probably focus on something Holden has been doing for years which is exporting motors which is not the same as originally exporting cars. I am not anti Ford despite being a Holden owner but I do know how businesses run and its been know a while now that this was going to be Fords last Aussie built Falcon. I hope they do continue for the sake of Australian jobs but I am looking at the realistic situation here and that is that Ford Oz can not be trusted to keep their promise to build cars in Australia based on their recent history.

  • Baddass

    I know it is the right decision for Ford’s survival, but jeez I’m disappointed!

  • Andrew

    Phil, the LHD money went to the Focus project, this was announced when they canned the former.

    I agree Frosty, but it’s not just Ford that can’t be trusted. Mitsubishi made so many promises and I was probably more disappointed than most when they announced they were finishing up.

  • Adrian

    Ok so now that ford is not going to make the focus in Australia that means no plans on making a local version of the Focus RS….noooooo. Oh for the love god please now consider importing the RS.

  • DGS

    It will be interesting to see if Holden follow suit and drop plans to build the Cruze in Australia. The core issue will be the same as the Focus, why build the same car in 2 differant places with 2 non comparable cost of manufacture?

    Both companies are most likely to stick with larger cars while small cars continue to gain market share in Australia.

  • http://caradvice onepoppa

    Does everyone realise that dropping the Oz built Focus means there is no chance of us getting a C-Mac or a Kuga?

    All the people getting so excited about new Falcon models, and speculating that GMH has guessed wrong by producing the Cruze are kidding themselves – the public taste is shifting – has shifted. People are realising that they don’t need the SIZE of the Falcodores. People are getting out from large cars because they don’t need them – “C” category cars – Focus/Mazda3/Corolla/Cruze/Golf offer nearly as much usable space as the Falcodores and are are just as driveable in a 100/110km speed limited country

  • Rick

    I’m with you DGS, I can’t work out how Holden will build the Cruze at a price it can sell comparably to the Korean made Cruze. Would not be surprised to hear that Holden cancel proposed manufacture of the Cruze in Oz as well.

  • MeestaNob!

    Why wouldn’t they import the Kuga? It was semi-unlikely to be built here, despite the platform similarities.

  • Andrew M

    Frosty and others that cant read.

    Yes you are correct that the funding made available for LHD Falcon was indeed transferred to the Focus Program.

    Now here is the twist……

    In the case where hypotheticlly speaking ford had drawn some funds, they would be made pay it back in the same way the government threatened to sue Mitsubishi if they didnt when they backflipped on their deal.

    Ford seems to have a little more foresight than most at the moment.
    Why did they originally can the LHD export program????
    Well soon after, Toyota and Holdens export program started crying poor
    Why now can the Focus???
    Well if Fords past decisions made not only here but also by Mullaly in the US are anything to go by, one could assume this is a very well made/smart decision.

    But in saying that, yes it is a disappointment, but better to cut it now than get started on it, or 2 years in and then wake up to it.

    Also how can people suggest job losses when the project hasnt even started???

  • Shak

    Remember the Holden made Cruze is not just for us. GM assume that global demand for the Cruze is going to skyrocket so they need at leats two factories making them. We make for asia and the Pacific, Chevrolet makes them for Europe. The Focus wouldn’t have had the numbers whereas Cruze assumedly will.

  • Jack

    This is great news for the development of the LPG motor, in adition to the petrol turbo 4, and diesel. LPG is a natural winner in Australia, and it’s good to see that it will be updated beyond its current form. When asked, I replied LPG would be very high on the list for updating our Territory. For others it may be diesel, good to provide the choice.

    One thing people haven’t mentioned is that this way, Australian Fords remain RWD and AWD. Premium layouts. I got a bit concerned reading the Focus vs Cruze article here on Caradvice and seeing the passionate, age old Red vs Blue debate turning to whose FWD is the best! That was the tragic mistake the Americans made long ago when they switched from their traditional RWD layouts to FWD in a vain attempt to match the Japanese…

    I realise this is only my opinion, but I think RWD is the DNA of Australian made cars, and has endured for a very long time here.

  • DesignEng©™

    Globally Focus numbers are high and it is built in several plants, Cruze is just starting out.

    Secondly, Chevy markets not makes the Cruze. It’s designed and built by GM Daewoo.

  • Andrew M

    The Aussie made Focus was also planned for exports.

    Also production of the Cruze will still remain at GM Daewoo. That will make at 2 places in the Asia region, and as DesignEng says, Chev dont make the Cruze

  • jon

    Well thats proof Ford Aus are in major trouble, I have been saying for some time that we will be importing the Taurus as the Falcon. So get ready for Ford Aus to become an importer.

  • Captain Mainwaring

    Jon is right. This is the end of Ford as an Australian manufacturer.

  • tonyn

    there is another part to this decision that you guys have not recognised here…. the australian government was giving ford NOTHING for building the focus here…. by them switching their strategy to LPG anf 4cyl falcon plus diesel territory they recieve a grant for the green car fund…. and seriously… would people rush out to buy the car cause it is aussie made…. my bet is not…. you guys would all whinge about build quality still….

  • Andtew

    Andrew M, the Government never threatened to sue Mitsubishi they simply requested the funding back and promptly received it.

    What is that about “frosty and others” not being able to read? There was nothing in the article to say Ford hasn’t drawn on funds yet. If you’re referring to our obviously lacking ability of reading minds, I apologize.

  • RWD

    Frosty Holden have lost exports not gained any…..havent you read the news lately? Get facts before you open your mouth……

  • RWD

    Flow……Holdens starfire was a typical Holden\GM effort ………..short-cut cheap and nasty engineering. That hopeless engine was a 6 with 2 cylinders cut off……and it looked and performed like it. The Ecoboost engine is a new latest technology engine, and, if you knew anything at all, you wouldnt even have compared them.

  • SamR

    Does Ford really think Australians are going to start buying Falcons again because they have a four cylinder engine?

    No way.

    Ford will rely on Govt and business fleet sales. Business are starting to realise they do not have to buy a Falcon sized car.

    Ford have given up, they will end up a pure importer.

  • RWD

    SamR……are you serious? Its a great move by Ford. Many people only buy a small car for the fuel economy but if they could buy a comfortable roomy great car to drive and have great fuel economy they would. Choice of 4turbo, I6, I6 Turbo,I6 Gas injection and diesel… engine for everyones tastes and needs in a great car…… not to mention the new Coyote V8…….

    With Holden losing more exports by the minute they will be pure importer sooner than they think, well they almost are now a full Daewoo importer. Who would want to buy a car from Holden as they are now owned by the U.S. Government……..what a joke GM is.

  • Ross R

    As far as I am aware…. Australians haven’t stopped buying Falcons.
    As it says in the article to do with the 4 Cylinder Falcon/Territory.. Ford is the only Local manufacturer which has actually increased its market share over the past year.. Thanks mainly due [I'd say] to the Awesome XR6-T

    Sales of Holden Commodores have remained constant – even the Sportwagon is proving popular.

    Therefore; if anything you would say that most people have stopped buying Aurion/Camry as Toyota share has steadily reduced/decreased.

  • Roddy

    2 litre 4 cyl Falcon ROFL seriously…who would fork over 35-odd grand minimum for a 4 cyl Falcon when the same outlay buys a decent mid sizer? And so are Holden if they are considering a 4 cyl Commodore. My guesstimate is that the buying public won’t buy it.

    So the Focus is to be made in Asia is it?
    Will be interesting to see if it cops the same uneducated hare-brained racist remarks in here as the also made-in-Asia Cruze.
    My guess is that the usual double standards will apply…it’s got a Ford badge after all.

  • Direct Injection

    Roddy…well if thats true then nobody will buy a 3 litre Commode either as the 4 turbo will have the same if not more power and torque with a flat torque curve and better economy. Holden behind again!!
    Imagine buying a Holden knowing the money is going straight to the U.S. Government!!! Hmmmm…… thanks!!

  • jamesh

    Ford owes australain tax payers $80 000 000.
    first they canned the export facon, now they can the local manafactured focus.
    Next they’ll can their new motors then they’ll can the falcon/territory and import american sh&tboxes and stick falcon badges on them.
    The sale slump in large cars means the falcon and territory simply aren’t viable anymore.
    You can’t trust anything ford says, they just change it a few months latter.
    Stop crapping to australians and give us the money back!

    (and no I’m not a holden fan, I just think ford is a crap company)

  • SamR

    “SamR……are you serious? Its a great move by Ford. Many people only buy a small car for the fuel economy but if they could buy a comfortable roomy great car to drive and have great fuel economy they would. ”

    Private buyers have stopped buying the Falcon years ago, most sales are to corporate and Govt Fleets.

    The Falcon and Commodore are too big, 9 to 10 litres/100km is crappy economy when fuel prices go up.

  • Direct Injection

    SamR…..that sthe Commodore you are thinking of……fleet special. Falcon sells less to fleets now and more to private buyers the base XT is only 3% of total FG sales, no profit in fleet sales…….better to sell less cars with more profit margin like the G6E…..GO FORD!!!!!

  • Andrew

    Holden’s cruze is built from scratch here, while Ford’s focus was to come in kit form then be assembled, you know what once again Ford has let Australia down, we don’t want a four in our big Aussie cars we want 6′s and 8′s that drink like 4′s and 6′s which Holden has and will diliver, ie with the AFM commy, the only petrol powered car on the market (yes no even a prius) that can do Sydney to Melbourne on a tank and the new DI 6′s that commy is getting that will drink less then a commy and flog Ford’s I6, lets not even start with what it will do with it’s 4. As for the Cruze, yes its not an Astra (that we all love and will miss), but its a bloody good car, that looks great and hell your paying $26k for the thing you can’t expect it to be like an Astra inside . . . FORD build the car . . . if Holden can, you can . . . Oh wait Falcon sales aren’t that of Commy and Focus fail to match Astra or Cruze . . . i can see why you don’t want to build it . .

  • Tom

    Keep telling yourself that Andrew, if you say it enough times it just might come true…

  • Tomas79

    Andrew Says:”ie with the AFM commy, the only petrol powered car on the market (yes no even a prius) that can do Sydney to Melbourne on a tank”

    Not true, I know for a fact that a petrol powered Prado will get you from Melbourne to Sydney on a single tank, and the d4d diesel powered prado will get you there and back on a single tank!

    But I don’t think that is a big deal, I’m sure there are other cars on the market that will do it too!

  • Direct Injection

    Andrew the Cruze maybe assembled here its not made here. its a Daewoo piece of crap…..not a patch on Focus. AFM is a joke……even the testers admitted it makes no difference. If it did they wouldnt have had to DECREASE the power and torque to use less fuel, its another Holden joke…..

  • Roddy

    The Cruze is a piece of crap is it?
    Which review did you read that in?

    Please supply the link…so we know you’re not just mouthing off.

  • Adam

    Go Ford! They will be the first locally produced cars with small capacity direct injection engines. The ecoboost is amazing. Well done Ford!

  • DesignEng©™

    Ross R Says:
    July 24th, 2009 at 10:41 pm
    “As far as I am aware…. Australians haven’t stopped buying Falcons.
    As it says in the article to do with the 4 Cylinder Falcon/Territory.. Ford is the only Local manufacturer which has actually increased its market share over the past year.. Thanks mainly due [I'd say] to the Awesome XR6-T”

    Ross, in July XR series recorded its best ever monthly sales. Also Falcon sedan was within a few units of Commodore sedan (wagon sales being the diff between the two).

  • BK

    i will be sticking with my BA XR6 for a long time and i wont be worrying about paying 2 bucks a litre in 5 years time.

  • Ross R

    That may be so Tomas79… but once again you forgot to mention the fact that the fuel tank in the Falcon/Commodore is less than half the size of the [180L] tank in the Prado.

    For a person that demands others to back their statements with FACTS; you tend to omit them quite a lot… whenever it suits you just to make the story sound better… mind you you are a Toyota fan.

  • DesignEng©™

    Andrew, even if the AFM Commodore could get down to 9 l/100 km with its 73 l tank it only has a range of 744km.
    Falcon with its 68 l tank and 7.9 l/100 km (extra-urban) has a range of 860 km.
    Stupid statement really Andrew. Didn’t think it through at all did you?

  • Andrew M

    Quote from above…………… (This article)

    “Industry Minister, Senator Kim Carr, both stressed that while Ford had been allocated Federal Government funding by the previous Liberal Government for the Focus project, none of this funding had been drawn by the company.”

    Stick that up your pipe and smoke it smart a*se

    Also on the Mitsubishi side of things,
    The government did infact come out and announce they would persue legal action to recoup funds.
    Mitsubishi had no problem with returning the funds and had every intent to do so. The government just jumped the gun to look tough.
    What they showed is exactlly what I implied. The government will take action if funds have not been used for their purpose

    Ill find a Quote for the Mitsubishi thing too if I get bored

  • Tomas79

    Ross R, you seriously are a retard?!!
    No sh!t the fuel tanks are that big? and your point is??

    How old are you?? Because you certainly aren’t too bright!!

  • DesignEng©™

    Tomas the “abusive dumb arse tool of a retard” is back!

  • Mumble Duck

    Oh, well, at least the Cruze will be built in Australia, like Holden said.

    No competition with australian small built cars then….hey?

  • Tomas79

    DesignEng©™ Says:
    “abusive dumb arse tool of a retard” is back!

    I know, I noticed your posts on this, and other articles!!

  • DesignEng©™

    Thomas, you know all I did was repeat the words that you had just used.
    It’s only the low IQ people like yourself who resort to insults when you’re shown up.

  • Tomas79

    Getting petty are we??
    Speaking of low IQed people, please back up your assertion and show me from the above posts, I have been “shown up”?

  • DesignEng©™

    Tomas, you have been judged by your own posts, and failed.

    As such, I won’t be responding, this has gone on far too long already.

  • Tomas79

    DesignEng©™ Says:
    July 25th, 2009 at 2:50 pm
    “Tomas, you have been judged by your own posts, and failed.
    As such, I won’t be responding, this has gone on far too long already.”

    Obviously you are running away, with your tail between your legs, since were making insulting assertions, that you just don’t have the mental capacity to back up!! This is because we both know I haven’t been “shown up”!! And you were calling me Low IQed, LOL!!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Tomas79…..let it go as your like a dog with a bone and cant stop! I see your point and all in all its too minute to react and I know your better then that!

  • DesignEng©™

    Tomas @ $65 an hour I’ve got far more important things to be doing.
    And it was YOU who started with the insults, I just deflected them right back.

  • Tomas79

    Naughtyius Maximus are you another falcadore fairy having a go at me?? The point is, there is nothing to “show up” on my original example!!

    DesignEng, 65 bucks an hour?? is that all??
    No wonder you can’t prove your BS about me beening “shown up”. Please, next time, if you can’t keep up, don’t but in!!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Thomas……………wake up as your too sensitive and tightly highly strung! I did say I can see your point and get over it which is hardly attacking you!

  • aj555

    Smart move. Focus(pardon the pun) on your strengths – large cars and import the rest. Let some other Ford overseas plant carry the large cost and risk of. As an importer of small cars the risk is the carrying cost of the stock.
    I can’t get my head around a Holden’s business case to produce small cars – at least with the large its Ford v Holden, with the small cars it’s Holden v Mazda,Nissan,VW, Mitsi,Hyundai,Subaru,Honda, Suzuki etc.

  • Rowiti

    Mumble Duck Says:

    Oh, well, at least the Cruze will be built in Australia, like Holden said.
    No competition with australian small built cars then….hey?

    Right up until it’s dumped for not being viable. It’s a joke 5 years out of date.

  • Rowiti

    The article states the The Verve is the basis for the next Focus. The Verve concept was the basis for the new Fiesta not the Focus. The Focus/C Max are based on the Iosis MAX.

  • Andrew

    Obviously there are 2 of me on here!

  • Rym

    Ford didn’t just lose focus now… it was lost a long time ago when their “focus” was on local and not a global trend, continuing the path of low tech American cars until the writing was on the wall. Both ford and holden has been woken up with a bucket of cold shower. Let’s see if they could now atleast focus on high efficiency automobiles from now on.

  • Farmer

    Congratulation to Rudd’s green policy, we will no longer have manufacturing and engineering in this country. Free trade is opening the doors for cheaper cars but we will no longer have the automotive industry here in Australia. Since 1985 Australia has been going backwards in manufacturing due to the removal of the tariff. Thanks Rudd we will all be “GREEN FARMERS”


    direct injection,

    the ve’s fuel tank may be stated at 73ltrs,but ask ANYBODY who’s got one,and run up the “very low fuel” warning light,the tank takes 80 ltrs.

    your also comparing a 6 to a 8 cyl car,and the afm cost’s nothing extra(except a hp/nm drop)so why not.

    cruze crap…maybe a you???it will be interesting to learn how its selling,my feedback is very well

  • DesignEng©™

    My Holden dealer source reckons that they are selling plenty fo Cruze’s.

    He also admitted that most also are back in for warranty work within the first two weeks.
    He’s hoping that the early quality problems are not an indication of on-going long term problems. (Actually he’s panicking about it).

  • Andrew

    The wheels magazine sitting next to must be telling lies about how they got thier AFM Calias from Melbourne to sydney on one tank.

    oh and Tomas79,
    stick a big enough fuel tank on somthing it will go anywhere, your also forgetting Prado has two of them, lets see it make it there on 73L’s of fuel.

Ford Focus Specs

Car Details
Body Type
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
156Nm @  4400rpm
Max. Power
85kW @  5500rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
8L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:800  Unbrake:590
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
195/60 R15
Rear Tyres
195/60 R15
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Standard Features
Power Steering
Radio CD with 4 Speakers
Fog Lights - Front
Airbag Driver, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Air Conditioning
Safety Pack
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Country of Origin