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2009 Ford Mondeo TDCi Review and Road Test

So appealing that it takes the gloss off the already impressive Falcon.

Model Tested:

  • 2009 Ford MA Mondeo TDCi; 2.0-litre, four-cylinder; six-speed automatic; hatch – $39,990 (RRP)


  • Leather heated seats

CarAdvice Rating: rating11.gifrating11.gifrating11.gifrating11.gif

– by Paul Maric

As humble as it may seem, the Ford Mondeo has arrived in Australia with an artillery of equipment and engines, prepared to take on the rivals from Mazda, Holden, Honda, Skoda, Hyundai, Toyota, Volkswagen and Kia.

Well, that would have been the headline when the car was launched, but unfortunately the Mondeo hasn’t been the runaway success Ford had hoped.

I recently jumped behind the wheel of the turbo-diesel Mondeo to see if there was an issue with the car or if it was the Australian public.

From afar, the Mondeo is a spitting image of the Falcon. or is that the other way around?

Ford Mondeo TDCi Hatch

Anyway, it’s a decently sized car and is far from offensive to look at. As you approach the Mondeo, European styling cues and impressive design features make the exterior a flowing form.

Although our test vehicle was a hatch, the integrated boot makes it look like a sedan until you open the tailgate, very reminiscent of the Skoda Octavia.

This impressive styling trait neatens the rear of the car and hides the sometimes ugly rear ended hatch look these types of mid-sized sedans possess.

Ford Mondeo TDCi HatchFord Mondeo TDCi Hatch

It’s not until you reach the inside of the Mondeo that the exterior styling begins making sense, and the front of the cabin offers expanses of room for both driver and passenger.

Ample head and shoulder room make the leather clad cabin of the TDCi Hatch a pleasure in which to sit.

Rear seat passengers are treated to an astonishing amount of legroom. The cutaway of the roof also ensures tall passengers aren’t left rubbing their heads on the roof when seated. Three adults comfortably sit abreast along the rear row.

Boot room is yet another point of applause. Offering 528-litres of cargo volume, the boot’s depth and width along with entry room make it perfect for carting around kids belongings and luggage.

Ford Mondeo TDCi Hatch

In comparison to the Falcon’s 535-litres and the Commodore’s 486-litres, the Mondeo can hold its own in the capacity stakes with these cars from a class above.

The TDCi’s standard features include; dual zone climate control, premium Sony audio system with six-disc in-dash CD player and eight-speakers, leather wrapped steering wheel and gear shifter, cruise control, 17-inch alloy wheels, fog lights, automatic headlights, front and rear parking sensors and rain sensing windscreen wipers.

Standard safety features across the range include; Electronic Stability Control (ESC), driver and passenger front and side airbags, front and rear side curtain airbags, driver’s knee airbag, engine immobiliser, ABS brakes and Traction Control (TC).

Ford Mondeo TDCi Hatch

Powering the TDCi Mondeo Hatch is Ford Europe’s 2.0-litre Duratorq four-cylinder, turbo-diesel engine that produces 103kW and 320Nm, which is directed through a slick shifting, six-speed automatic gearbox.

Taking into account the car’s 1.6-tonne mass, the Duratorq motor does an impressive job of hauling this Belgian-made car along.

The six-speed automatic gearbox also infuses a level of confidence when driving the Mondeo both at pace and with frugal motoring in mind.

In gear acceleration is top notch at both low and high speeds. In addition, fuel consumption is a meager 7.3-litres/100km on a combined cycle, which was easily achieved on test.

Ford Mondeo TDCi Hatch

The Mondeo’s steering is also an impressive show of engineering. The hydraulic power steering unit offers adequate feedback and feel, even on some of Australia’s nasty B-roads.

Although the Mondeo is front-wheel-drive, the only time understeer rears its ugly head when the Mondeo is pushed beyond its limits and is forced to throw in the towel.

Generally those limits are well out of reach for the average driver. Even with a full complement of passengers, the Mondeo handles and remains composed, as you would expect from a European engineered vehicle.

Ford Mondeo TDCi HatchFord Mondeo TDCi Hatch

Braking is taken care of by ventilated front and solid rear discs. The pedal feels firm throughout the entire travel, making braking a manageable and inattentive affair.

Engine noise from the 2.0-litre diesel unit is minimal at the best of times, although it sounds a bit tractor-like at idle from the exterior. Generally though it’s unnoticeable and the fact that a diesel lies under the bonnet would be unbeknown to most.

Our test vehicle was fitted with the optional Bluetooth and leather interior package.

Ford Mondeo TDCi Hatch

The TDCi Mondeo is priced from $39,990.

So, what have I learnt from the road test? Well, the most obvious thing is that the Mondeo isn’t a bad car.

In fact, it’s better than most, if not all, its competitors. Where the Mazda6 and Camry lack torque, the TDCi Mondeo rips them to shreds. Comfort, convenience and style are also unmatched by the competition.

Ford Mondeo TDCi Hatch

I personally believe a lack of product advertising, probably due to the presence of the Falcon, is affecting Mondeo sales.

If you were in the market for a medium sized car like the Mondeo, it would be hard not to include it on the test drive list.

The pretty design and long list of safety and user features make it affordable at its asking price.


CarAdvice Overall Rating: rating11.gifrating11.gifrating11.gifrating11.gif

How does it Drive: rating11.gifrating11.gifrating11.gifrating11.gif

How does it Look: rating11.gifrating11.gifrating11.gifrating11.gif

How does it Go: rating11.gifrating11.gifrating11.gifrating11.gif

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Ford Mondeo Review and Road Test
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  • MPS Carl

    “From afar, the Mondeo is a spitting image of the Falcon. or is that the other way around?”

    I’m sorry, but I do not see that either one is the spitting image of the other! I find the Falcon considerably more attractive than the Mondeo.

  • Jake02

    Hey, hey, hey! At lest the Mondeo doesn’t look very similar to it’s predeccessor! The Mondeo looks quite alright (except it’s rear-end which does borderline on ugly but it does have attitude so I’m happy) but the Falcon is so boring and conventional.

    My main gripe is the price. 40k for that is alot of money and I hope that’s on-road. You could have a 6 (but only a wagon at that price because of stupid Mazda Oz), an Octavia (yes it is a competitor, don’t argue), or even a Jetta (I don’t know why you would but you could) for less – all of which come with comparitable amounts of kit.

    Paul – was this the re-shuffled 2009 model?

  • http://Caradvice.com.au Baddass

    I would definitely recommend this car to one of my friends. However, I have never quite got used to the tail lights on the sedan. The wagon is much more sorted in the style stakes and has a bigger cargo capacity, so that’s probably the one I’d get.

  • Tom

    My next car will be a Mondeo hatch, however with the XR5 and the TDCI Titanium being the same price, it does make it a difficult decision. Fuel economy vs power. Probably go the XR5 as its manual.

    On the review, Bluetooth is standard across the entire range, its not optional. As is the voice control that goes with it.

  • Jake02

    Well that makes it pre-shuffle model then…dw about it Paul.

    Tom, for gods sake get the XR5. Waaaay more exciting than any of the other Mondeos…but look at all the other mid-size sports sedans too (Lib GT, Jetta TFSI, Octy RS, 6 MZR-CD hatch etc etc) as they’re all pretty damn good!

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au David Twomey

    The car reviewed is the current Mondeo, the models announced recently by Ford do not go on sale until the end of July and have not yet been made available for road testing

  • SteveH

    Tom, get the XR5. Heaps of space along with the grunty turbo engine. It really is a fantastic car especially with the new additions on the updated model.

  • Tim

    Saw the Mondeo wagon at a Ford dealership on the weekend. Looks good, not as striking as a VE SS Wagon, but still looks good. Hopefully the sales pick up, because it is a nice car.

  • Tom

    I probably just need to tell my brain to shut up and get the XR5. The new features of the XR5 are very good, even comes standard with a sunroof now which is pretty awesome, plus the directional headlights and adaptive cruise control. And you can get them chipped to 200kW pretty easy with no hardware mods.

    David, fair enough, may I suggest then that you add in the title that its the MA Mondeo and not the MB, as with the timing of the review, most people will assume its the new model. The new model also changes the value aspect as you get more kit with the MB for the same price.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au OSU811

    i drove one of these for a couple of days, and had the same findings, its a nice comfy, smooth ,quiet, car with a nice torquey engine and good auto g/box, was very fuel efficient too,
    my wife drove it and didnt even realise it was a diesel, she was actually so surprised with its pick up she asked me if it was a turbo model or a V6, as it had heaps of gutts as she calls it! When I told her it was a turbo diesel she was very surprised!
    i personally would buy the XR5 turbo model, to get the 6speed man box, sports susp and more power!
    but the diesel is a nice cruisy easy to live with car.

  • The Realist

    Er… that looks nothing like a Falcon…

  • Hagar

    I drove the diesel hatch last year. This is a very good car made in Belgium and drove well with great detailed finish inside and out. Surprising they did not sell many. We see quite a few here in the bush. My main gripe is the front grill. I know all cars are plastic, but the front on this one looked more plasticly than usual but only close-up. Indeed a great looking car too. We also have allot of local dealers for Ford here so are well covered compared to other European models out there.

  • Hagar

    I agree, on the hwy when one of the these is approaching it does look Falconish.. Not so much from the back.

  • ZoomZoom

    Paul Maric
    I am curious to know why you put the following statement in your review.
    “In fact, it’s better than most, if not all, its competitors. Where the Mazda6 and Camry lack torque, the TDCi Mondeo rips them to shreds.”
    Hmmmm are you comparing standard petrol engines with turbo charged diesels. Why didn’t you compare the 2.3 Mondeo with the camry and Mazda 6. Or to better suit your review why don’t you compare the Mazda 6 diesel with 136kw and 400Nm which I’m quite sure will rip to shreds this Mondeo and make it seem like it lacks torque.

    Other than that good review.

  • Jazrod

    David T, Dad’s work have got the new model mondeo’s on the lot, and are allowing test drives of the Zetec wagon? hmm.

    anyway, lucky enough i have driven both TDCi and XR5 models of this car when dad has baught them home(unfortunately not the petrol), and they’re both fantastic! would definately reccomend one – and after driving the XR5 my cousin ended up buying one in the collur blue ambition (now discontinued).

  • Tony

    i have a hard time working out the niche for this car

    it’s not a medium car any more being 1,6 ton (so same rego as a Falcon) – roughly same size as the falcon

    it’ll be more expensive to service than a falcon and parts will obviously be more expensive if you keep it after warranty

    more expensive than an XR6 – quite obviously the AUD to Euro exchange isn’t helping

    you may say a diesel is economical… so is an LPG Falcon

    does have a certain amount of James Bond appeal I guess

  • Golfschwein

    It’s sized within cooee of a Falcon, so there’s no surprise that its weight and dollar outlay are about the same.

    Jake02, I reckon the real competitor from the VW stable would be the Passat, size-wise. This Mondeo is a large medium car. The Jetta is a Golf with a boot and the Octavia is a rebodied Golf/Jetta, all clearly from the size class below.

  • lpg

    Golfschwein, I dissagree. Jetta rear seat room is far more than just a Golf with a boot. I own a Golf GTI V and have driven many Jetta’s and Golf interior is much more cramped in rear.

  • LSD

    Great car but the FG is still the best on the market…..when the gas injection comes out there will be nothing to compare to it. A G6E with gas injection will be the best car on the market in any class.

  • lpg

    LSD, Better still a G6E turbo on liquid injection lpg would be the best. 0 to 100km/h in 5.5 secs with a full refill costing $30. German twin turbo diesels with 1000Nms (Audi Q7 V12TT) may offer mid 5’s but it would also cost $120 each time to fill it.

  • Tom

    In my opinion the Mondeo is more practical than the Falcon. The Mondeo is around 30cm shorter than Falcon, however due to its FWD layout, the cabin size is about the same. With the Mondeo hatchback, I can throw a mountain bike in no drama’s, which is something I can’t do in the Falcon because of its sedan boot. If they made a hatchback Falcon, then I’d be interested. The only real benefit I see to the Falcon is being RWD and very torquey its a great towing machine, and handles better, but for the average family that doesn’t own a boat yet still wants something spacious, the Mondeo is the better pick. I still think the Falcon is a great car, but I think for a lot of people, if they actually knew the Mondeo existed and test drove one, I’d say they’d find it more practical.

    ZoomZoom, the Mazda 6 is also a great car, particularly in 2.2L diesel form, however when I test drove one, the engine if you get below around 1900rpm falls off the turbo cliff and is gutless as, which was surprising. I read in a Top Gear review the other day they found the same thing, so I don’t think it was my particular car. Its also slightly smaller than the Mondeo, so its not quite comparable. At least Mazda sell a diesel Wagon, disappointing Ford didn’t do the same.

  • Terry

    May i make a suggestion in regard to this review. Although I thought it was a reasonable (albeit short) summary of the TDCi Mondeo, I think its critical to mention in either the heading or opening statments that this is infact a review of the just superceeded MA TDCi mondeo. The specs you have included at the end appear to be from the MB mondeo, (the MA actually had 96kw whereas the specs for the new MB are 103kw) but the car tested here is clearly an MA. Seems the timing of this review is a bit too late now, and the new MB TDCi model ups the ante with more equipment standard including high end features such as the Color in dash Human Machine Interface (previously limited to only the XR5).

    Having said all that, would love to see a review of the new MB TDCi model sometime soon, and not when that model has just been superceeded, as is the case here.


  • Terry

    Tom says “In my opinion the Mondeo is more practical than the Falcon. The Mondeo is around 30cm shorter than Falcon, however due to its FWD layout, the cabin size is about the same.”

    Hmmm because I’m a stickler for fact accuracy, may I just point out that the difference between length of the Falcon and Mondeo is not 30cms, its actually 18.9cms :)

  • Alex

    Fantastic car. I can’t think why anybody would buy a Mazda 6 or a Passat over one as the Mondeo has been firmly called as class leader by many motoring journalists. Some even prefer it to the C Class and the A4. I also don’t know why you would buy a Falcon over the Mondeo, unless you were hung up on rear wheel drive. The Mondeo is better quality, more practical, better value, looks better and is just a much better package than the Falcon.
    Looks good too; it just needs bigger wheels. But I suppose they’ll come with the Titanium package.

  • Golfschwein

    Some posters need to get their head around dimensions, to give them a clearer class perspective. There are some surprises in store.

    Lpg, what you say about the Golf v Jetta is not possible. They’re on the same wheelbase, 2,578 mm. They have the same interior up to the B pillar (all this pre Mark VI Golf, okay?) and identical body structure, save for slightly reprofiled outer door skins. Even the dash is the same. The front seats are the same. Jettas are not roomier inside, but their boot is bigger.

    Check out the following. A Mondeo sedan is just 125 mm shorter than a Falcon (hatch is 177 mm shorter, so even that’s not 30 centimetres, as described by one poster), yet its wheelbase is 12 mm longer and its width excluding mirrors is 18 mm greater.

    The Passat (13 mm shorter than Mondeo hatch, 141 mm shy in the wheelbase and 66 mm narrower) is markedly smaller in all dimensions than the Mondeo, but still more clearly a medium sized car than the Jetta.

    • broady

      I was all ready to buy the Passat CC 125TDi Coupe but decided to check out the Mondeo on my way to the VW dealership. After taking the XR5 Turbo for a run, I am now seriously considering changing my mind!!! The drive, handling, looks and quality of finish totally surprised me… The list of standard inclusions is very similar yet the Mondeo is $14k less!! My only concern is that the Mondeo’s resale value falls very quickly with 1 year old MA models dropping by up to $13k…

  • Alex

    Jake02, they’re European cars so why don’t you go by the competition that the Europeans do? The Octavia is a Golf competitor, it’s just a bit confusing because Skodas tend to be larger. Back in Europe, they need to be good value (more car for the money) for people to buy them. The Mondeo is technically a Superb and Passat competitor.
    As far as the Octavia goes, the best way to look at it is that the Octavia Wagon is basically the same size as the Golf wagon, but significantly smaller than the Mondeo or Passat wagons. I know the Octavia is bigger than the Golf, but it’s not nearly as big as the Mondeo or the 6. When you look at length measurements for the cars, it’s basically in between the two classes, but considering that it’s on a Golf platform with Golf engines and Golf prices, it’s a Golf competitor – not a Mondeo one. Don’t argue :)

  • LSD

    Lpg……..i hope they bring out the Turbo on gas injection…..what a beast!!!! I cant see why they wouldnt……

  • Yianni

    Good car but too expensive.

  • laurie

    Disappointed they did not upped the diesel engine specs to 2.2L that would have given them 400NM of torque so I will hang on to mine until they do!


  • Terry

    Golfschwein says “Check out the following. A Mondeo sedan is just 125 mm shorter than a Falcon (hatch is 177 mm shorter, so even that’s not 30 centimetres, as described by one poster), yet its wheelbase is 12 mm longer and its width excluding mirrors is 18 mm greater. ”


    Ok let me just state the figures, as per fords own website:

    Falcon sedan (FG G6) vs Mondeo hatch (MB)

    Falcon sedan: 4970 mm
    Mondeo hatch: 4778 mm

    Falcon sedan: 1868 mm
    Mondeo hatch: 1886 mm

    Falcon sedan: 2838 mm
    Mondeo hatch: 2850 mm

    The reasons I compared the hatch to sedan originally is because a) this article is reviewing the hatch and b) ford no longer even sells the sedan with the new model update.

    So the difference in cars is:

    Falcon is 192 mm longer than Mondeo


    Mondeo is 18 mm wider than Falcon

    Mondeo has a 12 mm greater wheelbase than Falcon.

    So in summary, obviously this car is going to offer very similar interior space, boot size etc as a Falcon, and obviously its stupid comparing a Golf based Jetta to a large car like the mondeo.

    Most people would laugh if you said the Jetta and Falcon are in a comparable size category, yet on the other hand some think its fine comparing a Jetta with a Mondeo. I dont think they realise just how big a Mondeo is these days.

  • lpg

    Golfschwein, is wheelbase the only measure for interior room? Then can you please answer this.

    Skoda Superb = 2761mm
    BMW 750li long wheelbase = 3210mm
    Mercedes S350 long wheelbase = 3165mm

    Yet in many reviews from different publications the reviewers are astonished that Superb had more rear leg room than both Germans.

  • Golfschwein

    Terry, I’m with you, I’m with you, I’m with you! Re-read me, in case you think I’m suggesting the Jetta is a Mondeo equivalent.

    Lpg, you’re right: wheelbase isn’t the only determinant of interior room, particularly when comparing different cars from different makers. But the Jetta really is a Golf with a boot. It truly, honestly is. I won’t say why, cos I’d just be repeating myself. How do Volkswagen make it roomier when it’s on the same wheelbase, same platform and has the same interior with fold-down rear seats? The view out of the rear passengers’ doors is different, obviously, and the shorter roof slopes down (to the detriment of head room) to meet the faster slope on the rear screen, so it CAN’T POSSIBLY be roomier!

    If you find figures to support your assertions, I’ll happily recant mine.

  • Ryan Bane

    Mondeo is a great car in terms of space, ride and handling (though im personally not a fan of the silver plastic dash design… i think fixed in the MB update)

    The biggest issue here (nz) is that only fleet purchasers buy them new at huge discounts (bugger all private sales), and resale value is awful – expect 20% less at sale time than the equivalent Mazda 6.

    In fact the previous model Mondeo is so hard to shift at any price, that many (non-ford) dealers refuse to trade them – the new model resale values so far suggest a similar fate…

  • LSD

    Lots of comments about this car but the basic fact is it is a great car. It doesnt matter if it is smaller bigger or whatever compared to a Falcon because its not a Falcon……its different to a Falcon and gives people another choice of another great Ford vehicle. If you want cheap and nasty dont buy this car if you think its too expensive…….Holden have a complete range of cheap and nasty cars just for you…..

  • Jake02

    Wow, you really hate me! Nice to know you’re concerns but not once did I mention space. All you tools above seem to have your head wrapped around the bigger the car, the more interior space. That is just absurd. A successful attempt at proper interior packaging is possibly the most clever things achieveable in automobile design. The Octavia maybe much smaller on the outside, but offers SIMILAR interior space (eg lots). The Jetta does not do this because it’s a sedan (eg the roofline has a sharper angled rear-window because it ends sooner (eg much less headroom) and because Skoda designed the interior (not VW), their expertise in interior design (they did the Superb remember – explained in an above comment) means the Octavia really does offer sizeable room. And I’ve said this before – I looked at both the RS and XR5 and found that an extra 5k was not worth it because of the fact of similar room, and the Octy having just as much (if not more) equipment, And it’s quicker too.

    Try them both if you don’t believe me. Sit behind your driving position and you’ll see the difference isn’t as big as you suggest. 😀

  • NotTheStig

    One thing that will annoy some is the lack of rear air vents in the lower spec cars.

    A friend rejected a Mondeo for that alone – are you listening Ford ?

  • Steve-Poyza

    I’d get a Renault Laguna instead. Individual style. A great diesel with a nice torque curve. It simply has a greater sense of quality (nicer materials and better fit/finish). A great level of standard kit and safety features. This is a nice car, Laguna is nicer.

  • Insider

    Ford need to rebrand the car. The name is bringing it down. Nowone wants to be a “Mondeo man”.

  • http://skyline The Salesman”So, i can buy a wall at Walmart?”

    A cars success or failure at launch will depend entirely the advertising capturing the correct emotions of the public. You can predict an epic fail when the ad for the car has quotes from Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton. Mondeo is an OK car that IMO is just as good as anything else on the market. Get the marketing right and you will triumph. For example just look at Toyota, all it took was a boxing Camel and some ninja Kittens to get the floor traffic flowing.

  • Andrew M (not Andrew without the “M”)

    Ryan Bane,
    What you say regarding re-sale of Mondeo might be true in NZ, but thats a totally different market.

    I remember when I was in NZ seeing plenty of Mondeos used for its fair share of taxi, police and private vehicles.
    That isnt the case here in OZ.
    Mondeo isnt a fleet seller here in OZ and the market isnt as heavily flooded with them here.
    Mondeo even took a break from our shores for a while whereas I believe there in NZ it played on.

  • Carl

    This Mondeo is a classy car so if it’s not selling well it’s because Ford is not promoting it enough…..i also heard that Ford OZ is selling all the diesels that it can get it’s hands on anyway. It would be a different story if Ford was stuck with a massive over stock!!!

  • Kevin

    Personally I like the Mondeo a lot it looks more special than the Falcon even though the new Falcon is a great looking car as well.I believe that the Mondeo or its Americanised decendant is eventually going to replace the Falcon. They can not take the Falcon further up the size ladder as the market seems to be downsizing. Whereas the Mondeo is has room to grow so to speak. They are placing a 4 cylinder in the Falcon (a turbo 2.0) I wonder why they did not use the Volvo engine (a 2.5L 4 or 5 cylinder). There are strong hints that future Falcons are going to be Fwd or 4WD very similar to current Mondeo or jaguar X type.

  • Andrew M

    Ford not promoting a vehicle properly???? NOOOOOOOOOO.

    It wouldnt be the first time.
    I mean for the portfolio of class leading vehicles they have, one would definately think they should be moving a lot more numbers than they are.

    Its a no brainer, yet the guy who hires the marketing staff still hasnt figured it out yet

  • Grease Monkey

    The Mondeo is not selling well cause it’s too damn expensive, it’s heading down the same path the Vectra did, it just eventually outpriced itself for the market.

  • M

    Probbably looks more like the 90’s falcon from the rear. 4/5 stars for looks, i don’t think so….

    The rims don’t even match the car…

  • SamR

    I think I have the answser to this comment in the test

    “I personally believe a lack of product advertising, probably due to the presence of the Falcon, is affecting Mondeo sales.”

    The Mondeo is European.

    The Mazda6 and Camry are Japanese.

    Which car would you want to actually own in five years time?

    I shudder at the thought of owning an ageing Mondeo.

  • Kris

    Some interesting comments posted by people here. I’ve driven the Mondeo hatch TDCI, the Mazda 6 2.2 TDCI wagon and the Skoda Octavia RS TDCI with DSG and was genuinely impressed with all 3. All three have their problems though too, but if I was going to buy one of these 3 cars, I’d have a hard time choosing to be honest. The Mondeo was comfortable and easy to drive and the 6 speed auto was smooth. The car got up and went surprisingly well as I thought the 2.0 engine might struggle. Handling is alright and I thought the stereo was decent for a stock unit. The Mazda definitely goes harder than the Mondeo and in-gear acceleration is awesome. Turbo lag is a problem in the 6 though and with anything under 1800rpm, the car struggles. I’d tweak the ecu if I went for one. The 6 is the better handling car in my opinion. I like the looks of both the Mondeo and Mazda 6. The Skoda’s looks are a bit polarising but I don’t mind the look of the facelifted RS coming out soon. The Skoda gets up and goes very well. Not quite as quick as the Mazda, but very close, and turbo lag was not as big an issue. Handling was also good but it was probably the noisest of the 3 cars, although it’s still pretty quiet compared to a lot of cars out there. The Skoda has the biggest boot but is the narrowest, and has less room in the rear than the Mondeo and 6. It’s also the more economical than the Mondeo and line ball with the 6, although the 6 has a larger tank so you’ll get more km for your dollar there I think. Horses for courses, but I wouldn’t be disappointed in owning any of them, but I’d have a hard time choosing.

  • Mr Happy

    Tariffs in Australia are too high! They force the price of the Mondeo into a range where it has an unfair disadvantage. The Government should remove tariffs and replace them with subsidies for the local manufacturers. Because subsidies are an expenditure item for the Government they are more likely to give them a structured plan of assistance removal where they must innovate and be more competitive in the world market to survive (i.e. Ford should export it’s world class Falcon) or face death in the Australian Automotive industry. I would hate for the Australian automotive industry to turn out like the textile industry or Telstra, an under developed and lazy industry unable to compete with superior international competition.

  • LSD

    SamR…..I shudder at the thought of owning a Japenese car when I could have a great European car like this one.

  • Jon

    Regarding Mazda 6 versus Ford Mondeo: Mazda has a 6 month servicing interval while Ford has a 12 month interval. For this reason alone, I am more interested in the Mondeo than in the 6. I simply don’t like visiting my dealer.

  • Frenchie

    Maybe a good car, but will not make Ford Australia a profit. I give this model, maybe next one after that and the axe will fall.

    I know most of you sing praise about diesels, but I think prices will go through the roof again in 12 months. Their is too much world wide demand for this type of fuel.

  • tekkyy

    The fact that reviews are overwhelmingly for TDCi rather than base model tells something.

    The MB Mondeo is not fixing anything neither.
    Electric windows, electric seats, automatic headlights, map lights…are not standard.

    Base equipment remains a tragedy. Base engine remains a joke for a large car.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au OSU811

    jon, i dont like having to go to the dealer for servicing either!, but i would rather service my car every 6 months for peace of mind and to look after my engine!, as I believe 12 months is to long, oil just doesnt last that long without breaking down its lubricating properties..

  • Erick_V

    The Mondeo is a very capable and attractive package, size is just smaller than a Falcon and Fuel consumption was great 8.0 lt / 100 as per trip computer. (Most was in the city driving) Road handling and driving was not to what I expected. The car had this annoying tendance to brake with the gear box downhill & start literary “Launch” its self as soon as you lifted your foot off the brake pedal. And you can tell the difference that this is a Diesel engine car the steering wheel was vibrating as the engine was picking up revs. The car had 25.000 km on the clock. Other than that it was quiet and comfortable to drive when rolling, as soon as you accelerated the Diesel engine is more obvious.

  • Devil’s Advocate

    Laurie Says: (July 27th, 2009 at 2:32 pm) “Disappointed they did not upped the diesel engine specs to 2.2L that would have given them 400NM of torque so I will hang on to mine until they do!”

    I can explain that Laurie. Ford use a PSA (Peugeot/Citroen) Diesel engine and not the Mazda MZR-CD as opposed to Ford using their version of Mazda\’s 4cyl MZR petrol engine in the petrol Focus/Mondeo. That also explains why the engine characteristics of the 2.0L Diesel in the Focus/Mondeo was so different to the 2.0L Diesel in the Mazda 3/6. I do agree though, the Mazda 2.2L MZR-CD would be great in the larger Mondeo mated to the Auto. Mazda have really stuffed up not fitting an Auto to the 6/3 Diesels.

  • Allen Henwood

    Wife and I have had our Mondeo diesel for a month, after 7 Falcons on a trot.Travel interstate is a must with daughter and family over 400kms away.We leave at 4-00am to get there.
    Enormous boot, great comfort, fantastic lights, very good road holding, sensational sound system, excellent seats,dual zone climate, all the airbags we hope we never need. Better on the road than our BA Futura, and top it all off with 6.3 litres/100km. including metro driving in Mildura. $40.00 less for fuel than the Futura. I change my cars every four years…and I can not wait to see what the Mondeo presents in 2013. If Henry promoted the car as much as he dose the Falcon it would sell better, and it deserves to sell better, because it is a sensational motor car.

  • Allen Henwood

    And , further more, the three couples to have travelled about with us were not aware the car was diesel powered until we told them.

  • Grease Monkey

    Sorry Allen, still wouldn’t buy one.

    There is much better product out there that won’t give a shiit load of expensive repair problems in a few years.

    It’s a well known fact that Ford’s european sourced cars are expensive to service and repair, not to mention poor reliability, but I guess you have that all to look forward too :)

  • laurie

    Devil’s Advocate

    I stand to be corrected but the UK version has a Ford 2.2L diesel engine!

  • Allen Henwood

    Yep, the Brits are lucky that they get the 2.2 motor, heaps more grunt, BETTER FUEL ECONOMY, and less emissions. No doubt bound for down under sometime in 2010. It will be worth the wait. If reading motor reviews get you interested, go to some of the road tests from the UK, if the Mondeo does not impress, you must have had a father from Elizabeth and a mother from Fisherman’s Bend!!!!

  • psi

    I had an HC Mondeo near new some years ago. It was a pile of poo. Punters stick with Japanese brand names because they have a well earned reputation for quality, reliability and resale. Constant name changes by Ford don’t help either, Telstar then Mondeo then no Mondeo then Mondeo back again, it takes time to build a brand.

  • Devil’s Advocate

    Some of it too though Psi is the fact that many Aussies are too afraid of ‘change’ or going with something ‘different’. Eg, “I will only ever buy/consider a Ford/Holden/Honda/Toyota etc because that is what my dad owned”. Not to mention at times being so naive as to not see what is right in front of them or considering another more than capable product because it “doesn’t have the right name” etc. It seems to be in our nature/culture. Many other markets overseas don’t seem to have as much problem with name changes as over here. We all know about how Nissan went down hill when they changed the Pulsar to the Tiida. Why do you think Toyota Australia fought tooth and nail to keep the Corolla nameplate here! Basically every other market around the world changed the name to the Auris (sp) with no real detriment to sales. I would almost bet parts of my anatomy that sales of the ‘Corolla’ would have gone down if it did become the Auris!

    At the end of the day, it is only just a name. If the product is good, who should really care? Too many people though by the sound of it… :-)

  • Gavstar

    I love the Mondeo, I currently drive a TDCi, I have the leather trim, and also the sunroof in my model, BUT, I think the biggest thing that is going to hurt this vehicle is the second hand market. Why? Mine along with 750 other units, were bought by a Major retailer to replace our commodore sedans, the whole fleet is changing over to these, and with 2700 vehicles over 3 year period, the market is going to get flooded with them. They are a great car, the drive in the diesel is fantastic, and after driving commodores for 15 years, this is truly a great change in the right direction.

  • psi

    Devil’s Advocate, who says the Mondeo is a great product? Motoring journalists? The same people who gave Camira car of the year along with P76 and TN Magna? Drive a free car for a couple of days and proclaim it the worlds greatest family car(like my Mondeo)? How a car drives when new does not always match the ownership experience. Corolla sells because it is a good ownership experience, and people tell there friends about this, and yes, parents experience with a brand will count too. Anyway private buyers aren’t buying Ford and Holden, proof that the punters are not as stupid as motoring journos like to think they are.

  • Devil’s Advocate

    I didn’t say anywhere that the Mondeo was a great product or not Psi, you just assumed. I was referring to many Aussies being afraid of things that are different as you mentioned constant name changes in the last sentence and ‘how long it takes to build a brand’. Couldn’t you tell by the different brands etc I used in an example that it was a general statement?! If I thought the Mondeo was the ‘best thing around’ don’t you think I would have mentioned the Mondeo somewhere in my post? I am sorry if you mis-interpreted what I was trying to say. 😉 :-)

  • psi

    Fair Enough, I’m just grumpy because I can’t afford a new car lol. Actually I think the Mondeo does look alright, I’m detecting a Mark 3 Cortina look to the dashboard area, I wonder if that is intentional on the part of the designers? Anyone else see that?

    • Golfschwein

      I’m sorry, Allen Henwood, but I see it too. When I saw the pictures here today, I thought, “Hey, the instrumnents look like my sister’s TC Cortina (a Mk III, in other words) from many years back. It’s all in the slope of the nacelles in which they’re housed, where the shrouding is much thicker at the top than the bottom. A similar effect could be seen in the old LC and LJ Toranas, as well as contemporary Falcons and HT/HG Kingswoods.

  • Allen Henwood

    Hey Psi,
    are you one of those unfortunate Great Aussie Tall Poppy belters???? Everything you have put on the forum is NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!!!
    What a load of Codswallop that the instruments look like a Cortina! Next thing you will complain that the tyres are made from Rubber.
    I enjoy posts from people who own and drive the car.
    To GAVSTAR, I can only say that in a few years time there will be a good many people in this country who will get the opportunity to buy a very good motor car at a reasonable price.
    There is more in this world than conformity.

  • Reiner Zucckermann

    Six months ago I traded 3 VE’s and 3 BA’s out of my Company fleet and went to 6 Mondeo Diesels. I have 6 reps who have never been happier. They are less tired at the end of a day travelling all types of roads across this great country. Comfortable, great sound to help while away the boredom, excellent lights, fantastic handling, plenty of leg room, terrific boot and I even have most of the boys using VOICE ACTIVATION. I have not had one complaint from a rep yet. AND MY MONTHLY FUEL ACCOUNT IS DOWN BY 37.5% This includes buying fuel in some of the most expensive areas in Australia. Try $1.96 a litre. It will take a very hard sell to get me to buy anything else in 2011. My Mondeos are fantastic!!!!

  • Robs

    Psi, it’s not MK3 but I did pick up a theme that i can’t put my finger on, they sometimes bring older themes through deliberatly, this is not a bad thing by any means. I too had an earlier model but this one looks to be a much better car(havn’t driven one). Don’t let your earler experience put you off buying something that is a little different from the Japanese norm.

  • nik

    The mondeo is a fantastic motor vehicle.
    European build quality and top notch safety features.
    I test drove a titanium mondeo and have placed an order for one.
    test drove the accord , mazda 6 and camry…. mondeo trumps them all. Mazda 6 was a close 2nd choice but have seen too many on the road… wanted something not so common

  • lola

    my brother owns an old EBII Falcon 4.0 auto, i just got the Mondeo TDCI for a change from my 2002 Fairmont Ghia 5.4L auto. I am starting to dislike the car, very slow and noisy. A week ago i made a funny move while my brother was driving his old EBII, i tried to keep up with him, but all i could see was him literally disappearing in front of me, i was lost way behind, some 10-15 car lengths away. I am thinking of getting my Fairmont 5.4L back, that thing is like this Mondeo and 150%. I might be opting for a 6 speed ZF 5.4L BF series 1, they are cheap, i am gettin one for $20000 with just 25000km in mercury silver. 500Nm and 230kW-309Hp and more torque at 800rpm than this focus at 2000rpm, in fact 420Nm at just 1000rpm from this V8, the good old 3V Barra220/230 5408cc V8 SOHC D-VCT V8.

  • lola

    lol, 5408cc / 2 = 2704cc per engine bank….. what is mondeo? 3 cylinders of this 5.4Liter 3V engine are like its 4cylinders of a mondeo, talking about engine work?, talking about peace and quiet? why not just get a V8 or a nice Aussie 4.0Liter DOHC BA-BF-FG engine, still a rocket and will beat any heavy mondeo anyday. Try a G6 or G6E they are rockets. But still the discontinued and bullet proof long lasting and strong 5.4L Fairmont is a car of my choice. Torque and more torque and nothing can deliver it but naturally aspirated engine.

  • Allen Henwood

    Holy Moly Lola, if I wanted to burn fuel to excess and get where I want to go by throwing money out the window, I would have bought a Hummer. All grunt and torque is nothing more than talk! A Mondeo diesel will get five people to where they want to go in absolute comfort, luxury and safety with the air bag set-up and traction control. Fuel cost is at a minimum.It can get away from the lights with the best of them and cruise on the smell of an oily rag. Who wants 5.4 litres of cast iron crap driving to anywhere????? To travel at the legal speed limits and get where you want to go is a good thing! Try it sometime, and you may enjoy the sensation, as well as the extra few bucks in the kick. Don’t knock a car that is good to look at, excellent to drive, handles superbly and costs bugger all at the pump!!!

  • http://elfin lola

    oh does this sound good!

    220kW at 4750rpm
    472Nm from 3250-4000rpm

    230kW at 5350rpm
    500Nm at 3500rpm

    conservative power output, yes it is, but it will last you for 800000miles with out needed a rebuild, yet still deliver everything since the day you bough it.

    I know people who own 2003 models of G220 Fairlane and that car may be 6 years old now and with over 150000ks on clock, but it simply is the best car that you can own, 220kW low revving powerful sleeper V8 with torque to move mountains.

    Think about it, drivers who drive a G6E are amazed with drive-ability of a 220kW/472Nm 5.4L discontinued V8, yes G6E us force induced and it makes 270kW perhaps a little more, and massive 533Nm of torque, but still a V8 is a V8 and the response in delivering that torque is in 1000th of a second vs half a second or a second.

    V8 is a way to go, they are cheap and can be picked up with $15000-20000 these days, absolute weapons!,

    I’ve recorded them G220s numerous times at 6.4s 0-100km/h easy in D mode. very easy! and that is on a single spinner 3.23diff 4 speed auto, ZF does it in 6.2s stock.

  • http://elfin lola

    and best of all, run your G220 on RON98 petrol and you get a secretly never told to the public 236kW and just over 500Nm of torque, no bull, its the fact.

    It can be felt under your right foot, especially in part throttle applications.

    The power output will vary from 230-240kW on RON98, but most of it will be felt when accelerating from 60km/h towards 120km/h making the car perform in the very same way as to which a 317/325kW HSV 6.2L senator would.

    This is what i call Ford performance and Ford power, true genuine V8 power.

    And an XR8 4V has no change, G220 is 2 tens of a second quicker stock from 40-100, 60-100, 80 to 120 from XR8 BA-BF and FG including 315kW GTP.

    This is a fact.

    Drive it , time it and see for yourself, Its all about a FAT torque curve between 1500-3500rpm where a 4 or 6 speed autos really take advantage of its factory tuning.

    A G8 i drove the other day is quicker than Ferrari 430 60-120km/h on part throttle despite weighing over 1750kg, no joke.

    Mondeo in this case would be left in dust.
    A turboed focust 6 speed manual no change, 0.5-1second slower 60-120km/h from XT 5.4, Fairmont and Fairmont GHIA 5.4/Fairlane/G220 and LTD/G8.

    No Joke. Test drive one.

  • Mazdaman

    The article says the Camry and MAZDA6 ‘lack torque’ compared to the Mondeo. That is just a sill statement, any petrol engine lacks torque compared to a diesel. Compare apples with apples or DIESELS with DIESELS and the Mazda6 has 25% MORE torqueat 400 Nm and around 30% more horsepower all from a motor only 10% larger.
    Step up car advice and don’t make silly statements.

  • lola

    I’d rather get a 3.0L Camry V6 for $10000-20000 2000-2006 model than a crappy 4 cylinder or 5 cylinder diesel.

    you get a V6 and 3.0L plus its quicker, responds faster and can out sprint anything with less than 6 cylinders, and this is a fact.

    a typical piece of crap VN commodore V6 with just 120 or 127kW can beat a Turbo Focus 5 cylinder, not to mention what will a AU Series III Falcon do or a BA/BF.

    its all in the number of cylinders at the end of the day

    for example a G6E may have a good go up to 180km/h, but what happens after 180km/h?

    a BOSS260 and Barra220/230 eat it alive and mesh it like a potato cake.


    • DE

      Firstly, it’s quite simple, your V6 camry example drinks fuel like an old V8 if driven even remotely aggrassive.

      Secondly, there is no relevance what happens beyond 180 km/h without Autobahns. Nor do you and 90% of Australian drivers have the skills to deal with any situation at anything close to that speed.

      • Car fanatic

        I wouldn’t bet on that DE, Lola has more skill than the Button,Loeb and Tander in his big toe alone. He will tell you how he beat Scumacher in the Australian grand Prix in a G220 towing a 19 foot caravan, making the Ferrair F1 team look like toddlers in little tikes cars.

    • ABMPSV

      I prefer 4 cyl diesel. BMW 320d can accelerate 0 to 100km/h in 7.9 sec top speed 230km/h, with 350 Nm at 1750 rpm, city fuel economy 6 L/100km, Your Camry can not match it.

  • Allen Henwood

    Don’t wanna do over 180kph! Just wanna go free and cheap!! Just wanna be comfortable and safe!!! BUT, the big disappointment in my Mondeo is the air-con……or the lack of it!!!!! 40 deg in Adelaide is not uncommon and the air-con is useless,,,,,,and Henry’s dealers can not help to improve it!!!!!!!!

    By the way DE, I think Car Fanatic made a mistake, Lola beat Schumaker driving a 220 with a 21 foot caravan on the back, and never got out of second!!!!!

    • Reiner Z

      Yes, Allen H….me too with the air-con. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT

      • Andy t

        Beware of dealer servicing tactics

        Complained about air con on mondeo with 45k they re gassed and charged 165.00
        Complained again when no better and they checked it again in owner’s presence with a clock thermometer that read 2degrees after 2 mins whilst owner’s digital thermometer read 10.5. Their conclusion is faulty digital thermometer.Complained again and they take you for a drive in falcon possibly set aside for such complaints, thermometer will read 2 degrees after 2mins and owners reads 8.6,Owners thermometer will go down to 4 degrees in other vehicles with functioning air con.
        Ford unwilling/unable to fix problem and infer that it is all in owner’s imagination.

  • Allen Henwood

    Funny about that….Dealer in Mildura said air-con was running at 11.8 degrees, air temp was 42 deg. C. Dealer in Adelaide, when air temp was 42.5 degrees said air con was running at 5 degrees, the air was warm, not even cool, let alone cold!!!!!. Basic fact: Mondeo is a sensational car, except for a lousy air-conditioning system!!!!!!! FORD will not admit it, dealers will not admit it, but EVERY OWNER says the same thing…….and that is not in the imagination!!!!!
    Admit it Henry, you stuffed up in the air-conditioning department…….what are you going to do about it?????

    • Helen Short

      I too, have problems with the air-con in our Mondeo.
      Dealer says it is OK at 5 deg Celsius…my thermometer only gets to 14 deg Celsius!!!!!!!!!Dealer says do not use AUTO for air-con, only run fan at half speed and use recycle cabin air mode. I DO ALL THAT AND THE CAR IS STILL HOT!!!!!!!!

    • Eric

      On AC
      I drive a Mondeo Zetec petrol. I used to drive a camry and I will say the Mondeo drives better. The AC in mine is not as cold as in the camry and I think the fan speeds are different. Whereas with the camry, low or medium speed gets the cabin cool, you have to turn the Mondeo’s to the the highest speed to get things cooler. Low and mid fan speed are just too slow to do it. That said the AC is not that bad but it could better. I hear that the AC in 2009 MB models are better (I drive a 2008 model). My grouse is the lack of a rear vent. While I feel cooled by the AC in front it takes my son a fair bit before he is sufficiently cooled enough. I drove a smaller Ford Focus CL for 4 days and the fan speed was not that better but the car cooler because of its smaller cabin space.
      Having said that, i find it hard to believe that nothing can’t be done about the AC

  • Eric

    And one other thing that I discovered with the Camry. Always select recirc air for maximum cooling. If you don’t, on a very hot day u still get hot air sucked in which reduces the cooling efficiency. Tried it with the Mondeo and cooling is better with recirc selected (though manual says u should not use recirc air for more than 30 mins :-( )

  • Will

    Drove a Mondeo diesel…sounds and drives like tractor from the inside. The worst car I have driven for 20 years,if not the worst and it closely followed by V6 Commodores. Diesels should stay in trucks, tractors, buses and the like.
    Why don’t motoring writes promote gas in powered cars in Australia? We have loads of the stuff and much better than any diesel. I note comments on travelling at excessive speeds in “oh so cool V8’s, (who cares) only the very young invicilbles or older guys going through male menopause.

    • Shak

      You seem to be against everything that makes driving fun. V8’s, and diesels can be lots of fun and dont smell like egg and fart coming out of the exhaust. And BTW you cant force LPG upon us, if we want to drive thirsty V8’s and diesels you cant stop us. If we want diesel, companies are happy to oblige.

  • Will

    Shak you can drive what you like.I can choose to drive what I prefer. It is all a matter of preference. I have owned 37 new cars V8’s included.
    Personally I don’t like 4 cylinders cars, but a good V6 is ok, which is what I drive now and it runs on petrol, premium unleaded. I think the next one will be running on auto-gas.
    So go suck eggs or stick your head under the sheets and fart.

  • Will

    I read comments about people not knowing it is diesel until told ha ha ha they must all be hearing impaired, as I said sounds like a tractor from the inside. Perhaps they had thier hearing aids turned off.

    • Allen Henwood

      Oh, Will !!!!!!!!!! When I can drive from Adelaide to Melbourne and return, at 6.1 litres to the 100km, you can take your auto gas, petrol, compressed natural gas, premium flatulence emissions and dried egg powder, and stick them all where the sun don’t shine!!!!!! I do not need a V8, I do not want premium un-leaded, auto gas or anything else. My Mondeo is the best car I have ever owned, and I have owned 48 cars, so you are an absolute amateur!!!! I have also driven over 8
      million kms. across this fine country, so don’t even think about telling anyone that a Mondeo diesel is not a good car!!!!
      I am an old fart……………66, going on 30!!!!!!!

      • Will

        Allen if the Mondeo is the best car you have ever owned and it is number 48.
        please list the 47 others so I will not buy one ? I think they all must have been made the Soviet Union or East Germany. I am not telling you Mondeo diesel is not a fine car, I already know it is not. I have put some other comments on this site for you to read as well. I hope you enjoy them!

  • Will

    Allen…I don’t care if a diesel does 1000 kilometres to the litre, they are for trucks,tractors, buses and the likes. A Mondeo may be good in your opinion, in my opinion it is perhaps the worst car of its time,I have ever driven. If you are happy with your Mondeo that is all that matters to you. If I prefer an LPG powered car that is my choice. So friend stick your Mondeo up your exhaust.

  • Will

    Allen is 66 and has short term memory loss. I don’t want a diesel of any make. Tell me do you wear hearing aides, are deaf or use earplugs, whilst driving your marvellous Mondeo tractor ?

  • Will

    It should be called a Fordson…tractors from the 50’s and 60’s. Diesel YUK.

  • Allen Henwood

    Yep, Will,
    8 taxis on LPG. plus Falcons, Holdens, Dodge Phoenix, Rambler,Austin 1800, Leyland Marina, Peugot, Citroen, BM Bleeding W, Jaguar 3.2 S and early XJ6, Porsche 944, Kenworth (3), Hino, Toyota, Mack, Isuzu, a Morris 1500 ( I drove it while a friend was overseas!!!!), Mitsubishis and Mazdas. And I have driven a Fordson, a Massey Ferguson and several Caterpillars, Komatsus and Hitachis……so don’t think that I do not know more than the average Jo Blo about motor vehicles!

    10.36, 1.57,3.44 and 7.17……all comments from you, you must have been waiting for a bite!!!!! I will bet you are not self-employed!!!

    LPG equals no boot space, a little bit like someone’s brain cavity!!!!

    I want to travel and carry my belongings, I do it in comfort and in quiet, I have exceptional safety features in the car, stability, 7 airbags etc etc etc. and at a price about $30k less than an equivalent vehicle form some one else!

    • Will

      If you wish to travel in comfort and quiet why own a diesel ?
      Gee you are a must be a very “insightful” man,no I am not self employed, just self funded from family investments and have never had to work. I have all the comfort and quiet that one could hope for. I was not discussing gas conversions but gas dedicated cars, but actually my reason for writing on this site was about diesels. I have never owned a car that runs on LPG and don’t think I ever will, but they seem to make more sense here as we have loads of LPG and diesel is going along with petrol and it will become very expensive for those who must worry about thier dollars and cents. So there would be plenty of room in my boot, just as there is plenty of room for a gas tank in your cranium. Gee you know a lot about cars, and yours has 7 air-bags WOW, I hope you impress yourself. My present car is Lexus GS300..2009.

    • Will

      the most fun sounding car my father owned was a 3.8 litre double carby Mark 10 Jag. It made a marvellous purr, followed by a 4.2 litre Jag 420G triple carbys and it was not half as good, the bigger motor just didn’t have the same appeal somehow. I think the 420G was 1970!
      The downside of the Jags was that ideally, one needed to travel with a motor mechanic,an auto-electrician onboard and be escorted by an oil and petrol tanker.
      All that matters friend is that you like the car you own now.

  • Allen Henwood

    Lexus…….the world’s most expensive Toyota Corolla!!!!!!!!!!!
    I did not say I liked the Jags, I just owned them!
    Jaguar, the most comfortable car, in which to sit, whilst one waits for the NRMA or the RACV, or the RACQ or the RAA!!!!!!!
    My XJS V12 sounded like a Circus Fat Lady having an orgasm in a railway tunnel, when the oil consumption was the same as the petrol consumption, I was happy!!!!
    I own a Mondeo diesel. I like the Mondeo diesel, I also eat Borscht, sauerkraut,Pickled Pork hocks, brains, tripe and kidneys and liver!!!!!
    We humans have a wonderful right…….the right to choose, and I choose to spend my hard earned dollars in the way that I am comfortable with.
    I do not buy Polo St. Laurens shirts, I own a Rolex, and a Seiko, and an Omega, and several other expensive watches, because that is what pleases me.
    My choice is my choice, and I would not own a Lexus in a fit…..that is your choice. I must be off, dinner is ready, and I may have either a “Grange” or a cleanskin with it. Because that is my choice.

    • Will

      OH please enlighten me, when did the V6 Corolla go on the market ? I thought it was only available with 4 cylinders, like your tractor. If you are interested, I spend our Winters overseas or in the North of Australia and knowing you like expensive watches. This year it is overseas and if you wish to sell your Mondeo, from the proceeds I could buy a secondhand Rolex whilst I am there. Let me know by May 28th as I fly out on the 29th. I hope you enjoyed your expensive vinegar (grange) or similar at dinner last evening.

  • Will

    I was not trying to be rude to you about Jags. I loved them, but they always seemed to have mechanic problems and from chilhood memories, they were my favourites and the ride terrific. Don’t know about them now though as I have never owned one.I know all about the V12’s, not at all good, I loved your description of it, very amusing.
    Lexus one of the worlds quietest cars, worth paying for a quiet Corolla. However I think later this year it will traded for an E series Merc Coupe’ V6 petrol (naturally), my choice.
    you wrote “We humans have a wonderful right…….the right to choose” Yes we have the right of choice in Australia as well as in a few other nations, but try it in China or Indonesia (for example) and find out what your rights are there.
    I do not drink alcohol and I do not own a watch, my choice.
    You are very passionate and defensive about that Mondeo. I don’t need to defend my GS300 it is one of my sets of wheels at the moment and I like it.

  • Allen Henwood

    Like the “E” Series, but recently had the opportunity to drive an XF Jag for some 400 kms.Better than any Jag I have driven, quite impressive actually!
    Have always admired the Mercedes, never had one, but a friend has had several….about 9 I think. They have always been great cars, but one, a 560SEL, when traded out of lease after 2 years, cost him a very big quid. He said that it was like,” tossing 750 dollar coins down the loo every Monday morning!!!!!!!”
    Enjoy your journey overseas.
    Always remember that Vinegar is usually the product of a winemaker who stuffed up!
    You say, “defensive and passionate” about the Mondeo…….we bought a 6 month old vehicle, with less than 5000km on the clock as a demo vehicle……it had all the works and jerks, and we got it for $18,000 of new list price. We were totally unaware as to what the vehicle would be like. We have been impressed, and have no complaints, except for the fact that the air-conditioning was designed for travel from Amsterdam to Munich at 27 deg C. Not from Adelaide to Mildura at 42 deg C. It is adequate, not acceptable!!!!!
    I might add, that after getting out of a Kenworth, having spent 42 of the last 68 hours behind the wheel, a Lada Nava would be a fairly acceptable form of conveyance.

    • Will

      Allen back once more. I know what Grange is, but what is a “cleanskin”? I assume you live in South Australia. I am a Victorian and a bloke from Tasmania told me once “you can tell a Victorian but you can’t tell them much”.
      When I drove the Mondeo I was buying a car for my nieces 18th and we test drove everything on under or just above $60000. She doesn’t like small cars and chose Hyundai Grandeur much to my surprise and it has turned out to be a fine car. I note the Grandeur now has a diesel grrrrrrrrrr. I don’t buy cars for the badge, I buy what I like just as you did.
      Cheers once again and Happy and Safe motoring.

  • Will

    Thank for the message and good wishes. I apologise for baiting you, with much sarcasm but you’d didn’t bite too hard. There a few complaints on the air-cons performance, but I have read in magazines that European cars air-cons, do not cope well here in Australia and I guess in other hot climates. I will buy an E class if I like the drive and my partner will get the Lexus, partner drives a thing that looks like a poached egg at present Audi TT. I don’t like the look of the thing and don’t drive it now,once was enough. A friend just had an 80,000 kilometre service on a Merc coupe’ can’t remember the exact model and the service cost $8000 which to me seems to be excessive as nothing out of the ordinary was done, so he says. Luckily I only keep cars a short time. I will drive the XF as well it looks the goods. Oh I do about 5000 kilometres a year now and just looked at my average speed 41kph ha ha ha, mostly city driving. Do you ever get tired of driving? 42 out of 68 hours that is a long time. Ok Allen thank you for your honest opinions. Happy and safe motoring.

  • Allen Henwood

    Yep, I am a Croweater!! A cleanskin is a bottle of wine that has not been labeled. Usually an over-run from a big winery, a less than premium wine from a large winery, bottled for social clubs or a fresh new wine from a winery made from unusual blends of grape. Most cleanskins only cost less than $4.50 a bottle, and I will drink them anytime. I have a collection of “Grange”. 12 bottles back to 1971, all perfect corks and they are to be sold on my retirement.
    Not driving today, have three days at home. Have driven virtually non-stop for 50 years, and when I go on holidays, I usually drive! At least to Melbourne or Sydney to get on the boat!
    Enjoy life, laugh as if no one is watching, dance if you feel the need and drive as if your life depends on it……..you never know when I will be coming in the opposite direction!!!!!

    • Will

      Ok thanks for telling me what a cleanskin is. I hope you do well when you sell the Grange. I wish you long healthy happy life.

  • Peter


    Difference is

    FALCON is Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) BUT

    MONDEO is Front Wheel Drive (FWD)

    In terms of durabilty and toughness , RWD is better than FWD .So Falcon still rules in this sense for most buyer considerations

    Mondeo pricing is just too expensive to be on par with FALCON built for toughness and durabilty.

    Just my two cents worth !!

  • Pieter

    Hi I drive one of these new mondeo tdci

    and it is the worst engine gear boxes combos i have driven

    there is no power till 2000rpm and then wheel spin. at 1500 in top gear the engine labours. It needs a serious engine gearbox reprogram. I just spent $ 6000.00 to repair a water in the fuel system at under 15000klm from new not covered by warranty ford say. it some times wont chenge out of first gear in drive.

    Not happy Jan !!!!! dont buy to TDCI the Mazda 2.3lt is a beter combo.