• strongdc

    looks like a hyundai accent from the rear,ugh

  • Nick

    I have driven a 1series 120i quite a bit and was left thinking “What a bloody rip-off!”. Uncomfortable, unpleasent, hard to get in and out of, underpowered, high revving, fuel guzzling. No useable cup holders! Rubbish!

  • jdm102

    I’ve got a friend who happens to work at a BMW dealership so I thought I’d go and see what the cars are like (he mentioned some nice M series and a Maserati were around at the time as well)..

    Having had a look at a few X3s, X5s, 3 series and 5 series (no 7 series).. can I just ask who the hell says that BMW interiors are of benchmark quality? the black leather interiors especially are just horrific in their rough and unsmooth surface touch, (dash and seats) and they are sooo bland, nothing too different betwen the range of series there, ok so one might have a touch of wood grain look to it and others silver metallic, but I really didn’t feel like it was something ‘oh so special’ and these are brand new cars, yet to be sold.

    I highly recommend sitting in a Lexus (any model) and then sitting in a BMW one it makes you wonder which brand is over rated 😛

  • http://www.alborzfallah.com alborz

    not to mention, the leather in the BMW was probably a $5000 option, while it comes standard in the Lex

  • Hendrik

    1-Series buyers are as stupid as the car itself and that coupe looks terrible.

  • Nick

    I know. The interiors are awfull. A friend just sold his 120i for an x3 and I just do not like the interiors. Our colt and 380 are nicer

  • Aston

    what a beautiful car, elegant and sporty styling, powerful engine to match with low fuel consumption and and best handling car around, not to mention safest also and of course the most fun to drive.

  • http://grandjdm.com grandJDM.com

    “The 128i is powered by a 3.0-litre, 169kW engine, while our soon to be favourite BMW, the 135i is blessed with the twin-turbo 3.0-litre which puts out in excess of 235kW and goes from 0-100km/hr in 5.3-seconds.”

    I thought the second part of the numbers was meant to represent the engine capacity? So the 128 – by that logic – would be a 2.8ltr, etc. Is that not how they do it? Man, I’ve been living a lie!

  • http://www.alborzfallah.com alborz

    it is to an extent mate
    but they already have a 130i, so they cant have another one!

    most europeans have some quirky numbering systems. Saab used to put 1.8T on the back of their cars, even though they are powered by a 2.0-litre turbo! figure that one?

    Mercedes do it as well..

  • Myke

    It looks pretty good, apart from the sagging bootlid line; the back lights look like original authentic BMW. The interior space will be awful though.

  • Aston

    Myke, the interior space in the coupe is 133mm longer than the current hatchback, so the rear seats should no longer be cramped. Besides, the hatchback has always had heaps of room up front, so this should be a delight. How long do we have to wait until it hits our showrooms……………Feb 2008? Alborz any ideas?

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au tony

    I urge you to go drive Volvo’s new C30 T5 auto or manual and then tell me you like that rubbish under-spec,overpriced BMW 1 series!

    I’m utterly convinced that the C30 T5 manual would out shoot a Golf GTI on any corner to corner stretch.

  • Drac

    “but they already have a 130i, so they cant have another one!”

    So should it not be 130ci ?

  • EBLoh

    There is little doubt that all the current BMWs are pretty ugly cars. Lexus, Audi and Mercedes definitely have them beat on aesthetics. But lets not forget why we really drive BMWs. Everyone thinks my 130i looks like a girl’s car but it has the world’s greatest inline 6 cylinder engine that simply canes most cars on the road. It handles well but not too well so you can still slide the back out with DTS on. The engine has a beautiful sound that no iPod can beat. It has bigger brakes than most of the big cars around and has incredible stopping power. I’m going to upgrade to a 135i, preferably a hatch but I’ll accept the ugly looking coupe, and give my wife the 130i as a hand me down. She is already drooling at the prospect. I will then be able to drive the highest evolution of the BMW inline 6 cylinder engine in a little car that’s far cheaper and more fun to drive than a 335i (even though that’s a great car too).

  • Adam – 130i driver

    I currently drive a 130i 5 door and it is the most agile fun car I have driven. I traded in the 3.0i Z4 for it. I have been waiting for BMW Australia to import the 135i – I will definitely trade up to it. To have the power of the 335i in a small car will make the 135i a fantastic drive. However, I’d much rather they put the 252kw E46 M3 engine in a 1 series. That would certainly tickle the accelerator foot. Either way… I can’t wait.

    Why such a long lead time on release in Australia? Hurry up.

  • Steve Brown

    I saw an article on the new 135i in the Saturday version of the West Australian on 7th July. Having driven the $135K, 335i the weekend before and learnt about the 9 month delivery on top of the price I ordered the 135i on the following Monday. I can hardly wait. 225kw and max torque from 1300rpm in a Baby Bimmer…Nirvanha!

  • Merlin

    I went form a 5 series to a 3 series back to a 5 series,i will never go to any thing smaller that a 5 series.

    The new generation cars cabins are a bit lacking,thats coming form some one who loves there bmw.It’s one reason why i took the e39 over the e60.

    If you have to have a 1 series,the 135i is were it will be at!

  • Mark

    I have a manual 130i which is fantastic, fast, handles really well and on track days it beats most of the Porsches. The 135i will be awsome and I can’t wait to get mine.

  • bru

    hendrick you must be a audi or lexus dealer

  • Char

    BMWs are meant for those who can afford them, not those who buy “cheap” ones and start criticising them.

    They cost more to design and make than commodores and vivas. Lexus, everyone knows it is a toyota. It does not matter what you call it.It remains a toyota. A BMW is a BMW.

    For those who do not like BMW interiors, have a look at the Mercedes ones, you would probably throw up when you see one. An S class interior is copied from a 7 series one, including the boot that most people hated.

    By the way I drive a Subaru Blitzen and no way affiliated to BMW.

  • Fred

    Well, if Lexus is Toyota, then Audi is VW.

  • No Name

    Just read a test on the 123 diesel. a 150Kw twin turbo diesel 0-100 in 7.1 seconds. Sounded a great performer but pricey at $70K.

  • azz

    the coupe 135i or even tii will be great, the size of the car reminds me of the e36…Love it I will be getting one of these over the 3series now for sure!