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  • http://Caradvice.com.au Baddass

    I don’t mind the looks, but those headlights are too big.

  • Jake02

    I like it, but it is quite dated simply because it looks like the old one. The blocky interior is quite unusual (although it’s alot better than the old one). Yeah give me a Ti spec diesel and I might be happy. Although for 40k i’d have a Koleos, Scout or anything else.

    Why is the Aus-spec so crap?

  • KM

    Why is the Aus-spec of almost every car so crap???

  • Mitch

    Subaru Forester for me.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Matt

    The reason our imported cars spec is so “crap” is that Australia accounts for less than 2% of all global vehicle sales. It’s also because we’re in the minority being RHD. So, unfortunately, we get the left overs.

  • Numbat

    A Grand Vitara 3.2 for me please.That s a true wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • Toxic_Horse

    Shame about the boring looks

  • Steve

    The new Murano is a far better car for not alot more $$$.

  • zahmad

    Another situation where Renault is taking advantage of their Alliance and building a better Renault version of the same car…

  • Ningbo

    Geee that makes the BEST SUV @ ~ $40k look like a real bargain [= Mazda CX7] and this is from a current X Trail owner [ST31] which was purchased on the tradein off a earlier ST30 X Trail, could say i like them!

    The only issue i had was the crank-angle-sensor failed, didnt stop the car but mad it run badly, $180 latter its running like a dream.

    Needs to go soon, done the SUV thing, getting either a Lancer ES Hatch or a 2nd. hand Prius. TBC!

  • Steve-Poyza

    My Anti-Spam word is Hummer. Haha that thing will eat the X-Trail alive!
    Anyway, I much prefer the Koleos. Also, its amazing that the Koleos starts at $29,990 and the X-Trail starts at $32,490. For once Renault actually has one of the cheapest cars in it’s segment. So to sum it up, the Koleos shares the same four-wheel-drive technology as the X-Trail, plus european styling and 5-star, safety I reckon the Koleos is the better car.

  • Don

    13.0L around town from a slow 4 cylinder!! why are these types of cars so popular? A 6.0L V8 I recently had used less petrol around town.

  • Steve

    One thing the reviewer failed to note is that the X-Trail comes with CVT transmission and not a conventional 6 speed auto. Some people like it, some don’t.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au OSU811

    UGLY UGLY car, at least it doesnt have the centre gauges of the original model!!!, although my parents have had one for 5 years now and had no problems with it and have travelled around australia in it! very reliable, but no more so than the better looking forester..

  • observer

    4 Star ANCAP crash rated and 13Litres per 100km….No thanks I’m very happy with my Forester XS.

  • maximark

    I have the 09 Ti exy for around 6 mnths,I’ve never got above 11 litre/100km, and that’s for driving around town. It’s avarage around 10.5 to 10.9 litre/100km. For country driving I got down to 7-8 litres from my last trip.

    I used to have an impreza hatchback (current model), and I’ve never got below 12litres/100km when driven around town, and that’s for 2litre engine. So I doubt that an auto Forester would use less fuel than the Xtrail CVT due to its full time AWD and 4 speed gear box.

    • Matovolwa

      I’ve a 2001 GT Nissan X-Trail, it consumes 16litres per 100Km. I love the car but it is eating up my money. I don’t know if there’s anything I can do to fix this.

      • Richard

        i’ll buy it off you!

  • Andrew

    $3.5K more gets you a Freelander 2 TD4_e. 5 Star NCAP, 400Nm diesel and 6.7L/100km around town. Sure makes this Nissan look like dated technology.

  • observer

    Open roads I get low 8 litres per 100km and mid 10 litres per 100km on mixed town cycle.

    Tyre pressure plays an an important part….

  • maximark


    It’s good to know that you can get that good avarage fuel economy on your Forester. I was just unable to get that with my impreza. I agreed with you about the tyre pressure can also affect on fuel economy too. Over all, we all know that our driving habit play a main part on the fuel economy of the car. So 13 litres per 100km (according to the reviewer)is just way too much for a normal driving of the xtrail.

  • observer

    Agree the tester must of been hammering the throttle as 13L per 100k is a bit rich.

    Dont know if you have done any off roading but we recently went to the Burralow camping ground via Pettersons Fire Trail just after it has rained (Blue Mountains, Sydney) and the roads were muddy, slippery and very steep along its 6k run into the valley. (Great cascading waterfall in a mountain gorge to see)

    On the way back out we went up following a guy we met in the camping groung in an X-Trail who said it can be a bit tricky and slippery going up the steep muddy track sections.

    The more serious full size 4WD guys snobbed us off and laughed at us saying they would be happy to snatch strap us when we get stuck.

    So we head off with standard tyres and ride height with the X-Trail leading (4×4 button) engaged whilst we put our Auto into 1st which aportions the drive 50/50.

    Both of us made it up without any dramas or loosing momentum although we had our fair share of mud splatter all over the car…good fun!!!

    We stopped for a chat at the top of the run only to find the boofy 4wd guys driving past about 10 minutes later…they were surprised we made it in stock soft roaders…we wern’t.

  • maximark

    Hi Observer,

    I havent done any off road with my xtrail yet, but I love to do it one day. I know a lot of guys from Australian xtrail forum do it, and it’s amazing what their xtrails can do. I have no doubt that the forester can do the same since its excellent full time AWD system and it even has better ground clearance than the xtrail.You must have felt great to give those boofy 4wd guys a surprise with your forester. I would too :)

  • Steve

    Maximark Says:
    “I have no doubt that the forester can do the same since its excellent full time AWD system”

    Top Gear Ausralia took the RAV4 V6, X-Trail, and Forester up to the snowfield to see how their AWD system perform in the slippery conditions. I was surprise to see the Forester struggles while the X-Trail had no issue.

  • Dale

    I have a 2008 TI X Trail with the CVT, I normally get 9.5l/100 combined city / hwy driving. But my biggest concern is the build quality. I have had Two CVT replaced about to get a third because of a noise on light throttle around 50kph, trouble with reversing sensors not working and last week driver seat leather back replaced due to colour coming off at the join in the center of the seat back all with 32000km on the clock, and the car is not driven hard at all.
    I had 2 Mazda Tributes before with no problems to speak of. I have had a few Nissans before that were great cars but after this X Trail I won’t be buying another Nissan.

  • observer

    I also watched that issue with top gear and the Subaru All Wheel Drive System worked flawlessly but when you hit black ice on a hill then your in trouble…doesnt matter what car your in as standard highway terrain tyres just dont cut it on ice/snow which is why they decided to fit chains on all of the three cars tested.

    Actually come to think about it it was the Rav 4 that was spinning its front wheels while the rear were motionless.

    It wasnt a very good test overall and didnt do credit to any of the brands….alll they wanted to do is fang them as fast as they could around the snow without doing any contrlled tests.

    If you want to see some real off road action then go to you tube and see what these cars are really capable off.


  • observer

    G’Day Maximark,

    You should try some four wheel driving..its gret fun and once you get past the dirt factor clinging onto every panel, wheel arch and engine bay you enjot it more…CT 18 truck wash and a Gerni brings it back like new again.

    The X-Trail has more suspension travel than most of the other soft roaders including the Forry and you can overide and lock it into 4 x 4 mode for speeds up to 40km/h so it does perform really well off road.


  • Gilly


    Sorry to hear about your dramas. I have previously owned both generations of X-Trails and they have been great faultless cars.
    I have not heard of any CVT issues with the current model so I think you have got other contributing factors to why your CVT gearbox has had the re-occurring problem.

  • Gabriel

    The petrol X-trail is a better bet than the new diesel version. I own a diesel X-Trail and it has an oil leak which continuously contaminates the EGR valve and air filter, affecting performance. Nissan has been trying to fix the problem for 8 months, but no permanent solution on the horizon.

    The Diesel X-trail is a lemon.

  • Mike

    The X trail is in need of a difflock in the rear axle.
    Does anyone know what type of diff is used?
    The Hardbody has an H233B diff at the back with either a R 180 or R 200 up front depending on engine configuration used.
    I have a sneaking suspicion that the rear diff is a C200.
    Please advise.


  • Model T

    Took delivery of my X-Trail TL last week. Great car. Had a look at a range of other cars, and none came close to the versatility and value of the X-Trail. I must admit the looks bothered me until I test drove it – and suddenly it didn’t seem so ugly any more. Looked at the 308 Touring and Kluger, but both have too many flaws and, in my opinion, come nowhere near the X-Trail’s versatility, value and economy. From the frugal and powerful diesel, to the oversized sun roof, space and comfy seats, it’s hard to fault it. And it can go places where RAV4 and Forester can only dream.

  • Terry M

    My 2007 T30 II manual X-Trial regularly does 8.5 litres per 100 km. I have fitted a front strut bar, and that has transformed the handling. The reviewer rattles on about lack of reversing camera – – if you can’t reverse one of these without aids, you should not be driving !
    Performance and comfort are great. After fifty years of driving experience, more than several reviewers put together, I can say that the X-Trail is a great all rounder.

  • Neil Treg

    Everyone has missed the a major draw card of the newer model X-Trail! The space inside! I need to cart a couple of large dogs in hot weather [requires air-con, NO not in a ute, fan, tray top etc] & me being 1.94m tall, I found the X-Trail meet my/our needs nicely unlike, Rav4, Forester, CX’s, CR’s, Klugger, Outback etc.

  • Brett

    Hey Andrew, I don’t know where you’re getting your Freelander price from, I went into a dealership today and the entry level model was $55k which is considerably more than the x-trail entry price. On top of that the cargo space is about half the size of the x-trail.
    Price-wise you can’t compare the two.
    I am considering the diesel auto x trail but am a bit wary due to some issue re the engine that I’ve read, are there any owners out there with any advice?

    • Model T

      I’ve had a diesel since October last year and yes, there is an issue with the engine: a fault with the oil separator that Nissan is aware of, but does not acknowledge as a problem. It seems to affect all diesels and the most obvious evidence of the problem is oil on the INSIDE of air filter. Some people have fitted additional after-market oil separators which capture quite a bit of oil that would otherwise end up in the air intake and, eventually, clog and seize who-knows-what when the car is out of warranty. In the last few days, though, there’s been some evidence that Nissan will do something about it. I’ll have to see it before I believe it.
      On the other hand, mine has been flawless (apart from the above-mentioned issue that seems to be managed by the after-market oil separator). It’s a fantastic long-distance cruiser with loads of space and excellent fuel economy. Great on dirt tracks too. Would love to keep it long-term, but will certainly sell before warranty expires if the oil issue isn’t sorted out by then. If someone asked me for advice – to buy or not to buy – I would have give a qualified “no”.

  • Noely

    i never believe RAV4&CRVs are better than nissan Xtrail…and i never believe Xtrail is better than a forester!

    • PRIMO!

      Then your totally WRONG!

      The XTRAIL has the best 4×4 system of any compact SUV, Japanese build, best performance/price/quality ratio bar none.

      Its THE best compact SUV for the coin, end-of-story!

      • CarlMc

        Sorry PRIMO,you should really really research before mouthing off.

        Just go to Australian X-Trail Forum and you will see hundreds of posts of all types of faults,mechanical,electrical,engines,fuels,servicing,insurance,

        after reading all these posts I wouldn’t drive a Xtrail for free, so many problems and the back-up from NISSAN,negative reports,out of warranty not our problem, recalls Whats that????,We know the problem exists but if we keep blocking our ears and stop listening to customers complaints they will go away eventually. Any wonder the Nissan Patrol 3ltr is called a hand grenade,

      • Tomas79

        “The XTRAIL has the best 4×4 system of any compact SUV”
        Suzuki Jimny, Freelander 2, Jeep Patriot and even the Wrangler totaly smash thr average at best 4×4 system of the x-trail!! Mate, you have been brainwashed by the marketing spin!!

  • Alexi

    x-trail is total crap and Nissan won’t take any responsibility. $12,000 for a new engine for a car three years old. Total BS. Also has a knacked piston 3 and tons of people with the same complaint, just read the complaints board. Wouldn’t touch a Nissan car ever again.

  • James

    It’s all very well for people to say that the Freelander or Koleos look nicer and are better cars, but the XTrail is the only vehicle in the its class to offer enough cargo space for us, a 5 person family who likes driving holidays.

    The Koleos’ boot is tiny, as is the Freelander’s and the Forester’s.

    That alone makes the XTrail almost a no brainer. Then I drove the XTrail and diesel Outback back to back yesterday and the Outback was laggy and felt cheap and nasty, with the worst manual gearshift I’ve ever experienced…a real disappointment.

    The XTrail diesel, in contrast, had excellent ergonomics, the gearshift was spot on, the diesel engine was very responsive and had an extremely strong midrange surge. I don’t care about the looks, the XTrail is the only vehicle of the 4 I drove yesterday in that class that I would actually like to drive again.

  • Dave

    Ihope the X trail soon has alloys as standard. It seems half the ones you see on the roads have hub caps! Hubcabs dont belong on any 4×4 – not even pretend off roaders.

  • Milan

    I’ve got my new X-Trail petrol STL in December 2009. No problems except noise in the CVT or diff (I think). It is whistling noise (similar to diff noise in old cars)at around 40kmh. Nissan service could not identify the noise and said it is possible CVT transmission-different sound… This is not a different sound… it is a noise, sometimes anoying noise. Did anybody else experienced such thing?

    • Hedge Hob


      Hope you are keeping pressure on the dealer – if the CVT fails outside of warranty you’ll be looking at the best part of 8 grand to replace it.

  • Hedge Hob


    Have a look at the Australian X Trail website. Nissan have had to replace quite a few CVT’s due to problems similar to what you describe.
    Owners there report Nissan very willing to fit a new transmission without argument – it seems there is a manufacturing defect from the transmission supplier with some of them.
    Keep onto the dealer.

  • Milan

    Thanks HH,

    I’ve been back to the dealer for a test drive. They confirmed whining noise at around 40km/h and whooping noise at around 75-85km/h comming from CVT… They said they are going to consult Nissan enginners to ask for advice… They also said that they have not replaced one transmission in Victoria (hard to believe)… as nobody complained… I noticed that a Gold Coast dealer relaced over 30 CVTs!

    • Mandjmac

      I had a 2007 with a CVT The 1st trans became noisy at around 15000 klms and eventually they replaced it at 19000 Within a 10000 klm the noise was back. I did some testing of my own as I am a Qual Mech and found that the noise only appeared when the ambient temp was over 23 degrees They replaced it again at 21000 I came to an agreement with the dealer and changed it for a 2010 manual Maybe that is why the gold coast replaced so many. Have done 23000 in the manual with no problems and get a great economy Don’t realy need the 6 gears but still use them

      Mike in Adel 29.4.12

  • Sean

    Skoda Octavia Scout better then X-Trail.I am keen on Scout.

  • Milan

    Never buy Nissan… I have 6 months old X-Trail, with a CVT problem (anoying noise from CVT and think it is going to break down…). I have written letters to the dealer, to Nissan customer services centre… they are ignoring me even though they acknowledged that there is a problem. I am going to write a letter to the Nissan in Japan… If that doesn’t help, I will have to take a solicitor!

    • Gordon Todd

      I am having problems with a noisy CVT in my 2008 x-Trail, have extended warranty but will only pay $1000 toward cost of replacement, quoted $8500 for replacement. Nissan told dealer that the car is out of warranty and will not come to the party.   I have been complaining about the noise around 50kph and dealer in Brisbane changed both front wheel bearings last year but noise is stil there.   How did you go with your letter writing to Nissan and what course of action did you take? Gordon

  • William Brydon

    I didnt read all of the postings but i must say after being on my second Subaru that I am frsutrated with the mandatory 95RON+ fuel that usually pans out about 10-13c / litre more than eco fuels. I’d better add the 6.5% speedo error while i am here too. You really notice it when driving by other seemingly unaware Subaru drivers. Thers are some reasons for investigating the X-Trail that from all verbal reports are very reliable – albeit underpowered and no-so-eco.

  • avanti7320

    I have a 2007 manual petrol X-Trail, and chose this after test driving everything on the market that was even remotely similar. Nothing comes close to the X-Trail as an all rounder. I live in Tasmania, and often have to travel in snow conditions, where the driver selectable 4WD works extremely well. It performs well in all conditions. I use 98 octane by choice, as I get better economy, so therefore the extra cost is neutralised. I have fitted a front strut bar, and this has sharpened up the steering, and would now give the handling nine out of ten.

    • Stuart

      Hello avanti7320 , I am looking at buying a new Xtrail, but the vaugue steering is putting me off. Your post about FRONT STRUT BAR improving handling interesting. I believe that earlier Xtrails had hydraulic steering , where later have electric steering . Is this yours ?.
      rgds Stuart

  • Dave

    I purchased an ex demo Xtrail with 5,000KMS on clock.
    I took the car back for its 10K service… As I new about issues with the CVT I said I can hear a noise.

    When they inspected they informed me I needs a new Trans…

    They also asked me when provided a loan car to replace the petrol!! AMAZING that they expect me to put petrol in their loan car while I am getting warranty work done to fix my car that I had only had for 3 months!!!!

    So back to the Trans. I asked how many they had done… First they said they hadn’t heard of it happening. Then when I dropped the car off they told me they were doing another one on the same day and they have done one more before.
    I asked when the problem is and they said they have to send the whole trans back to Nissan Australia.
    When I received the car back I have noticed the car now has a Trans Oil cooler on it. This is the same unit from the Diesel model.

    I am not to impressed with Nissan’s Service department at all and if this keeps happening I will be looking to move the car.

    As you can imagine I am telling anyone that is looking to buy a Nissan Xtrail to be warned!

    Good luck

  • Avanti7320

    The CVT transmission fitted to many different makes is giving trouble. The best combination in an X-Trail is manual trans and petrol engine. The X-Trail forum certainly lists many problems, but that is because that forum is so active, with many members contributing on a regular basis. Almost any other make, on a similar forum would list at least the same if not more problems.

  • The_Rug

    Hi All,

    Based on my requirements, I was looking at something like an X-Trail or Outlander.

    I was tempted to go Outlander but seeing as it was the first release of the new body/style I thought I wouldn’t go that way.

    The intention was to buy a brand new X-Trail ST with the CVT transmission, but the dealer had a 2007 X-Trail TI with the CVT. The TI was cheaper and had more fruits than I wanted, so I decided to take the risk of buying second-hand.

    I’m glad I did – I have been SUPER impressed with the X-Trail, the transmission is amazingly smooth (and quiet – you shouldn’t notice it is there, if so, then you’ve got problems), the fuel consumption is lower than a Commodore – even when driving long distance and an excellent all-rounder. On paper it is better than the manual petrol transmission – which is quite a feat!

    I recently purchased the warranty extension for another 3 years + 50,000KMs – I did this because this model was the first time Nissan has put a CVT into their cars, and I didn’t want to be out of pocket if the transmissions are prone to developing faults after 4-5 years.

    The only beef I have with it is the tyres/wheels – I am struggling to find GOOD branded tyres to fit the rims that come with the TI – they are 215/60R17 tyres which I have been told by all my local tyres resellers is a very odd size.

    This model’s audio system is lacking, but the newer model has recently had a much needed electronics upgrade.

    To those who complain about them – just remember that the car is made in a factory by Nissan, and the service you get is just a representative of Nissan who buys the rights to sell them. If you’re not happy with the dealer you used, go to another one – that is the beauty about having a Nissan (or any other) warranty. If a dealer has ripped you off, or ignored you, don’t feel like you have to keep using them!

  • Paul

    I own a bought a new Diesel X-Trail T31, what a mistake! I have had a problem with an engine noise that Nissan can’t fix and have now given up on. They went as far as replacing the turbo, but have no idea, they now tell me it is a carastic of the car!

    The Diesel has a serious issue with an oil leak with oil building up on waste gate and contaminating air filter quickly after it has been changed. Nissan have no soluton and dealers will tell you it is normal!

    Nissan warranty is hopless, they will tell you every noise and oil leak is normal. Please don’t make the same mistake I did, buy something else!!

  • Johno

    I had my 2008 Nissan X-Trail T31 series converted to gas, have had no problems at all. But the reversing sensor is causing a problem by activating all the time when reversing, even when there are no cars, etc, near. Nissan have replaced module & checked wiring & they think the problem is in the weight of the gas tank in the rear. Has anyone else had this problem?

  • Paul

    I have an xtrail petrol auto 2007 xmas eve brand new.I have had nothing but trouble with the petrol gauge after 3 months.I took it to the dealership who replaced a gauge over a couple of occassions leaving a bad petrol leak.i gave up when it was still not working.I refused to take it back to the dealership as the service was pitiful.That was in the first year.I have had it serviced at the dearhip recently for the 80k service as i was told it was best to do so because they have a computer to test the car.I am not very good with cars so took the advice.They did look at the petrol gauge which had not worked properly since it had been in two years previously.They did repair it under warranty even though it was just out as I had spoken to the original sales manager.When I took the car home after they originally looked at the fault there was such a bad petrol leak I had to park it out in the open.The part was eventually replaced and the same thing happened very bad petrol leak.I called them back immediately.No answer left a message no response had to drive back as no one rang.Then started to get noise from the gearbox which I had not noticed before as I usually have the radio on.Nissan say it is not covered by the warranty as it is just out by 6 months.It only has 85k on never been used in four wheel drive never been off road it has been used as a car.The tyres were noisey after 3 months but they said it was not covered.They tell me to replace the gearbox will be about 8k.There are numerous other things that I have had with the dealership Ian botcher.When it went in for the 80 k serice the windscreen got damaged which they said was already there.I would not recommend the dealership or nissan to anyone.The car itself I like but I will be telling everyone i can about the dearship and nissan

    • maximark


      I’m sort of in the same situation like you about the gear box but lucky that my car is still under the warranty.I’m sick of the local Nissan technicians as they just can’t fix the problem or don’t know how to fix it so I’m in the process of taking my matter to the fair trading. The Xtrail CVT transmission is the failure as my Xtrail gear box has been replaced three times and my xtrail has done only 40k since new, lot of other xtrail owners has their gear box replaced as well. I’ve never taken my car off road, never done any towing, I bought this car because we have a small child so we need space for pram,other stuffs, should have bought the outlander or the forester. This is my first and last Nissan ever.

      Google Australia Xtrail forum and the forum members may able to help you. Also go to Nissan Facebook and make a complain to them.The a Murano owner was also in the same situation like yours, her car was out of the warranty and Nissan agree to replace the CVT without charge. Good luck.

      • Paul

        I am being asked to take all my servicing paperwork in for nissan to see.I had such poor service with Nissan I took it elsewhere up to 40k.After that i did not have it serviced till 80k.I was told to take it back to the nissan dealer as they had a computer to be put on it which should be done at 80k.I dont know much about cars but took advice.So I am sure they will use tehe not having had it sercied between 40-80k as the egt out.I did ask the service manager when the gearbox should be serviced and he said I know what you are saying but nissan aren’t listening.Like you I have never had a tow bar.If it had been put under any sort of load ie off road,towing or 4×4 driving you might think well maybe that could be the reason.But then again isn,t that what a four wheel drive is for.Thanks for your reply dont know where to go with this now may have to consult autobox specialist 8k for a new box must be joking and then wait for that one to need replacing



  • sarah

    The Nissan XTrail Diesel is terrible. We do 500+ highway Ks a week and at 70,000ks the DPF needed replacing and even though the car is still under warrenty Nissan refuse to take responsibility, What Nissan fail to mention when you are purchasing this vehicle is that because this part is installed the car needs to do a certain UNMENTIONED amount of highway ks for it to be able to sustain that particular part. The car cannot run consistantly with this part damaged or blocked, Often this part cannot be cleared if it does become blocked and this part costs $3000 alone before they add a labour fee. We have owned 3 great Nissan’s but after the “so what” manner we have experienced by Nissan customer service representatives regarding this part we would Never recommend or purchase a Nissan again!

  • Neilandrachel3

    The diesel particulate filter (PDF) has been a major problem in my TL dci; top of the range manuel; thought the bugger would go forever. The DPF was replaced due to fault under warranty at 35,000klm and at 48,000klm the light is on again. Nissan refuse to replace it under warranty and replacemnt is a little over $4,000.!!! Bastards reckon because I have not stuck to the 10,000klm interval service ( I have gone over 3,500k twice in 50,000klm) that I have caused the problem. Fact is the DPF is self cleaning and NOT subject to interval servicing anyway. I am minded to take the bastards on and sue them for the replacement of the DPF under warrranty. Has anyone else had a problem with the DPF??? Of course you have , the thing is a LEMON. Lets talk about it.

  • Neilandrachel3

    I have decided to fix th DPF and sell the thing as clearly it is an inherint fault with this and other diesel Xtrails. I will never buy Nissan again; poor customer support and the DPF issue is likely symptomatic of a range of poor QC in their manufacturing.

  • Mikeeduncan

    Have a petrol T31 X-Trail manual petrol ST bought brand new in October 2009. Reading the posts above makes me wonder..yet, we haven’t had any issues with our car…it just does the job! It now has 58,000 kilometeres on the clock and is used to cart kids and all their gear, go to work, and has been offroad in heavy rain and mud and never missed a beat. Our X-Trail replaced a Daihatsu Terios, which was a great little 4WD and lots of fun, but the X-Trail is a worthy car and something we’d look at again in the future.   

    • Joe

      Anything would be a step up from  a Terios even a Lada Niva , i really dont know why people buy these crappy pretend 4wd’s – get a real bloody car.

  • Tony – Perth

    After reading all your comments, the best option is to go for a manual petrol. Thanks all for sharing!

  • Neilandrachel3

    Well I had my spit above. Since then Nissan have come good. Nothing wong with he DPF; it was a computer coding error and once plugged in to their system, it was FIXED. Ended up not costing me a cent ; just a ot of ink on email. They cam good. The diesel is wondeful again.

  • rychu

    Just to let all know some of the positive comments are written by the guys who make money on this type of car like dealers and Nissan itself. Beware,