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Following its mid-life facelift which appeared in 2007, the next generation BMW 1 Series has been spied on the roads which is due to arrive in 2011.

Wearing the typical psychedelic BMW camouflage, this is the first time our photographers have spotted the car as a prototype rather than the previous mules which wore the current 1 Series body.

Despite being in the early stages of its development, BMW’s product development chief, Klaus Draeger, has suggested the new generation model would cater for fast developing new segments with a shooting-brake two-door wagon being considered.

2011 BMW 1 Series prototype spied

The next generation model will feature a series of petrol and diesel engines ranging from 1.4-litres to 3.0-litres with the turbo-six almost certain to make a return.

Unfortunately a highly anticipated M version of the new generation 1 Series is still out of the question, with emphasis instead being placed on green models such as low-polluting diesels and a hybrid.

  • Alex

    Can’t wait. I know that in some guises (namely 123d and 135i) the 1 Series is already brilliant but did anybody else ever hold the view that the current 1 Series is just a bit too flawed to be seen as any more than a first generation?
    I’m looking forward to this as I’m sure that BMW have listened to complaints and I look forward to the shooting brake style car as I miss the Z3 coupe, ugly and strange as it was.

  • FrugalOne

    I wonder if BMW offered this swirl-camo-paint-cover as a option if people would buy it?

    The current Bangle/fangle design is to complex and plain ugly, hope they fix it, esp. the side view.

    More rear leg room would be nice too!



  • Wheelnut™

    The last thing BMW need in their line-up is yet another compact SUV like the X1 [above].
    IMHO what they should think about making is a Ute as it’s the only thing missing.

    I mean by adding another SUV to the range BMW are blurring the lines between the various models where it gets to the point that:
    there isn’t that much difference [in terms of price features etc] between the X1 or X3 that people opt for the X3..
    then there isn’t much difference [in terms of price features etc] between the X3 and X5 that people opt for the X5..
    then there isn’t much difference [in terms of price features etc] between the X5 and X6 that people opt for the X6..
    thereby making the X1 X3 & X5 superfluous not to mention a waste of time money and resources

    If BMW release a Ute it would make Merc-Benz Audi VW Porsche come out with a range of luxury utes based on their various SUVs like the Cayenne etc

  • Alex

    Wheelnut, utes are horrible and impractical. Most of the ones that I see these days have a hard cover covering the tray, in other words, no more practical than the boot of a sedan. Why would BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche or any brand like them ever make a ute? It would just bring an uncouth class and type of person that these brands theoretically don’t want driving their cars.
    You might see a Lexus truck one day, that would sell well in America, but I don’t think you will ever see any of your other listed brands making utes and in my opinion, that’s a very good thing if only because you’d complain that it was too small and girly. Apart from anything, the only real market would be Australia seeing as Americans buy trucks and Africans don’t trust European cars and there’s not a massive market for them anywhere else.

    I do very much agree about your thoughts on the X1 though. It does seem a bit pointless. But it has a considerably larger market than a BMW 1 Series ute ever would.

  • Alex

    Just to say, when reading back my last comment, I didn’t mean to insult ute drivers. I just think it strange to call the X1, a car that may well sell half a million units by the end of it’s life, a waste of time, money and resources and say that a ute that would probably have a market of about 20,000 units a year if even that a good idea.

  • Wheelnut™

    Alex – you say that utes are impractical.. I’d like to see you try to fit a Trail bike or a display case in a 3 series sedan or Porsche 911.. so they do have their place.

    The other thing is given that BMW Merc-Benz etc have no problem cutting the roof off of a coupe.. why don’t they cut the roof off of one of their wagons as well?

    Having said that I do agree with your comments regarding the [hinged] hard tonneau covers.. a much more practical option is what’s known as a Roll-A-Back tonneau cover – it works just like a roller door for your garage; is remote controlled and locks in 3 different positions

  • Alex

    Allergic to nuts and missiles {}{} TM, your stating exactly what everybody else has known for ages so that kind of makes you boring as well.

  • Wheelnut™

    Alex – you’re right its not the first time people have said that about us on this site

    However; I wouldn’t say that its what people have KNOWN for ages.. Its more what people have ASSUMED.
    They don’t really know anything about us personally [what we do where we live etc] But; because they don’t agree with or in some cases understand our comments; they make assumptions not to mention the personal insults attacks to try and make them appear to be more superior or intelligent than us..

  • Missile and nut hater

    Alex has got it completely correct,” KNOWN ” not assumed.

    We know lots about you because we understand the human psyche, we uderstand that some people feel so un-important in the real world that they need to have a voice somewhere.

    No-one is trying to appear more superior, what you have indeed described is your own inferiority complex, and you have done this to every reader of your comment, so well done for exposing yourself.

  • Class-less

    Alex, 1 of my vehicles is a ute, and I object to you calling ute drivers uncouth.Might I suggest you go back to where you fit in, I assume up there in the higher realms of the class system of the UK

  • Class-less

    Wheelnut, in my humble opinion, someone that starts insults or personal attacks isn’t trying to make themselves more important or intelligent really.
    I think that your comment makes you sound a bit dumb, sorry for the insult.

  • http://deleted Alex

    Class-Less, I do apologise. Uncouth was uncalled for. However, it is the stereotype of a ute driver and the proudest of ute drivers are even happy with this stereotype and it’s exactly what BMW, Audi or Mercedes would be thinking if they were ever to consider a ute.

  • Class-Less

    Really Alex, you dont live in the real world at all.
    Do Mercedes make vans ?
    Go hunt some fox’s.