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  • Punchy & economical; Smooth gearbox; Dynamically enjoyable
  • Price when optioned; Urethane steering wheel; Late clutch uptake

9 / 10

2009 Volkswagen Golf Review & Road Test
2009 Volkswagen Golf Review & Road Test
by Matt Brogan

2009 Volkswagen Golf Review & Road Test

New Golf hits the competition for six

Model Tested:

  • 2009 Volkswagen Golf Mark VI 90TSI Trendline; 1.4-litre turbocharged four-cylinder; six-speed manual; five-door hatch: $25,990 (RRP)


  • Metallic Paint $700; Satellite Navigation $3000; Adaptive Chassis Control $1500; Alarm $600; Fog Lamps $400; Parallel Park Assist $1400; Reversing Camera $500; Sunroof $1900 (Fitted); Premium Audio System $1800; iPod Interface $270; Satellite Navigation with Audio Upgrade $4000; Comfort Package $2200

CarAdvice Rating:

– by Matt Brogan

It’s hard to believe the Golf was in need of an update. Already such a terrific little car with contemporary style, it hardly felt old.

After driving the latest version of Germany’s favourite mid-sized hatch this week, I think it’s fair to say that the all-new Golf is not only better than its predecessor, but that it also hits the competition for six.

2009 Volkswagen Golf Review & Road Test
2009 Volkswagen Golf Review & Road Test
2009 Volkswagen Golf Review & Road Test

The Golf Mark VI takes everything we’ve come to expect from Volkswagen and polishes off a few rough edges to bring the car in line with the brand’s new design direction – which is clearly evident in both the Scirocco-esque front end and Tiguan-ish tail.

The result is an attractive, well sorted and dynamically enjoyable vehicle that boasts exceptional fit and finish, a quiet, balanced ride, as well as that all important high level of safety.

With a 1.4-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine under the bonnet, the Golf is far more spirited than its 90kW output rating would have you believe, managing the 0-100km/h sprint in a touch under 10 seconds.

The six-speed manual gearbox too is an absolute delight; very smooth to operate with an excellent spread of ratios.

Plus, with 200Nm on hand from just 1500rpm, the Golf is an easier drive than most manuals in this class and seems to make shifting cogs a far less busy occupation than you would at first believe.

2009 Volkswagen Golf Review & Road Test
2009 Volkswagen Golf Review & Road Test

The clutch is light, but not devoid of feel, though I did find it presents a very late uptake point which isn’t exactly to my personal liking.

Despite this one small issue the Golf remains an extremely enjoyable drive with confident and balanced handling from the strut front, multi-link rear suspension arrangement and well weighted steering with just the right amount of feedback.

The ride too is very pleasant; settled and quiet, which is a very rare combination in cars south of the $30K price bracket.

In standard form (as tested) the Golf 90TSI offers: a single CD tuner; trip computer; flip key remote central locking; power windows and heated power mirrors; and air-conditioning, which is about what you’d expect for this kind of money.

But if you’re like me and need a little extra pampering, the Comfort Pack is probably the best value way to up-spec the base model, adding 15-inch alloy wheels, dual-zone climate, cruise control, MFD trip computer, and best of all a leather-trimmed steering wheel with audio controls – all for an additional $2200.

Staying inside you’ll find sensible utilisation of space for added storage, greater interior room and a plain yet logically formed decor which although a little dull, is certain not to age as readily as some of Golf’s more “funky” competitors.

Proportionally ample seating with comfortable cloth trimmed seats make longer trips a delight, while rear seating is roomy enough to comfortably seat three adults without a bother.

Inside the top-hinged hatch Golf offers an impressive 350 litres of cargo capacity with the seats and parcel shelf in place, though this can be expanded to a cavernous 1305 litres thanks to 60:40 split fold rear seats.

As we touched on earlier, safety is a well addressed concern in the new Golf with this base model featuring standard front, side, curtain and driver’s knee airbags; ESP with Traction Control; and four-wheel disc brakes with ABS, EBA and EBD.

So if you’re on a budget and find yourself shopping the mid-sized hatch market this is one car I’d strongly recommend taking for a test drive.

The driver in you will love the on-road athleticism on offer while your common sense side is certain to feel reassured after just one solid close of the door.


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2009 Volkswagen Golf Review & Road Test
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  • ZoomZoom

    A recent small car comparison saw the new Mazda 3 defeat the Golf :)

  • Smokin’

    The Golf looks like a 2003 Holden Barina. I bet it isn’t half as good as the Barina either.

  • Tom

    ZZ, its drive.com.au, which makes the comparison worthless. Might as well read the Mazda 3 brochure and get your opinion from that.

    I think the pick of the bunch though is the manual 118tsi, better engined and better specced for not much more money. Yeah, you pay more for a VW, but you pay for quality, and the safest car on sale in Europe (and probably Aus)

  • HAL

    ^ doing a bit of early morning trolling there, are we smokin? Good luck, you’re bound to catch a few :-)

  • HAL

    But Tom, is the VW better quality? I’ve never owned one myself, but based on some of the comments I have seen posted here (although I take most of them with a grain of salt) it appears that some people have fairly numerous problems with theirs.

    I’ll sound like a broken record I know, but I’d much prefer the Scirocco to this. Maybe it’s a victim of it’s own success, but there are just so many on the road they just aren’t exciting, they seem boring even though they are a good package.

  • Tom

    HAL, you’re right, VW don’t have the best reliability record (still better than most), although the Mk IV simply hasn’t been on the market long enough to know if it will improve on the Mk5’s reliability like VW have said it would. I remember reading a good article somewhere on the difference between quality and perceived quality, where the example used was a Subaru and VW indicator stalk. The Subaru indicator stalk might do 1 million clicks before its expected to fail, whereas the VW might only do 500,000. But each Subaru click has a very plasticcy, clacky feel, whereas a VW click would be a solid, well dampened feel. Companies like Subaru and Toyota measure quality with numbers, MTBF stats and warranty claims. Thats quality. But the VW has a much higher perceived quality, it might fail twice as often, but it feels much better put together. And to be honest, I’d rather have the satisfaction of 500,000 nicely dampened and solid feeling indicator clicks, than 1 million plasticcy, feels like I’m about to break it ones. Thats just one example, but highlights the difference.

    I might spend a few thousand more over the lifetime of the car in repairs, but I’d prefer that to driving a car thats totally reliable but whenever I drive it feels like its made of the same plastic as my old lego set and every switch I touch has the same tactile feel as a panadol blister pack. Obviously many people think otherwise, but judging by Golf sales figures, a lot of people would agree.

    • Luke Brinsmead

      I completely agree with you. Couldn’t of said better myself.

  • quiet1

    I somehow feel that the interior of the new golf still needs a good upgrade…look at that central console..it is light years behind mazda and honda….otherwise this is a great car….

  • HAL

    Tom, fair enough, I get your point and I probably agree. My Mazda 6, although very good quality, has some of those ‘less refined’ aspects to certain items. But hey, I haven’t had one fault in 3 years (touch wood). I wouldn’t have a clue what the surveys/ratings say about Mazda. I presume they must be pretty good given their sales succes though.

    Anyway, this article is about the Golf, and I’m looking forward to checking out the GT models when they come out.

  • Reckless1

    Haha, my mum has had a Mazda for 24 years and it’s never had a fault (except the head gasket, shockers and struts, brakes replaced).

    So – is it reliable – yes, in my opinion it’s been a faultless car with routine serviceing required.

    Would a survey show it was plagued with one fault after another – yes, so it’s demmed as unreliable.

    A recent survey (England from memory) showed 90% of new car “faults” were electronic in nature, with barely a mechanical issue raising its head.

    I wonder how many of these electronic faults are actually the inability of the operator to get their head around the electronics – eg BMW I-Drive.

    Anyway, to the base model MKVI in this test. I think VW Australia has done a disservice to the brand with this dumbed down version of the car. Taking out cruise control, trip computer, MFD, and fitting cheap steel wheels with equally cheap Kumho tyres (instead of Contis or Pirelli or Michelin) makes the base model a shocker in my view.

    Coupled this with a brilliant little engine, transmission, brakes – cheap tyres don’t make sense.

    I agree that the first desirable model is the 118TSI which addresses these ills, but the price increase is quite a bit.

  • f1worldchamp

    Having frequently driven various Volkswagens, and my mate’s Mazda 3, I feel the VW has a definate feel of higher quality in both the interior and the driveline. With the Golf VI, I don’t agree the interior needs an update, it’s austere and understated, and much more likely to still look good in the years to come than it’s Japanese contemporaries.

  • Smokin’

    Who is fishing, it really does look like a 2003 Holden Barina, it might be just a little bit bigger then a barina, that’s about it. Seriously, $26,000 +ORC, plus options for a car that looks to be nothing more then a 2003 Barina, what a scam. Hey it costs more so it must be better. Beep Beep Barina.

  • t39

    I am a VW fan myself, but agree with the reason Drive placed the 90TSI after Mazda3: There is no cruise control option. the only way to get cruise on the 90TSI is to get the $2.2K pack, which would be pointless as it makes the price too close to 118TSI.

  • ZoomZoom

    Tom I’m not quite sure if your trying to say that the new Mazda 3 isn’t a quality product or that the Golf in your opinion is superior end of story.

    I think that in this segment the Mazda 3 is the only car that gives the Golf a run for its money and in the case of the drive review it won. Having said that both cars provide above average levels of performance and quality and the more of them that we see one the road means that its one less corolla on the road.

  • Nothanksregarlessofprice

    I would buy one, if this car is at least as reliable as Korean built car…VW’s reliability is terrible…

  • Iz

    I’m glad someone brought up the rubbish tires. A disappointment in my books, but nothing a hurl of abuse at the dealer won’t change I guess =p

    A friend of mine owns a previous gen Mazda3, and compared with my Mk V Golf, I feel that my car (like others have said) has a higher “feel” of quality, but the Mazda is probably less likely to have things come off.

    That said, ~52000kms and 2 yrs later, my Golf hasn’t had anything go wrong with it at all, so go figure I guess, while her car’s had a bunch of failures like the CD player dying and so on. Minor niggles, but I’d hate that to happen to my car.

  • toxic_horse

    Tom ,that statment is the most inteligent thing I have read on this forum for a long time.

    This is why people blindly trust that anything made in europe is super reliable and rubbish all manufacturers.

    When really they are paying through the roof for expensive parts that are not reliable.

  • smokin’r32

    It does look very plain, even the corolla has more design flair. Stark contrast to the in-your-face clown look of the mazda 3. GTi version looks hot though…

  • Golfschwein

    Nothanksregardlessofprice looks suspiciously like Ohmygod from the Golf estate story. Such a blanket claim of unreliability is meaningless. Ask the bloke who drives one. Have a look at the comment here that describes a Mazda 3’s CD player failing. Then, get a grip on yourself.

    I happen to agree that the VW Golf and Mazda 3 is where the game’s on right now. Either could have their little failures.

  • Shane

    I recently had a smash in my Mkv Gti. I can tell you that the other car (a similar size/age jap car) was a mess but I was able to drive my car away and just had to have some minor body work done.

    I too have experienced some rattles and other niggles in my Golf but the structural intergrity of the car is unmatched.

  • eh179driver

    I would love one of these. The only problem is two VV tall teenage children! Well in a couple of years maybe…
    The only downside I see to the VW range is service costs. The costs of servicing the DSG auto are very high ($750 @ 60’000 kms and close on $1’000 @ 120’000kms) and when you add the DSG service cost to the standard mechanical service, it all becomes a bit high. But I guess if you want the car, then thats just what you pay.

  • Jay

    This really isn’t meant to be Mazda 3 v VW Golf argument, but I may as well join in on it since I have a bit of experience with the two…

    I’ve owned a Mazda SP23 – which I sold after a year (to my best friend) to buy a MkV Golf GTI. The Mazda is an awesome package; looks, excellent handling, driver involvement and a pretty good list of features for the price. However, it wasn’t trouble free… I did need a headlight housing replaced due to a reflector falling loose inside of it and I needed the CD stacker replaced. Not to mention an annoying rattle from the driver’s side B-pillar which could never be rectified… Since it has changed over to its new owner it has needed its cruise control replaced a number of times (common fault on the early models with cable throttle linkages), and has just recently needed its catalytic converter changed after throwing a CEL. Still an awesome car though, and has never actually failed to get the driver to its destination.

    Now for my Golfs – Perceived quality IS higher. This is simply a matter of things like soft touch plastics on the dash and smaller design details (bottle openers, felt lining on seat belt buckles, lined bin doors, a damped glove boxed, quality headliners etc). Actual quality? Well, I wore the paint off my window switches (replaced under warranty)… And I also needed my CD stacker replaced in the Golf (maybe it’s me, and not the stackers?). Plus a couple of rattles here and there which were fixed by the service centre. But nothing major that has detracted from driver enjoyment, and so far, nothing as major as the what the Mazda has needed.

    Both are excellent cars, which will remain reliable for a reasonable amount of time. Each may have its own unique set of small issues over the years, but that’s almost a given considering how complex cars have become. I don’t think any buyer would be wrong to buy a Mazda or VW if they were searching for a reliable car. They should probably base their decision on price, features and styling.

  • Frenchie

    Some of the options cost are ridiculous.

    $3000 for satnav? I know all car manufacturers charge lots for this but after market satnav’s, although not fitted into the dash are a lot cheaper. I mean an extra $4000 for satnav with audio setup!

    Parallel park assist $1500. Please tell me this is simply not the passanger side mirror dipping to see where the kerb is.

    Finally the comfort pack. What is it? A pillow and blanket?

  • Rick

    Golf VI looks too plain and round (i know its VW’s current design direction). The centre console looks too AUDIish. May be a better package overall than the outgoing model, but who is VW kidding with the level of standard equipment offered on the base model for the price?

    I have heard the servicing costs of the Golf leaves a hole in the pocket, but arent all Euro cars in the same basket?

  • Tony

    I think they (CA or someone) should do a review of the Polo vs. the Golf.

    I have a suspicion that the cold hard reality is that it’s artificial bracketing.

    There’s nothing a Golf can do that a Polo can’t. Now in the past I didn’t like the Polo because it really did seem like a mini car but the current Polo has grown up in size and class so it actually looks like a REAL CAR.

    And the Golf has grown up perhaps into a size that is inconsequential over a Polo.

    So your choice. Do you buy a basic Golf that looks like a rental car. Or you do buy a higher end Polo that has all the features you want and is just as fast and safe.

    Oh and only in Australia is VW considered a luxury brand. I was absolutely puzzled by the Americans I met who really had a low regard for VW. And they are probably right. More a triumph of marketing those Golf GTis to the Eastern Suburbs set.

  • Mal

    The park assist option scans potential parking spots, and if the space is big enough automatically steers the vehicle into position. The driver still maintains control of the brake and throttle. I’m guessing the base model tested here doesn’t have parking sensors standard hence the $1500 asking price. Other models with standard park sensors can be optioned up with park assist for $700 if I remember correctly. Still, $700 is a lot to pay for a simple bit of software telling the electric steering what to do….

  • Golfschwein

    Frenchie, do a little research. The park Assist will parallel-park your Golf without you even touching the steering wheel. It moves on its own. All the driver does is brakes and throttle. Cool, or what?

  • Tony

    $1,400 hey?

    that’s a cute party trick however i bet anyone with a clue can do it quicker themselves

  • TSI

    Tony, if you think like that, why don’t you compare Mazda6 limited about $30 vs mazda3 sp25 in the same price.. OH!! Mazda3 is a bit more expensive..”THERE IS NOTHING A MAZDA6 CAN DO THAT A MAZDA3 CAN’T”…
    Check out Wheels June2009 MAZDA3sp25 VS GOLF118TSi

  • Tim

    Overpriced, bland and not that great of a build quality. New Mazda 3 is much better and better to drive (Yes, have driven both).



    I would have to disagree. I drove both cars and bought a Golf 118TSI. VW drove better, nice and tight Chasis for cornering, had a nice touchy feely inside and not hard Mazda plastics, VW in gear acceleration due to the max torque starting way down was fantastic and way better then Mazda 3.

    I got the 7sp DSG, works a charm. Can be a little gutless with DSG until the supercharger provides some kick (1000rpm up – max action starts at 1750rpm). Economy has been around 6.5L/100ks over the last 500klms of mixed driving, which is around what VW quotes, which i thought was great for a car straight out of the box and yet to loosen up. Here is the surprising thing: Engine revs at exactly 2000rpm at 100kph, and it is a 1.4L, I kid you NOT about this.

    Love this car. Go for the 118TSI over the 90TSI…..more kit, better tyres and kick a$$ torque/power. Looks great in white too…………may I add that the pitures on the site dont do it justice, go check it out in the metal

    Cheers, Charlie


    PS: I have copied and pasted the service costs from another poster on the ‘first steer’ of this car. My dealer has quoted similar prices (within a few dollars here and there), I am really not sure if this covers the servicing of the DSG as mentioned by a blogger above

    ……”The service intervals and cost are as follows:
    15000klm/1 year=$247.16
    30000klm/2 year=$418.43
    45000klm/3 year=$247.16
    60000klm/4 year=$652.64
    75000klm/5 year=$247.16
    90000klm/6 year=$418.43

    Cheers, Charlie

  • Frenchie

    OK Parallel park assist parks the car for you. Not marketed very well by VW. If its so cool and works so well why is this not a major selling point?

  • Reckless1

    Hi Charlie – the service cost on the 7 speed dry clutch DSG will be way less than on the 6 speed oiled clutch version. The 6 speed takes 5.5 litres of oil at the service, and it’s a synthetic oil which is quite expensive.

    The 7 speeder doesn’t even hold that much oil, so the service will be a fair bit cheaper.

    I have researched the DSG oil change procedure, and it has been shrouded in mystique and rumoured to be technically very difficult, possibly to keep it in the dealear’s realm.

    It’s no more difficult than any other auto service where there is no dipstick, a drain plug, and a level plug. Just that here the level plug fits inside the drain plug.

    If Drive had compared the 118TSI with the Mazda, the Golf would win hands down. The dumb steel wheel jobbie is rightly beaten by the Mazda. But I’d still buy the Golf because it’s not that much poorer, and the Mazda looks are too polarising.

  • Mal

    To quote Tony…
    “$1,400 hey?

    that’s a cute party trick however i bet anyone with a clue can do it quicker themselves.”

    Actually, I’d rather have the feature there to help those who have difficulty parking their own cars, instead of returning to find my car damaged. I’ve heard people slag off ESP for the same reasons…..

  • MazMagic

    Just because something is made in Germany, DOES NOT mean that it is “more superior” to everything else. But some of the comments here say likewise.

    For example, my family has had three German vaccum cleaners, and EVERYONE of them had trouble. We also have a 34 year old Japanese vaccum cleaner and it is NEVER let us down once.

    In same applies to cars as well. Here are just some of issues I have heard with German made cars:
    1) VW Polo having numerous problems
    2) C Class Merc having various issues including potential electrical faults
    3) 7 Series BMW having a fuel leak
    4) Engine failures with A Class Mercs
    ..and it goes on.

    When looking for a small car, I considered the Golf and the Mazda (both previous generation cars) as well some other European cars. The Golf was nice and almost went for it. But after hearing about a someone who had numerous problems and a dealer who was absoutely hopeless, I went for the Mazda3 (which was last on my list). Glad I did. It is a fantastic car and proves that Japan’s best can take it up to the Germans (like Mazda has always done). Plus, so far, it has been problem free. Also, very safe as well (the C1 platform was developed by Ford, Mazda and ***VOLVO*** – a name that makes VW safety look second rate)

    End of the day, the Mazda3 has it all over the Golf. Sure, it is smilely, but is clearly more superior than the Golf (which is unreliable VW trash anyway).

    PS: Charlie, you are comparing the old Mazda3 with the new VW Golf – Tim has (I think) driven both the new Golf and Mazda3. Mazda3 plastics are much, much more superior and much quicker.

  • Golfschwein

    Mazmagic, I know what you mean and I haven’t the time or patience to list all the things that have gone wrong with my Golf.

    But try me later. I might be in a better mood.

  • JasonP

    Couldn’t live with the looks of the new Mazda 3.
    Bought a Golf 118TSI DSG. Should be here late June.

  • http://internode.on.net Peter

    Mazmagic – sorry but stories like “I know of someone who knew this bloke …” don’t cut the mustard. Stories like this abound about Japanese cars too (and Korean, etc etc)

    In fact, my mate’s business went down the gurgler because a large Japanese car co. kept dicking him around with court appearances, refusing to to replace his dud 4×4 ute (9 months off the road in 24). In the end they paid him some compensation and gave him a new 4×4 ute – but alas it was too little, too late. Also worked with a lady who had 5 gearboxes in her Jap hatch inside 2 years. She eventually sold it.

    When it comes down to it – pick the car you like for your own reasons.

    As for me, I’d take the Golf over the Mazda – I prefer the looks. (By the way, I used to own a 92 Mazda 323 – lovely car which I still see around. It just got too small for me at the time).

  • Devil666

    Wow Maz, your not a fanboi or anything, and PS: “more superior” is just something that should never be said. Ever again.

    Also, in terms of servicing the DSG, I believe that the 6 speed DSG was a wet clutch and the 7 speed is now the dry clutch type, so it no doubt requires less liquid replacement, should it ever require servicing. Many transmissions are service free for their life, I imagine this is not the case for a DSG.

    For the record, new Mazda 3 looks heinous. Send Mazda a message by not buying it. It is criminally ugly.


    Hey Mazmagic,

    I didnt know you were sitting beside me when i test drove the 3. Nope, no mistake, I drove the new 3 with that new dumb a$$ looking front. Agree interior does look better in the new three compared to the old three….but still hard plastics compared to Gen VI Golf soft touches.

    Engine in Mazda is rough and noisey compared to golf, and in gear acceleration for overtaking in th Golf was much better then the Mazda. Drove them back to back fella….no mistaking how they drove.

    June Wheels mag feels the same: check the comparison of the 118tsi vs SP25…..correct outcome…..Golf takes the podium in choice of car

  • Boney Maroney

    I just finished reading that article in Wheels mag Charlie. I have to agree with you,and wheels. I also tested the new mazda three and golf. Golf 118tsi was the clear winner, and my choice when I purchased, although it did cost more then the new 3.

    I love my 118TSI. Go the 118 over the 90tsi. A lot more gear and a much punchier engine for a few grand extra. I went the DSG. I am trying to get my right foot comfy on the accelerator with the DSG, as when the power kicks in it is much more sudden then what I have been used to in my Forester GT. I have only had mine for 250ks so far, so this relationship has just started…….plenty of time to work out the finesse of the accelerator.

  • fasthonda

    “…..and the usual Volkswagen quota of chirps,sizzles and squeaks from various locations.The Mazda mightn’t look flash inside,but it’s better screwed together.”—-Top Gear Mag.(Australia)June 2009,Mazda3 Vs Golf VI 118TSI.

    There is no doubt that the Golf is a good car,but “made in Germany” should still be taken with a grain of salt by prospective buyers.
    At the moment,VW may be winning the performance/fuel economy battle with it’s turbo charged engines.I know as other manufacturers start “force feeding”their engines,VW(Golf)will have little left to significantly set it apart from it’s competitors.

  • Stan

    The new golf looks quite conservative in the piccies above, especially in the shown base model.

    A guy at work has just purchased a 118TSI Comfortline. He tarted his up with muddies, chrome exhaust tips and real dark tint – nothing flash, just a few complements to the car. With the new shape’s conservative lines, it looks like a well designed car that wont age stylewise anywhere near as fast as such polarising (read: ugly) designs like the Mazda 3 or PUG 308.

  • MB

    One is world car of the year the other is not.

    IMO the Mazda 3 is a great stepping stone up from your first or second car and seem to be the conforming 4 cylinder car. Still NVH is an issue with the new model and people will get a rude shock when replacing those bigger tyres compared to there preivous 13,14 or 15 inch tyre.

    I’ve had a few VW’s in the past without any issue but I do know of the window relays giving way and the turbo diverter valve made of hardened plastic cracking. I believe they change it @ 50000km in europe & 100000km here.

    Golf is the best allround choice much like the GTi

  • Fasthonda

    Just testing my iPhone

  • riceboy

    I’ve had my 2008 GTI Golf, in that time, the left rear window stopped working a few days, there are a few rattles in the car over bumpy roads, the DSG is a bit jerky on gentle slopes with light throttle, the dealer fitted Ipod adaptor is the biggest piece of antiquated shite ever… only got it because the stupid salesman told me GTI wouldn’t come with aux audio input when in fact it did… So… I like the car itself… apart from some niggly build quality issues, and really hate the salespeople and dealer in general. I haven’t had any breakdowns… but have encountered someone at a petrol station with overheating engine topping his radiator fluid up… and a close friend also had water pump issues and failing electric window like I did…

  • Jake02

    This car is such a fail for a number of reasons. The design is so similar to the old one, its conservative! The interior may have high-quality plastics, but I’m not sure about the longevity of it. It also, is too similar to the old one in terms of design. The value is not high, the performance (90TSI) is alright, good for mid-$20k’s Euro hatch, but the practicality isn’t good (the seats fold no-where near flat).

    Put simply, it shouldn’t be called MkVI, but MkV1/2 thats how similar to the old on it is. The only improvement is the mirrors that fold in further than two inches! Better off in a Mazda3 (MUCH better value), an Impreza (safer, just as conservative) or (massively more so) a Skoda Octavia hatch. Boots twice as big, interior is the same quality, equipment is higher, performance is only marginally slower (due to a slightly heavier weight) and its MUCH BETTER VALUE!!! Wouldn’t be hard…

    • VeeDub

      Jake I couldn’t dissagree more. The challenge for an automotive design engineer is to add innovation and improve on a design but to retain some unique identity of the namesake so the out going generation doesn’t get depreciated too quickly.
      To think the new Golf is the same as the old model is just plain ignorant. I’ve read the engineering digest released by the VW engineers working on the golf and the refinements are nothing short of extensive.
      I’m not sure how you quantify the Mazda as being better value. Sounds rather subjective unless you have some meaningful statistics you can share.
      Impressa safer? 5 star ANCAP vs 5 star ANCAP – again rather subjective.
      Skoda Octavia, nice car but forget resale value. You will take a big loss.

  • TSI

    Hey Jake02, Is Inpreza safer that golf ???… I have never ever heard that….I think GOlf got almost highest score already, Um..Maybe impreza have a full 37/37….

  • Jake02

    Probably not in scores, but the whole range has 6 airbags/ESP/ABS/TC AND the AWD system so it’s safer in trying to avoid impacts, whereas NCAP scores rate cars on crash performance. I’m guessing you’re representing the new Golf, but do you realise the whole VW Group uses the TSI acronym? That’s why my Skoda Ocatavia RS has a 2.0 TSI engine!

  • Neo Utopia

    I think the base model Golf looks almost as plan as a base Corola, as both cars have a more conservative design than the 3, which looks more modern and will probably attract a more select extravert customers would think Golf drivers are fidle farts and more introverted.

    But look back into history and compare an old Golf 3 with a 323 and a Corola and most of the cars back then in the mid to late nineties looked pretty much the same, with the Golf having many of the features the first 3 and the partly French designed Corola had.

    I agree, now Volkswagen’s interiors may look more plain than the 3, Civic or even Lancer, howeven Volkswagen usually prefer funtion over form and broad market (albeit a slightly older aged market) acceptance over a very modern looking design.

  • Neo Utopia

    Sorry for the bad gramma people, trying to text on my iPhone in the train is a bit awkward.

  • Neo Utopia

    Plus, I bet Volkswagen’s cheif designer Walter de’Silva is a more conservative person than Mazda’s cheif designer Kunihiko Kurisu.

  • Boney Maroney

    I have checked with the service dept of my VW dealer regarding the servicing of the DSG. DSG apparently is serviced at 60,000klm and 120,000klm, at the same time as the car gets it’s general service. The costs, as at today, for the services, INCLUDING the DSG service is:

    15000klm/1 year=$247.16
    30000klm/2 year=$418.43
    45000klm/3 year=$247.16
    60000klm/4 year=$652.64
    75000klm/5 year=$247.16
    90000klm/6 year=$418.43
    105000klm 7 year= $247.16
    120,000klm 8 year= $725.00

    which is obviously why the service costs are higher for 60,000 and 120,0000. The head maintenance guy went on to clarify that unless there is a separate problem with the car or gearbox, the DSG does not require separate ongoing servicing – ever.

    • carl

      I just had my 15k service on my MK6 golf, service is about $240, and labour cost about $240 as well, has any guys had cheaper service elsewhere?

  • Webber

    Tom – I agree with your points. There’s a big difference between real quality = reliability and ‘perceived’ quality. VW is good at doing the latter, Euros have never conquered the former.

  • Harley Stone

    if you speak a bit of german then you should check the long distance tests
    ( usually 100.000 or even 200.000 km ) of the magazine “Autobild”
    The results for all Volkswagen products were, to be polite, desastrous.
    Headlines like ” the permanet patient” etc explain…
    No long-terms quality whatsoever
    Many breakdowns
    Most problems caused by the construction of the vehicles
    When they are new, they’re shiny bright – but later, when the lady gets older
    the VW’s loose against ASTRA or other OPEL’s.

  • MK

    Just to prove how little the general public know about cars, the Ford Focus is currenlty the best medium sized car on the market.

  • Mitty

    I wonder then whether the manual will have cheaper servicing, particularly on the 60k and 120k services? I’ve ordered a manual 118Tsi with a sports pack and beige leather, in white. Hope it doesn’t look too fuddy-duddy! I saw that colour combo on a MkV GTi a while ago and it looked very elegant, so I’m hoping I can achieve the same look. Should be here in a month…..

  • Greg

    I’ve got a 06 Mk V Sportline, and was “thinking” about trading. To be frank, I don’t think the new model is as good looking as the V. If you didn’t see the VW badge from the front, it could be any small car. At least the V looks individual. Plus my Sportline has leather & a sunroof, so the changeover cost is huge. Ah well….

  • Jerry

    Jake02 – saying the new Golf is a fail is a bit much. This seems to be a quality vehicle with a few tweaks over the last Gen and a fresh look – oh, and dont forget, a totally new engine for the base range (albeit tweeked and transplanted from the Gen V GT)! the new engine has more power then the previous base models, more torque and uses 25% less petrol then the base Gen V models. Care to retract that stupid statement?

    You mention yourself, that the cabin of an Octivia is the same quality as the golf, and yet you question the quality of the golf interior long term….I am not sure of your argument.

    Further to the above point I would like you to explain to me how the Mazda 3 is better value? Have you read the latest Wheels mag – a lot of similar specs and gear – and golf comes out on top. Also would love to hear how Subaru is safer> AWD? please dont use that argument in a vehicle which is so underpowered (R-RS). ESC platforms are so damn good today that in vehicle of this power level, AWD is just a sales tool for salesmen – and what an expensive choice – care to compare the 8.9L/100klms to VWs 6.5?

    Skoda Octiva? although based on a golf, it is a much bigger car….people look to buy a hatch as they want a smaller car? Want a comparo to the skoda, why not look at the jetta. Besides, who would drive a car that from the outside (Skoda) looks like it is built for grandpa? Some people care about the look of their vehicle, and if shelling out $30,000+, they want at least some style, not something that looks like it came out of the late 80s

    No, I dont own a VW, but I am certainly interested in buying a hatch soon, and have been busy comparing. And this new Golf looks like it will make my short list

  • Davis

    I agree with many of the comments here, I think the Mazda 3 is probably better (whatever that very subjective word means), but the styling is just horrific. It is typical Mazda in that it looks like five different cars spliced together by a blind man. Confusing angles, ‘chintsy’ lamp lenses and ridiculous front and rear quarter arrangements. It is just a disaster. It’s like the RX-8; no doubt that it’s a good car, but would you honestly want to look at it in the driveway every day?

    I think my 30 grand would go on a new Focus TDCI. Not particularly attractive (but not as outlandish as the Mazda), some quality issues, and underpinnings reaching end of model life. Nonetheless, doesn’t do anything terribly, and I still think it is the best drive in the segment. Better value than both the Mazda and the VW also, in my humble opinion.

  • observer

    Matt Brogam- Editor of this road test
    VW had little choice but fastrack development of the Mark VI Golf to the market some 2 years before the Mark V life cyle had lapsed.

    Apparently costly production assembly methods resulted in VW burning US$1,500 per Golf built.

    I would have to agree with “Greg” Personally I liked the Mark V exterior better than the new model. especially around the rear where the older model has a soft curvacious tailight design. Each to own I suppose.Cheers

  • charles

    Might be considered by some to be a little bland but like alot of Euro`s they don`t date, I still get asked if my 2001 VW Bora is a new car and not to mention they don`t model update every 5mins like other manufacturers

  • nobody

    Saw one in the flesh the other day. I know everyone says it looks near identical to the model it replaced but to me it’s alot better. Maybe because I work in design and the slightest change in detail makes a big difference to me but overall the MK6 is a way more refined looker. It’s inoffensive yet interesting and will stand the test of time as opposed to much of the competition.

    VW did a great job imo.

    Won’t be getting this though because the GTI is coming soon 😀

  • Hazyman

    made in south africa…. oh my.

  • jerry

    hazyman……incorrect…..all OZ bound Golf Gen VI are built in germany……….gen V golfs came from SA

  • Agent99

    Two months ago, I ordered a VW Golf 118TSI, auto. It’s due to arrive at the end of July. I have a friend that bought hers over a month ago and started having engine problems within the first two weeks…she started hearing strange noises and shortly after, noticed a wheel alignment problem. Apparently there were some parts missing which had to be ordered from Germany and is taking a while to get here. They will not replace the car but insist on fixing it. Has anyone else heard of anything like this on the new model? I keep reading great reviews and I am hoping hers was just a one off dud (which of course I hope they fix as good as new)..but it’s just making me nervous. I also left a note on the wall of carshowroom.com over a week ago and just after I submitted it, a note popped up saying that my message will be reviewed after publication. I checked it today and it hasn’t been published. I would just like to stress that there seems to be a little corruption on that site. The only 3 messages that are shown are postive!!! I just need to hear some truths about this model, not lies!!! Hopefully this site can help!!

  • Agent99

    Sorry,just noticed a typo above! I meant to say that the message on Carshowroom.com said that my note would be reviewed BEFORE publication not after!!

  • FrugalOne


    VW have one of the worst quality issues of a european brand.There is a website dedicated just to vw lemons [google]

    The golf will be expensive to own and run.Its part of the ownership experience.

    You NEVER buy the first of any new model, YOU end up doing the development work and testing for them.

    If its going to do your head in, trade it in on a Corolla or i30 etc, noticed a few newies already on carsales/drive for sale

    Good luck with yours,



  • Agent99

    I’ll take that all on board and keep you posted on its performance. Gosh, I hope it’s not a damn lemon!!
    The reason why I decided on buying one in the first place, was because it won world (small?) car of the year in Europe. Also because I have friends that own them (previous models) and have been very happy with them… but yes, you are definately correct in saying that you never buy the first of any new model. That makes complete sense! It’s too late for me now…I suppose I just went on the trust taht VW Golf is now in it’s 6th Generation…thinking that they must have improved from the previous models… which is why it won the award, but who knows? That competition could’ve been just as corrupted as that ridiculous site Carshowroom.com! Oh well, I have no choice but to accept that I am now a guinea pig and will vent on this site whenever I see fit!! :-{ Hopefully NOT!! We’ll see…

    ps: If all fails, I’ll take your advice “TOYOTA!”

    • ZX10

      The VW diesels seem to be highly reliable. The petrol engines, not so much!

  • Boney maroney

    Agent 99,

    see the ‘first steer review’ of this car for some of the issues which have popped up. I have a squeek on the right passenger side internally – getting the service guys to tighten up whatever is loose, but bar that, in 1500klm, she has been an awesome drive with no worries. I am aware that it is early days yet though

    Some other purchasers, as you will read, have had a couple of issues

  • http://m/a Stelios 95

    I own a 95 323 1.6 Mazda and thinking to give it up for a golf 6 (118Kw) Highline (full extras) DSG 7 speed. My only concern is reliability. I had an Opel kadett 1.3s (petrol) 89 model and the engine last only 4 years. Is a nice build Mazda but I want something with more power this time, and the only car (new) that I can afford is the VW or Mitsubishi colt ralliart (made in Hungary) so it’s pretty match European than Japan, and the thin it doesn’t have the luxury of the VW or the filling of the sure foot on the road (not that is not that way).
    Anyone with a 10+ year of experience with VW welcome.

    Thank you.

  • Bahnstorming

    A few months ago, on a business trip to Germany, I was lent a new Golf VI with the 90TSI engine & 6 speed transmission as a company pool car. I presently drive a 2007 Passat Wagon with 2.0T FSI turbo engine (147kW) and 6 speed auto which has loads of torque and brilliant handling at all speeds.

    This Golf was stunningly solid and for a 1.4 litre engine it honestly felt like a 2 litre. Handling was superb and when I hit the unlimited autobahn and spun through the gears I clocked 210 km/h and it would have gone further (despite the specs above listing a 200 km/h top speed)but commonsense and the wrong accent for the German police told me this was enough….I was not looking at road signs at this rate of knots and may have easily entered a controlled speed zone without realising it….nevertheless I still saw BMW’s, Porsches and a very fast Audi Q7 blast past me. I think most Germans share a bit of Schumaker’s blood line.

    All up, it’s a great piece of engineering and I’m sure my wife would approve of such a vehicle as the Passat’s stablemate :)

  • Neo Utopia

    “Stelios 95″ I had a 1996 Golf 3 for 6 years (was 4 years old when I bought it), the only problems that I encountered was the cable clutch system failed on me twice (because it’s an outdated cheaper and inferior system than a hydraulic clutch system), appart from that I did not have any other problems.

  • Frank

    I find it difficult to compare a Mazda to a VW. They just don’t feel the same when you drive one car vs the other. I have nothing against Honda, Mazda, Toyota and the Japanese reliability records are always there and have been for years.

    I mean one gets tired of the car before it wears out, not to say the VW does not hold up, and true there are certainly more reliable models in their line up over others, one only need to read comments on the internet to find out which of those vehicles are better or worse.

    But seriously, drive a Toyota Camry they are reliable yet lackluster and boring to drive.

  • Agent99

    I got my new 118TSI DSG 7 only 2 days ago, and so far (I know it’s very, very early days)but, all I can say is that it’s hot, solid, quick, luxurious and a pleasant drive. I’m in love!

    Will keep you posted on it’s progress…

  • Boney Maroney

    I’m getting out of mine……not going to put up with the supercharger squeak/chirp every time I accelerate. VW consider it normal, but the squeak wasn’t there for the first 5200klms….was the car abnormal then? CLOWNS! They are out there still flogging this things as “car of the year”, knowing full well they will all end up with this annoying noise on acceleration. See the ‘first steer’ on this same site for this issue, quite a few of us have it.

    I wish you better luck with yours agent 99, and hope yours doesnt develop this annoying “charactoristic” (that is what VW call it, a charactoristic!!!).

  • fasthonda

    @Boney Maroney

    The “explanation” given seems to be a current trend with car service departments world wide,irrespective of manufacturer.
    I’m a member of numerous car forums and the “characteristic” excuse seems to be used as a cop out and immediately shrugs off liabilty by service departments and manufacturer.
    It is very dissapointing,especially when you have your heart set on a particular car.
    Whether the cars are made in Germany(or Japan)I suggest take it with a “pinch of salt”The main result should be that your new car meets YOUR satisfaction criteria.

  • my1stgolf

    Agent 99,

    curious for an update on your 118 TSI as its been over a month since you have had it now….no chirp noises or other problems…..I currently have a 118 TSI on order, due in mid Nov and like you also feel a little nervous after reading the
    problems some owners are having…..or more so the poor after sales service 3 people
    have received -read Golf VI first steer in car reviews on this website, I have at this stage had such a positive experience with the dealership I am dealing with, best salesperson I have ever dealt with actually, so it would seem that this doesnt necessarily follow through to after sales service with VW Auatralia, have you had any dealings with them?
    Would be great for that progress report you mentioned.

    • ZX10

      Good experience with the dealer? You must live outside Brisbane!

      • my1stgolf

        Yes, I live in Melbourne but I will add that I spoke to another dealer twice and also visited a third dealer, not very impressed with dealership via phone.
        Regarding the dealership I chose, I have also dealt wih 2 other people there and was also impressed with their customer service, I do tend to observe interaction between people and will go on to say in the 3 times I have been there so far, its been the same, and yes I am very weary of car dealerships, but as earlier stated, after sales with VW Australia sounds like maybe a different story, having said that,I have also experierenced a less than satisfactory outcome with another dealership as well as after sales from their Head Office.

        • ZX10

          Also skip VW service – Ultratune will service them MUCH cheaper and provide good service. At least that’s been my experience.

  • http://n/a Barry at EH

    To all of the Folk who have commented on Golf MKVI 118TSI DSG, and also to those who have owned one for a reasonably long time, and had no problems, and from whom I’d like to read some positive feedback – surely not all 118TSIs with DSG are faulty – so let us hear from those owners too! I have a 118TSI on order, and from the reports I have read herein, and a few elsewhere, there appears to be a groundswell of faults especially with the DSG and the strange screeching noises from Supercharger and Water Pump drive “clutches” [magnetically switched] which have me thinking seriously about cancelling my purchase. On the DSG I personally know of a very low K’s TSI [not been confirmed yet if a “90” or a “118”] in which the DSG failed badly, on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and which when it failed has been described as an explosive “BANG” followed by what seemed as if the engine actually fell under the car – the car was then going absolutely nowhere, apparently – most disconcerting. So, come on MKVI, owners let’s hear some good reports – there has to be heaps of owners with nothing but praise – GET ON THE KEYBOARD, and tell us. Also, maybe, “Horst” can provide updates on the fixes VW Germany is making to current and future production runs to ensure these rather serious problems are permanently rectified to provide that respected Teutonic Engineering BUILD QUALITY……I am looking forward to some significant “good reports”.

  • Simon

    Buy the golf diesel and put your mind at ease. You can even get the GT with a 125KW 350NM diesel if going quick is important.

  • Joe Blow

    VW Golf 118TSI – a doubtful entity!

  • Horst Flugel

    Hi Barry at EH,
    There is no further info on the new water pump for the VW Golf 118kw TSI from Germany at this stage. Those affected by the squeaking noise are looking forward to calendar week 45, when a new water pump, for replacement, is supposed to be available. But mind you, not all 118 TSI’s are affected.

  • Horst Flugel

    Hi Barry at EH,
    According to latest info from the German Motor-Talk forum, there appears to be no remedy in calendar week 45 for owners of the 118kw TSI who are affected by the squeaking noise, as has been hoped for. More about this you can read on “2009 Volkswagen Golf Mk VI- First Steer”.

    • Joe Blow

      Barry at Eagle Heights – to Horst.

      Horst, thank you for the information re 118TSI. I have been away at the time you wrote the above re Water Pump Magneticg Clutch drive to Supercharger, hence the late response. I appreciate your input very much.

      I am locked in to a Sales Contract to purchase a very highly optioned 118TSI [$51000 plus some further items $2000 or so] so that my wife and I will enjoy satisfying performance with economy and luxury. I am reasonably confident that all will be well. This Luxury Small Car is my firt highly spec’d car, and we are really looking forward to the event – delivery expected in January 2010. Due to that delivery date the proverbial Magnetic Clutch squeal may not be a problem – we shall see, and of course I will keep you informed. I am looking forward to giving all readers some very good news – let’s hope that will be the case. That other Golf to which I referred has been repaired, and very well, as the owner of that Golf [which is a 90TSI] is rapt’ed in the car, and genuinely enjoys driving it even more so than his Audi Sorts [don’t know what model it is] and that surely speaks highly of the Mark VI Models in general. Cheers for now.

      Barry of Eagle Heights.

  • Barry at EH


    In my response to you above – sorry included some typo errors;

    Magneticq – s/be Magnetic

    Sorts – s/be Sports.

    At top – Joe Blow shoud have read Barry at EH.

    Barry at EH

  • Gjack555

    I was a great lover of VW cars until recently when I was hit by 3 major issues with my 118TSI (just under 5 months). Now VW says my DSG needs to be replaced! Not a good thing…and I wouldn’t really suggest this model from my experience. It is really shame for VW, being said that new generation is a German Built! Also VW customer service was frustrating and they couldn’t even arrange a loan car for me even though the whole process is going to take more than a week~ real shame.

  • Neo Utopia

    Sorry I made an error on my last post, the original Mazda MX Sportif concept was designed by then Mazda 3 generation 1 chief designer Hideki Suzuki, not Kunihiko Kurisu as I previously mentioned. He apparently was inspired by the Peugoet 307 and the Alfa Romeo 147, interesting.

    Back on topic though I think all the major glitches with Golf at the moment will be fully fixed within a year, these things happen to any new innovative product regardless of brand, but the Japanese probably have more stricter quality control on their products than the Germans, it’s just sometimes, moreso in the past, they create some not-so well designed (nothing to do with reliability) cars which are not as aesthically pleasing, eronomic or as comfortable as German or some other European cars.

  • Ted

    Having today retuirned from test driving 118 TSI in Sydney, I am not sure whether I will buy the car now. Althought, it does feel solid the demo/s I drove identified the noises from inside the car as previously mentioned (many times) and the lag felt (drove the DSG and manual) did not make me feel safe. I am considering a mazda 3, but the styling is to be questioned.

    It is interesting that the VW dealer was very keen to sell me a golf and offered $3500 – 4000 discount off on-road price. Even with this, I am not sure whether i will last years without costs being experienced with repairs – jap cars may be the lasting choice. VW is a good car, but if youy keep it for many years, I think there may be issues.

  • http://www.julesmoviereviews.blogspot.com Jules

    I thought I would share my experience with these golfs. I have owned a Mk4 V5, MK5 GT (125kw TSI) and now a MK6 118Kw (TSI).

    The V5 was well built and performed well although was thirsty. When we bought the Mk5 the twin turbo was a very new concept. The idea of a car with similar performance as my previous 2.3L car in a 1.4L seemed incredible.

    We kept the car for three years and averaged @ 7.2L per 100km as opposed to @ 10L in the V5. We never experienced any issues. The performance was comparable to V5 and in DSG form was easy to drive. The finish in the Mk5 was not as good as the Mk4, lot of rattling in the centre console, which I believe was a design flaw.

    We now have the Mk6 118KW TSI and so far this has proven more refined and certainly better put together. Interior is better and quieter. I am swapping out the standard RCD310 for the RCD510, mainly due to the fact that all the instrumentation is now white/black which is cool but the RCD310 is blue backlit (weird?).

    I honestly think there is no better car in this segment. You can go anywhere, be anyone and the Golf will fit just fine. It is economic (this one averaging 6.5L per 100km), if in a crash there so many airbags it would be like a bouncy castle and with more safety abbreviations then a military procedure manual. (EBD, ABS, ESP and so on). Also the performance is one step down from “hot hatch”. Frankly here in NZ there are few roads to use “hot hatch” performance anyways.

    If this sounds like an advert I have no affiliation with VW but I do get concerned when I see people being put off these cars, due to some adverse comments here. So just adding my thoughts to redress the balance somewhat.

    There is some delay in the acceleration, in that you do have to be firm with the throttle but you do get used to that and I have never experienced any chirping or squeaking that concerned me. Does it make a slight noise, maybe but you can get too into this stuff sometimes. I know, I took back a TV once three times due to “buzzing”, in the end just forgot about it and it was fine…

    I would recommend the 1.4 twin charged engine to anyone, we may have to get used to it as downsizing is coming big time. I doubt there will be engines over 2 litres in 10 years time…

    Just my random thoughts in case it helps anyone.


  • carl

    Yes, VW Golf is better than others in the same class. But service wise, they are quite snobbish. What I experienced with the VW dealer in Parramatta, they told me they don’t have a spare tyres to test a tyre noise coming from my front wheels after all there is no puncture on the tyre. They told me to buy a new set of front tyre to test, Ridiculous!!! I can’t believe VW service centre dose not have spare tyres to test!!!

Volkswagen Golf Specs

Car Details
1K MY09
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$9,790 - $11,130
Dealer Retail
$11,290 - $13,420
Dealer Trade
$7,800 - $8,900
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
148Nm @  3800rpm
Max. Power
75kW @  5600rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
8.2L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:1200  Unbrake:620
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
195/65 R15
Rear Tyres
195/65 R15
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
MacPherson strut, Lower arm, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Rear Suspension
Multi-link system, Coil Spring, Anti roll bar, Hydraulic double acting shock absorber
Standard Features
Air Conditioning
Control & Handling
15 Inch Alloy Wheels, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Electronic Stability Program, Traction Control System
Power Steering
Radio CD with 6 Speakers
Power Mirrors
Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats, Side Front Air Bags
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Power Sunroof
Parking Distance Control, Satellite Navigation
CD with 6 CD Stacker
Fog Lights - Front, Metallic Paint
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Driver Side Inner Guard
Country of Origin