2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer
2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer

2009 Holden Cruze – First Steer

The small car just got serious

- by Matt Brogan

The small car just got serious – at least that’s what GM Holden tells us – but would a day behind the wheel prove the latest competitor in the small/mid-sized market has what it takes to tackle the rivals head on?

Holden has done its homework with Cruze and thanks to some clever engineering and thorough thinking, has managed to co-produce a global car that is “right” for the Australian market, and indeed the segment in which it aims to compete.

2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer
2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer
2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer
2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer

What does “right” mean exactly? Does it mean “just good enough”? Is my “right” somebody elses’ left? And just what is it the Australian market wants?

They’re big questions, loaded in fact, but when you weigh up exactly what people expect from cars in this end of the market, versus what they’re likely to get for the price, then serious is a pretty good way to describe the new Cruze, though that doesn’t mean it isn’t any fun.

Exterior styling aims to provide owners with a sporty, sophisticated look while at the same time retaining key family styling cues, such as Holden’s trapezoidal grill.

In profile the Cruze features both convex and concave curves to offer a unique yet modern design language while at the same time reducing the number of seams and gaps for an all round better finish (all gaps less than 3mm).

At the rear, dual circular lamps sit within a red tinted lens assembly outboard of a chrome garnish that defines the bootlid’s waist line. The bootlid also serves purpose as being specially designed to act as an aerodynamically efficient trailing edge for the car further reducing drag and saving fuel.

2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer
2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer
2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer
2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer

With a wide stance, and short overhangs the stylish exterior appearance really only tells half of the story when it comes to the design, and overall fit and finish of this car with just as much thought behind the scenes as is presented outwardly.

The first thing you’ll notice is an impressive improvement in the level of attention to detail – one point certain to win back a few Red Lion fans.

All aperture seams and welds are concealed for a better visual perception of quality, rubber bonnet seals reduce frontal wind noise as do fibreglass linings within the door carcass, triple sealed windows and an improved seal system around the windscreen, which also helps limit water contamination to the side glass.

Cruze is available in eight different paint finishes (two solid and six metallic) and features 16-inch steel wheels on the base-spec CD and 17-inch alloy wheels on the top-spec CDX.

Paint colours are as follows:

2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer
2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer
2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer
2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer
  • Arctic White
  • Chilli Red
  • Mercury Silver (M)
  • Pewter Grey (M)
  • Light Gold (M)
  • Carbon Flash Black (M)
  • Iced Blue (M)
  • Moroccan Blue (M)

Once inside the Cruze aims to create a sporty, comfortable and spacious “dual-cockpit” layout which has drawn influence from all GM markets during its conception.

Retaining similar styling themes as found externally on the vehicle – such as trapezoidal shaping (note centre air-conditioning/infotainment stack) and tight tolerances – the Cruze offers many features as standard that some rivals consider “extras” or simply do not offer at all.

A tilt/slide adjustable three-spoke steering wheel offers a thick grip, leather clad on CDX, along with both audio and cruise controls, which are incidentally standard on both model grades.

The use of all available space is evident through Cruze’s many storage compartments as is the obvious maximising of available cabin space, perhaps most noticeably in the offering of 917mm of rear leg room.

2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer
2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer
2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer
2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer

The driving position is comfortable, the pedal box well positioned and reduction in wind and road noise pleasing on all but the most coarse of rural roads.

Instrumentation is logical and concise while still offering a full-trip computer to compliment the four-gauge layout.

Featuring intuitive, simple and logically placed controls and switch gear the Cruze is afforded a pleasant, clean and modern decor using a mixture of colours and textures through all inter-relating materials to assist in a feeling of fluidity and refinement not usually found in cars of this price range.

The base model Cruze CD offers a two-tone sports mesh (cloth) trim with silver and matt black highlights while the CDX gains heated leather upholstery, gloss highlights with chrome and silver accents.

Both Cruze models feature an MP3 compatible single CD tuner with iPod connectivity, express up/down power windows with anti-pinch function, two flip keys, delayed theatre style cabin lighting, full trip computer, cruise control and 60:40 split fold rear seats with a built-in articulating arm rest.

2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer
2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer
2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer

CDX gains front fog lamps, the afore mentioned heated leather trim, rear park assist, and dusk sensing headlamps.

Notably, Cruze misses out on Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity, a six-CD stacker and satellite navigation – even as optional equipment.

Cargo capacity on all Cruze (sedan) variants is 400 litres with the seats up.

Interior Dimensions are as follows:

  • Leg: 1074mm(F)/917 (R)
  • Shoulder: 1391(F)/1370 (R)
  • Head: 999 (F)/963 (R)

Under the bonnet Cruze features the choice of petrol or diesel four-cylinder engines mated to either a five-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission with Active Select – though we should point out that at this stage, the diesel is only available in CD spec.

2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer
2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer
2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer
2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer

The engines are set in a four-mount cradle and are mounted on a slight angle, specifically tuned to the engine’s inherent torque axis, so as to minimise the transfer of vibration and noise.

The 1.8-litre Family I, Generation III petrol unit manages 104kW at 6200rpm with thanks to dual continuously variable valve timing, twin continuously adjustable camshafts and a two-step intake manifold with a rotary sleeve (instead of flaps) to minimise any flow losses.

Developing 176Nm of torque, 90 per cent of which is available from between 2200rpm and 6200rpm, the engine isn’t exactly a powerhouse, but manages to achieve decent performance if kept in the upper reaches of the tach.

The petrol engine is capable of running on 91 – 98 RON fuel and is E10 compatible.

However, for my money the pick of the pair is easily the 2.0-litre, intercooled, turbo-diesel unit that utilises common-rail injection and a variable geometry turbo to develop 110kW at 4000rpm and 320Nm, which again offers 90 per cent of its power across a wide band – this time between 1750rpm and 3500rpm.

2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer
2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer
2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer
2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer

The diesel engine meets Euro-4 emission regulations and is fitted with a particulate filter than remains maintenance free for the life of the car.

My only drama with the diesel is that there is a noticeable amount of turbo lag, particularly with the manual variant, though adapting your driving style should see this minimised. Service intervals are 12 months/15,000kms for either engine.

Fuel economy returns are as follows:

  • 7.0 litres per 100km (petrol manual)
  • 7.5 litres per 100km (petrol automatic)
  • 5.7 litres per 100km (diesel manual)
  • 6.8 litres per 100km (diesel automatic)

With the long wheelbase and wide track, as we touched on earlier, the Cruze feels very stable on the road. Cornering is nimble, sharp and well balanced thanks to a MacPherson Strut (F)/Torsion Beam (R) suspension arrangement specifically tuned for Australian conditions.

Steering feel too is excellent, a true highlight of the car, remaining positive and well weighted on centre with a sporty, linear feel with ample levels of feedback through the turns (turning circle 10.9 metres).

2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer

Large diameter discs brakes provide capable stopping with an organic brake pad lining enhancing what’s already a terrific pedal feel while at the same time extending pad life and reducing brake noise.

The ride is firm, but I would stop short of saying stiff, though with such positive road holding characteristics I’m sure few buyers will mind.

On a practical note, and perhaps an indication of Holden’s desire to cater for the local market with Cruze, petrol models come standard with a 16-inch steel spare wheel while diesel models are afforded a tyre inflation kit.

The good news is that for diesel customers wanting the reassurance of a proper spare wheel, one is available as a no cost option (this is not provided as standard so as to reduce weight).

Exterior dimensions are as follows:

  • Length: 4597mm
  • Width: 1788mm (excludes mirrors)
  • Height: 1477mm
  • Track: 1544mm (F) / 1558mm (R)

Safety was a strong priority throughout Cruze’s 27 month and US$4 billion development process with some 221 prototypes trialled.

Cruze faced more simulated crash tests than almost any other car in its category and, as you can see from the picture above, was also crashed in the lab by Australia’s own ANCAP engineers.

With dual front, side and curtain airbags (no knee airbag available), collapsible pedals, ESP with Traction Control and ABS with EBD standard across the range – in addition to the generous use of high tensile steel in its frame (65 per cent) – the Cruze scored 35.04 from a possible 37 points to achieve a five-star (from a maximum of five) ANCAP rating.

Cruze hopes to attract buyers of all demographics but expects most buyers to be young, professional couples looking for a stylish, safe, fun and economical car that represents exceptional value for money – and I for one wish them well.

The Cruze represents a new style of thinking from Holden and is a vast improvement on recent “badge engineered” examples from the Daewoo camp.

Provided buyers can see the car for what it is in such a crowded market place, there’s no reason Cruze won’t sell in droves.

Recommended Retail Pricing is as follows:

  • Cruze CD (Petrol) - $20,990 (M) / $22,990 (A)
  • Cruze CD (Diesel) – $23,990 (M) / $25,990 (A)
  • Cruze CDX (Petrol) – $23,990 (M) / $25,990 (A)

CarAdvice will carry out full road tests of a number of Cruze models in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

  • FrugalOne


    All i can say is “long live the Astra”, esp. the stunning one just released in Europe.

    The Astra is dead for AUS

    We have been robbed with Korean trash again….sad



  • Car Guy

    No matter how Holden package this car it is still a nasty Daewoo. All the crap about the work they have done on it doesnt hide the fact that it is just an average car built to a price. Focus, Mazda 3 and many others are way better than this badge engineered “holden” Anyway hopefully GM and Holden go arse up and that will spare us another crappy car on our roads. Imagine the poor build quality and reliability if Holden start assembling it here !!!!

    • Smile_laugh

      They are making them in Australia now!

  • Alan

    Car guy, i think you’re jumping to conclusion too fast there, Cruze was actually given quite positive review by the UK press so i’m sure it won’t be that bad.

  • Car Guy

    McPherson struts (f) and torsion bar (r) suspension is another hint of cost cutting with this car. Talk about way behind competition with this outdated suspension. Cheap and nasty……

  • MrMorman

    mostly, there are intelligent car enthusiasts and punters wishing for car advice on this excellent site, but sometimes a couple of imbeciles slip through the cracks.

    I read first steer above this article, so that means the road tester would have had a few hours behind the wheel of this thing and is presenting his opinion of the car and some relevant facts and details.

  • Dick Justice

    Honda civic eat your heart out

  • Yanzo

    why did they stick the reverse gear where they did?

  • swampdawg

    Car Guy is right,
    Don’t fall for the American soft sell on this Holdwoo Daecruze. Is it the eventual Commodore replacement? “Large diameter disc brakes” so the old ones were bad?

    “Safety was a strong priority throughout Cruze’s 27 month and US$4 billion development process with some 221 prototypes trialled” – Geezuz ! so they are saying this car will be flawless/ faultless.
    I guess someone will accidentally fill the diesel one up with petrol and drive off.

  • Alex

    That thing is expensive! You can get a Focus for that! It isn’t even very good value! The base diesel costs as much as the (far superior I’m sure) base diesel Golf or Focus! It really shouldn’t have cost any more that $18,990 for a starting price. At least in the past the come back for being Korean was that they were cheap but this just isn’t. Give me an i30 any day.
    I think that maybe I should use some of my money to hire people to go down to Holden dealers and tell any prospective buyers about the best alternatives (Civic, Focus, Golf) and pay the people to go and test drive the others. As I wrote, if you want a diesel you can have a Golf or a Focus for that money, if you want petrol you can have a Civic or a Focus. The Focus and Golf are still considered to be the best hatchbacks on sale and you could have either instead of this. The Focus is also still great fun, I doubt that this is. The Civic isn’t half bad either, looks better, is better quality I’m sure and most likely a better drive and more reliable.
    You would have to be a mad Holden devotee. However, I suppose there a a few of those. A few too many.

  • Marcus

    Congratulations Holden on releasing a quality new generation small car.
    This will be a huge seller and will hopefully knock the Corolla off it’s perch.
    Now that the Mazda3, Corolla, Focus etc are creeping up in price, the well equipped Cruze will steel alot of sales from these established players.
    The Hyundai i30 is selling up a storm and the Cruze will do the same.

    Time for the wife to upgrade her Barina for a Cruze I think.

  • Dean

    Well done Matt Brogan !

    Not all of us readers here are pubescent 16 year old school boys posting dribble rubbishing the Cruze.

    What a great informative first steer of the Cruze, your honest reporting will help mature and educated people like myself make an informed decision about purchasing a Cruze.

    I too think this car will change car buyers minds, and with the standard equipment and priced a few thousand below the Japanese competition, I think Toyota and Mazda should be very worried about this car.

    I look forward to my own test drive very soon.

  • Daniel

    Well it is an interesting prospect, I suspect it will sell well, slap a Holden badge on anything in the country and it seems to do OK. Case in point ‘Barina’, Epic(piece of crap)a, Viva and to a lesser extent the C(r)aptiva.

    This isn’t a dig at it because it is Korean, I really think they have come a very long way (although to be fair I also think they have a ways to go), no, I think I don’t like this car because they stopped importing the awesome Astra under the guise of “exchange rate issues” or some crap, and I also think it should be cheaper for what it is. Kudos on the 5 stars though Daewoo I mean Holden.

    I’ll reserve my final judgement until I have seen one in the flesh. Please let it be better then the Epica :(

  • Yianni

    There’s too much to say so I’ll keep this really short and to the point.

    Too expensive for what it is. It’s coming from Korea for god sakes! 21 Grand for the base model? Sheesh! Look at the competition around you Holden! I’ll take a Civic, 3, Impreza for a grand more any day.

    Torsion Beam rear suspension setup? Has anyone told Holden that it’s 2009 and not 1999? A car this size and in this price range should have a proper suspension setup. Can anyone say Mazda 3, Honda Civic, Subaru Impreza etc…

    And whats up with those extremely high fuel consumption figures for the diesel auto? 7.5l/100km for the petrol auto and 6.8l/100km for the diesel auto? I don’t see the point of saving 0.8l/100km and paying more for diesel. The majority of sales will no doubt be autos. The diesels high consumption makes it a FAIL in the Cruze.

    Holden really neededed a proper dual clutch auto or even a CVT to lower fuel consumption. Look at models like the Citroen C4 where the CVT transmission actually consumes less fuel than the manual. Not to mention figures of under 5l/100km. Now that’s technology.

    The car looks outdated already when looking at the new Astra which uses the same underpinnings. This car simply looks old already for some reason.

    Shame on Holden for stopping the sales of the Astra and bringing more Crapawoos to their line up! I guess it’s only a matter of time before the Commodore is scrapped and an equivalent model coming up from the same Crapawoo stables in Korea.

    If they wanted this to sell it should have been prices at under 20 grand! Easy as that! Holden is aiming too high and comparing it to the leaders in this class when the car should be competing with the i30 and Cerato in that price range.

  • wow

    6 speed auto? That’s great..I would buy one…I think this car is better than Corolla at least…

  • Tony

    The biggest problem with this car is that it’s a US lead ‘global car’. You can see in the Open Insignia that the Europeans truly know how to make a world class car.

    Contrast the Insignia to this. Firstly it looks like it rehashing design cues from 1995.

    In an effort to make a Korean built car for American sensibilities they created this mess.

    Strange that this seems to be the only half way positive review of the Cruze. Angus MacKenzie who used to write for Wheels and now for US Motor Trend has some other things to say about this car.

    I have no doubt this is a reasonable car. However in 2009 when GM Chevy is betting the bank on this car and Obama has been presented this car as the ‘holy grail’ it is a major disappointment.

    Hyundai/Kia has shed the ‘old Korean’ stigma. What is the excuse for GM? I cannot believe this car will do anything for GM Chevy in the US.

  • http://www.littlepixiegifts.com.au Gift-Ed

    Well that’s a better first impression than I expected, so that’s very encouraging.

    This looks like a good beginning until the full assault begins next year with the re-skinned Australian built sedan and hatch with 1.4 turbo comes on line.

  • Toxic_Horse

    Sounds like this will be a much needed sales winner for holden. The car looks pretty good apart from that chrome strip between the rear lights. A huge step up from the Epica. I do think the Cruze name is a bad choice. No bloke really wants to drive something called a Cruze.

    The holden badge will draw customers from the Kia certino. And the tougher sedan look should appeal to people not wanting a focus/mazda/corolla hatch (as the sedan variants of these look horrible.

  • Toxic_Horse

    BTW will there be a wagon?

  • TonyB

    Good to see my pet peeve about the availability/option of a full sized spare wheel is being met.

  • LSD

    GM will be gone soon and hopefully take Holden with them. This is another piece of “holden” junk…….

  • Tony

    it is my impression that a 1.8 litre 5 spd manual is not enough in this day and age especially for $21k?

    this must weighs on the bad side of 1,300kg so i’m guessing a 1.8 has neither the power nor the fuel consumption to be truly competitive?

  • fishman

    Nice interior, but the exterior design is very dated. The new Astra shows this up for what it is.

    And where on earth is the hatch? The fools at GM still don’t know what buyers want…

  • Roddy

    Hopefully after 9am when school starts the quality of posts might improve somewhat.

    But I doubt it.

  • Tony

    yeah this will die in the ass

    small sedans are so 1999 – without a hatch means you alienate the vast majority of people looking for a small car without even stepping into the showroom

  • http://www.littlepixiegifts.com.au Gift-Ed

    A quote from another review:

    “Priced from $20,990, the Cruze will undercut it’s two primary competitors – the Corolla sedan and Mazda3 sedan – by a good $750. Not only that, but it gets more safety gear, more standard equipment, slightly more power, the choice of a diesel powertrain and it also chews less fuel. Korean origins or not, it looks like Holden has a winner on its hands.”

    When you look at it like that, which many car shoppers will, and less like car nuts, like most of the posters here are, it does sound quite a good sales proposition.

  • Wheelnut

    LSD – whilst its most likely that GM will apply for Bankruptscy under Chapter 11.. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they [or Holden] will cease operation.
    Because unlike most other countries such as Australia where if you declare yourself to be bankrupt; that’s the end of it you have to sell off your assets etc and are unable to operate a business for 5 years.. in the USA there are a number of different levels of Bankruptscy.

    Under chapter 11 GM will be able to continue and will have [federal government] protection from creditors to stop them seizing assets etc whilst they restructure their operations.. Therefore; the US Government will effectively run GM and more importantly its finances during that time..
    The time spent under Chapter 11 depends on whether or not the Government believes that GM can run on its own and is able to repay its creditors. However; they are most likely to enter iinto a repayment plan or do a deal with them

  • Tony

    i think people don’t look at it like that

    corolla, mazda 2/3, civic are gold standards (let’s not argue if they are good cars)

    the cruze is a new name – what makes you think it won’t join the epica and captiva as korean also rans?

    i like the 6 spd auto – that’s a class winner

    however it’s one shining light in an average soup

  • Supply & Demand

    This will sell great in Thailand but I Australians tend to want to spend their hard earned on serious cars. Why only a sedan? If Holden knows what the Australian market wants, why aren’t they releasing a hatch?

  • http://www.littlepixiegifts.com.au Gift-Ed


    They certainly need a hatch to take on Corolla etc in outright sales and that is coming next year.

    However, Mitsubishi proved for many years with the Lancer that small sedans can sell in respectable numbers.

  • Tony

    because Holden are a pimple on the ass of the GM global dog.

    There is no hatch. This car is geared 100% for the US market and their market is all about small to medium sedans.

    The car is imported from Korea. It’s not like as if Holden can will a hatchback out of its backside like so many wishes.

    I suspect that by 2011 or 2012 when they actually make this car here they will have custom sheetmetal and your hatch.

  • http://www.littlepixiegifts.com.au Gift-Ed

    Captiva sells well in its class and has been a successful addition to Holden’s range.

    Epica is a warmed over old Daewoo product and deserves to be completely overlooked.

    Cruze looks as though it may be a competitive product and Holden will be marketing it intensively to get he name plate established. It may do well, it may not. But on first looks it seems worth giving it a chance.

  • http://www.littlepixiegifts.com.au Gift-Ed

    It has been confirmed on goauto dot dot au that the Aussie version will be a hatch and sedan and it will be launched in the third quarter next year.

  • Tony

    let’s hope they do something worthwhile with the sheetmetal because they really messed up this car… it looks like a VY Commodore that’s shrunk in the wash… together with the offputting dumpy shape of a Chrysler Sebring

    i think this smacks of a ‘just good enough’ attitude that defines the US market… no doubt they will sell tens of thousands to rentals and govt. fleets but it likes the lightness and spunk that small cars should have

    i’m not holding up Ford as some kind of bastion of good design but look at the Fiesta and new Focus as how it’s done right… that Focus wagon that was derided by the staff here has some good proportions

    it’s symptomatic of the US GM Wagoner/Henderson/Obama failure that they can spend $4 billion and come up with this.

  • fishman

    Let’s face it – the Kia Cerato looks much better than this, and seriously undercuts it on price and warranty. This is a meaningful comparison given the origins of both cars.

    Kia/Hyundai are smart enough to get their cars designed in Europe these days and are reaping the dividends as their new models come online.

    Looks like this is yet another lesson that Daewoo/GM/Holden have overlooked…

  • Frosty

    To those idiots that are saying hopefully Holden will go, you are so far un Australian its not funny. So you want the financial crisis to affect one of the biggest employers in Australia. You should all be very ashamed of yourself. I just hope the global recession hits you who critisize a Australian employer. You are the ones who need a reality check. You are not only costing the production workers jobs, but also dealers, suppliers and numerous other people who rely on the car industry for their Jobs. You morons just go away and leave the true car lovers alone.

  • Tony

    nah i’d never buy a Kia Cerato…it’s a 2nd rate Korean car

    i’d rather buy a true blue Aussie Holden Cruze… which is also ummm… designed by Koreans and made in Korea… and by a 2nd rate Korean company too… and not the Hyundai/Kia twins who kinda like, know what they are doing. Daewoo? Have they ever made a car memorable for the right reasons?

    I think the seriousness of this car cannot be overlooked. The Americans have sold this car to Obama as the ‘saviour’ of GM in the US. It forms the basis of the Chevy Volt.

    With the varied reports of this car already out (this site notwithstanding) does anyone honestly believe this car will ‘save’ GM? Really?

  • Tim

    Honestly, this looks like a good car. It will be a winner. Love the interior and the 6 speed auto sounds impressive! And a diesel option, brilliant!

  • fishman

    I don’t want Holden to go, far from it. I don’t think anyone would take pleasure in the impact this would have on a lot of working people.

    But how long can they continue to test buyers loyalty with outdated cars before they end up in (even more) serious trouble? This car is a step in the right direction for sure, but it’s still some way behind the competition. Think new Golf, new Mazda3 – these are innovative and class leading products.

    You can call people who pass comment idiots, but it won’t change the facts…

  • http://www.v8supergeek.com Luke

    US$4 billion development process? No wonder they’re going bankrupt.

    Much better than the Epica though. I think their targeting is a good idea, unlike Ford and Toyota etc. who still seem to design and target small cars toward the younger “trendier” demographic.

  • fishman

    Agreed 6 speed auto and diesel option at launch are to be commended though…

  • Jazrod

    first impressions of the Cruze weren’t that great… after this though, with some more decent interior shots and some actual info on the engines, it really isnt that bad!

    i think the CDX in manual diesel would be the pick of the bunch though – however i wouldnt buy one…

    dad has an ’09 focus diesel, with the powershift auto, and let me tell you it hammers – i absolutely love it. im gonna be putting some photos of it on photobucket soon because dad’s work are ‘doing it up’. so i’ll keep ya’ll posted!

    but yeh – cruze is better than expected, but as people have mentioned previously, still probably not as good as focus or golf…

  • Tom

    Looks good, nice exterior, nice interior, nothing not to like really

    this is head and shoulders above the shoddy daewoo’s

    and before people point out its built in korea, yea, but most honda’s are built in canada or taiwan these days.

  • Tony

    the interior and exterior is a kind of mismatch

    it seems clear to me that it’s some kind of global committee design… perhaps they got a lot of european input on the interior because it does look pretty high class and “Opel” with the Audi style wheel trimmings

    seems a lot better than the crappy interiors you see in other budget small cars

  • Dlr1

    The value is clearly in the diesel models, they undercut the new focus tdci by $5K and the new golf by $10K, so in this context holden has priced the diesels very well.

  • Frosty

    Tom, actually most on here would be suprised on where cars here are actually built these days. Not many are from the country of origin. Honda Civic (Except Hybrid), Honda Accord, Honda City and Jazz, Honda CRV, all the utes like the Ford Ranger etc are all built in Thailand, the Ford Focus is built outside of Europe (even years before the production moves to Australia, Volkswagons built outside of Germany as well as some Bemmers and Mercs. Since when have the majority of cars over the last 20 years actually been built in the country of origin and the majority are built in third world countries due to cuts in costs.

    This car the Cruze is a good proposition and a welcome one for Australia. It will take many sales off Focus ( which is not a stong seller anyway) Corolla and Mazda 3 just to begin with. These anti Holden people who just need to critisize them because of no valid reason need to grow up and either get away from snobbery (wanna be upper class people) or are just members of the Blue oval which is in a bad financial state regardless of what they may say. In this economic environment its best that people support our own country which include Holden because if you do not you WILL find that it will affect all of your futures not just those in the car industry. Why? Because imagine what will happen if one industry goes bust it will filter down to food suppliers, supermarkets, rental places, department stores. Why will it affect these companies? Because how will those affected be able to afford these other things? With this will come more unemoployment.



    gee,the engine bay looks alot like viva.diesel lag…please not another epica-like lag(dangerous at roundabouts)torsion bar rear end(will the independant rear member please stand up).no hatch(please,astra is holdens 2nd best seller,ALL hatches)

    slightly off track here,but a new era of drive away prices has suddenly been thrust upon car sales.metro dealers,be scared,be very scared indeed.no bait pricing,no silly dealer delivery charges…

  • RallyWhiz

    Tail lamps are a direct lift from Toyota Aurion…what has this world come to…people are now copying Toyotas styling……

  • ScottB

    Not overly taken with the styling, a bit too conservative for my tastes. However, Australian car buyers generally have conservative tastes so it may do all right.

    Got to say that a lot of that article read a lot like a Holden press release…

  • Tony

    I can’t see how buying this car is supporting “Australian industry”. At best you are supporting your local Holden dealer and some upper management types.

    You are doing more for local industry by buying a Toyota Camry.

    But then the average consumer is probably obviously to where his car really comes from.

  • http://www.littlepixiegifts.com.au Gift-Ed

    Holden will profit on the same of this car, money which can be put towards the development of the locally assembled lines.

    Buying a Hyundai, Mazda, Honda etc, apart from the dealer and distributor set up, all profits go overseas.

  • http://www.littlepixiegifts.com.au Gift-Ed

    whoops, in above post “same” should be “sale”.

  • Paul White

    Nobody’s used the word ‘derivative’ yet. I’ll take the honour this time.

  • Bret

    So this at a Length of 4597mm (sedan) is a SMALL car, yet Hyundai market the i30 Wagon at a length of 4475mm as a MID size car.
    Don’t tell Fishman, it’ll really get him confused.

    Cruze is OK on paper and exterior is passable but I still hate the interior.

    Holden faithful will flock to this, dissapointing but true.

  • Tony

    GM Global doesn’t really have a true world class ‘small car’.

    Chevy have the really low end Aveo and Wave type mini cars but they aren’t serious volume sellers.

    In the US this is a small car.

    I actually really like the interior but I guess it’s more a CDX high end thing. I don’t think the base model will be that pretty.

    Actually the interior kinda almost reminds me of an Audi A3 in places. The exterior I could live without.

  • Supply & Demand

    I’m guessing this car was dream’t up and forced on Holden by some out-of-touch dinosaur in Detroit. Who in the right mind would think it’s a good idea to design a one-size fits all markets car? Platform sharing is fine, but different markets have vastly different tastes when it comes to a cars form and function. For evidence look no further than Ssang Yong, one of the top sellers in South Korea but a poor performer here. The Cruz already looks dated. Suggest Holden overhauls its current small car policy.

  • zahmad

    You have to say at least GM is trying…the interior is far better than the current Astra….and to all of the Ford Focus lovers, its built in South Africa and looks tacky to me.I am by no means a GM/Holden fan…but this car looks promising…

  • crouchy

    We have seen recently that Holden are very talented in creating advertising campaigns which make Australians feel special about buying ‘aussie’ cars.

    They will market this as the return of the ‘aussie’ small car and on its value for money.

    The good thing for Holden is that the people who will buy this car do not care about suspension technology and probably don’t even realise they have access to fuel consumption figures. They will be told that the diesel is MUCH more efficient (much like the cylinder shutdown) and they will believe them. After all, its Holden.. they wouldn’t lie to us.. would they?

    A smart move and one that I honestly believe will pay off. Only time will tell..

  • Tony

    they are only volume sellers in korea because the korean govt. taxes the arse out of any non korean car import

    Holden is the proverbial tail on the dog. You don’t see the tail wagging the dog.

    They spent $4 billion on this car on the proviso it’s a ‘one shoe fits all’ from China to Russian to Europe to America.

    I remember seeing the 1st reviews of this car in the UK and I could not think of a more out of place dog out of water.

    This car does not suit the UK market any more than it suits ours.

    Now sometimes it works. The global Ford Fiesta platform has been well received even in the US.

    Australia has a market of 20 million people. They would sell more Cruzes in half of California than all of Australia. If it succeeds in China and America and fails everywhere else that’s a still a stunning win for GM.

    In that light you cannot expect a car that’s tuned 100% to Aussie tastes with numbers like that. Wait two years. This is a stopgap model. Perhaps the local variant will surprise you.

  • smokin’r32

    Im amazed by the amount of idiots commenting here that clearly didnt read the article.
    This looks to be a class leading vehicle, interior seems top spec and certainly not lacking in the safety department. And who cares what suspension technology it uses if the reviewer says the steering is ‘excellent’ and cornering is ‘nimble and well balanced’.
    Honestly its downright embarrassing reading these uninformed moronic comments, stop clutching at straws and give credit where credit is due.

  • sg1fan

    can someone explain to me, this car is made in korea right? so why would anyway pay more for it because it has a holden badge of all things? if the korean car is good enough then why pay extra for the rebadged version?

  • Falcodore

    The tail lights look like they were ripped straight off the Civic which isnt a good thing IMO. The drivers instrument binnacle/guages look like a cheap knock off from the Mazda3.

    Whats with the huge difference in economy figures between the diesel manual and auto? Over a litre/100km diferrence! Thats absurd. Even the just discontinued Mazda3 2lt diesel had better performance than this. And the new 2.2lt diesel they’re bringing out at the end of the year will make this look pathetic.

    As far as this car performs (on paper at least) it should give (maybe even beat?) the Corolla a run for its money. But i dont think it will compete with Focus, Mazda3 or Golf for example

    And speaking of money, when its competitors can offer independant rear suspension for not much more money and this car only has a torsion beam rear end and it comes from Korea, it should be priced more towards the Nissan Tiida end of the market.

  • mac06

    I can’t believe that we have a car that most would not have seen in the metal, no chance they would have even driven one, and yet bagging it. The enginering was done in Germany, not Korea. The same chassis will be on the next model Astra ,the only difference being the rear suspension. You do realise that robots do the sheetmetal and welding on cars don’t you? Who cares if it’s built in Korea or Germany or wherever. The build quality will be the same, just the cost of production differs. The hatch will be added later for those that want a hatch. The extras that are standard in the Cruze are optional on most other brands. Add all the options in and watch the price of Corolla, Mazda 3, Focus etc rise. People in Oz want an affordable car with all the safety features, and Holden are giving them what they want. Good on ya Holden!

  • Falcodore

    And i did want this car to be good for Holdens sake, but for me it just doesnt stack up against the class leaders.

  • Bret

    Mac, almost technically correct. GM did actually send some of the Daewoo engineering team to Germany complete what they couldn’t do in Korea.
    The platform was engineered by GM-DAT.
    The Cruze was designed by GM-DAT.
    The Astra was designed by GM-Europe.

  • eh179driver

    Looks like a good car to me. Sat in 1 at the Melbourne Motor Show. Good size, well finished and screwed together.
    Pricing is good
    Undercuts Mazda 3 Neo by nearly $1’000, Corolla by $500 and you have to add to both to get the same spec levels. It seems to be a good size. Engine power and torque are right on the money and so is fuel economy. I can’t see what sourcing the car from an old Daewoo plant in Korea has to do with anything. Focus comes from South Africa, Civic from Thailand, Some Aussie delivered BMW’s come from China, so why does having the Cruise coming from Korea mean anything. Holden have confirmed that the localy built unit will have hatch and Wagon options and Australia will export these variants. As to why we don’t have hatch variants yet. Well they are not very popular in the USA and a lot of Europe. I hope it sells well.

  • Brett

    I hope for Holden’s sake and for the Australian Car Industry that this model is a run away success. If it struggles to sell then in another year’s time, Holden will be stuck trying to promote a locally produced update of an existing model that nobody is interested in. If it struggles to sell 1000 a month then I think Holden will have a tough time with the local model next year.

  • Supply & Demand

    Doesn’t look like a car you’d be proud to tell your friends you own – a critical factor if you happen to fall into Holdens target demographic. I can see it selling well in Thailand. I’ve sat in one and the steering wheel is nice – feels sporty, but for people to actually get into the car they’ll have to drive to a Holden dealership and I doubt many people will be doing that after their Viva experience. Maybe if Holden hadn’t destroyed its previously good image by importing sub-standard ex-Daewoo’s when they had the option of world class Opels, people would still take them seriously.

  • Tony

    because having a car made at Daewoo isn’t likely to give anyone any confidence

    name a car made by daewoo that leaves you with a good impression? I can’t think of a single Daewoo at all, good or bad.

    I actually like the look of the Captiva however why does it always come last in a class comparison?

    A lot of people are hypocritical. But that cuts both ways. I understand old prejudices are hard to dismiss.

    I can understand why people do not like Hyundai and Kia.

    By the same token are you willing to accept a Daewoo under a Holden badge just because it is a ‘Holden’?

    To my thinking Daewoo is a company that was taken under the GM badge because they could not succeed by themselves. They distinguished themselves by producing cars like the Chevy Aveo that has a 600 day supply in the US. In that light I would choose a Hyundai i30 any day of the week.

  • Chris

    Kudos to Holden for building a feature packed Car for the masses. It should steal some sales! Side profile looks nice and modern but the way the headlights taper back into the front quarter panel just looks ugh and isn’t cohesive with the grill design IMO. The concept art looks gorgeous, as concept art always does. If they had been able to widen it or pump out the guards some more along with a bigger set of wheels and rims that actually look like they havent been a victim of a tight pocket, it might look ok. Either that on incorporate more of the organic lines that the European Line up of Vauxhal’s have. Something that ford has done with the Falcon. There seems to be a distinct clash between Euro and Asian Holdens in terms of styling…I know which one i’d take!

  • Jimbo

    I think it is foolish to dismiss this car, however I can sympathise with peoples reservations in regards to it’s Daewoo origins.
    On paper this car looks really good, but for now I am firmly in the wait and see camp. It may be good but it may turn out to be a lemon as most Holden badged Koreans have been in the past.

  • trippyfoo

    I have to agree with the Majority . .i sincerely hope the car does well . . . Although the mechanical specs aren’t class leading – the equipment certainly is..
    5 star ancap out of the box -Great selling point already for many.
    + it’s a Holden – I see so many P platers driving around the deathtrap otherwise known as the Barina. .now facelifted to offer 4 Star safety … double your safety . .compared to the original release… that’s a great feeling…
    If they can sell those Barina’s . . they’ll sell the Cruze.

    Styling wise – a bit dowdy – I have to agree with a previous post that the new Cerato sedan is clearly better proportioned. Come to think of it – to my humble eyes – the best looking small sedan on the market currently.

  • Kris

    Yes, the car is assembled in Korea. Was it designed by Koreans? No. Most of the design work was done here and while the car is obviously built to a price, I think Holden have done a good job at getting the car at that price. It’s well equipped and I’ll probably have a serious look at the diesel, although I would prefer to wait until next year when Australian production of the hatch begins.

    Bit surprising to see that the 6 speed auto uses so much more diesel than the 5 speed manual. I thought the gear ratios would better suit it.

    A wagon version will apparently follow the hatch next year too.

    Be interesting to see if a GTi type is introduced down the track.

  • Bret

    Kris (Holden marketing dept?)
    Nothing of this car was designed in Australia!
    GM-H were responsible for the design work on the hatch only. And there’s comparatively very little engineering work to add a hatch to an existing design.

    DeltaII platform was enginered by GM-DAT in Korea & Germany.
    Cruze was designed by GM-DAT in Korea.

    BTW, the work done in Australia on the Cruze hatch (whatever it’s finally called) is probably the last major design work to be undertaken by GM-H as most is now offshored to India. Although still “managed” from Australia, the contractors are in India.

  • Tom

    Kris thats just not true. The Cruze was designed by GM Daewoo, and the Delta platform was developed by GM Daewoo with input from Opel. The extent of Holden’s involvement in its design was filling out the order form and handing it to GM Daewoo.

    Still, if Holden can sell Barina’s, then these will fly off the showroom floors.

  • fishman

    I look forward to Brets comparison review of this SMALL car to the SMALL Fiesta and SMALL Mazda2, as they must be competing against each other given they’re advertised as the same size :)

  • Supply & Demand

    Alot of the interior was designed in Australia. The car is truly global, just built in Korea. I know this is true because I’ve spoken to a few of those who played a part in its development. I get the feeling Holden is very nervous about this car.

  • John

    All you people who think that the Focus is a competitor for the Cruze either haven’t bought one or were one of the small minority who got one that was well built. The current Focus is a good concept poorly – very poorly – built in South Africa.

    I’d rather take my chances with a Cruze than risk buying another dud Focus.

    Put your prejudices aside and start assessing the cars as they currently are and not based on past models. Korean cars are mostly becoming well designed and well built – admittedly coming off a very low base.

  • Daniel. W

    as someone in the 18-24 yr old buying audience i would never consider this car no matter how good it is, purely because it’s a sedan. the only sedan in this segment that has any appeal to me is the 3 and civic…..perhaps lancer. but thats because they are more attractive than there hatch counterparts.

    if they could give me a 3 door cruze hatch with the 6 spd auto with diesel power id be lining up at the door. value for money its a no brainer

  • Bret

    See, I told you he’d get all confused.

  • Jimmy

    Jesus, how many GM/Holden marketing employee’s are commenting on this story!? Some of the comments are just way too positive for what is essentially a very average car.

    Who does the marketing for GM/Holden in Australia? Does anyone know? I would be fairly confident in saying at least 10 comments on this story were made by such affiliates.

    Smart marketing strategy, but it is a pity that most people who visit caradvice are highly informed on cars.

    In saying that, it seems there are a few positive attributes with the Cruze, but it certainly doesn’t deserve some of the overly optimistic comments I’ve read here.

    It’s not the saviour of modern motoring, it’s not even close, it’s just another very average Korean car.

  • Andronicus

    I will be the first to admit that I have poured scorn on Holden for turning into a rebadging operation and lambasting them for offering so many Korean vehicles.

    I was once a loyal Commodore driver but after a few problems with each of the last couple of Holden’s I had and customer service issues getting them repaired I took my business elsewhere and found myself in a new Honda Acc Euro.

    That being said, this mini review has piqued my interest and has given me cause to take a closer look at the Cruze, which I will do. Some people have being bagging the price but it seems quite fair considering the level of tech you get, especially the base model.

    I bagged this model when it was first announced but it is starting to grow on me and a good wrap by CA does increase my interest factor…. I guess everyone should go and see it, drive it for themselves and then give an opinion on the state of the car.

  • Tony

    current testing shows the 1.8 automatic does the 0-100 in just under 12 secs

    that is probably not going to be acceptable to many people here and will certainly need a rethink before it hits America

    there’s only one reason for this… too much weight, not enough motor

    there’s supposed to be some kind of new fangled 1.4 direction injection turbo/twin-charged thing soon?

    maybe that will redress the balance

  • adam (aka mada)

    Supply & demand,

    I’d like to know who you have spoken to that has any real authority at Holden, easy to say you have, how about some proof the interior was designed in Oz?

    Cruze appears to be good value vers standard equipment, petrol engines are weak, auto average alos with petrol while the diesel appears to be the best buy but only in one trim level?
    One year wait for a hatch version.

    I’m waiting to see ford’s new focus next year and i’d place more faith in local assembly of focus come 2011, better than South African assembly.

  • Frontman

    This car will sell. however if GM-H continue with the belief that the mid twenty somethings are the prime market then they will fail it!
    Prime market for this car is the empty nest retiree types that are comfortable with the brand. They aren’t looking for outstanding quarter mile times, the are looking for space, comfort, small motors, SAFETY RATINGS and low initial costs. Sedans suit them as the Commodore they will be trading in was only available as a sedan (they think VE is a Sportwagon NOT a Hatchback!). For all those who knock it, look at it in terms of a simple means of transport and you will see that it will push Corolla (another ordinary drive) and with GM-H’s penchant for chasing fleet market I’ll guarantee that Govco & the Renters will swing away from Toyota on price!!!

  • Tony

    the problem with selling to old people is that it’s a dead market and a demographic hole… ask toyota, buick volvo etc. about an audience whose next car is a hearse

    and is safety even a concern these days?

    all cars leave with an ANCAP 5 star rating, they all have airbags, TC and DSC… that is partially what’s killing volvo

    you can’t sell safety as every car leaves with all the basic safety requirements these days

    my eyes glaze over when the car salesmen parrot on about how safe they cars are

  • Frontman

    That may be true for you, Tony but rest assured that the majority of people over 50 (starting with the empty nesters or soon to be’s) are actually interested because they read publications (sorry mods) like the Road Ahead form their respective motoring clubs (RACQ NRMA RACV etc) and are constantly being told how we cannot survive without this equipment these days. Also I wouldn’t call it a dead market, as the aged industry is one of the fastest groing industries out there and retirement / over 50′s vilaages are poping up everywhere with small garages and tight entries. Check with “The Salesman” and “Dlr1″ at how important the market I describe is.

  • adam (aka mada)

    Agree with Frontman.

    Mazda 3, Golf/polo and perhaps the new fiesta are more what the 20 somthings are buying.

    The cruze does hit the sweet spot for basic transport from a well known brand.
    The corolla should be worried the most i suspect.

  • matt

    The Cruze will find it’s place very quickly in the price order for the segment – at the bottem where it belongs.

    This car will be of equal quality to the remainder of the crap Holden’s small car range has become.

    Sorry, but this car will be a bottom rung, cheap alternative for some time until it can be re-engineered properly.

  • Tony

    i think one of the biggest issues is the exterior design has no ‘pizzazz’

    i’m certainly no fan of small car design but i can easily see why people like the mazda 3, hyundai i30, various hondas

    the cruze smacks of bad americana and even some of the more regretable hyundai/kia dialliances… have a look at some of the older korean cars before the i30/getz/cerato… they are forgetable… the styling is more inline with the epica/magentis/spectra etc.

    underneath it can be as modern as you like but my feeling is these cars sell more on looks than people want to admit

  • Frontman

    appologies for crap spelling above been a looong day :-(

  • adam (aka mada)

    Long day of irrelvent phone calls and nothing to do, blame the heavy rain Brisbane is experiencing!

  • Frontman

    Ha Ha yep and the fact that it’s been raining since the wee small hours :-(

  • http://www.littlepixiegifts.com.au Gift-Ed

    While the styling isn’t exciting, it’s ok – better than Corolla IMO. And it seems Corolla is the prime target until the Aussie styled model arrives.

  • Mike

    Great looking car, good price, good performance and price. This country was built on Holden and Ford. We should be supporting these companies or you whingers who have no clue will have nothing to winge about. Be happy to own this as our second car. Can’t wait to test drive.

  • phillip

    I’m old enough to remember the early 80s when Holden brought out the Camira. All Australian motoring journalists were unanimously teary-eyed in their praise for what they saw as the best car the country had ever seen. A few years later, Camiras were collectively sh1tting themselves while Telstars/626s, Coronas and Bluebirds gave their owners trouble-free motoring. Pretty much the same thing happened with the VN Commodore.

    The lesson here? Holden are very good at hype, and the Australian public feel a patriotic sense of duty to lap it up. If 4 or 5 years down the track there aren’t too many Today Tonight episodes about exploding Cruzes then sure, go ahead and buy one. But my advice would be to stay well away until the new car smell fades and these cars face 100,000 pot holes.

  • booter

    looks cheap

  • http://Supply&Demand Supply & Demand

    Who convinced Holden this would be a good idea? Could CarAdvice please do an interview? I love Holden which is why I’m so upset this thing is so such a non-event. It’s so bad they had to load it up with extras just to get it moving. Why not build the Astra in Australia? It’s such a no-brainer. I remember when the AH was released, it was such an exciting time, my friends were getting out of VW’s and mercs and into the Holden because the build quality was out of this world for the car of that price! I beg with Holden, if its still possible build the Astra its what the overwhelming majority of the public want. Not this junk! It looks like its been designed by an accountant! Who the hell wants a small sedan? I’m gen Y and I want a hatch! Out with the people that say it can’t be done, and in with innovators and creative minds! Is there something Holden’s not telling us? Perhaps something related to a certain Fiat buyout of Opel? Something about a certain bankruptcy on the cards? Is this why we’re not getting the awesome looking new Astra?

  • MIKE

    Phillip I have a Camira (1987) 2ltr. I have had it since new and it has over 545000klms on it. Original engine still.
    Has anyone thought that maybe Holden can’t get its hands on the Astra because there could be some legal hurdles to over come with GM trying to off load it. I am sure Holden would sell the Astra as a premium product if they could. Lets not bag them when we don’t have all the DETAILS….

  • Tony

    the people making the decisions are in Detroit

    they are thinking… Australia… 20 mil. people… they can have the Korean Cruze just like everyone else. One might ask why even the English with their hundreds of millions of people and one of the biggest markets in the world is also getting the Cruze.

    The Astra fine car that is it will not be cost competitive. Do you want an Astra that will end up close to $30k? Where it may impact on Commodore sales (wouldn’t want that)?

    Chances are Opel will not even be a GM company next year. With the Cruze being a definite for local production why would they introduce an Opel? The import Cruze followed by a local Cruze is a natural step and better for familiarisation.

    The best decisions are rarely the most practical and economic decisions. Australia is a mere pebble in the flow of the global GM flood. We merely follow the tide.

  • NotTheStig

    Yes, it is cheap – they will sell OK – it is for those who just want new trasnport and no style. Retirees ?

    That gauge pack doesn’t look very easy to read though. What is it with Holden ? – a base Omega has much more legible gauges than a SS…

    Anyway, I like that crappy triangular blackout behind the rear doors – just like those Chyrsler Sebrings !!!

    PS. Had a laugh at “Some Aussie delivered BMW’s come from China” from EH above – any proof of this ???

  • realcars

    If this goes as well as it looks then GMH should be on a winner.Looks like a 3/4 size VE with more detail and fruit which is a good thing imo.

  • realcars

    Phillip your recollections are definely coming from your Rs.

    First Camiras where crap but the later f/injected models where good for their time.

    VN Commodores had teething probs with engine mngmnt computers but mostly sorted under warranty and have since proved to be very long lived as Large Holdens have always been in one form or another.

  • Mantle

    A pig in a fancy suit is still a pig……….doesnt matter how many bells and whistles they put in this thing it is still a crap Daewoo ……..how people even consider a Holden these days is beyond me.

    May be Chinese Holden soon……….

  • http://www.littlepixiegifts.com.au Gift-Ed

    Tony – you’re way over emphasizing the importance of Holden to Detroit at the moment. The only consideration GM has for Holden right now, is that they don’t take any US money.

    So Holden is on its own to make or break its future. That’s why we’re getting the Cruze from Korea and why the Astra is being let go for now. Holden have to make money on the cars they’re selling now.

    I’m sure they would have preferred to launch with the re-skinned Aussie version with a better petrol engine. But the clock is ticking.

  • Mantle

    Not even close to being as good as a Focus. I have been in a few of these badged as Chevrolet in Thailand and they are cheaply made and feel like it. If you drove a Focus before or after this car the feel of tightness and superior road manners of the Focus would stand out like dogs balls. Can you believe they have mcpherson struts at he front and torsion beam at the rear ? Cheapness right there……….

  • realcars

    Same setup as Corolla then?



    right with ya(and so is everybody else with 1/2 a brain)about the astra.could be,should be,why not.as wheelnut has said,gm has the rights for construction.tell me (honestly)just how much more money it would cost holden to build astra over cruise.platform,motor,gearbox,front suspension all the same.i reckon it comes down to retained profit,and not for all the right reasons,reputation,quality,resale.slam a door on a A.H.and tell me your not impressed,than slam a viva door(or a honda door,focus door,civic door)…

  • AAA

    Most of the competitors have 2L engines.

  • Byron

    Well done Holden. Great Job 10/10. I’m sick of everyone not liking just cause it’s a Daewoo. Hello 21st Century? Build a bridge & get over it.

    Inteior 10/10 – one of the best on the market.
    Exterior 8/10 better than a Corolla/Tiida (especially Tiida) – Thats for sure :)
    Engines 10/10 – Great choice.

    I’ll miss the Astra nameplate, but i do think Cruze will sell alot. I’m guessing it will sell roughly 1200-1500 in the first couple months, but it will creep up. Just u watch. Toyota u better watch out.I’m sick of u being on top time after time.

    Go Holden Cruze. Hope it’s a sucess. Can’t wait to see one in the metal

  • Mantle

    Byron are you on drugs? Interior 10 out of 10 ? Its all Daewoo cheap and nasty plastics inside this car………

    It has a small underpowered petrol engine as well………..how can you give it more than 3 out of ten ? Underpowered and old thats the Holdenwoo way…….

  • Wheelnut

    Bret says “BTW, the work done in Australia on the Cruze hatch (whatever it’s finally called) is probably the last major design work to be undertaken by GM-H as most is now offshored to India.”

    If that sthe case then why [in the lead up to the release of the VE] did GM spend billions of dollars upgrading the Holden Design Studio inMelbourne with the latest state of the art technology computers which allow the various engineers who work on the various facets of the car engine transmissuion suspension interior exterior etc – work on [computer generated images] of the car at the same time? Its reportedly one of the nost advanced design studios in the world

  • Andrew M

    I reckon they will sell plenty.

    I still cant see it being as good dynamiclly as the mazda or focus

    I also find it funny how the article harps on about the Cruze having certain equipment standard that others dont even offer, yet then goes on to say you cant even option bluetooth, 6 stacker or satnav which some other makes have as standard

    And as AAA said, most are doing 2L engines as the base motor now.

    Yes it is the 21st century, and they have only just dropped the Viva, and still sell the Barina and Epica.
    The Hello should go to holden for still selling these sort of cars in the 21st century.

    Sure the Cruze looks like a much much better proposition than the other Daewoo options, but its only just arrived whereas the competition has been delivering decent versions for a while now

  • Wheelnut

    For those of you who are complainign about the way it looks… sure its no Aston Martin.
    However; by the time the locally made Hatchback and Sedans are released late next year they will most likely have had a facelift inorder to make them look like part of the Holden family – more like a miniature VE-VF Commodore

    I personally would rather see Holden build the Insignia here instead and import the Cruze from [cheaper] Korea as they are expected to with the future Astra and Corsa.. particularly as Opel will most likely be sold off and GM still own the rights to the designs etc of all Opels

  • Andrew M

    Oh and on Rear end styling, this still screams Korean.

    The only one that seems to be able to design a decent looking small car sedan back is Mazda.

    IMO the mazda3 backend (last and current gen) look better than the hatch version.
    And since 3′s are the rare example where there are more sedan versions on the road than hatches, it seems i am not alone in thinking that

  • Eddie

    The tail lights are such a rip off of the Civic.

  • Tony

    it wishes it rips the rear end of the civic

    the rear end of a sad mix of Korean and American nee Chrysler Sebring

    it even copies that one piece window to the C pillar with the black plastic cap which is supposed to ape glass

    I don’t have a huge issue with the suspension. Even BMW/Mercedes use MacPherson struts. The beam rear end is not a big deal in a FWD car. It saves space over a multi-link rear end.

    In an rwd car I expect the best but for fwd you can accept some compromises in the back for more room.

  • Confused

    Well it ticks all the boxes – except PRICE.
    ANCAP 5 star. Good. Frontal impact score – frontal impact score 15.05, side 16 out of 16. Good one!
    Power 104 for 1300 + kilo weight: it will puff, but will pull – at least for ppl like me – a family fellow with weekly groceries, picnic outing etc.
    Interior instruments – OK; at basic models – better than most other.
    No one other than Impreza have side/curtain air bags (on basic model).
    Holden targets young, aspirating ppl? Their target group is wrong (look at the teen age posters here!!!)
    It will sell better to Joes and Johns (Not Joshuas), middleaged, still working, family oriented …
    But my advice to Holden:
    * Bring 5-year warranty
    * Price 18-20000 base model. 20000 driveaway.
    * Reset target group

    Well, perhaps they will go bankrupt if they did ….

  • Frenchie

    Holdens are actually loosing money on Astras at the moment.
    The Euro to Aussie dollar to blame. This happened to the XC Barina (Opel Corsa).

  • Byron

    Hey “Mantle”, i’m not on drugs, but u gotta agree Cruze has
    a better looking interior than some other small cars.still stands at 10/10.Yeah “MAYBE” some cheap/nasty plastics but,like i said before “Build A Bridge & Get Over It.”

    Yeah, the petrol engine is average, but it’s up on Astra’s outputs by like 1kw/1nm.But better economy.Diesel’s a gem. 8/10. And plus who knows next year could see a whole lot of new engines brought in etc…

    Hey “Andrew M”, yeah i agree with what u say.I think Holden takes alot of crap bout it’s daewoo cars cause there not all that bad. Captiva Great, Barina ok. Epica needs 2 go. I’m sorry but there’s a couple Epica’s
    around & i just think daewoo!daewoo!daewoo!

    Time will tell if Cruze sells. It would be funny if it did knock Corolla off top spot:)

    One more thing, Does anyone know if Insignia is coming to Australia or not?

  • trackdaze

    Car advice has gone “mainstream media” with this piece. Very light and fluffy

    “All aperture seams and welds are concealed for a better visual perception of quality,”
    I know which aperature this makes me think of! so does “visual perception” mean instead of actually improving the quality of the seams and welds we just covered them up?

    “The bootlid also serves purpose as being specially designed to act as an aerodynamically efficient trailing edge for the car further reducing drag and saving fuel.”…………I’d like to know which if any cars of today haven’t spent time in the wind tunnel focusing on air flow around the rear? Will the dealers be warned against fitting HSV like spoilers lest it affect the aero so much as to turn the thing into a glider?

    Torsion beam rear end is still very old world. proof is in the fact the next Astra will follow the focus,mazda,golf with a proper rear end.

    Little wonder then, that this article spends more time talking about styling. Come on car advice give your readers more credit. We can see through marketing guff.

  • Tony

    I don’t have high expectations for the Australian motor press either print or online because our little market is beholden (so to speak!) to manufacturers unlike the US and UK markets which displays a lot more independence and a willingness to call a spade a spade.

    I used to love Wheels magazine until it become Holden Commodore Monthly.

    However one must wonder about the milquetoast standard of criticism of late. Here is a review by an expatriate Australian (Angus Mackenzie):

    “Paul slammed the 1.6L and 1.8L DOHC Ecotec fours in his review, and rightly so. Both engines are dogs; droning snoozers with no panache, no personality, and no discernable power or torque peaks. I wasn’t impressed by the transmissions, either. The five-speed manual is somewhat balky and has ratios so widely spaced you could drive a ’49 Packard between them, while the six speed auto shunts clumsily through the shifts in a race to get to as high a gear as possible as fast as possible.

    Presumably, both powertrains have been optimized for fuel efficiency, but GM’s claimed 36 mpg for the 140-hp 1.8L auto and 40 mpg for the 115-hp 1.6L manual at a steady 56 mph is hardly impressive enough to be worth the compromises. And then there’s the impact on the performance — claimed 0-to-60-mph time for the 1.8 auto is in the high 11s, while the 1.6 manual needs more than 12 seconds. Bottom line: Neither powertrain is remotely acceptable for the American market.”

    I found a better standard of criticism of the past cars like the Kia Cerato and the Mazda 3. Why pull the punches?

    I don’t like it how Holden gets off lightly. I don’t want to read cheerleading articles. Even if the car is superlative like a FG G6ET we want to know where the deficiencies are.

  • Hmmm

    Cruze = Cruzz,
    The tragic pidgin english spelling of Cruze looks and sounds cheap and nasty.
    Great way to dumb down a daewoo Holden. Very few other makers spell their model names incorrectly.

    Their numerous list of improvements means that their previous models were rubbish.
    I bet the warranty offered will be average.

  • Falcodore

    I agree with Trackdaze and Tony, this article looks like it was ripped straight out of the marketing brochure. Perhaps Car advice will be able to give us a thorough assessment when they get to spend some quality time with the car.

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au Matt

      Falcodore, and others.

      This article was constructed from my notes taken at the launch of the vehicle. The article is a “First Steer” and as such is intended to convey information on the vehicle as presented at the launch itself.

      As stated at the end of the article, a full review will take place in the coming weeks.

      Hope this clears things up, Matt.

  • http://skyline The Salesman

    Frontman Says:
    May 20th, 2009 at 3:25 pm

    Spot on Frontman. On the Sunshine Coast i am surrounded by retirement villages. According to a recent demographic survey the coasts over 65 population will be 22% by 2011 (try buying a lotto ticket on weekends). Every single customer i sell a car to over 50 says “This one will see me out” then two years later they are back, buying again. This time they say “Well i can’t take my money with me (to the grave) so i might as well spend it.

    On the article i know this car will sell because it has a Holden badge. The start price will drop when Holden realize they haven’t sold many because the market they are in starts under $20k drive away. Not allot of car for the money. I guess Holden need big profits fast and are banking customers will pay a premium for the badge

  • Frontman

    Just to calm the seething hordes :-)
    Generally in the car world, the press is given a press kit, with pre written stories to cut & past from, and about an hour and halfs drive where they change cars every 10km. SO a glossy sounding first review is not unusual, wait till they get some time with the car before bagging them. :-) (believe me some of the ore release press stories given to the media can be close to vommit inducing)

  • Supply & Demand

    Holden product planner repeat after me. “European styling with a sporty edge”…. If you can’t deliver it, don’t waste my time.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Yep looks like blurb written up is from a brochure with no real personalised comment from writer. With this in mind check out other sites that talk candidly about this car without the PR……….caradvice your behind the eightball on this and need to set agenda and not play catch up. Lift the bar

  • Bret

    Wheelnut Says:
    May 20th, 2009 at 7:57 pm
    “If that sthe case then why [in the lead up to the release of the VE] did GM spend billions of dollars upgrading the Holden Design Studio inMelbourne with the latest state of the art technology computers which allow the various engineers who work on the various facets of the car engine transmissuion suspension interior exterior etc – work on [computer generated images] of the car at the same time? Its reportedly one of the nost advanced design studios in the world”

    And how long ago was that? And Millions not Billions.
    I understand the capabilities of the design studio: I drive the same software, doing similar stuff everyday. There is the core salaried staff, who remain, and there’s the contractors who do most of the work, who are now no longer required, as it is offshored.
    Wheelnut, you’re not the only one with links inside Holden, not to mention the engineering design industry.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    The front lights look tad odd but I like the look a lot. Side on at C pillar behind rear door – looks odd as chrome trim runs past door and has a small blacked out area!

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Matt

    Naughtyius Maximus,

    Take what you will from the presentation of a few facts but had you read the article you would have noticed quite a few personal interjections.

    As I stated earlier, and as some of our more intelligent commenters had noted, the write up was compiled from notes and a brief drive, we will review the car in full at a later date.

    Unlike our competitors we don’t make assumptions in talking “candidly”. We prefer to have a week with the car and give it a fair chance to prove itself before jumping to conclusions.


  • http://CarAdvice Onepoppa

    Tony and Gift-Ed are about the only ones talking sense here. GM is in a crisis situation – so are most other car manufacturers, but here we are talking GM. Saab has effectively gone – the only question still to be determined is who is the buyer – GM Europe is on the block, and that includes the Astra that everyone is suddenly lusting after, now that it looks almost certain that we won’t get it – at least until the ownership of Opel is settled.

    GM Holden MAY be safe, providing that it doesn’t cost GM USA any money, so that means that they have to stand on their own feet and make a profit, so the cars will come from wherever allows this profit to be made.

    Cars are made all over – BMW SUVs in South Carolina and Merc M class in Alabama – Renault Megane sedans in Turkey and Koleos in Korea – Audis in Slovakia and Hungary – Fiat 500s in Poland – just about all our Hondas in Thailand. If you want a real joke consider that we don’t get the very well received Kia Ce’ed because it is only made in Slovakia and shipping from there would add too much to the price.

    It is like electonic goods where many with respected Japanese nameplates are in fact made in China, Dell PCs in Malaysia and IBM’s PC division was sold to China and became Lenovo. So some Holdens will be sourced from Korea – get over it – it is called globalisation.

  • Supply & Demand

    I guess Holden can’t make plans to import the new Astra because in less than a couple of months GM won’t own Opel. Hence cutting off supply of one of the only decent cars GM had in its portfolio. Instead we get this! Goodbye Holden. It was nice knowing you.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Sure Matt….agree to some extent. Its still a great read…but on another site is similar but a ‘LOT’ more comment about drive and first impression and not so much PR intro!

  • Andronicus

    Well said Matt.

    Let’s consider here that Matt is the only person who has driven the Cruze out of everyone that is posting on this forum.

    Go test drive one when you can and then maybe we can all have an educated opinion based on facts and reality and not just be shooting off. That’s what I’m going to do.

  • Roddy

    Onepoppa and Andronicus – at last, a couple of posts on this thread that aren’t just verbal excrement.

    I wonder if this bunch even read what they have written before they press ‘submit comment’

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Andronicus. I dont think your comment carries any substance as you cant grasp my comment and go on off a tangent. My point is other web sites have had limited time similar to Matt and elsewhere they have cut the PR blurb out and commented more and there findings. Like Matt’s story is good but not as good as others elsewhere!

    Fact………….others have limited drives and have commented in depth more then what is on Matt’s story.

  • Frontman

    NM, you have missed a little point that Matt made, the story was written on his findings on the day and he (being as I consider proffessional) would rather reserve final judgement till after he has spent time in the car.
    When/if you get the chance to go on a release day you will realise that the organisers have strangely enough picked a drive route that highlights the best aspects of the vehicles and totally avoids any possibility of covering ground that’d show up it’s lesser traits. Fit that in with the 2 hours of hyperbole that goes in conjunction with these events and being honest you cannot come away from them with any bad points. THe criticisms that other have placed are more to do with their well being than real fact

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Matt

    NM, I’m sorry it’s not to your liking, but I guess we can’t please everyone. There are a lot of facts about the car there, more than many others, and as I’ve stated three times now, we’ll post a more detailed review in the coming weeks – something our competitors won’t do. For them, this will be the one and only drive/article.

  • eh179driver

    The fun of Caradvice continues. The comments about poor quality plastics and styling just crack me up no end. None of you (apart from Matt) has driven one, and very few have seen one in the metal (unless like me you went to the MIMS) and sat in one, so most of the comments posted are just total and utter crap. The shame with Caradvise is that it allows idiots to get onto the site and post crap! Shame cause other than that it is a great site with top notch testers and writers, unlike the drivel that Wheels puts out every month.

  • Falcodore

    Thanks for clearing that up Matt. I guess with the limited time you have with the car there’s only so much you can write about.

    Looking forward to your review, i’m especially interested to see how it compares to the Corolla given that they have similar specced engines and suspensions.

  • Gary

    I don’t mind a korean made car. However, the purpose of new holden small car is to compete with a few japanese and korean brands, then to gain a better share in small car market.

    The thing is, why would I choose Cruze over a japanese or korean model? Cruze is not that much better, price is not much lower. If I want it cheap, I will just go for hyundai or kia, why a korean made with holden badge?

    If it is astra, different story, I know I am getting something a bit better than corolla and i30, I am probably happy to pay for the difference.

    So, why Holden or GM believes Cruze can beat japanese and korean models? Because it has an aussie badge?

  • JC

    Would the Cruze get the same negative/pessimistic responses if it wasn’t a Holden??

    I’d prefer to see the car for what it is, was not who’s it is!

  • Frontman

    Hmmm Spam word = “holden”… see even the computer programme realises that they have no capitol ;-)

    The comments here make me think that if Holden had of held off on the release until they were built here, changes the nose a little and called it “Torana” then people would be queing up for it. (remember the Torana started out as a small 4cyl car)

  • http://skyline The Salesman

    Holden could not afford to wait. I will bet the Cruise will never be made in Australia. They will test the market with the Korean sourced Cruise first. If they don’t get the numbers then forget ever seeing an OZ built four from GM.

  • Philthy

    I’d like to see a comparison test between this, a cerato and a corolla. Maybe include an i30 and a lancer as well. It would be interesting to see where it ranks in that group considering the variety of opinions stated above.

  • Andronicus

    @ NM
    Why would other sites post such an in-depth assesment of a car that they only had limited driving time with? Sounds like you wouldn’t get the full story no matter what review you read as a full test of this vehicle was not possible.

    Also, let’s be compeletly honest and give in to the fact that once we are all old (older) and gray(grayer) we shall most likely all be driving around in Chinese vehicles and will pine for the day when Korean cars were so plentyful.

  • fab

    i can’t believe all the negative comments in regards to this car. so what if it doesn’t have a macpherson rear end or a dsg gear box. have any of you tools driven a dsg before? probably not seeing that you most likely drive ba falcons with the technically brilliant 4spd autos. its fantastic when you are flying through its gears when the foot is down but when you are in normal mode and thats probably most of the time its a bitch and it feels a little too fast for every day driving. but thats only an opinion. pleeeaaaassseee dont tell you twats hope to god that the commodore will disappear soon with gm about to go into chapter 11. i can guarantee you the falcon will be the first to go as they have no new model after this. its all front wheel drive from there on. lets just say that rumors have been going on that the 4wd platform will continue to be developed for the territory but no platform updates for the falcon. whoops??

  • Andrew M

    Byron, im not sure if you understood me earlier.

    What i was getting at was that previous attacks on Daewoo products was warrented, and this latest installment is their big chance to silence the critics.

    It hasnt really been proven either way whether they have succeded in their aim of making the small daewoos winners.

    You said to give the daewoos a break because “this is the 21st century”.
    I then asked why we still get the old daewoos…..

    It looks to me as this new daewoo is a major step in the right direction, but with that in mind, even if this vehicle is an ace, it doesnt make the other poorer examples exempt from the critisism they get

  • Bret

    I hate to say it but there’s no all new model for either Falcon or Commodore. The replacement Commodore is very much “on ice”. Facelifts only.
    Ford Aus might go down the Taurus path, but what has GM got to offer Holden? A stretched Cruze?

  • Andrew M

    sorry to spoil your fun “Fab”, but the Territory uses the falcon platform.

    to dull it down a little, its the same platform….

  • fab

    yes andrew, you are correct about the territory but the next platform which is currently regarded as platform x, has absolutely zip to do with the falcon. oh, and bret (thats actually really spelt BRETT) clearly your mother taught you how to spell…the commodore is getting shortened as the platform was designed to be stretched or shortened. four cylinders or six will be the norm from here on WHICH will mean that supertaxis will die and lets face it, thank fxxking christ for that. finally

  • Wheelnut

    Salesman says: “I will bet the Cruise will never be made in Australia. They will test the market with the Korean sourced Cruze first. If they don’t get the numbers then forget ever seeing an OZ built four from GM-H”.

    I agree; there have been “rumours” that Holden could in fact import the Cruze from Korea – which is where they will import future model Astras and Corsas from.. and end up building the Insignia

    Not only because Fiat are offering to buy Opel but because its more expensive to import cars from Europe..
    a point which Wheels magazine illuded to when the announcement of Holden building a new small car was made.
    Makes sense really; as the Cruze and the Astra use the same Delta II platform.

    Though I don;t think that the Insignia will be an F6 rival.. we’ll have to wait for the new Commodore with the Direct Injection Twin Turbo Optimised [DITTO] engine.

  • Andrew M

    firstly i would like to know where you get your info from????
    Why on earth would they spend money on the territory/falcon platform, and only run the one vehicle off of it???
    thats a step backward from the goal of maximising platform usage.

    My TV has a button to change channels for if the event rises that I dont wish to view what is on the screen, I can view an alternative.
    For e.g., when your favourite program (desperate housewives) comes on, I dont have to whinge about it on a blog page, i simply turn to a chanel that i prefer.

    Try doing the same when the #2 ranked sport in OZ comes on if you dont like it. Its also the number one sport for merchandise sales, so im starting to think fans of the sport arent the ones in the minority

  • Wheelnut

    Bret says: “I hate to say it but there’s no all new model for either Falcon or Commodore. The replacement Commodore is very much “on ice”. Facelifts only.”

    Youre right However; The fact that the development of Future RWD platforms [including the VEs Zeta platform]
    has been put on ice is another reason as to why Holden could build the Insignia …

    The Epsillion Platform on which the insignia is based is more flexible than the Zeta platform – which means that future model commodores could be built on a [slightly modified] Insignia platform and be offered with FWD AWD and RWD configurations etc

  • fab

    well andrew m all i’d like to say is that i hold my cards close to my chest. all credible sources i have deal with ford locally and globally. maybe your favourite show will involve front wheel drive cars but you just know deep down in your uneducated bogan heart that the bells toll for the.

  • Andrew M

    Yeah right-o shakesphere,
    Holding the cards to ones self therefore means that one is playing with himself

  • Forza M

    Fab you are spot on he is an uneducated bogan who drives an EL Falcon

  • Golfschwein

    Fab, it’s funny seeing you accuse people of not knowing how to spell when your own writing almost completely omits capital letters and apostrophes.

  • Wheelnut

    Fab The Commodore isn’t being shortened.. The overall dimensions of the future Commodores which will be based on the Zeta platform will remain the same as the current VE. They will just have a range of cosmetic changes inside and out [just as the Commodore did VB-VK or VN-VS VT-VZ]

    Why would they want to change the dimensions of the Commodore when after 30 years they finally got the chance to build a car from scratch on an all new Aussie designed platform which helped the Commodore reach its full potential particularly in terms of performance and handling.

    Not only that but there is a perfectly good medium sized platform such as the Epsillion

  • Bavarian Missile

    Ill come back when the kids have gone to bed Golfy,think you should too AndrewM.

    What is it when some people feel threatened in an argument on this site they start calling you a bogan !

    You guys need to grow up and come back when you know what your talking about !

    Bret knows how to spell his name by the way Fab you could do with some more classes in English like Ive told you before!

    Quote “all credible sources i have deal with ford locally and globally”

    hahaha ,your credible sources come from your opinions ,I guess your confusing your imagination with fact,but kids tend to do that!

  • Andrew M

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    You are good for a laugh.
    Lets just say the car I own is hands down the best in its class FACT.
    If that makes me a Bogan, I couldnt care less.
    Beats having to lift the pinkie whilst drinking tea I suppose.

    Your constant bitter attacks lead me to believe you live all alone…..
    Sad, I know.

  • Wheelnut

    Forza M – You obviously don’t read what people say on this site.. either that or you simply suffer from old-timers

    Because virtually all of those who have been on here for over a year [and don't have old-timers] know what other long termers do for a living where they live as well as what car[s] they drive

    Andrew M owns a brand new FG XR8 Ute.. he even sent photos of it to his CA friends to show us.
    I remember when the FG was released he knew he wanted one he just couldn’t decide between Dash and Breeze.

    Having said that I wouldn’t be surprised if you now refer to him as a “Cashed Up Bogan”.. which as BM says thats just a what youd expect from someone who is clearly theatened by someone else because that person know more about cars than they do

  • Andrew M

    Nitro was also amongst the mix, and the original paperwork had Nitro as the colour.
    I changed it the next day, and am glad I did as it looks the goods.

    I also just added a SP23 with all the gadgets including leather and your favourite Bose branded stereo to the other driveway (picked it up today) to replace the Hyundai

  • http://www.v8supergeek.com Luke

    I think you took the drive.com.au Feb ’09 article about the FWD Falcon a little too seriously. Sure it might happen some time in the future, but I doubt very much that Ford OZ will introduce a new 300kw/540nm 5.0-litre V8 into a front wheel driven vehicle. Whoops… you missed that article all over caradvice, drive, motorauthority and a million other auto sites did you?

    And as for Frosty’s ridiculous remarks about Ford’s financial state being as bad or worse than GM… please.

  • D. Lopez

    I like it! will consider it, been in australia for 4 years and just had my citizenship last month, i always try to buy everything australian, i want to support everything australian and australian industries. though this is probably sourced from korea, it’s success will help holden, a major employer, to stay and provide more jobs to aussies. also, given the specs and safety rating, this car will still be on top of my list anyway. in this uncertain times where people are losing their jobs, i think it is just appropriate that we support our own industries and holden is one of them.

  • Bret

    WRONG, WRONG and ahh WRONG

    Forza M. What a pathetic little child you are!

  • Matt

    To each his own I guess
    I personally like the exterior styling & interior dash
    Also the base model comes with safey,ESP,cruise & audio controls
    unlike the Mazda3, Corolla, Imprezza, Golf, i30 base models

    So thats value added already, but I do agree 5 yrs warranty + roadside assist or an introductory special offer could help em sell this vehicle for sure.

    I’ll add it to my test-drive list for now

  • Andrew

    The Focus was, is and always will be a dud, it was designed poorly from the start, if you have ever driven one you will know how bad the ride and rattles and noise is, it was built for the masses to a price, whereas the Golf is a first class ride based on the best technology the Germans have to offer.
    The Focus is built in a cheap factory in South Africa using cheap slave labour and aimed at the bogans, whereas the Golf is a quality small car built in Germany aimed at non-bogans
    End of story.

  • Speedy

    Just heard Ford are re-calling all Focus and Mondeo diesel models for defective brakes !!!!


    To all you Ford fanzies out there – SUCK EGGS !

    What goes around comes around…hahahahahahahahahahaha

    What perfect timing for Holden just as they are about to release the quality 5-star Holden Cruze diesel and petrol models !

    Gee Ford really know how to shoot themselves in the foot, they had the perfect opportunity to beat Holden and now, you wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole, unless you want to die for brake failures……actually the Falcon and Territory also suffer brakes failures, seems if you want to die in a car crash – buy a unsafe Ford !

  • phillip

    Strange then Andrew that the Focus is and has been the performance benchmark for it’s class since it was first released in 1998 (or 99, can’t remember), won the 2006 and 2007 world rally championships, and has been the European top selling car in its class almost every year since it was released. Got an axe to grind have we?

  • Wheelnut

    Speedy – the Locally built Cruze/? isn’t expected to be released for at least another 12 months..

    So even if the Focus or Mondeo does have faulty brakes etc.. by that time the majority of peope would have forgotten about it and would still buy a Focus or Mondeo.

    I mean people still buy Holdens despite their recalls and Toyotas who have had even more mechanical problems/issues than most

    Because the thing is the number of cars affected by a recall is usually less than 5-10% of the overall number of cars of that particular model sold so the chances of your car being hit are quite small..
    Not only that most people realise that Realls are expected from time to time given the technology and complexity of a modern car.

    I mean Winodws are continually putting out Updates and Patches for their progtrams [because of a problem] yet people still use it don’t they?

  • trackdaze

    The brochure is not this glowing.

  • john a

    car looks ok to me time will tell if its any good.what amazes me is all the experts on this site that know so much about the humble barina,yes i got one for my wife, not a great car by any stretch of the imagination.she does 40 klicks a day and has not had any issues in the 18 months she has owned it not one warrenty claim.at 14000 grand drive away we didnt expect the world,it drives ok the fit and finish is ok it just does its job,so all you experts pull your heads in most of you have no idea on what you are on about if its not ford or holden you wet your nappies both fine cars but there are a mob of vehicles out there so remove your head and have a look around you.

  • Shak

    Wheelnut the holden site says its being released next month, but the actual new small car is expected in 12 months. Caradvice has confirmed that the cruze is not the new locally produced small car. That will be produced as an alternative to the astra and the Cruze will replace the Viva.

  • Andrew

    Shame on you Holden. Replace the country’s best priced quality Euro and the only great car in the line up with this trot. Won’t be touching it or Holden with a ten foot pole until they wake up to themselves. The new Astra looks great too. A real shame!

  • Duck

    Congratulations General Motors. This is a superb car. Well done. It has all the technology, safety and style at a Korean car price, because it’s made in Korea. Smart thinking!

    Well Done!!! Better then rebadged Daewoo’s.

  • Andrew M

    you realise that in its homeland (korea) this is actually the new Daewoo Viva???
    It actually is a rebadge

  • Miniskip

    Shak you’re right.. the Cruze is being released next month..
    At the lauch Holden said that initially the cruze will be imported from Korea until the second assembly line at Holden comes online which is expected to be during the 3rd quarter of 2010 at which point the locally built versions of Holdens “new small car” will be sold

    However; a couple of weeks ago Holden finished removing the robots which were used to make the [JS] Vectra – so at this stage it’s unknown what Holdens new small car will actually be.

    There have been reports that it will be a Hatchback version of the Cruze.. but there are also rumours that it could be the Insignia.. particularly given the recent events with Fiat wanting to buy Opel

    If Holden have read or listened to what Holden fans and car enthusiasts have said on various websites such as this – they will import both Sedan and Hatchback Cruze from Korea along with the new Astra [makes sense as they share the same platform] and build the Insignia here or a similar sized car which uses the Epsillon platform.. Yet if that happens Holden will have to change the name

  • franz chong

    I was about to suggest this to my Neighbour as a replacement for her Astra The TS Series which was replaced by the Viva in late 2005 but now will be looking at a well kept used BMW INSTEAD

  • Speedy

    Ummm, Franz….since when do you tell your neighbour what to buy ?

  • Duck

    Andrew M, the Cruze is a wholey brand new designed and engineered car by General Motors. Excellent car!

    And from 2010 the Cruze will be stopped from being imported from South Korea and the Elizabeth factory in Adelaide will be making brand new Holden Cruze’s!

    This car has the ability to outsell and better it’s competitor’s in the small car segment. And I hope it does.

    Good Luck!

    And………Andrew M, what’s the problem? What don’t you like about it?

  • Andrew M

    It is a rebadged daewoo because it was developed at the daewoo facility.

    That doesnt mean its a bad car, i was just pointing out that it techniclly is a rebadged daewoo.

    Ive recently done the whole small car search where i tested just about every model. There is some tough competition out there, and none stronger than the Mazda IMO.

    What dont I like about it??
    well the rear looks awkward and very korean, and the front looks a little bland.
    If you read back, you will actually see my opinion is that its a much better proposition that the model it replaces, and that i expect it to sell quite well.

    On paper I dont think its the best thing since sliced bread, but in saying that, it does present half decent competition

  • Roddy

    ‘That doesnt mean its a bad car, i was just pointing out that it techniclly is a rebadged daewoo.’

    And your point is…?

  • Byron

    Everyone stop bagging out Holden Cruze. It’s here now, so deal with it. I admit, the front end is a tad odd-looking & the rear does look daewoo & the side is slightly awkward, but it has enough potential to sell. And knowing Holden’s tv ads over recent years, i don’t see why it won’t sell in droves. Time will tell. Keeping Astra as a upper postioned model would help. Please don’t let Astra be axed from the line-up, but we’ll see. Fingers-crossed!!!

    Holden is selling Astra CD Manual Hatch + Style Pack for $24,390 driveaway now. Not as much as i thought,but if Volkswagen Golf starting at 25K can sell & make it into the top 20, why not Astra?

    Bring on Holden Cruze. The small car just got serious!!!

  • Duck

    Yes Andrew M, it does have tough competition, such as the Mazda 3 for example, but we will have to see if it is as good or better.

    Yes it is a badged ‘engineered’ Daewoo Lacetti Premiere, but, a fair bit of Holden Australian Engineer’s and Designer’s had a lot of input into the development of the Cruze, Andrew M. Even though the development of the Cruze was done at the international design centre in South Korea. Does that matter? I think not. And some of the 221 GM-Built prototypes were tested here in Australia by Holden (of course), a lot of them were.

    Though it was/is a global world made car.

    Saying that it took 4 billion US dollars to develop the Cruze, so it should be good. (You’d think so!)

    And………ok the worst thing about the car, is the rear. But it’s not that bad.

    It ‘should’ be good!!!!

  • DesignEngr

    the US$4Billion is more an indication of GM’s wastefull corporate structure than how good/bad the car is.
    And Australian imput went little further than hatch design.
    Don’t be fooled into believing the Holden hype on their “input” into any of the core design or engineering.

  • alcoholic

    have just ordered a CD 1.8 auto site unseen. Good value, good looks inside and out, reasonalble economy, will swap for an all aussie version if there is a sports version later on. This is a good vehicle

  • Andrew M


    “Well Done!!! Better then rebadged Daewoo’s.”

    “It techniclly is a rebadged daewoo.”

    Point proven????

  • Duck

    You say it’s only a Daewoo, Andrew M, because most of the work done for the making of the Cruze was at the Daewoo centre in Korea. Does that matter!?

  • DGS

    The 2.0 litre VG Turbo Diesel with a 6 speed Auto captures my interest. I am a little puzzled as to the fuel consumption for the Auto TD at 6.8 l/100km. Maybe some refinements could lower that to closer to 6.0 l/100km.

    I was regretably sucked in at first by the name “Cruze”, as some posters here would recall Holden used to sell an AWD variant of the Suzuki Swift as a Holden Cruze, and I could not but hope that the name might have been in referance to an new affordable AWD from Holden with a turbo diesel option (like the Suzuki SX4). Pity.

    As someone who frequently drives long distances and has a preferance for sedans, I will be looking into this diesel car as a contender to replace my 6 year old (well traveled) Elantra in a year or 2. I suspect the TD will be the bigest seller, particularly in regional Australia.

    Holden will however have to conduct a realality check, If they wish to sell another korean car it must be competitive with Hyundai / Kia on Quality, Build, Equiptment and Price. If it can not compeate, then prepare for failure.

    I think $25K drive away for an Auto TD Cruze would be the maximum they could ask. They also should concider $20K drive away for the base model manual.

  • Byron

    Just read the “Holden Cruze” in June issue of Wheels Magazine.

    QUOTE – “GM’s all-new 1.4-litre direct-injection & turbocharged engine should make its way into the Cruze later this year. Officially, Holden won’t confirm the engine is heading to Australia, but outside sources reckon the 104kw/200nm (in US-spec) fuel sipper isn’t far off & will be offered here before the end of the year.”

    See what happens. Love that interior. One of my favourite

  • Andrew M

    You must have poor comprehension skills.

    You said something that was incorrect, I corrected it.
    I havent said this is “only” a Daewoo, I just pointed out that you were incorrect to say it isnt.

    If you read, you will notice I have commended this vehicle for being a big leap in the right direction.

  • Duck

    Andrew M says………”i was just pointing out that it techniclly is a rebadged daewoo.”

  • Andrew M

    yes and that was in reply to you saying it wasnt…..

    What were you trying to prove with that above quote???

  • Duck

    Ok, I contradicted myself (sorry)……….but the Cruze is not all Daewoo……..so who cares?

  • devilsman60

    If anyone on this site has driven this car then your comments are valid. Otherwise any criticism is just dribble. Go drive the car, check it over then make a call. 2 years ago we decied to replace our Citron C3 with a new car. Tried all in the small/medium class, Yaris – wierd interior, Corolla – boring, Viva -boring, Astra – nice to drive, plain interior, Mazda3,- great exterior, plain interior & expensive, Lancer – old look and feel, Focus – wierd looking exterior, Suzuki Swift, too tight interior, Honda Civic – NICE, expensive, long lead time for delivery, VW Golf & Polo, expensive, plain interior, rude sales guys, Subaru Impressa – old look and poor interior room. In the end we went for the Astra for delivery and features for the money, would have loved the Civic but for the $$ and delivery time.
    Next year I’ll do the process again and see whos got what for the money.

  • devilsman60

    BTW; GM -DAT (General Moters – Daewoo Automotive Technology) is the company jointly owned by GM and the creditors (banks). GM’s shareholding is held through Holden who provide directors and management and engineering through their shareholding. Opel (also GM) developed the Delta platform used to develop the Cruze, mostly for Chevy in the USA and as its entry level brand internationally, except in OZ & NZ (ie Holden). In europe they get the higher grade Astra through Opel and Vauxhall. We are unlikely to get the astra imported due to $ exchange rates making it too expensive. (just like the over priced VW’s and other “luxuary” european brands we get conned into buying and paying high prices for the snob value. Holden is a entry level brand in the Australian car market, just like Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi etc.

  • DesignEngr

    ^^^ Nothing new there. Pretty common knowledge, I think we all knew all of that didn’t we?

  • DesignEngr

    Except of course, you forgot to mention that GMDAT was more responsible for the platforn than Opel were. GMDAT just used some of Opel’s facilities.

  • Andrew M

    well would that also make compliments coming from those that havent driven it dribble aswell???

    Recently I just did the small car shop around too.
    Keep in mind that the cars may have changed slightly since the 2 years ago that you did the shop.

    In general I agree with most of your sentiments on the cars.
    My biggest disappointment was the subaru. I was surprised at the poor interior and above that the poor road feel.

    Agree that the Mazda3 is expensive, but it holds much much better resale that more than covers the gap.
    Mazda3 has better exterior, better quality and for mine it has a better interior.
    I ended up picking up a BK series (yep last gen) top of the range SP23 with all the bells for a great price, and the misses loves it.
    Saved a bucket on a great car

  • ben

    the top model version looks awesome in red. my mum just brought a focus but now that this is out i strongly agree this is the car for her

  • john

    “why did they stick the reverse gear where they did?”

    because it’s a better place to put it.

  • Nick

    the CDX has heated leather seats, nice exterior,and a good safety rating. What else could someone want? The interior is quite good for the price, considering you don’t get nice leather seats on the other cars offered up as alternatives, such as subaru impreza etc.

  • Andrew M

    “why did they stick the reverse gear where they did?”

    Well its not uncommon.

    Sorry but I just dont get heated seats in OZ…….
    Better off offering a usefull feature such as Bluetooth which sadly is not even available as an option

  • Wheelnut

    I think that the Reverse gear in the V8 supercars is in a similar position [that is those which still use the old Hollinger box]
    Neil Crompton often says when a car is off the track that it’s quite hard sometimes to get reverse in a V8 supercar as the drivers have to lift the gearstick up slightly then go “over and up”
    It’s located near first gear so that if it slips out of reverse or when you come out of reverse you don’t drive off in a high gear and over-rev the engine etc

  • Andrew M

    I cant make ends of what you are saying regarding slipping out of gear etc.
    Im not convinced that the Reverse location has anything to do with that.

    An interesting note is that the Commodore actually uses 2 different 6sp manual boxes. One has reverse to the right (near 1st) and the other on the left (near 5th)

    From my experience most with reverse near 1st have a collar below the gear stick that must be pulled up to open the gate for reverse.
    From the pics the Cruze also seems to function like this.
    The old Daewoos always had it like that too

  • Wheelnut

    I’m not sayig that – that’s what Neil Crompton has said a during a number of V8 telecasts when a car gets stuck

  • Andrew M

    I think you may have mis-quoted him then.

    If you try to take off in a higher gear there is no chance what so ever of over revving the engine.

    Also in coming out of reverse if it were on the left, what dummy doesnt know the top end of the gear box from the bottom end.

    I mean who ever gets 1st confused with 6th??

    I do understand that it is apparently hard to get them into reverse, but Ive never heard of an over revving scenario.
    The only risk would be going for 5th or 6th and accidently slotting it into Reverse.

    I know in mine it is impossible to feed it into reverse when going for 5th or 6th whilst moving, but I understand not all cars have automatic protection from it.
    The ones that dont have Reverse near first……(generally)

  • Wheelnut

    I know that there is virtually no chance of over-revving an engine..
    However; if you are a regular viewer of the V8s you would know that whilst Neil Crompton does make some expert comments as to how or why something happens either in relation to the cars or the rules etc.
    From time to time when he elaborates he makes a number of superfluous “add-ons” which he is often picked up on by one of the other commentators and which stick in people’s memory – Just like some of Murray Walkers comments do

    I remember him mentioning the over revving bit because he was hassled by Mark Larkham about it.

    Yet as I said that was when they used the Holliger box I think that the sequential gearbox ould be a little easier

  • DGS

    ok, simple question: Is this just another Daewoo half ar**ed product like the Barina, Viva, Epica, or a car as good as the best from Hyundai / Kia?

    Has anyone driven one yet? Have any Mechanics looked over what lies below (suspention, wiring, motor, etc) Does it deliver on what, on paper (screen) looks so promising?

    I have owned a hyundai for 6 years, but know that once they used to build crap (my car has proven very durable and reliable) This new Holden looks like the perfect replacement (with a 2 litre TD) but if it is a substandard Daewoo at a premium price, I think a Hyundai / Kia would be a better investment.

    GM must realise that Korean no longer means Crap. Daewoo was left behind by its countrymen, and went broke. If GM has fielded a car with mid ninties quality they too can expect to go broke (again).

    Please spare me the brand loyal mantras, have they got this Daewoo made car right?

  • Inteligentidiot

    I’m truly amazed folks, really !

    FYI Holden and GM own Daewoo !!!
    If you as an auto maker own a company that makes cars would you not use them ?

    Well Geewiz its pretty spiggin simply really
    Holden and GM are using what they own to make a profit, and by owning Daewoo they are doing just that.

    And did you all know that Holden sells the Statesman in Korea as a Daewoo ?

    And for farks sake stop calling them Holdenwoo’s ! GM AND HOLDEN OWN THE FARKING COMPANY SO DOESN’T THAT MAKE THEM GM PRODUCTS ?

    Now lets talk about Ford and the Focus, it’s designed by a kraut, it’s built the world over in all countries so its not european
    it is a world car. just like the Cruze.

    Now toyota hmm how many cars they have in the top ten ?
    Their biggest seller isnt even a car, its a ute or table top…the Hilux !
    where’s the Camry and Aurion ?

    And who wants a hatchback ?

    Get with it, the last time a hatch was popular
    was in the mid 80′s with the bubble back Laser.

    Mitsubishi released a hatch of the lancer, how many you see on the road ? They have been out for over 6 months and ive seen maybe two
    so yeah right it makes sence to make the Cruze as a hatch !

    I am not defending Holden BTW just pointing out facts, Holden and its parent own Daewoo !
    if Ford owned Daewoo theye’d be doing the same thing as Holden !!!

    Oh, and Tony, “Holden is the tail of dog and a dog out of water” quote !

    Holden are one of the shining examples in the GM empire that can stand alone and are not bleeding money !!!

    And if you look at Toyota they are bleeding money, They are also losing market share world wide, and their quality in some makes is questionable.
    This is because they are over stretched as a company and production in japan and other countries has become sloppy. Don’t believe me then go to google and type in toyota recalls.

    For the first time in thirty years Toyota did not post a profit, they actually bleed money and held talks with the japanese government
    the Camry and Aurion have not been the sales success world wide Toyota had hoped.

  • http://whitecar@chariot.net.au mike

    I think this vehicle will struggle in the sales stakes. To me it looks so much like the Kia Cerato even though it’s a daewoo. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same platform.The striking resemblance is uncanny.If it is anything like the Cerato in the flesh with the use of cheap tacky plastic interior trim fittings then say goodbye.Why would they build this car here when this Cruise vehicle is being already built overseas.It just makes no sense at all.

    Why spent hundreds of millions building it here when this vehicle is already up and running? I believe they are just testing the water and keeping things calm until “D” day.Especially when the parent company is going down the gurgler.Why blow more hundreds of millions on little Australia.Think about it people!!. We went through this same spin with Mitsubishi.I believe GMH has become(in my eyes) no longer viable.But maybe im wrong, hopefully

  • http://whitecar@chariot.net.au mike

    FYI Holden don’t own Daewoo.It’s GM in America. They own Daewoo,this and that company and GMH “General Motors Holden” Australia.

    Sorry,I Meant that they did own. Now its The U.S government that has majority ownership as I understand.

  • eh179driver

    Mike, the platform of the Cruze is 100% GM. It has nothing to do with KIA. I can’t agree that it looks anything like a Cerato in any way. Also the GMDAT shares are 51% owned by Holden, not GM. This was confirmed recently by Mike Reuss and is also shown in Holdens financial statements that are publicaly available.

  • mcl334

    the Interior looks smart but the car as a whole is very unappealing.
    re badge it Holden Bland

  • ol78

    Test drove the CD petrol manual today.
    Interior was impressive – the dash / console is a good blend of sporty and sophistication. Even the missus was impressed.
    Drive was good. First and second gears are nice and long for lazy changers. I thought it was slightly underpowered – not enough to discount it from my purchase decision, but this where my alternative options might score points against it.
    Dealer was willing to drop $1500

  • Reaper

    Proof here that Australia is one of the most racist countries in the world.
    Just because the car is based on a Daewoo platform a majority of the posters, who have not even seen the car in flesh, are ready to bag it.
    If it were made in Japan or Europe, i’m sure the majority of you would put the car on the alter.

    As mentioned earlier at least Holden reinvest some proportion of their profits back in Australia. Companies like Honda, Mazda and Hyundai are happily transferring the profits overseas.

    Totally agree with Inteligentidiot post. Grow up guys & put your Anime comics away.

  • Mumble Duck

    I saw a new Cruze on the road yesterday, it looked good!

  • Byron

    I seen a black Holden Cruze CD Petrol model at school the other day. Very Nice. Finally available to the public. Let the games begin! :)

  • -D

    I’m in the market for my second car – upgrading from an ’89 Nova – and still can’t grasp why there’s such a bad rap around this car, especially since it’s barely two weeks into it’s release.

    To me, it’s definitely an option – it’s fuel economical, 5 star safety rating, pretty schmick looking [my opinion of course]… is it just the stigma of Daewoo that makes it so unattractive to the majority of posters here? I’m not the most experienced driver, so I wouldn’t say I know the subtleties between a good driving car and a bad one, but what was it about Daewoo that was so traumatic for you guys to hold a grudge for this long?

    Also, considering the facts, features and price of the Cruze – small auto sedan, $22990, 5 star safety rating, etc – what would be your recommendation for a “better” alternative?

    Cheers in advance.

  • DGS


    Go and have a good look at the Hyundai Elantra and Kia Cerato as well as the Holden Cruze. These three sedans all come from Korea. Check out a Mazda 3 also as that is the price bracket Holden think the Cruze is in.

    Daewoo had issues with quality. They may have got past this. They also build the Holden Epica and Captiva (GM products) as well as supply the Holden Barina and Viva (Daewoo carry overs). It may be worth researching the Holden Captiva to find out how a GM Daewoo product fares in the real world as they have been around for long enough now for any woes to start showing if there are any.

    People have long memories and only time will tell if the Cruze is a good car or a false dawn for GM Daewoos fortunes.

    I am considering an auto TD Cruze, but will wait to see if they are the car they promise to be. I wish you the best of luck in getting the right car at the right price.

  • FrugalOne

    - D

    For the same coin i would test/inspect the Hyundai i30, a real landmark car and the best vehicle from Korea yet.



  • Fergus

    How can so many of you have such strong opinions on a car you’ve almost certainly never driven and most likely never even seen???

  • Dave

    Another Korean Holden now trying to knock Corolla off its perch…………You think?
    If I was in the market for a mid-size car and had $25k to spend it certainly wouldnt be one of these. Most probably would be looking at Golf,i30 or Peugeot 308 diesels.
    Some boofheads pay over $25k for Porsche badging when buying a Cayenne diesel over a VW Touareg. I guess there will be more buying these just for the Holden badge. Tells you a bit about who we will see behind the wheels of these things.

  • http://thisone Shaun

    This car looks and sounds alright ay heaps better then the Hyundai cause John huges is a lyer and rips people off.

  • FrugalOne

    Anybody wanting to buy one of these [and its your choice so go for it] is STRONGLY advised to buy a Made In Korea built one before they *trial/test* build them in Aussie.

    Its going to take some time for the Aussies to reach the quailty [and they will] of the Korean Daewoo works who have been building this type of vehicle for years.

    This Daewoo/Cruze is NOT my sort of car, but it might well suit your needs!



  • Alan

    If you want a cheap korean car to save some money over a japanese car, wouldn’t the new KIA Cerato be a better bet if you want a sedan? or a i30 for a hatch? Daewoo might have as they claim, to have improved their quality on the latest Cruze, and reviews seem to confirm the improvement in perceived quality, but i would still have concern over reliability 3 years down the track.

    It’s a new generation of vehicle and is likely to finally catch up to Hyundai/Kia in reliability, but personally i wouldn’t want to be the lab rat to test it out. I would much prefer buying a Hyundai/Kia with known reliability (or preferably japanese if your budget allows), and purchase the next generation of Daewoos if the Cruze is proven to be reliable as they claim down the track.

  • alcoholic

    We have had a new CD 1.8 auto cruze for a week now, better than expected handling, finish, light steering, comfort and everything seems to be well thought out and positioned well. Looks great inside and out. Needs a left hand footrest though, as used to using one. Six speed sequential auto needs getting used to, goes well

  • Wadster

    Nothing like a car review to get people bitching. I hope the car does well. A lot of buyers are heading back to sedans because hatches have become unsafe and passe, French for over it.The introduction will lead to jobs people so we want it to succeed. If they match subaru, honda and toyota they will do well. So far styling looks ok, dimensions ok, but why bring in a fuel like diesel that has to be fully imported…go for E80 and gas, which Australia can make and they burn cleaner than petrol or diesel. Maybe that is genII.
    Finally, we need manufacturing, our engineers are fantastic and they need homegrown opportunities to work on. Remember in the 80s and 90s Japanese cars were considered woeful, now they are some of the best.Holden is not American it is Australian so get over it and support local industry.Now if they add AWD to it Subaru will have to watch out.

  • http://caradvise.com.au Terry

    I seem to thi k that the fuel comsumption is excessively high. I still have my VT commodore V6, this has a fuel consumption of 8.8l /100 km for my city driving (auto), and I have an average of 7.2l /100 for highway. I cansider this to be excellant economy for a V6 engine, why the 1.8 litre engine not better it – I have no idea.

  • Bruce

    What a complete piece of crap. “Cruze is a new name”? Yeah right… think about it. It’s yet another re-badged Daewoo, that Holden are trying to shove down our throats as “all Australian”.

    This thing has been funded by governments all around the world, including Australia, and I for one, think GM, and especially Holden should be sued by the government to get the money back, and badge engineering should be banned globally.

    Every single Korean must be laughing all the way to the bank.

    This piece of garbage was supposed to be something we could be impressed with AND be Australian… pfft.

    Go to the Holden website. They are still spruking the ‘Volt’, which incidently, took pride of place on the website only a few months ago, and is now hidden away under the alleged ‘innovation’ tab. I would prefer to have seen the money spent on the Volt, rather than yet another embarrassment for Holden.

    Given what Holden have done with badge engineering in the last 20 years, and the blatant rip off, Daewoo based piece of garbage this is, you will never see me in a Holden showroom again.

    To quote Derryn Hinch… “Shame, Shame, Shame!”

  • David WIGLEY

    I’m 60 years old and I have alway had a Holden; Australian built of course. Excellent Quality, Excellent Value and always way ahead of the Asian built cars. But now we’re having this Korean made Cruze offered to us. I have enough experience to know that generally speaking the quality and reliability of Korean made cars is way lower than cars built in Australia. Holden have made a bad strategic move here.

  • Mumble Duck

    In the new edition WHEELS July Edition Magazine, In the Small Car Test……..these were the positions of the cars tested………………………………….

    1st. Volkswagen Golf 90 TSI Tredline
    2nd. Mazda 3 Maxx hatch
    3rd. Ford Focus LX hatch
    4th. Holden Cruze CDX
    5th. Subaru Impreza RX sedan
    6th. Mitsubishi Lancer VR Sportback
    7th. Honda Civic VTi-L
    8th. Kia Cerato SLi
    9th. Toyota Corolla Ascent hatch
    10th. Hyundai i30 SLX hatch
    11th. Nissan Tiida Q hatch

    Well Alan, your wrong mate. The Kia Cerato came 8th and the Hyundai i30 came 10th!

  • Wheelnut®™

    There seem to be a number of people on here making “negative” comments about the Cruze based purely on the fact of where the car is built – in Korea.

    Therefore; people who think like that must also think that the BMWs built in South Africa or the Toyota’s Built in Thailand the USA or Australia for example aren’t as good as those built in Germany or Japan

    Because when you compare the build quality; safety and features of the Cruze to one of the original Daewoos from 10 years ago they have made considerable improvements.. just like Hyundai have done over the years but for some reason people choose to ignore that aspect.

    Not only that but from what I have read and seen; the Cruze appears to have a number of standard features which it’s more fancied rivals offer as options [if at all].

    Would I buy one..? it depends.. but I definitely wouldn’t rule it out just because of where its built

  • Mumble Duck

    True Wheelnut. Look at the WHEELS test. The Cruze came 4th and the next closest Korean car came 8th. But thats not the point. It shouldn’t matter where the car is made. I mean look at where the Tiida came! Lol.

  • Byron

    Cruze sold 873 cars in only 2wks on sale. Beat Astra 668 sales & Viva 39 sales combined in June 09. And it even beat facelifted Focus 807. Proof ppl are actually checking it out. Thats a pretty good start. Imagine what sales will be like nxt month & when hatch arrives.

  • Ricardo

    I think a lot of these comments are from english. Just give it a go and stop whining. R

  • Al Juraj

    It doesn’t deserve 4th place in the Wheels test. It may have a fine interior but lowly performance and dismal economy are not acceptable. They should just borrow the drivetrain from the Japanese.

  • reality bite

    I’m 60 years old and I have alway had a Holden; Australian built of course. Excellent Quality, Excellent Value and always way ahead of the Asian built cars.????you are wrong.holden never built a quality car.year after year of lemons.Koreans are way better than that crap dinosaur.

  • reality bite

    Cruze sold 873 cars in only 2wks on sale. Beat Astra 668 sales & Viva 39 sales combined in June 09. And it even beat facelifted Focus 807. Proof ppl are actually checking it out. Thats a pretty good start. Imagine what sales will be like nxt month & when hatch arrives.?????
    the fact is holden count the cars as sold when it sent to the dealers.a way of cheating.but no matter what numbers are…holden lost money for 5 years straight only survived by tax payer hand outs.

  • FrugalOne

    Anybody who buys a Cruze over say a Mazda3 [auto, safety pack, driveaway, $27k] would need his head read.

    I checked them both out, the difference is like the distance between here and the moon.

    The ONLY issue with the Mazda3 is you cannot do a real hard deal with them and L O N G wait list, total sellout, prefect of the class.



  • mas

    I would like to know how many people here have actually driven one??? Because i wouldn’t take advice from anyone who is merely speculating on something they haven’t experienced…

  • Mumble Duck


    What about the second worse NVH levels in it’s class?

  • FrugalOne


    Not to sure about the NVH, offered a test on Sat. but am only at early stages of looking, doubt i want to spend over $25k for a *compact*

    I would be more concerned with the lack or rear seat legroom, VERY tight, less leg room than the golf.

    Whats with the 10,000/6month service intervals on the 3?

    Nice the but $27k is silly money, the golf @$32 is insane
    [both base models, auto, no options driveaway]

    I would say the Cruze is the same, prefer a hatch too.

    The Cerato is no class leader [accept that] but like i said from day one if it lower quality than the others it should be cheaper which its not.

    On paper the Mitsubishi Sportsback looks like exceptional value, will check her out soonest.

    To many choices on the market!



  • Steve

    I think it looks like a retarded koala at the front

  • daniel

    Well, that wasn’t an article written straight from the press release…(sarcasm).

    I can’t believe you didn’t notice how badly it handled, how badly the automatic choses and shifts gears, how uncomfortable the seats with no lumbar support or adjustment are, how small the boot opening is, the breathless petrol motor, but most of all how much of a let down it is compared to… well anything except a holden barina..

    If anything the styling is clearly where the budget went, but too many designers had their way, it doesn’t know if its a curved chevy at the front or a Astra try hard. there is no continuity to the design cues… Whatever that is an appallingly numb review.

  • Colin

    Looks like a decent family car. Is there an option for a tow bar?

  • DesignEng©™

    Colin the towing capabilities (or lack thereof) make it virtually impractable, but yes you can get one.

  • Bruce

    Drove one yesterday. Sorry I did. I stand by my comments.

    -Wheelnut®™ Says:
    July 3rd, 2009 at 8:24 pm

    There seem to be a number of people on here
    making “negative” comments about the Cruze based
    purely on the fact of where the car is
    built – in Korea…

    Yes. Thats exactly what I’m doing because THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT FUNDED IT WITH OUR MONEY, WHICH WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SPENT ON AN “AUSTRALIAN DESIGNED AND BUILT 4 CYLINDER CAR” ! How many jobs did the Cruze create for Australians?… Zero… That’s how many.

    And I still say ANYTHING badge engineered is fraud. Simple.

    To this day, with JK Apollo’s, I STILL get told by Holden to “Ask Toyota Mate”, and the same with LB Astra’s and being referred to Nissan.

    It’s only a matter of time till we get the same story on the Cruze and get told to “Ring Daewoo mate”.

  • Stew

    I can understand the negativity about the funding but the car will be made here next year by the same bots that put it togeather in korea, I bet you drove the 1.8, Drive the disele and once you get used to the little bit of turbo lag its a really nice car. Its more suited to the highway rather than start stop of city driving, and the saftey aspect is the best in its class all in a base model, simply great.

  • Gino


  • Bruce

    Toyota Camry’s are built in Australia… does that make them an Australian car?

    And the Mitsubishi 380 was, until recently, built here too… does that make it an Australian car even though it is an American designed Galant bolt for bolt?

    Oh and while I’m at it, some Datsun 180B’s were built here too… they Australian cars too are they?

    Building the Cruze here next year, will not suddenly make it an Australian MADE car… it makes it a Daewoo, built here.

  • Nubira

    Its still a Daewoo and you ask me. $22,000 new 7years ago and can’t get $2,000 for it now. Buy one and it will cost you later. Don’t say nobody told ya……

  • TuffGuy

    What I notice from the majority of comments here are:
    1. Card carrying Holden haters.
    2. Pre-pubescent tweenies who have never driven a car in their lives.
    3. Uninformed redneck hillbillies.
    4. Card carrying Fordophiles.
    5. Card carrying retards.
    6. Card carrying Korean haters.
    Firstly with the car being built here it WILL create Australian Jobs
    Secondly I would venture to say Koreans can put a car together better than we can.
    Third the car was designed an engineered everywhere BUT Korea(Australia and Europe) and is only assembled in Korea.
    Fourth the Focus is an old granny styled piece of crap.
    Fifth yes the epica, viva and barina are also pieces of crap and a quick fix rebadge of Daewoos, unlike the Cruze.
    Sixth rather than just look at the spec sheet actually go out and have a look at and drive the car and stop trying to compare it to a Ferrari or BMW or whatever. Have a look at the car in its own price bracket.
    My wife is looking at buying a new car and has narrowed the field down to Cruze CDX and Golf Trendline. I think only the Golf is the better overall car in this size.

  • Wheelut©™

    Bruce – Holden haven’t actually started building the Cruze at their factory in Elizabeth. Local Production of the Cruze isn’t expected to start until May-June next year

    As far as I am aware they have just started installing the robots.. when thats done they will then hire and train new staff members.. but at this stage no new jobs have been created.

    Not only that but according to reports; the Cruze that Holden will be building will be be a 3 Door Hatchback / Coupe version which was designed by the guys at Holdens Design Studio in Melbourne..
    It will then be exported to the USA UK Europe – and sold alongside the Cruze sedans from Korea

  • Mae

    I am a degree educated hillbilly DH and I did our research before picking this car. DH and I picked the Holden Cruz because it’s practical and spacious interior is good for families unlike the Mazda 3, it’s safety is a 5 star rating which is good for our new members of our family, it’s harder to break into than the Corolla, it’s boot space entry is able to fit prams through unlike the tiny boot openings on the Mazda 3 and the Cruz made from outside and assembled in Korea unlike all the daewoo’s. The motor in the Cruz is adequate which is fine because I won’t be doing burnouts and giving out cheezy grins anyway.
    Our car is arriving in August(we have a vin number). My only complaint is the funny looking siver on the car and the long deliver times. It will be 2 months from order to delivery.

  • Stew

    I have had my Cruze nearly three weeks now, I live in the central west of New South Wales, in less than 3 weeks we’ve clocked up nearly 4000km and no probs yet. I am amazed at the tourqe from the little diesel engine, I have driven the car up some pretty steep pinches and it pulls up in top gear, going up Mt Victoria on the way to Sydney we droped down to 4th and was still pulling 100km/h, my BA Falcon Swagon would be back to 80. My missus was very worried that the kids would’nt have enough room in the back, hahahahahah what a joke theres heaps of room. The diesel Cruz in the manual is the best car I have owned so far bar none. I don’t give a Sh#t what all the negative people have to say about the Cruz, I say go drive one have a good look and make your own mind up, thats about the best advice I can give anyone that is even remotely thinking about buying a new small to medium and I emphasise the medium car, it is not what I consider a small car.

  • Jeremy

    As someone who’s just put in an order for a diesel Cruze CD automatic, I’ll make a few points on my choice.

    I consider myself a car enthusiast – of all types, not just fast ones that go pssshht-pop – and currently run a Range Rover and BMW 528i.
    For work, I do upwards of 500-1000km/week all around Melbourne as well as country towns. I require a large boot to carry my equipment, cruise control, automatic transmission (as I’m not the only driver) and ABS brakes as a minimum. Given a budget of around $25k+/- to replace an aging VX Commodore with stratospheric km’s, I looked at the Lancer, Civic, Corolla, Polo and Focus. I didn’t look at the Mazda 3 for long, because it made my eyes water – nice car to drive, but looks like a Botoxed guppy.
    -The Corolla’s boot was far too small for my purposes and the 1.8 litre, 4speed drivetrain as very average.
    -The Polo’s boot was also too small – and the diesel wasn’t available with the 6sp auto.
    -The Focus was very much a nearly-there, with it’s fantastic boot, excellent ride/handling and sharp styling. The auto is still a 4 speed with the petrol motor though, the engine was rather uninspiring. The diesel Focus costs $31k! Way over budget.
    -The Civic was a very classy car, but the 1.8 litre was just plain gutless unless taken to the redline. I didn’t like the split instrument panel which made the speedo difficult to read when I had the wheel where I wanted it.
    It was pretty much a toss-up between the Lancer and Holden. Loved the eager and responsive engine and CVT combo of the Lancer, which was by far it’s best attribute. The boot was a perfect size, but the interior was somewhat dull, felt cheap and the refinement just isn’t there. Lots of road and drivetrain noise – probably the CVT – which would get tedious on the highways. To it’s credit, there was very little wind noise at highway speeds.
    The Cruze in the end had the right combination of space, value for money (kudos to Holden for not making you pay extra for safety equipment) and driveability. While the 6 speed auto wasn’t as responsive or intuitive as the Lancer’s CVT, the 320nm of torque from the fantastic if grumbly diesel motor made up for it. You can hear the engine when it’s working, but at cruising speeds it settles nicely and feels quite serene at 110km/h. The seats are also fantastic, with nice solid side bolsters made for skinner people rather than the usual flat seats made for the average overweight American/Australian. My only gripes with it are 1) a noticeable flat spot just off idle, while the motor spools up 2) a hint of torque steer when gunning it out of corners 3) and the abyssmal Kumho tyres that Holden fits as standard!

  • louise

    Reading these comments has really dissapointed me! most comments I would beleive are from people that have never drivin a Cruze or even more seen one. It looks stylish, in and out.For a Little over 23k a small price for a lovely car. I also own a Vt ss and i would not trade them in for any other. They could have been made on the moon for all I care.A Job Well done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Doc

    There might be someing in this Cruze. They are selling like hot cakes in Australia. There is already a two month waiting period. Fleet buyers will especially like the diesel. I’m predicting it being Wheels car of the year in its class next year. Aparently, its already winning races in motorsports.


    Following a WTCC triumph in Marrakech earlier in the month, the Cruze won both races of the Race of France that took place on the extremely demanding streets of Pau in southern France, extending the team’s winning run to four.The Cruze race car cuts a distinctive presence in this year’s WTCC.

  • Doc
  • Jeremy

    Thanks for the links, Doc.
    Still waiting for my CD diesel to arrive. I hear what you’re saying, but I’m not entirely convinced that it’s Wheels Car of the Year material.
    While the diesel drives well and the basics are there (comfort, space, safety, value/equippment etc), I suspect it just lacks that edge that appeals to enthusiast’s, especially the 1.8 litre motor which is wheezy and gutless (thirsty too, according to a recent 11 car Wheels comparison). They’re supposed to award the COTY to the entire range and I suspect that the petrol engine lets it down, at least until the replacement petrol motor arrives next year or so. Then again, stranger things have happened at COTY…. RX8, VE Commodore…..

  • franz chong

    Not a Bad Car by any means If you need something that large.
    However for that sort of money I would go to a Fiat Dealership sign on the dotted line for a Punto using My 2006 Nissan Tiida as a Trade In Order the Dualogic for the Fiat and drive home a happy man.Which is what I intend to do once the Nissans Warranty Runs Out.

  • Doug

    Been driving a rental Cruz for three days.

    Can’t get it below 11.2 l / 100 driving about Western Sydney.

    The auto transmission is extremely annoying. Huge time lags before it makes it’s mind up. Once it must have taken 4 seconds to hunt for a gear. It is even sluggish in manual select mode. The 6 speed Auto in my 2.0 Litre Skoda is far superior and I get 8.4 l / 100 around the city with little effort.

    The steering is excellent, seats comfortable but you feel many bumps, the heater will boil water and the tailpipe noise is surprisingly loud. Climate control is very slow to cool things down. Heated seats in Australia? Bizarre.

    Ergonomics of the instrumentation is very good.

  • Wendy

    I bought an iced blue Cruze CD yesterday and I’ve got to say this is one beautiful car. It looks great and is a real pleasure to drive. It sits very nicely on the road and when driving it, it’s very easy to forget that this car didn’t cost a fortune. Well done to Holden on the Cruze. I love it and will recommend it to anyone. Compared to other cars in this price bracket this one certainly is the stand out. I have the manual petrol version.

  • Shak

    1982 sales in its first full month is amazing for a new car. Especially one that everyone though twas going to be this Korean load of bullsh@t

  • Wardy

    My wife & I have been looking & test driving all the mid range cars (up to $35K) for the past 7 months & I haven’t found anything that matches the Cruze CDX. Since I am a rep that drives all over QLD, I need something that covers style, performance, saftey & reliability. My wife loves a manual car but has DVT and this makes it difficult with all the heavy / clunky manuals we test drove.

    The Cruze CDX has a feather light clutch which is perfect for her! I haven’t owned a Holden since 1994…but I have been converted back to GM after test driving the new CDX Cruze 1.8 ltr Manual. Simply put…WOW! Smooth to drive, tonnes of saftey features I would never have expected on a car this size yet with enough zip when you need it. Bundle that into a stylish mid size car under $27k (inc full on roads, paint & interoior protect & tint) and there is no way you’ll look at a Holden the same way again.
    My wife had a Corolla and I traded my Altise Limited.

    The Golf, City & Civic were “nice” but over priced with all the on roads & extras. I don’t bag the other makes & models like some but for “us” it was a no brainer after 2 test drives (just to be sure), we can’t wait to take delivery of ours (yes we both bought one each), in November (which is the only draw back…the wait).

    • maroccan blue cruze owner

      i just bought the cruze cdx in maroccan blue(6sp auto), they told me 14days for delivery, and gave me an awesome price of $24’000.00 drive away (inc all on roads)we looked at the polo golf, mazda sp23/25 and the new lancer, the cruze won hands down, when i took it for a test drive i was blown away, it not only drove well it look’s stylish and will look up to date for time to come. only complant is it could have had a sun roof ;)

      i looked around at a few holden dealers who were not only pushy but up’d the price because i was female, i was quoted 32’000.00 by 2 dealers with a 4 month wait,…. i took my partner with me when i went to sign and omg did the price change, i signed for my new car at 24’000.00 inc tinted windows,floor mats,i-pod jack, paint protection and a full tank of pertol and delivered in 14 days to my front door. over all it was a great experiance and i cant wait to recieve it…

      • Goodfa

        Are you sure that this car is not a demo or maybe a CD. The rrp for a CDX auto Cruze is over $29,000.To get over $5,000 off a car that is in short supply is nothing short of amazing!

        • maroccan blue cruze owner

          i can garentee it’s a brand new cruze, its arriving on the 14th December, my partner as i advised above got a better deal than i could (they quoted me 32’000.00) i got all the extra’s listed above also, i double checked my paper work and its deffenetly the holden cruze cdx model in morroccan blue, and estimated delivery date states 14th december 2009. couldn’t believe my luck also

          • Goodfa

            Is there any chance of getting a copy of your paperwork to help me get a better deal as my dealer is playing games with me?

          • maroccan blue cruze owner

            sure where would you like me to send it to

            by the way i had a call from the dealer yesterday and my new cruze has arrived and is ready for pick up this friday (tomorrow) im so impressed with my holden dealer as ive read a few comments above and notice alot of people are getting played and have to wait 3-4 months for a new car.
            ill’d call your dealers and ask what the hold up is!

          • Goodfa

            Thanks. Can you email it to ilald@hotmail.com

          • maroccan blue cruze owner

            no worries.. ill have to do it tonight as im at work at the moment. what cost have you been advised and which model have you been looking at
            i bought the cruze cdx with a few extra accessories, do you want the paperwork for the free accessories also?

          • Goodfa

            I was quoted $26,500 drive away for a manual CDX Silver Cruze. Yours is automatic which would be $2,000 extra.Yes if you could add the paperwork for the accessories that would be good. Thanks again

          • maroccan blue cruze owner

            are you in sydney? is it possible that other states sell the car at a diff price according to – ie: stamp duty,rego,green slip ect
            i bought mine in nsw in south/west syd area

  • http://caradvice glenmack

    anything built or rebadged by holden will let you down, rewrite your comments in 12 months and tell us all about the headaches with this vehicle.

    • Callous Aussie

      In 12 months most of these people will still be thinking what a clown you are. Korean cars are moving ahead in leaps and bounds and the new cruze is just another example of a country that is set to dominate the auto world.

      In coming years we will be truly astounded by the progress of the Korean manufacturers. Meanwhile you will increasingly look uneducated. Congrats to Holden and Korea on a great little package. I may yet end up with one myself. The issue for me is that there are about to be so many great vehicles from Hyundai and KIA that it’s a tough choice.

      Korean cars are second only to Lexus in the USA for customer satisfaction. It’s just that some people (badge snobs and school kids) are lagging behind the educated.

  • Vid_Ghost

    When mazda change the smiley grill they may steel a few more sales away from the cruze that looks to be the number one reason people are picking the cruze over the mazda 3 and the only reason.. ( Its looks )

  • Golfschwein

    Wardy’s about right when he calls the CRuze a mid-size car. I dragged out my ancient WHEELS mags last night to find out that the Cruze leaves a shadow over the old Camiras and Toranas by at least 100mm in every direction and even exceeds every external dimension of the original VB Commodore, bar length.

  • Waiting

    BEWARE and be prepared to wait….and wait….and wait!!! We ordered a Cruze 10th July, originally to be delivered 8/8, then 9/9 now 1/10 – Rubbish! A Mazda3/Corolla/Focus/Civic/anything is better than waiting indefinitely. Go Holden

    • Shak

      Have you asked the dealer why its taking so long. My local dealer is havigna similar predicament. he told me that the ship with my car on it was being searched at an unknow shipping port for suspected drug smugglers.YIKES!!. But said it was on its way but would be checked again by the Aussie governmnet to make sure,am hoping for delivery sometime in october if im lucky

    • maroccan blue cruze owner

      i signed for my new car on saturday 28th nov and my car is being delivered on the 12th december ((((or so i hope)))) now im worried

  • starme

    The 2009 Honda Civic has out classed the cruze even though it’s 2006 design.
    1. Better Resale Value
    2. Hybrid Option
    3. Looks better
    4. Digital Speedometer
    5. The 2 rear lights on the Cruze way too small looks wierd
    6. For a few extra dollars a whole different car
    7. Spacesaving handbrake
    8. Stronger engine

    I am not anti holden, it’s just honda is higher in its class than the cruze. Belive me in 3 years time selling the cruze is terrible. probally only worth 10k below.

    • Stew

      Yer but whats the price difference ????.

    • Mazdaman

      1. Why wasn’t Honda capable of designing a 5 star car in 2006?
      2.Why was Australia just about the only market in the world not have stability control standard until toyota added it to corollas?
      3. Why did honda increase the price of the hybrid $4-5000 last year ‘because of exchange rates’, are they lowering them now the exchange rate has gone down again?
      4. Why would you pay $7-10 000 for the hybrid option when every road test done on them can’t come even close their claimed fuel economy?
      5. Why assume Thai build quality is better than korean?
      6. Why can’t Australian buyers option safety features in base model civics?
      7. Why isn’t honda an automotive leader like it was 10-15 years ago?

      I used to be a big honda fan, now they are nothing more than a toyota clone

  • Nunya

    well I have had my CD diesil Cruze for a week now and i love it, handles brilliantly, look fantastic, great fuel economy and plenty of power, really impressed even up steep hills not a problem, safty unmatched in the price range and at night I doubt theres a better looking dash. To all the knockers I think you would whinge nomatter what Holden released into the market, some people just have to critisise even when they have not driven a Cruze, well done Holden and I am sure there are going to be many many more satified customers just like me. GREAT CAR GREAT PRICE.

  • Cassie

    i brought my cruze about 10 weeks agao and have just recieved it today, i brought the CD moel in an automatic and in black with tinted windows, i have to say i love cars and i am so happy with mine it looks wicked and not only does it look good it drives like a gem, i couldn’t be anymore happier with my choice, this is only my second car but i am really pleased with my choice and the price i payed for it! i wouldn’t have minded the CDX but didn’t find leather seats, heated seats and rear parking assit neccessary!
    great work holden i think the cruze is amazing!!!

    • Frenchie

      Congratulations Cassie, hope the car provides you with some years of fun and reliability. Just one point though, park assist imo is brillant, however you had a budget and glad the car meets/exceeds your expectations,

    • DE

      Good Luck, hope you don’t need it.

      Don’t know why everybody is congratulating “Holden” for this badge engineering exercise though – it’s more “great work GM”

    • Goodfa

      Cassie is it a petrol version and how much did you pay?

      If it is a petrol how do you find it power wise as this seems to be the biggest criticism of the Cruze?

  • Elyshia

    I am really close to buying the Holden Cruze CD manual petrol model. The only worry I have with it is the Daewoo engine. Is it actually a Daewoo engine and if it is, has it been improved since previous Daewoo engines? I am sold on the rest of the car, I just don’t want it to be costing me heaps of money two or three years down the track!

    • Goodfa

      I believe the engine is basically identical to the engine in the latest AH Astra.

      • toxic_horse

        I doubt you will have any problems with the engine or drivetrain.
        if there was to be quality issues you would more likley find them with the fit and finish but I don’t think you will have a problem.

    • DE

      YES it is a Daewoo engine.
      BUT it is a good unit for Daewoo, and probably industry average. Be no worse or better than many of it’s competitors.

    • Safety Frist

      Umm Sorry to burst anyones bubbles, but the engines used in Daewoo’s previous to GM-DAT’s existance were GM engines except the 3cyl in Matiz being a Suzuki engine (funded by GM at the time) and the Ssangyong Mercedes engines towards the end.

      The main engine group were Family Four motors out of Fishermans bend. The 1.5 was the same engine as fitted to Opel Cadets during the 80′s, the 2.0 & 2.2 exact same motor as fitted to Vectra. Even the engine numbers were the same. The gearboxes were GM Canada and the steering systems were GM Opel…. That is what was printed on them when you looked at them fro underneath.

      I point this out so that you can make a more educated decision. I am NOT casting aspersions either way. I spent many years selling Daewoos (I do not have trouble sleeping at night) and still have customers who bought them from me. If you are concerned about the quality of the vehicle I would not be asking on a site like this I would be fronting up at Avis or Hertz or such and spending a couple of hundred to hire one for a week. Try to get one that has done a few K’s and see what you find.

      • cliff

        The engines across the cruze range are from the last family of astras holden sold in australia. The 1.8 petrol was across the astra range and the diesel engine was from the astra diesel.

        What would be nice is if Holden can get their hands on the new 1.4L turbo from the brand new 2009 astra which was released durin the middle of the year.

  • Elyshia

    Thanks for your advice guys. Much appreciated.

    • Goodfa

      Holden also did a customer satisfaction survey on the first 200 Cruze’s sold and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

  • Peter

    WHY WHY WHY CANT THE MAKERS OFFER A 2.5 LITRE OPTION?…There’s NO way any 1.8 can have enough torque for safety power needed in all round driving in an auto no matter how many gears it has..and forget diesel..its a pig to fill, a pig to fix, and a pig on the highway..try passing a double b on an up hill at 90kph and see how long it takes..it a characteristic of diesel..LOW end grunt…when in times of trouble you need everything at once..whatever the speed. Heated seats???????
    Better to fit Yokohama tyres thanks. I think it looks great, but, the CD with a 2.5 litre auto would seem to fit WAY more family profiles.

    • Mazdaman

      good point
      not unlike the Mitsubishi idea with the hyundai 2,4 in the top spec lancer
      the 2.2 from the last vectra was supposed be a good motor wasn’t it?

  • Xeryus

    So much bad mouthing this car for what reason, its a great car, not a single bad review about it. I just dont get why people have allied themselves to a certain manufacturer and stick with them even when they build crap cars, the jokes on you isnt it really?. if its a good car and it does what you want it too do then buy it, what does it matter if its a Nissan or a Holden or a Ford??.
    PS ive only just spent 15 mins looking at this car and i already know this car isnt built by daewoo wholly, its made from 4 or more manufacturers under the GM banner. kinda touched on that in this article.
    Needs bigger engine? cant overtake? people saying this are the twits you see on the news dead or resposible for killing innocent motorists for your lack of patience!!!!

    • Sorry

      Gee you reckon you found all that out in 15 minutes. Pity you are wrong.
      The Cruze is designed and built by GM Daewoo in Korea. The platform on which it is based is also designed by GM Daewoo, for use with the Cruze and other GM variants. There was input from other GM divisions, but nothing really substantial enough to even call it jointly developed.
      Australian input was limited to the hatch variant.

      • Shak

        No its actually the other way round. Daewoo just had input on certain things whereas Opel designed and engineered most of the platform and the car. Holden did the testing on hot weather and all the seals and stuff. Daewoo just designed the outside and the production methods.

  • tosca

    I won’t look at another Holden because I don’t like their gouging attitude on parts. Everything I’ve had to replace on my Astra (wipers, flip-key (twice!) etc) has been much more expensive than other makes. Timing belt was due for replacement at a lousy 60K and my mechanic says the Cruze is the same. No doubt the Cruze is a fun drive while it’s young, but wait til it’s age starts to show, which will be the moment the warranty expires.

    • Goodfa

      Timing Belt change for Cruze is 10 Years or 150,000Km’s(Whichever occurs first).

      Parts should be cheaper than Astra since they are made in Korea and later on in Australia.

    • toxic_horse

      thats because your astra is a european opel.

      • Callous Aussie

        Your mechanic is a petrol sniffer. That’s a big call considering there wouldn’t be many with 60 k on the clock yet. Get a new mechanic. The car probably isn’t all he jacked up ;)

  • Paul C

    OK, my Family has just bought one of the 1.8 CD manual Cruzes. Traded in a pretty thirsty Territory with a few looming issues and only 62k on the clock. I digress though.
    Look, I like some Holdens, but also some Fords, and other individual cars amongst other brands. No car is perfect, and they all have their issues somewhere along the line. I like to think I call it as I see it. Firstly, I’m not coming on here to try and justify my decision. My decision is my decision, you make your own. My interest is reaching those who are thinking about one of these cars and would like an intelligent and unbiased opinion. You’ll either like or hate the styling, I like it, so tick for that. We were looking for a small/medium car to run our 3 kids around town for the million short trips you make as a parent. Coming down from a big car, safety was my number 1 priority, followed by fuel economy, but also enough room for a couple of car seats in the back for the short term and one in the long term. I did not find any car that came close for features (and there are plenty), safety (6 airbags plus ABS ESP traction control EBD etc etc) for the money, approx $23990 on the road for CD manual. Fuel ecomony around 7.0 1/100k combined, tick as well. ANCAP 5 star safety rating for this car, really important to me. Some are critical on engine performance for the 1.8 petrol. Let me assure you, it has more than enough power for normal daily driving. If you want to race people between traffic lights, then 1. Don’t buy a Cruze & 2. Stay away from me & my family! I’m more interested in how much it costs to fuel it each week so I can feed my kids, not quarter mile times.
    Now, to those who are worried, it is not a Daewoo. Got it! When GM Bought out Daewoo naturally at that time GM got lumbered with ‘Legacy’ vehicles such as the Lacitti and others. And, yes they did badge them as Holden’s, Chev’s etc. However fast forward to now. The Cruze is a wholly GM design with major input from Holden, GM Europe, Chevrolet, GM Canada and no doubt others as well. A truely Global car built on an Astra platform. You’ve only got to sit in it to know it’s no Daewoo. The interior in my opinion is truely outstanding. Can I say being a big car fan, I am amazed at how planted this thing feels on the road, truely un-small car like, solid and stable. No doubt at 1300 kg’s this adds to that solid feel, but also adds to the safety too. See ANCAP 5 star rating. Long term, reliability is unknown as with any new car. Time will tell. Remember though that even amongst traditionally reliable cars you can always get a lemon. Personally if your looking for a small to medium run-about for a new driver or even a smaller family car my suggestion is at least check out the Holden Cruze.
    One more thing to think about. As of next year these will be built in Australia by Holden along side Commodore. It’s important to Holden that this car hits the ground running so when local production starts it will have the Sales momentum behind it. So far it appears to be selling well, and we could all do worse than support Aussie jobs, True?

  • Pete

    Got my wife the all new 2009 Holden Cruze CD Auto 3 weeks ago,I dont like it but she’s happy thats the main thing.

    I have had the car back at the dealers twice now for the same reason, it vears/pulls to the left. I allow for the camber on our roads but this little car wants to park itself. Today I took it back for the third time to the dealers for the same reason they said they will make about 5 adjustments to the suspension etc etc. Gave me a hire 2009 Holden Cruze CD Auto which does the exact thing , it wants to park itself. The funny thing is the first two time they had the car they said it was spot on.
    But today when I took it back they said a funny thing to me
    ( all the 2009 Holden Cruze’s pull to the left )
    Mind you the first and second time they did a wheel swap & alighned the front end but it still wants to park itself

    Has anyone got the same problem
    Is this an issue Holden have overlooked
    4get using cruse control

Holden Cruze Specs

Car Details
Body Type
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
138Nm @  4500rpm
Max. Power
74kW @  6000rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
6.8L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:800  Unbrake:350
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
175/65 R15
Rear Tyres
175/65 R15
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Standard Features
Air Conditioning
Control & Handling
15 Inch Alloy Wheels
Leather Steering Wheel, Power Steering, Trip Computer
Radio CD with 4 Speakers
Fog Lights - Front, Power Mirrors, Roof Racks
Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Metallic Paint
Anti-lock Braking
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Country of Origin