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2009 Ford Territory Review
2009 Ford Territory Review
2009 Ford Territory Review

It’s hard to know what to say about the 2009 Ford SY Territory Mark II, sure it looks a bit different and its got some more features as standard but beyond that, nothing has changed.

There’s one glaring omission and that’s the fact that while the vehicle has an excellent, and even slightly more fuel efficient, six-cylinder petrol engine, it has no diesel power plant.

So we were left wondering after the media launch this week as to why Ford took a couple of dozen automotive writers all the way to Coffs Harbor to show us a car that had changed little from its predecessor.

The secret it seems lies in the words “could” and “would”.

You see about six weeks ago at a briefing with Ford Australia President and CEO Marin Burela the big man told those present that he’s be able to “share some exciting powertrain news in regard to Territory” with us in about six weeks.

So putting two-and-two together quite a few of those present deduced that news would be the long-awaited and often discussed – even photographed by CarAdvice spy photographers at the Ford Proving Ground – a diesel-engined Territory.

So come yesterday where was this variant that could seriously save Ford’s sales of Territory in the medium SV market, well nowhere to be seen.

2009 Ford Territory Review
2009 Ford Territory Review
2009 Ford Territory Review
2009 Ford Territory Review

The explanation, according to Ford PR Manager Sinead McAlary lay in the fact that Mr Burela had said he “could share” not he “would share” that powertrain excitement with us.

Seems we, and the rest of the SUV buying motoring public will have to wait a little longer to be excited by a diesel powered Territory, or any other form of fuel for that matter, as the latest iteration of this vehicle also doesn’t include factory fitted LPG either.

At the same time Ford product development guru Russell Christophers told CarAdvice that no changes to the Territory power train were planned for quite some time, and intimated that there would not be a diesel powered Territory until an all-new vehicle emerges, probably some time next year.

At the same time Mr Chrishopers has conceded that about 50 per cent of sales in Territory’s market are diesel powered.

Ford has been suggesting a diesel powered Territory has been coming for more than two years, yet during that time it has sat and watched the sales of its once-class-leading SUV slip from the number one spot to number four.

Territory is currently struggling to make sales numbers and the once darling of the medium SUV market is now running fourth in the sales race, behind Toyota’s Prado and Kluger, and Holden’s Korean-sourced Captiva.

The Territory was a Ford Australia success story after its 2004 introduction, with its not overtly bush-bashing styling and urban friendly functionality, which included a highly successful RWD model.

2009 Ford Territory Review
2009 Ford Territory Review
2009 Ford Territory Review
2009 Ford Territory Review

From a peak of 23,454 sales in 2005 its sales have slowly declined to a total of 12,882 units in 2008.

Ford’s fight back is mild if nothing else, with no major mechanical changes, although some powertrain revisions have yielded slight fuel consumption savings.

Mr Christophers says the fuel economy on rear-wheel drive Territory models has been improved by 4.9 per cent or 0.6 litres per 100km. The Ghia and all seven-seat models had a 1.6 per cent or 0.2L/100km economy improvement.

“This is a fairly minor change that just freshens the product,” he said. “We will do something more dramatic when we do the new Territory model.”

A revised model line-up for the SY Territory MkII range consists of the TX, TS and Ghia models, in rear-wheel drive (RWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) configurations, along with the Ghia Turbo AWD, the Territory Turbo model will no longer be offered.

These model changes mean the Territory now has the 190kW/383Nm, 4.0-litre, six-cylinder and the 245kW/480Nm turbocharged, 4.0-litre, six-cylinder engines, mated to either a four-speed automatic transmission or a six-speed ZF auto gearbox.

Major design changes include an all-new bonnet, with a complementary new front bumper, upper and lower grilles, new headlamps and a new fog lamp bezel.

2009 Ford Territory Review
2009 Ford Territory Review
2009 Ford Territory Review
2009 Ford Territory Review

Body coloured bumpers and door cladding, new body coloured door handles, new chrome belt moulding, revised tail lamps and body coloured exterior mirrors are also part of the new exterior package.

The interior of the new Territory has also received a significant freshening, with new seat materials, colour finishes and trim highlights on all models, along with the choice of two new interior environments on TS and Ghia.

Additional equipment and features are now fitted as standard on the new look SY Territory MkII range, further improving its competitiveness in the hotly contested medium SUV segment, as well as delivering a compelling value-for-money proposition for customers.

Territory TX now comes standard with side curtain airbags, cruise control, 17-inch alloy wheels and a full body colour package for the bumpers, door handles and mirrors.

Territory TS is also fitted with the full body colour package, along with a reverse parking camera, front fog lamps, leather-wrapped steering wheel, handbrake and gearshift, and a third row seat as standard.

Ghia models also gain a third row seat as standard equipment, along with an Alpine rear DVD system, side steps, rear privacy glass and 18-inch alloy wheels, while the Ghia Turbo picks up the same list of additions and a new alloy wheel design (18-inch wheels are already standard fitment on the top-of-the-line Territory model).

The TX costs $1000 more and all other models an extra $500, while Ford claimed the extra standard equipment was valued at between $3600 and $6600, depending on the model.

2009 Ford Territory Review

So how does it drive, well just like the old Territory, because as we’ve already said, except for some engine calibration change, nothing in the mechanical package has changed, but having said that it is still a cut above its main opposition in refinement and overall quality, offering something closer to BMW’s X5, rather than its Japanes and Korean opposition .

The Territory is still a quiet, refined way to eat up vast kilometres of Australia, or a great way to lug the family, and all their bits and pieces around.

Yes, despite the cosmetic changes it is looking a little dated with some of the interior a lot more utilitarian and austere than the latest crop of 2009 offerings. The new interior trims are pleasant enough and make a change from the past but do little else for the Territory.

As before there’s a choice between four-speed and six-speed auto ‘boxes with the ZF six-speed being the obvious choice, although that’s not available to buyers of the RWD version.

The four-speed is adequate for the job but works a bit hard on twisty, hilly roads and when you are really pushing it.

The engines are strong and torquey and more than up to the job of hauling a two-tonne vehicle with as many as seven people on board.

Brakes remain as effective as ever and overall handling is very car-like for such a big vehicle.

This revision will simply keep the Territory humming along in the sales figures, but provides buyers will little incentive to change over before the arrival of a new Territory, maybe as soon as mid 2010.

Ford SY Territory Mk II prices

Model              Old price        New price             (extra standard features)

TX (RWD)      $38,490          $39,490                 $3600

TX (AWD)     $43,490           $44,490                $3600

TS (RWD)     $43,990            $44,490                $4800

TS (AWD)     $48,990            $49,490                $4800

Ghia (RWD) $51,990           $52,490                  $6600

Ghia (AWD) $56,990          $57,490                   $6600

Ghia Turbo $65,920           $66,420                  $5600

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2009 Ford Territory Review
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  • ComradeVodka


  • Supercujo

    Clearly Ford missed an outstanding opportunity to lead the marketplace once more.

    Some pencil pusher probably decided it was cheaper to stay with the petrol for another 18 months and lose some sales than to bring in a diesel and sell a heap more units, yet not recoup the investment before the new model arrives.

    Pencil pushers deal in raw numbers, they have never understood the value of brand identity.

  • Pablo

    It’s pretty clear that Ford didn’t have much cash to spend on any real changes.

  • o

    Maybe ford wont bring the kuga because it will lose to many sales from this so it will wait for eh face lift of this before bringing the kuga

  • ZF 6

    Pablo…….are you for real? This is just a re-fresh until the new model comes out next year. The Territory is still a great vehicle and still is better than any other SUV in its class for driving comfort versatility towing carrying the family and its luggage………and dont believe all you read, the fuel economy in real world conditions is good for a vehicle like this, I know because i have had one for 2 years and it is a great car. And also it wont threaten to roll over when going around corners like some others in its class………

    • lesley

      when it comes to fuel economy I use to drive a little lazer, my new 2009 territory dosnt use any more fuel than her, even witha full load…. I love my territory and wouldnt give her up for the world…. the space in the back was a big seller with me, as i wanted to go camping and sleep in the back and so i did , the cieling is high for sitting up reading and the width and length the same size as a single bed I also had the towbar for the bike trailer installed….. over all shes a really nice unit and never ceases to turn heads …..

      • lesley

        oops double bed… :)

  • Roddy

    Would much rather a Captiva TD

  • Wheelnut

    I suspect that the Kuga will most likely replace the Escape.

  • VW Freak

    Hey CA pull the tailgate rubber back, see if they’re still rusting at the seams.

  • Westy

    Seems strange to do the update now with a new revised Territory next year.

    VW Freak don’t believe all the hype about rust. I’ve had a Tezza for over 2 years and can happily report zero rust on any seams or anywhere else.

    Let’s hope they don’t drop the ball on the new model next year and that we see some real class leading development again.

  • adam (aka mada)

    Once again people focus only on the pretty stuff.

    As has reported, the territory STILL outclasses kluger, captiva etc for on road handling dynamics and is more comparable to a BMW X5 on road.

    Should we blast Toyota and Holden for not leapfrogging the territory for on road performance or focus purley on looks only!?

    Yeah bad Ford, after 5 years, no direct competitor can beat territory overall.

    I guess Ford will have it easy with the new territory next year, styling updates and powertrain updates while they can rest easy the territory will still drive better.

  • Pablo

    ZF6, I agree with you that the Territory is still a great car. Thumbs up for the changes to the computer & cat converter to get the reduction in fuel consumption (Falcon got the same changes). But Ford abviously didn’t have big dollars to spend as the only real changes were made to the bonnet, headlights & front bar. To add new wheels, trim & tick the options box a few times, making more standard equipment is a mild update at best.

  • adam (aka mada)


    In order to compete with it’s primary competition, what does Ford have to change on territory to make it class leader?
    Diesel next year while i’ve heard nothing in relation to kluger getting a diesel.
    Looks are subjective, if you purchase a vehicle based on looks alone, you’d be a fool.

  • The Realist

    Is it me or does it look like it came from American Suburbia…?

  • adam (aka mada)

    Yeah, yeah, you are sooo right…

  • adam (aka mada)

    Trying to work out what the kluger reminds me of?

    Oh yeah, a wagon version of the US spec tundra…

    Bloody yanks!

  • adam (aka mada)

    The captiva looks too korean imo, damn Daewoo!

  • azza85

    The back end really needs reworking in the new version coming out next year. The wagon looking side windows really need to go.

  • http://skyline The Salesman

    What is Fords marketing strategy? Beat the same old drum and if that won’t work beat it just a touch harder? A big opportunity to get back out in front of the competitors has passed by. I am told a new model will come out next year? So why the face lift now? Ford should own this market with the Territory so I hope this re launch puts it on the punters shopping list.

  • Ezz

    When we bought our Ghia 2 yrs ago I was concerned about spending $60k for it but at the end of the day anything that matched the car for what I needed it for was a good $15-20k more.

    Looks are subjective and I perosnally like straight lines on a car, especially in this category. My black one scrubs up quite well imo.


  • adam (aka mada)


    Thats the point many miss sadly.

    The decline of territory sales isn’t only to do with the unchanged hard sheet metal, the market for these vehicles has declined overall.

  • harold

    what a load of shiiiite, big heavy bus uses tons of fuel,absolutely shiiiite on brakes and pads and no economical DIESEL donk.will never buy this piece of crap even if its the last car available.
    ford aus u will never put together a car as good as japs or europeans ever.

  • JML

    2007-8 was when Territory sales seriously dropped. That is when the 2004-5 buyers on three year leases who loved their Territory came back to find the new car they were going to park in the driveway looked exactly the same as the old car. Never underestimate the power of the neighbour when it comes to suburbanites making car-buying decisions.

  • dlunn64

    83,000 k’s and no pad or brake replacement on my Ghia awd and 55,000k’s on oem tyres is pretty good. My wife’s Ghia awd just had new factory flash tune now availablle and get’s below 10l/100km on the highway and now better than 15l/100km around town. Do wish that they had updated them a bit more and that diesel motor is long overdue. Mine will get it’s new tune hopefully next week.

  • Frontman

    Gee such insight again. Territory was stuffed around by the yanks admitedly (Thank you Mr Gorman NOT!). However since then the Government has introduced Euro 4 laws. Thus any NEW model being released had to be Euro 4 compliant and seeing as Gorman had commited Ford to the D35 V6 they didn’t bother with an update till it was available.
    Now we have an Ausie back at the helm and the I6 has been resurected, Territory gets a Minor Freshen up and a new model in 14/18 months. Actually not something to winge about.
    Also for all of your negative BS, it has only just dropped into the 4th position since the news of the face lift, and Toyota out prostituted Freddy to the rental market. Up until then Territory has sold way more than the original market expectations of 1,000/mth that Mr P sold the concept on.
    As for the true public perception, those that have seen the vehicle (and this is personally witnessed) have all had positive responses.
    As to competitors, they have had how many facelifts and took how long to take the crown? Yet none of them drive, handle tow or carry seven adults anywhere near as comfortably.

  • Howie-R31

    What a load of shiiiiite you dribble. Did you bother to read the article or just want to post your rubbish? Big heavy car? Yes its and SUV, they all tend to be a bit heavier than ur usual sedan for obvious reasons. Heavy on fuel? Not at all IMO considering the weight of the vehicle. “shiiite on brakes and pads” I work for Ford and honestly haven’t really heard of any unusual complaints about the brakes and/or pads beigh “shiiite”. (apart from the obvious recall on lines)

  • Frontman

    Howie, would be interested in your findings, as I was talking to the service manager of a yard where my mate works and was told that out of all the years that Territory has been out, they had only encounted abotu four split brake lines. This particular dealership is one of the biggest volume ones in Brisbane so I found that interesting.

    • deborah

      I have a 2004 territory, whatever you do do not buy one , before 2009, and even then ask questions.My whole right hand suspension went, and if we had not turned of the highway into a quieter road, we would have had a bad accident.I love my territory did consider upgrading as I thought the suspension was better, but I

  • adam (aka mada)


    Amazing what happens when you have the correct information :)

  • Aquahead

    Having drive a Kluger and Territory on similar city/suburban/long country drives, I would buy the Territory every time. Kluger drove like it was on tip toes and about to fall over! On winding and wet country roads, I thought I’d understeer off the roads at speeds 20km/h less that the territory could attack with total comfort.

    Blame the yanks for the Territory’s err, interesting facelift, but also condemn them for the Kluger’s pathetic foot operated parking brake! The only thing the kluger had that Territory didn’t was a rear view camera.

    Oh an fuel economy was line ball for both, but torque or pull up the hill was a lay down misere win to the Territory.

  • Daniel. W


    totally agree with your point. Ford Oz management is getting back on the ball lately. There fast tracking of the Fiesta to Oz was a good move, since the US doesnt even have it yet for full sale to the public. Fords current lineup is pretty impressive…….the Escape is just that one fat thorn in there side!

    On a different note……a Kuga-ised Territory would be one hot SUV!

  • Will

    I think it sad that the major three manufacturers did not see that oil price would rise commensurate with the economy and gear appropriately.

    This is a budget revision and should Ford Australia see out the recession reasonably intact I have no doubt a suitable diesel option will be made available, and hopefully be developing diesel hybrid technology. Presently we are experiencing a calm, the economy will start to kick in within twelve months. Manufacturers should even be lobbying Govt. re tax exemption on the price of diesel; contemporary diesel machines are comparatively very economical and clean.

    Lets hope they got the windex to the crystal ball.

  • Buck

    Daniel W, Yes totally agree, bring on the kugerised Terry with the revised 270KW inline turbo six, that’d be awesome.

  • Howie-R31


    We haven’t come across any issues with the territory brake hoses yet. Obviously been carrying out the recalls quite frequently, but as far as issues themselves go, haven’t come across any.

  • Bret

    Roddy Says:
    May 14th, 2009 at 7:52 am
    “Would much rather a Captiva TD ”

    WHY??? Just ’cause it’s got a Holden badge?
    Oh and the Captiva’s also got:
    Dated styling (already), poor fuel consumption, pathertic towing capactity and abysmal handling. Not to mention a horrific quality record.

  • Daniel. W

    ive just noticed something, i dunno if its just me….
    but the Kluger has pretty much made the RAV-4/6 virtually pointless…
    I never hear anything about it anymore when comparing softroaders…
    Does it even sell that well now?
    you’ll have to forgive my random off topic thoughts lol!

  • Roddy

    WHY BRET???
    Because Captiva is more appealing to this reader than this old person’s car.
    IN MY OPINION Territory looks like an old Honda MDX with a Falcon front.
    IN MY OPINION Ford make some truly ugly vehicles, foremost of which are the Territory and Falcon, unlike the VE and derivatives which have aged remarkably well and still look modern and muscular. FG looked old when it launched and looks old and try-hard with it’s raccoon face now.
    Oh and the Territory’s got:
    Dated styling, dated interior, appalling fuel consumption, a horrific quality record with rusty seams and brake recalls etc etc, and a good towing capacity for those who want to pull a horse float, which should send the already appalling fuel consumption of the petrol-only engine through the roof.

    You’ll notice that I repeatedly used the phrase ‘In my opinion’. The difference between those like myself and certain others like you is that I am not trying to pass off my personaly opinions and taste as being facts.

    Hope that answers your question mate. Thanks for your interest in my purchasing decisions.

  • Station Wagon

    An oldie but a goody.

  • Duck

    Wow………..It’s already dated! Boring!

  • realcars

    New model facelift looks good to me. But then again I am a Falcon devotee.LOL

    Territory drives so much better than anything else in this class for the price.

    Standard third row in the TS should be standard on the TX and would steal a few people mover sales if promoted.

    Territory is a very good effort considering it is unique to our tiny market and TOTALLY designed and built here.

  • realcars

    Also good move Ford blinging the base and mid with extra fruit.

    Gotta make the zf an option on the TX though!

  • realcars

    What happened to the 5 speeder they use in the base FG?

  • spetty

    The realist.
    Let me guess,the hot chick in the Ford wouldn`t have a bar of you,but the fat chick in her mums BMW always waved at you.Don`t tell me you married the fat chick.

  • ZF 6

    Hey Roddy……if you think the VE looks modern you are silly. those 1970′s wheel arches and dated front end with the BA Falcon headlights is a joke. Territory has had one recall for a “might be a problem” , unlike the billion dollar VE which has been recalled numerous times and many have been on the back of a tilt tray. No Territory I have seen has rust so dont astart false rumours. Do you know how many recalls the Commodore has had since it was released ? I think it is 26 !!!! Thats a world record !!! So dont sling off at the Territory which has had a much better quality record than any model Commode. You say the Territory has a dated interior……its a BF interior which has been as still is way ahead of that Daewoo quality horribly outdated VE black plastic piece of crap……which has been stated in many reviews as way behind BF and eons behind FG.

  • Spitfire

    I would prefer the fat chick with the wealthy parents instead of some airhead in a Ford.

  • phillip

    Roddy, you mentioned “Captiva” and “appealing” in the same sentence?

    Time to give up the crack mate.

  • Jimmy A

    Having driven a Kluger for the last 18 months, you wont find me in a Territory any time soon thats for sure, and this face-lift is a waste of money and time as it seems nothing but sheet-metal has changed.

    Tosers on this forum who claim to have driven both the Territory and Kluger on long drives are full of it, what do you guys do ???..take cars on 600km test runs ??? or drive them as “rep mobiles”..or are bigger idiots and turn-over their cars every 2 months…give me a break !

    I’ve done almost 20,000km in my Kluger AWD (which I own), and I couldn’t be happier. Its quiet (and I mean really quiet), its smooth (love that Lexus engine), handling is great and what you would expect of a medium SUV (people who treat SUVs like sports cars have a death wish – in any SUV), actual fuel economy for me varies between 13-14litres/100 – not bad for a 201kW motor), and the build quality doesn’t compare to local Fords which feel like they’ve been assembled by 14 year olds.
    Thats why people are buying them (and Prado and Rav) over the Territory – oh yeah, apart from the rust, the recalls, the shiite resale value, and other typical quality problems expected of Fords – most people on this forum would call this “character”.

  • Frontman

    Realcars, Bourdeaux 5spdr can’t go in yet under Govco laws (all tied into Euro 4 compliance). ZF is available in TX but,as with all models ZF is AWD specific. RWD’s still get ION/BTR/ whoever they are now 4spdr.
    Just apoint on that before all the angry Ford bashers get their say, the ION was regarded as the best gearbox ever in an Australian car all they way through till the ZF so it doesn’t drive that bad for the average family man.
    Jimmy A, having seen the condition of Freddies after service with Hertz, I wouldn’t say they are holding up any better than Territory. Also when they come back onto the market watch what happens to your precious resale.
    As for your fuel consumption, that is the same base figures that are achieved by Territory, yet it is a bigger, roomier, better towing (very important to a lot of family people) AUSTRALIAN MADE vehicle that.

  • ZF 6

    Jimmy A……rust on a Terrirtory? dont go along with the crap other white goods toyota lovers on here make up. One recall…… …….name any car maker who hasnt had at least one recall, Toyota have had many. Quality problems are common to Toyota as well as any mechanic will tell you. Adding to the fact that Toyota make the ugliest vehicles……Kluger being the ugliest SUV. GIve me my comfortable reliable great to drive TErritory any day over your sloppy handling ugly boring gas guzzling Toyota Klunker that feels like its going to roll over going around a corner, very unsafe vehicle. Do they have a roll over warning on the sunvisor like the Hyundai Terracan does? If not it should have. Do you wear your Lawn Bowls hat while driving it at 20k per hour around a slight corner like the vast majority of Kluger drivers do?

  • adam (aka mada)

    Jimmy A,

    Congrats you’re happy with your kluger, did you also own a territory? or drive one for atleast 20,000klm also?
    What work do you do?
    A pity no motoring journo’s would agree with YOU that kluger drives better than a territory. Some like yourself prefer soft and quiet. Appears fuel consumption in your kluger is no better than the territory, what a surprise…

    Wheels managed to flip one over during COTY testing, don’t recall a territory flipping under the same conditions?

    Sales of kluger, rav-4 and prado are also declining or did you miss that?
    Considering territory is the oldest looking vehicle, it’s not doing too bad, remember toyota pushes the kluger and rav-4 out to hertz, i know as i work for a company who deals with 200 vehicles a week.
    Not some punter who buys a new vehicles every 2-3 years.

  • ZF 6

    Adam….well said. He probably doesnt drive a Kluger anyway……more of a Corolla guy I reckon. lmfho….

  • website full of tossers

    Here we go again, classic tossers on this webiste ridiculing someone for not liking a Ford or Holden. So Adam (aka Mada) (why do you need to spell your name backwards as well BTW, are you dislexic or something?) – because you work for a rental car company, you believe this entitles you to the mantle of all-knowing, supreme commander of car experts who’s opinion must be taken as law? Gimme a break. Jimmy A went to great lengths to detail that his dislike of the Territory was HIS opinion, and along come you and the other dimwit ZF6 to shoot him down for it. Are you guys employed by Ford or something? ZF6 -why do you feel the need to personally attack someone’s point of view simply because he doesn’t like your precious Ford Territory? Are you that angry with your life? He doesn’t HAVE to like it – if you guys want to worship all things Ford, then do so. Have fun in your western suburbs McMansion with your big shiny Territory’s parked in the driveway, and pat each other on the back while drinking VB and watching the Falcons go round and round Mt Panorama.

    It’s like you people personally designed and built the Territory they way you stick up for it. News flash, IT”S A CAR. Get over it. What a pack of losers.

  • ZF 6

    Website Full Of Tossers…….you seriously need some help !!! Go and get a life ……..

  • website full of tossers

    ZF6, I have a life thanks, and it doesn’t revolve around idolising an inanimate object like this dinosaur of a car. Or persecuting others for not liking it. But thanks for your concern.

    • somerandom

      says the man who contradicts him self and continues to throw his spade and pale in a sandbox fight.

  • adam (aka mada)

    website full of tossers,

    This is your method to attract attention? fair enough.

    I never said i work for a rental car company and you are calling me a tosser? lol

    I work in the auto industry, yes that affords me more experience than many keyboard warriors on here when it comes to ALL makes models, i actually drive them not just read reviews or have a biased opinion based on what i personally like only.
    Vehicles to me don’t stir the ‘just’ the emotions like you and many on here.

    Your rant is amusing however, you could think of a name to use though? or you like to hide?

  • The Realist

    spetty Says:
    May 14th, 2009 at 7:54 pm
    The realist.
    “Let me guess,the hot chick in the Ford wouldn`t have a bar of you,but the fat chick in her mums BMW always waved at you.Don`t tell me you married the fat chick.”

    I married the hot chick in a 335i coupe. Not too many hot chicks in rep mobiles from what I’ve seen, but plenty of men in cheap suits and obese mothers with three kids.

  • adam (aka mada)

    website full of tossers,

    It appears you have changed your name, regular reader/poster i see.

    If vehicles are simply forms of transport as you say, why do you troll
    Why waste your time!?
    You’re contradicting yourself.

  • adam (aka mada)

    The Realist Says:
    May 15th, 2009 at 10:19 am
    I married the hot chick in a 335i coupe. Not too many hot chicks in rep mobiles from what I’ve seen, but plenty of men in cheap suits and obese mothers with three kids.

    And whats REAL about that Realist!?

    You pop up at the same time as ‘website full of tossers’ hmm interesting.

  • Westy

    Geez seems to have ignited some nerves again with another Ford article.
    I like others here love the Tezza and even if it is inanimate, I love the thing as it is a great car for carting around the kids and the pups and anything else. It is also a fantastic long trip vehicle. I have done many 1500+km trips and it’s bloody brilliant for overtaking and generally enjoying the roads here is OZ. Fuel consumption of high 11′s says to me what a great car I have for the kerb mass it is.
    Those with passion for cars understand that if you love your vehicle or cars in general you will be passionate about it/them. Nothing wrong with that is there ?
    Passion is good and I even still have a soft spot for my 1971 351 XY but that’s me. Go figure! But hey I love cars, especially Ford products!

    This Territory upgrade, although much needed, is a bit of a non-event with just minor facial changes and a bit extra base kit. They really could have just left this until the next model upgrade in my opinion.

  • Westy


    Where’d you get the factory flash tuner from for the Territory for interests sake ?

    Cheers :)

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    Westy where are you located in Oz……….I can put you on to a few here in Perth if you want!

  • ZF 6

    WSFOT… are laughable and have no experience in the auto industry and yet try to tell us what is good and what isnt. Crawl back under your rock and dont waste our time with your totally useless and very very very much uninformed and unintelligent remarks.

  • Westy

    Bavarian Missile (.)(.),

    I am in Nth Qld… not really anywhere near Perth unfortunately. I would be jeen to hear where Dlunn64 got it from though.


  • Bret

    Jimmy A Says:
    May 15th, 2009 at 1:27 am
    “(People) on this forum who claim to have driven both the Territory and Kluger on long drives are full of it, what do you guys do ???..take cars on 600km test runs ??? …give me a break”

    Actaully over 750km in each over 22 days of similar pattern driving, over the same roads. It’s called hiring.

    And I stand by my honest comparison between Kluger and Territory in an earlier post:

    Kluger Vs Territory

    OK probably is, but it is much harder to park – real experience, I haven’t checked the dimensions.

    More power?
    OK but NOOOOO torque to speak of – the engine screams just to keep up with daily traffic flow. No relaxed daily driver.

    Way better on fuel?
    Not my experience, in a real world test, in fact Territory was better. 11.7 Territory vs 11.9 Kluger.

    Looks a hell of a lot better?
    Very questionable and subjective. Personally I don’t like Toyota’s “bump” styling. For a newish car the Kluger (and Captiva for that matter) already look very very dated.

    Better to drive?
    Now we see that your only guessing (or you’re in Toyota la la land) because the Kluger handles like a bloated whale – this was the biggest deciding factor for me. Oh and BTW the Kluger has a terrible driving position.

    Jimmy, I’m glad your happy with your Kluger, many are, but personally I just couldn’t deal with the poor truck like handling on a daily basis. Territory is a very “livable” car as a daily driver, but I was quite glad to hand back the keys to the Kluger, personally I found it’s just such a pain to live with.

  • Westy

    typo….I said jeen but I meant ‘keen’ in my last comment.

  • Paul Doubya

    The Territory is probably the best SUV to buy slightly used, thanks to the lousy resale. I am soon to get one as my high mileage hack, get a good LPG conversion and its probably one of the best drivers to take me and the family away.

    You want quality, resale and longevity of design look elsewhere.

    You can’t be the Territory for what it is, just let someone else wear the depreciation.

  • Jimmy A

    *LOL* I love the reaction you get on this website when people dont agree with your opinion.

    For a start, its non of your business what I do for a living – thats irrelevant to this discussion. I am certainly not in the car industry – I’m just a professional who takes the kids to school and then drives to work…so I’m an everyday standard “User” of my car.
    Anyone who listens purely to motoring jurno’s and takes their opinion as “gospel” is an idiot – you seem to fit nicely into that category. Either that, or you are a jurno or a car dealer – but again thats non of my business either…

    ZF, I know a parts manager at Ford (Broadmeadows) who told me about the rust. I didn’t believe it at first when I read reports – because as I said I dont listen to EVERYTHING jurno’s say, but when I heard it from this guy and his advice to “stay away” I then believed it.

    Brett, you are entitled to your opinions about the things you compared – and thats fine, but please – dont feed me BS about the fuel consumption of these cars.
    THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY A TERRITORY WILL DO 11.2litres/100km in the City cycle – even with some freeway driving, just like a Kluger AWD wont do 12.2 litres/100km – so dont try to quote figures straight from manufactures specs and pass them off as real life experiences…
    The BEST I have done in my Kluger is 9.8litres in a trip from Melbourne to Lakes Entrance – with four family member and the car packed with stuff.
    The WORST I have done is around 17.8 litres when I way hammering it for a week – because I wanted to push it and see “how much damage” I could do to my hip pocket in terms of the fuel bill.
    I average on a weekly basis at around 14 litres, at 80% city/stop/start driving and 20% freeway – bearing in mind the Eastern Freeway in Melbourne has become a car park during peak times in the last 18 months. If I take it very easy I can get it down to 13 litres, but I start becoming annoying to other drivers with the gentle take-offs, so typically I dont take it that easy.
    Now thats an honest opinion on Kluger fuel, the least that people can do is quote real figures for the Territory and stop deluding themselves their achieving rates at manufactures specs – which is never achieved.

    And for the record, before I bought my Kluger in 2008 I have owned (over 20 years):
    EAII, EBII, AUII, BA XR6 Turbo, and then Ford Escape(V6) – yes all Fords, because I am a Ford fan, my wife drives a Ford Focus LS. I just buy the Car thats best for me, my back-pocket, and the one that I’m most comfortable in – because ultimately I dont own shares in Ford or Toyota, and I know that I’ll lose less money in a Toyota anyday over a Ford at the end of 10 years – and their just facts.

  • Bret

    No sorry I don’t know the factory figures, i just quoted you real world figures achieved, with real world driving.
    Both probably 50/50 hwy/city.
    Territory 11.7 l/100km
    Kluger 11.9 l/100km

    No BS here.

    I quess by now you’ve also gotten used to the crap handling and wet wether understeer – take care and enjoy.

    BTW don’t expect too much resale from the Kluger with the hire car companies volumes on them. Time will tell.

  • Jimmy A

    Brett, I dont experience any of the symptoms you describe.
    My Kluger is an AWD and I get excellent handling and grip around corners. So next time, dont skimp on $$ and try an AWD.

    Still dont believe your fuel figures, thats garbage.

    As for resale value – thats why hire companies are getting Klugers – because THEIR IN BUSINESS and want to minimise their losses after 2-3 years when they want to off-load them. In other words, they dont like getting 40% back on a Territory, and prefer the 65% of a Kluger. Basic maths and business accumen son.

  • dlunn64

    I don’t work on cars or anything like that but we had a phone call from the dealer 2 months ago just before the brake line recall to tell us that there was a new engine program that had to go into the computer on both of our ghia’s to and that they were calling it a recall as our cars weren’t adr compliant with the current program.
    My wife’s car was near a service and we booked her’s in. Just before hers was to go in I pranged mine and they also rang to do the brake line recall. When her car was serviced they did the brake lines and the program – which i have been told that they Flash it into the ecu – and the code for it is 57GA and the old code (still on mine which i got back today) is 57BE. This is on the engine program sticker on the front pillar in the drivers door opening.
    The smash repairers were really obliging and organised the new brake lines but I haven’t the new engine program.
    Great to get my car back again – Shows up all the different hire cars i have had the last 6 weeks.

  • Bret

    Jimmy, it was an AWD Kluger. I need a car to tow a caravan and a FWD Kluger was never a consideration.

    Fuel consumption figures are real, measured at the pump (not dash readouts). Perhaps you drive in the city too much.
    BTW fuel consumption was benchmarked against 10.1 l/100km for BFII Fairmont. Was supposed to be a Camry but hire car co couldn’t deliver.

    Interested to know what your thoughts are on the other big problems that I found with the Kluger:
    1) slightly nervous at highway speeds
    2) terrible blind spots
    3) damn awfull convex mirror on drivers side (becoming more common I know)
    4) poor driving position – high bonnet but low top of window.

    Jimmy, don’t think that this is idle critisism of the Kluger, it’s not. Kluger WAS genuinely on my shopping list, I tested it seriously – and found it wanting.
    And I’ve owned more Toyotas than anything else, so I’m def not against the brand either.

  • Westy


    I can confirm my figures of our Tezza are about the same. I get around 11.5-11.9 depending on how much city/highway we drive. Have an AWD also. If I am purely highway I see 11 flat which is excellent in my opinion with 2 children, 2 adults on board (Sometimes two dogs as well!). Recently bought one of those Rhino rack pods for the roof and that knocks the mileage about and probably adds about 0.5l/100 average for me on the long trips. Your figures are about identical to what we get for what its worth. I think the ZF 6 speed auto helps a great deal there.

  • Westy


    I will ask my dealer as we just had ours serviced today for 45,000 service. They did the recall for the brakes but there was another one on the list I can’t quite work out. They call it Calibration of PCM which is apparently for reducing the exhaust emissions. No mention of the factory flash so I will check out with the dealer what that might be and will check my sticker on the door. Cheers for the info.

  • Jimmy A

    Bret, to be honest, all cars have their quirks and its a personal feel. People need to feel confident in the machine they drive, else your more prone to “making costly mistakes” on the road.

    Here’s what I think in terms of the quirks you have highlighted:
    1) slightly nervous at highway speeds
    Jimmy A> depends what you mean by nervous..but agreed the drive feels slight more vague than the Falcons I have owned in the past – especially the AUII and the BA (and I am guessing the Territory probably feels like the BA). By vague, I mean you dont get the road feel or vibration feedback that you typically get with Fords. The chasis “floats” which lends itself to a soft (and quiet) ride – similiar to Nissans (ie. 1999-2003 Pathfinders). I quite like this feel, I dont necessarily want to hear or feel to much of the Road – especially our Roads here in Vic.

    2) terrible blind spots
    Jimmy A> I always to head-checks, and in almost all situations I am aware of “who” is around me. I’m not a “sudden-change” driver, so no problem for me, but agreed the 160-170 degree view isn’t the best, but never is for these style of cars.

    3) damn awfull convex mirror on drivers side (becoming more common I know)
    Jimmy A> My BA had convex mirros, but the Escape I had didn’t. Having now gone back to Convex of the Kluger I guess doesn’t both me, but I dont trust the mirror – especially with distance.

    4) poor driving position – high bonnet but low top of window.
    Jimmy A> having driven EAII and EBII Falcons, I am used to high dashboards and high bonnets, thats a typical characteristic of Fords. I do notice the top of the windscreen is slightly low, but thats because of the lower angle of the windscreen. This also creates a damn annoying blind spot at around 30 degrees at the A-pillar – so agreed the low top of windscreen creates other problems. I remember this being annoying for around the first 3-6 months, but I think I’m used to it now and I dont notice it anymore. I’m only 176cm tall, and that probably lessens the effect, I’d had to know what it would be like if I was 182cm+…

    I actually do alot of City/Stop/Start driving which explains my 14l/100km, and I’m no thrasher…
    Pity they dont bring the Kluger Hybrid here, only sold in the US – but then again it would probably bee too expensive here.

  • SOON

    before buying any ford products..please read this.

    Ford Falcons with potentially faulty brakes will not be recalled, the carmaker says.

    This is despite Ford recalling Territory models with similar problems.

    Ford communications manager Sinead McAlary said they had investigated the problem and found only a small number of BA and early BF Falcons had problems with the rear brake hoses.

    In March, Ford issued a recall on more than 83,000 Territory vehicles to rectify a front brake hose problem occurring on less than two per cent of the vehicles.

    McAlary said they did not have an issue with the front brakes on the Falcon.
    Related Coverage

    imageFord Territory recall: Q&A
    imageFord Territory recall

    * Ford Territory for sale

    “Seventy per cent of braking is done with the front brake and they still stop well on the (faulty) rear brakes,” she said.

    Ford would not recall any Falcons but would continue to perform an update on the rear brakes of affected models when they were booked in for a regular service, McAlary said.

    The issue was brought to the attention of Ford after owners reported the failure to funny…ford is playing the game with innocent you know you cannot drive your car with faulty brakes regardless of front or rear one..because it is’s clearly ford doesn’t concerned for customer safety…just to save the face…no wonder smart people staying away from your products..and monthly sale results confirmed that.

  • Daniel

    All the Territory knockers out there are just talking dribble, All of the Top motoring journalists still rate the Big Ford ahead of its rivals and its a 5 year old design!.
    Holden had to get the Captiva from korea because the local Adventra (jacked up commodore wagon) was a huge Flop. The Toyota’s are well built but feel and handle like boats compared to the Territory.
    If it comes out in EGAS or diesel, it would double its sales!

  • adam (aka mada)


    The simple reality is i drive all makes and models for a living, you don’t, that allows me to judge vehicles a little more accurately than you, how can it not!?
    I don’t simply rely on motoring journos, thats why we have test comparisons, to help rate vehicles against eachother, not just simple, biased opinions of one owner, like yourself.
    Bashing or insinuating that motoring journos aren’t the be and end all is simply a weak argument, try again.
    The territory is simply rated better for on road handling dynamics, practicality and performance over the ‘newer’ kluger, simple.
    You prefer the klugers quieter drive and softer handling not to mention the fuel consumption being the same between the two.

    And, you would be flat wrong in why hertz use klugers, corollas and rav-4 purely on higher resale values, try the resale value of corolla vers mazda 3, resale values of aurions, yeah no better than an XT falcon or omega VE commodore. want me to list more?
    Toyota is chasing market volume just like Ford and Holden, pure and simple.
    For someone who doesn’t know the auto industry, you claim to know more than you actually do.
    Reserching the net doesn’t make you an expert.

  • Phill

    I’ve just read all the banta and back and forth. Quite amuzing. I also think it amuzing the passion both the fans and Ford bashers write with. I have never owned a Territory or a Kluger or Captiva or any other soft roader-SUV. If I did it would be the Territory for the fact that it is the most Australian car on the market today. Call me a patriot… We do live in the 53rd state of America tough… Also the power and torque figures speak for themselves. Class leading torque by a long way and comparable power to the Kluger and yes, I am compelled to believe fuel consumtion figures stated by some of you. I can’t be bothered scrolling up to read who said what. But I will say this,
    Ford gets a bad rap in the media over fuel consumption. The Falcon gets better fuel economy than a Commodore and now has equal best in class against the Aurion. Yet, 0.1 litres over 100km is nothing. In the real world it makes bugger all difference. The difference is in the way they are driven. I know with the SUV class the Territory in all reviews (Even the Melbourne Herald Sun Cars Guide, which is edited by a self confessed Holden die hard who makes it a concious effort every week to bash a ford for something), has been compared to a X5 and rates well above the competion in it’s price bracket. Given that is it is by a vast majority that it wins shows some consistency. Perhaps Ford Australia can make world class vehicles after all…
    In my opinion… (I feel age and the wisdom that comes with age may be lacking), it would not matter which bagde the Captiva wore. I know it’s a Daewoo and need I say more.
    Toyotas have a reputation for reliability. I drove A Hi-lux for four years on some of the worst roads in Australia and extensively off road for a job. Reliable and take a pounding. Hill climbs and some pretty scarry stuff.
    What I want to see is an AWD Territory with a lift kit and a set of Mickey Thompson Baja Claws going off road and proving what I already suspect given the one review I did read comparing it to Kluger and GMH Crewman. In the article they said the 2WD Territory was almost as good as the competition.

    I put it to anyone who reads this. Go and take the cars bush bashing and see who gets there and who comes home in one peice.

    I had an EA Falcon once and I took it off road a lot. I was very mean to it and it coped very well with abuse. Bottomed out a lot but I couldn’t break it. Did jumps and everything. Two weeks for a full set of tyres without doing any burnouts was the best I did. VERY hard driving. It was on gas and I got 13 to 14 litres on gas with a 5 speed manual.
    I now have an FG XR6 6 speed manual. Evidently the worst fuel economy of the non-turbo I6 Falcons. I have a spread sheet of every expense, Kms travelled etc. So far I get 10.4 average over 17,000km. I can report that the 200km/h speed limiter comes on very soft and it sits there very smoothely. It gets there quite quickly I think. Not that I do it often. It took 15,000km for the gearbox to wear in and second gear is still a little bit stiff.

    In closing
    SOMEONE, PUT A SET OF BAJA CLAWS ON A TERRITORY AND SEE WHERE YOU CAN GET!!!!! Until then you don’t need AWD. Just get a Falcon and have a world class car that should be available in LHD and sold all around the world. This’ll get some hackles up!! lol… The only truly Australian car, apart from the Territory, is the Falcon. Just do the research if you don’t believe me…

  • Westy


    Not sure if you will see this or not but checked out the PCM version and we were updated from BB to BC. I will query them about why we weren’t put up to BE if that’s your version but it was just part of our service. I have noticed we are getting better economy ever since the service however so thanks again for letting us know about the flash update.

  • Says

    Yeah looks a lot like American Suburbia. Gross, gtfo

  • Lee Askew

    Well I pick my new Terri up tomorrow afternoon SY MKII TX AWD, in Harmony.
    But can anyone in Ford please tell me why I cant get the fog lights? Ford are clearly manufacturing them.
    Im very annoyed that I ordered the new car with Fog Lights and the day after I paid for it the Ford dealdership advised that Fog lights arent available. Not Happy Jan.
    The dealership are refunding the cost of the lights, but not the installation cost, the installation should have been done at the factory.

    Can anyone at Ford who knows the answer to this please shoot me an email. As i specifically asked for and was promised foggies & covers.

    Otherwise i cant wait till tomorrow when i pickup the new limo.
    Regards Lee

  • Steve

    Just got my new SY Mk 2 TX AWD today.
    This is my second one and to be honest, like mamy on this forum, I find it hard to go past for function, form and comfort. All this, and I’m not even a Ford man at heart. I’ve had turbo and V8 Commodores and a Honda Accord Euro (easily the best built and handling of the 8 cars I’ve owned). My last TX AWD Territory had done 83K in 22 months, was still on the original tyres and the average fuel consumption was showing 11.1l/100km. Most of my driving is on the highway to be fair. The only servicing was the brake hose recall and oil changes. In terms of plusses, the car eats the kays, eats up all the luggage my wife can pack (it’s the kids!) and handles snow, mud and heavy rain with confidence. On the minus side, like Lee says, why didn’t I get the fog lights I ordered -there is clearly a spot for them? And one other penny pinch I noted, the oddment bins in the rear cargo area don’t have lids anymore – damn accountants. As for the driving, I’m not sure if I’m making it up, but I reckon the ride feels marginally better in the new TX.
    As regards the Kluger – never! Not because of anything more than for some reason I don’t make a Freddie name association – I think camel toe! Why?

  • Jack

    Our Territory has been great. 75,000km now, nothing has gone wrong, no rust in the tailgate, or elsewhere. 4 new tyres at 60,000km. Front brakes squeaked, and had an air hose blown on them, problem solved. Rubber hoses to front brakes replaced on recall, they were in perfect condition upon inspection. Servicing CHEAP, because Australian made, and parts philosophy is “value for money.”

    Fuel economy 10.5-11.5L/100km. Believe it. (6 speed auto)

    Some people above want to drive a Kluger, for reasons the hip pocket may perceive, that’s fine. Good on them. Being raised in Toyota offroaders, all I can say is “enjoy the handling!”.

    For me, the handling, comfort on long trips, fantastic touring ability, towing capacity, build quality, reliability of drivetrain and electrics, innovation of interior have been highlights, And the 7 seat option when needed.

    Will I buy another – yes. When? Exterior/Interior at 2nd generation, dedicated multi point LPG available (now THAT is a proposition). For other people it’s a diesel, so let that be an option.

    And yes, 5 years on it is competitive in its class.

    As for this refresh – the most significant thing is the tan coloured interior. Wonderful, it does wonders for the car. Develop it well, if you can Ford Australia.

  • Jack

    Forgot to mention the TORQUE. The inline six in Territory is light years ahead of the petrol V6s it competes with. Is yours scrambling and revving to find gears?

    Seriously, it’s an Australian Wonder. There’s not too many of these left now, after 20 years of shipping our manufacturing overseas. National icon.

    I’d love Ford to go the other way, too. 3.0L NA and Turbo versions of it in a 1400kg vehicle, WOW. Do to the 3 series what the Territory did to X5. (“Build an X5 for Falcon bucks”)


  • sick of bogans

    have you check the ball joints yet?these dinosaurs are unroadworty mate.comparing your dinosaur to X5?your dinosaur should not be on the road because of safety concerns.JUST WAIT FOR ANOTHER RECALL FOR BALL JOINTS AND RUST.GOOD LUCK AND ENJOY FIXING YOUT CARP FOREVER.

  • http://gt@GT.ORG adam

    Holden and Ford just do not get it so leave them struggle with their 4.0L engines while the rest of the world especially European cars will move on and kill them completely ….. GM is gone so Ford will be the next one …..

  • Jack

    Ball Joints fine, “Sick of Bogans”.

    No rust either. And yes, I am aware of these problems in Territories. The most I can bring to these online forums is my own experience, which has been fine with the Ford. My “dinosaur” is equally as ‘triassic’ as the BWM X5, for the design briefs are similar! Indeed, BMW copied the Territory front suspension design for the latest X5!

    Honestly, I am sick of wankers. Or Australians that cringe at their own country. Your underconfidence is shattering.

    “Sick of Bogans”, you cannot spell, or punctuate. You are much more likely to be the illiterate, uneducated, “bogan” type than I am. Your educators failed you.

  • Swagger

    Sick of Bogons – Butty,BMW copied the front suspension design from the Territory for there second generation x5.

  • realcars

    Well written Jack!!!!

  • Jack

    Owned Fords & Holdens for past 30 years. Never ever again, Ford wont recall the disastrous design flaw of lower control/ball joint assembly which pulls apart after 30-40K & is putting all Territory owners at high risk/death. Stupidity by Ford and have know about it since 2004. Absolutely lethal manufacturing design.

    Will buy european/jap from know on.

    • mr.trith

      Try a haonda or toyota, they NEVER have recalls! :-)

      • Veedubber

        Say that again Mr Trith…. Ooopsss

    • somerandom

      The ball joint recall you speak of has been blown out of proportion. I wont argue that they start failing at low K’s but it takes some one who is oblivious to their car not to realise something is wrong before it reaches critical. Also yes it has been a known problem for a while and little could be done about it besides replacing them under warrenty… which doesnt happen when you go to small or comercial workshops which then leads to the problem going un noticed. every ford tech worth his money will be straight onto that problem.
      Now there has been a recall sent out to the public regarding this matter and the ball joints are being replaced. when these joints fail they develop excess free play that causes a thump in the suspension over rough roads/speedbumps/driveways. if ignored it hammers its self to pieces over time. some have been known to fail fast but by large most take a while and are useually spotted during service. The SY MKII has revised ball joints that eliminate this problem.

    • deborah

      I totally agree with you, I could have been in a serious car accident six months ago , as the suspension went on my car. Facts are i took it for registration check and told the dealers in about the shaking car and terribly grating sound and they let me drive away without any help.
      I bought the car new on 2004, have had a previous car accident and am disgusted with Fords assistance, and the fact that i will now probably get back tuppence for a $50,000 car I bought with my R.T.A payout, By the way I had a hip replacement at 27 yrs old and find this car very smooth to travel, but the negatives outway the positives…..

  • mr.trith

    I think the Terri is a GREAT family vehicle, looks good, drives well, suitable for Aussie enviro etc.

    Needs a injected factory LPG system with a 600km range.

    And a DIEsel donk for those who are stupid enough to want one, i think thats on the way soon?

  • TBryer

    turbo version is a great car – with our family of six it does everything it needs to – thanks ford for the warranty expanded ball joint replacement – looking forward to hearing nothing after the replacement – again great car

  • Cooky

    Just purchased the latest Territory TS, already loaded with all the options you need. Test driven all the competition and the Territory was far superior over the rest. Absolute fantastic car. There are not too many options out there that have a boot so large when carrying 5 persons, able to carry 7 when required or fold all the seats down for that bunnings run.

  • somerandom

    First and foremost i have to say that the kuga being released in australia is probably not going to happen. this is because the market just doesnt exist, the focus’s c platform its based on alone is not a good seller over here and the cost of it completely defeats the point of having the esacpe… some what dated but still serves its pourpose as a cheap entry level SUV. the territory on the other hand still offers some impressive features for its price and it is dated and from what i see the upcoming model is not that big of a face lift BUT you will find it does offer diesel and it does offer many features that the public want. but in my opinion the diesel wont be too big of a seller. the cost of it vs savings will repen most buyers except those who seek a “greener” car. i think the market now exists for a ford diesel suv where previously it was niche. just remember there is no logic in sales… just facts and figures

  • robert

    you like the look , you like the way it test drives , you feel good in it , you buy it . There seems to be alot of slinging going on but only lifes experiance can make your mind up one way or the other .Not manny cars/suv dont have minor problems when they get going but we have good in both ford and holden and ausie built cars and imported ones .Its nice to read about peoples real problems with any cars but a good company should bend over and fix it no matter what .We are the number one in that position and after buying a house a car is the next dearest thing we by .Shouldnt we enjoy what we have .

  • TMC

    I drove a 2006 TX AWD territory from Brisbane to Cairns. I expected high fuel bills. We at times cruised on 140kph and got a beautiful 9l/100km. I couldn’t believe it. The thing handled like a dream, motor was quiet. In fact at one point using the Tiptronic my co-driver accidentally left it in 3rd and cruised for 20min at 120kph with the engine doing 5500rpm. It didn’t complain. The thing revved round to 6500rpm without complaining. Now I’ve driven a 2006 Kluger. What can I say. The thing has no torque below about 3800 rpm. Use cruise control through hilly country and watch the gearbox switch backwards and forwards through the gears like a yoyo, even back to 2nd at 110kph!!!!! You always think the thing is going to bounce off the road at any curve or bump. It has no space and drinks like an Irish alcoholic that runs a pub. Towing is a chore with the gutless VVTI V6. The fly by wire accelerator has a half a second delay in operation and your passengers just think you’ve floored the thing as it finally responds. Klugers are buckets of shear crap with a Toyota badge stuffed on the front. Next week, I’m buying my first territory.

  • Steze

    Thinking of buying an 06-07 territory AWD. Will be using it for family driving around metropolitan areas and towing my 4.5 fibreglass boat down the south coast of NSW. My choices in car included the 03-04 landcruiser prado, the kluger, territory and subaru out back. Performance wise I haven’t driven any of the vehicles so I really don’t have an idea. You seem to get so much more features in the ford territory, seems like better bang for my buck compared to the other models. I wanna know how it tows and also are there any common issues when reversing boat down the ramp etc.

  • Ozzie

    We went looking for a car- ANY car, ANY brand with the following criteria – had to seat 4 teenagers and two adults comfortably, had to have enough power to travel up Mt Ousley with out revving its guts out at full load of kids, adults and box trailer full of push bikes, dinghy and other holiday paraphernalia (450Kg). Had to be decent around town handling wise, and easy to access as my partner has issues because of diseased leg muscles. We tried Klugers, looked at Captivas, vans and people movers galore. Came across a 7 seat Terry and my GMH loving partner just went -’yes, finally’ . A bit more hunting and we got a 2010 7 seat Limited Edition terry, added in the Alpine DVD and we are happy. Fuel economy – I expected it to be high after all the reviews, but in real life it averages 14.7 around town and 13.9 on a long run down the coast.
    By the way, the Captiva is too narrow and tall body wise, and it felt like it wanted to fall over. Taragos are OK until you put the kids in, and then it is too gutless, plus the one we had for a weekend showed an average fuel consumption on th ecomputer of ove r16l/100km, because we were working the engine so hard to get the pig to move.

    My opinion is that the terry needs the liquid phase injected LPG kit fitted as standard. Why Ford dont fit that kit to all the i6 engines as standard has me beat- they would kill every one else in the market if they did.
    By the way, we did try a dismal terry and the lady decided the fuel stank, was greasy to handle and she would only have that model if I filled the car every time as the smell of deisel made her feel sick.
    So far the car has proven to be all we wanted. Such a big car, plenty of room, all the power we want and the fuel economy is what we expected. And 3rd row of seats that adults up to 5ft 9″ can get into and sit in for 200kms .

  • Ozzie

    Steze, 450Kg trailer is not issue at all. Guy I sail with used a 4WD terry to tow a 1.3 tonne trailer sailer . I crewed with him up the coast and we came back down the free way at 130kph ( I didnt say he was smart!) with no issues up the big bridge dips, though fuel usage was pretty high at near 19-24l/100km .
    The reverse camera is worth it for reversing up to the tow ball, it works very well. Torque wise the RWD will haul a boat easily, the AWD (NOT a 4WD!- no low range) is possibly better for hauling a boat out on a slippery ramp, but other wise teh RWD is all you would need. Go for it, I doubt you will be unhappy.

Ford Territory Specs

Car Details
Body Type
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
383Nm @  2500rpm
Max. Power
190kW @  5250rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
12.2L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:2300  Unbrake:750
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
235/55 R18
Rear Tyres
235/55 R18
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Standard Features
Auto Climate Control with Dual Temp Zones, Power front seat Driver/memory, Rear seat enhancement pack
Control & Handling
18 Inch Alloy Wheels, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Traction Control System
Adjustable Pedals, Cruise Control, Leather Steering Wheel, Parking Distance Control, Power Steering, Reversing Camera, Trip Computer
CD with 6 CD Stacker, Sound System with 7 Speakers
Fog Lights - Front, Power Mirrors, Side Steps
Leather Upholstery, Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags
Central Locking Remote Control
Optional Features
Satellite Navigation
Body Kit, Tow Pack
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Country of Origin