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Our spy photographer seems to barely have a chance to sit his camera down without snapping more photos of Ford’s new Falcon – the Orion.

This time around, our stealth lens operator managed to fire off high-quality photos of what seems to be a base model Orion, along with a sporty Orion (possibly XR6 or XR6 Turbo) undergoing testing.

This vehicle seems to be a base model Orion. The wheels don’t carry any alloy wheels or low-profile tyres, suggesting it will be the new XT model. Our spy photographer told us that this vehicle was sitting stationary for nigh on 20-minutes, suggesting that mechanical problems may have occurred!

Click for larger version

Ford Falcon Orion Spy Photos - CarAdvice
Click for larger version

Ford Falcon Orion Spy Photos - CarAdvice
Click for larger version

These second set of photos suggest a sports oriented Orion, possibly the XR6 or XR6 Turbo. Our spy photographer said “The trailer attached to the car was providing a braked load. As the car drove by, you could hear a significant humming noise from the trailer.”

This suggests that Ford may be testing the XR6 Turbo variant in this case, constantly monitoring engine temperature and turbo performance. Mind you, with freezing temperatures around Melbourne today, the car shouldn’t have had many troubles keeping check.

Ford Falcon Orion Spy Photos - CarAdvice
Click for larger version

Ford Falcon Orion Spy Photos - CarAdvice
Click for larger version

Ford Falcon Orion Spy Photos - CarAdvice
Click for larger version

Ford Falcon Orion Spy Photos - CarAdvice

Our spy photographer said that Ford has been testing a variety of vehicles recently, including competitor’s models and models currently available in the Ford range, suggesting that Orion mules – with BF Falcon skins – are floating around. So keep your eyes peeled.

Our eyes and ears are hot on the heel of Ford’s new Orion. CarAdvice will keep you posted with any further developments. Remember, if you have any spy photos of Ford’s new Falcon – or any other vehicle for that matter – contact CarAdvice, if the photos are decent, we’re willing to pay cash (more than the major magazines).

High-resolution copies of the images attached are available. Please contact CarAdvice to request copies. Our spy photographer will also be on hand to reply to any questions people have about the vehicles spotted, please simply ask the question in the comments area below.

  • Damo

    Gee, the mags on the second set are differenet to say the least, but I don’t mind them. I prefer the gun metal grey colour though on falcons. I’m not surprised that Ford has been using BF body shells as test mules as most manufacturers tend to do that, it is a lot easier as they wouldn’t exactly need to cover the car up. Having said that I recently saw an XR6/8 BF falcon masked on the front and rear travelling down Prospect Rd., Prospect, S.A. a week ago or so. Not that they would do testing in S.A. for any reason, it was still odd to think why somebody would do that to their car.

  • http://www.alborzfallah.com alborz

    the mags appear very similar to the XR5 mags.

  • Sam™

    well i dont think its going to change much before its final release so in saying that i think that it looks too long and big, again. of course the falcon has been the australian family car but im sure they could compact its size more without losing 4 doors and interior space. i dare says its heavy again too. bear in mind im looking at if from a performance perspective but we can all say large cars are losing the market share for the most part.

    will have to wait and see!

  • http://www.pedalcar.com.au Bavarian Missile


  • http://www.pedalcar.com.au Bavarian Missile

    What the FUDGE?…

  • http://www.pedalcar.com.au Bavarian Missile

    That was my alias,13 year old son being random whilst I was out of the room for 5 mins and he is on my computer. I am off to kill him!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.brunobeast.com Bruno Beast

    Looks great!

  • http://the-patient-man.blogspot.com Christiaan

    This car looks dead in the water before it even hits the showroom.

    That front end distance between the wheelarch and the actual tyre will require a cut lunch to get from one to the other.

    They killed the Fairlane through really crappy design… here we go again… the market in Australia is too small to survive with a crappy car.. Ford need to start thinking global and up market.. this is not a car reflective of this.. it is a slightly rehashed version of last weeks fish and chips.


  • Sam™

    ^my thoughts completely, it just looks…..awkward

    to me it looks too big and taxi cabbish, dont know if thats the best way to describe it, but to me just looks like a bigger BA falcon and hardly a “new” model. im beginning to have my doubts for the new falcon and more so, what fate it will have! if this doesent sell falcon is gone.

  • monster

    Dont be fooled by those pics,ford are doing a good job on this one and will be lighter and good lookin too i know it wont be like bf at all.ford are covering up talk about a wolf in sheeps clothing.ps nice pics but the best is yet to come.hehe

  • adam

    It makes me laugh how easy it is to fool most people with a well disgused test car!

    The BF is not beatne by the VE engineering wise…Ford only needs to produce a good looking car (which you can’t judge yet) and refine the current package further to beat the VE, it alreay beats VE for drivetrain performance and fuel economy and almost matches the VE for handling dynamics in BF…

    Don’t worry you can all judge fairly when the Orion is actually released…not too long to go.
    A wheelbase stretch of 30mm, more power across the all engines, better fuel economy, could even match the 4cyl camry and 6cyl aurion! If the ZF is made standard…its only 0.3 of a litre off from the aurion.
    I can’t see how the Orion won’t be better than many in its current class.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/3058/latest-ford-falcon-orion-spy-shots/ Luke

    Gees. Looks like a cross between a Fairlane and a Mondeo with that massive boot. It needs to be shorter and a little higher. The front looks good though.

  • monster

    It is shorter its even been compared to a subaru liberty and they got a small boot, but runs deep into the rest of the car, will be 100kg lighter different chasis,doors and platform look a little like the ba but thats to keep that beautiful agressive ford image going.The same image that the ve attempted to copy, when i look a ve ss i can see bits of the ba xr8 but with xt head lights understand where im comin from.HSV i just beat one.hehe.


    (to me it looks too big and taxi cabbish, dont know if thats the best way to describe it, but to me just looks like a bigger BA falcon and hardly a “new” model. im beginning to have my doubts for the new falcon and more so, what fate it will have! if this doesent sell falcon is gone)

    All just scare tactics, as if ford will depend on one car for its faith here in aus, fords got to much dosh for something like that to happen, i reakon when the orion finally comes out from under the covers it’ll be another white wash just like when the ba came, it’s gona make the competion look and feel stupid and also cheap, CANT WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • monster

    Its smaller its just the foam add ons, will kick ass on ve dont diss it it yet just wait till march 2008.a long time hey. fpv design team.hehe.

  • http://www.automobilediscussion.com Jason from America

    Hey many of us from america would really like to get our hands on the falcon here. Most people i have talked to really love the new Holden conversion that we are about to get, the Pontiac G8. It seems that Ford is also testing the Falcon here in the states.
    I also here that our Mustang well share some of the parts on it’s platform with the Falcon which makes good business sense.

  • khashy

    i love the falcon i drive a ba xr8 i cant wait for this one to come out

  • ozmazda

    Lets hope Ford get it right to match Holdens sales success.

  • Aussie own

    Yes i agree come on Ford

  • friend@Ford

    I have ben advised that the new Falcon will feature a one piece dashboard. It is such a large unit the ergonomists are having trouble figuring out how to fit it to the car on the assembly line.

  • Sandeep Patel

    Looking at the front end of the ‘XR6′ it looks quite similar to the front of the BF MKII Fairmont Ghia! I reckon we cant comment and make final judgement on these pics at all, wait till the final is out which I think Ford will be back at the top of the sales chart!!!

  • Monster from fpv design team.

    This car will whip hsv gts 307kw ass big time and hsv know it and yes to hsv it will be lighter this time and i do mean it this time.

  • youridiots

    im sorry to say there is no left hand drive, the chassis including the blade control is still a carry over from ba, no engine has brought back before front axle, wheel base is identical to au/ba. sadly all it is is new panels and roof line grafted over an existing sub structure dating back to 1997 from the au. so please do not get too excited and if you want to have any guage of what it will look like look no further than the new mondeo which unfortunately looks like an updated mazda 6.


    From what I hear the new Falcon will just be a superficial facelift unlike the new Commodore, which was a total redesign.

    Ford should do something to make the Falcon a little more than just a whitegoods taxi car. Simply calling its upmarket version European isn’t going to fool anyone. Resale values are the worst on Falcons. In three years you’ll lose about 60 per cent of the car’s value in depreciation. Is it any wonder why families nowadays are buying compact 4WDs like RAV4, CRV, and BMW X5? They have better resale, most are cheaper, have more space, and most even have better fuel consumption than the Falcon. The anti-SUV crowd seems to have done nothing to stop the migration from large cars to 4WDs and small cars.

  • Paul

    I have a question, does the new Falcon get a new engine? Because I find it funny possible in this case and definetely in the VE Commodores case how they advertise all the testing they do on the engines when ummmm… its an old engine thats already been tested. Like I understand upping the power needs some checking but it was funny watching the Holden propaganda documentary about the creation of the VE and all the testing on the engine… which across the range is the same engine form the previous models.

  • Paul

    QUOTE = From what I hear the new Falcon will just be a superficial facelift unlike the new Commodore, which was a total redesign.

    Bar the engine… which is the most expensive single component in a car.

  • Andrew.

    add yourself in that bracket too.
    au came out in 1998 not 97.
    any way whats wrong with a reskin (looks like a big reskin too not a ba to bf thing thats for sure) and some serious refinement?
    from what i can see this wont look like a bf. im guessing a slight chassis change though, the fuel tank over the rear axle thing that holden did. (saftey standards involved there) and if they spend the rest on refinement well it will whip anything in its class. as it stands it already beats holden by 90%. holden is getting sales cause they have a fresh car not because it is 10 years ahead of its time.

  • Mr Holden

    It is a bf falcon done up like a AU falcon they wont have a chance against the Mighty commodore.

  • Andrew. M

    please do elaborate Mr Holden
    i got $50 that you got nothin and are ill informed just like every other one eyed holden supporter.

  • Monster from fpv design team.

    hsv 307kw vs fpv 310kw you do the math in 2008

  • Devil’s Advocate

    Now I don’t really care either way in the Ford V Holden pi$$ing contest, however I have one thing for youridiots. You are having a go at Ford for keeping the same suspension from the BA.
    1. If it aint broke why fix it? Why don’t you then bag Holden for carrying over engines from the VZ and STILL using the same auto transmission that was used in the VN, if not the VL??? It is a very good suspension if you take the blinkers off.
    2. Don’t forget, it took Holden until the VE to finally fit the Commodore with a competitive rear suspension. The suspension on the VZ was based off the Opel Rekord of the late 70s! If you don’t know what an Opel Rekord it, it is the car that the original VB Commodore was based on. So the Commodore was capable of having IRS since inception, but it took until the VT (based off the Opel Omega) for it to be standard across the range, almost 20 years. The VE is the first all Holden effort, every other Commodore beforehand was basically an Opel with different front and rear body panels and a bit of metal added in the floopan to make it a bit bigger.

    Don’t get me wrong, the VE Commodore is a good car and is a great effort and a credit to our local industry. I am sure the Falcon will be the same in the usual Ford/Holden leap frog. I just would never own either because they do not suit MY needs. :-)

  • Mr Man!

    The Falcon is apparently still quite heavily disguised in these pictures, so we should still reserve judgement until a later date, however so far it looks quite pleasant.

    I doubt very much Ford are going to do anything radical with the Orion Falcon, as they need this car to save them I think. It would be great to see this car in the United States, because I think there is a fair demand for it there. However, that is not going to happen until the 2012 Falcon is released, sadly. (Or so I have heard.)

    I am pretty sure that weight loss is something that is being considered with Orion Falcon, this will help the economy as well.

    I have also heard of Turbocharged engines available in Fairmont Ghia, and possibly all other models, but I simply cannot confirm this. Turbo E-Gas Engines? Maayyybee…

    I have heard the interior is leaps and bounds ahead, which is nice, because it is where you spend most of your time, right?

    It’s good that there is competition between Holden and Ford, as it means that each manufacturer raises the bar with every new model!

    I have also read that there is possibility, although super minute, that the diesel engine bound for the Territory may see it’s way into the Falcon at some point, which it would have to to fight against the Commodore’s diesel, although once again, heresay.

    I’m interested in what colours are in the linup though, I wanna see a dirty poo-velour 1970’s style brown! Mwahaha.

    So, I’ll leave that with you while all the people who work at Ford read this laugh at all the inaccurate speculation!

  • Chopstar87

    i think personally the GT will be 320kw…. AS the differance between GT and XR8 was 30kw in the BA/BF range so if the XR8 is 290Kw the GT should be 320Kw, which ford can do with the Boss engine….remember in i think 2003 with the DJR 320KW and that was 4 years ago now…. so would think 320Kw would be right… and in the Motor mag they say the typhoon will be 300kw… which is awesome… if the 270kw typhoon is .1 sec of the GTS what would extra 30Kw do!!! hell yea!!! again the typhoon is 20kw less then the get so if the typhoon is 300Kw the GT has to be 320Kw!!! i just cant wait for the new falcon…. and if the typhoon is going to be 300kw…bye bye to HSV again!!! lol!!! i think 300Kw typhoon would equal a sub 5 sec 0-100km!!! and again the typhoon would be fight with the likes of the new EVO and WRX!!! SO GO FOR IT FORD!!! Show what ford australia can do with a large inline 6!!!!

  • Bavarian Missile

    Ford Forums reporting tonight that the latest Motor Magazine reports the G6 is for the Poverty Pac Orion,G6E is for the LPG model.

  • Aussie own

    From what i heard it will be a good car. So holden watch out

  • Chopstar87

    Bavarian Missile… the thing is that ford doesnt have to spend a billion dollars for a new car!!! the Ba/BF car is great and the VE only better in some departments!!! so Ford doesnt have to pay Billion Dollars… and saying all this for a company that spent 1 billion dollars on a Car and there best car the GTS in only 0.1 faster then fords fastest car the Typhoon…which is 4years old!!! its not how much you spend its how you spend ya money!!! so i think that holden wasted there money!!! because i dont think spend a billon dollars on a car and only be 0.1sec faster then a four year old car!!! what that!!!! saying this, it shows How Good the BA/BF is!!!!

  • Ben

    Suck shit all you holden and hsv bitches. Ford and FPV rule from here on in. I’ll put $200 to anyone that says the new XR6T will get the current F6 motor, with less body wait. And the XR8 May get a 285kw engine with 550Nm?. Will the quad cam 5.4 V8 be stroked out to 5.8 for the new FPV models and will we finally see the return of the “GTHO”.P.S please ford, give as a Territory with the next XR8 engine.

  • Ben

    I want the trailer from the pictures above. Please make that an option, they would sell like a fat kid jumping on a cup cake

  • Tony Soprano.

    I think its only fair the xr8 gets the 290kw gt motor if xr6t gets the f6 motor….

  • Tony Soprano.

    ba xr8 260kw 5.4 keeps up well against vz 297kw 6.0 already.

  • Tony Soprano.

    And its only fair ford put a boss v8 in the territory like the turbo great idea.

  • Ben

    Mr Holden, you are offically a fuck head. Along with all you assholes that think the new falcon is the same as an AU. To me the crumbledore looks like a bad fruit off the ugly tree and when it feel off it hit every branch down.

  • Tony Soprano.

    I agree with you,au is not the same platform as ba at all and the ba xrs are great cars already its time for a fresh look and more power now.

  • Andrew. M

    and can i remind these people that oh yes as a car the au was a better package than what holden had.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Chopstar87, I never said Ford would have to spend a billion dollars on a car ? I am a Ford Supporter ,have to be have 2 in the family ! Even the BA GT has had a LOT of issues I wouldn’t trade it for a Commodore !!

  • Tony Soprano.

    I love the ba xr and its gonna get better.

  • Tony Soprano.

    New xr8 keeps bonnet hump.

  • mr awsome

    i think its too big it needs to be smaller than the VE, not much smaller just enuf to make it lighter and return better fuel consumption on a base model, f#@k economy on xra or xr6.

    but seriously holdens ve isnt selling too rapidly, nor the bitsamissing (mitsubishi) 380, wake up ford!

  • Tony Soprano.

    It will be bit smaller,and slim on xr8 290kw yes……

  • http://elfin Tony Soprano.

    More slimer for those front guards are too…

  • http://elfin Tony Soprano.

    Forget about it..

  • http://elfin Tony Soprano.

    I love the wheels after i saw u.s. pics.

  • Scott

    This will be another flop just like the AU why are ford always behind the eight ball when it comes to ford and holden?

  • Andrew. M

    you got no idea. the falcon is 5 years old and holden has just caught up to be prob 90% still behind the falcon. holden still clearly lacks in motor and gearbox. the ford has shit over holden for a while now too in handling and from what i have read handling seems to be the one thing that holden now has on the ford (but not much in it at all). so it took em 5 years and 1 billion $ to come close to ford WOW!!! thats good (not)
    and even better the new ford is still to come so if you think the new falcon will go backwards you are a tool.
    also please tell me what was wrong with the AU falcon (apart from sales) cause i can tell you the Au had it over the holden equivalents aswell.

  • Paul

    Yeah I wouldnt say the AU was that bad… I think its appearance more than anything was abit of a turn off, but under skin it was alright car. And sales do not mean anything as to the quality of the car ESPECIALLY between Ford and Holden who sell I believe in excess of 80% to fleets! You just have to look around right now at how many VE Omegas there are on the road to see that it means nothing, its all fleets, no-one in their right mind would pay $35k for the slowest car in its class, a 4 speed tranny from the 90s, a lack of safety features (ie airbags) and having to pay extra for a car ‘built for Aussie conditions’ that doesnt have A/C standard! And lets not even mention the recalls within 6 months of its release, if ever there was a deterent for buyers!

    Be interesting to see which cars Holden sells to private buyers… I would GUESS the higher end of their range where their cars starting getting respectable.

  • Andrew. M

    dont be so quick with your credit for holden selling the higher end to private buyers. you seem to love your fleet figures well check out how many statesman/caprice vehicles go to company exec’s especially government!!!! i would guess 90%

    thanks for backing me up on the Au too i would say it was ford trying to be too individual that got it in to trouble. people are scared of that.
    also can i remind that the AU falcon ute was #1 for the whole 4 years it was in production

    yeah i second you on the A/C and recalls thing with the VE too

  • http://elfin Tony Soprano.

    Forget about it…

  • Mr Potty

    Ford does not require the Falcon to sell as many vehicles as Holden does to make a profit. In fact, while Holden has made significant losses in the past couple of years, Ford has posted good results with only 1 year in the red over the past 8 years or so.

    Scott appears to be just a naive one-eyed Holden fan who really has no idea though. The AU was superior to the VT in areas such as braking, while Ford has led in safety for a long time. The fact that the BFII which is essentially a refined 8 year old design (based on the AU platform) with 5 year old specs (barring the ZF of course) can still compete with the VE shows just how well it was designed to last over time.

    But I do wish to state that Holdens are still nice cars. However, the media admittedly does give them a bloody good run. The AU Falcon was a good car and although its styling is not everybody’s cup of tea, it was still a very good car in which maybe barring the design, was superior to Holden in many areas.

    Holden has superior advertising though. Falcon’s advertising has been terrible for too long.

  • will

    well its not looling to good all black have to wait till it comes out to make a final decision not to mention that it looks huge

  • Ben

    That front overhang looks extremely long, at least compared to VE Commodore.
    It looks like a large car, certainly gaining length over previous-gen Falcon.
    The Mondeo headlights just arent doing it for me i am afraid.
    If Ford appear to be bringing out all their goodies in this car I think Holden has alot they havent mentioned, eg ford may be increasing power by alot, but I would think Holden would be getting a 300 kW SS ready to go for the next model to counter this. I think direct injection will be coming sooner rather than later and diesel as well. I think that when Holden released this Commodore they may have held back a bit and waited for Orion to come out with their big guns.

  • Robsta

    scott is a tool, scott is a tool, scott is a tool, scott is a tool. Just like the shit box holdens, took them 1billion dollars to keep up with a now almost five year old falcon. I wonder what holdens gonna do with themselves when ford bring out the falcon, there gonna have to hit bill gates up for cash to build something to compete with todays ford age which will beat holdens technology which is out dated two years ago. I feel sorry for holden ( not ).

  • Bavarian Missile /

    Hey,Alborz I am off to SAN FRAN end of the Month,husband looking at renting a Shelby Hertz Mustang,$150.00 a day,not bad .A Camry however we could have for $144.00 !!!!!!!!! What would you go for.

    No I don’t get a choice of BMW ,as usual!

    OR a Hummer for $314.00 ,umm nope not in the pimping mood.

  • Bmac

    All you guys need to get a life and just wait for the car to come out on the market. If it’s in a BF skin than you can’t tell anything?? Losers. In case you don;t relise the car is masked up in an angular fashion so you can’t guage the shape, so don’t comment on it?? Losers. What ever it is it will be too expensive and wear out in 3 years anyway (like all Aus cars) and be worth a pinch of shit. Why don’t you all buy old VT’s and run ’em into the ground, they’re good on fuel and cheap. P.S. Leave the for testers alone to do their job- Those guys are freaks.

  • Silly Simon

    I think that lesbians might have designed this car?? What do all you armchair experts say??

  • Lady Likkalot

    Whats wrong with lesbians designing cars silly simon?? Wanna fight??

  • Roger

    I have just read all before me, lets settle it now, the new Ford will have the same to similar body as the BA – both the rear of the new design will be very similar to the new Subaru Liberty Sedan – design of this vehicle will be like looking at a bigger Subaru…. With Holden – their gone – remour is Aust will only make HSV type vehicles for the world market – all other standard vehicles will be imported – As for fleet cars – yes most have now changed to Fords and Toyota’s – do not beleive toyota’s feul figures as the camery is no where near as good as the BA/BF Ford models so their in lies a little toyota ferfie……

  • Andrew. M

    bang on it roger, thats what i reckon with fuel figures and toyota having quite a large fleet following too.

    1 thing though where do you get your info on the HSV only staying in OZ and the looks of the rear of the new falcon? are you speculating with the looks thing just like the rest of us

  • Roger

    Yes Andrew, HSV rumour is industry rumour and has been around for some years – this does infact relate to manufacturing process and the cost this involves, as we have seen it doesn’t take much for a car company to force the closure of suppliers buy screwing costs – the VE holden is reportedly more than 66% imported this includes the engine casting, and it has never looked more plasticy than now – As for the ford we shall all wait and see, but i did make a slight mistake, it should have read the front and rear of this new ford are silimar design to subaru not just the rear…..May Be Speculation!!!!!

    As for the toyota – on fleet purchase their is about $400 difference from the standard ford to the camry ateva which is like getting a fairmont in luxury but still it’s only 2.4 lt and their in lies the fuel problem…

  • Andrew. M

    yes i have heard of falcons and commy”s that get better figures than the camry, especially on highway cycle. obviously also because of the higher revs from the smaller motor and prob the gearing too

  • Roger

    Hey Andrew, what would you think if the new ford had a 3.3 lt desiel engine…..

  • Scott

    I have worked in Fords workshops for 10 years and then in sales for ford for another three I have seen plenty of cars come and go and every time ford bring out a new car we go to the track and compare with other cars Holden being one of them I am a Ford fan but I am sick of getting my hopes up every time they bring out a new Model to get disapointed,

    Andrew M said it right Ford are behind in sales and have been for a long time you have to ask your self why? Is all the public wrong, I dont think so just about every one who buys a ford and holden compare the two cars and Holden come out on top.

    Mr potty you point out the brakes of the AU are better than the VT well it takes alot more than one part on a car to make it great I will give you the brakes the rest is holden like I said I am not one eyed just honest. Get over it.

  • Andrew. M

    scott dont put words into my mouth. i have never said the commodore is better than the falcon.
    is it not just brakes the au or falcon in general is better in.

    how about motor and definately transmission? then there is the suspension…. and if you want to go ergonomics i would say seats and by far centre console.

    just because you are in the know on one of the sides doesnt mean you know about if other side is better. there are plenty of ex holden mechanics/sales people that get on here too and preach that they are astounded by how people buy holden after what they have seen.
    ok what im saying is a motor mechanics only sees the cars when something is wrong with them. (usually)
    like people dont bring them in to show you how good its going.
    and specialising in one make gives your observations less credibility.

  • HAWC

    SCREW THIS! Do you guys have the Mondeo in Austrailia?

  • http://fleischerphoto.com mefleischer

    to me as an american living in australia these images leave me….well….uninspired. the lines don’t have that evolution the last two models shared. what little i can see from the front view looks like it’s missing that bad ass grunt that made it’s way all the way down the falcon line. i come from a long line of auto involvement and even owned a couple true falcon’s….and currently drive a modified (gas dedicated) falcon….i’m starting to feel ford is off course with what this car represents. my first falcons where light, fun, and made sense. my current falcon still retains some of that core as it is the body choice on the race course in this country….but deep down i wish ford would do what they did to the mustang…..get back to the core. chevy is doing it with the cameo and other brands/models are hitting the right note that is winning over market share…..why not FORD?!? they have the means now let’s all tell them to get with the program and produce cars that inspire…..they have the internals (motor, trany, and the like) right why can’t they get the recipe right with the looks? i’m not seeing/feeling it with these images of the potential new falcon. please tell me i’m not alone…..

  • Going Ford, Is The Going Thing

    Oh!!! I wanted to work For Ford, so I can have a drive of it!

  • Can’t Wait

    I just recently saw pictures of the new gt cobra and I think the spyshots look similar to it. So maybe we have’nt seen any spyshots of the orion yet.

  • Going Ford, Is The Going Thing

    Can’t Wait, what makes you think these are of the Cobra? Looks nothing like it.

  • Going Ford, Is The Going Thing

    Can’t wait, you made a comment simlar to that in the ‘2008 Falcon Spy shots overview’ page. I Don’t know what makes you think this is the Cobra. For starters, look at the door handles of these spy shots. Are they the same as the Cobra?
    Also, why do they need to dress them up in bras for if it’s a Cobra thats the same body?

  • Samzbob

    Looks like it has different brakes on the front that the current falcon aswell, hopefulyl means the end of the brake shudder i have to deal with every day at work grrrr, even on the BF 2’s!

  • BK

    Seen the new Falcon today driving along Horseshoebend Road, Torquay at about 1030am. There where two cars following it and one in front of it. Its a great way to get everybodys attention as it did for me. Great camoflauge they use on it but the FORD badges stood out. I bet they be takin it on the Great Ocean road to give it a good run.

  • BFII

    Ford Falcon = the best Australian made, designed and engineered/created car;)

  • greg

    Yes I agree BFII, FORD is the greatest….

  • BROCK 05

    Hello Ford supporters im wondering how you guys are comparing the ve commodore to the new orion falcon, when the car hasnt been realeased yet. The Ve commodore is a world class car and that is a fact, it was the first australain car to be nominated for world car of the year and is exported all over the world from the u.k, usa china, middle east, brazil and malaysia. This results in a huge profit by holden at a rate of 450 million a year, the plant in melbourne adds 5.2 billion to the austrlain economy by exporting. This is something ford australia carnt do. For example the fairlane sold one car in a month no wonder ford gave it the boot, the main reason for the small sales because the car is basically a ford falcon stretched, no effort into the the styling exterior, interior indentical to a basic falcon. In fact this was the worst year for the ford falcon with small sales of their number 1 car around 37000 sales. I believe this knew orion is coming at the worst time as ford sales decline. This new xr8 at 290kw is intersting because why would ford have a 20kw difference between the xr8 and the gt at 310kw and bascially the same engine. I would see much more buyers of the xr8 for the money anyways. will this be the same mistake as the au falcon? which cost 700 million in comparsion the the vt which got huger wraps and sold and exporting more cars then the au did. Yes the Ve cost 1 billion dollars but 600 million went to the world class facility in adelaide which needed to be expanded for high demand for exporting australain built cars which helps the australian economy. the ve ute and the sportswagon have interest by chevrolet and pontiac in the us. I dont see your so called ba falcon having any interest by ford america i thought it was the best engineered australain car they dont want a 1980’s 4.0 litre in it. by the way the cadillac is coming to australia the end of the year with our own 3.6 litre alloytec engine built in fishermans bend at a amazing 227kw and 370nm of torque the only difference its got a direct injected engine and shortly will find its way to the ve commodore. also the 6.2 LS3 327kw will be coming late this year aswell as the new MONARO. R.I.P BROCKY beat those ford gt’s in a 6 cyclinder torana NO.1.

  • tonyn

    your a muppet!

    Wouldnt have brought up the nomination for world car of the year cause it failed miserably!!!! not to mention the numerous recalls there “billion dollar baby” has had huh!

    And where has holden conformed these two engines? its a bit like me saying we are going to have a supercharged v8 in fords soon! grow up!

    And have you toured the golden sight at fishermans bend? its as bad as fords, no world leading factory there, if you want to see a top class motor factory go and see BMW;’s or Audi’s factorys, light years of the rubish holden serves us up here! i have toured ford holden and toyotas factorys, and although it hurts to say it, toyota has a far better factory than either ford or holden!

    Ford worldwide have shown an interest in the Falcon when the world engine is put in it 2010, they are looking to invest in RWD cars.

    A mini has won bathurst too, does that make the new mini a better performance car then FPV or HSV?

  • Bavarian Missile

    hahahahahaha………”your a muppet!”

    Welcome to our world recently!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oz.

    BROCK 05, take a hike back to Holdenwoo forums then…

  • Watto_Cobra

    Some valid points there Brock05, but you’re missing some of the story.

    I applaud Holden for their export strategy. Except the export deal to USA was struck before the Oz dollar shot up, it is actually hurting them a bit atm.

    Go on any American Ford blogs and see how many regular people wish they had our Falcons and FPVs over there. It’s ForsUS management that are too ignorant/arrogant to take our superior product over there.

    Speaking of 6-cylinders. Any comparos I read between 4 year old BF and new VE put the VE ahead overall by a surprisingly small margin. The Falcon was still better in some areas including a much better, smoother, torquier engine. It shows how good the BA was to begin with and why it deserved COTY. I’m expecting Orion to be much better again, and perhaps take out COTY again.

    The reason the I6 is going is economy of scale. Australia is a pretty small market compared to yank and euro. Sinking a lot of money into I6 to achieve EuroIV emissions standards doesn’t stack up well with the beancounters when they can just grab a V6 that already meets those standards from the US a la GM Holden.

    Speaking of 8-cylinders. Yep, Holden are on a good thing there, its a shame they are crate engines from the states rather than an Oz donk. I don’t think the answer is throwing bigger and bigger engines in. Look at what the Germans achieve with their small V8s, better through technology rather than capacity.

    Re: Bathurst, the Cosworth Sierra (4-cyl) was so potent that even Brock was forced to use one. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the only bloke who stuck with Commodore was Larry Perkins. I always admired him for sticking to his guns.

    Small and nimble, I remember seeing Jaguar flog the Mini Cooper down Conrod, then on top of the mountain the mini would be nipping at his heels again.

  • tonyn

    i have a good friend at ford and if you seen the work they needed to do to get that enging compliant for emmissions you would of picked the V6 too, it was jus too hard! from what i know the v6 we will get will bw pretty potent and they do have the twin turbo one slated for here too, so i wouldnt be worryed about the V6!

    i have driven a couple of holden V8’s and wasnt impressed!

  • Andrew M

    great comment mate. those sierras were great.

    long time no type,
    im not sure exactlly what they would have had to do to the I6, but what i do know is currently the NEW commy donk is actually worse than the ford I6

    mate why wouldnt people want the “1980” ford 6cyl when it absolutely creams all over the commy V6 all the way from the oil filler, right through the drive line, all the way to the round things at the rear, and on to the black stuff

  • BROCK 05

    is the new orion on the same platform as the au just wondering?

  • tonyn

    no it is a reworked platform

  • tonyn

    there was plents and millions would of had top be spent, and you know what the answer was! v6 is the best option to keep the falcon afloat

  • BROCK 05

    As I said holden is making a huge contribution to the australain economy as australia imports much more then what they export. Any car to be nominated for world car of the year is a huge achievement especially australai who havent been nominated before, only about 30 cars around the world get nominated.

  • tonyn

    how? just silly holden dribble once again! if they cared about the australian ecomomy they would be sourcing parts from australia!

    Being nominated was a huge achievement, but it looked stupid compared to the competition, it was dropped in the first round!!

  • BROCK 05

    The Ford Falcon struggled for the second year in a row and fell to fifth place outright. It recorded the lowest sales in the 47-year history of the nameplate, selling 33,000 a drop of 20 per cent compared with 2006.

    The question is will the orion falcon deliver?
    goodbye fairlane (may 10 2007 what a joke; reason not selling enough).

  • BROCK 05

    Ok tony we will see how successful this new ford will be it better not be another au. we will see if it wins world car of the year let alone qualify.

  • BROCK 05

    The Holden Commodore was Australia’s biggest selling new car for the 12th year in a row. Unbeatable australia’s favourite car and that is a fact. even beating the toyota crolla which came second despite the fuel prices issues, infact holden have record sales for v8 models.

  • Oz.

    Umm BROCK 05 what are you doing here?

    Falcon’s sales are down because they look too old, while the VE is new.

  • Wheelnut

    Brock 05 – Do your research..
    If you are a real Holden [GM] fan as your name suggests

    you would know that last week at the D-troit Motorshow Bob Lutz announced that the Monaro has been put on ice.
    As the facility in Canada – where the Monaro was to be built; gears up to meet demand for the New Camaro which is expected to sell in far greater numbers than the Monaro/GT0

  • Wheelnut

    By the way Brock 05 they didn’t actually “expand” the factory in Elizabeth either – even though there is enough room to do so.. maybe for the Torana?

    They gradually introduced the new “gernie” system [for the VE] “on the fly” – alongside the old VT-VZ line.. Then as the VZ came to the end of its run the VZ robots etc were replaced with the ones for the VE

  • tonyn

    brock 05 i have owned two AU falcons ( Fairmont ghia and FTE TS50) and have to say they were years in front of my mates VT VX VY commodores, they were smoother, better on the road, more comfortable. Just because jurnos bagged them out doesnt mean they were a s!#t box! infact they had lest recalls than your billion dollar baby VE!!

    Street commodores cost you $8.95, maybe you should go buy that rather than waster money on your internet connection!

  • Wheelnut

    Brock05 – The main reason why sales of the current falcon have stalled or declined somewhat is because of the upcoming release of the Orion Falcon.. Think about it

    It happens everytime there is a completely new vehicle just around the corner.. people tend to hold off on buying the soon to be superceded model.

    Therefore inorder to move stock manufacturers often release limited editions such as the Storm/Thunder or the Craig Lowndes Ute..

  • Andrew M

    the fairlane got discontinued because ford failed to sew up the fleet contracts with them like holden has with the statesman. fleets buy those LWB luxury cars not the general public.

    holden and huge contribution to the australian economy shouldnt be used in the same sentence. well maybe keeping the guys pulling containers off boats at our docks does help our economy so maybe you do have a point 😉

    anyone who bags the Au simply doesnt know anything about it, so to keep yourself from looking uneducated dont mention the AU again.

    the billion dollar only JUST managed to eclipse the 6yr old falcon in terms handling and thats prob the only thing it has over it at the moment

  • tonyn

    i dont know if i have any more energy for these arguments! where are they comming from? i dont know!

    You guys know how much of a ford fan i am but my current job is forcing me to drive something else and i have to say i miss my AU a little! maybe cause i have been spoilt driving European cars and fords!

  • David Allison

    if you have a ford – enjoy it! if uou have a holden – enjoy it. save your time and energy of all this ford – holden dribble. after all these years its just plain boring.

  • Oz.

    If you have low energy for this Tonyn, i have none.

    Wheelnut: yes it is these pics and an aging design is why falcon’s sales are down.
    Brock 05: if you just want to spruck on about how you love Holden over ford. What brought you to a Ford Article in the first place?

  • BROCK 05

    Wheelnut: yes it is these pics and an aging design is why falcon’s sales are down.
    What a lame excuse I didnt see the vz or vy decline in sales as i said 12 years in a row consistent performance. If i was a ford fan i would be worried this is the worst ford has done with the falcon in 47 years its got nothing to do with the age, the vz was just as old. and anyway isnt this new car on the same platform as the au LOL?

  • BROCK 05

    The VE had much more publicity than the orion falcon it didnt affect sales maybe slightly, but holden sold almost 30,000 more cars than the falcon which is a big differnce when it comes to holden v ford. I dont care what u guys think about holdens but the facts are there.

  • Wheelnut

    No the new falcon isn’t built on the old AU platform.

    Just as Holden did with the VE – Ford designers have pushed the front wheels further forward which means the bulk of the engine will sit behind the front axles thus improving weight distribution Plus the track is also slightly wider which will also improve handling.. as it has on the VE.

  • Wheelnut

    As for publicity – leading up to the release of the VE and the new Falcon.. it has been pretty much the same because on both occassions then [with the VE] and now [with the Falcon] reports/rumours and speculation about both cars were flying around a good 6-9 months before the cars were actually released.. not to mention CGIs.. all of which created interest and intrigue > more speculation etc.

    Over the same 6-9 month period sales of the VZ stalled did decline slightly – similar to that of the current Falcon. it happens with every NEW Model.

    I mean you wouldn’t buy a VZ if you knew the next model due out in less than 6 months was going to be more advanced; have more features; more power etc would you?

    BTW I prefer the look of the BF to the VZ

  • Wheelnut

    If the Facts [about Holden] are there BrockO5 then why not refer to them

    Because you got your facts wrong in relation to the new Monaro and the “expansion” of the Holden Factory..

    BTW its not the assembly line that determines how easy it is to built LHD or RHD cars its the intrnisic design of the car itself.
    Because all the sub assemblies of the VE are now built off-line in special areas then meet up as the body of the car makes its way down the mainline

  • Wheelnut

    [Quote] Brock05: Hello Ford supporters im wondering how you guys are comparing the VE commodore to the new orion falcon, when the car hasn’t been realeased yet.

    Aahh aren’t you also comparing the VE to a car that hasn’t been released yet by saying

    “….this is the worst Ford has done with the Falcon in 47 years….” ????

  • Duck

    Brock 05,
    I’m also a HOLDEN fan mate! But, there is one falcon that i think that may be as good or better than HSV Cubbie the new FPV range looks outstanding! Coming from a guy that says that i hate/dislike fords most of the time, its hard to say that! But i still think that ford might not be able to compete with HSV’s Grange and Senator! Because they are both too superior!

  • Wheelnut

    You’re right Duck

    FPV don’t have anything to compete with the Grange.. as its based on a Statesman and Ford no longer make a Fairlane.

    However; in terms of the Senator.. I think the Force8 [Based on the Fairmont] is a pretty good rival to it.

  • Duck

    When does the Holden Commodore VF come out? 2010?

    And if you have any websites of pictures of what it could look like, could you please tell me?


  • Duck

    But WebWombat did a test between the HSV Senator and FPV Force 6 not Force 8!

  • BROCK 05

    “Orion” is not an all-new design, but a considerable update of the AU–BF platform. Apart from the firewall onwards and from the sills up, the existing structure is rumoured to remain unchanged.

  • Oz.

    ^That’s off wikipedia

  • BROCK 05

    The EL falcon sold more cars than the au falcon. Ford had the au for 4 years and el for 2 years and the el still sold more cars. That just shows that a new car worth 700 million and on a newer platform, was not successfull. wheelnut your tellling me that australains are waiting for the knew orion? is that why the bf sales are the worst in fords history, it does not make sense. By the way the platform is basically the same get your facts right! It has just been improved.

  • Andrew M

    and this comes from the very guy who was critical of people making statements about the orion before it arrived?

  • Watto_Cobra

    Brock05, you should know that Wheelnut is a huge Holden fan and really knows his stuff. Like many of us here he appreciates other makes as well.

    I am one of those in the boat waiting to buy an Orion and I’m not the only one.

  • Oz.

    What has the platform got to do with sales?

  • BROCK 05

    Well you guys a making all kind of predictions of the new orion check out the forums mate, your comparing the orion with the ve. when the ve has proven its self on a world scale check out the reviews across the world thereas been huge wraps and you ford fans do not aknowledge that as an australain you should be proud of what holden has done with the ve. I just want you guys to think what holden has done in 2 years with ve, ithas been a huge success. This is proven by the huge publicity huge sales


  • Oz.

    Who isn’t proud of that anyway? If a VE can be good, so can a Falcon.

  • Watto_Cobra

    Actually a bit further up I said Holden has a great V8 and I like the fact they export (yep jealous), and hope FordUS grow a brain and get our Falcons over there.


    BA/BF are generally better cars than VT/VX/VY/VZ. The VE came along and raised the bar quite high, and I hope Orion will leapfrog again. We, the consumer, benefit from the competition.

  • Andrew M

    just curious mate,
    so do the Ve’s that have proven themselves on the world scale have to be sent back to australia for all of the recall rectifications or has GM set up a group of world leading recall experts too

  • BROCK 05

    VE Commodore sedan – August 2006
    HSV E-Series sedan – Late August 2006
    WM Statesman/Caprice sedan – September 2006
    VE Commodore utility – October 2007
    VE Commodore wagon – March 2008
    VE Monaro coupe – Late 2008
    by: mike simcoe, is that correct?

  • BROCK 05

    The AU also had many recalls don’t get me wrong it’s not a big deal take it easy, everyone gets there car back to normal.

  • BROCK 05


  • Watto_Cobra

    Yep, looking forward to the VEII vs. Orion battle. I hope both are still around for a long time to come.

  • Wheelnut

    The VF is expected for release by 2010.. around the same time as the Camaro and possibly the Torana.
    However; it will probably be just a facelift [like VT-VX] so I wouldn’t expect too much change inside or out

  • Duck

    The VT Commodore outselled the AU falcon!

    The VT was getting old after a few years so Holden brang out the VX to refreshen the commodore a bit!

  • Duck

    Brock 05,
    I dont think HOLDEN will make the monaro again!

  • Wheelnut

    GM CEO Bob Lutz said that the next gen Monaro has been put on ice.. which is the industries way of saying it won’t be going into production; as there are other more important projects in line such as the Camaro and the “compact” Pontiac G6 [Torana].. and quite possibly the new Crewman

  • Andrew M

    what were the “many” recalls on the AU falcon?
    please jog my memory….

  • Wheelnut

    Ford US mightn’t be showing any real interest in the new Orion Falcon at the moment..

    However; from what I have read on other autoblog sites there are a fair few american car enthusiasts who appear to be pretty interested in what we have down under.

    And if the interest in the G8 is anything to go by.. we can only hope that Ford Jr will “grow a brain” and decide to import the Orion if not to match the G8 at least give customers what they want.

  • Andrew M

    thats right wheelnut,
    from what ive read many americans are sick of what ford US dishes them and are pretty much begging for our falcon range.
    well ok maybe it might not be worth exporting it to them but how about taking the Falcon recipe and building it there with a few spices to suit their different taste?

    it would be better to make the one car in 2 places rather than 2 different cars in 2 places

  • BROCK 05

    I believe 4 or 6 recalls, you refresh my memory.
    One major one affecting the steering over 230,000 au’s recalled. guys get over the recalls it’s not always the car company’s fault.

  • Andrew M

    yes i remember the steering one.

    it was a result of poor seriving where they concluded that the overtightening of a particular bolt could somehow result in loosening.
    this recall came in around ’03 if memory serves me right, and not something i would attribute to being a “teething problem” as the AU’s finished 1 year before the recall.

    i believe they found the fault in a few Taxis (presumably high K’s)

    you better jog my memory better than that too by the way. what else was there?

    also dont forget the equivalent commys at the time were being recalled for seat belt and fuel problems as they still are today.

    so you still have 5 recalls to remind me of…….

    yes its not always the car companies fault. very true.
    quite often it is the manufacturer of a particular component that has failed.
    for eg, VE had a recall on their LPG converted vehicles due to a faulty LPG filler valve (or something) and that very same recall affected ford. why????
    because they both source their parts from the same manufacturer and they are the ones that warrent their suppliers quality. i think even toyota was affected by the same recall

  • 460kw Falcon GT

    Can I please ask you nicely to stop stating facts from 10 years ago. You probably won’t find a bigger Ford fan other than me but even I thought the AU Falcon was a piece of crap. What you and the others need to realise is that the BA – BF range was an excellent car IN ITS PRIME which was 3 years ago. Your comparing the new VE which is around 18 months old to the 6 year old Falcon. Once we see the new range at M.I.M.S Melbourne Intl. Motor Show and the drive tests are completed you can try to find a problem them. On a different story I had to drive a VY Calais for work and not a word of a lie it looked as if the whole drivetrain was going to fall out. I asked the mechanic who serviced the car and he told me most of the VN – VE Commodore manuals experienced clutch problems in the first 3 months of driving. On the subject of recalls you can expect the VE to have mainly the same recalls as GM America is. The VE uses many GM America parts. But the recalls on the blue side of the fence are normally less because our parts are made here as well as imported from overseas. It is the car companies problem because of their sources.

  • Andrew M

    ha ha ha its amusing how the awkward styling and poor sales of a vehicle (AU) puts forward a message of a mechanical catastrophe ha ha ha ha

    gee perceptions are a very powerfull tool

  • Watto_Cobra

    True Andrew.M. Nothing mechanically wrong with my car.

  • BROCK 05

    guys if you think about it the au-bf was worth 1.3 billion as 700 million was spent on the au and the ba was 500 million all the same platform, and it was a good investment as everything worked out, with awards sales etc. I’m sick of people saying shit about the ve, it cost alot to change from an old platform to a new one and i believe it was a 1 billion dollars well spent by holden, as the car was succesful in awards, sales and on a world scale. I hope this Ford works out for ford:)
    Good luck.


    I’ve been a ford fan all my life until i came across this BA falcon ute which i bought brand new. It’s had problems every since, the worst problem is with the brakes which shudders everytime you brake which is very dangerous and ford has done nothing about the car and it’s under warrenty, the service is a disgrace. The other problem is with the oil it keeps drinking to much oil, ford have been monitoring it every month but still don’t know the problem. Now because the car is out of warrenty ford don’t want to know about it, all this has done to me has cost me money and mmy time. I will never buy a ford again despite how good this new ford might be. I’ve been looking at car reviews and found that i’m not the only one with the problems:


    apparently 90% of the ba have these brake shudder problems. Now im wondering how am i going to sell this car it’s worth nothing now, who is going to buy a dangerous ford which keeps drinking oil! FORD AUSTRALIA IS A DISGRACE.


    I believe they should of recalled the BA Series 1 because the brakes are faulty and dangerous, all this car has done has wasted my time and money. I’d rather buy a Ve Ute which has had huge warps in reviews, atleast they recall the car when there is a problem ford dont give a dam, i just want the problem fixed thats the point of recalls, every major car manufactory has recalls in time to time, to rectify the problem do ford do this? as a ford fan i feel betrayed by ford australia!

  • Andrew M

    fair comment Brock05,

    well i suppose you could say “us ford fans” are sick of those that think the AU was recalled 6 times or are percieved that it was a total piece of junk.
    or that we are sick of those saying the orion is doomed before it even lands its wheels on the ground.
    or that we are sick of those saying the falcon is a piece of junk because it doesnt sell as well as the commy.

    you see i suppose you can understand why the hair stands up on our back when people say this for the same reason yours does when people call the VE a waste of money.

    Ill respect your views if you respect ours……

    even though i am a true ford fan, i do have respect for holden. its just the earlier comments you let off with, that got me/us in a “well cop this, holden aint so great” mode and probably same for you

  • BROCK 05

    Thanks andrew really apprecate that. these arguments could gone on forever, but we need to enjoy our ford or holden. I hope the new orion goes well it looks very impresive btw:)

  • Wheelnut

    Recalls aren’t really the manufacturers fault.. they’re actually our fault because we the consumer wnat the latest technology as soon as it s available but we are only prepared to pay X amount of dollars for it.

    We want BMW Quality and Features at an Omega Price

    Therefore the manufacturers are forced to look for third party suppliers who have the capacity to produce various components in large numbers for the lowest possible cost.

  • Watto_Cobra

    Brock05, yep I’ve always thought “good on ’em” for finally making an all-Australian platform for Commodore and been envious of their export program.

    FordUS need to wake up and use Falcon to replace their ancient platforms.

  • F@ GTHO

    The car is to covered for any1 to comment on, we will see on sunday wat peopl realy think. And to all those lesbian comments i think u guys r idiots that is completely off the topic + its not a very nice way to talk about your mums!



  • Duck

    ^^^^^^^I think you like Holden more than Ford.

  • Oz.

    Peter, they haven’t dumped the Aussie 6 yet. in 2010 it will be replaced with a V6, I was sad to the hear the news at first, but that engine should hopefully be better.

  • mark perry

    Who cares all you BOGANS .Ford ,holden whatever. There all just family cars. The upmarket Holden HSV (Horse Shit Vehicle) and the Ford FPV (Fat Pricks Vehicle) are just done up family cars. Want a real sports car Mazda RX7 1992 50/50 weight distribution, Lightweight, twin sequential 13b turbo, ease to drive unlike say ferrari. 0-100 in 5 seconds(in 1992), 400 metres in 13.7 seconds. True sports car specifically designed for one engine only. Not 6 cylinder family car with big V8 DONK bolted in. By the way donk i was being sarcastic!

  • Duck

    ^^^^^^Come on old fart where in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mark Perry

    that is the point (Duck you bogan). A brand new aus yobbo family car is not even in the same league as a 16 year old Japenese sports car.By the way im only 23. Comon other bogans lets keep this thread alive.

  • Mark Perry

    FPV= Fat Pr#cks Vehicle

    HSV= Horse Sh#t Vehicle

    Done up family cars thats all they are.You cant polish a T*rd.

  • diego

    Hi I am from argentina I love the falcon I have a model 1969 is going very well and quite a few things in this excellent condition nothing to do with models like the TSU or more reforms but has some new 5-speed box rather than the third as permission to manufacture seats for Citroen C3 wheels ford ranger, is cute and very few are of this model are not achieved and that is what I already caring for 40 years has traveled the poor, so sack the map and what it I’m non-stop traveling around the country