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We didn’t go out on a limb and label Jeep as the most unreliable brand without merit. Safety reports from the States are causing even more headache for DaimlerChrysler (Jeep’s owner). The new Jeep Wrangler is stalling, 53 complaints have been made, mostly involving the Jeeps stalling at highway speeds as well as 12 cases of complete loss of electrical power and lighting.

The complaints have resulted in the 2007 Jeep Wrangler range undergoing investigation by U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. At this stage details are a little sketchy and the authorities are only investigating, however the investigation could affect 35,000 vehicles, including (Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited Four Door).

Jeep Australia have currently not responded to whether or not the issue affects Australian delivered vehicles, we suspect the issue will not affect Australian delivered vehicle.s The problem has presented itself in both the two and four-door models.

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    • Confused Mann

      04? I thought the unlimited went on road in ’07.

      • david mosher

        The Wrangler Unlimited came out in 2004 as a 2-door design with a 12-inch (est.) longer wheel base. the 2007 Unlimited was the first 4-door wrangler.

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    no further comment.

  • Daniel

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 2003 (CRD) Turbo Diesel.

    Car registered April 2004.

    Car has been a lemon, continues to be a lemon…

    New fuel rail under warranty at 60,000km after car experienced punting at idle.

    Had car back to dealership another 8 times when excessive smoke condition developed after fuel rail replacement.

    Car lacked power and there was poor turbo lag.

    New Turbo, Injectors and labour required on 8th occasion and 2 week stint at service center. By this time I was fed up. Problem Jeep claim was a carbon build up in manifold.

    Then almost straight away a new symptom developed whereby car would cut out, either idle or at speed, locking up steering, shutting engine down, very un-nerving especially under speed or in peak hour traffic.

    Car back to dealer 6 times May 2007-Nov 2007, worst instance was near accident when stalling in 2nd lane of freeway traffic with near miss by truck at 90km/h attempting to get into emergency lane.

    Car fix on this issue also resulted in mechanics tampering with personal camera leaving footage saved on camera. Poor professionalism especially when they couldn’t fix issues with car!

    Driver electric window collapsed Januray 2008.

    Engine blew up in April 2008 less than 110,000km. Hole in 4th Cylinder and hairline fractures in others resulting in total rebuild.

    Jeep agreed to fix out of warranty and provided a loan car after long letter with service history escalated to Management, however other undertakings also offered later were never followed through.

    8 weeks later car ready. Few more weeks haggling over details on repair report, warranty applying to vehicle as a result of rebuild, also a valuation Chrysler offered but did not formally provide, no trade-in change over option forthcoming….lots of evasiveness and delegation to various people by organisation giving me the run around.

    Return loan car and collect repaired car 15th August.

    Saturday 16th car cuts out on FWY, partner very upset, myself livid, place angry calls to various Chrysler people, no calls returned.

    Monday 18th Car cuts out again in city traffic, passer by helps me push it aside to avoid traffic incidents at busy Melb city junction.

    Letter to M.D, results in the of GM Parts and Service calling me (who aborted my requests post agreement to repair engine) and advises me to go legal, claiming I had previously blackmailed them to acting. Very unprofessional.

    This driver investigating legal avenues as of tomorrow!

    Disgraceful, incompetant service history and bully/intimidation tactics by large company. No accountability of inner Melb city dealership either Sales or Service. Car is/has been defective and intermittent issues & overall failure to resolve is an unacceptable safety risk. Car serviced by Jeep exclusively since purchase. No value realised in maintaining car with manufacturer. Request to trade in prior to engine failure late 07′ was met with “we don’t want to see the car back here again”……

    • Melanie

      My 2008 4-door doesn’t stall, but sometimes doesn’t even start! This began in spring 2010. Thought it was battery; changed it. Still wouldn’t start at times. Thought it was starter; changed it for $330 and, to this day, doesn’t always start. Took it in and was told, “We started it 15 times and it was fine.” This was Midway Jeep. Front and rear seals had to be changed in spring of 2010 as well. At a mileage of 64,232, the car started to burn oil. No leakage anywhere detected. Brought it into Midway. Told, “It’s an industry standard that cars over 60,000 lose a quart of oil every 1,000 miles.” Never again will I buy a Jeep or a Chrysler. Maybe never an American car again.

      • Susan

        I am having the same problem .Did they fix your problem yet. I am having no luck in getting them to fix my problem .I live in Canada

  • konda reddy

    hi guys,

    I have a 2007 Jeep Wrangler. My jeep stalls in 2nd gear almost all the time. I gave the car to 3 jeep service centres and they all tell me that their computers doesn’t show them that there is no problem.

    I also have another problem; This problem is about heating. My Air conditioning panel gets so heated up that I have to stop somewhere for it to cool down. And this happens even if I drive for 50 to 60 Kms also day or night with or without A/C or heating switched on.

    Have any of you guys have had this problem.

    • bala

      I BOUGHT A wrangler unlimited 2009 a month and a half ago and i have noticed a similar problem. i am curious to know if you were able to fix the problem

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Ian Lowe


    I have a 2008 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. I’ve driven 34,000K’s in the last 12 months and have been having problems with excessive oil and fuel consumption, after two oil consumption tests with a main dealer I have now been told that I need an engine rebuild!

    This doesn’t sound great to me but I wondered if anyone has had any experience with this sort of thing and can give advice?


    • MISTY

      I am also having excessive oil consumption. At first i found that the dealership was shorting me a quart every oil change. I confronted them about it and told them they were only adding 5 quarts and that it uses 6. they told me that it only takes 5 until i made them show me where it states that. they had to unwilling apologize and add another quart of oil. My jeep now uses one and a half quarts every 1500 miles and the dealership now tells me that this is normal.

    • Ron Whitman

      I have a 4 door 2008 Wrangler , no oil light , no temp warning it just ran out off oil and now the engine is dead.88,000km Dealer says it used up the oil. What a bunch of Bull S*&#

    • kelly

      I have a 2008 two jeep wrangler & have been having oil loss problems since 2010 fall. I was told by the dealership this is normal – NOT. I have had many junkers & only one did I have to add oil between oil changes. I have had a new Honda civic & van – NEVER ADDED. Also, Chrysler if this is SO NORMAL than why did it not happen in the first 2 years that I had the jeep?????????????? YES I AM MAD & THE CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS! I WILL NEVER OWN A JEEP AGAIN if this is NOT corrected. I love the concept of the jeep, however the oil problem sucks! I have put on 46 thousand km in 3 years, yet gas is now costing me about around 60.00 to fill up. Chrysler needs to find a way to lower gas consumption too! They should also give you a choice of carpet or rubber floor & no back seat – it can be used for 4×4 right? i don’t want to be doing a major cleaning all the time

      • David Trumble

        Just Letting you know you are not the only one I have been fighting with them at my dealership since 36000km and now my jeep is at 105000km. They said the same thing this was normal I have told people that come up and ask me questions about my jeep even had one change her mind in buying one because what I have told her. Plus I had a Transmission Seal go and the transmission cooling lines leak plus had to replace my back breaks already. Looks nice but thats it

  • Mike Reed

    I live in the U.S. and drive a 2008 Wrangler for mail delivery. It has 21,000 mi. I recently found out it is using just over a quart of oil between changes, (every 3000 mi.)
    I’ve talked to 2 Jeep dealers and found that Chrysler will not cover this under the warranty. In fact they say that it is normal. If it were using a quart in 1000 mi. or less, they consider that high consumption.
    Another mail carrier I work with also has a 08 wrangler and his does the same thing.
    My wife has a 2007 Liberty with the 3.7 liter and it doesn’t use any oil between changes.
    I’ve owned 30 year old jeeps that just barely used a quart of oil between changes.
    The doors leak around the seals, the washer hose for the back glass comes off and sprays down the interior with washer fluid, the steering damper was worn out at 16,000 mi., causing a bad steering wobble, the left windshield wiper has fallen of. The goodyear tires are already worn out at 21,000 mi. I installed a set of Michelins on my wife’s jeep and after 25,000 mi. they still have 3/4 tread left.
    I don’t think I’ll ever buy another new jeep.

    • brian d

      Mike. i also have a 2008 Rhd with now 27k miles. it has had the same oil problem, also roof leaks and rear wiper hose blowing off. the major problem is the esp light keeps flashing and the jeep powers down. its been “fixed” several times and now the jeep place says everything is fine and its the tires. BS…! ive also had several jeeps in past and never this many problems. they fixed my death wobble in the steering before it really got bad. i agree never another… good luck.

  • Brian Rogers

    Hi Ian:

    I am told that my engine needs a rebuild as well from oil starvation. Would you please email exchange with me cause I would like to know more about your problem.


    • Lisa

      I was told that my 2008 Jeep wrangler with 44,000 miles needs a new engine as well due to oil starvation. What year is your jeep? I have had my oil changes done regularly and NEVER neglected to change it. The fact that they are saying it is NORMAL to lose 1 qt of oil every 1000 miles is ridiculous. NO OTHER CAR HAS THIS PROBLEM. . . Are they lowering their standards to cover themselves. I am so fed up of fighting with my dealership. Besides the engine, I also have my jeep in for a NEW transmission .. . . THIS IS THE 2nd time it has been in for a NEW transmission. It is a manual and keeps popping out of first gear. Please get back to me. I am glad to see that I am not the only one with this problem. They are claiming my engine is not covered under warranty b/c of oil starvation. They are blaming ME for this.

      • kelly

        we Jeep owners should ban together & put Chrysler in the better business burial with a complaint – maybe if enough dissatisfied customer do it – than maybe we will get the results we are looking for – like a better product for the consumer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mike

    I have a 2008 5 door Jeep Wrangler which has already required a new camshaft but now the clutch has gone and is apparently out of warranty because we’ve had the car 13 months. Apparently it’s 20K (we’ve only done 17K) or 12 months whichever comes first. Anyone know where I can find the full warranty details to confirm this.

  • Debbie

    I have a 2007 Sahara Unlimited. I have to add 2-3 quarts between each 3000 mile oil change. First the dealer put a dye in it to see where the oil was going. They didn’t find a problem. The next time they replaced a seal. They didn’t think that would fix it, and they were right. At that time they changed the oil and within 1000 miles and 30 days I was already a quart low. I am taking it back in on Monday. Any advice from anyone short of selling it?

  • Roddy

    As a prior mechanic I can say that a quart of oil every 1,000- 1,500 miles is not totally out of the ordinary…unless it is blowing blue smoke out the exhaust.

    And to Mr. Reed….your complaints are nit=picky. We don’t want you to buy another Jeep. They are too cool for you. Go back to your 1991 Civic or whatever droll thing you used to drive.

    • Debbie

      The mechanic found oil leaking out around bolts and it was leaking into the frame. The day after I got it back, the fan for the heat and air started making noise. 4 recalls on the car, a oil problem that took 5 months to fix, fan motor that was probably starting to go out…too unreliable for me for a car that has 35000 miles. I sold the car.

  • The Real Car Fanatic

    Jeeps warranty costs in the US last year were exorbitant mostly due to the Jeep Wrangler. It may be a cool looking car, but the warranty figures show it’s a real lemon, avoid wasting your money on this vehicle and buy something else.

  • Troy

    I have had a Jeep JK 2007 for 2 years – Diesel – I do agree that the build quality is low – (esp compared to the 4 Pajeros I used to drive) and have had a few niggly problems but overall there is the human element of the dealers and they also have to rely on the quality of parts. The JK is not perfect by a long shot but it is awsome, unlike any other vehicle. The open air experience I get with the Jeep with the doors off, roof off is great. The diesel fuel consumption is also not too bad. Good effort I think. It does not surprise me that their warranty bills are high though and the vehicles are not really that expensive.

    • michael

      What did you get for crd engine auto consumption?
      Did you have a hard time with putting on the soft top?

  • Jose

    Hola saludo a todos ,tengo un jeep wrangler 2007 y tiene un consumo de aceite de 1 cuarto de cada 1000 millas y esto NO NO NO es normal… DAIMLER CHRYSLER tiene el cuento de que esto es normal…ESTO ES PARA CHRYSLER DEJEN EL MALDITO CUENTO YA Y SEAN RESPONSABLE Y RESPONDAN POR SUS ERRORES YA QUE ESTO NOS CUESTA DINERO Y DOLORES DE CABEZA AL CONSUMIDOR…***LUEGO NO SE QUEJEN QUE NO VENDEN NI UN MALDITO CHRYSLER***

  • Kevin Rudd

    Wow, after seeing all these problems, I will definitely stay away from jeep, too bad as the over all idea/design is great

  • Rupha

    I have a 2010 3 month old jeep wrangle and has 2500 miles on it.. It terribly stalled on HWY 217 today while I was driving to work and I was forced to take the exit.. it was embarrassing cos pple behind me were flashing lights asking me to move.. This is shocking and disappointing that even though pple have been complaining about the same problem for years, no one seem to take any action to fix it.. It not been a quarter of a year since I bought it and am already having troubles with it…

    • Tina Anderson

      I’ve owned a 2010 for two months and it has stalled and not started twice in the last couple of days while driving down the road. I had it towed to the garage, it has self corrected itself and the garage can not tell what is wrong. Did you have any luck figuring out what was wrong with yours? I’m hoping maybe you could give me some insight. Thanks!

  • michael

    i bought a 2007 wrangler 4 door in 07, i only have 19000 miles it was stalling @ stop lights the idle would drop and it would quit, it would always start back up, i took it to a dealer, they said the torque converter was locking up and causing this, i just got it back today, for the 2nd time 1st time i guess they forgot 2 check 4 leaks , however i havent had it do it again yet, i am a mechanic 4 volvo, and it sounded like that could be the problem, i guess i will find out in time

  • Let the buyer beware

    Bought my Wrangler 2.8L CRD in 2007 and it performed reasonably well up to 100000km, only major was a brake caliper ..not warranty though???..Warranty runs out and the problems start.. rear diff seal, gear linkage and now the turbo hose has a hole in it. All after 120000 km service. Trouble is you have to wait days and sometimes weeks to find out what is wrong with it as the dealers don’t have parts and they have to either come from overseas ( 2 weeks out of singapore, 3 weeks out of germany..inclusive of weekends) or Melbourne. I waited 3 weeks for a gear lever out of Germany ( via Singapore). The part costs $50.00 and the labour was less than $100..yet I was off the road for nearly 4 weeks. Is there any compensation for their inability to provide a reasonable part service? Could I use Jeep Assist…NO.. I broke down 5 kms from home, yet I drive a 160km round trip daily to and from work. Another time I waited 2 weeks for a brake caliper from Singapore and twice waited a minimum of 3 days ( weekends excluded) for parts out of Melbourne. Yesterday, I was driving from Byron Bay to Wollongong and the car lost power and then the yellow engine light came on.. Pulled over and then found out nearly 24 hours later that the problem was possibly a hole in the turbo hose..but I have to wait for the hose to come from Melbourne to see if that is the extent of the problem. Someone is saving money at the expense of the consumer yet they do not fully understand the bad vibe they are sending out to the future and return customers. Talk to customer service and it is like talking to a brick wall, ypu can not get through to them the extent of the problem. I am still waiting for a return call that was suppose to made by one of their customer service officers on th 25th March, 2010. Would I buy Jeep again, No, Would I provide positive feedback for a future purchaser, No. LET THE BUYER BEWARE. P.S. Did I mention the shuddering of the front end through the steering wheel when it went over bumps on a normal road at 70-100km/hr.. noticed at 40000km, finally diagnosed at 100000km, not fixed at 120000km because the technicians didn’t notice it. Doesn’t do it when there are new tyres on the car, I have to wait until the tyres are low to show them..

    • let the buyer beware

      So the shuddering was the recall of the steering arm.. Now I’m at 145,000 km and the alternator needs replacing because its overcharging.. I’ll tell you who’s overcharging JEEP is $2000AUD for a replacement of the denso 104210-680. Does denso have a replacement in Australia, no they do not stock it, only JEEP does. WIll take 3 months for denso to get the part out of Japan…What? Its their own company and their own part. Can you get a regulator for it..no we don’t stock it.. Every part is more expensive than gold and it is rarer than black opal. Found a part on the net, second hand at $500 from Europe and don’t know if it works..will give it a go, rather than the Overcharging Jeep Dealers who have a monopoly on the parts.

  • Handsome_Al

    Buying Jeep’s cars is like Russian Roullette.. Either you get a Lemon… or a Car…

  • russ

    I am keen to purchase a 2010 wrangler unlimited turbo diesel manual, but concerned about the posted problems with jeeps. Are they still occurring? I have spoken to a local dealer who has no knowledge of problems re stalling, oil use, gearboxes or spare parts supply etc.
    Any other issues I should be aware of, eg trim, mouldings, rattles etc.
    Im from Oz, right hand drive and I assume we get the same types of vehicles.

    • Craig

      Avoid it like the plague!! I have the 2009 model, and of course your dealer is going to say he’s not aware of problems – he wants to make a sale.

      My Jeep is going back in tomorrow (fittingly on the anniversary of the day I picked it up brand new, and only 22k on the clock) for a TOTAL gearbox rebuild, as well as to hopefully sort the stalling problem and determine why the ESP and ABS keep failing.

      Buy anything but a Jeep – unless you’re looking for an anchor for a really big boat. That’s about the only thing mine is fit for.

  • Robert

    I have a 2004 Jeep Wrangler. I have intermitent stalls at highway speeds. I come to a hill (small rise in the road) when RPM goes up to increase power, the Tach jumps to 4500 and the engine stalls, like it is fighting itself. The speed drops quickly even though RPM’s are really high. Check Engine light blinks then stays on. Really bad in the Texas heat, can’t use A/C. Shop says there is a code on engine and transmission but they cannot identify. It seems worse in the heat of the day.

  • michael

    I have a jk 07 diesel 48k only problems up to now is water leaks, been in and out of jeep 5 times.
    I dont do many km as only had car 1 year . What else should i expect? Warranty is about to run out.

    • http://Jeep Catherine Sheehan

      Purchased Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in 06/2010 10K’s on the clock. Brakes are still screeching, oil light has been on saying change oil and then two more new symbols appeared last night. Rang 3 different Service areas and yes it is like speaking to a brick wall, after reading comments above about excessive oil and fuel consumption is making me nervous, as mine seems to use alot of this. Gosh its a new car and you want it to work, leaving early from work to take to service dept. They won’t like dealing with me, because I’ll go way to the top if I have to.

    • Lev

      The main problem and the reason for this is the issue that I have encountered, where the roof of my Jeep Wrangler 2008 is leaking unbelievable amounts of water into the cabin, damaging not only the vehicle such as carpets, seats and radio, but also my personal contents. It has left a revolting stench in the cabin which not only disturbs me, but the many passengers that have since entered my vehicle. It seems that it cannot be fixed, and after countless attempts to repair the vehicle by jeep professionals, the problem remains and it is a worry to me.
      This problem has been attempted to be rectified over 9 times 3 of which was done by the District manager of Chrysler Jeep Australia himself, which still leaked when told it was ready.
      I have got the whole story with step by step invoices issued of what had been done as well as reports by international accredited technicians (private assessors) stating the jeep is a design manufacturer fault along with 6 other defects that the vehicle has after the Jeep professionals had worked on it in the report I got. I have also got photo of the leaks and video footage of the District manager not wanting to deal with this issue no longer.
      Due to my frustration and inconvenience of having no vehicle as I left the vehicle at Suttons as the Vehicles problems were not rectified and in its fitful purpose, telling me that they were giving up with no written document when I requested it. The District Service Manager along with Service Manager Of Suttons City bribed me with a $3000 nav and Bluetooth gps system at no cost to me also changing carpets and seat which I have got written documentation and photos of, to ride off the main issue of the leak, but there my vehicle was still leaking in presence of the two gentleman and my father and girlfriend as witness.
      These matters are going to be heard if we all get togather.This may be a recall issue for Chrysler Jeep Australia as I was told by service consultants that it is a common problem.
      I have seeked legal advise we have a case, please email..

      • Big K

        mate e-mail me after reading what i have typed above. i can give you the names of 3 other JK owners who had it worse then me

        • MIKE

          same contact me jk 07 sports

      • Cameron

        Same mate.

        Mine is a 2009 two door diesel. Its been back to the dealer 6 times over the past 12 months to have the leak fixed, its still leaking. They have replaced the rubbers several times and i had the targa tops replaced at my last visit. I was given the car back in the rain 4 weeks ago with it still leaking..

        Dealer service is rubbish, and so i wrote to the dealer principal and Jeep Australia expressing my concern. I’ve had no response from either party!

        The car is the bigest pile of rubbish i have ever owned.

        • JOE

          Hi Cameron
          i am thinking to buy the crd two doors-how did you go with yours?is the problem fix?let me know.

      • JOE

        Hi Lev, We are considering buying 2011 CRD model. I would really like to speak to you before I spend my money.
        I live in the Liverpool area pm me and I will talk to you over the phone when you are available. Thanks. Joe

  • MeChelle Vance

    I have a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 2007. It has 33000 miles on it. It started stalling at random speeds. I was on the interstate at 55 mph and the dashlights came on and the jeep shut down. It has done this several time. I have taken it to the dealership twice and they cannot find a problem. The warrenty will be up in 3000 miles. i have spoke with Chrysler corporation who tells me to get a 2nd opinion, and if the “computer” cannot replicate the problem, their hands are tied. I asked if it will take me getting in an accident to have Chrysler get a handle on this. The more I follow up on this issue, the more I am concerned Chrysler is overlooking this and it will take a fatality for this to be taken seriously

  • jeep hater

    2007 wrangler. We will never buy another Cheep again.
    5 or so recalls is more than enough to get these piece of shits off the road simple as that. Time for the government or someone to grow some balls and make companies accountable for the crap they put out in the market

  • MIKE



  • Shane Van Eyck

    I really do like the wrangler…but now after reading thru the reviews, I can do without the headache.

    I guess no one really recommends it correct ?

  • pieter

    i have a 2008 wrangler 2.8 crd 120000km, lot of offroad and desert driving, only problem was overheating . fitted bigger oilcooler and overheating problem was sorted , even driving in 43C is no problem.

  • david mosher

    I have a 2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4.0L. I am having the issue with loss of power. the engine runs completely normally at idle. I cannot rev over 3000rpm. I initially thought it was the catalytic converter, but they (all 3) have good flow through them. My ignition coil was firing irradically so i replaced that and the plugs. None of the plugs were fouled. It seems now i have a bad o2 sensor, luckilly only one. Hopefully this will fix it. i would advise everyone that has had this problem to look into the coil. although not the problem, it could be the cause. If the ignition coil (or plugs) aren’t working right, your engine would be dumping gas into the exhaust and that doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that’s bad for sensors. i’ll repost after further investigation.

  • Els

    Wow! I was getting really keen on the Wrangler Unlimited to use here in Far North Queensland, (see a lot of Jeep Wranglers here). Now I’m not so sure. I think I’m going to print these comments and take them to the local dealer for a please explain and see what they say. If they insist there’s been no notified problem I’ll know they’re lying.

  • Squirl01

    I have a 2008 Jeep Wrangler 4 door Sahara edition. I too have been fighting with the company for over a year and a half regarding oil consumption. We are currently taking it to the dealership EVERY 3-4 weeks for them to add oil as it is ALWAYS below the add. According to our dealer factory standards say it is still within acceptable limits of 1 ltr per 1000 km. What a load of crap!!!! Never in our lives have we heard of such a thing. 6 litre engine….6000km between oilchanges….so ummmmm, when my next oil change is due…according to “factory standards” I should have NO oil left!!! Yeah okay then…..love my jeep, HATE the engine and HATE the “factory standard”, am hoping to get rid of it as soon as possible because taking it to the dealership before every road trip for a “top up” is getting really old!!!

  • ewalk

    2010 wrangler sport unlimited, made a right on red and it seemed liked the fuel pumped failed for a second. I thought it was going to stall but then returned to normal. Anyone experience this?

  • Jeep lover

    I have a 99 wrangler, only issues i’ve had are due to me not servicing it. It has been more reliable that any of the cars my friends/family have. best car ever! PS – i’m in Australia, maybe they are made in different countries?
    get one!

  • Martie

    I have a 2007 Jeep Wrangler. I was driving home from work and it would not go over 45 mph. I had it floored. Battery is ok, alternator is ok.. anyone else with this problem?

  • PeterD

    The incompetents at the Parramatta Motorgroup at Camellia keep informing me that the engine light and subsequent lack of power coming from my 2011 Wrangler is a result of “let’s try this” instead of fixing the problem. Going back for a fourth time in a couple of weeks. Think I’ve bought a very expensive lemon in the Jeep.

  • Ben

    Hi have a 2010 sports wrangler 4dr. I got the same problem with stalling. When stall on a hill it doesn’t start at all though after 4 or 5 times cranking up the engine. A real pain in the a#%. Dealer mechanic cannot find any problems. Does any one knows why the vehicle try to skid when driving on a gravel road on 4H? Asked the dealer about this & said to drive slowly even though the sign said 70. I was only doing 50. Esp


    I have a 2009 Jeep Rubicon that I bought new it has 27,000 miles on it and it came with BF Goodrich Mudd Terrain A/T tires. The tires are starting to cup and make noises. My jeep is still under warranty and the dealership says its BF Goodrich problem and BF goodrich says its the dealerships problem. Can get anyone to help with this tire problem. Has anyone else had problems with BF Goodrich Tires.

  • http://caradvice.com kevin

    i have a 2007 wrangler unlimited 4 door 3.8ltr automatic 42,500 miles and its using 1 quart per 750 miles is there anything i can do. please help!

  • Harry

    Hi Guys,
    I live in Melbourne, and own a 2008 Unlimited Sport Wrangler, just hit 67,000KM. Touch wood, I have not had any problems you guys are having after reading all the posts.
    I take my car to Bunip forest for off-roading, do interstate drives, have not had any problems, I am loving my jeep.
    The only problem I have faced though is the driver side door, top side slightly leaks when washing the car, and hose directly at it, but not a big leak, can live with that :)

  • Gary

    Hi everyone,

    I’m looking at getting a new Unlimited Sport Wrangler. Going for a diesel and auto, reason been the new manual has a engine shut off system (to save fuel) when you take it out of gear. I think in the long run this will shorten the life of the starter and battery.

    Question for the petrol owners is there a run in period for the engine?

    I also would like to hear from any one that got the latest model and if the problems of the pass have been sorted?


    • JOE

      Hi Gary,

      We are also looking to buy the CRD in auto. How did you go with yours? Thanks. Joe.

  • Gary

    Sorry one last question about the leaking roofs,

    Do they leak from new or only after the panels have been removed then put back on?


  • Nat

    Have a 2008 JK Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, We have had to replace 2 x sets of brakes, 1 x thermo fan, 1 x starter motor, 1 x clutch, 1 x Indicator arm, one of the seats stopped folding down, for a long time if we filled it with fuel it would not start, a number of seals to do with the dif and I think the gear box,the Rubicon Stickes pealed off, radiator hose through the fire wall rubbed through and dumped all the water out and it now burns oil – 1ml per 2.12km but I havent been through a set of tyres yet. Nice to know Micky Thompson make a good mud tyre have done 80000km. Bring on Lemon Laws in Australia. You buy a $20.00 toaster and it lasts longer than a Jeep Wrangler and if it stops working properly you can get a new one or your money back. Its a pity Australian consumers are not affored the same luxury for car buying.

  • Nicole

    Well this sucks I’ve always wanted a Wrangler, was even thinking about looking to trade in my 03 Gr Am for one but after reading all this I think I won’t now.  It would be one thing if it were different problems from each person but when its consistantly the same problems from alot of people then obviously the makers of Jeep should go back to the drawing board so to speak and find a real solution and build a better vehicle.  I can see why Chrysler needed that bail out they build junk then have to spend alot of money fixing their junk, thank goodness for warranties I guess.  Oh well no Jeep for me.

    • Notbuying

       I have to say, I wont buy one. I really wanted one and was going looking tomorrow but this and other posts I’ve read have ensured I will never buy a Jeep. I ultimately pay as I miss out and the profit Jeep loses is nothing, but how many others are doing the same? Silly doing this to customers in the age of information real silly.

  • Peter Cesca

    If I worked at Jeep and read these comments I would kill myself!. I worked in a factory for 12 years and not one thing I built had to be returned or repaired. I bought a second hand 2007 JK Wrangler Diesel in August 2014. I drove it through mud on Boxing day. It was in 2 different workshops till the 11 sept 2015. $12000 later Jeep had fixed it, almost. On the 7th Oct it went back to the dealership after the engine lost power. I think either the turbo blew or the fuel pressure solinoid failed or the injectors got clogged or God knows how many other things it could be. The Diesel engine in the JK is too unreliable to be driven on the road. Imagine being thousands of miles away from a service center.