Day two of filming the Brabham BT92 is over. Today was a highlight of our Full Throttle adventure as we made a trip out to the Nurburgring. An eye opening experience, a must for all car lovers around the world. More on the ‘ring later.


Having handed back the keys to the Brabham BT92, I’m finding it a little hard to explain the car. People have a lot of reservations about this particular car, but having spent two days with it, it really does make sense.


This is a supercar. It goes like a supercar, it feels like a supercar and if anything, given only 10 of the BT92s will ever be built, we were driving car Number One, it’s more exclusive than any supercar I can think of.

The reaction of the crowd at the ‘ring was a good example of why this car is extremely special. Regardless of how many Porsches, Ferraris or M3s and M5s drove around, the car that got the biggest reaction was the Brabham.


The company behind Brabham and Veritas is serious about what it’s doing. Run by a professional crew, a selection of only the best in their field, the sister companies have set the bar as high as it goes and they won’t accept anything less.


Tomorrow we are heading back to the Nurburgring, just  because we can’t bear the thought of leaving Germany without one more look.


From there we head to Techart, the world’s best known Porsche tuners. We are filming  a GT Street RS and GT Street convertible. More tomorrow night.

  • johhnybravo

    Great story, i’m so jealous of you guys but i totally agree with how dumb aussie laws are in regards to speeding!

    i got my first speeding ticket in 6 years last week for doing 98km/h in a 90 on a highway with no footpaths or any possoble pedestrian in sight. And guess what i was speeding for? Overtaking an idiot doing 80km/h in the fast lane!!! Damn frustrating!

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    Oh dear the Rex is going to seem awfully slow when you get home Alborz ,you are coming home arent you ??????????

  • topdog

    That blue bimmer is red hot man i wount one

  • john

    WOW!. All I can say is WOW!

  • CookieMonsta

    That is one awesome car!!! Totally jealous of u guys